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Birdline Tasmania is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Tasmania is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by James Melville, John Tongue and Paul Brooks.

We support ethical birding .

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January 2020
Sat 25highlightPink-eared Duck
Penna Settling Ponds (restricted access)
7 Pink-eared Duck in the pond closest to the road. 5 were loafing on the rocky edges and 2 in the pond feeding. Telescope is essential to find them. eBird checklist
Rob Hamilton 26/1 #244332
Tue 21Wedge-tailed Eagle
Jennyfield, Notley Hills
Single bird circling high above. A few minutes later it was joined by a Brown Goshawk.
Geoff Bromfield 22/1 #244310
Sun 19highlightEastern Curlew
Orielton Lagoon
About 20 birds on mud spit at mouth of creek flowing into western side of Orielton Lagoon. I have seen these birds occasionally here before though they usually are less than 10. 1st time i have seen them this summer. My apologies for the photo quality - they are very "flighty" and tested my camera zoom. eBird checklist
Jason Bolch 19/1 #244293
highlightCommon Sandpiper
Eastern end Fossil Bluff beach, in front of golf course . Wynyard
Michael Hyland 19/1 #244292
Fri 17megamegaTerek Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper (2) and many, many waders
Little Forrester River Estuary
I would be lying if I said that this trip to Bridport was anything other than the best fun I've ever had birding! The scores upon scores of waders scurrying across the flats and hiding in the succulents behind the dunes were absolutely astonishing: there were stints, golden plovers, the beautiful Grey Plover seen by several of late, godwits, a lovely knot, my first turnstones for Tasmania and a huge swarm of sharpies in the succulents. It made the terrifying return crossing of the neck deep river and alarmingly powerful tides completely worth it! Even considering the fact the weird and wonderful little Terek, with its soft, harmonious colours and beautiful big eyes, was bagged only after seven hours of hunting, and my dead camera came back to life to capture that beautiful moment, my personal favourite moment was bagging not only the beautiful Pec seen by others of late, but looking back through the photos and seeing another one right behind it! I can't remember the last time in Tasmania there were two Pecs at a single site; I believe it happened once in the 80's? But yes! All in all, it was a truly astounding day's birding, and I would heartily recommend that anyone after any of these species give it a go! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 19/1 #244289
Wedge-tailed Eagle
"Palmerston" Poatina
Two eagles in the same tree every day. I think they've worked out that the wallabies come out onto irrigated pasture every night.
Bill Scott-Young 17/1 #244276
Thu 16highlightFreckled Duck
Country Club Casino (restricted access)
10 Freckled Ducks with many wood ducks, black ducks and coots.
Ian Jury 17/1 #244273
Tue 14Banded Lapwing
Moorland Point, Devonport
c 45 birds in paddock and on pebbly foreshore, probably the biggest flock I've seen.
Richard Ashby 14/1 #244259
Australian Shelduck
Long Hill Dam (Bass Hwy between Paramatta Ck & Ashgrove Cheese.
Sp. common as dirt but c 1400 birds is a serious flock. Very reliable at this site.
Richard Ashby 14/1 #244258
Mon 13Latham's Snipe
Milton Winery, Swansea
Two present.
Rob de Little 14/1 #244255
highlightGrey Plover
Swan Point
I arrived at 8 am. Continuing bird, I saw it from beside the car with my scope, noticably smaller than the nearby Masked lapwings. Best seen before 9 am, and before high-tide. Not too flighty. eBird checklist
Angela Hansen 14/1 #244249
Fri 10Freckled Duck
Old Mac's Farm and Fishery (Norwood - restricted access)
Half a dozen in the middle of the second (middle) pond. Best viewed from the back (south end) of the pond from the levy. eBird checklist
Angela Hansen 14/1 #244250
Sun 5megamegaTerek Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Grey Plover etc.
Little Forester River mouth
Feeding on mudflats on outgoing tide. Also saw Ruddy Turnstone, Red-necked Stint, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Pacific Golden Plover, Red-capped Plover plus the usual.
Bill Scott-Young & Leanne Sherriff 5/1 #244181
Wed 1Satin Flycatcher
One male passing through our garden. Alerted by his (male) conspicuous call and 'zzz'.
Allan & Loris Patman 4/1 #244172
Curlew Sandpiper
Orielton Lagoon
After a good three months of silence from these beautiful birds, I was astonished to rediscover no less than two of them hunkered in a small ditch amongst the golden plovers out past the gull colony! What stately birds! What dainty yet purposeful strides! They never did come that close, seeming supremely indifferent to my hunt, but still! This is certainly good news for year listers and wader aficionados alike! It was a fantastic day all up as well; the pec was putting on a truly fantastic display after taking a short break last visit, and the knot of Greenshank Bay was likewise very happy in itself! eBird checklist
George Vaughan 1/1 #243152
Grey Goshawk
Mawhera Avenue, Sandy Bay, Hobart
Lone white bird sitting high in pine tree for at least 10 mins observing surrounds. Approx magpie-size. All pure white with yellow legs and beak. No other white birds in area. No crest observed and head appeared smaller and smoother than corella or cockatoo. Did not see it flying or hear its call. I observed it through binoculars on same level as bird, as tree further down hill.
Julie Roughton 1/1 #243149

December 2019
Sun 29Latham's Snipe
The Overland Track--New Pelion Hut
Single bird disturbed from button grass 150 m north of the hut.
Bill Scott-Young 2/1 #243154
Crested Tern
Blythe River, Heybridge
Bird foraging 2km up heavily-wooded estuary. Behaviour described in HANZAB but I can't remember seeing this sp. so far up a river, esp. a wooded one.
Richard Ashby 29/12 #243129
Sat 28Latham's Snipe
Old Hospital Ck, Wynyard
Bird feeding in tidal creek in broad daylight, more than 50m from cover.
Richard Ashby 28/12 #243120
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
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