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Birdwatchers are reminded that there is no access allowed to the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee on days of Total Fire Ban in the Central Fire district. Please report: Regent Honeyeater to; Orange-bellied Parrot to - no OBP reports published on Birdline; nesting Fairy Tern to; White-throated Needletail to, Black Swan with neck collars to; Barbary Dove to Birdline; Little Raven with leg bands to; Hooded Plover to

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

December 2014
Sun 28Baillon's Crake
Lake Sambell, Beechworth
One sunning itself on marshy shore near caravan park, same place where the Spotted Crake performed well last month. The Baillon's was also here on 25 Dec. Other waterbirds include White-necked Heron, Yellow-billed Spoonbill, etc. Crakes are scarce at this lake where water levels have usually been higher than at present.
Richard Loyn & Debbie Tully 28/12 #221514
Sat 27highlightPainted Honeyeater
Buckland Gap near Beechworth
One in scattered trees in farmland, heard calling every day from 25 Dec.
Richard Loyn & Debbie Tully 28/12 #221515
Southern Boobook
Woodlands Historic Park
Perched in tree just outside back-paddock fence on the East-West firebreak. Just to the East of the sugar gum forest. First time I have observed a Boobook at Woodlands eBird checklist
Richard Arnold 27/12 #221504
highlightMagpie Goose
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
11 seen in T-section, along with lots of Banded Stilts still. Some White-winged terns amongst the Whiskered. At least 10 Cape Barren geese around the plant
Dave Torr with Edith from California 27/12 #221503
Fri 26Australian Koel
A male was heard from Kimberley Drive at 8:10am, calling intermittently for about 10 minutes. Listened for it that evening at dusk, and the following morning from 7:45 - 8:15am, but it was not heard again.
Tamara Leitch 27/12 #221501
highlightLong billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Dowitcher still present on northern shoreline, and appears to be losing color. Despite a day-long search by 5 groups of birders, the Phalarope or Plover could not be located in the couple of hundred shorebirds still present on the lake. Banded Stilts have departed.
John Daniels 27/12 #221498
Thu 25highlightEastern Koel, Gang-gang Cockatoo
Arrived at my parents' house in Hawthorn early this morning and decided to go for a run to make room for the calories that will be consumed later today. Their resident Koel was calling from his usual spot on the corner of Manningtree Road and Through Street. As I ran city-bound along the Yarra (beginning at Leonda) I heard another calling from just south of MacRob Bridge, and then another only a matter of minutes another calling from Como Park. On the way back I stopped running and walked the short-cut past Burnley Golf Course, where I heard another one calling to the north of Wallan Road. Although this is probably not four separate birds, it's at least two, and probably three. As reported several weeks ago, there are still several Gang-gangs at Burnley, with 4-5 birds immediately north of where the Glen Waverley and Alamein/Belgrave lines diverge. I was too far away to determine sex or age, but calls were unmistakable. Seems as though not all head back to the hills after Winter.
John Gray 25/12 #221486
Wed 24megamegaRed-necked Phalarope, Long-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Very few migratory waders present early this morning. Whispered Terns and Banded Stilts also low numbers. Red-necked Phalarope eventually located at southern end of lake around 1130am (where previously reported) an earlier sighting of bird in flight with flock of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers at nearby Lake William was also considered likely candidate. The Long-billed Dowitcher still present -seen resting on Northern shore later in day.
Scott Baker, Tim Bawden 24/12 #221485
highlightEastern Koel (2) Little Lorikeets(3)
Frankston North / Monterey Park / Mallee Street
Three Little Lorikeets have been seen and heard over the last month in the area with Musk Lorikeets, whose numbers have increased over the last two months. Koel has been seen everyday since the 2nd Dec , has 3 favourite trees , one being in our backyard . As of this morning we now have two Koels calling , one from the park and one in Mallee St. calling starts around 3am , but on a positive note , saving power usage ,alarm has been disconnected and I'm starting work earlier.
Colin Mulvogue 24/12 #221474
Tue 23Eastern Koel
Heard calling a few hundred metres from Epping train station about 9am.
Ian Sutherland 27/12 #221505
Freckled Duck
Mcleods Morass
Located behind cattle sales yards in Bairnsdale. Bridge is closed but you can still crossover by walking. Take the left hand track until you come to bird hide. 20 + Frecked Ducks viewed.
Paul Nugent 24/12 #221478
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
McAlpin Reserve
Heard calling from a stand of trees just south of the dam, then seen flying north.
