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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

July 2014
Thu 24highlightFreckled Duck
Lake Guthridge, Sale
300+ Freckled Ducks
Tristan Kennedy 25/7 #218846
Spotted Harrier
Two birds gliding over the park near Hovell's Creek near Rennie Street crossing. Good to see them back after a couple of months absence. eBird checklist
Russell Woodford 25/7 #218841
Wed 23Pink Robin
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
Single female on west side of main road.
Dave Torr, Iian Denham, Mark Buckby 24/7 #218829
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Ryans Road Happy Valley south of Linton
A flock of about 50 YTB with 1 leucistic bird
Wayne Wignall 24/7 #218825
highlightNoisy Friarbird
Price Park, Viewbank
1 bird seen and heard in flowering gums along Lyon Rd; mimicking a mix of red and little wattlebirds to some effect as it wasn't getting hassled. It was also heard on the 22nd July.
Greg Cobern 23/7 #218819
highlightBeach Stone-Curlew
Anderson's Inlet Inverloch
Between 1.30 and 2.15pm today on a beautiful tranquil Inlet with the tide half out a small group of local enthusiastic birdos watched a this solo adult nonchalantly feeding on Soldier crabs on the sand flats near Screw Creek. Once it had taken its fill it wondered to the high tide mark to roost among the tide rake. From all accounts it has been at Inverloch for 2 or 3 weeks having been seen near the jetty, Point Norman and flat rocks.
Steve Johnson 23/7 #218818
Tue 22highlightBeach Stone-curlew
Mot's Beach ( Marlo )
Further to Renee Mead's sighting and photograph of the Beach Stone-curlew at Mots Beach last Tuesday, Jacquie and I flushed it again while completing our winter 2020 Shorebird counts along the "backwater" east of the Snowy River entrance. Low tides had exposed extensive sandy/muddy flats. The bird settled there and began feeding oblivious to our presence. The downside to today's surveys was the presence of four discrete sets of deer tracks clearly indicating that Sambar Deer had crossed the shallow inlet waters and made their way through the primary dunes onto the ocean beach. eBird checklist
Len and Jacquie Axen 22/7 #218804
Rose Robin
Mine Road Nutfield
Male Bird on Fence along mine Road ( Eastern end) Did a quick UTurn but could not locate. However saw a pair of Scarlet Robins about 50mts south. Bird had too much colour for female Scarlet , quick view but certain of ID.
Colin Mulvogue 22/7 #218803
Red-rumped Parrot
Edwin Road Templestowe
Though not uncommomn for area and normal to see in large winter flocks, I was amazed at numbers seen on nature strip and in tree's . I counted 117 birds from photos. Earthworks have been carried out in area and (Telstra) repair works included a liberal layer of grass seed that I doubt will germinate. Numbers could be more like 130+ birds.
Colin Mulvogue 22/7 #218802
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Red-necked Avocets, Crested Bellbird
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendgo
Definitely 2, possibly 4 Chestnut-rumped Heathwrens along gully at Southern end of reservoir 7, Red-necked Avocets circling & landing all morning & 1 Crested Bellbird heard.
Ken Dredge 22/7 #218796
Mon 21Azure Kingfisher
Bolin Bolin Billabong
Lone bird hunting in the last remaining body of water next to Bulleen Road. Watched it flying between perches and even hovering. Great to have one back, first time in several years I've seen one in the area. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 21/7 #218783
highlightAustralasian Bittern
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
About 1.30 pm an Australasian Bittern flew in front of the viewing platform at Edithvale Wetlands and disappeared into the reeds south of the bird hide.
Wayne Butterworth 21/7 #218781
Sun 20Swift Parrot
Tunstalls Nature Conservation Reserve
Six Swift Parrots were calling and gleaning the leaves of grey and red box trees. An excellent opportunity to observe them. Hooded Robins were observed as we entered the Tunstalls area from the Whela road.
Heather Freemantle 20/7 #218768
Swift Parrot
Warby-Ovens National Park--Killawarra Forest
One foraging on lerp and sparse ironbark blossom, another possibly heard. There have been very few records around the local area this year. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 20/7 #218766
Scarlet Robin, Laughing Kookaburra
Royal Park
Scarlet Robin (male) just above Trin Warren Tam-boore and 2 or 3 Laughing Kookaburras near the tramline.
