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Mon 5Buff-Banded Rail
Canterbury Park and Barungwarra Bushland Reserve (Bald Hills)
Seen in the Mangrove area between Canterbury Park and Barungwarra Reserve on the Rushworth Street side. Also saw Black-faced Monarch, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Mistletoebirds (Male Displaying) and a lot more towards the Reserve.
Devon Bull 6/10 #224921

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Mon 5Bassian Thrush
Goodenia Rainforest Walk, near Pambula
Several (~6) Bassian Thrush seen flying conspicuously around in the forest and walking quite near the path. Though records of birds for the far south coast are thinly spread in general, I wouldn't assume this is a rare species here. However, the number of Thrush and their lack of secrecy was very surprising. (Also, either a Scarlet Honeyeater or Mistletoebird seen from directly below - flew away before I could clearly ID between the two small red birds, but either way a notable extra sighting.)
Oakley H Germech 5/10 #224912
Eastern Osprey, White-winged Triller, Rufous Songlarks
Great River Walk, Penrith
Mark and I had a good morning along the Great River Walk in Penrith with 67 species recorded including an Eastern Osprey, 2 Rufous Songlarks, a female White-winged Triller, Horsfields Bronze-cuckoo (Channel-billed, Fan-tailed, Koel and Shining Bronze-cuckoos also heard), a Little Egret, Azure and Sacred kingfishers, Satin Bowerbird and quite a number of Mistletoebirds.
Edwin vella and Mark Fuller 5/10 #224906
Sun 4Black Bittern, Mangrove Gerygone
Quibray Bay, southern Sydney
An adult Black Bittern flushed when kayaking inside mangroves on north side of Quibray Bay. Apparently not reported previously in Towra Point NR. Also several Mangrove Gerygone singing beautifully. eBird checklist
Andrew Taylor 6/10 #224914
Bar-tailed Godwit
Eastlakes golf course
No Woodswallows, but happy to see this single bird feeding very successfully on fairway. Only my second record here, still there on the 5/10/15.
David Mitford 5/10 #224911

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Sun 4highlightSwift Parrot
Bicentennial Park, Ulverstone
At least 20 birds seen by members of CN Field Naturalists. Between last report on 18th September and today the following were also recorded around Ulverstone: 3 at River Rd on 25 Sept; c.10 at Golf Course 27 Sept; 2 x 2 at Reid St Reserve 27 Sept; c.20 at Bicentennial Park on 27 Sept; heard flying over Reid St Reserve on 30 Sept; 7 or 8 birds flew up River Road on 2 Oct; 12 seen coming out of one tree in Bicentennial Park (c.20) on 3 Oct.
Hazel Britton, Alison Parks,Pat Ellison 6/10 #224922
highlightAzure Kingfisher
Bird on fallen tree spanning Inglis R 1km downstream from Bass Hwy. Handful of Swift Parrots nearby. Also water rat.
Richard Ashby 4/10 #224878

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Wed 7megamegaTawny Grassbird
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
A single bird was seen along the northern end of the fenced off swamp (at 351671.00 m E, 5810169.00 m S) that backs onto retarding basin. Bird was very shy and predominately kept to the undergrowth, calling very intermittently and occasionally taking flight, travelling no further then 20m before dropping back down into cover. Eventually the bird flushed to a patch of Phragmites australis on the south-western side of the swamp (at 351627.00 m E, 5810116.00 m S), were it called strongly over a 10 minute period eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds 7/10 #224927
Tue 6megamegaTawny Grassbird, Spotless Crake, Buff Banded Rail and Latham's Snipe
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
All in fenced off overflow area
Des Palmer 7/10 #224925
Whiskered Tern,Latham's Snipe
Fishers Wetland (Newhaven)
Great mornings birding,with 16 Great Egrets,25 Black-winged Stilts (normally 8-10), plus 2 Banded Stilts previously reported.A flock of 25 Whiskered Terns flew in,(not recorded at this site), 2 Latham's Snipe and 3 Red-kneed Dotterels amongst the usual suspects.
Derek & Sally Whitehead 6/10 #224917
Mon 5Rainbow Bee-eater
Newstead Cemetery
Single bird seen this evening, others calling. First return to a popular site. Also White-backed Swallows and Fairy Martins.
Geoff Park 5/10 #224910
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Spring Creek Greytown
One bird seen low over canopy 6 BoxIronbark Course participants.
Garry Cheers 5/10 #224908
Black-winged Stilt
Lancefield 10' Cell
Flock of 14 birds on a private dam beside the Lancefield-Tooborac Road about 3kms north of Lancefield. Also present a single Intermediate Egret (been around for several weeks), and a single Australian Shelduck.
Peter Houston 5/10 #224900
highlight(Possible) Tawny Grassbird, Spotless Crake, Buff Banded Rail
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
Moderators note: Tawny Grassbird record would need confirmation.
Des Palmer 5/10 #224892
Sun 4highlightBudgerigar
Lake Tyrrell
2 different flocks of 20~ budgies seen on the outskirts of lake tyrrell. 6 crimson chat and 12 black faced woodswallows also seen in area.
Stephan Granger 6/10 #224916
Banded lapwing
Cnr Anakie rd and Stacey rd
At least 6 Banded lapwings in a rocky paddock being harrassed by a brown falcon.
Peter Fuller 6/10 #224913

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