Tamara Leitch 23/12 #221472
Canterbury Road, Blackburn
Heard calling at 6.30pm
Simon Starr 23/12 #221470
megamegaRed-necked Pharalope
Lake Tutchewop
All credit must go to Bob Hughes who located the bird amid hundreds of waders in the scope, then confirmed by Michael Sturmfels, who are both familiar with the species. My job was to photograph it so as to determine its correct ID. It was found this afternoon on the south eastern section of the lake, about 500 metres from where the pelicans roost. If you plan to search for it, be aware that it preferred to swim rather than wade, so it is most likely to be behind the waders feeding on the shoreline. The bird allowed me to approach very closely and even then did not flush!
Bob Hughes, Bernie OKeefe, Michael Sturmfels and Russell Hughes 23/12 #221466
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Blue-faced Honeyeater seen feeding one young in the main street of Kilmore. I first noticed the adult bird catching insects/spiders around the street lights and then feeding these to the young bird.
Chris Cobern 23/12 #221462
Mon 22Eastern Koel
Heard a quiet call repeated about 5 times while standing in the front yard at about 9:30pm. Only called once and quite different from the daytime loud call. No sign of it in the morning. First record for me here in 10 years.
Jackson Airey 24/12 #221475
Brush Bronzewing, Southern Emu-wren
Wonthaggi Heathland and Coastal Reserve
Half a dozen Brush Bronzewings and two groups of Emu-wrens seen/heard during the day.
Marc Freestone, Tom Schmidt 22/12 #221451
highlightOriental Plover, Long-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Fresh juvenile Oriental Plover with the Dowitcher, 150 m past the bird boxes on southern shore at 2 pm. eBird checklist
Dion Hobcroft and David James 22/12 #221445
Sun 21Grey Plover
Cheetham Saltworks, Point Henry
Banded Stilts (230), Great Crested Grebes (130) and 1 Grey Plover.
Bob & Russell Hughes 22/12 #221450
Eastern Koel
Heard the distinctive call of an Eastern Koel twice at 6.30am and 6.40am on Sunday 21/12/14 at Rhyll, Phillip Island. This is the first time that we have heard one call on the Island. Unfortunately had no luck sighting it.
Sally & Derek Whitehead 22/12 #221448
Nankeen Night Heron
Stony Point
13 adult Night Herons on the mudflats south of the boat ramp. Low tide, 7pm. Stony Point is the only place I have seen Night Herons feeding on mudflats, since 2012.
Chris Chandler 22/12 #221441
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
At around 5:30 p.m., the Long-billed Dowitcher was sleeping amongst the strings of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers in the southeast corner of the lake. eBird checklist
Logan Lalonde 21/12 #221435
Seymour River Walk
5 Dollarbirds calling loudly from both sides of the river & in a paddock tree. 2 appeared to be immature, ie with dull-coloured beak & feet. Several Little Friarbirds seen. eBird checklist
Val La May 21/12 #221423
Sat 20Common Koel
Orange Grove, Bayswater
Heard calling from tall tree in suburban backyard in mid morning.
Amber Wallace 23/12 #221467
Greenshanks and Cape Barren Geese
Coast Road, French Island
Friends of French Island NP (FOFI) waterbird survey. 13 Greenshanks on Tony Rowe's wetland, Coast Road. Good numbers of other waterbirds at Coast Road wetlands, including ca120 Cape Barren Geese, over 50 Royal Spoonbills, 5 Yellow-billed Spoonbills (uncommon on French Island), 300 teal, etc. Count data submitted to Biodiversity Atlas.
Chris Chandler 22/12 #221443
highlightFreckled Duck
Heifer Swamp (northern end)
Waterbird survey with Friends of French Island NP (FOFI). Very few ducks seen at Heifer Swamp but we were amazed to see 9 Freckled Ducks fly out from among reeds on the north-western shore. Two of this species seen at Linley's Swamp on 20 September were the first recorded from French Island since 1940s!
Chris Chandler 22/12 #221439
Eastern Koel
Calling from treetops beside Kerrie Crscent, 6.30 to7.15
Danny Rogers 22/12 #221438
Eastern Koel
Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)
Koel heard calling from tall trees near the Arid Garden (started from around 1745).