Chris Lester 20/7 #218764
Sat 19Grey Goshawk white morph
One Grey Goshawk being hassled by two crows in trees in front of Pub opposite Lorne Pier.
Debbie Worland 22/7 #218807
highlightSwift Parrot, Scarlet Honeyeater, Gilberts Whistler
Bailieston Historic Area Block 3
Sixteen members birded Blocks 1,3 & 4 in the box ironbark. The 2 Swift Parrots were quietly feeding on lerps in the tree canopy at Block 3. Scarlet Honeyeater & female Gilberts seen at about 3.30 near the quarry (Block 1). Many eucalypts blooming there. eBird checklist
BirdLife Murray Goulburn 21/7 #218778
Swift Parrot
7 Swift Parrots seen (and others possibly heard) moving between isolated old growth Gippsland (Forest) Red Gums in paddocks and house blocks on Hower St, just south of the town.
Sean Dooley 21/7 #218777
Freckled Duck
McLeods Waterholes, Drysdale
Minimum 240 at this Wetland, also 2 at Lake Lorne, Drysdale; 92 at Begola Wetland, 80 at Bluewaters Lake, Ocean Grove. At least 414 Freckled Ducks across these 4 wetlands on Bellarine Peninsula. eBird checklist
Craig Morley, David Tytherleigh. 19/7 #218754
Freckled Duck, Peregrine Falcon
Blue Waters Lake Reserve, Ocean Grove
At least 80 Freckled Ducks under willow on S shore and (low number) scattered elsewhere. Also Peregrine Falcon seen briefly OH with fresh kill: lorikeet sp. eBird checklist
Craig Morley, David Tytherleigh, Denis Sleep. 19/7 #218753
Fri 18Possible Grey-headed Albatross & possible Blue Petrel
Mornington Peninsula National Park--Cape Schanck
In follow up to initial posting - NOTE: Neither bird have been counted for Vic Twitch as ID was not 100% confirmed Possible Grey-headed Albatross: Whilst scouring the ocean, I spotted what I initially thought was another Buller's Albatross. Before dismissing it, I noticed that it did not have the white cap that I normally associate with this species. I have however seen a Buller's before without much of a light cap but upon closer inspection it seemed less and less like a Buller's. It came in much closer than the Buller's did directionly from out to sea kind of heading towards land. It flew quite differently to the Buller's I have seen in the past. It soared with much elegance above the water, though the Buller's had seem to fly a lot higher off the water. Buller's head colour a lot lighter too. A paler grey as opposed to this very dark grey. Little wing movement whatsoever. It was an adult bird with an entirely dark grey head that extended across the neck into the dark brown black wings and back. The dark, shady grey colour almost seemed velvety and would gleam when the sun hit it. Beak had the thick black in the centre with goldeny yellow upper and lower bill. I also observed a dark eye. Underwings were quite dark along the front and back wing edges with obvious black streaks that reminded me of fingers towards each tip of the wing. White rump with dark tail tip. It was these elements that led me to the presumption of a possible Grey-headed Albatross. Possible Blue Petrel: About 30 minutes apart. 1st at 2.27 and 2nd at 2.58. Close into shore coming from west. Small, blue wash with dark head and bill. Tiny little white tail tip. White underneath with prominent dark collar. Presumed Blue Petrel, unable to confirm 100% eBird checklist Further information
James Mustafa 23/7 #218820
Thu 17Turquoise Parrot
Snowy River flood plain, Alpine National Park, 400metres below Sandys Ck
10 Birds observed feeding on ground for 20 minutes, with 1 Red-capped Robin. Within 100 metres of this, 3 Scarlet Robins, 2 Flame Robins and 1 Hooded Robin. Numerous deer, wild pig and wild horse sign as well.
Federation Training, Lakes Entrance Students per Roger Bilney 18/7 #218735
Wed 16highlightBlue-winged Parrot
Blackgate Rd, Breamlea Saltmarsh
Lots of these wonderful birds feeding in saltmarsh/pasture. Several reports of high numbers since late May from Tracey Pennington, Penne Kwiat, Tom Fletcher, Gordon McCarthy, Rod Coranaldi. This morning there were at least 230 Blue-winged Parrots in the area (realistic and careful minimum!). No OBPs observed but worth keeping an eye on this area. N.B. this is a VERY busy road AND it is private property over the fence on both sides of road. eBird checklist
Craig Morley, Elizabeth Macpherson 16/7 #218725
Red-necked Avocets
Anderson Inlet
Flock of about 60 birds loafing at high tide, west of Mahers Landing. Also small flock of Double Banded Plovers east of the landing. Little Egret at the entrance to Screw Creek, Inverloch.
