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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Birdwatchers are reminded that there is no access allowed to the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee on days of Total Fire Ban in the Central Fire district. Please report: Regent Honeyeater to; Orange-bellied Parrot to - no OBP reports published on Birdline; nesting Fairy Tern to; White-throated Needletail to, Black Swan with neck collars to; Barbary Dove to Birdline; Little Raven with leg bands to; Hooded Plover to

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2014
Sun 23highlightLatham's Snipe, Intermediate Egret
McDonalds Swamp
After good views of dowitcher, we visited McDonalds Swamp. 1 Latham's Snipe, 3 Intermediate Egrets, 5 Glossy ibis and 4 Spotted Crakes but no Aust. Bitterns seen.
Pam Smith and Paul Taylor 23/11 #220991
megamegaWhite-cheeked Honeyeater (2), Black Bittern (1)
Croajingolong National Park
Located a pair of White-cheeked Honeyeaters along the road that passes the boardwalk in Howe Flat in Croajingolong National Park. About 100 metres down the track past the boardwalk, we heard an unusual call which we pssshted in. Single bird shot across path noticeably larger than New Holland Honeyeater. On second view as it flew about we viewed the large white patch on cheek and confirmed White-cheeked Honeyeater. Over the next 20 minutes we struggled to get photos but eventually succeeded and confirmed a pair of birds when seen together flying about the area. Many photos taken and photo of exact spot where birds located also available to interested twitchers. Also of note, single Black Bittern flushed from under bridge outside Mallacoota on the previous day.
James Mustafa & Steve Davidson 23/11 #220986
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
A pair has been visiting for 4-6 weeks during the last 4-5 springs, generally to clean out our Mulberry bush.
JOhn & Marg Gwyther 23/11 #220979
highlightEastern Koel
Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
Observed in light box bushland on the Eastern edge of the lake. Second one heard but not sighted nearby.
John & Marg Gwyther 23/11 #220978
Sat 22Glossy Ibis (10)
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
10 Glossy Ibis seen in pond on 145WA lagoon (opposite Walsh's Lagoon) about 200m east of the ford.
Paul Dodd & Beth Baisch 23/11 #220987
highlightGround Cuckoo-shrike
Minyip 10' Cell
Ground Cuckoo-shrike seen about 10 km north of Minyip on Donald Rd
Allan and Rob Benson 23/11 #220975
highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
1 juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper seen mainly on the southern side of the first T-Section lagoon, Also a Black-tailed Godwit present, 1 Brolga & plenty of other waders, conditions looking good.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Merv Marsh 22/11 #220967
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird reported as still present this morning
simon starr per facebook 22/11 #220965
Eastern Koel
corner Curtis and Quick streets Bendigo
The male was high up in a pine tree calling from 7.00 a.m. While watching I could hear another male calling in the distance. The bird changed its normal cooee call to a warbling call. I recorded this call and played it back to the bird, it flew away toward the other caller.
Peter Weinstock 22/11 #220959
White-fronted Chat
South West of Numurkah
A small group of 6 - 8 White-fronted Chats seen in Central Mundoona Road along a fence line of a harvested wheat field. Time : late morning.
Richard & Catarina Gregson 22/11 #220958
Fri 21megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop South East Corner
Hot windy and overcast morning. Dowitcher was among a group of waders. An flight-takeoff photograph (good view of white-edged barring on flank) attached. A big thank-you to birders who left a location message on our windscreen while we at the North-east corner.
Ivan Traverso & Russell Cockman 23/11 #220976
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Seen in am by 10+ birders on north east shore
Frank Pierce 22/11 #220949
Freckled Duck
Eynesbury Golf Course
4 birds on the ornamental lake adjacent to the golf course pro-shop. Other good birds in the area included several separate sightings of Diamond Firetail around the golf course and a Crested Shrike-tit in the woodland.
Richard Nowotny & David Wimpress (UK) 21/11 #220947
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
Single bird over the woodland, rising rapidly on a thermal.
Richard Nowotny & David Wimpress (UK) 21/11 #220946
highlightWhite-throated Needletail
Mallacoota Airfield
Whilst watching a White-bellied Sea-eagle carrying Little Penguin prey and buzzed by a White-throated Needletail our attention soon turned to a vast gathering of swifts. A conservative estimate of around 1300 WTNT was milling over the airfield; the flock moved slowly westward and soon disappeared completely.
Steve Davidson & James Mustafa 21/11 #220940
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird still present this morning on North East side of Lake. Feeding, sleeping and generally relaxed. eBird checklist
Gavin Masters and Mal Chicksen 21/11 #220939
highlightForest Raven
Ocean View Caravan Park, Marlo
Single bird heard then seen in Norfolk Pine, 0620hrs.
