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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

April 2015
Sun 26Spotted Quail-thrush
A pair of Spotted Quail-thrush adjacent to the Historic Reserve. Quite a rare sighting here.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 26/4 #223076
Willowite Rd, Freshwater Creek
at least 5 noisy birds in canopy of agroforestry farm plot. Unusual this far south ?autumn movement. Approached within 3m. Also at least 2 Crescent Honeyeaters calling from flowering Spotted Gums in same plot, also unusual away from wetter forest. eBird checklist
John Newman 26/4 #223071
highlightBanded Lapwing
Dickins Rd Moriac (near Geelong)
12+ Banded Lapwings in paddock near Moriac end of Dickins Rd. My first record in this locality for over 10 years. 23 Flame Robins, 10 Ganggangs and Southern Boobook in same location eBird checklist
John Newman 26/4 #223070
Fri 24Crimson Rosella
Altona Meadows
Adult bird this morning at Skeleton Creek parklands. Rare in the western suburbs and my first in Hobsons Bay municipality in 8.5 years' residence.
P. S. Lansley 24/4 #223055
Thu 23Noisy Friarbird
Epsom Water Treatment Plant
Noisy Friarbird seen today. We see them here occasionally, usually this time of the year.
Murray Chambers 24/4 #223063
Noisy Friarbirds
Quarry Hill Golf Course Bendigo
Noisy Friarbirds sighted early this morning are still there 5.30pm. At least 10 feeding in the same tree. A large ironbark in full flower.
Greg McKay 23/4 #223054
Noisy Friarbird
Quarry Hill Golf Course
Several Noisy Friarbirds seen at Quarry Hill golf course this morning. Located by their unique call. I've never see them in Bendigo area before. They were in the large gum tree Club house side of the Houston st dam (right near the carpark and maintenance sheds.) Moderators note: Noisy Friarbirds are an infrequent visitor to Bendigo.
Janice McKay 23/4 #223052
Wed 22Grey-crowned Babblers
Baulch Road Benjeeroop
5 Birds seen near intersection of Bowdens Bridge Road ( some confusion with road names ) Close to Lake Charm/ Benjeeroop Roads. One bird with silver metal band , not at all shy , took several Pics . Also Blue Bonnets , East Rosella's , Red Rump's and Galah's.
Colin Mulvogue 25/4 #223065
Freckled Duck
Middle Lake Ibis Rookery
3 Freckled ducks seen from hide , 3 clearly seen , maybe more but birds constantly disturbed by Whistling Kites and a passing W B S Eagle. Other birds of note , 4 Grey Crowned Babblers neat building and 2 Blue Face HE . Heaps of Fairy Wrens on West Side of Hide , Superbs ,Variegated and 2 WWF Wrens seen.
Colin Mulvogue 25/4 #223064
Nankeen Night Heron
Gowrie Childcare Centre, Docklands
About 8am, saw a Nankeen Night Heron coming from the childcare centre then circle twice as if it was considering landing again. Possibly roosted overnight in the trees there. They've got eucalypts, casuarinas and willows in their rooftop garden, but I didn't see which tree the bird came from.
Peter Shute 22/4 #223036
Mon 20Rainbow Lorikeet
Whilst this species has been seen around the area in the past they are not common in Ararat. Small groups have been seen feeding in flowering gum and late flowering bottlebrush and flying overhead. They are also hanging out with Musk and the occasional Little Lorikeet.
Deidre Andrews 22/4 #223037
Sun 19rufous fantail
coburg central
Sunday afternoon I was surised to find a Rufous Fantail hunting in my fully enclosed front porch. It gained entry through small holes in a security door screen. It hid and I had to catch it to release - my indoor cat and dogs are often in there. I have seen a RF in my front yard once before, some years back.. I'm puzzled where it would have come from. I took photos of it hiding and in hand to release
Wendy Elizabeth Moore 25/4 #223067
highlight44 Brolgas
Lake near Darlington, Western Victoria.
