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What Is Eremaea Birdlines?

Eremaea Birdlines is a site for recording unusual and interesting observations of wild birds in the Australasian region. The taxonomy is based on the latest update to The Clements Checklist of the Birds of the World.

Advertisements and Sponsorship

Advertisements and sponsorship help pay the direct running costs of the web site. Any profit from Eremaea Birds, should it ever eventuate, will be applied to practical, on-the-ground conservation projects. Full details will be reported on this web site.



Copyright of each bird observation record belongs to the observer. By contributing records to Eremaea Birdlines the observer gives others permission to make use of the records as described below.

With the exception of Photographic Images, all material on this web site is available for non-profit use under the  Creative Commons  attribution non-commercial share alike  licence. You are free to copy, distribute, and display site content (except photographic images), and to make derivative works provided that you give the original authors credit, that you do not use the work for commercial purposes, and that if you alter, transform, or build upon the work, you may distribute the resulting work only under an identical licence. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the licence terms of the work.

Photographic Images

Copyright of photographic images remains with the copyright owner, usually the photographer.

Data Usage

Bird observation records and associated data contributed to this web site may be provided to government and private conservation organizations for conservation purposes. A fee may be charged for work done to support the data transfer, with such fees going towards funding the web site.

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Your email address is known only to adminstrators and is not divulged to anyone else. Your email address is used for administrative purposes when we need to contact you personally (for example, a lost password). It is also used to send you notifications and reports upon your request.

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Statistical Information

Aggregate statistical information is used to provide a better service and may be made available to other organisations and advertisers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted here.