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Recent Sightings


Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2014
Wed 1Spotless Crake
Liverpool Rd Retarding Basin
Des Palmer 1/10 #220005
Rufous Songlark
Westona Station, Altona
Heard a Rufous Songlark calling from a back yard adjacent to Westona Station around 6:15am. Did not see the bird.
Peter Shute 1/10 #219987

September 2014
Tue 30White-browed and Masked Woodswallow
A small flock overhead this afternoon arriving in a typical manner on strong warm northerly winds. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 30/9 #219980
Mon 29Square-tailed Kite
Between Lakes Bittarang and Woterap, Hattah-Kulkyne NP
Seen over Black Box/sandhill veg.
George Appleby 30/9 #219985
Freckled Duck
Kyabram Fauna Park
Still plenty of Freckled ducks roosting under the Willow trees and on the centre bank in the big water in front of the glassed observatory and several roosting on logs and feeding in the late afternoon in the South pond with all the dead trees etc. No drakes with coloured bills. Photos taken. Further information
Barney Enders 29/9 #219970
Pink-eared Duck
Elsternwick Park, Brighton
Single PE Duck on lake. First record since December 2012. eBird checklist
Debbie Lustig 29/9 #219964
Sun 28Whiskered Tern
Macleod Morass, Bairnsdale
Flock of 70-100, some in partial breeding plumage. Uncommon visitor to area.
John Saxton (per Chris Healey, BirdLife East Gippsland) 30/9 #219978
Beach Stone-curlew
Screw Creek, Inverloch
Still there east of Screw Creek on the southern edge of the mangroves.
Kevin Bartram 28/9 #219945
White-winged chough
Ford Park, Bellfield
I first saw this single bird at this site on wednesday the 24th. I am surprised it is still there. It seems reasonably relaxed, allowing approach to about 10 metres. As can be seen from the photo it is a bit tatty. I wonder where it has come from.
Ruth Minifie. 28/9 #219927
Sat 27Painted Honeyeater
Warby-Ovens National Park--Killawarra Forest
At least one pair near waterhole past entrance in SE cnr of park -36.23186, 146.22687 eBird checklist
Tom Tarrant, Brett Lane 28/9 #219932
Fri 26Yellow Tufted Honeyeater, Swift Parrot
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Cyanide Dam
At least two Yellow Tufted Honeyeaters present, chasing Red Wattlebird near Cyanide Dam. Two Swift Parrots landed in a nearby tree - amidst an Olive Backed Oriole and several Noisy Friarbirds.
Andrew Williams 27/9 #219906
Rainbow Bee-eater
Indigo Valley
Quite early for this neck of the woods. Visiting friends just south of the national park adjacent to the Chiltern Yackandandah Road when a single bird flew over head.
Matt Weeks 26/9 #219905
highlightBeach Stone-Curlew
Screw Creek, Inverloch, Victoria
The Beach Stone-Curlew is still present at the Screw Creek outlet in Inverloch. Seen this morning from 7:15am at low tide. eBird checklist
Andrew Allen 26/9 #219903
Swift Parrots
Five birds seen flying between flowering Yellow Gums in the Kismet Estate (off Aldridge Drive) area. Also observed foraging on flowers of the gums. Low numbers have been present throughout the winter months.
Gerard O'Neill 26/9 #219901
Thu 25Rufous Whistler, Baillons Crake
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Single male at Borrow Pits - not a bird I have seen very often at the WTP since the closure of Farm Rd. Also 2 Baillon's Crake at T-Section pond 4.
Dave Torr, Christine Shelley, Bruce and Judy from USA 26/9 #219900
Lathams Snipe,Lewins Rail and Australian Spotted Crake
Liverpool rd Retarding Basin Kilsyth Sth
Observed 2 Lathams Snipe identified rail and Crake from calls.Also observed White Necked Heron stand motionless for 10 mins before striking out and catching very large frog
Des Palmer 25/9 #219896
Tue 23highlightBlack-faced Woodswallow
Point Danger
Fiona Parkin and I had a single Black-faced Woodswallow hawking insects at Point Danger, Portland. This to my knowledge is a first for the Portland District. Cape Gannet was also present in the gannetry and White-bellied Sea Eagle over Lawrence Rocks.
