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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

The Birdlife Australia Orange-bellied Parrot recovery team has asked that, as usual, we do not publish any reports of Orange-bellied Parrots. Please send any sightings directly to Chris Purnell at ALSO please note that Birdline Victoria won’t be publishing individual reports of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in the greater Melbourne area. However, it is worth noting that there have been a number of reports to Birdline Victoria. They certainly seem to be having a very good year and are being seen in urban areas across Melbourne including flocks near Melbourne’s CBD such as around the Fitzroy Gardens. Flocks have also been seen in Clifton Hill, Elsternwick, Elwood, Frankston, Hawthorn, Mentone, Mordialloc, Northcote, Parkville, South Melbourne, St Kilda, Werribee, and so on. It seems that they must have had a good breeding season, possibly related to the warm weather we’ve had in 2016.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

September 2016
Sun 25Little Crow
Murray-Sunset National Park--Honeymoon Hut Track
Little Crow heard flying overhead. Everyone in the group saw it and heard it call. I was lucky enough to get a shot showing the white downy feathers. eBird checklist
Adam Fry, Tim Nickholds, Owen Lishmund, Dan Ashdown, David Adam, Deb Oliver 25/9 #228662
Plumed Whistling-Duck
Thomas Road, Inverleigh
Josh Walter & Ian Llewellyn 25/9 #228654
Sat 24highlightStriated Grasswren
Murray-Sunset National Park
After a few attempts and hours of walking amongst the Triodia we found a good population of at least 6 Grasswren near Pink Lake. With Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds, Owen Lishmund, Dan Ashdown, David Adam, Alison Nisbett, Deb Oliver and Nina Tsilikas eBird checklist
Adam Fry 26/9 #228668
Square-tailed Kite
Flew over my house in Emerald just above the treeline harassed by two Little Ravens who are nesting nearby. eBird checklist
Mark Bennett 25/9 #228657
Peregrine Falcon, Brown Gerygone, Rufous Whistler
Dandenong Ranges National Park--Sherbrooke Forest
1 Peregrine Falcon seen soaring over the clearing at the low point of the Welch Track near the creek! This seems like a very unusual place to spot a Peregrine - but it was clearly IDed from a Hobby. Two Brown Gerygone (more possibly calling) were spotted near some calling male Crescent Honeyeaters towards the Lyrebird Walk, and IDed from Striated Thornbill - there was a total lack of striations and a grey-white facial area. A male Rufous Whistler was calling in the clearing on the start of the Neumann Track, associating with Brown Thornbill and Grey Fantail. The gerygone has been increasingly reported in the last couple of years; the other two both seem quite unusual for this habitat. Also of note was a Crested Shrike-tit, and the enormous volume of Rose Robin calls heard over the day (though no individuals could be clearly seen, there must have been over 20 at the most conservative estimate). eBird checklist
Oakley H Germech 24/9 #228651
highlightScarlet Honeyeater
Blackburn Lake
Male, seen well, red head & neck, flecks of red central chest. Possibly associated with flock of Silvereyes.
Trevor Kerr 24/9 #228646
Fri 23Pacific Koel
Called clearly three times this afternoon just outside our unit. Played call from app immediately to confirm. Also called once Thursday
Arthur & Denise Carew 23/9 #228643
Blue-winged Parrot
Mia Mia Track, Newstead
A male and female - the male was feeding on the ground and flew to a small tree making his pretty calls. Female perched nearby. Not often seen in the area!
Tanya Loos 23/9 #228642
White-Headed Pigeon
The White-Headed Pigeon flew across the Genoa Road and sat in a tree about 3 km north of Mallacoota. eBird checklist
Ron Sawyer 23/9 #228641
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
San Remo
Very surprised to see a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo accompanied by two Galahs flying across the tourist road and harassed by a Little Raven. (Moderator note: Probably an escapee. MA)
Derek & Sally Whitehead 23/9 #228638
Thu 22Brolga (2)
Pyramid Hill - Yarraberb Rd 2.7km south of Prairie W Road
Just beside the wetlands formed by recent rains a pair foraging 300m from the left hand side of road heading south. 32km south of Pyramid Hill 3575.
Fiona Parkin 24/9 #228645
Wed 21Olive Whistler
Eden Park
A bird has been calling for about a week now, starting well before dawn (starts at 4:30!) then calls more or less non stop for an hour or so. Yet to hear it during the day. Not recorded here before.
Andrew Corrick 22/9 #228634
Wood Duck
On private property with no public access, near Daylesford.
A colour mutated female Wood Duck with a normal coloured male.
Bernie Pfeiffer 22/9 #228628
Caspian Tern
Karkarook Park
One bird observed and photographed at Karkarook Park in Warrigal Rd.
