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Tour GuideBirding Ecotours
Birding Ecotours offers a host of magnificent birding tours to many destinations world-wide. Why not join an exciting trip with us to Bhutan, Thailand, India, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil, Colorado, Finland or anywhere else we go? Or why not do an “Owls of the World” trip or other speciality tour seeking more challenging groups? Please e-mail us at to receive our newsletter – sent once every two months – which details trip reports, upcoming tours, and loads of other information. Our birding adventures are led by the top guides and have particularly small groups (almost always with a limit of 6-8 participants). We contribute at least 10 % of our net profits before salaries to conservation and local communities

Birding DestinationBirding Katherine, Northern Territory
Observe and discover the endemic species of the 'Top End'. Many sites in the region are home to sought after species such as Red Goshawk, Gouldian Finch, Northern Crested Shrike-tit, Hooded Parrot, Banded Fruit Dove, White and Chesnut Quilled Rock Pigeon, White-throated Grasswren, Purple-crowned Fairywren, Rainbow Pitta, Rufous Owl etc.

Katherine is situated 324 kilometres south of Darwin. It is closer than Darwin to Top End iconic locations such as, Kakadu, the Kimberley and the Gulf Region. Its premier icon is the Nitmiluk National Park and the Nitmuluk (Katherine) Gorge.

The Katherine Region itself is the heart of Australia's 'Tropical Savanna', an area which is environmentally significant and diverse. It starts about 150km South of Darwin and reaches Eastward to the Gulf of Carpentaria and Westward to Keep River National Park on the WA border.

There are over 240 species of birds situated within the 336,674 sq km area of Escarpment country, Savanna Woodland and Spring fed Rivers.

Basing yourself in Katherine, (a town of 10,000 people), will well position you for day visits to Southern Kakadu, Mataranka, Nitmiluk NP, Gregory NP, (Victoria River) and the many great birding sites available locally. Extended stays in those location will afford you time to travel further afield and increase opportunity for some magnificent observations

If you require help to locate your target species, there are experienced guides available:

Mick Jerram: 0419 656 888
Matt Leigh: 08 8972 2224
Mike Reed: 0429 723 370

For information about this site or area, please feel free to contact Mick Jerram 0427 067 154
For other information, Katherine Visitor Information Centre:
Freecall. 1800 653 142
ph. 08 8972 2650
fax. 08 8972 2655

Well serviced by; Sealed roads, bus, plane, hire car and 4WD operators, it is an easy place to travel to.

Tour GuideBirding Victoria with Firetail Birdwatching Tours
For birdwatching and nature tours across Victoria, Simon Starr has been guiding tours around the region since 2004. An avid bird watcher and naturalist for 35 years, Simon knows this region's birds and wildlife.

Personal tours vary from 1 to 5+ days, and will take you to many of the top birding regions in the state.
For the ultimate Victorian birding and wildlife experience check out the website for details of small group, all inclusive packages which will take you across the best sites the state has to offer over 8 to 12 days.

For a wealth of information on birding in Victoria including birding sites, species files, links and tour info please check out

Alternatively email Simon at .

Birding DestinationKingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge
Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge is located 1½ hours drive North-West of Cairns, Far North Queensland, in the rural community of Julatten. Self-contained one and two bedroom units, bunkhouse rooms and seperate camping facilities are provided within a 5ha rainforest nature reserve at an altitude of 440m. We primarily cater for birdwatchers as well as photographers and others with an interest in nature based activities. Over 350 bird species, including the 12 Wet Tropics endemics, occur in the nearby habitats of rainforest, mountains, wetlands and drier open woodlands making it one of the most rewarding birding regions in Australia. Upon arrival guests are given maps and up to date birding information including latest sightings. Check out our weekly blog for up to date sightings, happenings and wildlife photos from around the Lodge -

Bird species lists for Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge and other local sites for the period of your visit can be downloaded from the site species lists on the Eremaea home page

Bird guiding can be arranged with local experts. We are also conveniently located within easy reach of the Great Barrier Reef, Atherton Tablelands, Daintree River, Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.

Birding ServiceNT Birds
'Top End Birdwatching' is a 24 page book with maps, notes and directions to reliable sites for local endemics and sought after species in Kakadu, Katherine and Kununurra regions. $12 including post within Australia, $16 including overseas post.
For more details and how to purchase please visit

Tour GuideSteven Davidson - The Melbourne Birder
From casual observing to something a bit more hard-core, The Melbourne Birder is a guided bird watching service available to anyone who wishes to see any of the wide array of bird species available on Melbourne's doorstep. We offer a variety of bird watching tours encompassing the broad range of habitats found in south-central Victoria.

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