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Thu 24highlightBuller's Albatross, White-fronted Tern
Pelagic off Swansea
5 Buller's Albatrosses was a good count for a Swansea pelagic and was probably the highlight for the day. All 5 birds were present around the boat at the same time during a feast of activity not long after we arrived at the shelf (at about 1100). The two most numerous birds for the day were Yellow-nosed Albatross (>50 birds, 37 being the max count at once) and Solander's (Providence) Petrels (very difficult to count, but there were always birds in view, many on the horizon; I would think close to 50). We had smaller numbers of the other 'regular' albatross, a few Great-winged Petrels, a single Cape Petrel, a few Fairy Prions, 2 White-faced Stormies, 3 Brown Skua and a White-fronted Tern on the way back in.
Mick Roderick, Allan Benson and 15 others 24/7 #218838
Striated Heron
mudflat at Gore Creek Bay, Greenwich
A single bird feeding on the mudflat, then flew into Mangroves.
Sheila Walkerden 24/7 #218836
Black-shouldered Kite
Lennox Place, Barden Ridge.
A Black-shouldered Kite seen this afternoon around 3:45. Overflew then landed on a nearby power pole. First record for this location. eBird checklist
Beverley Giller 24/7 #218834
Brown Cuckoo-Dove
Bomaderry Creek Regional Park
While searching for the elusive Rock Warbler we found and photographed a Cuckoo-dove. Our book notes suggested that this species was a summer visitor to the region. (Moderator's Note: Brown Cuckoo-Doves are resident in small numbers southwards along the Coast all the way to the Victorian Border, however some local movements may occur.AKM)
Hedley and Irena Earl 24/7 #218833
highlightRadjah Shelduck
Gunnedah Saleyards, Gunnedah
Single bird feeding in wet drain across from Saleyards within 2m of Kamilaroi highway at 0935hrs. Shelduck feeding in association with White-necked Heron. Photos taken to be uploaded when possible.. (Moderator's Note. This is an intersting record. Radjar Shelducks are on the Review List for the NSWRAC, so a urrf should be submitted to the Committee to confirm the sighting-AKM)
James Faris 24/7 #218830
Wed 23Pheasant Coucal
Elvina Trail off West Head Road Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Heard calling and as I approached flushed from the ground in dense heath to the right of the start of the trail just near where the track leads in to Aboriginal engravings. Flew across in front of me just making it over the low trees to the left and out of sight.
Rae Lister 24/7 #218835
Swift parrot
Bursana trail Scheyville NP
One swift parrot in crown of tall eucalyptus warbling away for 30 minutes before departing northwards at noon. Also one Crested Shrike-tit bathing in a muddy pool.
Steve Hale 23/7 #218824
Little Penguin
Darling Harbour, Sydney
4 birds seen by my dad when he was out rowing. Moving quite quickly, often only seen in we wake of passing ferries. They were heard calling as well. Seen later on near Goat Island.
Simon Gorta 23/7 #218823
Noisy Pitta
Deep Creek, Narrabeen
Noisy Pitta well seen at 7.15 am initially on track to left of green bridge just past first corner where track starts to run alongside creek. Subsequently seen in undergrowth and along track just to left of green bridge.
Elisabeth Karplus 23/7 #218821
Tue 22Square-tailed Kite, Little Lorikeet
Tancreds Lane, Clarenza
Adult Square-tailed Kite foraging at canopy level at 1330 hrs. Two Little Lorikeets heard calling as they flew overhead.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 23/7 #218815
Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Swamp Harrier, Gull-billed Tern
The Washpen, Swan Creek
5 Spoonbills actively foraging in wetland, adult male Harrier perched on fence post in wetland and then flew to N, 1 Tern in breeding plumage landed on fence post in wetland.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 23/7 #218814
Hoary-headed Grebe
Wetland at Swan Creek, Clarenza
1 grebe on wetland. This is the first local record since the small influx of this species a few months back.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 23/7 #218813
Plumed Whistling-Duck
Watkins Lane, Ulmarra
350+ around a dam
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 23/7 #218812
White-winged Chough
Coutts Crossing Public School
9 Choughs foraging on ground in playground, including 2+ juveniles, unusual at this site.
Greg Clancy 23/7 #218811
Sun 20highlightWandering Albatross
Black Head (Gerroa)
Sea watch 2.50pm spotted this Wandering Albatross. We saw it do 2 passes first heading north and then 15 minutes later returning south, passing just near the end of the rock-shelf. [Moderator's note (NH): Likely a Gibson's Albatross] eBird checklist Further information
Paul & Carol Lynch 23/7 #218822