Steve Davidson & James Mustafa 21/11 #220934
Thu 20highlightEastern Koel
Park Orchards
One individual heard calling from a nearby tree at 5:00am.
Tim Currie 23/11 #220974
megamegaLong Billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
As reported on south east side of lake.Had good view took plenty of pictures.
Tony & Stephanie Dawe Danny Rogers Bruce Collier & David Andrew 20/11 #220932
Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island
Surprised to find a suspect Dollarbird this morning on Phillip Island, perched in distant dead branches in the Oswin Roberts Reserve in overcast conditions. Unable to bush-bash any nearer, the best we could do was take some long shot photos to get better diagnostics. One has been supplied to the Moderator for confirmation purposes.
Alan and Hazel Veevers, Michele Grant 20/11 #220930
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
The bird was seen this morning on the southern shoreline.
Peter and Helga Waanders per Simon Starr 20/11 #220920
Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Chirnside Park
This morning at approximately 7:15 I heard the distinctive harsh screeching call of a single Purple-crowned Lorikeet passing over my house, most likely attracted to the flowering Eucalypts in the area at present
Tim Nickholds 20/11 #220918
Wed 19Black-faced Monarch
Cody Gully track, Foster
Seen at 8:30 in the morning in the gully
rohan bugg 20/11 #220926
Freckled Duck
Balnarring Community Wetland
9 Freckled Ducks this morning, a pair of Blue billed Ducks, Chestnut. And Grey Teal, a family of Australian Shelduck, Hoary headed Grebe, a pair of Red kneeded Dotterel and an adult White-bellied Sea Eagle low overhead at 11am
Richard, Elliot and Toby Hook 20/11 #220923
highlightEastern Koel
Hawthorn East (Camberwell)
First Koel that I've heard in Victoria, probably resident in large Fig-tree on top of hill on Burke Road -37.835347, 145.055837 eBird checklist
Tom Tarrant 19/11 #220911
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
A flock of 13 Sharpies and 3 Red-necked Stints roosting this morning. The first Sharpies at the site I have recorded in 3 years and only about the fourth record of the stints for me.
Sean Dooley 19/11 #220909
highlightChannel - Billed Cuckoo
Edrington Park Retirement Village,Berwick
1 flew from east to west through the village at 8.40 am .
Graham Beal & James Grant 19/11 #220908
Tue 18highlightChannel - Billed Cuckoo
Edrington Park Retirement Village, Berwick
2 birds watched from 2.40 pm for approx.15 mins.,being harassed by Little Ravens in the trees.Flew off into the neighbourhood east of the village. The Village is private property.
Graham Beal and James Grant 19/11 #220907
highlightAustralasian Bittern
McDonald Swamp Wildlife Reserve
Flushed from roadside. Glossy Ibis and possible Intermediate Egret present.
Malcolm Cousland 18/11 #220906
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Arrived around 1030 (having dipped last Wed) to find Bill and Jack Morehead had it lined up for us! Thanks guys
Dave Torr, Iian Denham and Mark Buckby 18/11 #220902
highlightEastern Koel
Black Rock
Following on from Kim Cocker's report, a male bird was calling from the outer branches of the same fig tree next to the Black Rock shops this morning at about 8:15.
Sean Dooley 18/11 #220896
Mon 17megamegaDowitcher sp.
Lake Tutchewop
Seen for 3 hours this morning, east side of the lake, in company with sharp-tailed & curlew sandpipers, and resting terns. Lovely viewing conditions in morning light, much more pleasant than the afternoon spent fruitlessly searching last week.
Gregg Muller 17/11 #220893
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher?
Lake Tutchewop
The LBD was located on the east side of the lake mid-afternoon today.
Bernie OKeefe 17/11 #220892
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird observed and photographed on Northern shore of the lake this morning. Many birders present.
Warren Palmer, Warwick Remington, Trevor Lumb. 17/11 #220891
grey-crowned babblers
Kerang Ibis Rookery
a family of 5 birds seen at Ibis Rookery on way back from Lake Tutchewop. Just on left of path leading to bird hide...