Clive Kaplan 21/9 #228625
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Shady Gully Bushland Reserve, Mallacoota
Adult Glossy Black Cockatoo sitting with a very young fledgling in the same tree. eBird checklist
Ron Sawyer 21/9 #228624
highlightSacred Kingfisher, Painted Honeyeater
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Bartleys Block
Sacred Kingfisher at Bartleys Block is the first I've seen this spring and a Painted Honeyeater was seen in forest to the east of Bartleys block.
Simon Starr 21/9 #228623
Tue 20Grey Goshawk, Collared Sparrowhawk
Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve
White Goshawk seen crossing the lake to the northern rim of the crater. Immature Collared Sparrowhawk seen over the lake also, before diving down into the trees. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 21/9 #228611
Snowy River Mouth
Seen at distance from the road, very close to the river mouth. Also Scarlet Honeyeater not far back down the road
Simon Starr 20/9 #228606
Australian Magpie
A hybrid white-backed/black-backed male on the median strip in Lancefield township. Have lived in the area for nearly 3 years and this is the first hybrid I've seen here.
Peter Houston 20/9 #228604
White Headed Pigeon
Swan Reach, near forest
Seen on at least 10 occasions, on Private Property, drinking from Bird Bath and eating seed.
Noelene Thomas 20/9 #228603
Mon 19Swift Parrot
Gilpin Park, Brunswick
As previously reported by Nicole and Paul on ebird, one swift parrot was observed on Albert Street side of the park on a small flowering eucalypt. eBird checklist
Richard Arnold 19/9 #228594
Sun 18Square-tailed Kite
Cairn Curran Reservoir - near the dam wall
Single bird seen flying briefly in windy conditions before alighting in a eucalypt just north of the spillway.
Geoff Park 18/9 #228580
Sat 17Hooded Plover (dotteral
Cape Conron, Yeerung Creek outlet
Pair of Hooded Plovers on the beach
Ian Fellowes 17/9 #228567
Square-tailed Kite
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo
Circling and mobbed by 2 ravens
Scott Eaton 17/9 #228559
Rose Robin
St Andrews
Rose Robin pair feeding on the south slope of our bush in St Andrews around 1.30pm. First sighting in forty years of living here. Popping the champagne as I write!
Deb Oliver 17/9 #228556
Fri 16Diamond Firetail
4 seen flying between grass in paddock and trees around the house. They have been in the area for at least a couple of weeks now.
Keegan Drane 16/9 #228545
Thu 15Rose robin
Woodlands Historic Park--carpark
Ruben Montero 18/9 #228572
Wed 14Swift Parrot
Serendip Sanctuary
3 seen and heard flying through near visitor centre
Simon Starr et al 14/9 #228532
Tue 13Swift Parrot
No 2 Dam Chiltern
Pair of Swifties in mixed flock of Honeyeaters and Little Lorikeets in Flowering Eucalyptus near entrance gate.
Corrie & Ian Macartney & Will Bridgeman. 13/9 #228523
Mon 12Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Australian Reed-Warbler
Kororoit Creek Primary School, Caroline Springs (restricted access)
A large noisy group of at least 35 Tree Sparrows in the school's central courtyard. The largest congregation of ETS I can recall seeing in greater Melbourne - and given that they are generally widespread and abundant in the City of Melton built-up areas, both old and new areas. Reminiscent of SE Asia! Small group (~4) of noisy Australian Reed-Warblers returned to the school's stormwater wetland are the first I've heard recently. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 13/9 #228517
Sat 10Spotted Quail-thrush
Brisbane Ranges National Park
Male Quail-thrush calling strongly this morning, allowing a fairly close approach.
Bernie McRitchie 10/9 #228479
Fri 9Plumed Whistling-Duck
Winton-Lurg Road just S of Winton
Around 10 birds in a flooded paddock W of road AM. Very wary but good views from inside car. Day was very wet in NE Victoria. Birds all moved on by following morning.
Martin O'Brien 12/9 #228501
Plumed Whistling-Duck
1013 Greta Rd, Glenrowan West (restricted access)
Pair Plumed Whistling-Ducks on Daphne Heath covered hillside
Kate Daniel 9/9 #228472
Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Brighton Beach Station
A pair flew over the train station this morning. A very odd time of year- they are normally rare Autumn visitors south-east of Melbourne.
Sean Dooley 9/9 #228468
Thu 8Pectoral Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Summer Pond 2, Austin Rd, Western Treatment Plant
Freshly arrived Pectoral Sandpiper in the company of 4 likewise inbound Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, directly in front of new birdhide on Summer Pond 2, Austin Rd Lagoon at 11:35 hrs today. The bird is in worn breeding plumage, as are all but one of the STS. 5 Common Greenshank nearby on Summer Pond 1 also.
