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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2017
Fri 17Rose-crowned Fruit-dove
Royal National Park--Wattle Flat
This morning about 150m south of the car park. To the right of the track feeding in a fruiting fig tree on a rocky slope. Will upload photos to eBird later today.
Paul Lynch 17/11 #232794
Thu 16highlight Buller’s Shearwater & Black-browed Albatross
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Surprised to see a Bullers Shearwater today going north with hundreds of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, only my 2nd November record here. Later with Simon Gorta we saw a couple of Black-browed Albatross, up to 20 Pomarine Jaegers and 1 Arctic Jaeger. Virtually no Short-tailed Shearwaters despite days of onshore winds and it being almost peak passage for non-breeders. Simon also saw a couple of False Killer Whales and we both saw Common Dolphins.
David Mitford and Simon Gorta 16/11 #232789
Little Button-quail
Larkin Oval, Nyngan
Almost stood on a juvenile Little Button-quail while the kids were at little athletics. Further information
michael Crosland 16/11 #232787
Freckled Duck
Maffra Lake, Maffra. Roughly 40km south of Cooma
At least 84 Freckled Ducks were observed resting on the southern shore of Maffra Lake. The lake is the driest we've seen it in the last three years. Also present were about 100 Pink-eared Ducks, 100 Black Swans, several hundred Eurasian Coots and large numbers of Shelducks, Hoary-headed Grebe, Grey and Chestnut Teal, Hardheads and Black-winged Stilts. Of interest were 6 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, the first we've ever seen in the district.
George Madani, Lachlan Hall 16/11 #232784
Australian Shelduck
Wilford Lane Wetlands Milton
Hi we had four Australian Shellduck at the wetlands this week along with large numbers of Chestnut and Grey Teal, White-headed Stilt, Sharptailed Sandpipers and Pacific Golden Plovers (1st time I have came across the plovers at this site), a few Swans, Royal Spoonbills as well as the Masked Lapwing (40), Sea-eagles (2) and Whistling Kite (1), Red-kneed Dotterel (2)
Charles Dove - Chris Brandis 16/11 #232782
Square-tailed Kite
A nesting pair of Square-tailed Kites with 2 chicks, we thought they were nesting at this site last year but were unsuccessful in finding them. Picture of the female feeding one of the chicks.
Charles Dove 16/11 #232781
Pale-vented Bush-hen, White-eared Monarch.
Terania Creek Road, Nightcap National Park.
4 Pale-vented Bush-hens were seen well this morning just before you get into the national park, also 2 White-eared Monarchs were nest building.
michael ronan 16/11 #232780
Wed 15Black-chinned Honeyeater, Pale-headed Rosellla
Macquarie Marshes
a sinlge black chinned honeyeater was seen in a river red gum while stopped near Big Terrigal Creek. 100 + white browed woodswallows at same location. A single pale headed rosella near Bulgeraga Creek Bridge.
michael Crosland 15/11 #232776
highlightRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Royal N.P. - Wattle Forest
The Fruit-Dove reported earlier is still there in the same tree with 30+ Topknot Pigeons. Great bird happily feeding on figs. Further information
Lorand Szucs 15/11 #232774
Mon 13highlightMottled Petrel, Cook's Petrel
~13 nautical miles off Tomaree Head (Port Stephens)
After the report of migrating Mottled Petrels flying south with Short-tailed Shearwaters on the Port Stephens pelagic Sunday 12-11-2017, a boat was organised to head out of the port on Monday (13-11-2017). Between around 3pm til 4pm a total of 7 Mottled Petrels were seen approximately 0.6nm north-east of the first location they had been seen on Sunday (approx. 32 49 19s, 152 24 37e). A rather distant Cook's Petrel was also seen and photographed - a species rarely recorded inside the shelf break - as well as a few Solander's Petrels. The Short-tailed Shearwater migration was estimated here to be around 10,000 birds per hour. Photo by Alex Berryman.
Dan Williams, Ian Benson, Alex Berryman et al, per Mick Roderick 14/11 #232768
Black Bittern
Lisarow Wetlands
Whilst sitting at the traffic lights opposite Lisarow train station at 6pm I was surprised to see a very active Black Bittern clambering through the ground layer and then mid story within a few metres of the road / footpath. Very unexpected given how busy this intersection was / is at this time.
Andrew Robinson 13/11 #232759
Magpie geese
Sovereign Hills Port Macquarie
Six geese seen circling at 8.15 am. Sighted later feeding in creek opposite Regional College gates.
Phi. Shelley 13/11 #232750
Sun 12highlightCrimson Chat
Ben Boyd National Park--Saltwater Creek
Right behind the shoreline whilst checking on a Hooded Plover we had seen in the morning, up flew this single male Crimson Chat from the lagoon at the south end of the beach. Further information
Jenny and Peter Sedgwick 13/11 #232763
Red-winged Parrot
Geurie Cemetery
Single adult male flew down the cemetery lane towards the creek behind the cemetery reserve.