D.Fletcher Per Bob Hughes 22/4 #223044
Pacific Black Duck (leucistic)
Berwick Springs Lake, Narre Warren South
First noticed a few days ago in passing and confirmed today. In the company of about 100 other Pacific Black Duck. eBird checklist
Gerard Corkeron 19/4 #223018
highlightSwift Parrot
5 Swift Parrots flew over property at Havelock 9:00 am this morning. First sighting for a number of years.
Garry Cheers 19/4 #223011
Sat 18Black Kite
4 kms S/E of Linton
Saw a single bird of this species very clearly about 9.45 AM this morning on way to Birdlife GPS training day at Clarkesdale bird reserve. l have heard comment that this species seems to extending its range in a Westerly direction. About 3 years ago l felt excited to see one near Bannockburn and a bit prior to that thought it great that some Werribee Kites were appearing around North Geelong..Of course the Western plains are in need of rain which may be a factor. Moderators Note: Although quite widespread and common in a lot of Victoria, records are still scarce in this area
Trevor Lumb 22/4 #223038
Bassian Thrush, Australian Owlet-Nightjar
Baluk Willam Flora Reserve, Belgrave South
A pair of Bassian Thrush and an Owlet-nightjar were the highlights of the FNCV Fauna Survey Group's tile-checking afternoon, as part of the Eastern Fauna Focus.
John Harris, David Coleman, Madison Clay, Meghan Lindsay - FNCV 19/4 #223010
Bassian Thrush
Wright Forest, Cockatoo
A pair near the intersection of Haileybury (Green) Track and Red Track. Probably not too unusual considering the habitat, but not reported at this site previously on either Eremaea or eBird. eBird checklist
Gerard Corkeron 18/4 #223009
Pied Currawong
Nepean highway, Highett
While waiting at the traffic lights to change, more than 25 pied currawongs flew over to the south at around 12:30.
Mel Mitchell 18/4 #223008
Satin Flycatcher
Woodlands Historic Park
I observed a flycatcher with a rich rusty chest and quite a dark head. It was chasing butterflies at the time. The location was adjacent to the old hospital dam. From looking through the guide books it seems more likely to fit the description of a female satin than a female leaden.
Richard Arnold 18/4 #223007
Australian Ringneck
Sugarloaf Reservoir Park - Ridge Picnic Ground
Single bird in a blackberry bush. I haven't seen one in these parts before. Moderators Note: highly likely to be an escaped cage bird
Stephen Garth 18/4 #223004
Thu 16highlightBroad-billed Sandpiper, Red Knot and 36 Freckled ducks
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
eBird checklist
Robyn Duff, Frank Pierce and Margie and Tony Baker 17/4 #222994
Hooded Robin
Railway Track, Maldon Historic Reserve
2 males Hooded Robins observed. Also Brown Treecreepers and Varied Sittellas.
Tom Schmidt and Marc Freestone 16/4 #222981
Wed 15highlightSwift Parrot
Mia Mia Track, Muckleford State Forest
A flock of ~ a dozen birds late this afternoon over Mia Mia Track. A couple perched briefly in a Grey Box before moving on. Great to see them back! eBird checklist
Geoff Park 15/4 #222972
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Lake Anderson Caravan Park, Chiltern
Single, banded wild bird in heavily flowering ironbark on east side of Lake Anderson, out front of the bowls club. The bird is a male, and was calling regularly this afternoon. It was banded back in November last year in Corowa, NSW, when it had bred and successfully fledged two young. Potential sighting of another bird with it today, but not confirmed yet. eBird checklist
Dean Ingwersen 15/4 #222971
Swift Parrot
Raymond Island, Victoria
40 Swift Parrots still present on the Island. All feeding quietly high today in Southern Mahogany trees. eBird checklist
Robert Wright 15/4 #222968
Tue 14highlightAustralasian Bittern
Portland Aluminium wetlands
eBird checklist
Brian Duro 15/4 #222967
Royal Spoonbill
Moonee Ponds Creek, Melbourne