Jason & Jo Caruso 21/12 #221421
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
The Long-billed Dowitcher was observed between 1000 hours and 1330 hours on the eastern shoreline (not the north-western shoreline) of the lake in company with a number of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. The bird was located and as reported on Thursday 18/12/2014. The bird was also observed at this location by Laurie and Heather (bird observers and photographers) for some five hours the previous day (Friday 19/12/2014). Also present at the lake were approximately 3000 Banded Stilts. eBird checklist
Peter Gibbons and Maarten Hulzebosch 20/12 #221416
White-winged Black Tern
Western Treatment Plant--Beach Rd Boat Ramp (restricted access)
Two birds with many Whiskered Tern and one Latham's Snipe on pond near gate.
Tom Tarrant, Dr David Bird (from Canada) 20/12 #221407
highlightLong Billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Seen at the NW end of lake at 10 am ~ Still in breeding plumage eBird checklist
Giles Daubeney 20/12 #221404
Fri 19highlightGrey-tailed Tattler
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
At high tide (11.35am) a Grey-tailed Tattler was found on rocks between Beach Rd and Kirk Point. Also at this location were 13 Red Knots. Other interesting birds were Pectoral Sandpipers, one at T Section lagoon pond 5 and another one on the foreshore near the bird hide (at high tide). 11 Pacific Golden Plovers at Kirk Point, two Arctic Jaegers along the foreshore, a dark and a light morph. Also, 28 Glossy Ibis at Walsh's lagoons (first ponds to the left if you cross Little River).
Maarten Hulzebosch 21/12 #221433
Arctic Jaeger
Avalon Beach
Dark-phase bird harassing Silver Gulls
Tom Tarrant, Brett Lane 19/12 #221395
Thu 18White-throated Nightjar
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Honeyeater Picnic Ground
At exactly dusk, one White-throated Nightjar came swooping in to feed above Cyanide Dam, and it stayed for less than 10 seconds.
Logan Lalonde 19/12 #221392
highlightLong Billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
seen on Eastern side of lake in with flock of Sharp Tailed Sandpipers. eBird checklist
Des Palmer 18/12 #221383
highlightEastern Koel
Oak Park
Koel heard calling several times this morning. Bird was heard from our house but was a fair distance away. Possibly in the tall gums/pines along the northern or western boundary of the Northern Golf Course.
Jason & Jo Caruso 18/12 #221381
Wed 17highlightEastern Koel
Koel heard calling several times morning, evening and night both 17th and 18th of December. The Koel was in a suburban area but near Darebin Parklands. Seen briefly in flight once.
Robin Massey 18/12 #221380
2 Dollarbirds seen along Goulburn River Walk at 11:00 am. Also several Little Friarbirds.
Warren Palmer & Warwick Remington 17/12 #221372
Scarlet Honeyeater
Silvan Reservoir Park
3 Scarlet Honeyeaters initially heard around the Greygum-Olinda Creek Track junction, after about 15 minutes of searching I was eventually able to locate a male actively feeding in the canopy. As I headed south down Greygum Track (towards the Overflow Carpark) I heard a further 5 more calling from the canopy. Also good numbers of Red-browed Treecreepers around at present with at least 6 heard in their usual area around the Greygum-Olinda Creek Track junction and an adult, with juvenile in tow, providing excellent views near the Overflow Carpark
Tim Nickholds 17/12 #221371
Tue 16Eastern Koel
One calling pre-dawn
Richard Loyn 20/12 #221405
Eastern Koel
One Eastern Koel heard calling 7.15am around Wonga Rd Millgrove. Not sighted.
PWatson 19/12 #221388
Magpie Goose
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
6 Magpie Geese observed from viewing platform off Edithvale Rd.
Greg Thompson 17/12 #221367
Terek Sandpiper (1), Lesser Sand Plover (3), Grey-tailed Tattler (4)
Ram Island, French Island
All waders seen today along the beach and mud flat areas on the southern part of French Island near Ram Island. Terek Sandpiper, Pacific Golden Plovers and Lesser Sand Plovers were in a restricted, private property area.
James Mustafa 16/12 #221366
Magpie Geese
Williams Landing Wetland
Observed 3 Magpie Geese from the train at 5.15pm
Mark Helle 16/12 #221364
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Dandenong Ranges National Park--Grants Picnic Ground
Seen gliding overhead about 9.30 am causing alarm among the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos.
Ian Wilson 16/12 #221363
Song Thrush
Large residential allotment in Hoppers Crossing 3029
At 0650 hours, I observed a single Song Thrush at a bird bath in my rear yard. I have observed this species only occasionally in this area.
Peter Gibbons 16/12 #221358
Mon 15Latham's Snipe
Lake Colac Bird Sanctuary
12+ Snipe flushed from grassy verge.