Darryl Smedley 13/11 #232760
megamegaMottled/Cook's/Black/Gould's Petrels, Little Shearwater, Antipodean Albatross
Port Stephens pelagic
Incredible day off Port Stephens today, with 23 species seen outside the heads including 18 tubenoses (the biggest count of tubenoses on a Port Stephens trip and our first '5 Pterodroma day'). A dozen Mottled Petrels were seen, mostly inshore (13-18nm) and presumably migrating with the small flocks of Short-tailed Shearwaters seen flying south. This is a new species for the Hunter Region list. There were also a couple of Solander's Petrels about 10nm out and in deeper water we had a single Cook's and 5 Gould's (2 more seen on the way back in). Two Black Petrels followed us almost to the heads, as did about 15 Grey-faced (of ~120 seen for the day). And just to keep us on our toes a rapid fly-by from a Little Shearwater occurred at the 17nm mark on our way back to port. On top of all this we had 10+ Antipodean (Gibson's) Albatrosses, including 3 young birds. Photo: Cook's and Mottled Petrels (Alex Berryman), Little Shearwater (Michael Kearns), Black Petrel (Mick Roderick)
Mick Roderick, Alex Berryman, Michael Kearns and others on the M.V.Argonaut 12/11 #232748
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Royal National Park (Wattle Flat)
An adult Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove was seen at Wattle Flat this afternoon. It's rosy cap and yellow-orange underparts were clearly seen at different times as it clambered through the branches of a fruiting fig tree. The tree also attracted Green Catbirds and Satin Bowerbirds. The tree is located 200 metres south of the grassy area.
Enrico Leonardi, Andrew Patrick 12/11 #232744
highlightRed-capped Robin, Jacky Winter, Speckled Warbler, Lewin's Rail
Air Services site, Shanes Park
5 Red-capped Robins seen (firstly 2 young males attaining a red cap and breast with an adult female, and later on in another area most likely the same adult pair I had a few weeks ago. With also another adult pair seen here a few weeks ago, that makes 7 Red-capped Robins at this site within the last month or so.). Also present was a Speckled Warbler, Horsfield's and Shining Bronze-cuckoos, White-throated Treecreeper and in a fairly open section I rarely check was a pair of Jacky Winters (a possible breeding pair and my only second record at this site), a male White-winged Triller and an Australian Hobby flying past.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 12/11 #232743
barred cuckoo-shrike.
rocky creek dam,nightcap national park.
2 barred cuckoo-shrike were seen this morning in nightcap national park. (Moderator's Note: there is currently no public access to the picnic area. The observer has described access as "end of Gibergunya Road, just before you go into the main entrance there is a loop walk. You get into the national park after you cross the creek.")
michael ronan. 12/11 #232742
Sat 11Black-eared Cuckoo
Burrendong Arboretum near Wellington.
Two adult Black-eared Cuckoo mist-netted during the course of banding operations near the fernery. Both were caught in the same net but a couple of hours apart. The cuckoos were neither seen nor heard prior to the encounter, nor seen or heard after the event. Possibly the only record of the species in the Arboretum since one was banded there in February 1983.
Darryl Smedley 13/11 #232758
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Near homestead, Capertee National Park
At least eight Regent Honeyeaters, including a juvenile. Some were bathing in a stockyard trough
Mark Hocking 12/11 #232740
Red-capped Robin
Entrance road to Coorongooba campsite, Wollemi NP, Capertee Valley
Female was seen feeding a dependent juvenile
Mark Hocking 12/11 #232737
Brush Cuckoo
Yarramundi Reserve
3 Brush Cuckoo's were calling beside the river
Edwin Vella and David Walker 11/11 #232736
Latham's Snipe
Pughes Lagoon, Richmond
A pair of Latham's Snipe seen foraging beside the eastern end of Pughes Lagoon (south side of Old Kurrajong Rd) as was last weekend but none of the 6 Nankeen Night Herons seen there the previous weekend.
Edwin Vella and David Walker 11/11 #232735
Red-backed Kingfisher
Richmond Lowlands
The Red-backed Kingfisher showed very well beside Cornwells Lane and also again beside Onus Lane. Beside Powells Lane we also had a Common Sandpiper and a nesting pair of Restless Flycatchers. Still lots of White-winged Trillers, Rufous and Brown Songlarks, Horsfield's Bushlarks and a couple of Zebra Finches.
Edwin Vella and David Walker 11/11 #232734
Eastern Koel
AU-NSW-Cootamundra near Showground
Heard calling from 5;37am till approximately 6:15am. Unfortunately did not see the bird. I am very familiar with the call of this bird as I lived in Sydney for over 50 years and was awoken most mornings in summer by it’s call. eBird checklist
Donna Nagiello 11/11 #232726
Fri 10Superb Parrot
Cundumbul, 30km north of Molong on the Mitchell Hwy
Adult male and two green birds flew across the road into flowering (Blakeley's?) Red Gum. Stopped and walked back but could not relocate them.
Darryl Smedley 13/11 #232756
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher
Richmond Lowlands
The Red-backed Kingfisher is still at Richmond Lowlands. This afternoon it was on a fence post on Cornwells Lane, half way between Onus Lane and Bensons Lane. It then flew high into the trees on the southern side of the road. The Common Sandpiper is also still at the Powells Lane pond.
Andrew Patrick 10/11 #232697
Channel-billed cuckoo
277 Knoble Road Wirlinga NSW 2640 (12 km NE Albury)
Channel-billed cuckoo x 3 at 0630 hrs in old White Box in open paddock, adjacent patchy White Box and Blakeley Red Gum open woodland (army training area). 2 were interacting, fanning out tail. Photos no good, Silhouette. Have recording of calls if required
Robert Cook 10/11 #232695
Pale-vented Bush-hen.
Huonbrook, Mullumbimby.
A Pale-vented Bush-hen was seen well along the Huonbrook Valley early this morning.
michael ronan. 10/11 #232694
Australian Brush Turkey
North Parramatta
At 6am this morning while waiting for the bus on O'Connell Street, North Parramatta an adult male Brush Turkey came walking down the footpath and went into the front yard of a unit block near the old Parramatta jail. I've lived here for over 20 years and this is the first Brush Turkey I've seen here.