Deb Crosby 16/7 #218719
Tue 15Pacific Golden Plover
Gippsland Lakes
One bird, presumed to be first year juvenile, on sand islands at south end of Jones Bay. Photo by John Saxton.
BirdLife East Gippsland (per Chris Healey) 21/7 #218784
Powerful Owl
Seen at 6.15am sitting in Gum in backyard, assumed it was local Frogmouth, until got torch from shed. Sat for 30 seconds (approx.) then flew off to East. Many Possums seen in area in recent times. Great start to a work day.
Colin Mulvogue 15/7 #218709
Freckled Duck
Blue Waters Lake Reserve, Ocean Grove
Approximately 70 birds on the lake this morning, with 95% of these loafing under one Willow, around 250 meters from the east end along the southern track.
Denis Sleep 15/7 #218687
Sun 13Hooded Plover
Barwon Heads Bluff/ Mt Colite
There were 6 Hooded Plovers on the rocks on the 13th Beach side of the Bluff early on Sunday morning. eBird checklist
Margaret & Richard Alcorn 15/7 #218685
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Surfcoast Highway, Mount Duneed
At 12:03 hrs, a sub adult was seen soaring over the highway as I traveled toward Torquay.
Peter Bright 13/7 #218669
Rose Robin
Castlemaine Botanical Garden
A pair of birds spotted along the main walking track as it curves towards the playground. Taken early afternoon.
Gary Oliver 13/7 #218648
Blue-winged parrots
Blackgate Rd, Breamlea
30-40 blue-winged parrots feeding on the beaded glasswort in the swamp paddock alongside the road.
Rod Corinaldi 13/7 #218647
Sat 12Lewin's Rail
Opposite St Cuthberts Church, Gembrook-Belgrave Road, Menzies Creek
Spotted foraging on the grassy verge of Gembrook-Belgrave Road 10 meters from any cover. Turned our vehicle around and watched for 5 minutes. Didn't seem to be worried by the cars travelling past at 60kph but when we crawled past to have a better look he put his head down and scurried for cover. Occasionally flush them in our paddocks in summer and have had the broken wing act so they are breeding. Never seen any in this location, in winter nor as bold.
Will Ashburner and Jessica Ashburner 14/7 #218672
Rose Robin
Hancocks Daffodill Farm, cnr Grantulla & Gembrook-Belgrave rds Menzies Creek
Noticed a group of 1 male and a number of brown birds foraging in our display garden and around a giant old Chestnut. Weather very cold and sleeting. Never seen Rose Robin on our property before and certainly the habitat is rather open for them.
Will Ashburner 14/7 #218671
Buff-banded rail
All Nations Park, Northcote
The bird was clearly visible for 20 seconds before disappearing into the reeds in the small lake in the park. I regularly visit this lake and have never seen a Rail there before. Yesterday there was also a Little Pied Cormorant, 5 Purple Swamphens, and the usual Pacific Black Ducks and Welcome Swallows.
Susan Pepper 13/7 #218640
Spotted Harrier
Junction of Fisheries road and Frankston /Tooradin road.
Seen flying across the road at Midday.
Keith Caldecott 12/7 #218637
Southern Emu-Wren, Lewins Rail
Lake Connewarre Wildlife Reserve (Lake Connewarre)
Southern Emu-Wrens in lignum and Lewin's Rail flushed from sedgeland on southern shore of Lake Connewarre. Glorious White-bellied Sea-Eagle perched on fence on one of the delta islands.
John Newman 12/7 #218636
Pacific Golden Plover, Double-banded Plover
Great Salt Swamp, Barwon Heads Rd, Connewarre
A single Pacific Golden Plover amid 104 Double-banded Plovers and numerous Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers on partially filled ponds.
John Newman 12/7 #218635
Swift Parrots
Still approx. 12 swifties in the same area as last week. Feeding up high.
Debbie Worland 12/7 #218624
Fri 11Scarlet Honeyeter
Ewing's Morass Wildlife Reserve
One Scarlet Honeyeater (possibly two) were heard calling from flowering mistletoe along Old Station Road this morning.
Jacquie and Len Axen 12/7 #218629
Rufous Songlark
A singing Rufous Songlark has returned to private property along Marfleets road. Although I've seen the occasional wintering bird in the north of the state, I can't recall hearing one singing so early.