Murray & Chambers & Ian Mayo 17/11 #220890
megamegalong-billed dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
excellent views of dowitcher today....along north-eastern shoreline
Murray Chambers & Ian Mayo 17/11 #220889
Scarlet Honeyeater-male
Ensay Doctors Flat Road
This morning photographed Scarlet Honeyeater near Ensay, East Gippsland Victoria
Robert Plumtree 17/11 #220883
Lake Tutchewop
Seen at north end from 10 am
simon starr via facebook 17/11 #220876
Sun 16highlightSplendid Fairy-Wren (Malurus splendens)
Thunder Swamp Wildlife Reserve, Dingee Vic
Unconfirmed immature bird sighted August 2014, November same transect, young male approaching full plumage sighted. [Ed note. significant range expansion: most south-easterly confirmed record.] eBird checklist
Greg Licence 22/11 #220951
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tuchewop
Bird located in the southern section at 08:30. Observed for twenty minites before it was spooked off by a Whistling Kite. eBird checklist
Roly Lloyd and Eddy Smith 17/11 #220884
Wetland near Hexham
On my way to Cobra Killuc Reserve near Hexham Victoria, i stopped in at a wetland on Wordleys Lane on dusk. From only a quick, distant scan i spotted 2 X Brolga, 100+ Banded Stilt and lots of Pink-eared Ducks. It may be worth a better look if anyone is in the area: -37.961274, 142.746805
Peter Fuller 17/11 #220882
Swift Parrots
Manrico Crt, Sunbury
Single bird first heard and then sighetd in Yellow Gum at the bottom of the court this morning. Heard again mid afternoon. Around 27mm of rain last night had all the resident birds active and feeding in the gums throughout the day.
Gerard O'Neill 16/11 #220862
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
After a long drive with the wife and kids we finally reached Dowitcher ground zero, Lake Tutchewop. Apon ariving there were already quite a few other birders present whom had so far been unsuccess at tracking the vagrant down. It was my 5yr old son Billy who first spotted a strange looking wader off in the distence and once a closer inspection was conducted - EUREKA - we had found it!
Tim Faulkner 16/11 #220858
megamegaDowitcher sp.
Lake Tutchewop
The bird has been seen by many visitors again this morning
Simon Starr via facebook 16/11 #220856
Eastern Koel
Golden Square . Bendigo
A single bird calls regularly aprox 8.00 am most mornings. Moving in a north to south direction.
Ken Dredge 16/11 #220846
Eastern Koel
corner Curtis and Quick st. Long Gully, Bendigo
Began calling early morning. Seen at 8:50 a.m. being chased by wattle birds.
Peter Weinstock 16/11 #220844
Banded Lapwing
Warmies Boatramp Reserve. Newport.3015.
Being harassed by Noisey Miners during gentle rain. 0715.
Anne-Maree Burgoine 16/11 #220843
Sat 15White-winged chough
Iluka St Black Rock
My granddaughter and I heard the most unusual bird call coming from high in a tree in my backyard. It was a mournful call and I would have said that it was two notes but would like to hear a recording. We could only see the bird from below, but it was large and black with a much slimmer beak than a crow. We have many crows and currawongs here, so I know it was neither of those. Our neighbours also came outside to see as it was such an unusual call. I also heard it two days later, but further away, and I think I heard it yesterday but much further away. The only bird I can find in my bird books that matches the description is a chough. I have never seen or heard one before.
Mrs Heather Hanstein 22/11 #220963
Satin Flycatcher
Buttongrass Walk, Bunyip
Pair displaying near start of Buttongrass Walk close to small bridge near road intersection. Also present in same area 2 Rufous Fantails, Crested Shrike-tit and Cicadabird heard. eBird checklist
Tom Tarrant 16/11 #220864
highlightEastern Koel
Black Rock, Victoria
Heard calling at Black Rock shopping strip and spotted in Fig tree in car-park in Balcombe Rd
Kim Croker 16/11 #220863
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop (North side)
Bird seen around 4:30pm and viewed for about 90 minutes on the north shore of Lake Tutchewop. The bird was observed feeding withe Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Curlew Sandpipers, Red-capped Plovers and the odd Stilt and Avocet. The bird flew off to the north around 6pm in the company of approximately 20 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and could not be relocated. The northern shore site is easily identified because there are two delerict concrete structures between the road and the lake shore at that point.
Paul Dodd, Ruth Woodrow, Joy Tansey, Tim Dolby and others 15/11 #220842
Grey Goshawk
White morph adult perched in dead tree about 100m from edge of Bellarine Highway, a kilometer east of Grubb Rd Roundabout eBird checklist
Russell Woodford 15/11 #220838
megamegaDowitcher (long-billed?)
Lake Tutchewop
Dowitcher reported today, south side of lake, sighting taken from Vic birders facebook page, no photo
simon starr via facebook 15/11 #220833
Thu 13White-fronted Honeyeater
Greater Bendigo National Park--Kamarooka--Old Distillery Dam
Two White-fronted Honeyeaters drinking at the dam along with Purple-gaped, Tawny-crowned, White-eared and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters.
Nick Talbot 15/11 #220841
Banded Lapwing
Purdies Rd Wunghnu
Observed a pair of Banded Lapwings in a harvested wheat field in Purdies Road north of Wunghnu
Catarina Gregson 15/11 #220836
highlightEastern Koel
Kennington - near La Trobe University
Heard call at about 7am. Then saw the bird, calling for about five minutes from top of a tree, at about 8.30am.