Trevor Waller 10/11 #232688
Thu 9Glossy black-cockatoo
Mehi River 80km west of Moree (Private Property)
3x Glossy black-cockatoo enjoying Belah (Casuarina cristata) cones.
Pat Johnston 9/11 #232685
Painted Button-quail
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
Pair observed 5 metres from Herb Trail (eastern end). My first sghting since a probable male bird flushed one metre from the track, before the bushfires last year. Nice to see them doing well after the fires. eBird checklist Further information
Michael Rutkowski 9/11 #232684
Wed 8Flame Robin
Misty Creek Rd, Moogem State Forest near Guy Fawkes River National Park
Male Flame Robin observed in roadside vegetation (wet schlerophyl forest). Able to obtain good views & confirm ident. Eventually flew to higher perch and joined by second bird, possibly female (too distant and light poor in overcast conditions). Had observed Scarlet Robins earlier in day at Vista Point Picnic Area in Mount Hyland Nature Reserve. Fairly remote location, may be 'common' species for area? eBird checklist
Darryl and Gary Eggins 9/11 #232679
Eastern Koel
Single bird heard calling and observed flying over western end of the 'CBD' of town. Odd historical record known of for the species from these parts.
David Parker 9/11 #232675
Tue 7Superb Fruit-dove.
Nightcap National Park, Rocky Creek Dam.
A male Superb Fruit-dove was feeding on yellow fruit with several Rose-crowned Fruit-doves this morning. Subsequently on 9/11/17, 6 Superb Fruit-Doves seen at the same location including one juvenile
michael ronan. 7/11 #232660
Hardhead et al
Dee Why Lagoon
The Lagoon burst out into the sea 5-6 Nov., having been very full for several months, leaving lagoon bed 95% dry, and creating feeding event at outflow: Pelicans, cormorants, Royal Spoonbills. The many teal, coot, and hardhead, which had been enjoying the sustained high water level for months, and the consequent abundance of aquatic growth, are all still at the lagoon, albeit somewhat confined to the remaining channel. It is great to see good numbers of birdlife in this suburban setting, and at the nearby wetlands on Long Reef Golf Course (go there very early, before the golfing activity starts).
David Sawyer 7/11 #232656
Sun 5Black-eared Cuckoo & White-backed Swallows
Capertee Valley
A black-eared Cuckoo and 3 white-backed Swallows were the highlights of a quick trip to the Capertee. Other good birds include a flock of 200 woodswallows at Glenowlan bridge, majority White-browed but masked and Dusky as well. Little eagle, Speckled warbler, Hooded robins and Grey-crowned babbler were also seen in the valley.
Rob Hynson & Todd McGrath 6/11 #232650
highlightTurquoise Parrot, Spectacled Monarch, Satin Flycatcher Fruit Dove sp.
Bimberamala NP- Mogo S35.46345 E150.15604
A pair of Turqoise Parrot of today's outing and these were first located by Bill and Marie on the 02.11.2017. Extensive views of the birds were enjoyed over the course of three hours. About fifty species were recorded at this location including: A fruit dove sp. which flew over too quickly for positive id. 8 Topknot Pigeons, 1 Brush Bronzewing (Common Bronzewing also present), 12 White-throated Needletails, Pallid, Fan-tailed, Shining and Horsefield's Bronze Cuckoos, 2-3 Cicadabirds, 1 Satin Flycatcher (Leadens also present), Eastern Shrike Tit. 2 Spectacled Monarch (numerous Black-faced also present). Crescent Honeyeaters.And possible sightings of 1 Black-chinned Honeyeater and 1 Beautiful Firetail. Please note that access to the site is 4 wheel drive only.
Bill Nagel, Julie Morgan, Demetrios Bertzeletos 5/11 #232635
Turquoise Parrot
Douglas Gap, Douglas Gap Rd, Young
Unbelievable luck that I stopped my car in gully and saw a single male Turquoise Parrot on ground in gully. Bird had blue face and on wing. Some red on wing. Yellow underside and green back and tail. Later walking along edge of cypress pine/eucalyptus forest I flushed the same bird or another giving a tink call.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 5/11 #232634
Black Honeyeater
Rocky Ponds Creek, Galong Rd, Galong
Great surprise to come across two male birds active and vocal in low scrubland and grassland in creek drainage. Planted shrubs and saplings. I have call recorded. Also White-fronted Chats and many cisticolas at this site. One bird flew off when a Brown Falcon flew low over.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 5/11 #232632
Port Macquarie. Hastings River Rd and Willow Cls
Looks like a pair
Phill Shelley 5/11 #232625
Sat 4Red Knot, Avocet
Lake Wollumboola
Water levels have dropped further. Shorebird numbers have, however, remained low, species recorded were: 20 Bar-tailed Godwits, 4 Red Knots, 20 Red-necked Stints, 8 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 3 Pacific Golden Plovers (all juveniles, including a very dark one), 20 Red-capped Plover, 2 Pied Oystercatcher with at least one chick, 1 Red-necked Avocet. 2 Black-winged Stilt. No Little or Fairy Terns
Demetrios Bertzeletos 4/11 #232619
megamegaCommon Gull-billed Tern
Shoalhaven Heads
1 in non breeding plumage hunting over mudflats. Tide was out so not many shorebirds were seen. I am not aware of many (any?) records of this taxon from southern NSW.(Moderator Note: this record is subject to a NSWORAC Review, we understand that there are no previous NSW records if accepted!) Also two Bar-shouldered Dove.