One royal spoonbill seen at about 5:45pm feeding on the eastern bank of Moonee Ponds creek near the bike path, just north of Footscray Road. This part of the creek is only a few metres from the bike path which is a busy commuter route but the bird seemed unperturbed by the many passing cyclists. Further along the bike path near the Royal Park Cutting I also saw an Accipiter hawk which by its size I took to be a Brown Goshawk, though as it was dusk and the hawk was in flight it's not possible for me to say with certainty what species it was. eBird checklist
Harry Saddler 15/4 #222966
Southern Boobook
Boobook heard just before 10pm. Found it sitting in the top of a poplar tree and watched it until it flew towards Women's Peace Garden. Another first for me in Kensington. eBird checklist
Anne Palamountain 14/4 #222962
highlightSwift Parrot
Raymond Island, Victoria
40 Swift Parrots feeding on Lerps in Forest Red Gums. eBird checklist
Robert Wright 14/4 #222959
Flame Robin
Flemington Racecourse
4 female/immature birds seen on grass near wetland & car park area. A good surprise this close to the city and first time I've seen this sp. here. Perhaps passing through on autumn dispersal? eBird checklist
Michael Noble 14/4 #222958
Mon 13White-plumed Honeyeater
Paynesville, Victoria
2 White-plumed Honeyeaters feeding on lerps in a large Forest Red Gum. eBird checklist
Robert Wright 14/4 #222960
Grey Goshawk
Newtown, Geelong
White morph Grey Goshawk over the Barwon River parklands, harassed by Magpies & Pied Currawongs. eBird checklist
Glen White 13/4 #222945
Common Tern
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
7 birds seen roosting among app 300 Crested Terns, the same number as last week, though I have heard that one local had seen substantially more than this the week before. eBird checklist
Sean Dooley 13/4 #222942
Grey Currawong
Watsonia, corner Manningham and Bulleen Rds
A number of Currawongs seen flying SW. I assumed they were all Pied until I heard the diagnostic clink clink call of a Grey Currawong several times. I haven't encountered grey many times in Melbourne area.
Kevin Bartram 13/4 #222941
Golden Whistler
Golden Whistler seen this morning from my bedroom window in Yellow Gum in front yard .A first for me in Kensington. eBird checklist
Anne Palamountain 13/4 #222940
Sun 12highlightSoft-plumaged Petrel, White-headed Petrel and Southern Skua
Portland pelagic
Good day at sea with a Soft-plumaged Petrel around the back of the boat for over 20 minutes being the stand out bird. Close flyby of White-headed Petrel and Skua also of note. eBird checklist
Rohan Clarke and others on monthly BirdLife pelagic trip 13/4 #222943
highlightSwift Parrot
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Klotz Track
4 Swift Parrots in flowering Grey Box, harassed lots by Noisy Friarbirds. A handful of Little Friarbirds present too. eBird checklist
Dean Ingwersen 12/4 #222934
Sat 11highlightNorthern Giant Petrel (Juvenile)
Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park
At 4-30pm observed this bird in the water in frint of the parking bays at Gellibrand seemed to be resting and didn't appear to be hurt, the Silver Gulls weren't too impressed by its presence....I have since ID'd it as a (Juvenile) Northern Giant Petrel a new species for me and an odd place to see it! eBird checklist
Nora Peters 11/4 #222928
Grey Goshawk
M1 Freeway, Altona North
At 1335 hrs a white phase Grey Goshawk flew over the M1 in a North to South direction eBird checklist
Peter Bright 11/4 #222919
Noisy Friarbird
Bendigo Creek Trail
1 bird heard along trail in Park near Bay St Golden Square,
Ken & Maureen Dredge 11/4 #222914
Fri 10Common Tern
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Common Terns have been at Ricketts Point for at least 3 weeks so this is one of those years (like 2002,2004, and 2014) when they are around for an extended period. The top count was 55 on 21 March but only 4 were visible this time. eBird checklist
Michael Norris 13/4 #222944
Rainbow Lorikeet
Rilens Rd Castlemaine
Whilst searching for Swift Parrots yesterday found what for me was a first in Castlemaine. A Rainbow Lorikeet being tormented by 5 Musk Lorikeets. Must have been a first for them as well. [Moderators' Note: This bird looks like a cross between a Rainbow Lorikeet and a Musk Lorikeet which can occur in the wild.] eBird checklist
