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Sun 29highlightBlack-bellied Storm-Petrel
Offshore--Southport pelagic
The highlights were Pom and Long-tailed Skua, Tahiti, Providence and Kermadec Petrels, White Tern, Red-tailed (1) and White-tailed (3) Tropicbirds, Streaked Shearwater and our first March Black-bellied Storm Petrel. The BBSP only had one foot projecting! The other was missing!
Rob Morris & all aboard the Southport Pelagic trip organised by Paul Walbridge 29/3 #222752

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Sun 29highlightGlossy Black Cockatoo
Racecourse Beach, Ulladulla
43 Glossies flew over the Princess Hwy just west of Racecourse beach app 6 PM this evening. This is the most seen in this area for yonks although birds in numbers of 3-4 are regularly being seen feeding in the area both in the morning and evening as autumn approaches. The Arctic Jaegers are still being seen sporadically off Warden Head when the bait fish are closer inshore bringing hoardes of Silver Gulls, W-t Shearwaters to feed
bob Rusk 29/3 #222767
Little Lorikeet
Lower Pappinbarra
8 Little Lorikeet seen this afternoon flying low towards the North East. Lots of flowering gums here. Rainbow, Scaly-breasted and Musk Lorikeets also around every day lately, as well as many Honeyeaters. eBird checklist
Ian Kerr 29/3 #222765
highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island, NSW
Flying around the eastern side of the island late this morning
Biggles Csolander 29/3 #222762
Pink-eared Duck
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
Spotted a solitary Pink-eared Duck at the waters edge on the wetlands lake. Don't get them in the zoo very often, but nice to see any way.
Andrew O'Brien 29/3 #222761
Pink-eared Duck
Powells Lane, Richmond Lowlands
A pair of Pink-eared ducks with 4 ducklings seen this morning on a CBOC outing this morning. A rare breeding event for Cumberland County. eBird checklist Further information
Jenny & Rod Stiles, Peter & Carol Abbott & CBOC members. 29/3 #222760
Plumed Whistling-duck
Pughs Lagoon
14 Plumed Whistling-ducks observed in the lagoon during a CBOC outing this morning. eBird checklist Further information
Jenny & Rod Stiles, Peter & Carol Abbott & CBOC members. 29/3 #222759
Sat 28Powerful Owl
Murray St Bateau Bay
A male Powerful Owl was calling strongly and persistently at this site at 3.15 am. This follows on from when the same bird (?) was calling strongly at 10.15 pm on the evening of 10 March 2015 and was kept under observation in a tree in my front yard for 15 minutes. At that time another Powerful Owl was heard calling some distance away. These are the first Powerful Owls at this site for two years.
Alan Morris 29/3 #222769
NO South Island Pied Oystercatcher
Chowder Bay
No signs of the SIPO at Chowder Head at low tide this morning. When I checked the tide levels, I found that the low tide level last Sunday (when I saw the bird feeding on exposed rocks) was at .2 meters. Today low tide was at .6 meters, which means the rocks visible last Sunday were under water today. The next tide coming below .5 meters will be on the 15th of April. Not sure it this is really relevant, but I think it is likely. There was also significantly more activity in the harbour today compared to last week.
Alfred Schulte 28/3 #222750
highlightCrescent Honeyeater
Royal National Park - McKell Avenue
Site as described my Marc on Thursday - at least 2 (probably more) Crescent Honeyeaters heard and observed. Difficulty arose as they were very cryptic (more so than usual), keeping surprisingly low in dense shrubs, calling infrequently.
Joshua Bergmark, Ashwin Rudder, David Mitford 28/3 #222749
Tue 24Kermadec Petrel, White-bellied Storm Petrel
Ball's Pyramid Lord Howe Island
3 light phase and 2 dark phase Kermadec Petrel seen at Ball's Pyramid along with 1000's of Grey Ternlet and few Common Noddy. 10 White-bellied Storm Petrel seen in deep water along with Masked Booby, Wedge-tailed and Flesh- footed Shearwater. 500-1000 Providence Petrels noted -most closer to LHI
Allan and Rob Benson, Mike Kuhl and Michael Scobie 28/3 #222748
Mon 23White-bellied Storm Petrel
5 km NE Admiralty Islands Lord Howe Island
30+ White-bellied Storm Petrel, Kermadec Petrel(1), Black-winged Petrel (5), Providence Petrel (10), Masked Booby(10), Grey Ternlet(100's), Flesh-footed(20) and Wedge-tailed Shearwater(20), Red-tailed Tropicbird (50), Common Noddy(100's) and Black Noddy (10) were seen on boat trip to and beyond Admiralty Islands. Wandering Tattler and Sooty Tern also seen.
Allan and Rob Benson, Alan Morris, Mike Kuhl, Michael Scobie and Judy Leitch 28/3 #222746
Sun 22highlightBlack-tailed Godwit,
Lord Howe Island Airport
1 Black-tailed Godwit observed feeding with Bar-tails. This is a rare sighting for Lord Howe. Only 1 Song Thrush seen once - obviously becoming scarcer. However, Buff banded Rail and Lord Howe Island Woodhen numbers have exploded since last visit in 1995 presumably reflecting the removal of cats from the island.
Allan Benson and Mike Kuhl 29/3 #222753
Wed 18megamega‘Striped Storm-Petrel’, White-bellied Storm-Petrel, Collared Petrel, Long-tailed Jaeger
Britannia Seamount off far northern New South Wales
Highlights were 1 ‘Striped’ and 3 White-bellied Storm-petrels (see photograph), 5 Antipodean/Gibson’s Albatross (one with an off-white DARVIC band with the code ‘014’ on its left leg), 2 Red-tailed Tropicbirds, 1 Red-footed Booby, 1 Long-tailed Jaeger and 3 White Terns. A Collared Petrel (intermediate morph) was seen by two participants. In addition we saw Wedge-tailed and Flesh-footed Shearwaters, Tahiti, Kermadec, Grey-faced, Providence (2), Gould's and White-necked Petrels, a Pomarine Jaeger, Sooty Terns and Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphins. For more photographs click link. Further information
Nikolas Haass & Raja Stephenson and everyone else on Paul Walbridge's SEQ Seamount Pelagic 28/3 #222740

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Sun 29highlightWhite-throated Needletail
West Mooreville Rd, south of Burnie
Two birds under low cloud base seen from moving car. Sightings very thin these last few years.
Richard and Erica Ashby 29/3 #222757

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Sun 29Powerful Owl
Near Alastair Knox Park Eltham
The owl has returned after a couple of years absence. We had a family one year with one chick and a family the second with two chicks but nothing for the last two years.
Liz Eadie 29/3 #222766
Sat 28highlightLong-toed Stint
Avalon Beach
Glorious Long-toed Stint in breeding plumage entertained us this morning along the side of the road leading to the beach shacks. Grey-tailed Tattler feeding along shore east of shacks, Red Knot in pond with Curlew Sandpipers and 3 Double-banded Plovers near parked cars. Many other species in pre-migration plumage. A wonderful location at the moment.
John Newman, David Tytherleigh, Trevor Lumb 28/3 #222747

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