Corrie & Ian Macartney,Will Bridgeman 16/12 #221361
Red Knot
Stockyard Pt.
At least 12 Red Knot mixed in with other waders along the spit area. No sign of race affinis gull-billed tern or any sand plover species.
James Mustafa 16/12 #221356
Sun 14Square-tailed Kite
Hicks Road Echuca east
After the completion of the Birdlife Echuca and district AGM, and with just a few people still present, a Square-tailed Kite arrived in the area, and landed in a large Red Gum right next to the house where we held the meeting ! Over the next 45 minutes it ate a fledgling bird....species unknown, had a snooze, preened and finally did another couple of laps of the property before heading off to the west.
Simon Starr et al 19/12 #221396
highlightEastern Koel
McLean Street Maffra, Vic
Eastern Koel heard in tree in rear of yard in Mclean Street, Maffra Vic. No observation. Calling late evening Sat 13 Dec and early morning 14 Dec. Calling again evening 14 Dec, sounding like similar location.
Sharna Cole 15/12 #221347
highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo
Elm tree badly infested with elm beetles was host to Black-eared Cuckoo, Shining Bronze-cuckoo and Horsfield Bronze-Cuckoo. All visible at the same time for comparison. Went back later with camera, only fleeting glimpse of the Shining. I'll try again for photos. eBird checklist
Geoff Leslie 14/12 #221344
highlightChestnut-Rumped Heathwren, Black-faced Monarch, Cicadabird, Brown Gerygone
Bunyip State Park
Some highlights of an otherwise quiet day in the forest included a Chestnut-rumped Heathwren heard briefly along Guide Tk near Buttongrass Walk, a Black-faced Monarch back for the third year running at the same location along Ash Landing Rd, Brown Gerygone in quite a few places and a pair of Cicadabird seen well at Mortimers. eBird checklist
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 14/12 #221343
highlightSpotted Harrier, White-throated Needletail
Fairhope (12 km N of Bairnsdale)
Juvenile Spotted Harrier over paddocks and nearby forest; uncommon visitor to locality. Needletails have been seen in general area over last few days, with feeding flock of 75+ over paddocks and forested ridges in early afternoon ahead of local thunderstorms
Felicity & Chris Healey 14/12 #221340
highlightCommon Sandpiper
Girgarre Evaporation Ponds
Single bird seen during a BA Murray Goulbourn visit. Bird flew and we were unable to relocate it. Photo taken from a great distance and only attached as a record shot. No public access to the site unfortunately.
Bill & Jackie Morecraft 14/12 #221334
highlightEastern Koel
Royal Botanic Gardens (Melbourne)
Heard bird calling from area of Arid Garden from 0645 and located high up in a tall tree. Calling regularly to 0730 then flew further into gardens.
John Daniels 14/12 #221331
Sat 13highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Present on SW side of lake near some nest boxes around midday, in warm, near still conditions. It flew to the east around 2pm. eBird checklist
Peter Shute, Bill Stent, Russell Woodford 15/12 #221353
Magpie Geese
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
I normally see one or two Magpie Geese at Edithvale but today I counted eight
Wayne Butterworth 13/12 #221323
Whiskered Tern
Albert Park Lake
Two whiskered tern searching back and forth and plunging into water.
Margaret Lacey 13/12 #221320
highlightEastern Koel
Selwood St, Hawthorn East
Bird calling incessantly this morning around 8 am.
Tom Tarrant 13/12 #221319
Fri 12Grass Owl
Grass Owl seen again in grass swamp area.
Eric Finder, Malcolm Eyles 15/12 #221350
White-throated Needletail (25)
Gardiners Creek Reserve, Ashwood
25 WTN seen making their way across the Gardiners Creek Reserve trail around 7.45pm this evening. My first record for this part of the world eBird checklist
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 12/12 #221315
highlightElegant Parrot
Little Desert National Park
Two Elegant Parrot first observed behind Merretts Reserve feeding and drinking in the open farmland. Then over the next hour at least 4 more birds seen throughout the open woodland bush block of Merretts amongst at least 40 Blue-winged Parrot. Neophema currently in good numbers in this area of Little Desert. This was my 400th bird species for my 2014 VicTwitch. Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 12/12 #221297
Thu 11highlightAustralian Pratincole
Single Australian Pratincole seen soaring elegantly over the Sunraysia Highway about a kilometre south of Speed. Light sandy brown coloured bird with dark black underwings and lighter belly/breast clearly observed from the car. It continued east across a farming property that had been recently ploughed. Could not relocate in despite scoping. Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 11/12 #221295
Eastern Whipbird
Salisbury Street Lang Lang
Whipbird heard calling from Bush ( Lang Lang Rail Trail ) at around 9.00am , heard several times but not located , first heardhere in 20 years of working in area. Very thick undergrowth mostly Blackberries. Rufous Songlarks still present at Bayles and Eastern Koel still present in the Frankston North Area.
