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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Moderators' Note

The Fairy Tern Monitoring Group has asked that if anyone is aware of nesting Fairy Terns (i.e. a colony hidden away on a sandbank somewhere) to contact Chris Chandler, email

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2014
Fri 24Great crested grebes, freckled ducks, hardheads, shovelers
Goulds lagoon
From the train line at the eastern side of the lagoon, we saw 7 Great Crested Grebes in the middle of the Derwent. One pair were engaged in courtship rituals. On the lagoon there were a number of Freckled Ducks (about 8) and many Hardheads and Shovelers. Three Dusky Moorhens were also spotted. [Some good numbers there, Paul - Moderator]
Paul Tildesley 24/10 #220436
Tue 21highlightCommon Sandpiper
Fishpond, Ulverstone
One bird seen in the same site as in previous years. Apparently recently arrived as we have been watching this spot since the beginning of September. We hope that it will remain here for our summer.
Alison Parks and Hazel Britton 21/10 #220372
highlightStubble Quail
Sisters Beach
Sporadic, strident, far-carrying call emanating from unmown grass at roadside, dawn until about 0830. Female walked out into the open to 3m from my feet for unimpeded views of plumage. Not known if wild bird or aviary escapee. Call also heard 2-3 km away in Rocky Cape National Park 11y ago.
Richard Ashby. Rosemary Skerrat. 21/10 #220369
Sat 18highlightAntarctic Prion (1), Northern Royal Albatross (1), Salvin's Albatross (2)
Eaglehawk Neck Pelagic Trip
An Antarctic Prion, an adult Northern Royal Albatross and two Salvin's Albatross were the highlights of today's trip.
Paul Brooks and all aboard the Pauletta 19/10 #220343
Swift Parrot
Romaine Reserve, Burnie
Handful of birds yahooing in dense eucalypt and blackwood, probably passing through.
Richard Ashby 19/10 #220331
Thu 16highlightSouthern Fulmar (1), Northern Royal Albatross (1)
Eaglehawk Pelagic
Close and extended views of a Southern Fulmar on today's trip. Also a lengthy stay from an adult Northern Royal Albatross.
Paul Brooks and all aboard the Pauletta 16/10 #220301
Sat 11Blue-Billed Duck
Copper Ck. Farm dam on road joining Irishtown and Edith Ck south of Smithton.
6 males and 5 females with 7 other sp of duck.
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 13/10 #220236
Eastern Curlew
East Inlet, Stanley.
35 birds with c350 Red-Necked Stints, 4 Fairy Terns, 1 Caspian Tern and a smattering of resident shorebirds.
Richard Ashby, Hazel Britton 13/10 #220235
Nankeen Kestrel
The Nut, Stanley
Male hovering on updraught, with single Peregrine and Brown Falcons nearby. Also Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Swamp Harrier seen within a few kilometres.
Hazel Britton, Richard Ashby 13/10 #220234
Thu 9highlightLittle Raven
Sea Elephant Estuary
2 birds which appeared slightly small with different jizz to the very common Forest Raven. Comparative beak photos showed they had a smaller beak than the Forest Raven.
Rob and James Hamilton 9/10 #220161
Wed 8Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
King Island
5 sharpies and a single Curlew Sandpiper at a wetland 30km north of Curry beside main road. Still present on 9th.
Rob and James Hamilton 9/10 #220160
Tue 7California Quail
Tine Mine Road, King Island
Great views of 2 males and 2 females on our second visit, having had less than desired views on our visit the previous day, as well as getting our rental car bogged!
Rob and James Hamilton 8/10 #220142
megamegaRed-kneed Dotterel
Shag Lagoon, King Island
Single bird seen on the back edge of the lagoon on both 7th and 8th October. Distance precluded all but a confirm ID photo. Also a single Pink-eared Duck and the amazing site of 10 Latham's Snipe feeding in the shallows.
Rob and James Hamilton 8/10 #220140
Mute Swan
Lake Flanagan, King Island
Single white swan viewed from a distance of around 400m in strong wind. Good scope views but in the conditions getting a good photo, even using a tripod, was impossible.
Rob and James Hamilton 8/10 #220139
Curlew Sandpiper
King Island
Single bird seen in roadside wetlands just north of North Yellow Rock Road on Cape Wickham Road.
Rob and James Hamilton 8/10 #220138
Fri 3Sanderling
Mt William National Park--Eddystone Point
15 or more birds (10 seen in 1 group) scattered among 100 or more Red-necked Stints over 200 metres of the beach south of the lighthouse. eBird checklist
Rob and James Hamilton 3/10 #220045
Colchis Creek Mouth (Georges Bay, St Helens)
A single bird seen on an early morning visit, among a small group of Godwits. Visited the site several more times through the day without seeing it again. eBird checklist
Rob and James Hamilton 3/10 #220044
Common Greenshank
Greenshank Corner, Orielton Lagoon
Three Common Greenshank roosting and feeding close to shore south of Midway Pt Golf Course in Orielton Lagoon at 11:40 at low tide. Observed from area to be subdivided beside Orielton Lagoon at Midway Point.
Els Wakefield and Don Knowler 3/10 #220032
Eastern Curlew
Five Mile Beach, Pittwater
22 Eastern Curlew in SW corner of Five Mile Beach feeding on sand flats at 10:50 this morning at low tide.
Els Wakefield and Don Knowler 3/10 #220031

September 2014
Thu 25highlightArctic Tern
Copper Cove, Narawntapu National Park
A beach washed bird found by Julie Serafin. Measurements and plumage fit this species as described in Handbook of Australian Seabirds by Serventy 1971. [Moderator's Note] Sorry for the confusion - this beach-washed bird was FOUND on the 5th of Sep, but the report was received on the 25th!
Julie Serafin and Hazel Britton 25/9 #219893
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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