Simon Starr 12/7 #218618
Black Kite
Karkarook Park
A Black Kite flew over the park at 10:30am.
Lewis Hiller 11/7 #218603
Thu 10Jacky Winter
Garfield North
3 birds seen in paddocks near water reservoir, Princes Freeway 500m east of Garfield North Road.
Colin Mulvogue 11/7 #218617
Black-faced Cormorant
Ricketts Point, Beaumaris
One bird roosting on rocky islet a 20 metres offshore with about 10 Little Pied and 1 Pied Cormorants. Have now seen all five cormorants at this site in the last three years.
Sean Dooley 10/7 #218595
Wed 9Caspian Tern
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park (Hattah Lake)
An amazing sight to locate 19 Caspian Terns on the almost dry small pond/sand pan behind Lake Hattah on the scenic drive route. I have never seen such large numbers of this species together.
Bernie OKeefe 9/7 #218588
Mallee Emu wren
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park (Konardin Track)
Following up at report from James Mustafa on July 1 and his subsequent advice, a group of around 8 birds were located on the Konardin Track at 10.50am. The birds were calling loudly exactly 100 metres up the track from the Nowingi Track junction, about 50 metres off the road on the left hand side coming from the junction. As quick as they appeared, they soon disappeared just as quick.
Bernie OKeefe 9/7 #218587
Striated Grasswren
Murray-Sunset National Park
Thanks to precise instructions from Hedley Earl and Jenny Spry, at least 3 grasswrens were located together 700 metres from the start of the Mt.Crozier Track from the Pink Lakes end. Located and photographed at 8.10 am on the right hand side of the road coming from Pink Lakes, about 100 metres in off the road. Birds were calling loudly. This particular spot appears to be a very reliable location for this species as this is where Hedley and Jenny have seen this species in the past.
Bernie OKeefe 9/7 #218585
Tue 8highlightBeach Stone-curlew
Snowy River estuary
The Beach Stone-curlew first reported from the Yerrung River inlet (20/6) was observed around noon on Tuesday roosting in exactly the same position as per earlier Mots Beach observations (28/01-23/03). Could it be the same bird? Locating it has been extremely difficult due to extremely high tides that have covered all the sand and mud flats east of the Snowy River entrance.
Len and Jacquie Axen 12/7 #218628
Barn Owl
Barn Owl seen near the yacht club and bike path in Queenscliff, initially seen by Susan Russel on the road next to the bike path, Lachlan Manley rang wildlife rescue but the bird was able to fly, it was found by Lachlan Manley and Jennifer Carr later in the evening on a pole by the side of the road and bike path.
Susan Russel, Lachlan Manley and Jennifer Carr 10/7 #218599
Mon 7Spotted Harrier
Clyde North
Juvenile Spotted Harrier seen flying over open farmland halfway between Clyde and Berwick. Mobbed by ravens and magpies.
Andrew Martin 8/7 #218568
Freckled Duck
McLeods Waterholes, Drysdale.
At least 370. 300e flushed from loafing in willows at SW cnr by dog onshore, onto open water. Another 70+ around edges of main lake. In complete survey of Lake Lorne in prev hr: nil Freckled Ducks. Further information
Craig Morley, David Tytherleigh 8/7 #218565
Sun 6highlightPied Butcherbird
Hillview Estate Municipal Reserve, Bacchus Marsh
Another sighting of possibly the same butcherbird seen on April 21st. In the same location beside the train line on the southern side of Bacchus Marsh. Calling from an exposed perch, early in the morning.
Bernie McRitchie, David Whelan 8/7 #218575
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Laanecoorie Reservoir
Two White-bellied Sea-eagles were perching high in trees then soaring over the waterways near Ankers Causeway at Laanecoorie Reservoir.
Heather Freemantle 7/7 #218557
Spotted Harrier
Sorrento Back Beach
Hunting along road right at park entrance.
Kevin Conlan 6/7 #218535
Swift Parrot (6)
Woodlands Historic Park (Greenvale)
Six Swifties seen feeding high in gums near northern edge of dense woodland section - just to the west of where the two major paths intersect. Stayed in the same area feeding for at least ten or fifteen minutes or so, calling constantly.