Colin Mulvogue 11/12 #221294
Neds Corner Station
Budgerigar seen and heard along the Murray and areas on Lindsay Island. Small numbers but thought worth reporting as they have been absent from Victoria for most of this year. Further information
James Mustafa 11/12 #221293
highlightEastern Koel
Fairbrae Avenue, Belmont
Have heard calls from my backyard in the Highton area a couple of times from a distance. Located in large pine tree in Fairbrae Ave in adjoining Belmont, roughly 100 metres in from Roberts Road (-38.169757, 144.330337). I got the impression from the calls that it had moved around a bit before settling in the tree. Was about three-quarters of the way up, very well concealed but a clear view of the whole bird was possible from one angle. First heard it about 7.30pm, sighted around 8pm and kept calling from this position until I left after 15 minutes or so.
John Watson 11/12 #221292
Wed 10Mallee Emu-wren
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Southern Truck Stop
Prolonged views of a male Emu-wren as it sat atop a Triodia checking me out, minutes later another male flew across my path before ducking into Spinifex, I also heard 2 other birds calling from the general vicinity. I am unaware of previous records of Emu-wren in this area of the park Moderators Note: there have been previous sightings of Mallee Emu-wren reported from this site eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds 11/12 #221289
highlightBeach Stone Curlew
Rocks at Kennett River, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Close observation of single individual on rocky shoreline at the point at Kennett River.
Dianne Simmons 11/12 #221288
highlightInland Dotterel (4), Pratincole sp. (1)
Neds Corner Station
After 6 visits and over 10 nights spent out looking for Inland Dotterel this year, finally managed to locate some birds along Old Mail Rd heading out towards to Lake Wallawalla. 3 birds originally located in the middle of the road (almost ran over first bird) and a 4th bird flushed from the side of the road when out of the car. Light brown with dark black stripe on face and breast, slight streaking in wings and dumpy, fat little bodies. The dotterels all ran off the road and could not be located once in the salt bush area. Also of interest was a bird I believe to be a Pratincole species which was located in the middle of the road near the entrance to Murray-Sunset (heading towards Lindsay Island). Light brown/tawny colour with dark/black wings when it elegantly flew up from the road. There has been very light spiting rain early evening over Neds Corner - I wonder if this has inspired the activity from the birds? Further information
James Mustafa 10/12 #221285
Black Honeyeater (9)
Ouyen 10' Cell
A minimum of 9 birds seen today in Eremophila around the Ouyen area. Unfortunately, despite many hours searching, no Pied Honeyeater could be located.
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 10/12 #221284
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Still present, but now along the eastern shoreline. Hunkered down in the stiff wind. eBird checklist
Bill & Jackie Morecraft 10/12 #221283
Tue 9highlightLittle Button-quail, Red-chested Buttonquail, Stubble Quail
Terrick Terrick National Park
Two nights at Terrick unfortunately did not reveal any Plains-wanderer but did provide many experiences with Little Button-quail and Stubble Quail. Second night included a Red-chested Buttonquail, overall darker bird with rufousy flanks clearly observed when flushed. Large numbers of White-backed Swallow and Rainbow Bee-eater also observed in site. Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 10/12 #221287
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Bird still present at the northern end of the lake in the midst of a flock of around 150 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Observed from 14:30 to 15:30. eBird checklist
John Stirling & Judy Leitch 9/12 #221274
highlightPacific Koel
Suburbia; eastern boundary of Croydon adjoining Mooroolbark
1820 hours heard a male Koel (Eudynamys orientalis) calling clearly over about a 5-minute period. Area well treed. Am familiar with species and its call, from holidays at Narooma and Brisbane.