Demetrios Bertzeletos 4/11 #232618
Brown Songlark, White-throated Needletail
Belmore Swamp, Seales Rd
A male Brown Songlark first detected by call and then seen in display flight in open paddock just to the west of (a very dry) Belmore Swamp. Possibly a second bird also heard. Several flocks of White-throated Needletails observed throughout the morning across the lower Macleay and Hastings valleys, with my first 50+ flock for the season seen along Belmore River. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 4/11 #232612
Turquoise (not Blue-winged) Parrot - correction of ID
Glen Davis, Capertee Valley--Birdwatching Site #8
The moderators would like to draw attention to a correction in identification of a Turquoise Parrot seen and photographed at Glen Davis, Capertee Valley on the 18th October (#232466). The bird was originally published as a Blue-winged Parrot. Refer to #232466 at the original date below for details.
NSW Birdline Moderators 4/11 #232608
Fri 3Bourke's Parrot, Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush.
30 km west of Bourke.
Very excited to see and photgraph two Bourke's Parrots about 30 kilometers west of Bourke on the 3rd of November as well as two Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush.
michael ronan 5/11 #232633
Magpie Goose
Yass sewer farm
One pair sighted app. 3.30pm
Guy Chessell 5/11 #232623
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Lake Cargelligo Township
18 Pink Cockatoo's sighted, 6 in suburban backyard near caravan park and additional 12 birds sighted flying over town headed for the Lake area at approximately 9am. A great sight to see.
Tom Petty and Marky Mark 4/11 #232615
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Bundock Park, Clovelly
Heard one this morning, singing from this ‘fragment’ habitat. Thought it was worth a mention. Checked nearby Burrows Park for Oriental Plover, but I guess lightning doesn’t strike twice.
David Mitford 3/11 #232598
Musk Lorikeet and Scaly- breasted Lorikeet
Woy Woy
Spotted in trees mixed in with Rainbow Lorikeets at the back entrance to Woy Woy South Primary School. (Moderator Note: Musk Lorikeets are a moderately common Central Coast bird and are regularly sighted at Pearl Beach and from Kilcare to Bateau Bay and elsewhere, whereas Scaly-breasted Lorikeets are moderately common in the northern half of the Central Coast LGA, less common in the South. AKM).
Allan oxenham 3/11 #232597
Thu 2Little Woodswallow, White-browed Treecreeper,Crimson Chats.
There were 2 Little Woodswallows,2 White-browed Treecreeper,and a number of Crimson Chats just south of Bourke on the Cobar Road.
michael ronan. 5/11 #232631
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Dee Why Lagoon
Pair of cuckoos, both giving the "chirruping" call (rather than the downward whistle), one passing food to the other. A few metres away was an agitated, vocal, and highly visible pair of Tawny Grassbirds showing possible nesting-related behaviour. (The former Tawny Grassbird breeding "colony" at nearby Cromer was scattered when their premium swamp-heath location was converted into 3 soccer fields in the 1970s. It was in this same swamp, in the late 60s, that Wayne Longmore photographed the nest and eggs of a crake, later identified by Keith Hindwood as Spotless. In recent years Pied Butcherbird has nested here, and Black Bittern seen twice in the swamp remnant).
David Sawyer 2/11 #232587
Black Noddy
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
Beautiful brooding morning at Boat Harbour. A high tide pushing all roosting birds together, the Black Noddy with 28 Common Terms, 1 Kelp Gull, 46 Pacific Golden Plovers, 10 Red Knot, 5 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 101 Red-necked Stint,19 Ruddy Turnstone, 5 Sooty & 1 Pied Oystercatcher & a Reef Egret
Michael Ellison 2/11 #232585
Wed 1highlightRuff
Wagtail Way, Ash Island (Hunter Estuary)
A Ruff was seen and photographed on the 1st November on the eastern (railway line) side of Wagtail Way on Ash Island (at the southern end, towards the river). Some observers have been out to look for the bird recently but it has not been found.
Rod Warnock per Mick Roderick 8/11 #232670
Painted Honeyeaters, Little Friarbirds
Murrin Bridge area, Lake Cargelligo
Several Painted Honeyeaters, Little Friarbirds, Mistletoe birds feeding on mistletoe flowers and fruit on mulga wattles. Approximately 10kms north of Lake Cargelligo on the way to Round hill. But no Pied Honeyeaters seen or heard.
Tom Petty and Marky Mark 4/11 #232616
Brush Cuckoo
North Wollongong
One bird heard in scrub by Squires Way, opposite Science Centre and Planetarium, at 6:45pm.
Lorne Johnson 1/11 #232584
highlightRose-crowned fruit-dove
Royal National Park--Wattle Flat
1 Rose-crowned fruit-dove seen 300 meters into the wattle forest in the trees on the other side of the river.
Rob Hynson 1/11 #232579
Brush Turkey
Dee Why
Small chick running in undergrowth next to nest-mound, between Library and Council Chambers, Dee Why CBD.
David Sawyer 1/11 #232578

October 2017
Tue 31Orange Chats.
30 to 40 Orange Chats seen north of Bourke on the 31st.
michael ronan. 5/11 #232630
highlightMarsh Sandpiper
Richmond Lowlands
Single bird along muddy edges of the dam in the polo club ground visible from Kurrajong Rd
Eric Finley 1/11 #232576
Orange Chat
Swamp Road Jamberoo
Still present. One pair seen foraging on bike track. Be aware of a very aggressive magpie that swooped me constantly.
Mark Ley 31/10 #232569
Mon 30Black-eared Cuckoo
Attunga State Forest
We had a Black-eared Cuckoo showing well near the Archery site at Attunga State Forest. Also seen Fuscous Honeyeaters and a Speckled Warbler.
