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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Moderators' Note

The Fairy Tern Monitoring Group has asked that if anyone is aware of nesting Fairy Terns (i.e. a colony hidden away on a sandbank somewhere) to contact Chris Chandler, email

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2014
Wed 19highlightBlue-billed Duck
Copper Creek Dam, between Edith Creek and Irishtown
12 birds, possibly more.
Richard Ashby 19/11 #220917
highlightBanded Lapwing
Greens Lagoon, Marrawah
Ten adult birds, one pair with chicks. Also a single male Blue-billed Duck and female Musk Duck among a total of eight sp. of duck.
Richard Ashby 19/11 #220916
Tue 18Banded Lapwing
Narawntapu National Park
Single bird feeding with 14 Masked Lapwings east of NPWS visitor centre.
Frank Wilson 18/11 #220901
Mon 17Eastern Curlew
Narawntapu National Park
7 birds flew up the Rubicon River into North East Arm then started feeding on an almost full tide.
Frank Wilson 18/11 #220900
Sun 16highlightRoyal Spoonbill
Queechy Lake
Two birds in breeding plumage. One 'standing guard', one sitting motionless on a stick nest for the twenty minutes I was observing. If there are eggs under the sitting bird they would not be visible from the viewing platform. Tasmanian breeding record? Australian Reed Warbler calling from reeds.
Richard Ashby 16/11 #220869
Sat 15highlightLewin's Rail
Oyster Cove
Two Lewin's Rail today at Oyster Cove.
Tim Collins, Graham Collins. 15/11 #220837
Fri 14Curlew Sandpiper
Marion Bay
A single Curlew Sandpiper seen today feeding with Red-necked Stints on the edge of the bay just outside the saltmarsh which is adjacent to the causeway. It was best seen from the 90 degree corner beside the houses accross the causeway. Great scope view but only a distant photograph. eBird checklist
Rob Hamilton 14/11 #220821
Wed 12highlightCommon Sandpiper (1)
Frenchs Farm, Maria Island
Along creek near Frenchs Farm. Sandpiper with horizontal posture, solid brown back, and white belly that bobbed up and down a lot - characteristic behaviour of the Common Sandpiper.
Ryan Steiner per Paul Brooks 16/11 #220871
Sat 8highlightAzure Kingfisher
Duck River, Smithton
Single bird 1 km upstream of Watsons Corner. Whitebait running.
Richard Ashby 8/11 #220722
Fri 7highlightRoyal Spoonbills
Queechy Lake, Launceston
One pair of Royal Spoonbills in breeding plumage as reported earlier. They were resting in the willows in the middle of the lake, visible from the viewing platform and also from the entrance to Scotch Oakburn Park. They were using a nest - could they be breeding in Tasmania? Also saw one Freckled Duck.
Paul Tildesley 8/11 #220721
Blue-billed Duck
Lake Llewellyn, Sisters Beach
A pair of birds, first time at this site that I can remember.
Richard Ashby 7/11 #220711
Thu 6Hooded Plover
Big Roaring Beach, Surveyors Bay
Two Hooded Plovers were observed running along the beach near Roaring Beach Lagoon. Our last sighting of Hooded Plovers on this beach was in 2005.
Dave and Cath de Little 7/11 #220706
Wed 5Satin Flycatcher, Swift Parrot, Blue-winged Parrot
Piersons Point
1 flycatcher - first I've seen back. Also at least 6 Swift Parrots and 8 Blue-winged Parrots.
Scott Linnane 5/11 #220672
Bar-tailed Godwit
Marion Bay
15 birds with two smaller companions, as yet unidentified. These have been present for over 2 weeks.
Andrew North 5/11 #220667
Mon 3Latham's Snipe
Lake Dulverton, Oatlands
Pair of birds on eastern causeway.
Richard Ashby 3/11 #220638

October 2014
Fri 31highlightCrested Tern
Great Oyster Bay, Little Swanport
About 1500 birds on oyster racks just upstream of Limekiln Point.
Richard Ashby 3/11 #220639
Thu 30highlightPossible Golden-headed Cisticola
Queechy Lake
Very small golden-headed, golden-backed passerine flew from reeds near viewing platform to low cover on island and was lost to view. Colour too strong for brown/tas thornbills, fieldwren or grassbird. This diagnosis by no means secure but heightened scrutiny by other visitors may be appropriate.
Richard Ashby. 3/11 #220637
highlightFreckled Duck
Queechy Lake
Pair of birds.
Richard Ashby 3/11 #220636
Royal Spoonbill
Queechy Lake
Three birds in breeding plumage.
Richard Ashby 3/11 #220635
Tue 28Swift Parrot
Big Roaring Beach Road, Surveyors Bay
Four Swift Parrots, initially on a eucalypt stage, then flying between crowns of white gums and blue gums.
Cath de Little 29/10 #220521
Sun 26Bar-tailed Godwit
Picnic Beach, Ulverstone
A single bird feeding along the shoreline. This is the first record I know of for this area in the14 years I have been resident here. It was busy feeding for at least an hour. It appeared to be an immature female.
Hazel Britton and Alison Parks 27/10 #220466
Nankeen Night Heron
Sisters Ck, Sisters Beach
Single bird flushed at footbridge, first time since first sighting in 2013 for this site.
Richard Ashby 26/10 #220452
Sat 25Eurasian Coot
Lake Leake Dam
Over 200 sheltering in the lee of the dam wall.
Andrew North 5/11 #220669
Bar-tailed Godwit
Marion Bay
A party of about 20 foraging along the shoreline at Marion Bay, near the mouth of Bream Creek. Further information
Simon Grove and a party of field naturalists from the Australian Naturalists Network 29/10 #220527
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