Greg McKay 11/4 #222925
Swift Parrot
Osbornes Flat, Yackandandah
2 Swift Parrots visiting the garden and surrounding woodland this morning. Red box budding but not in flower yet so not sure what they were feeding on - quite vocal and flying from tree to tree. eBird checklist
Matt Weeks 10/4 #222907
highlightElegant Parrots
Antwerp 10' Cell
Two birds heard then seen in Dead River Gum , one inspecting a hollow . Only stayed for about 30 seconds , then flew off circled overhead twice and moved further up river , Three Blue Wing Parrots were seen shortly after in tree opposite side of river , also flew off in same direction. The site is on the Wimmera River 500mts Downstream of bridge at Antwerp , on the Antwerp / Woorak Road. Only Photo's were birds in flight unfortunately. ( moderators note: waiting for some pictures)
Colin Mulvogue 10/4 #222903
Thu 9highlightAustralasian Bittern
Old Ocean Road (Princetown)
2 Australian Bitterns seen in flight over the first reedbed (approximately 250m east of the Great Ocean Rd turnoff). Australian Darter seen overhead as well. eBird checklist
Richard, Ken and Maggie Hook. 11/4 #222926
Common Bronzewing
Ringwood North
At least 20 Bronzewings on one of the ovals at Quambee Reserve yesterday affternoon. Presumably recently re-seeded. Lots of Crested Pigeons and Spotted Doves involved as well. eBird checklist
Steven Creber 10/4 #222897
Peaceful Dove
Willis Avenue, Marlo
The Peaceful Dove that we heard calling (6/4) from an adjacent garden was finally located this afternoon on our television antenna. Assuming that it is not an escapee, our records show that it is 5+ years since this species was recorded in the nearby Marlo Bushland Reserve (aka Marlo State Forest) and even longer on the Marlo Plains where a small but persistent population had existed for a number of years. eBird checklist
Len and Jacquie Axen 9/4 #222892
White-backed Swallow
Kooyoora State Park--Glenalbyn Block
Pair photographed in park and seen flying over adjacent farm dam. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 9/4 #222888
Wed 8White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Altona Beach off Burn's Reserve
At about 15:10 a juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle chased one of two adult Pacific gulls it flushed off a sand bar at Altona Beach opposite Burn's Reserve. The pair were among 100's of silver gulls on the sandbar. Nearby on rocks some of the16 Pied and 1 Sooty Oyster catcher also flushed. For nearly 2 minutes the eagle twisted and swooped at the one pacific gull chosen, often at water level .Finially both disapeared going towards Jawbone reserve. Some 10 minutes later the eagle returned, empty clawed, harassed at a distance by a noisy crested tern. eBird checklist
Joseph Gatt 10/4 #222904
Tue 7Peregrine Falcon
South Melbourne - corner Coventry and Tope Streets
Driving to work this morning around 8:30am, I was surprised to see a Peregrine Falcon take off from the two-storey building on the corner of Coventry and Tope Streets in South Melbourne. The bird took off, flew around over the intersection before alighting on the same roof. Not a species I've ever seen in South Melbourne before! eBird checklist
Paul Dodd 7/4 #222866
Mon 6Purple-gaped Honeyeater
Hopetoun Rainbow Rd at 35 49 29S 141 59 55E
Two Purple-gaped Honeyeaters and several Bluebonnet Parrots in mallee trees on farmland about two kms from the town on Wheatlands Rd. Too overcast and drizzly for a good photograph eBird checklist
Gary Oliver 7/4 #222865
Freckled Duck, Pink Robin
Eyensbury Grey Box Woodland
5 Freckled Ducks in town centre ornamental lake. Pink Robin (brown bird) in forest. Diamond Firetails, Speckled Warblers and large numbers Brown Treecreepers in forest. eBird checklist
John Newman, David Tytherleigh 6/4 #222863
Shy Albatross
Port Phillip Bay near Queenscliff
Birds gathering around a fishing charter boat. Possibly more the 6 individuals, but had six on the water around the boat at one time.