Rohan Long 6/7 #218531
Sat 5Regent Honeyeater
Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park
One Regent Honeyeater seen at previous reported location at Teal track junction at approx 3pm and viewed for 25 minutes. We had been on site since 10am. It was imitating red wattlebird calls, also as previously reported.
Brett Whitfield and Bob Dawson 7/7 #218546
Shy Albatross
Mornington Peninsula National Park (Cape Schanck)
Seawatching from the end of the boardwalk between 1530 and 1700 this afternoon produced 30 Shy Albatross including adults and immature birds with some attributable to Salvin and Cauta races, 1 unidentified smaller immature Albatross appeared to have a darker (if not all dark) bill and a more extensive collar and hood than the immature Cauta it was flying close by with could have been an Eremita race or even a Buller's Albatross, 1 Black- browed Albatross, 3 shearwaters looked like 2 Hutton's and 1 Fluttering but couldn't be certain, 1 White fronted Tern, 1 unidentified tern looked very much like a non-breeding White-winged Black Tern in plumage and with its noticeable jizz, 1 pr of Sooty Oystercatchers, 5 Black-faced Cormorants, 1 Silver Gull. 1 Brush Bronzewing on road to car park plus 1 Nankeen Kestrel along the cliffs.
Richard Hook 5/7 #218526
White-winged Triller
Carmichaels Road (Yarrawonga)
An odd, out of season sighting on a cold winter afternoon. A male in non-breeding plumage with a small flock of Willie Wagtails by the roadside. Further information
Michael Ramsey 5/7 #218518
Little Lorikeet, Noisy Friarbird.
Lake Tyers State Park
A fine Sunny morning spent in the Burnt Bridge - Cherry Tree area of the park. The forest was alive with birdlife particularly Honeyeaters & Lorikeets which were feeding on the eucalypt blossom. There were many flocks of Little Lorikeet prevalent. We were surprised to encounter a flock of 50+ Noisy Friarbirds competing with the local Red Wattlebird & Bell Miner population at Burnt Bridge Picnic Area.
Keith & Judy Humphreys 5/7 #218513
Fri 4Caspian Tern
Hattah Nature Drive, Hattah-Kulkyne NP
A flock of 31 seen at 1120 hours roosting on a small salt pan between Lake Hattah and Lake Bulla.
Charles, Emma, Reuben and Joseph Silveira 13/7 #218641
Swift Parrot
Approx 12 swifties this morning feeding up high in River Red Gums.
Deb Worland 4/7 #218489
Thu 3Eastern Osprey
Estuary waters behind Betka Beach. Mallacoota. Croajingolong NP.
Seen yesterday morning coming in from the ocean mouth towards the waters of the main estuary lagoon. Co-incidentally, I hadn't realised I had sighted the same bird 2 day's previously because the image was too small too decipher. Local birding people say there is only one in the vicinity, to their knowledge and it is most unusual for their region apparently.
Jenny Stephens 4/7 #218503
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Eltham North
Nice flock of ~50 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos in flight and then perched in Eucalypts along Diamond Creek around midday.
Rohan Clarke 4/7 #218491
Spotted Quail-thrush
Lake Tyers Forest Park - Morass Break Track
An unusually large number of these birds seen today foraging along the forest tracks. Along the Morass Break Track which is around 3km long we saw 4 birds. We saw another 3 birds in the same small area along various tracks branching off the Lake Tyers House Road. There's been a lot of rain down here, we were wondering if that may have contributed to the birds foraging along the tracks? Managed to obtain a reasonable image amongst dense vegetation. Not seen by us for 5 years previous to today.
Keith & Judy Humphreys 4/7 #218486
Double-banded Plover, Banded Stilt
Lake Tutchewop
10+ Double-banded Plovers and more than 100 Banded Stilts (with Red-necked Avocets) near the creek at the south side of Lake Tutchewop.
Malcolm Cousland 3/7 #218481
Freckled Duck
Begola Wetlands, Ocean Grove
Upwards of 100 Freckled Duck on Wetland this evening. Count assisted by the appearance of one Swamp Harrier.
Denis Sleep 3/7 #218480
Regent Honeyeater
Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park
The Regent Honeyeater / Red wattle bird convert still very actively feeding at reported site at 8am this morning.
John Weigel 3/7 #218473
Wed 2Singing Honeyeater
475 Shanley Street, Wangaratta
Singing Honeyeater attacked by 5 or 6 resident Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters. Aggressively driven so it flew into plate glass sliding door, knocked out, fell to ground, and then killed by the Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters. We have seen similar behaviour by the Yellow-tufted Honeyeater residents against cuckoos in the past.
