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Tue 26highlightPacific Gull
Nobbys Beach (and ocean)
Whilst having a quick look to see if any prions were visible from Fort Drive this afternoon (which they were not) I scanned along Nobbys Beach and saw what are presumably the 2 young Pacific Gulls that were seen here last Thursday (but had not been seen since). They were loafing with a group of Silver Gulls and Crested Terns (and as it turned out, an adult White-fronted Tern). I decided to get a closer look by walking out onto the breakwall but by the time I rounded Nobbys Head the birds were gone. They were then seen behind a fishing trawler that had anchored just off Nobbys. The birds were sitting near the boat along with lots of Silver Gulls and about 80 pelicans when I left. The very distant (cropped) image shows one of the birds flying left-to-right under the second right-most window.
Mick Roderick 26/5 #223378
Mon 25Square-tailed Kite
Narrabri Township
One bird hawking low over buildings in Narrabri Township near the bowling club. Saw a STK in the same location over a year ago. Further information
Kurtis Lindsay and Emily Mowat 25/5 #223371
Zebra Finch (4) Rose Robin (1)
Sydney Olympic Park
A pair of adult Zebra Finches with two dark-billed juveniles feeding on the first grassy hill overlooking Newington NR suggest recent breeding. A Rose Robin was my fourth record, in a large mixed flock on the edge of the nature reserve containing Golden and a single Rufous Whistler, several Grey Fantails and the usual suspects. No sign of Pink-eared Ducks at Lake Belvedere.
Dion Hobcroft 25/5 #223367
Sun 24highlightRegent Honeyeater
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
4+ birds among 100's of smaller honeyeaters. [Moderator's Note: This is probably the largest congregation of wild birds recorded nation-wide since spring last year. Follow up observations noting exact numbers and presence/absence of rings would be excellent. JB].
David Hair 26/5 #223376
highlightSwift Parrot
Pindar Cave track, Brisbane Waters NP
2 Swift Parrots resting about 3 metres up a stunted eucalypt amongst thick foliage. On higher ground with low eucalypts and angophoras above a mixed understorey dominated by Banksia Ericifolia in blossom. Directly above the walking track and flew off in surprise, without calling, when we were only a few metres away. Brief but clear view. No other parrot or lorikeet seen on this track in the 5 hours we were on it. Masses of honeyeaters on this walk, good numbers of Silvereye and Dusky Woodswallow, and a single Rock Warbler at Pindar Cave, as per e-bird checklist. A long, difficult but rewarding walk on a rough, hard to find track (not signposted) with Pindar Cave and the creek beyond well worth a look at. eBird checklist
Cameron Ward 25/5 #223370
highlightPacific Gull
The Entrance Channel, Tuggerah Lake
1 juvenile landed in channel. Stayed for bout half an hour then Silver Gulls chased it off. (Moderator's Note: This is the 4th Central Coast record, the last record was for an immature bird seen at Flat Rock, Munmorah SCA on 1 June 2013. AKM)
Shayne Weston 25/5 #223364

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Sun 24Diamond Dove
Mt Carbine
Group of at least 30 Diamond Doves on dirt roadside outside the pub.
Kim and Geff Larmour 25/5 #223355

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Sat 23Eurasian Coot
Lake Leake
c2000 birds near boatramp and carpark. [Moderator's comment - Not an unusual species, but that's a good number, even for Coots].
Richard Ashby 25/5 #223366
highlightSpotted Quail-Thrush
Lake Leake
Two beautifully-plumaged specimens in woodland metres from car park.
Richard Ashby 25/5 #223365

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Tue 26Australian King-Parrot
Flock of nine king-parrots eating acorns in oak tree in front yard near corner Drummond & Cole, Chadstone. No adult males of nine. Flock appeared to be entirely juveniles (yellow beaks on all birds I could see) with some identifiably male (prominent light green shoulder band) and some female (missing shoulder band). Probably same birds seen 25/05/15 about 500 m to west. Rather far into suburbs to find such a large flock. eBird checklist
Michael Fuhrer 26/5 #223374
Sun 24Red-capped Robin
Long Forest NCR (between Melton and Bacchus Marsh)
2 coloured males: 1 near Long Point, 1 at carpark at start of Happy Valley track. Happy Valley carpark has been a regular site for sightings of an adult male for at least the last year.
Geelong Field Naturalists Club excursion 26/5 #223372
Sat 23highlightWhite-fronted Tern, Swift Parrot
Anglesea area
A single White-fronted Tern with a flock of Crested Tern on the front beach at Pt Roadknight, and a single Swift parrot still along Coalmine Rd at the back of Anglesea township. eBird checklist Further information
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 25/5 #223361
Sun 3megamegaSalvin's Prion, Antarctic Prion and Slender-billed Prion
Off Portland, Victoria
1 Salvin's Prion, 2 Antarctic Prions and 1 Slender-billed Prion along with many Fairy Prions, 1 Buller's Albatross, 1 Southern Royal Albatross and 5 Wandering Albatrosses on a good day on the water. As usual, the Salvin's Prion has been hard to identify even with the excellent photos that we taken. But, it exhibits the features of the Salvin's Prion identified on the May 2013 boat trip from Portland - longer bill that is thicker at the base and an undertail pattern that has grey barring on the lateral undertail coverts and a central black terminal band that doesn't go across the whole width of the tail. The photos of Antarctic that we can compare it to, including the two on this trip, do not exhibit the same features as they have shorter, narrower bills and undertails that don't have the grey barring but do have a black terminal band across the whole width of the tail. The birders on the boat are confident of this identification after looking at the various photos. (However, several of the other commentators subsequently reviewing the photos are predisposed to this bird being Antarctic.)
Chris Lester and the BirdLife Victoria Pelagic participants 26/5 #223377

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