Robert John Bond 9/12 #221273
highlightGrey Plover and Banded Lapwing
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
A single Grey Plover on the rocks with 25 Golden Plovers and then feeding on the beach by itself. Also unusual to find a Banded Lapwing on the rocks and the beach with a flock of 35 Masked Lapwings. eBird checklist
Margaret & Richard Alcorn 9/12 #221266
Seymour River Walk
Six birds flying up & down the river and calling loudly. Also heard Leaden Flycatcher. eBird checklist
Val La May 9/12 #221263
Kow Swamp
Decided to pull over to photograph a peregrine, when the falcon flushed up a flock of budgerigar from the native grasses on a farmyard. They flew into private property and nested in trees before being scared away again by peregrine. Flock was about 8-12 birds
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 9/12 #221258
Mon 8Glossy Ibis,14 Freckled Ducks, 30+ Musk Ducks
Chain of Lakes on Westbank Road, Leslie Manor
Bob Hughes, Hugh Campbell. 10/12 #221281
highlightAustralian Koel
Another regional Koel record. This time calling along the Ovens River by Templeton Street. My only other record of this species in Wangaratta was way back in 1993! eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 8/12 #221252
megamegaHouse Crow
St Kilda Rd (opposite Shrine of rememberance)
Reported and photographed on powerlines along St Kilda Rd opposite the Shrine of Remembrance this morning. Also reported along Park Street recently by James Mustafa and Tim Bawden in the early afternoon.
George Matthias via Victorian Twitchers facebook page 8/12 #221245
Sun 7highlightAustralian Koel
Herring Island
A koel was heard calling strongly near Herring Island this afternoon. Perhaps the same bird recently reported at the botanic gardens or by the river at Burnley recently. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 8/12 #221247
Spotted Quail-thrush
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
Single bird heard calling at dawn from a rocky ridge area in the southern area of Chiltern - a lovely sound to wake up to. eBird checklist Further information
James Mustafa, Clancye Milne 8/12 #221242
White-throated Gerygone, Leaden Flycatcher and Satin Flycatcher
You Yangs Regional Park
Some nice birds seen despite terrible conditions for the annual Challenge Bird Count. Birds all seen on the east side of the park.
Members of the BirdLife Challenge Birdcount team 7/12 #221233
Grey-tailed Tattler
Avalon Beach
Single Grey-tailed Tattler seen both days of the weekend allowing reasonably close approach.
Members of the BirdLife Challenge Birdcount team 7/12 #221232
highlightEastern Koel
Just starting up for the evening at about 08:45pm
Euan Moore 7/12 #221229
Banded Lapwing
Large Paddock in Williams Landing 3017
At 17:28 I observed twelve Banded Lapwings on the south side of a large recently slashed paddock, north-east of Palmers Road and Williams Landing Boulevard. I have had several intermittent sightings of this species at this location.
Peter Gibbons 7/12 #221225
Nankeen Night-Heron
Drain near Elgar reserve Mont Albert North
I haven't seen one here before. It was in the afternoon and earlier this week I saw a White-faced heron on the cricket pitch staring at Galahs on the football field. Further information
Sabine Glissmann-Gough 7/12 #221219
Black Falcon
I witnessed an amazing sight this morning in a paddock behind my house on the edge of town. A pair of Black Falcons were hunting three Galahs. They took turns chasing the juvenile Galah while the parents circled overhead calling frantically. Eventually the young Galah fell exhausted into trees nearby and the falcons followed it in.
Gary Oliver 7/12 #221215
highlightEastern Koel
Monterey Boulevard Reserve
Woke to the call of a Koel this morning ,at 7am , Thankfully not any earlier. Bird heard but not seen , but call coming from large gums on eastern side of Reserve. A koel was heard in this area last year , passing through hopefully.
Colin Mulvogue 7/12 #221211
Sat 6highlightGrass owl
Grass owl was seen again early evening near roadside flying low over thick waterlogged grass paddocks. More confident with identification with improved views of long feet and dark wings. It soon vanished into grass clumps
Eric Finder, Malcolm Eyles 8/12 #221243
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Started at the southern end and worked our way around the western shore, located the group of waders and Matt managed to spot the Dowitcher amongst the group at 09:15. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Matt McCrae 6/12 #221200
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
Still there. On North shore both 5th & 6th Dec during the morning - easily seen when separated but more difficult when with "clumping" Sharpies. Seems to sleep a lot. eBird checklist
Mal & Janet Kidson 6/12 #221199
Fri 5highlightAustralian Koel
Heard calling by the eastern side of the lake during the evening. First record I know of in Benalla and another record of this increasingly common species in Victoria. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 8/12 #221246
highlightEastern Koel
Reservoir Area next to Mt Waverley Reserve
Heard but not seen at approximately 7AM. Clearly audible from surrounding streets.