Christina Port with members of Follow that Bird 8/11 #232671
Pied Honeyeater, Black Honeyeater, Crimson Chat.
Good numbers of Pied Honeyeaters, Black Honeyeaters and Crimson Chats almost at every stop between Byrock and Bourke on the 30th.
michael ronan. 5/11 #232628
Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail, Southern Whiteface, Brown Treecreeper
Caragabal State Forest, Quandialla
Isolated forest patch of some 400 ha was alive with bird activity. Hooded Robins seen at 2 sites in forest. A female feeding recently fledged juvenile, a male at another site. A single Diamond Firetail and Southern Whitefaces at 2 sites (1 and 4 respectively). Calls of Brown Treecreeper were everywhere. 32 species all up including both babblers, 2 Spotted Harrier acting suspiciously as if guarding a nest and a large Lace Monitor.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 31/10 #232552
Bribbaree Rd, Thuddungra
17 Emus in field at intersection of Bribbaree Rd and Kurrawyba Rd. 1 bird had 8 well grown chicks.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 31/10 #232551
Australian Pratincole, Banded Lapwing, Orange Chat
Harris Lane, Quandialla
Continuing birds in over grazed sheep paddock. 2 Australian Pratincoles and 16 Banded Lapwings present. Great views of a female Orange Chat about 1.5 km from Quandialla Rd after flushing 3 other suspected Orange Chats from long grass by roadside. Definite orange coloring ruled out white fronted chat.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 31/10 #232550
Topknot Pigeon
Tilba Tilba
5 Topknot Pigeons observed flying across Corkhill Drive between Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba
Paul McLelland 30/10 #232530
Latham's Snipe
Long Swamp (Bermagui)
3 Latham's Snipe observed on the ocean side of the lagoon as you enter Bermagui from the north. Feeding in the shallows on the edge of the lagoon with forest behind them
Paul McLelland 30/10 #232529
Sun 29White-throated Needletail
Iluka Nature Reserve
30+ Needletails over canopy of Reserve.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 31/10 #232559
Mangrove Honeyeater
Saltwater Inlet, Iluka
Mangrove Honeyeater heard calling.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232549
Sanderling, Wandering Tattler, Sooty Oystercatcher, Ruddy Turnstone
Back Beach, near Woody Head
4 Sanderlings, one Tattler, 7 Sooty Oystercatchers and 2+ Turnstones on rock platform.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232548
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Regent Bowerbird, Spectacled Monarch
Iluka Nature Reserve
2+ Fruit-Doves, an adult male, immature male and one female Bowerbirds all attracted to fruits of Yellow Pear-fruit Mischocarpus pyriformis. Spectacled Monarch heard calling.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232547
Black Falcon, Brolga
Round Mountain Road, S of Lawrence
Falcon on power pole in general area where it was observed October 25. Observed by GPC on 30 Oct same location. Two Brolgas flew low over site where Falcon was perched.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232546
Noisy Pitta
Called twice close to eastern escarpment opposite our proprty. 7:05am Further information
Carla Jackett 30/10 #232523
Square-tailed Kite (2)
Bobbin Head Rd - North Turramurra
Pair cruised over my house heading west approx 11am. I have seen singles every so often, but never a pair. Magpies not happy.
Tom Wilson 29/10 #232515
Sat 28Beach stone-curlew
Bongil Bongil National Park--Bundagen Headland
Two birds seen, one sitting on sand, the other seeming on guard.
Suzanne Gilkes 3/11 #232599
pallid cuckoo
Barren Grounds Nature Reserve
Pallid Cuckoo seen near Stone Bridge. Not calling.
frederick young 1/11 #232580
highlightWhite-browed Treecreeper
Mount Hope to Euabalong Road
Two White-browed Treecreepers found during the Twitchathon about 400m further west along the Mount Hope to Euabalong Road from where we found a single bird on the 29-10-2016 (about 10km from the Kidman Way). We were not exactly expecting to encounter this species again but it was a very welcome addition to our list! Two of us are fairly certain we heard Red-winged Parrots here too, but couldn't be confirmed (close to edge of range).
Mick and Steve Roderick, Lucas Grenadier and Craig Anderson (Hunter Home Brewers team) 31/10 #232562
White-throated Needletail, Forest Raven
Gwydir Highway, near Glen Elgin Road
25+ Needletails over near tower, Forest Raven near roadkilled Spotted-tailed Quoll.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232543
Turquoise Parrot, Plum-headed Finch, Black-chinned Honeyeater, White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Wood
Graman to Ashford
1 Turquoise Parrot flew low across road, two Plum-headed Finches in tree, Woodswallows high overhead, Black-chinned Honeyeaters heard calling.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232541
Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Red-capped Robin, Azure Kingfisher,
Warialda Creek, Warialda
Bronze-cuckoo heard calling (few records at this site), female Red-capped Robin observed, one Azure Kingfisher flying along Creek.
Greg Clancy, Russell Jago, Darryl Eggins, Saul Dixon (Black-necked Stalkers twitchathon team) 30/10 #232540
Painted Honeyeater
21 km east of Wyalong on Quandialla Rd, near Back Creek Bridge
There are times that one goes for long time without seeing Painted Honeyeaters, a bird scheduled as a Threatened Species in NSW. At a random site along a road reserve where both the Boree Acacia (A. pendula) and Belah (Allocasuarina sp.) were heavily infested with flowering and fruiting mistletoe, we stopped to see if they were present and found 5 birds. We subsequently found Painted Honeyeaters in Back Creek SF near Wyalong at two sites in both Belah and Box Mistletoe, and at two sites along the Waroo-Burcher Rd, in the vicinity of Manna Station, where they were feeding in mistletoe in Belah and Boree. It is so exciting to get out of your vehicle and the first bird you hear calling is a Painted Honeyeater. There were many other suitable sites but no time to stop!