Stewart Monckton 6/4 #222861
Swift Parrot
Yellow Gums Estate (Ocean Grove)
7 Swifties sighted in one group and others calling in the distance. "Note" No flower present in Y/gums and very little Lerp. (Would suggest birds are passing through)! eBird checklist
Denis Sleep 6/4 #222860
Hooded Plover
Lake Victoria Point Lonsdale
16 Hoodied Plovers including 5 Juveniles eBird checklist
Angus Hartshorn 6/4 #222855
Sun 5Rufous Fantail
Glastonbury Circuit, Point Cook
I was jogging in the morning and saw a Rufous Fantail in front garden of house, which a few houses down from us at Glastonbury Circuit, Point Cook. No photo was taken.
Surong Gunn 14/4 #222957
Hooded Plover
Betka River ocean beach
A party of 5 adult Hooded Plovers were observed on the Betka River ocean beach this afternoon until a group of 4 horseriders scattered them from their sheltered location. Unfortunately the 2014 flagged HP (MK) was not amongst the group that Jacquie and I encountered.
Len and Jacquie Axen 9/4 #222891
Rose Robin
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo
I immature bird seen on eastern side of reservoir. Other highlights included 2 Chestnut-rumped Heath-wrens, light morph White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Black-chinned Honeyeater (plenty of honeyeaters generally), Scarlet Robin, Crested Bellbird (heard).
Kevin Bartram 6/4 #222853
Gang-gang Cockatoos
Seymour Bushland Park
Sixteen Gang-gangs flew, in several small groups, into the Park at the top of the hill. First heard in trees in the adjoining Moto-cross area. This is the largest number I've seen in the Park. eBird checklist
Val La May 5/4 #222845
Gang gang cockatoo
Mooroolbark Victoria
3 males and 1 female in tree in our front yard. Eating for 2 hours so far
Jacqui walker 5/4 #222842
Sat 4Turquoise Parrot
Cabbage Tree-Cape Conran Road
A pair of Turquoise Parrots were observed flying over the road approx. 700m north of the Marlo Plains road intersection early this morning.
Jacquie and Len Axen 9/4 #222890
Hooded Plover
Sandy Point
2 birds seen on the main beach
Vincent Knowles 7/4 #222869
White-eared Honeyeater
Wilson Reserve
One bird quietly foraging near carpark at about 3:15pm. Can't remember this species being recorded from here before.
John Gray 4/4 #222831
Brush Cuckoo
Newborough, near Moe
Enjoyed observing a beautiful juvenile Brush Cuckoo successfully foraging in a suburban house block – most unexpected.
Alix Williams 4/4 #222830
Fri 3Wedge-tailed Eagle and Spotless Crake
Elsternwick Park, Brighton
A Wedge-tailed Eagle flew in fairly low (200m or so) and circled once before rising higher and heading NW. This is an exceptionally rare bird locally. It has not been recorded in the City of Port Phillip for over 30 years. The last record that I know of in the City of Bayside was on the 13/4/1988. For anyone who is interested - the Spotless Crake is still easily visible on the Elsternwick Park Lake island. An Australasian Pipit was also in the Elster Creek area today foraging on the high tide mark at Elwood beach.
Gio Fitzpatrick 5/4 #222843
Flame Robin, Black-tailed Godwit, Pectoral Sandpiper, WWB Tern, etc
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Returning Flame Robin (3), a pair of Black-tailed Godwit in advanced breeding plumage, 2 Pectoral Sandpiper in breeding plumage at South Borrie Pond 28, and 49 White-winged Black Tern still around were the highlights of a good day at the plant. 22 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper also still at Pond 28, but wader numbers in general have dropped dramatically with only 3 Curlew Sandpiper seen and much less Stintage. No OBP as yet... eBird checklist
Steve Davidson 3/4 #222827
Flame Robin
Lake Victoria
2 Males and 4 others, presumably just arrived from Tasmania
Angus Hartshorn 3/4 #222821
Thu 2highlightGreat Knot, Long-toed Stint
Avalon Beach
2 Great Knot and 2 Long-toed Stint.
Angus Hartshorn Tom Fletcher Gordon McCarthy 3/4 #222824
Murray River Nangiloc (near Mildura, Rudds Rd)
One Osprey noted from the boat quietly in a tree, an amazing record for this part of the world. A real bonus for Easter camp.