Helen Van Riet 24/7 #218828
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Beside old quarry near Bailieston
At least two birds feeding together with Red Wattlebirds
Laurie Macmillan, Peter Mitchell, David Wakefield 3/7 #218472
Freckled Duck
Lakelands, Lara
Five Freckled Ducks seen at the western end of the main lake. I also saw thirteen Spoonbills (six Yellow-billed and 7 Royal).
Carolyn Edwards 3/7 #218471
Murray Sunset National Park
Total of six Malleefowl seen in vicinity of Honeymoon Hut Track, beginning with two tree-roosting individuals at first light (!), and including two birds heard, then seen in vicinity of active mound (crater). Also most of the Mallee specialties were seen over six-hour walk, but alas, not the targeted Red-lored Whistler. Also today, Striated Grasswrens at Pink Lakes as per Jenny Spry's recent posting, but a bit further up the Mt Crozier Track, and about 300m to the west of the track. Bad photo attached.
John Weigel 2/7 #218469
Yellow tailed Black Cocatoo
Castlemaine Botanic Gardens
60+ Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos flying over the Castlemaine Botanic gardens playground to Pine trees over the creek today 1.30pm. Haven't seen any there this year and never in these numbers. Also 2 Hardhead ducks in the lake at the gardens.
Greg McKay 2/7 #218465
Tue 1Olive Whistler, Satine Bowerbird
Tarra-Bulga NP
1:45-4pm single Olive Whistler and Bassian Thrushes at the visitor centre along with a winter flock of 15 Satin Bowerbirds (predominantly) green birds. Along trails least 5 Superb Lyrebirds, 1 Whipbird and 1 Pilotbird.
Richard Hook 8/7 #218572
Regent Honeyeater
Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park (Ryans Road)
One bird seen on both the 1st and 3rd of July at the reported spot. It was great to see this bird during our lunch break :-) A new bird for Dave.
John Harris - Wildlife Experiences and David Coleman 6/7 #218534
Brown Songlark (6), Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (2), Orange Chat (4), Spotted Harrier
Neds Corner Station
Spent the morning birding at Neds Corner Station and found some interesting sightings including 6 (most likely many more) Brown Songlark, 2 Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo, 1 Fan-tailed Cuckoo. Additionally, 4 Orange Chat, 1 Spotted Harrier, 1 Neophema sp., 3 Stubble Quail, 12 Chestnut-crowned Babbler and variety of other North West Vic species. Further information
James Mustafa, Scott Baker 1/7 #218461
highlightMallee Emu-wren (10+ birds)
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park
Originally spotted 2 Mallee Emu-wren birds (M & F) along Nowingi Track which were extremely obliging with photography. We then stumbled across a massive party of 8+ (most likely more) birds along the Konardin Track that seemed to be everywhere calling very loudly. Excellent to see such awesome numbers of such rare and special bird species. Further information
James Mustafa, Scott Baker 1/7 #218459
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park (Ryans Road)
Previously reported unbanded bird found near Teal Track junction without any difficulty. In loose association with, and frequently mimicking Red Wattlebirds. Also of interest was a female type Rose Robin, seen at close range near Greenhill Dam Further information
Tim Nickholds 1/7 #218453
Australian Raven
Werribee Gorge State Park
Watched and heard an Australian Raven for c. 20 minutes this morning. I took several recordings of it calling and could compare it to the Little Ravens that were also present. At one stage it sat near a Wedge-tailed Eagle. Some poor photos were taken also. Further information
Bernie McRitchie 1/7 #218450

June 2014
Mon 30highlightRegent Honeyeater
Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park
Single un-banded bird adjacent to corner of Teal Track and Ryans Road. Red Wattlebird mimicry. Mostly in high canopy but also came to ground. Clear views in fog clearing to sunshine 0915-0930. No photograph.
Rodger Willows and Alison Roach 30/6 #218437
Sun 29Crested Bellbird
Crusoe Reservoir (Number 7 Park)
Male and female obseved mid afternoon beside the walking track around the resevoir. Not disturbed by close observation but very active and busy in the undergrowth.