Robyn and Nick Goode 6/12 #221201
Bunyip State Park--Mortimer Picnic Ground
Single male heard making "tuck-tuck" then cicada call, seen flying around treetops. eBird checklist
Tom Tarrant 6/12 #221191
highlightRed-chested Button-quail, Little Button-quail
2 Red-chested Button-quail and 1 Little Button-quail sighted in grassy woodlands on private property this morning.
Eric Finder, Malcolm Eyles and group 5/12 #221178
Thu 4highlightEastern Koel
Backyard between Stewart St/Una St and Blue Hills Ave, Mount Waverley Melbourne
Marina Harper 5/12 #221181
Little Button-quail
Tiny quail with whitish edges to the tail flushed from the edge of wheat paddock behind the garden. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 4/12 #221173
Rufous Songlark
Bunyip River Road, Bayles
Noticed bird on powerlines as heading north along Bunyip River Road from Bayles. It flew off towards the west into a large gum. Heard calling and then was joined by another bird. I took some pictures from about 500m away , then took some videos, more for calls than visual. I have seen this species in Pakenham and Officer over the last few years.
Colin Mulvogue 4/12 #221172
Striated Heron
Croajingolong National Park--Sandy Point
Striated Heron spotted on mud bank fishing in the morning from fishing boat. It flew when we approach. This is our first sighting since 2011 in Mallacoota
Geoff Lane, John Harrison, Mark Theodopolous, Mark Broughton 4/12 #221171
Black Falcon
Exford Reserve
Stopped for morning tea at the small park on Exford Rd by the Werribee River. Black Falcon flew around several times, being harassed by what looked like a Kestrel and a Hobby, whilst a Brown Falcon looked on!
Dave Torr, Christine Shelley, Iian Denham, Mark Buckby 4/12 #221170
Spotted Quailthrush
Brisbane Ranges National Park
Single bird seen, second bird heard near old slate quarry
Dave Torr, Christine Shelley, Iian Denham, Mark Buckby 4/12 #221169
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone
Lerdederg River at Pumphouse Track, west of Blackwood
Two calling. Excellent views of one bird called in. Also Rose Robin, Bassian Thrush, Brush Bronzewing, Olive-backed Oriole, etc. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 4/12 #221168
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Blue-billed Duck
Moorabool Reservoir Park
A juvenile (first year) sea-eagle observed to capture a Long-billed Corella from a tree, then to be dive bombed in return by a screaming Peregrine Falcon! Slightly unusual inland hill site for sea-eagle. Large rafts of water birds and me without a scope. The estimate of 150 Blue-bills is conservative. Also Great Crested Grebes, Shovelers, etc. eBird checklist
Lawrie Conole 4/12 #221166
highlightCommon Koel
Morrah St Hastings
A first for us here! A Common Koel heard calling at 6am in light rainy conditions! Bird chased off by wattlebirds.
S and S King 4/12 #221165
Wed 3Indian Peafowl
Redbill Road, French Island
3 males seen on road during a bus trip to NW French Island. All birds within 200m of each other. An emerging issue for the island.
Martin O'Brien 4/12 #221167
Grass Owl (possible)
Suspected Grass Owl seen next to road after dark. Originally noticed on November 29, a dark barn owl with claws extending after tail. This is the 2nd observation this week. No button-quail seen today on farm property.
Eric Finder, Malcolm Eyles and group 3/12 #221164
highlightRufous Bristlebird
Barwon Heads Golf Course
I was waiting to tee off on the 14th hole when I heard the unmistakable calls of a a Rufous Bristlebird. This is the first time I have heard this bird in 7 years of playing golf here!
Hedley Earl 3/12 #221157
Cape Barren Geese
Morrah St Hastings
Lucky sighting...just walked out our back door to see 7 Cape Barren Geese fly over the top of our house.
S and S King 3/12 #221156
highlightFreckled Duck
Banyule Flats Reserve, Heidelberg
Single bird feeding north end of Swamp with Black Ducks - then swam to fallen branches by dead tree, climbed out and preened - sharing perch with a Coot and a Long-necked Turtle. One Straw-necked Ibis also perched on timber
Anthea Fleming 3/12 #221150
highlightPacific Koel
Mt Eliza Regional Park
Heard calling from 5:17 this morning at the back of Claremont St
Stuart Cooney 3/12 #221144
Tue 2highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
The Long-billed Dowitcher was seen by at least 5 people on 2 Dec (also seen 1 Dec). South end, at inlet 7:45 am then on eastern side. eBird checklist
Angus Hartshorn 5/12 #221180
Great Knot, Greater/Lesser Sandplover, Whimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit
Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park
Went out to Clonmel Island in hope of finding G/L Sandplovers but without luck. 10,000+ Red-necked Stints all over the island as well as great numbers of Red-capped Plovers, a few Sanderling and some Eastern Curlew. Hardly any other species of waders. Managed to find and then spook 7 Sandplover sp. that could not be relocated and unfortunately remaining unticked! 3 Great Knots found along the shore line of Sunday Island (private island) along with 20 odd Whimbrel, 200+ Bar-tailed Godwits and more flocks of Red-necked Stint. 8 Red Knots found along mudflats in Port Albert when returning to wharf.