Alan Morris, Nick Carson, Steve Edwards & Mike Kuhl (CCCC Twitch Team) 30/10 #232532
Banded Lapwing, Orange & White-fronted Chats
Williams Crossing Rd Bardmedman (shopwn as The Meadows Rd on Google Maps).
At a site 8 km ENE of Bardmedman on the Williams Crossing Rd in a heavily grazed sheep paddock we counted 132 Banded Lapwings in amongst the sheep! We have never seen so many Banded Lapwings together! On either side of this paddock there were crop paddocks, and on the fence of one paddock we got 4 Orange Chats and 5 White-fronted Chats, and in another, 6 White-fronted Chats. Brown Songlarks, Pipits and Horsfield's Bushlarks were also present. We retuned to the same location at night looking for the mythical Inland Dotterels and found a Barn Owl & a Tawny Frogmouth and more Brown Songlarks!
Nick Carson, Mike Kuhl, Steve Edwards & Alan Morris (CCCC Twitch team) 30/10 #232525
Australian Pratincole, Banded lapwing, Crimson Chat
Harris Lane, Quandialla
A visit was made to this location on consecutive days and on the second day 19 Australian Pratincoles & 38 Banded Lapwings including a pair with a nest were found. Horsfield's Bushlarks and Brown Songlarks were seen on the fence of the adjoining crop paddock but no Inland Dotterels or Orange Chats, although we did find an adult male Crimson Chat. Our thanks to Rosemary Stapleton for the original posting!
Steve Edwards, Nick Carson, Mike Kuhl & Alan Moirris (CCCC Twitch team) 30/10 #232524
highlightAustralian Bustard, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Australian Little Bittern
Macquarie Marshes
A pair of bustards seen two days in a row near the Marra. Single mannikin in reeds with Zebra Finches at Monkeygar Crossing and a Little Bittern calling nearby. At least 15 Orange Chat seen south of Willie Retreat and 3 Diamond Dove. eBird checklist
Max Breckenridge, Grant Brosie, Simon Gorta ('The Dodgy Drongos') 29/10 #232520
Banded Lapwing
Mirrool Creek, 65km NE of Hay
43 lapwing on the edge of a small dam near the creek. Two being juveniles.
David Charley and Nick Charley 28/10 #232511
highlightKelp Gull
Worimi Conservation Lands - Stockton Beach (restricted access)
An adult Kelp Gull was first reported on Facebook in the bird ID group by Leonard Parsons at 11am today, 2km south of Birubi Point. The bird was re-found by me at 3:30 this afternoon 4km south of he Birubi Beach Access. Last seen by Allan Richardson south of the Lavis Lane entrance at about 6pm. Kelp Gull are a rare visitor to the Hunter Region, with only four previously accepted records. Beach Permit required to drive on the beach. Permits available from local service stations. Further information
Ian Benson 28/10 #232509
Fri 27highlightGiant Petrel, Jaegers & Pterodroma (sp)
Mistral Point, Maroubra
1-3 Giant Petrels seen, could have been 1 doing ‘laps’ or more than 1 bird. 15 Pomarine & 6 Arctic Jaegers and 15 Black-browed Albies seen this am. However bird of the day was a very close-in Petrel which suggested a ‘fresh’ Solander’s in size, jizz and proportions (including obvious ‘M’ upperwing markings.But it had a pale breast patch which may suggest aberration. I know that it is about 6 months too late to see this plumage (on an adult) but juv ??
David Mitford 27/10 #232497
highlightLittle Woodswallow
Mount Hope - Euabalong Road
A Little Woodswallow was seen in woodland just off the Mount Hope to Euabalong Rd today, inspecting a hollow at the end of a dead branch. This site is about 2km from a location where we found 2 Little Woodswallows at this same time of year in 2011.
Mick Roderick and Lucas Grenadier 27/10 #232496
Little Bronze Cuckoo
Seapeace Rainforest Trust Private property Byron Bay
One Little Bronze Cuckoo heard calling on 2 occasions. Restricted access to this property. Also observed 3 Rose-crowned Fruit Doves, and a Sugar Glider peeping out of a Boobook Owl nesting box !
June Harris 27/10 #232494
Thu 26Shy Heathwren, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Southern Scrub-robin
Round Hill Nature Reserve
Good birding with superb views of all three species after much searching through the mallee.
David Charley and Nick Charley 28/10 #232510
Wandering Whistling_Duck
Coramba Road, Coffs Harbour
12 Whistling-Ducks on edge of dam.
Greg & Val Clancy 26/10 #232487
Painted Honeyeater, Pied Honeyeater
10.4km north of Lake Cargelligo
At least three Painted Honeyeater and three Pied Honeyeaters in acacia and Calitris open woodland. A lot of mistletoe in flower.
David Charley and Nick Charley 26/10 #232485
highlightBlack Petrel
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
Highlight of a private charter pelagic trip off Sydney today was a confiding Black Petrel, at least 40 Wilson's Storm Petrels,18 Providence Petrels and 5 Grey-faced Petrels. Greg McLachlan will publish a full checklist on eBird.
