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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

The Birdlife Australia Orange-bellied Parrot recovery team has asked that, as usual, we do not publish any reports of Orange-bellied Parrots. Please send any sightings directly to Chris Purnell at Also, please note that Birdline Victoria won’t be publishing individual reports of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in the greater Melbourne area. However, it is worth noting that there have been a number of reports. We have also decided not to publish any further reports of Eastern/Pacific Koel as they are now common in Victoria in the warmer months.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

February 2017
Fri 24Wonga Pigeon
Yarra Ranges National Park--Mt Donna Buang
One feeding on a fire trail east of the Rainforest gallery just off the Acheron Way.
Simon Starr 24/2 #230195
Thu 23Australasian Figbird
Bemm River settlement
Pair of Figbirds (M/F) seen in late afternoon at the caravan park.
Paul Whitington 24/2 #230191
Turquoise Parrot
Reef Hills State Park
Adult male by the dam off Double Gates Road. Only my third sighting here in over ten years.
Bill Morecraft 24/2 #230190
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Bartleys Block
Seen in the north west section of Bartleys Block, then again near the dams north of the carpark. eBird checklist
Paul Hackett 23/2 #230186
Wed 22Bush Stone-curlew
Bourchiers Road, Strathmerton
Adult Bush Stone-curlew observed in lightly timbered paddock on private property.
John Bourchier per Dan Pendavingh 23/2 #230185
Mon 20Great Egret
Blind Bight Nature Reserve
Not a rare bird for the area , but first I've seen since early November 2016. In full breeding plumage, so maybe heading south following White-necked Herons.[ Moderators note: post-breeding dispersal and return of wetland birds to Victoria of interest but further reports of this species unlikely to be published unless reporting high numbers, unusual habitat, etc. SB]
Colin Mulvogue 20/2 #230157
Sun 19Lewin's Rail
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
Lewin's Rail sighted multiple times from Viewing Platform after hide closed for the day. Also sighted single Spotless Crake from same location. Earlier from the bird hide a lone Latham's Snipe was observed feeding along shoreline to left of hide. Increasing numbers of Pink Eared Ducks have come in over the past week. Great views of them right in front of hide.
James Peake 19/2 #230146
Southern Whiteface
Glenmore Road, Glenmore at -37.708, 144.288
4 or 5 Whitefaces feeding on the ground underneath remnant roadside vegetation. First time I've seen them in this area, but it has similar vegetation to the other nearest location, Eynesbury.
Bernie McRitchie, David Whelan 19/2 #230145
Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, possible Baillon's Crake
Winter Swamp, Cardigan
Spotted Crake observed for about ten minutes just in the foliage next to the walkway. The Spotless Crake flew across from one reedbed to another about thirty metres along the walkway It foraged around for a minute on the right hand side of the track before disappearing into the reeds. Possible Baillon's Crake in the same place - I saw a smaller, lighter bird swimming and wading in the dense reeds.
Indra Bone 19/2 #230144
Mangalore Flora and Fauna Reserve
One dollarbird seen near the northern boundary of Mangalore Flora and Fauna Reserve at about 1pm. Conditions were overcast but it was just possible to make out red colouration to the bill and legs, so I believe it was an adult bird. The last ebird record of a dollarbird at Mangalore Reserve is from 2003. (Moderator's note: However they are seen at Seymour River Walk often.)
Harry Saddler 19/2 #230142
Pacific Golden Plover
Kirk Point
15+ Pacific Golden Plover and 1 Ruddy Turnstone. 1 Phalarope and 1 Glossy Ibis at Western Lagoon.
Ian and Corrie Macartney and Will Bridgeman 19/2 #230141
Sat 18Baillons Crake
Karkarook Park
Saw the Baillons Crake in the background whilst observing Red-kneed Dotterels and Black-fronted Dotterels in the wetlands.