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Thu 24Spotted Catbird
Jourama Falls
Spotted Catbird on Morinda (Cheesefruit) and cluster fig in camping area at Jourama Falls this morning. Almost conked Brush Turkey when it dropped big cheesefruit, moved about in cluster fig before taking off with large orange fig in bill. My first sighting of species anywhere near Jourama though after Cyclone Yasi there were reports of Catbirds being heard near Ingham. Missed picture.
Tony Ashton 24/7 #218831

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Tue 22highlightWhite-throated Grasswren
Jim Jim Falls Region
An extraordinary few days spent in the area by myself & Dee & Tim & Liz Faulkner. 2 WTGW seen in a rare patch of unburnt habitat around 9 am. Not for the faint hearted, long, hot distances covered on foot, beautiful but rugged terrain & an encounter with a wild buffalo made for a memorable experience.
Scott Ryan 23/7 #218816

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Wed 23Pink Robin
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
Single female on west side of main road.
Dave Torr, Iian Denham, Mark Buckby 24/7 #218829
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Ryans Road Happy Valley south of Linton
A flock of about 50 YTB with 1 leucistic bird
Wayne Wignall 24/7 #218825
highlightNoisy Friarbird
Price Park, Viewbank
1 bird seen and heard in flowering gums along Lyon Rd; mimicking a mix of red and little wattlebirds to some effect as it wasn't getting hassled. It was also heard on the 22nd July.
Greg Cobern 23/7 #218819
highlightBeach Stone-Curlew
Anderson's Inlet Inverloch
Between 1.30 and 2.15pm today on a beautiful tranquil Inlet with the tide half out a small group of local enthusiastic birdos watched a this solo adult nonchalantly feeding on Soldier crabs on the sand flats near Screw Creek. Once it had taken its fill it wondered to the high tide mark to roost among the tide rake. From all accounts it has been at Inverloch for 2 or 3 weeks having been seen near the jetty, Point Norman and flat rocks.
Steve Johnson 23/7 #218818
Tue 22Rose Robin
Mine Road Nutfield
Male Bird on Fence along mine Road ( Eastern end) Did a quick UTurn but could not locate. However saw a pair of Scarlet Robins about 50mts south. Bird had too much colour for female Scarlet , quick view but certain of ID.
Colin Mulvogue 22/7 #218803
Fri 18Possible Grey-headed Albatross & possible Blue Petrel
Mornington Peninsula National Park--Cape Schanck
In follow up to initial posting - NOTE: Neither bird have been counted for Vic Twitch as ID was not 100% confirmed Possible Grey-headed Albatross: Whilst scouring the ocean, I spotted what I initially thought was another Buller's Albatross. Before dismissing it, I noticed that it did not have the white cap that I normally associate with this species. I have however seen a Buller's before without much of a light cap but upon closer inspection it seemed less and less like a Buller's. It came in much closer than the Buller's did directionly from out to sea kind of heading towards land. It flew quite differently to the Buller's I have seen in the past. It soared with much elegance above the water, though the Buller's had seem to fly a lot higher off the water. Buller's head colour a lot lighter too. A paler grey as opposed to this very dark grey. Little wing movement whatsoever. It was an adult bird with an entirely dark grey head that extended across the neck into the dark brown black wings and back. The dark, shady grey colour almost seemed velvety and would gleam when the sun hit it. Beak had the thick black in the centre with goldeny yellow upper and lower bill. I also observed a dark eye. Underwings were quite dark along the front and back wing edges with obvious black streaks that reminded me of fingers towards each tip of the wing. White rump with dark tail tip. It was these elements that led me to the presumption of a possible Grey-headed Albatross. Possible Blue Petrel: About 30 minutes apart. 1st at 2.27 and 2nd at 2.58. Close into shore coming from west. Small, blue wash with dark head and bill. Tiny little white tail tip. White underneath with prominent dark collar. Presumed Blue Petrel, unable to confirm 100% eBird checklist Further information
James Mustafa 23/7 #218820
Wed 2Singing Honeyeater
475 Shanley Street, Wangaratta
Singing Honeyeater attacked by 5 or 6 resident Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters. Aggressively driven so it flew into plate glass sliding door, knocked out, fell to ground, and then killed by the Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters. We have seen similar behaviour by the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater residents against cuckoos in the past.
Helen Van Riet 24/7 #218828

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