Roger McGovern and all on the Avalon IV 26/10 #232480
Wed 25Black Falcon, Black Kite, Peregrine Falcon, Brolga
S of Lawrence
Black Falcon perched on cross arm of power pole on Round Mountain Road, prey in talons, disturbed by cane truck and flew to W along Round Mountain Road, attempted to land on power poles and trees but attacked by Australian Magpie, eventually settled on power pole (poor silhouette photo included) still holding prey. 2 Black Kites over cane paddock being harvested. Adult male and two fledgling Peregrine falcons still in nest tree. 60+ Brolgas at edge of wetland towards Sportsmans Creek.
Greg & Val Clancy 25/10 #232471
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australian White Ibis, Royal Spoonbill, Pied Cormorant, Little Pied
Lawrence Egret colony swamp
23+ Freckled Ducks loafing on bank and logs in water, 100+ Pink-eared Ducks scattered around wetland (an additional 220+ Pink-eared Ducks and 1 Freckled Duck on nearby wetland). 20+ White Ibis nests, 5+ Little Pied Cormorant nests, 3+ Pied Cormorant nests (1 with nestling being fed), 10+ Royal Spoonbill nests. Dozens of Cattle Egrets, one Little Egret (no breeding plumes) and 1+ Eastern Great Egret present but nests not observed although some may have been obscured by foliage in trees.
Greg & Val Clancy 25/10 #232470
Red-capped Robin
Old Katoomba Golf Course
3 'brown' birds present including one adult female, one with female plumage (but with pale gape and base to bill) and one possible immature male (rusty cap, pale gape, orange patches on breast). Two adult males and one adult female were seen here on 28th September 2017. This is my ninth sighting of Red-capped Robins in the Upper Blue Mountains (every town from Wentworth Falls-Mt Victoria) since 18th September 2017.
Kalang Morrison-Jones 25/10 #232468
Red-capped Robin
Lamartine Ave Trail, Wentworth Falls
1 adult male seen at end of trail, has been present in the same location for at least three days. 2 adult females were seen in the same location on 11th October 2017.
Kalang Morrison-Jones 25/10 #232467
Pacific Baza
'Bellawongarah' - private property (restricted access)
Heard a Pacific Baza calling from inside the house at 11:50am today. I went outside to find two Bazas gliding across the yard/forest near house. We have a few records from here since 2009 when we moved from Kangaroo Valley. Many records over the 18 years we lived in KV.
Carla Jackett 25/10 #232464
Tue 24highlightOrange Chat
swamp road jamberoo
two pairs present this morning. Still along the new bike track between Swamp Road and Browns Lane as reported by others . Eurasian Skylark overhead and lots of Golden Headed Cisticolas , many displaying with wing flicks.
frederick young 24/10 #232456
Red-capped Robin
Old Lawson Golf Course
Previously reported by M Ley we located the male Red-capped Robin in an area of low shrubs bordering taller gums. Excellent views and we left the bird undisturbed.
Graham & Gwen Blackwell 24/10 #232454
Spotted Harrier
Juvenile Spotted Harrier banded by me and released by WIRES (Danny Lett) today after being in care for about 6 weeks. It had fallen from a nest in a tree at Lanitza. The tree along with other stands of shade trees in a cattle paddock are earmarked for removal to make way for a Macadamaia plantation. This is a threatened species and is only the second north coast breeding record as far as I am aware.
Greg Clancy 24/10 #232452
Black Honeyeater (6)
Campbell's Swamp Griffith
On the walk to the hide I came across the Black Honeyeaters. At the swamp itself there were many waterbirds including Magpie Geese, Blue-billed Duck, Musk Duck with 2 ducklings. No Freckled Ducks or Shovellers were seen. See e-bird checklist eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 24/10 #232449
White-throated Needletail
At least 100 White-throated Needletails feeding and circling low over Midson Rd, Epping at 9:30 am this morning. First sighting for me this season.
Jenny Stiles 24/10 #232447
Brush Turkey
McPhersons Crossing (Orara River)
7.30am.Female crossing road. First sighting for location.
Warren Thompson 24/10 #232446
Mon 23highlightBlack Noddy, Little Tern
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
A single Black Noddy flew in to join the throng this morning on the shelf. There are large numbers of Little Tern (220+) still present with many courting and copulating. Common Tern are present along with the usual Crested Tern gearing up for breeding etc. The Noddy was relocated in the afternoon by Michael Ellison. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan, Paul Johnstone and Michael Ellison 23/10 #232434
White-throated Needletail
South West Rocks Road, Kinchela
5 or 6 birds soaring over open fields and river flats. (Moderator Note: It is understood that the first seasonal report fir NSW was at Dungog on 18/10 but this is the first Birdline report AKM).
ken sheather 23/10 #232433
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, Common Sandpiper
Richmond Lowlands
One Red-backed Kingfisher on power lines half way along Bensons Lane, Richmond Lowlands. The Common Sandpiper is still at the Powells Lane pond.
Andrew Patrick, John Walker 23/10 #232431
Glossy Ibis
Eastlakes golf course
Glossy Ibis feeding close to the bank of the bottom lake. Not bothered to moving away from passing golfers and intrepid birdwatchers. Uncommon visitor to Eastlakes, only my 2nd sighting here.
Richard Murray 23/10 #232429
Orange Chat
Swamp Road, Jamberoo
Continuing birds. 2 birds (male and female) seen along the same piece of bike track that runs between Swamp Road and Browns Lane at midday. The female appeared to be carrying possible nesting material. Regular cyclist movements made observing the birds difficult, and they are quite flighty.
