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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

We support ethical birding .

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

February 2017
Thu 23Brown Falcon
Blackmans Bay
On our verandah. Not seen before. Chased sparrows from hedge.
Louise Wilson 23/2 #230178
Wed 22White-throated Needletail (10)
Dianas Basin
A flock of ten birds observed flying south over the Dianas Basin campsite at approximately 10:10 am, in bright clear sunlight with not a hint of an approaching storm front. eBird checklist
Peter Vaughan, Els Wakefield 23/2 #230179
Tue 21Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Peppermint Hill, New Norfolk
Allan Donegan 21/2 #230170
Sun 19Grey Goshawk (white morph)
New Norfolk, Derwent River
Grey Goshawk sighted on Sunday 19th Feb in the Glenora Road area, New Norfolk, in trees on the river edge. Again sighted on Monday 20th Feb in the same vicinity. Has anyone else spotted this same bird?
Sandra Edwards 21/2 #230169
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Sulphur Creek
Bird seen flying through trees in a westerly direction.
Frank Wilson 20/2 #230149
Sat 18highlightAustralasian Gannet (breeding)
The Hippolyte, Tasman Peninsula
3 Australasian Gannet chicks observed with small colony on The Hippolyte. This record constitutes the first known successful breeding attempt at this site and follows an observation of a gannet carrying nesting material to the site on 20/11/2016. eBird checklist
Paul Brooks and Mark Holdsworth 21/2 #230164
Fri 17highlightNankeen Kestrel
Ross (-42.006457 147.497820)
Single Nankeen Kestrel hunting about 100m east of the Midlands Highway at the coordinates. Hovering with rapid wing beats ("preying") above the grass. Small falcon, a vibrant orange/brown above with black wing tips.
Matthijs Hollanders 23/2 #230180
megamegaRose-crowned Fruit Dove (unconfirmed)
Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area
Single bird flew over the carpark at Snug Falls at 5.30 pm. Too unexpected to get a photograph. [Would be great if it were possible to get a confirmation on this report. A very uncommon visitor to Tasmania, but after one spent weeks in Devonport last year, nothing is impossible - Moderator]
Robert Shore 18/2 #230126
Thu 16megamegaWhite-headed Pigeon
Stony Rise, Devonport
Landed in a tree above my pond adjacent to the bush. [The provenance of this bird has yet to be ascertained - Moderator]
Elizabeth Latham 19/2 #230135
Grey Goshawk
South Launceston
White in colour seen soaring above South Launceston. Circled quite low and then rose very high catching thermals. Did see what looked to be brown similar bird, maybe Wedge-tailed Eagle, soaring nearby.
Leah Staak 16/2 #230111
Tue 14Blue-Billed Duck
Hopeless Plains, south of Smithton
Female with three chicks (first that I can recall breeding here). 10 sp. of waterfowl plus gulls and M Lapwing.
Richard Ashby 14/2 #230104
Sun 12Grey Goshawk (White morph)
Table Cape, Wynyard
Arthur & Denise Carew 13/2 #230092
Fri 10Black Swan
Kangaroo Island, far NW
1639 birds counted in telescope sweep of immediate area.
Richard Ashby, Peter Vaughan 11/2 #230061
Red Knot
Kangaroo Isl, far NW
30 birds amongst 11 sp. of shorebird. (1500 seen here 25y ago).
Richard Ashby, Peter Vaughan 11/2 #230060
highlightLatham's Snipe
Rotaract Park, Smithton
91 birds flushed at the usual site on east bank of Duck River.
Richard Ashby, Peter Vaughan 11/2 #230059
Grey Goshawk
Blackstone Heights, Launceston Tasmania
An all white goshawk flew into a large Viminalis gum on my property this afternoon at 3.45pm. It stayed in the tree looking around and down for a few minutes and then flew across the front lawn where a goldfinch chased it for a short distance. I have attached a photo taken through the window. [Moderator's note - In Tasmania, Grey Goshawks are almost invariably of the white morph]