Helen Lunt 13/11 #220811
Banded Lapwing
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
1 Banded Lapwing together with Masked Lapwings, flew from the rocks and landed at the sewage ponds East Blackrock Rd.
Svante Martinsson 13/11 #220806
Crested Bellbird and Black-chinned Honeyeater
Bung Bong State Forest
About a dozen Black-chinned Honeyeaters and half as many Bellbirds seen along with lots of other Box-Ironbark locals during a brief early morning visit down Chadwick Track, south of the Pyrenees Highway, west of Maryborough.
Marc Freestone 13/11 #220805
Wed 12Freckled Duck
Winton Wetlands--Duck Pond
Fifty or more Freckled Ducks seen at about 9.30am. Accessed the pond from the gate closest to the Glenrowan-Boweya rd as this provides good observing cover esp. in the morning. eBird checklist
BirdLIfe Murray Goulburn 14/11 #220824
Hooded Plover
Kennett River
One bird close to water line at low tide approx. 9am
Debbie Worland 14/11 #220822
highlightEastern Koel
Quarry Hill and Bendigo
There are at least 2 Koels in the Quarry Hill area and possibly a 3rd in the greater Bendigo area that I know of now. 2 birds heard calling to each other 1 near Harkness St Peel St intersection to another down near Reginald St early this morning. Another up Lily St near 3BO heard soon after. Would like other reports to cross reference and find out how many are here now.
Greg McKay 12/11 #220803
highlightOrange Chat
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
29 Mile Rd. at the first curve from Beach Rd there were 2 Orange Chats on the fence and adjoining wetlands. 90+ species for the day.
Gordon McCarthy & Tom Fletcher 12/11 #220802
Lake Tutchewop
No reports have been received by birdline today, positive or negative, of the Dowitcher at Lake Tutchewop despite many birders apparently visiting the site. Will update any news as soon as we recieve some. An ebird list entered for today recorded the bird ar 2pm. We can't confirm whether this is accurate
simon starr for birdline victoria 12/11 #220801
Pomarine Jaeger, Arctic Jaeger
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Among a loose flock of feeding Crested Terns, gannets and gulls offshore from Ricketts Point, I noticed a pale and a dark morph Arctic Jaeger. Also present was a pale morph Pomarine, identified by its much bulkier body shape and larger size (substantially bigger than the Crested Tern it was harassing).
Sean Dooley 12/11 #220797
Eastern Koel
Gresswell Habitat Link Nature Conservation Reserve
Unmistakeable call of a male Koel heard from 6:20am this morning (12 Nov) for about 15mins. Previously heard on the morning of 3 November - just hours before the first report of a Koel in the Royal Botanic Gardens in the City.
Reza Mohammed 12/11 #220791
Tue 11highlightPossible Stilt Sandpiper
Cheetham Wetlands (Altona Meadows)
Sorry about late report ( no access to net due to work ) . Observed what I first thought a Marsh Sandpiper with a group of Sharp tail and Curlew Sandpipers, a closer look ( about 300mts ) showed a thicker bill and a faint white eye brow , bill slightly curved down , bird same size as Curlew SP. Very grainy pic added . Seen about 300mts South East of Ford from Boardwalk at Sunflower Dve. (Moderator's note: published to hopefully confirm identify)
Colin Mulvogue 15/11 #220832
highlightGrey-crowned Babbler
Kerang, Murray Valley Hwy
A family of Grey-crowned Babblers was seen at the pull-of on the north side of the Murray Valley Highway about 10 metres after crossing the Lodden River bridge in Kerang.
Jennifer Spry, Brian Johnston 13/11 #220809
megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird still present. A bit flightier today and alternating between north and south shores of the lake. Well done again to the Sawyer's for their initial find. Amazing!
Dean Ingwersen, Andrew Silcocks and a group of other birders. 11/11 #220787
Eastern Koel
Bennet St, Long Gully, Bendigo
Photo of Koel and Pee Wee.
P. Weinstock 11/11 #220781
eastern koel
Bennet street Long Gully, Bendigo
8.00 a.m. calling loudly from elm tree. Chased away by peewees who have a substantial nest in the tree. The bird has been in the area for several weeks and has been sighted around town as per earlier reports.
P. Weinstock 11/11 #220778
Mon 10highlightBeach Stone-curlew
Snowy River estuary
As we walked along the estuary shoreline at Corringle this evening a Beach Stone-curlew was observed quietly roosting among timber debris some 500m west of the entrance. Given the frequent sightings of this species in Victoria during 2014, it is interesting to speculate just how many are present at any one time.