Nina Tsilikas 20/2 #230156
Lake Murdeduke
6.30pm: Observed Ruff feeding along small rocky section at the sand spit point. Good extended views eBird checklist
John Newman, David Tytherleigh and Jeff Dagg 19/2 #230138
Banded Lapwing
Swan Lake (Phillip Island)
2 feeding on dry grassy lakebed, observed from north hide by Birdlife Melb Photog Gp eBird checklist
Peter Bennet 18/2 #230130
Fri 17White-throated Needletails
Mornington Peninsula National Park--Rye Ocean Beach
Seen 7 initially at the car park in Marcia Ave. Then a little further west at Mungala Dve Blairgowrie same flock heading West , estimate 40 to 45 birds . Two smaller birds seen in the flock though too quick for definite ID
Colin Mulvogue 18/2 #230123
Thu 16highlightBuff-breasted Sandpiper
Lake Murdeduke
Located at 1.15pm, approximately a third of the way along the western edge of the lake, feeding with a large flock of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers
Chris Doughty 17/2 #230118
Tue 14Double-banded Plover, Ruff, Pectoral Sandpiper
Lake Murdeduke
At the spit were one Double-banded Plover, one Ruff, and one Pectoral Sandpiper amongst more than 50 Curlew Sandpipers Sharpies and stints. Buff-breasted Sandpiper not seen.
Paul Taylor 15/2 #230106
Sun 12highlightRuff
Lake Murdeduke
Very windy day. Ruff foraging on the east side of the sand spit.
Brian & Sandra Goyen 13/2 #230093
Red-kneed Dotterel, Pink-eared Duck
Sanctuary Lakes Spillway, Point Cook
13 Red-kneed Dotterels and 8 Pink-eared Ducks seen in the saltmarsh ponds below Sanctuary Lakes on the afternoon of the 12th of Feb. I only visit this area occasionally but this was the first time I've seen either species here and there aren't many eBird records for either species in this area. The ducks were in the pond immediately below the Skeleton Creek outflow adjacent to the raised boardwalk and the dotterels were in the pond where the walking/cycling track ends at Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard.
Harry Saddler 12/2 #230086
Sat 11Buff-banded Rails
Tootgarook Wetland Reserve
Two adults, one chick. See at around 7pm
Stephan Megroz 12/2 #230078
highlightPectoral Sandpiper etc
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Pec seen on Western Lagoons pond 9 at high tide late afternoon. Also present there were around 30 newly arrived Red-kneed Dotterel. Red-necked Phalarope seen on Beach road foreshore, and 3 Double-banded Plovers seen, one in T Section, 2 in Western Lagoons
Simon Starr, Trevor Kerr and two others 11/2 #230075
Magpie Goose
Lake Weeroona, Bendigo
Pair seen today on the lake, first Bendigo record as far as I'm aware. Initially seen by Peter Morison. eBird checklist
John Woodward 11/2 #230064
Yellow-billed Spoonbill (Platalea flavipes)
Elwood Canal
One Yellow-billed Spoonbill (Platalea flavipes) in Elwood Canal, not far from Glen Huntly Rd. around 8 am. Saturday 11 Feb. 2017
Alek Kwiatkowski 11/2 #230063
Fri 10Baillon's Crake
Eynesbury Ornamental Lake
Got good views through the reeds on the back lake.
Nina Tsilikas 11/2 #230067
Possible Littern Bittern
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
Possible, along Southern edge of wetlands. Going for another look this morning. Added a poor quality photo, just thought I'd let everyone know.
Colin Mulvogue 11/2 #230062
White Morph Grey Goshawk
Hensley Park Rd Hamilton
This is only the second time in 15 years that I have seen at my home a White morph Grey Goshawk. This one I managed to get a reasonable photograph
Larry Storer 10/2 #230057
Regent Parrot
Memorial Oval, Edithvale
Single bird spotted in tree 200M SE from Edithvale wetlands (close to Edithvale road) Moderators note : this is the second Regent Parrot reported in Melb region in recent times and again almost certainly an avairy escapee. SB
Andrea Newbond 10/2 #230056
Musk Duck
Banyule Flats Reserve
Female seen well diving and swimming around in main wetland. Very low profile in the water, with stubbier, more triangular shaped bill than Blue-billed with the pale barring on upperparts and fan-like tail typical of this family. First time I've seen one here. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 10/2 #230054
Thu 9Fork-tailed Swift
Landy Rd, Jacana
At least 40 seen at 0810h flying low (twice rooftop height) in a northerly direction in blustery winds.
Charles and Reuben Silveira 9/2 #230050
megamegaLittle Curlew
Lake Murdeduke
On spit. Excellent views. Flew off high SE I'm afraid.
Tanya Hattingh, Alison Nisbett, Dez Hughes, Adam Fry, Mark Buckby 9/2 #230046
Wed 8Hutton's Shearwater
Kilcunda beach
One bird found dead on the beach. Much discussion on Aust Bird ID re species ID... Conclusion ... Hutton's Shearwater.