Robyn Lagodzki 10/2 #230055
Thu 9Dusky Moorhen
Small Lagoon on road to Travellers Rest
Adult birds and chicks noted in lagoon near Travellers Rest (Old Hadspen Rd, where the billboard is). Nest is at the back left of lagoon.
Michelle Turner 20/2 #230158
Pacific Swift(1) White-thraoted Needletail (55)
Peggs Beach Conservation Area
At about 7pm while driving the birds were notice flying very low between 20 and 30 metres above the ground. I was able to stop the car and get a quick count and a close look at several birds allowing me to identify the swift. They were moving in a westerly direction. eBird checklist
Rob Hamilton 12/2 #230076
White-throated Needletail (~360)
Narawntapu National Park
A very large flock of birds observed foraging near the southern entrance to the park at approximately 3:25pm in humid and overcast weather (photograph of about a quarter of the flock attached). Appeared to amass in the large flock from several directions, and then dispersed in an analogous fashion. eBird checklist
Peter Vaughan 11/2 #230074
White-throated Needletail
Sisters Beach
Five birds flying at about 80m. Thirty nine Tree Martins close by.
Peter Vaughan, Richard Ashby 11/2 #230058
Kelp Gull
Leven Estuary, Ulverstone
2 Adult birds on mudflat at low tide at 7:45 pm amongst several Pacific Gulls (mostly adults). Birds were heard calling which attracted our attention. These are the first adult birds recorded at this location by HB and her only other previous record was of a single immature bird.
Hazel Britton and Els Wakefield 10/2 #230051
Wed 8Australian Hobby
Macquarie Rd, approximately half way between Cressy and Campbell Town.
Three Australian Hobby spotted in a dead tree near the side of the road, observed for a few minutes. Unusual to see more than one bird, possibly a family group. Seen mid afternoon.
Anne Collins (photo by Sam Fiddian) 9/2 #230049
Banded Lapwing
Elphinstone Road, Cressy
Counted a flock of 70 Banded Lapwing on a freshly harvested pea paddock. The same paddock where the tractor avoided the nest in Spring.
Bill Scott-Young 8/2 #230042
Tue 7Latham's Snipe
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
Two snipe in south end of lagoon moved on twice by an Australasian Swamphen to central area.
Els Wakefield and Heidi krajewsky 7/2 #230027
Sun 5Kelp Gull
Sisters Island, Sisters Beach
Four adults present last couple of years. Now four juveniles also although cannot be certain they hatched here. Sp. very thin in NW and generally seen only on islands or rocky outcrops. Pacific Gulls certainly breed on the island.
Richard Ashby 5/2 #230015
highlightWhite-necked Heron
A single bird flew down river passing the rowing pavillion at 8.15am. eBird checklist
Rob Hamilton 5/2 #230014
Sat 4highlightSpotless Crake
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
Matthijs briefly saw a single bird below the start of the boardwalk late afternoon around six as it ducked into the undergrowth. A good but brief view.
Matthijs Hollanders per Els Wakefield 5/2 #230012
Thu 2Australian Hobby, Caspian Tern
Tamar Island Wetlands
Single birds.
Geoff Bromfield 3/2 #229992

January 2017
Sun 29highlightPink-eared Duck (2)
Penna Settling Ponds (restricted access)
Two PED sitting on lagoon wall. If turning left from Shark Pt Rd, they were on the northern wall of the third lagoon (opposite Kiribati Rd). Back of camera shot attached. eBird checklist
Elliot Leach; Chris Burwell 29/1 #229947
Thu 26Spotted Quail-thrush
Ben Lomond Road
One bird flushed from the road, about 4km from the start.
Murray Lord 26/1 #229932
highlightAzure Kingfisher
Arthur River
Bird feeding moving along the river bank aprox. 4 KM up from the mouth of the Arthur River.
Frank & Lennice Wilson 26/1 #229927
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