Nigel and Bec Coghlan 23/10 #232425
Pallid Cuckoo
North Creek Road Ballina
Pallid Cuckoo, new bird for my new home "patch". Further information
June Harris 23/10 #232423
Sun 22White-fronted Chat
Nowlans Rd, Quandialla
7 chats on fence line along road where Wentworth Gully crosses road near Bimbi-Quandialla Rd.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 31/10 #232555
highlightBrush Cuckoo
West Wyalong STW
A single silent Brush Cuckoo was seen settling down to roost just before sunset by the carpark at the STW. This is 100-200km west of their range through this region. Several Baillon's and Australian (Spotted) Crakes also seen, along with a Musk Duck and a Blue-billed Duck.
Ashwin Rudder 24/10 #232455
Black Honeyeater, Painted Honeyeater, Black-eared Cuckoo
Benambra National Park ( near Holbrook)
Birders of Albury Wodonga visit to Benambra National Park yielded 80 different species including a number of Black Honeyeaters, Painted Honeyeater and Black-eared Cuckoo calling and 5 different cuckoos ( Black-eared, Pallid, Fantail, Shining Bronze and Horsfield's bronze.) Worrying sighting of Common Myna on farm nearby ( so far Albury Wodonga has been free of these pests).
Janet chapman, for Birders of Albury Wodonga 23/10 #232430
Australian Pied Oyster catchers
Cullendulla Creek estuary, -35.701401, 150.208862
A pair of Australian Pied Oystercatchers feeding in the estuary at low tide. One bird tagged, right leg yellow YS, other leg silver metal band.
Peter Manins, Jannette Manins 22/10 #232412
Painted Honeyeater
Mates Gully TSR (near Tarcutta)
One bird in mistletoe, northern end of reserve. Several Black-chinned Honeyeaters also present.
Donna Belder 22/10 #232411
Red-capped Robin, Speckled Warbler
Air Services site, Shanes Park
Happy to see 2 pairs of Red-capped Robins which may be both nesting. They were seen about 2 km apart from each other and I am not surprised that there are are other pairs on this site. I also saw a family group of Speckled Warblers and they appear to have young. There were also lots of Scarlet and other Honeyeaters, Little Lorikeets, Peregrine Falcon, Brown Goshawk, Pallid, Horsfield's and Shining Bronze-cuckoos, a male Leaden Flycatcher, several groups of Varied Sitellas and Spotless Crakes in the swamp.
Edwin Vella 22/10 #232410
Beach Stone-curlew
Bonville Creek Estuary
Single bird flushed close to caravan park
Bob Moffatt 22/10 #232406
Sat 21Dollarbird (2)
Euroly Bridge Yanco (Leeton)
Dollarbirds were back close to the Euroly bridge. First sighting this spring. Also present nearby along Yanco Weir Rd were several pairs of Superb Parrots, Noisy and Little Friarbirds.
Max O'Sullivan 24/10 #232441
highlightScarlet Honeyeater
Five Scarlet Honeyeaters were recorded on the Saturday of the Plains-wanderer Weekend, plus another two or three heard. One was seen and two heard in North Deniliquin along the Hay Road and two pairs were seen in the Deniliquin Regional Park. To clarify Josh's report from 18 October: the Scarlet Honeyeaters seen that day were the first I personally have recorded in the Deniliquin township or indeed the district. The two historic records, one at Ulupna Island and the other about 40 km NE of Deniliquin were not recorded by me. Also, four Pied, 10 White-fronted and around 30 Black Honeyeaters were also recorded today. So we have honeyeaters irrupting from the east coast and the interior. Further information
Philip N Maher 22/10 #232419
highlightOrange Chat
Swamp Road, Kiama Downs
Continuing Birds. At least 4 birds (2 pairs) on and either side of the new bike track where it crosses the paddock west of Swamp Rd near Jamberoo Rd. Brown Songlarks also present. We were there late afternoon, but 2-3 birds apparently showing well throughout the day.
David James 22/10 #232402
highlightRed-capped Robins - nesting
Old Lawson Golf Course
Yet another Red-capped Robin sighting however this time I observed a pair nest-building at the old Lawson Golf Course. The female was making repeated trips to the nest site and on one occasion I saw the male feed the female en-route to the nest. If successful I'm sure this will be the first breeding record in the Blue Mountains. Blue Mountains Bird Observers (BMBO) has probably received more RCR sightings in the past two months than in the previous 25 years combined. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 21/10 #232396
Great Crested Grebe
Pejar Dam near Crookwell
Possibly over 100 G C Grebes were sighted this morning ,around 10 am, all in breeding colour. Good photography opportunities all around the lake as they are all spread out over the dam. Possibly better light (behind ) later in afternoon. Although not needed a scope would be better suited for viewing. Further information
bob rusk / Chris Shinton/ Mike Jeffries 21/10 #232394
Fri 20highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo
Purry Burry Point, Primbee
Another unusual inland visitor for the south-east coast, found this evening foraging & feeding in Casuarina trees. See ebird list for more photos & info. eBird checklist
Paul Lynch 20/10 #232390
Peregrine Falcon
Near Lawrence
The two nestlings reported by Greg Clancy , 17-10-2017 are now fledglings. Pam Kenway eBird checklist
Pam Kenway 20/10 #232386
Teven Road Swamp, West Ballina
Three Brolga present in paddock on northern boundary of ponds. Two adults and one immature possibly suggesting local breeding. Uncommon in the Richmond Valley.
David Charley 20/10 #232382
highlightOrange Chat
Swamp Road, Kiama Downs
Continuing birds. Male and female both seen from 8:55am. Cool light wind and drizzling at arrival. ID photo onlly.
Carla Jackett 20/10 #232380
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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Rare vagrant
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