S and S King 16/2 #230110
Mon 6White-faced Storm Petrel
St Kilda Pier
Seen near end of the pier. It looked to be in bad nick and was inspected and released somewhat hastily. Two other WFSP handed in to vets in Edithvale and Ascot Vale (found Williamstown). Presumed storm on Sunday evening caused all strandings. Further information
Debbie Lustig 7/2 #230036
White-necked Heron
Hastings Foreshore Reserve
One bird seen from the boardwalk in wetlands behind the motel on Marine Parade Hastings...first sighting of this bird here by us in 20 years of observing at this site! Moderators Note: White-necked Herons are being reported widely at present with birds seen in unusual places such as Northcote, Ricketts Point and other southern sites where they are not commonly seen. An influx from further inland following last year's floods. We won't publish more sightings of this species unless there are extremely large numbers reported.
S and S King 6/2 #230023
Grey-crowned Babbler
Private property cnr Patons and Axe Creek Road, Axe Creek
Single bird calling and briefly sighted last Friday when picking the kids up from school opposite. Upon my return today I photographed it and checked for presence of other individuals briefly using call playback but it appears it's flying solo - albeit with a harassing party of Noisy Miner. This location supported a family of GCB back in the early 2000's. Gradually they dwindled down to a pair which I last photographed and recorded 20 May 2006. Soon after they disappeared and have been absent until now to the best of my knowledge.
Adrian Martins 6/2 #230022
Grey Goshawk
Grubb Rd at Swan Bay Rd, Wallington
Pursued from paddock then across road by a couple of magpies and some smaller birds. Perched in a tree just before I passed. eBird checklist
Russell Woodford 6/2 #230020
Sat 4highlightLong-toed Stint, Buff-breasted Sandpiper & Ruff
Lake Murdeduke
Ruff found at end of southern spit on the eastern side end. Buff-breasted Sandpiper found about 300 meters west of spit near the old fence posts that go into the water. But then flew to the end of the spit. Long-toed Stint found where the driven track is closest to the lake about halfway to the southern spit from the carpark. eBird checklist
Adam Fry 4/2 #230009
Terek Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons
In Pond 9 (the eastern most pond in that section after entering through gate 2). The bird was in constant motion, covering much of that pond during the couple of hours that we observed it. eBird checklist
R. Bruce Richardson 4/2 #230008
Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater
Dickins Rd Freshwater Creek
Private property, open farmland. Foraging in garden for about half an hour. First observation on property in 17 years.
Lynne & Colin Cannard 4/2 #230006
Fri 3White Throated Needletails
Frankston North
Needletails seen while sitting out in garden , About 5.30 PM . Fairly low at times , at least 25 to 30 Birds.
Colin Mulvogue 3/2 #229997
White-bellied sea-eagle
Eastern Treatment Plant
1 white-bellied sea-eagle seen perching in a eucalypt next to a cow paddock on the edge of the Eastern Treatment Plant just west of the Eastlink for about 90 minutes in the late morning of the 3rd of February. This is only a few kilometres from the Carrum/Bonbeach area of Port Phillip Bay and about 40km south-east of the Melbourne CBD.
Harry Saddler 3/2 #229994
Musk Duck
Lancefield Golf Club
Single male on the rear dam of the golf course. First I've recorded in the area.
Peter Houston 3/2 #229993
Thu 2Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Lower Glenelg National Park--Princess Margaret Rose Caves
Four Red-tailed BC's flew over the Princess Margaret Rose Caves camp ground late in the afternoon. Although I could not see any diagnostic features in the poor light, the loud 'kree' call indicated what species of cockatoo they were. Also Rufous Bristlebirds were frequently seen and heard in the camping area.
Andrew McCutcheon 5/2 #230017
Square-tailed Kite
Amazing views of a bird floating extremely low over town along the Great Alpine Road not far North of the A1. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Bill Twiss, David Adam 4/2 #230004
Eastern Ground Parrot
Croajingolong National Park--Shipwreck Creek
Lone bird seen running along the track in front of us in heath west of the campground area. Soon flew a short distance into thicker heath. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Bill Twiss, David Adam 4/2 #230002
highlightRed-necked Phalarope
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons
Excellent views of one in non-breeding plumage feeding with mixed wader flock in last pond along coast road before Murtcaim outlet about 5pm. Flock was flushed by a falcon before we could get a photo.