Len and Jacquie Axen 11/11 #220790
megamegaAmerican Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird still present at Latitude: -35.499044 Longitude: 143.753457 Waiting on ID confirmation
James Mustafa, Scott Baker and Tim Nickholds 10/11 #220773
highlightShort-billed Dowitcher (possible)
Lake Tutchewop
There is currently a Short-billed Dowitcher in breeding plumage at Lake Tutchewop.
Per Joshua Bergmark 10/11 #220772
Sun 9Brolga
Rokewood/Shelford Rd
Adult & chick on roadside verge. Approx 2k west past Gumley/Gumley Sth crossroads. A small waterhole very close to road near old bluestone bridge. She took the chick over to the stone wall fence in amongst high Phalaris grass. Male (?) flew onto waterhole when we pulled over. 6pm
Peter Warner 12/11 #220800
Wood Sandpiper
Killarney Wetlands, Middle Swamp
Single Wood Sandpiper observed in the Killarney Wetlands. It was in the swampy area which is to the right of the road when travel towards Killarney Beach. A handful of Sharpies also present.
Scott Baker, Kevin Bartram, James Mustafa 10/11 #220765
Sat 8Leaden Flycatcher
Warby Ranges (Booth Winery)
Heritage Trail behind Booths Winery. Diamond Firetail was at Ben Warby's 1857 Sheepwash. Leaden Flycatcher, Varied Sitella were upstream on slope above Weir 3. Sitella chased away by Rufous Whistler, which were very abundant and provided continuous sound screen.
Neil Murray 10/11 #220766
Jaycee Island, Benalla
I read the report by Fiona Parken re this bird. Decided to take a look today on the way back from Wangaratta and was in luck
Tim Van Leeuwen 8/11 #220731
highlightWhite-headed Pigeon
Toolangi, Spraggs Rd - Private Property
For the last week and a half (on and off), we have had a White-headed pigeon loitering around our chicken pen, presumably after the free seed.
Phil Rance 8/11 #220730
Eastern Koel
Private Gardens Murchison East
Eastern Koel still present in Murchison East. Neighbors have seen it eating in Loquat tree.
Anne Finlay 8/11 #220729
Common Koel, Cooee Bird
Quarry Hill, Bendigo Victoria
We have heard the distinctive male and female call in our neighbourhood for the last 2 years at the same time of year. The male sits in a large fig tree on Peel Street. He's very easy to spot.
"Ranger" Cameron Smith and "Detective" Samuel Pitson (9 year old wildlife adventurers) 8/11 #220717
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Middle Park, inner Melbourne
Visiting from Sydney for the weekend and surprised to hear the unmistakeable calls of a Channel-billed Cuckoo - glimpsed briefly flying over.
Alistair Poore 8/11 #220714
Fri 7megamegaDowitcher sp. (either Long-billed or Short-billed)
Lake Tutchewop
A Dowitcher sp. either Short-billed of Long-billed has been recorded and photographed at Lake Tutchewop but confirmation of which species is required. Posted here to confirm this sighting and obtain more photos is possible.
Eremaea Moderators via Peter Sawyer 10/11 #220771
Glossy Ibis
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Spotted & photographed 7 Glossy Ibis at the Borrow Pits in the early afternoon.
Ray Fox 9/11 #220753
Rose-ringed Parakeet (Indian Ringneck)
Bentleigh East
A green long-tailed parrot flying overhead with some Rainbow Lorikeets in the late afternoon, calling loudly. Presumably an escapee...
Lewis Hiller 8/11 #220712
Thu 6Royal Spoonbill
Royal Park Wetlands
A pair of Royal Spoonbills in treatment pond of Royal Park Wetlands sighted at around 9:00am.
Chris Nicholson 8/11 #220716
White-throated Gerygone
Stone Street, Heywood
One adult bird observed, calling as it foraged in eucalypts.
Peter Barrand 6/11 #220702
Whiskered Tern
Albert Park Lake
About 25 terns seen flying and diving into Albert Park Lake, at least 2 of which were definitely breeding plumage (dark-bellied) Whiskered Terns. Presumably the rest were Whiskereds too. May have been around for a while as I usually don't drive home this way. Good to see so close to the city.
Sean Dooley 6/11 #220700
White-throated Gerygone
Inverleigh Flora and Fauna Reserve
1 very vocal bird in crisp plumage singing continuously in this dry grassy woodland 25 km west of Geelong. It was being harassed constantly by white-throated treecreepers when it sang. Rare in the Geelong district.
John Newman 6/11 #220696
Banded Stilts
Lake Victoria
A flock of probably over 2000 Banded Stilts are now feeding in the shallows of Lake Victoria near the golf club pond.