Robert Farnes 24/9 #219884
Mon 22Turquoise Parrot, Painted Honeyeater, Rose Robin, Speckled Warbler
Chiltern National Park
Quite a few Turquoise Parrots throughout the Park. A calling Painted Honeyeater and a female Rose Robin, both initially pointed out by Rob Drummond, along with a pair of Speckled Warblers were at Bartley's Block.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 23/9 #219876
Banded Stilt (12), Brolga (2), Pink-eared Duck (60)
Green Hill Lake
Highlights were 12 Banded Stilts, about 60 Pink-eared Ducks, and 2 Brolgas. Also Red-necked Avocets, Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (possibly a couple of Pectorals-will need to confirm), Red-kneed, Red-capped and Black-fronted Dotterels. eBird checklist
Tristan Kennedy 22/9 #219857
Sun 21Square-tailed Kite
Private block, Clunes
Four of us were held enraptured by fantastic views of a low, soaring Square-tailed Kite which landed several times in a large gum on the perimeter of the property. Hopefully scoping nesting sites! This was the first time seen here however we have seen one at distance near Dunach.
Michael Gooch 24/9 #219888
Powerful Owl, Crested Bellbird, Spot. Quail-thrush, Square-tail Kite, Diamond Firetail, 5 Cuckoo sp.
Newstead area and Muckleford State Forest
Wonderful box-ironbark Spring birding over the course of the weekend around Newstead visiting several sites including Muckleford SF and Rise & Shine Bushland Reserve. Highlights include Powerful Owl family of 2 adults and 2 young beside the Loddon, Crested Bellbird in MSF, Spotted Quail-thrush on Plunketts Rd, 2 Square-tailed Kite at nest in MSF, Diamond Firetail at Rise & Shine BR. Black-eared Cuckoo heard along Plunketts Rd and seen at Rise & Shine BR. Cuckoos (Pallid, Horsfield's, Shining and Fan-tailed) heard and/or seen at most spots, all 5 in a short period on Plunketts Rd. Australian Owlet-Nightjar seen in MSF.
Jackson Airey and members of the RFNC Inc. Spring camp-out 22/9 #219862
Square-tailed Kite
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Old Calder Hwy
A particularly resplendent adult Square-tailed Kite soaring low over the mallee mid-morning as we left the area, near Warepil Lookout. Also had a pair of Striated Grasswren and three parties of Mallee Emu-wren along Nowingi and Konardin Tracks, heaps of other birds about and beautiful spring weather.
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 22/9 #219855
Painted Honeyeater
Sullivan's Track, Newstead
Two seen, others calling. First return to a regular spot
Geoff Park 21/9 #219834
Cattle Egret
Dandenong Creek Trail, 100m north of Jells Park
About 30 Cattle Egret, some in breeding plumage feeding hungrily around cattle. Area is about 100 metres from the bridge as you leave Jells Park heading north on the Dandenong Creek Trail. First I have spotted this season.
Wendy McWilliams 21/9 #219829
Sat 20Banded Stilts, Red-necked Avocets and Red-necked Stints
Moolap Salt Pans [old Cheetham Salt Works]
On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st AM a large flock of Banded Stilts [765] and Red-necked Avocets [665] were observed resting and feeding on salt pans adjacent to Portarlington Rd. Similarly on Sunday on an adjacent pond Red-necked Stints [350] were seen arriving from N direction and commenced vigorously feeding. This area is on private land and presently subject to a major commercial and residential proposal. This important wader habitat can be viewed from the rear of the pump house situated on Portarlington Rd just east of the CSIRO main entrance way. [scope and hand counter used in bird count ]
David Tytherleigh and John Newman 22/9 #219854
Grey Butcherbird
J J Holland Park , Kensington
single bird seen in trees close to park entrance at corner of Childers and Ormond Streets. I have seen singles of this species at this spot twice before but many months apart so thought sighting may be of interest to local birders.
David A Richardson 21/9 #219826
Cape Gannet
Point Danger
Magnificent views of a Cape Gannet that really put on a show for us continually displaying black line on the throat for about 30 minutes. Thanks to Rob Farnes and John Weigel for locating the bird. Photos avsailable.
Bernie OKeefe and Ken Haines 21/9 #219817
White-winged Chough
Simpsons Park, Mitcham
Was alone.
Paul Kearsley 20/9 #219807
megamegaMallee Emu-wren
Wyperfeld National Park
A family of Mallee Emu-wren was seen on the Discovery Walk at Wyperfeld National Park in an open area of tea-tree heath.