Mike Connor and Neville Pamment 3/2 #229991
Wed 1Eastern Reef Egret
Bastion Pt, Mallacoota
We spotted the bird flying in and had great views of it hunting for and catching fish on the rocks near the carpark area late in the afternoon. Also saw several Wedge-tailed Shearwaters off the point and a young White-headed Pigeon on a powerline along the road to Bastion Point. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Bill Twiss, David Adam 4/2 #230003
Cattle Egret
Winton Wetlands
Eleven seen, most in breeding plumage. Early afternoon along the shoreline west of the boat ramp. Moderators note: Cattle Egrets are generally winter birds in Vic and these ones in breeding plumage may indicate a breeding event at the wetlands as currently many other spoonbills, herons and ibis are doing there.
Bill & Jackie Morecraft 1/2 #229973
Scarlet Honeyeater
Silvan Reservoir Park
A single female-type Scarlet Honeyeater was seen in the canopy of the Tea-tree dominant gully near the overflow carpark, whist another bird was heard nearby. My 3rd record of this species here and, as far as I know, the furthest west this species has been recorded this season eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds 1/2 #229972

January 2017
Tue 31Eastern Ground Parrot
Marlo aerodrome
Two birds flew of the track around the edge of the Aerodrome, one on the South side and another on the North side. Both looked like adults. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Bill Twiss, David Adam 4/2 #230005
Square-tailed Kite
A single bird, observed from the office window, of my home in Mooroolbark.
Chris Doughty 1/2 #229971
White-headed Petrel
Barwon Heads
1 beachwashed specimen, moderately fresh amongst a minor wreck of apparently light-weight Fairy Prions that has been occurring over a few days along at least the Barwon Heads-Pt Lonsdale coast. Surprising considering how few seabirds have been beachwashed over the last 10 months. eBird checklist
George Apppleby 31/1 #229970
Sun 29highlightBuff-Breasted Sandpiper
Lake Murdeduke
Sandpiper seen well on small bay near spit.Observed for 30 minutes feeding in samphire.
Marg Beames, Ian Steven, Corrie and Ian Macartney 30/1 #229962
highlightEastern Curlew
Tortoise Head, French Island
About 60 Eastern Curlews seen at the Tortoise Head shorebird roost around 1pm. A flock of around 35 flew in to the roost from the west, followed by flocks of 5 and ~20 flying in from the north 15 minutes later. The tide was still coming in when I left Tortoise Head at 2pm so I wouldn't be surprised if a visit to this roost at high tide yielded more birds. Unfortunately while I was watching the birds were disturbed twice by boats coming very close to the roost.
Harry Saddler 30/1 #229955
Pomarine Jaeger
Dark morph bird seen flying reasonably close to shore this afternoon around 4:30pm, flying along shoreline adjacent to Battery Rd. I've seen a few Arctic Jaeger over the past few years in the bay, but this bird was larger and more stocky in appearance, the flight was less darting and more steady, with long even wing beats. The bill appeared larger. I didn't see any obvious tail plumes, so most likely immature bird. Despite it flying reasonably close to shore, I didn't get to look at it as long as I would have liked, but certainly my overall impression was that of a Pomarine rather than Arctic. It flew over other gulls and terns (including pacific gull) which was useful for size comparison. I was very surprised to see it so close in the bay. Moderators Note: Published to alert birders, sighting unable to be confirmed 100 percent.
Mark Hall 29/1 #229954
highlightTerek Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
On Beach Rd foreshore, good views showing all typical features.
Dez Hughes 29/1 #229948
Fri 27Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo
Wilkin Flora and Fauna Reserve--Mill Swamp
Flock of 5 seen in trees around swamp. eBird checklist
Giles Daubeney with Aidan Sudbury 28/1 #229939
Eastern Reef Egret
Bastion Pt, Mallacoota
Single bird seen on rocks immediately Sth of surf beach.
Tim Dolby 27/1 #229936
Thu 26Brown Gerygone
Yarra State Forest--Reids Tramline
Des and Adrienne Palmer 26/1 #229929
White-throated Needletail
7 Acre Rock, 5 km from Powelltown
50+ birds. In stark contrast to the massive flock I saw here a fortnight ago small flock observed to the NW
Des and Adrienne Palmer 26/1 #229928
Freckled Duck
Lake Elizabeth, Kerang
Thirty-two Freckled Duck on the shoreline, south end near channel inlet. Also 4 Australian Shoveller. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 26/1 #229926
Middle Lake
One Brolga in paddock, west side of the lake. Single Glossy Ibis flew over. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 26/1 #229925
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