Rod Corinaldi 6/11 #220693
Wed 5Turquoise Parrot x2
Stanley State Forest--Gapsted Block
9 km from Myrtleford
Scott Jessup 5/11 #220684
Painted Honeyeater
Stanley State Forest--Gapsted Block
9 km from Myrtleford
Scott Jessup 5/11 #220683
highlightEastern Koel (Australian Koel)
North Valley Rd, Highton
Unmistakable repetitive "coo-ee" call heard; 18:00. Still calling from grove of tall trees opposite Gweneth Ave corner; 18:50.
Lynne Clarke per Craig Morley 5/11 #220682
Painted Honeyeater
Fighting Gully Rd near Beechworth
Good sighting in heavy mistletoe growth on the roadside near Ryans Lane. Thanks to Richard Loyn for the tip off. eBird checklist
Linda and Bill Hayes 5/11 #220676
Tue 4Freckled Duck
Albert Park Lake
This afternoon David Eades alerted me to the presence of a (probably immature male) Freckled Duck in the NW section of Albert Park Lake. When I arrived it was resting on a dead Juncus tussock on the SW of the larger of the two mud islands. We had crippling views of this cracking bird on the island, which got even better when it swam within about 4m of us! This is the second known record of this species in the City of Port Phillip. The other also being a single bird found by David in January of this year. Video footage of the duck should be available soon at
David W. Eades and Gio Fitzpatrick 6/11 #220698
Mon 3highlightKoel
Brookfield Village at Arnolds Creek, Melton South
One Koel heard at Lifestyle Brookfield Retirement Village in Melton, beside Arnolds Creek, by Community Manager Roslyn Mohr . "Not sure if this is an unusual observation but last Friday morning we heard the distinctive call of a Common Koel here in the community. I know they’re not a regular visitor to Victoria (I commonly hear them on my brothers property near Brisbane) but wondered if they’ve been sighted in the area before? I didn’t see the bird but do know the call well"
Ros Mohr (per Daryl Akers) 21/11 #220941
Darby River beach Wilsons Prom
Escorted by a dozen or so Pacific Gulls.
Jeff Davies 6/11 #220689
Mallee Emu-wren
Murray-Sunset National Park
Large (8-12) group on Pheeneys Tk just east of Underbool Tk. eBird checklist
Gavin Masters & Mal Chicksen 4/11 #220651
Dollarbird (2)
Jaycee Island Lake Benalla
Best views from playground looking over opposite side of river treetops. Same spot as previous years. Birds very vocal and territorial at dusk. Attacked Galahs, Eastern Rosellas and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.
Fiona Parkin 4/11 #220642
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Cemetery Track (Cann River)
Channel- billed Cuckoo identified by its distinctive call from a forested area along Cemetery Track near Noorinbee around midday today.
James Turner and Len Axen 3/11 #220640
highlightEastern Koel
Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Single male Eastern Koel calling and then seen at 3pm in a tall tree outside Gardens House.
John Barkla & Alison Street 3/11 #220632
highlightEastern Koel
Private Gardens in Murchison East
Eastern Koel sighted on Saturday 1st November being harassed by Red Wattlebirds and Willie Wagtails in our garden, heard again early this morning in the neighbours gardens
Anne Finlay 3/11 #220626
Sun 2Cicadabird and Blue-billed Duck
Lake Kerford, near Beechworth
A male Blue-billed Duck on lake, where the only other waterbirds seen today were Coot and Wood Duck. Blue-bills are rare in this area of NE Vic. A Cicadabird calling in nearby forest, also White-throated Gerygones etc. Painted Honeyeaters still at Buckland Gap.
Richard Loyn 5/11 #220671
Eastern Koel
Trees ~50-100 m north of 1 Chum St Bendigo
Single Koel calling 8:20 pm on 1 Nov and 8 pm on 2 Nov when leaving St. John's Hospital (visiting from Sydney). Spotted one Koel in patch of eucalypts across the road from Bendigo Day Surgery.
Charles M Allan 4/11 #220649
Male Koel
3 Nelson Street, California Gully 3556
A male Koel has been sitting in the canopy of our very large Morton bay fig tree for a number of days now. Today was the first time we observed and identified him by his call and description on google. We will keep our ears out for the call of the female.
Jane and Lily Melhuish 2/11 #220610
Marsh Sandpipers and Banded Stilts
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
30+ Marsh Sandpipers and 150 + Banded Stilts In Pond 7, T Junction. Also a possible Long Toed Stint (with lone Sharp-tailed Sandpiper) on beachfront rocks in vicinity of 145 WB Lagoon.
