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Birdline Western Australia is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Please forward details on any sightings of Rock Parrots on Rottnest Island, including number of birds, location, time, date, presence/absence and colour of a band, to James Sansom at

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February 2015
Sat 21highlightLight-mantled Sooty Albatross
Bremer Canyon
Sighted by Keith Lightbody (official trip photographer) whilst on the Bremer Canyon Killer Whale tour run by Naturaliste Charters. Excellent views were had when the bird landed twice on the water behind the boat. First record for WA pelagic though recorded semi-regularly as beach-wash. Photo by Keith Lightbody
Keith Lightbody via Plaxy Barratt 26/2 #222352
Tue 17highlightBarau's Petrel
Bremer Canyon
Sighted and photographed by Keith Lightbody and Georgina Steytler on the Bremer Canyon Killer Whale tour run by Naturaliste Charters. Photo courtesy of Keith Lightbody
Keith Lightbody via Plaxy Barratt 26/2 #222351
Sat 14highlightGallinago snipe sp., Long-toed Stint (15-20), Wood Sandpiper (20+)
Beeliar Regional Park--North Lake
Seen western side of North Lake. Gallinago snipe sp. sighted regularly since find by Heather Thorning 31.01.15 at nearby Bibra Lake; species as yet unconfirmed.
Plaxy Barratt and Daniel Mantle 17/2 #222270
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo, Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo
Rockingham & surrounds
Dozens of flocks of both birds (btw. 4-20) in flight - seen in and around reserves all over Rockingham and nearby suburbs, usually close to reserves, since the fires have started, over the past few weeks. Possibly in search of food? (Photo: 2 R-T blacks of a group of 8 that landed on a north west of Lake Cooloongup)
S. Plunkett 15/2 #222243
Australian Bustard
35Km south of Nanutarra
7 Australian Bustards in flight - approx 100m from the highway, over 5Km stretch of road (2 groups - 3 and 4 ea), 35Km south of Nanutarra on NWCoastal Hwy (btw. Carnarvon & Karratha), approx. 7.30am. Appears birds are moving about in response to wet weather/ recent thunderstorm activity(?).
Ashley Cargill 14/2 #222241
Sat 7megamegaCrested Honey Buzzard
Scenic Drive Park, Lake Joondalup
Both birds seen well and repeatedly. In the morning at the site north of the rec centre, then in the afternoon circling overhead and cruising past approx. every half hour at the end of the appropriately named Mega street. Last observed at about 4.30pm.
Joy Tansey, Jen Spry, Chris Doughty, Barb williams, Helen O'Donnell, Mel Mitchell 9/2 #222177
Little Egret
Bandy Creek Esperance
Sighted just on creek side of water barrier during Shorebird Survey. Unusual to see these birds this far south. Breeding plumage.
Jean Read, Jenifer Ford, Ken Read. 8/2 #222161
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