James Mustafa 2/12 #221134
highlightScarlet Honeyeater
Cardinia Reservoir, Spillway carpark
Two birds seen clearly in the trees across the road from the carpark.
Ian Wilson, Chris Purnell 2/12 #221129
Great Crested Grebe
Cardinia Reservoir, Spillway carpark
Approximately 140 birds observed through the spotting scope this afternoon about 3.45 pm.
Arthur Carew, Chris Purnell, Ian Wilson, Jill Wilson 2/12 #221128
Mon 1highlightEastern Koel
Male calling day and night over recent few days. Sighted male being chased by wattle birds as well as female. Very fast flight.
Tim Williams 2/12 #221124
Red-necked Avocet, Common Greenshank
Cairn Curran Reservoir
3 Red-necked Avocets on southern shore near Captain's Gull Creek. A lone Greenshank in the same area - my first record for the site. Also a few Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, Caspian and Whiskered Terns.
Geoff Park 1/12 #221121

November 2014
Sun 30highlightRed-chested Buttonquail
Myall (private property) south-west of Sea Lake
Four birds found in dense grass when walking around friends property.
Eric Finder and group 3/12 #221148
Brush Cuckoo
Warrandyte State Park--Jumping Creek Reserve
Heard calling from the carpark when arrived, bird was on the opposite bank of the river, heard for about 3 minutes, bird was moving slowly upstream and eventually couldn't hear it anymore as it moved out of the area. eBird checklist
Jackson Airey 2/12 #221122
highlightDiamond Firetail
Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary
A pair of Diamond Firetails were observed collecting and carrying nesting materials. Later verified by Ranger David Coutts and James O'Connor and family. David said it is only the second time in 18 years it has been observed nesting here.
Jenny and Peter Sedgwick 1/12 #221109
highlightLong Billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
LBD sited at the southern end close to the inlet channel Lucky enough to turn up at the right spot first thanks to a the only birder onsite. spent about 2 hours with the bird being quite happy to feed and allowed some good photos. eBird checklist
Wayne Wignall 30/11 #221100
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
The lake was well searched yesterday (29 Nov) by 10+ people and the bird was absent. It was back again this morning being found on the western shore about 200 m north of the (old?) brick pump house at about 7 am. It moved around a bit of its own accord through the morning but mostly stayed on the western shore - seen by at least half a dozen people. eBird checklist Further information
Rohan Clarke et al. 30/11 #221099
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone
You Yangs R/P. (West side of Circle Rd)
Heard an unfamiliar call in this area. After spending 15 or so minutes searching, I finally located the source. A juvenile W/T Gerygone was begging and being fed by an adult bird. " Note" It was the begging call that was so foreign!
Denis Sleep 30/11 #221098
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop
The LBD was located at around 8am on the west side of the lake just north of the pump station near the large communication tower. It was amongst sharpies. This was to the joy of many punters who were able to get some great photos. It could not be located on Saturday despite the efforts of many birders. eBird checklist
Bernie OKeefe 30/11 #221097
Sat 29highlightEastern Koel
Caulfield Sth
Eastern Koel heard calling from large trees opposite Glen Eira College at 8.30am .
Greg Thompson 1/12 #221113
highlightSatin Flycatcher, Common Tern, Red-necked Avocet (1422)
Cheetham Wetlands (Altona Meadows)
Some interesting sightings on the monthly Birdlife Survey. A male Satin Flycatcher was present and singing in trees alongside the access gate near the Information board. Common Tern has returned with 4 present, all in basic plumage and showing very worn primaries, and good numbers of Red-necked Avocet with 1422 counted. eBird checklist
Steve Davidson & David Richardson 29/11 #221074
Eastern Koel
Peter Weinstock
2 birds in Long Gully. Corner of Arms and Havilah road and corner of Curtis and Quick St.
Peter Weinstock 29/11 #221069
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