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Thu 30Superb Parrot
EPIC showgrounds, Federal Hwy
Noted arrival of Superb Parrots in Watson on Monday. Finally caught up with a flock of around 9 males and females at approx 6:45pm at EPIC near the petrol station on the Federal Hwy. Flock separated with most flying to the west towards Wells Station
Ted Simes 30/10 #220545

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Thu 30Black-necked Stork
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
Single bird on roadside pond early this morning. Also Nankeen Night Heron. eBird checklist
Chris Attewell 30/10 #220533

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Thu 30highlightRegent Parrot
Euston Regional Park
In the morning I saw 2 birds flying over Black Box Woodland. In the afternoon I found about 25 pairs of Regent Parrots in River Red Gums along the Murray River at Lock 15 and the along the ‘Day Use Trail’. Could be more, I didn’t have time for a thorough search. Some pairs were squabbling over hollows and at least one pair had a begging fledged chick. There are a few reports on birdline of Regents seen near Euston (e.g. crossing the Stuart Highway), and this appears to be the source. I think there is a published estimate of 25 pairs nesting in the Park, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were quite a few more at the moment.
David James 30/10 #220541
highlightBlack-eared Miner and Yellow-throated Miner hybrids?
Kemendok National Park, Monak near Gol Gol
Many of the miners in Kemendok appear to show strong remnants of Black-eared Miner, with all-dark faces from the bill and over the eye, an obvious malar stripe, and uniform (unscaled) mantle. However, they have slightly pale rumps and slightly pale tips to the tail feathers, though these are less prominent than in pure Yellow-throated Miners. They seem consistent too. This is just across the Murry River from Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, but very different habitat and condition.
David James 30/10 #220540
Pallid Cuckoo, Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
Kemendok National Park, Monak near Gol Gol
A juvenile Pallid Cuckoo being fed by Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters in Mallee.
David James 30/10 #220539
Pheasant Coucal, Turquoise Parrot
Tycannah Creek, Terry Hie Hie
A Pheasant Coucal was observed at the Tycannah Creek crossing at Terry Hie Hie at about 8:10 am. It was constantly hassled by a pair of Willie Wagtails. 2 Turquoise Parrots were observed and heard calling in the woodland. eBird checklist Further information
Curtis Hayne 30/10 #220534
Wed 29Whiskered Term
Pitt Town Lagoon
10 Whiskered Tern busy over lagoon today. Have been there at least since Sunday. Also present Chestnut and Nutmeg Mannikins, Double-barred and Red-browed Finches. Also Marsh Harrier.
Michael Rutkowski 29/10 #220526
Common Sandpiper
Long Beach
1 Common Sandpiper in Storm Drain at Long Beach, Batemans Bay
Tony & Stephanie Dawe 29/10 #220525
Tue 28highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo, Red-capped Robin
Kemendok National Park, Monak near Gol Gol
2 juvenile Black-eared Cuckoos, both being fed by pairs of Red-capped Robins in Black Box Woodland. (Moderator's Note: These are very interesting sightings. HANZAB states that there is only one report of a Black-eared Cuckoo laying its egg in a cup shaped nest, and that was the nest of Red-capped Robin. Were these Red-caps the original hosts, or are they secondary hosts? AKM).
David James 30/10 #220538
highlightPainted Button-quail
Waters Street, Hornsby
Likely exhausted nomad found in garage of flats in suburban part of Hornsby.
Ian Scrivener (per Paul Burcher) 30/10 #220536
Wed 22Collared Sparrowhawk
Surry Hills
A Collared Sparrowhawk over the southern end of Riley Street, Surry Hills late morning today. Have been working in this area the past few days and impressed by the variety of birdlife in an inner city area - Spotted Dove, Crested Pigeons, Rainbow Lorikeets, Australian Koels (M & F), Laughing Kookaburras, Spotted Pardalote, Red Wattlebird, Noisy Miners, New Holland Honeyeater, Welcome Swallows, Fairy Martins, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Red-whiskered Bulbuls, Willie Wagtails, Olive-backed Oriole, Silvereyes. This is probably due to the adjacent parklands but also the mature street trees (especially Melaleucas) in the area.
R Griffin 30/10 #220529

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Thu 30Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Banyule Flats Reserve
3 birds flying over near the playground. Noticed the red underwings and thin, high pitched screeching. Quite a few Ironbarks in full flower, and lots of Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets as well. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 30/10 #220544
Leaden Flycatcher
Adult male heard calling and seen this morning in garden. only the 4th record in 20 years' observation here
Doug Robinson 30/10 #220543
Australasian Bittern
Eastern Freeway
Was astonished to watch as an Australasian Bittern flew only about 50 metres above the traffic jam on the eastern directly after exiting the Mullum Mullum Tunnel. Observed for about 20 seconds as it flew overhead, but couldn't really believe what I was watching. Seen approx 7.30am
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 30/10 #220530
Wed 29Terek Sandpiper (1), Sanderling (4),
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
At least 4 Sanderling observed yesterday along beach whilst searching for Terek Sandpiper. Terek was successfully located, no longer with PGP's but had moved to a large wader flock a few hundred metres down the beach along the sand. It was very difficult to locate because the wader flock numbered a few thousand birds of which 90% were Red-necked Stints. Also Ruddy Turnstone, Curlew Sandpipers and a probable Whimbrel seen briefly. Terek Sandpiper became bird 378 on 2014 VicTwitch. Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 30/10 #220537
Mon 27highlightTop-knot Pigeon, Australian Figbirds and Beach Stone-Curlew
Six Top-knot Pigeons perched in eucalypts along the walking track at Gypsy Point. 25/10/2014 six Australian Figbirds near Foodlands Supermarket Mallacoota. 29/10 a single Beach Stone Curlew in saltmarsh habitat along Lakeview Drive Mallacoota.
Rob Farnes 30/10 #220531

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