Matthew Crawford 20/9 #219803
Fri 19Indian Peafowl
French Island, Bullock rd
Following reports of a previously unrecognised (as far as the birding community is concerned) feral population of Indian Peafowl on French Island with James Mustafa and Brian Johnson. A single bird seen briefly on private property near tip, another 6 birds located at end of Bullock road. Difficult to approach but certainly the legitimacy of this population does require some discussion. Either way a current extermination program may limit opportunities to record on Victorian list.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa and Brian Johnson 19/9 #219788
Rose Robin, Baillon's Crake
Karkarook Park
The reported male Rose Robin was seen today in the same location in the acacias along the path to the stables. Also seen were two Baillon's Crake encountered at close quarters in the southernmost wetlands in the late afternoon.
Lewis Hiller, Matt Pedersen 19/9 #219786
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Nowingi Track
1 bird allowed close, prolonged approach Further information
Greg Roberts 19/9 #219780
Thu 18Short-tailed Shearwater
Pt Addis
First returns of a small number of Short-tailed Shearwater off Pt Addis this morning.
Steve Davidson - The Melbourne Birder 22/9 #219856
Swift Parrots
Heyfield Golf Course
At least 20 birds still present in the area after initial sighting 4 days ago.
Peter Ware & Jack Winterbottom 19/9 #219783
Rose Robin
Karkarook Park
Good views and photos taken of one male bird. Along the path near the lake between the horse stables and the carpark. eBird checklist
Julie Sarna 18/9 #219768
Pallid Cuckoo
Karkarook Park
Seen today around 15:30 and on Tuesday afternoon along the path between the retarding basin and the bird hide. Spent some time on the outer fence close to Dingly Bypass. Got good ID photos today. Reporting it because it seems to be the first report at this location.(Moderator's note: indeed it is the first sighting at this location).
Julie Sarna 18/9 #219766
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
A juvenile White-bellied Sea-Eagle was observed soaring over Caulfield Racecourse at 1pm.
Lewis Hiller 18/9 #219763
Wed 17Scarlet Honeyeater
Fairy Dell
Two seen but many more heard, many Rose Robins present.
Deb Crosby 19/9 #219782
Hutton's Shearwater
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
I've been keeping an eye on a large flock of Fluttering-type shearwater that's been hanging offshore from the east end of the plant over the last 14 days or so but generally they've been way too far out to monitor closely. Today however in the strong southerlies several were pushed in close to shore to around 300m off with a feeding flock of gannets, cormorants, terns, etc, and amongst about 70 Fluttering SW was a clear Hutton's that showed a dark hood with little white visible around the chin, dusky axillaries and generally less white on the underwing; it also showed more dark feathering on the thighs that further differentiated it from the FSW. It clearly stood out, and in the time I watched I could only see one at any time, however there may have been more. First I've seen this sp. at WTP. eBird checklist
Steve Davidson 17/9 #219750
Dusky Woodswallow
Swan Reach, East Gippsland
80 counted resting on fences and power lines near home close to Colquhoun Forest this morning
Ken Sherring 17/9 #219743
Mon 15Swift Parrot
Heyfield Golf Course
Between 15 and twenty birds observed feeding in Red Box blossom.
Peter Ware plus 4 other members of Birdlife East Gippsland 16/9 #219730
Latham's Snipe
Laverton Creek , Altona Meadows
2 Latham's Snipe seen on mud in Laverton Creek in section that runs through A B Shaw Reserve which is a dogs off leads park. I have seen 1 or 2 here for past three years.
David A Richardson 15/9 #219728
Sun 14Magpie geese
Newcomb, Moolap station rd.
A flock of about 24, can be seen along Moolap station road near the Gateway church, past the Bellarine HWY. Also saw Yellow-rumped thornbills a pair of Brolgas fly towards Reedy lake.
Andrew Wallis 17/9 #219754
Scarlet Honeyeater
Log Crossing Lakes Entrance
Two young birds at the picnic spot at Log Crossing. Also present a Rose Robin, Eastern Yellow Robin and a Beautiful Firetail amongst several other honeyeater species.
Gary Oliver 15/9 #219714
highlightArctic Tern
Port Fairy Pelagic
1 juvenile Arctic Tern seen for a few minutes around 9.55 today. Numerous photos taken. Diagnostic distinct and long black trailing edge seen, translucent underwing, small bill & domed head all characteristic of this species. Other a very quiet day with birds reluctant to feast on our burley & fewer species expected. Other highlight include a Common Diving Petrel photographed on the shelf, 1 Wandering type Albatross (probably gibsoni) flew past.