Steve Davidson 8/9 #228459
Wed 7Hooded Plover
Fairhaven Beach
3 separate pairs sighted between Fairhaven SLSC and Moggs Creek, about 200 metres apart.
Graeme Faithfull 7/9 #228456
Blue-winged parrot
Royal Park --Trin Warren Tam-boore
Near the skink habitat. First time I've ever seen a BWP in Royal Park. eBird checklist
Michael Livingston 7/9 #228452
Mon 5Southern Boobook
While pruning the street trees this morning near Heaths Rd, my co-worker came face to face with a Boobook Owl. It was literally at eye level in a small Moonah tree. As he got over the shock, I got some lovely photos from a metre or two away!
Bernie McRitchie 5/9 #228439
Spotted Quail-thrush
Won Wron State Forest--White Womans Waterhole Campsite
I saw the pair on the Forest Walk loop track at 3.45 pm today' forest w
Rohan Bugg 5/9 #228438
Sun 4Square-tailed Kites
Clunes, Victoria
A pair of Square-tailed Kites kept us enthralled for most of the day; cruising low over the top of the canopy before settling a few times in large Yellow Gums.
Michael Gooch and Louise Nicholas 4/9 #228424
Rose Robin
The Garden of St Erth, Blackwood
1 coloured male calling repeatedly
Marilyn and Dean Hewish 4/9 #228421
Sat 3Common greenshank
Sanctuary Lakes Spillway, Point Cook
8 common greenshanks seen in the ponds near Sanctuary Lakes, one or two still in partial breeding plumage. Greenshanks are a regular sighting in this location over summer but I thought it might be useful to note the time of their arrival back in Melbourne. No other migratory shorebirds observed.
Harry Saddler 5/9 #228432
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
A lone bird gliding high over rural and urban properties on the boundary of Macclesfield and Avonsleigh (Woori Yallock Ck Catchment) 50km east of Melbourne. Not being harassed by other birds, probably a bit high. Visual for about 20 mins. The third sighting, by me, in a decade or so!
Steve Mitchell 3/9 #228415
Spotted Quail-thrush
Brisbane Ranges National Park
Three Quail-thrush seen this morning not far from the Stoney Creek Reservoir. The first one scurried across the road and appeared to be a female. I stopped to see where she went and noticed a male feeding in the grass by the road. Further down the road, a second male was seen.
Bernie McRitchie 3/9 #228413
Grey Goshawk
Ditchfield Bushland Reserve
Has been in the area again for over a week. eBird checklist
Ron Sawyer 3/9 #228412
Thu 1Olive-backed Oriole
Wicks Reserve The Basin
Excellent for the first day of Spring!
Karen Collard 1/9 #228402

August 2016
Mon 29Red Necked Stint Curlew Sandpiper
Kirk Point Western Treatment Plant
200 Red-necked Stints, many in breeding plumage, looked as though they had just arrived. Also 1 Curlew Sandpiper in breeding plumage. eBird checklist
Angus Hartshorn Colin Foreman 30/8 #228385
highlight5 Black-tailed Godwit
Lake Tutchewop
5 Black-tailed Godwit was a big surprise here. Have only ever seen these in summer in northern Victoria. Also huge numbers (many thousands) of Red-necked Avocet plus a few Banded Stilt, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Curlew Sandpiper etc Looking good at this site for waders in spring and summer.
Simon Starr 29/8 #228383
Sun 28highlightGull-billed Tern
Point Addis
32 Gull-billed Tern passing south overhead at around 0800 hours, observed form the car park at the point. eBird checklist Further information
Steve Davidson & Judith Spence 29/8 #228379
Olive-backed Oriole, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Brown Goshawk
Banyule Flats - Plenty/Yarra River Confluence
My first Oriole for this Spring, being harassed by Red Wattlebird. Two YFHs presumably heading south also first since autumn. Brown Goshawk circling overhead.
Neil Murray 29/8 #228377
black falcon
Barwon River, Belmont to Breakwater
observed a black falcon being harassed by crow/raven species shortly after it chased a spotted turtle dove into a large window of my house breaking its neck the falcon didn't return.
brett roberts 28/8 #228362
highlightBrown gerygone
Shepherd's Bush
This bird was already reported on eBird on 8 August 2016 by John Daniels, however has not been reported to Birdline yet. I think it is a noteworthy sighting for suburban Melbourne. Still present today along the track on west side of Dandenong Creek. eBird checklist
Michael Fuhrer 28/8 #228361
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