Craig & Jean Freestone 30/6 #218440
highlightBlue Petrel (1), whalebird sp (1)
Point Lonsdale
Blue Petrel seen briefly, but quite close, about 200 m, just beyond surf, around 3.30 PM. Blackish hood seen, contrasted with grey upperparts, with only slight bluish tinge & weak M marking across wings. Tail grey, lacked a dark tip, & got impression of square white tip briefly. Underparts mostly white, including undertail coverts (which precludes all prions). Flight flat gliding with interspersed with lots of flapping, not as buoyant as prion. Also forgot to mention with Kerguelen Petrels that I saw a short stubby bill in some views. 1 whalebird seen in surf, didn't see it well enough to determine species, but it wasn't a Fairy Prion. Also saw 2 giant petrels, about 20 Shy, 5 Black-browed Albatrosses & a few hundred Fluttering/Hutton's types, those that came close enough were Fluttering. 2 Kelp Gulls also seen.
Kevin Bartram 29/6 #218433
highlightKerguelen Petrel (3)
Point Lonsdale
All came from the east & flew west. 1 individual seen 1.22 PM, then 1 just prior to 2 PM, then 2 together around 2 PM (combined these, so=2), 1 seen later coming from east, all birds heading west. Possibly 5 all together, but conservatively some of these birds could have been the same, so 3 birds definitely seen. A mostly all dark petrel, wings heavily cocked forward, often seen soaring very bouyantly, sometimes very high. Greyish-looking all over, with dark grey contrasting hood, white forehead seen briefly on a few occasions. Upperwing dark with greyish tone. Underparts mid-grey, contrasting with hood, much paler. Underwing: narrow white leading edge between carpal and body seen a few times; central part of wing blackish & contrasted heavily with leading edge & paler grey bases of primaries & secondaries. Tail longish, when fanned had a rounded tip. Birds seen between 400-1000 metres. Poor photo attached
Kevin Bartram 29/6 #218432
highlightAustralian Bustard
Group of 10 birds seen in field from road north of Yanac. Good to see reasonable numbers still possible in Vic.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa 29/6 #218427
Alexandrine Parrot
This bird was on one of our feeder. We feed all sorts of Australian birds and all types of parrots , this bird came around mid morning. (Moderator's note: an escapee).
Reg Reed 29/6 #218424
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
1 adult seen over Lake Lyndger which has been dry for some time. 20 minutes later pair (1 adult, 1 sub-adult) north of Boort, flying together and calling.
Malcolm Cousland 29/6 #218417
Sat 28Grey Goshawk
Two Grey Goshawk's seen at separate locations along the Great Ocean Rd and Princes Hwy within around 20kms from Warnambool. Awesome to see this species twice within such a short distance. Further information
James Mustafa, Scott Baker 1/7 #218460
Pink-eared Duck
Yarra River Melbourne
A Pink-eared Duck was seen associating closely with coots in the Yarra River near the rowing clubs. Spotted from Princes Bridge.
Paul Hackett 29/6 #218420
highlightAustralasian Bittern, Australian Little Bittern
Woodlands Industrial Estate, Braeside
Excellent, undisturbed views of the previously reported Australasian Bittern feeding at close range. Later heard a weird demented frog like call from phragmites which upon investigation briefly flushed an adult Little Bittern. Sometime later it gave the familiar ook-ook call briefly but despite watching the location to near dark I did not get another sighting. In addition good numbers of a freckled duck remain and an overwintering reed-warbler of interest. Further information
Tim Bawden 28/6 #218408
Fri 27highlightPossible intermediate morph Red-footed Booby
Point Lonsdale lighthouse
Just a heads-up for anyone out birding along the Bellarine and Surf coast this weekend, at around 11:40 I observed what was possibly an intermediate morph Red-footed Booby, off the lighthouse. Even though a fair way out, it was smaller and rangier than the nearby Aus Gannets, had a pale head and pale rounded-looking tail, even brown upperwing, and paler underwing covert bar on otherwise dark underwing. I couldn't see leg color. Flew from east to west, too far out for conclusive ID, but not an immature Aus. Gannet.
Steve Davidson 27/6 #218393
Thu 26highlightSpangled Drongo
Great Alpine Road, Tarrawingee
I saw the Drongo in the garden late in the afternoon 26th June. The bird was also seen on the 27th.
Michael O'Sullivan 27/6 #218392
Australian Magpie
Balwyn North, Victoria
One albino Australian Magpie spotted on the nature strip along a suburban road (Wanbrow Avenue, North Balwyn), accompanied by other magpies nearby on the powerline above.
Harry Sdraulig 26/6 #218389
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