Kevin Bartram, Neil McCumber, James Mustafa etc 14/9 #219711
Banded Lapwing (8).
Williams Landing 3027.
At 1730 hours, I observed four adult Banded Lapwings and four juveniles in a large grassed paddock east of Palmers Road (between Williams Landing Boulevard and Freya Drive). The four juveniles were with an adult pair and the two other adult birds appeared to be a pair.
Peter Gibbons. 14/9 #219704
highlightSpiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Travancore Park, Travancore
A single Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater calling from the top of a Plane Tree adjacent to the Park. Flew off east in the direction of Royal Park. Very uncommon.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 14/9 #219691
Sat 13Beach Thick-knee
Anderson Inlet, Inverloch.
A single bird, seen in early evening around 6 pm, foraging in the sand flats and shallows of the receding tide near the Screw Creek outlet.
Stephen Lacy 16/9 #219739
Black-eared Cuckoo
Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park--Mt. Arapiles
Following up earlier report. Heard then seen along left side of Summit Road, a few hundred metres west of the C240. Awesome views while it perched. eBird checklist
James Mustafa, Owen Lishmund 14/9 #219709
highlightCape Gannet
Point Danger
Single Cape Gannet located amongst the hundreds of Australasian Gannet's in the colony at Point Danger. Spent a lot of time huddled down (partnerless) but darker area around the eye still prominent and clearly different from Aus Gannets. Long gular stripe clearly seen when the bird lifted it's head up for a look around. Lighter iris also observed. Cape Gannet and colony was observed through scopes from outside the fence. eBird checklist Further information
James Mustafa, Owen Lishmund, Tony Bischoff and Rob Farnes 14/9 #219708
highlightCurlew Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Latham's Snipe, White-winged Triller
Boomahnoomoonah Road Wetland (Yarrawonga)
A Curlew Sandpiper was seen actively feeding in the middle of the wetland with a small flock of 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, in non-breeding plumage. My first ever record in NE Victoria and probably the only record in many years with no records on eBird or Birdata for NE Victoria either. Also spring returns of a Latham's Snipe and two male White-winged Trillers. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 13/9 #219687
highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo
Plunkett's Rd, Newstead
Multiple birds calling mid-afternoon along with Pallid, Fan-tailed, Shining and Horsfield's bronze-cuckoos.
Geoff Park 13/9 #219684
Fri 12highlightWhite-fronted Honeyeater
In blossoming plum tree in garden in Skipton, observed from close by, poor photo taken (attached) before it was chased off into a neighbours yard, heard singing for 10 minutes or so. eBird checklist
Tristan Kennedy 12/9 #219669
highlightStraw-necked Ibis, White Ibis
MacLeod Morass Wildlife Reserve, Bairnsdale
Large rookery approx 24 ha, with ibis nesting in reedbeds near northern end of Morass. Provisional estimate 11,000 to 20,000 birds, mostly Straw-necked Ibis; proportion incubating not determined. Rookery site shifts from year to year; this is an earlier start to breeding than most years.
Chris Healey, BirdLife East Gippsland 12/9 #219665
Freckled Duck
MacLeod Morass Wildlife Reserve, Bairnsdale
9 Freckled Duck in company with small numbers of Black Duck, Chestnut Teal and Grey Teal. Also Aus Spotted Crake, Aus Reed-warbler.
Chris Healey, BirdLife East Gippsland 12/9 #219664
highlightWhite-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike, Black-winged Stilt and Red-kneed Dotterel
Woodlands Historic Park
1 lone bird in a flock with Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes, was singled out and as the black-faced flew this bird stayed behind giving us great extended views, many pictures and even was rewarded with its beautiful call. A cracking bird for this area. The Stilts and Red-kneed Dotterel were found down at the large dam in south east corner, 3 new birds for the park for a day out... eBird checklist Further information
Philip Peel and Matt Mccrae 12/9 #219655
Wed 10Black-eared Cuckoo
Mount Arapiles
Two birds calling on Circuit Track near Summit Road, one seen well. Also seen on this track were several Shy Heathwrens, Gilbert's Whistlers, White-winged Trillers, White-fronted Honeyeaters and a Peregrine Falcon. eBird checklist
Richard and Margaret Alcorn 10/9 #219626
Tue 9Noisy Friarbird
Newry, East Gippsland
Not sure if they are common here or not, but haven't seen one here before and it was suggested I report it here. Coming in to eat the nectar in the Nectarine Blossom.
