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Fri 1Black-breasted Button-quail
Inskip Point Recreation Area
Third time lucky! I've been to this site twice before over the last couple of years, but haven't managed to get onto this species. Today I found one adult male BBBQ in the company of a pair of Bar-shouldered Doves. All three birds were feeding on the ground near a large fig tree along the track to the point from the carpark. The tree should be obvious, as it was filled with squabbling Figbirds this morning. Inskip was very 'birdy' this morning, despite the large number of 4WD's noisily making their way towards the barge to Fraser. I saw the BBBQ at around 9:30. eBird checklist
Elliot Leach 1/8 #218981
Albert's Lyrebird
Mt.Tambourine(Witches Falls)
I was very thrilled to find and photograph a number of Albert's Lyrebirds this morning. It was a special moment watching a number of these birds display. I believe that I found 8 separate individuals during a 3 hour wander on the bottom track but I could be wrong as some could have crossed the track. Calling loudly and displaying beautifully!
Bernie OKeefe 1/8 #218979
Red-winged Parrot
Lancewood Place Moggill
One bird only flew into my yard and fed with pale headed Rosellas for about ten minutes, then flew off. I was able to approach the Parrot within 3metres to get nice photos.
Lloyd Bullock 1/8 #218976
Fri 18Black-breasted Button-quail
Noosa NP along coastal track
eBird checklist
Edward Rickson 1/8 #218974

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Fri 1Peregrine Falcon
Hat Head
One was seen over the trig on top of Korogoro Point by Hastings Bird Watchers on an outing to Hat Head. Several Osprey, a Brahminy Kite, a Kestrel and a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles were also seen here.
Ian Kerr 1/8 #218980
Swift Parrot
Six Swift Parrots observed flying between trees in and around Cowan Public School. Apparently, attracted to area by flowering planted Forest Red Gum.
Paul Burcher 1/8 #218975
Thu 31Grey Goshawk
Yellomundee Regional Park
Single bird perched in a dead tree beside the river. Also worth noting is the fact that the hundreds of Silvereyes that were in the park 2 weeks ago have all gone. Small numbers of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters are moving through the area from nth to sth.
Graham Groves 31/7 #218962
Wed 30Noisy Pitta
Start of Sandon Back Track at Illaroo Camping Ground, Yuraygir National Park
One bird observed in low coastal scrub behind fore dunes at edge of track.
Russell Jago per Greg Clancy 31/7 #218967
Noisy Pitta
Yuraygir National Park, Minnie Water
Pitta observed twice in past 2 weeks on track at edge of village which leads to Illaroo Picnic Area. One bird appeared to have a white throat like a Blue-winged Pitta and photos have been attempted.
Craig & Debbie Martin per Greg Clancy 31/7 #218966
Started calling in Gore Ck valley [N or River Rd side of Bob Campbell Oval], 5.50. Still calling at 6 [when I left the area]
Ted Nixon 31/7 #218961
Red-necked Avocet
Pitt Town Lagoon
1 lone Red-necked Avocet
K Brandwood 31/7 #218960
Mon 28Square-tailed Kite
Memorial Park, Grafton
One bird gliding low over building and trees.
Greg Clancy & Alan Pilkington 31/7 #218973
Varied Triller, Gull-billed Tern
Susan Island, Grafton
Male Triller flew to rainforest on Island. Tern over water near Island.
Greg Clancy, Alan & Wendy Pilkington 31/7 #218971
Sun 27Peregrine Falcon, Australasian Grebe
Clarence River, Grafton
Adult landed on power pole near River. Three Grebes on River.
Greg Clancy 31/7 #218970
Sat 26Noisy Pitta, Rainbow Bee-eater, Grey Goshawk, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Susan Island, Grafton
Pitta heard calling at dawn and dusk (also on 27 & 28 July), Bee-eaters present (7+) 26-28 July, grey morph Grey Goshawk, Bronze-cuckoo heard calling,
Greg Clancy, Alan & Wendy Pilkington, Andrew Tarrant 31/7 #218969

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Sat 2highlightBeach-stone Curlew
Screw Creek Inverloch
Observed at 8.00 am on beach near Screw Creek car park. Stood silently while Curlew approached within 10 metres. Great viewing.
Brendan McDonald 2/8 #218983

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