Dan Eyles 2/4 #222815
Wed 1highlightPowerful Owl
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo
In the pine trees towards the back.
B Colyer 18/4 #223001
Caspian Tern
Lake Boga
Over one hundred Caspian Terns counted from the western shore of Lake Boga (possibly many more present). Also present were large numbers of Cormorants and Pelicans all in a feeding frenzy.
Simon Starr 5/4 #222838
Spotless Crake
Lakewood Reserve, Knoxfield
Des Palmer 1/4 #222800
Rufous Fantail
Valley Reserve (Mount Waverley)
Rufous Fantail seen along creek line this afternoon with female Golden Whistler.
Chris Gittins 1/4 #222799

March 2015
Tue 31highlightSuperb Parrot, Bush Stone-Curlew
Broken Boosey State Park, Wunghnu
At least 8 birds observed in remnant Grey Box woodland just east of the town of Wunghnu as previously reported. Great to see these birds so far south. Also 3 Bush Stone Curlew seen nearby at a different site
Simon Starr and Steven James 5/4 #222840
highlightSwift Parrot
Bend of Islands
12 Swift Parrots flew through yesterday evening. They were high and kept going west.
Gavin Masters and Mal Chicksen 1/4 #222796
Black-backed Bittern
Lake Weeroona, Bendigo
Still there. One of the young birds seen from the "far side" of the lake. Park off Midland Highway and follow the path around the lake to look back at the reeds that are on the Midland Highway side. Recording shots taken. eBird checklist
R. Bruce Richardson, Carol Lynn Richardson 31/3 #222789
White-throated Needletail
Three or four birds circling quite low overhead this morning in fine, still conditions.
Steven Creber 31/3 #222786
Mon 30spotless crake
Lake Weeroona, Bendigo
Spotless crake at Lake Weeroona
Barrie Cooper 30/3 #222782
White-throated Needletails
15 were circling and drifting south west over private property.
Brett Roberts 30/3 #222779
highlightSwift Parrot
At least 6 Swifties this morning feeding on lerp in River Red Gum.
Debbie Worland 30/3 #222777
Sun 29Turquoise Parrot, Wonga Pigeon
Bunyip State Park
A pair of Turquoise Parrots along Bunyip River Road and a Wonga Pigeon at Lawsons Falls picnic ground.
Simon Srarr and Steven James 30/3 #222781
Crested Shrike Tit
Port Campbell
Two birds feeding in Drooping Sheoaks at the Port Campbell Holiday Park
John Eichler 30/3 #222771
highlightSwift Parrot
Bunyip State Park
At least eight Swift Parrots seen on Forest Road in Bunyip State Park in Manna Gums. Record shot attached.
Tim Bawden and Jimsie Varghese 29/3 #222768
Powerful Owl
Near Alastair Knox Park Eltham
The owl has returned after a couple of years absence. We had a family one year with one chick and a family the second with two chicks but nothing for the last two years.
Liz Eadie 29/3 #222766
Pacific Swift
M1 freeway near Warragul
Many darting low over M1 freeway stretching from Darnum turnoff to Yalorn.
Fiona Parkin 29/3 #222764
highlightBroad-billed Sandpiper
Avalon Beach
Pond at East end of fisherman's cottages. Initially feeding then roosting on same v small Island as the tattler!
Dez Hughes 29/3 #222755
Sat 28Pink-eared duck
Lilydale Lake
Two birds were seen on the first pond over the walk bridge, in the late afternoon. Only my second sighting of PeD's on the lake. One was observed at a similar time last year. The birds haven't been seen there again since.
John Harris - Director, Wildlife Experiences 11/4 #222909
highlightLong-toed Stint
Avalon Beach
Glorious Long-toed Stint in breeding plumage entertained us this morning along the side of the road leading to the beach shacks. Grey-tailed Tattler feeding along shore east of shacks, Red Knot in pond with Curlew Sandpipers and 3 Double-banded Plovers near parked cars. Many other species in pre-migration plumage. A wonderful location at the moment.
John Newman, David Tytherleigh, Trevor Lumb 28/3 #222747
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