Corrie and Ian Macartney 2/11 #220607
Australian Spotted Crake
Lake Sambell, Beechworth
One feeding regularly along rushy shore near caravan park, from 29 Oct to today. Very faithful to a short 20m stretch of shore, and quite easily seen despite dense cover of rushes behind. This species is rare at this lake (>500m asl, and water levels often higher than at present). Also present are 3 Latham's Snipe, 2 Red-kneed Dotterel, an Australasian Shoveler (all scarce at this lake), 2 Hardhead, a Buff-banded Rail, a Darter, Black-fronted Dotterels, Little Grassbirds, 8 Cattle Egrets in breeding plumage (on 31 Oct), etc. Painted Honeyeaters calling nearby.
Richard Loyn 2/11 #220603
Glossy Ibis
Reed Cres. wetland, Wonthaggi
1 Glossy Ibid in full breeding plumage feeding along muddy margins 25m from bird hide. Poor phone photo only!
Mike Tesch, Geoff Glare 2/11 #220601
Sat 1Eastern Koel
Koel has returned to the same pine near corner of Lisson Grove and Through Street for third consecutive year.
John Gray 12/11 #220793
highlightTopknot Pigeon
Gipsy Point
Flock of 25 birds seen on Genoa river. A subsequent flock further upstream probably same birds. Another single bird recorded at Adobe Flats same day.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa, Tim Bawden,, Kevin Bartram, Rob Farnes and Neil Mcumber 4/11 #220663
Bird observed from Adobe Flats. Apparently has been other recent reports on the Genoa river.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa 4/11 #220661
highlightBrush Cuckoo
Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary Linton Vic
A couple of birds calling strongly from 6:00 am Saturday morning at two separate sites on the sanctuary. Light rain falling and quite calm, by 7:00am, wild, wet and windy.
David Coutts 2/11 #220617

October 2014
Fri 31Square-tailed Kite
Gipsy Point
Single bird observed flying over forest near river.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa and Rob Farnes 4/11 #220660
highlightAustralasian Figbird
Are presently 6-10 Figbirds in Mallacoota township, mostly seen in trees near supermarket and easily located by distinctive call. Another single bird recorded at Adobe Flats.
Scott Baker 4/11 #220659
Painted Honeyeater
Buckland Gap near Beechworth
A few in treed farmland, lots of mistletoe, 29-31 Oct. Also White-throated Gerygone, etc.
Richard Loyn 2/11 #220602
Banded Stilt
Lake Corangamite eastern shoreline, Baynes Rd at southern end
Numerous large flocks of Banded Stilts, estimated to be many hundreds & possibly 1000+ individuals sheltering behind rocky islets from strong winds in warm weather. Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Black Swan, Shelduck also present. Further information
Kaye Trainor & Martin O'Brien 1/11 #220581
Swift Parrot
Sheoak Crt Ocean Grove
One Swiftie roosted this evening in large gum,at 12 Sheoak CRT.
Denis Sleep 31/10 #220572
Alexandrine Parakeet
Park Street, Carlton North
One Alexandrine Parakeet (obviously an escapee) seen flying and feeding on eucalypt blossoms by the bike path on Park Street, between Lygon and Nicholson Streets, Carlton North. Very distinctive in flight as it is larger than any native parrot in Melbourne with a very long tail.
Harry Saddler 31/10 #220549
Swift Parrots
Manrico Crt Sunbury
Three birds first heard and then sighted flying between flowering Yellow Gums at the bottom of the court. Other parrots present include Purple-crowned Lorrikeet and Musk Lorrikeet. This is about the latest date I see them at this location.
Gerard O'Neill 31/10 #220546
Thu 302Wood Sandpiper, 8Glossy Ibis, 2Brolga, adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Hirds Swamp
Water levels very low, but top up water due to be delivered. 2 Wood Sandpipers amongst big numbers of Red-kneed Dotterel, also plenty of Sharpies. Further information
simon starr 31/10 #220573
Eastern Koel
California Gully
Heard call of Eastern Koel in the evening and through the night and again on Friday morning.