Debbie Radde 10/9 #219622
Mon 8highlightWhite-headed pigeon
Karbeethong (Mallacoota)
I first saw this species here during a visit in May 2014. On this trip I have seen 1-3 on each of the last 4 days. This morning I observed 3 in a tree near the intersection of Karbeethong Avenue and Lakeside Drive. One bird was doing a bobbing DIsplay followed by putting a wing over its target bird. About 40 minutes later and about 1km away I saw another bird carrying a twig into dense garden plantings. So they seem to be breeding.
Martin Butterfield 8/9 #219574
Sun 733 Latham's Snipe
'Golden Pond', Peterbough,
this is a small wetland on the western edge of Peterborough, named Golden Pond by members of BirdLife Warrnambool (all visible birds where counted by Peter Barrand through his telescope) eBird checklist
Samantha Greiner + all on the Cross Boarder Camp Out at Warrnambool 9/9 #219604
Square-tailed Kite
Hanging Rock
An adult being swooped repeatedly by a vociferous Australian Magpie as it flew from south to north over the upper section of Hanging Rock at 1515 hours.
Charles Silveira 8/9 #219582
highlightGould's Petrel, Killer Whale
BirdLife Australia Portland Pelagic
Despite what turned out to be a very quiet day on the water for pelagic seabirds, we still had a couple of highlights. There were 2 Gould's Petrels observed on the way out to the shelf and a pod of 4-5 Killer Whales out past the shelf. We are still looking at the identity of a juvenile albatross, which might be a Grey-headed or a Black-browed. Otherwise, a day of small species numbers and low numbers of birds overall.
Chris Lester, Paul Dodd, Tim Bawden et al 8/9 #219580
White-winged Triller
Long Forest Nature Conservation Reserve
One male on Steep Track.
Nicole Spillane & Paul Jacobson 7/9 #219568
Painted Honeyeater
Newstead township
Calling at 10am this morning - first return.
Geoff Park 7/9 #219561
Sat 6Yellow-faced Honeyeater - migration
Merri Estuary--Rutledges Cutting, Kelly Swamp and Saltwater Swamp
we saw 5-10 small flocks (around 16 in each group but up to 20 birds in one flock) at this location and again at the Killarney Sports Ground, they flew from the west along the dunes system towards the east and Warrnambool eBird checklist
Samantha Greiner + all on the Cross Boarder Camp Out at Warrnambool 9/9 #219606
Beautiful Firetail
Bunyip State Park--Buttongrass Walk
Also a pair of Bassian Thrushes, a female Olive Whistler, a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles and several White-eared honeyeaters.
Stephan Megroz 6/9 #219555
Swift Parrot
Moonee Ponds Creek (near Fanny Street) in Moonee Ponds
A single Swift Parrot in the eucalypts around the park near Fanny Street next to the Moonee Ponds Creek in Moonee Ponds.
Chris and Rosemary Lester 6/9 #219542
Fri 5Rosy-faced Lovebird (Peach-faced Lovebird)
Bentleigh East
I heard an unusual psittacine call emanating from a plane tree, subsequent investigation revealed a Peach-faced Lovebird perched in the outer branches. Natural colours but obviously an escapee. It flew away strongly. eBird checklist
Lewis Hiller 5/9 #219532
Thu 4Freckled Duck
Braeside Park
A pair of Freckled Ducks seen swimming in the water in front of the Bird Hide. Also present on or near the water was Hardhead, Grey and Chestnut Teal, Coot, Black Duck, White-faced Heron, Australasian Darter, Purple Swamphen, Little Pied Cormorant and Pelicans. Swamp Harrier and Whistling Kite seen flying overhead.
Leonie Proudfoot 6/9 #219546
Wed 3Grey Goshawk
Cape Otway Rd
Brett Roberts 3/9 #219512
Eastern Curlew
Anderson Inlet, Inverloch.
60 + feeding at low tide, west of Mahers Landing
Deb Crosby 3/9 #219509
Tue 2highlightFreckled Duck
GDF Suez Hazelwood Morwell River Wetlands, Morwell
One Freckled Duck, a very unexpected sighting in the Latrobe Region, also an Australian Shoveler (male) and a Mallard (hybrid?). Great viewing of a perched adult White-bellied Sea Eagle and an immature in flight.
Alix Williams with the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists' Bird Group 2/9 #219502
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