Marion Roberts 31/10 #220553
Purple-crowned Lorikeet
Banyule Flats Reserve
3 birds flying over near the playground. Noticed the red underwings and thin, high pitched screeching. Quite a few Ironbarks in full flower, and lots of Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets as well. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 30/10 #220544
Leaden Flycatcher
Adult male heard calling and seen this morning in garden. only the 4th record in 20 years' observation here
Doug Robinson 30/10 #220543
Female Hardhead Duck
Emily's Pond
First Hardhead Duck I've seen in Emily's Pond , Lake Victoria. Due to works pond is very low and non appealing with few birds but low and behold .. a lone Hardhead
Lachlan Manley 30/10 #220542
Australasian Bittern
Eastern Freeway
Was astonished to watch as an Australasian Bittern flew only about 50 metres above the traffic jam on the eastern directly after exiting the Mullum Mullum Tunnel. Observed for about 20 seconds as it flew overhead, but couldn't really believe what I was watching. Seen approx 7.30am
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 30/10 #220530
Wed 29Terek Sandpiper (1), Sanderling (4),
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
At least 4 Sanderling observed yesterday along beach whilst searching for Terek Sandpiper. Terek was successfully located, no longer with PGP's but had moved to a large wader flock a few hundred metres down the beach along the sand. It was very difficult to locate because the wader flock numbered a few thousand birds of which 90% were Red-necked Stints. Also Ruddy Turnstone, Curlew Sandpipers and a probable Whimbrel seen briefly. Terek Sandpiper became bird 378 on 2014 VicTwitch. Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 30/10 #220537
highlightTerek Sandpiper
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
Together with Pacific Golden Plovers on rocks along the beach about 300 m east of Blackrock Rd. eBird checklist
Svante Martinsson 29/10 #220519
highlightGull-billed Tern (race affinis)
Stockyard Pt.
One race affinis Gull-billed was present with around 50 race macrotarsa Gull-billed Terns at the point at high tide. At least 30 Banded Stilts were also present at the point for the first time this year and 1 Lewin's Rail was calling consistently from the swampy grassland near the point. eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds 29/10 #220518
Mon 27highlightTop-knot Pigeon, Australian Figbirds and Beach Stone-Curlew
Six Top-knot Pigeons perched in eucalypts along the walking track at Gypsy Point. 25/10/2014 six Australian Figbirds near Foodlands Supermarket Mallacoota. 29/10 a single Beach Stone Curlew in saltmarsh habitat along Lakeview Drive Mallacoota.
Rob Farnes 30/10 #220531
Sun 26Freckled Duck
Eynesbury Ornamental Lake
One Freckled Duck seen at Eynesbury ornamental lake, near Melton. Seen during Bird Week in Melton activities. Twelve Freckled Ducks last seen here in March 2014
Daryl Akers 28/10 #220484
Freckled Duck
Ruffey Lake Doncaster
Freckled Ducks in second small lake and Buff-banded Rail at first small lake. Many Noisy Miners a few Grey Butcherbirds and 2 Nankeen Night Heron.
Andrew Wallis 27/10 #220480
King Quail
St Andrews Beach Mornington Peninsula
One bird seen in backyard. Can't rule out an aviary escape - bird was not particularly tame.
Nina Hutchison 27/10 #220477
Banded Lapwing
Large area of vacant land, Williams Landing
At 1840 hours, we observed nine Banded Lapwings on the large area of open vacant land bounded by Palmers Road, Freya Drive, Chessington Drive and Williams Landing Boulevard, Williams Landing. Four of the birds appeared to be juvenile. eBird checklist
Peter & Robyn Gibbons 26/10 #220462
highlightEastern Koel
Bay St & Rowan St Golden Square (Bendigo)
One bird heard distinctly at 8am. eBird checklist
Ken Dredge 26/10 #220460
Banded Stilt (1800)
Lake Tutchewop
Large flock of Banded Stilt (1800) observed today at Lake Tutchewop. Large numbers of Whiskered Terns and waders (Marsh Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, red-necked stint) also present. eBird checklist
Simon Starr, James Mustafa 26/10 #220458
highlightEastern Koel
Have heard the Eastern Koel here from our garden for a few days , got to see it at a far distance tonight in the northern part of Numurkah close to the High School. eBird checklist
Richard & Catarina Gregson 26/10 #220457
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Tanunda Wetlands, Mill Park
Single bird with 4 Musk Lorikeet in Eucalypts on Plenty River escarpment. Crummy photo but identifiable. Heaps of birds about including Aust Hobby. eBird checklist
Peter Bennet 26/10 #220453
Sat 25Lathams Snipe
Melton Botanic Garden
Two Lathams Snipe flushed from long grass in Ryans Creek, in Melton Botanic Garden, on bird walk. Seen & identified by by Geraldine Kelly & John Bentley (friends of Melton Botanic Garden) during Bird Week in Melton, & identified by bird expert Birgitta Hansen.
Daryl Akers (observer Geraldine Kelly) 29/10 #220520
White-throated Gerygone
Private property, Earlston
One bird seen and heard in box-ironbark woodland at Earlston. First local record in 20 years' observation here.
Doug Robinson 27/10 #220469
Common Greenfinch
Trentham railway station
At least 4-5 singing males in the vicinity of Trentham railway station and over towards main street; from atop oaks and cypresses. Only started calling in the last 2-3 days. Inexplicably invisible during much of the rest of the year when not singing! Very rare and patchily distributed in this local area. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 25/10 #220441
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Early arrival or late departure
Interesting behaviour
High/low numbers
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Outlying population
Repeat report of highlights
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