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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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July 2016
Sat 30Black Falcon
King George Park, Rozelle
One female flew over heading north at around 11:30am. Interesting to see one so close to the city.
Simon Gorta 30/7 #228148
Square-Tailed Kite
A very disorientated Square-Tailed Kite crash landed into someones front yard in Windsor this morning.
David Vickers 30/7 #228144
Black-shouldered Kite and Dusky Woodswallow
Riverside Park, Chipping Norton
Not rare birds but the first time I have seen them in this area, a pair of Black-shouldered Kites and a single Dusky Woodswallow. (Moderator's Note: The Dusky Woodswallow is of interest as normally they depart the Coastal areas in April/May and return in late August. AKM)
Brenda Parkinson 30/7 #228141
Thu 28Black Falcon
Medway (near Berrima)
Stoked to see a single bird powering over Hume Highway circa 5pm. A rare bird in the Southern Highlands.
Lorne Johnson 28/7 #228138
Wed 27highlightArctic Tern
Flat Rock (Ballina)
Arctic Tern seen at Flat Rock late in the afternoon. At the same time, a 2nd bird, thought to be an Arctic Tern in breeding plumage, with bright red bill & full black cap, approached the rock but didn't land & turned away disappearing to the north.
Steve McBride 28/7 #228134
Tue 26Eastern Koel
St Albans Road, Kingsgrove
Yesterday I heard a Koel calling for about 10 minutes. I was not expecting to hear any in Sydney for at least another month.. A case of early bird catches the worm? Climate change affecting migration patterns? (Moderator's Note: Overwintering birds not unknown viz Turramurra 8/6/1985 & Winmallee 6/7/1985, and there are other records! AKM).
David George 27/7 #228128
highlightEastern Ground Parrot, Lewin's Rail, Powerful Owl
Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve--Quarry Swamp
At least 3 Ground Parrots began calling from the swamp at 5:15pm and continued to call intermittently until just after dark. We also had brief but clear views of Lewins Rail. Powerful Owl and Owlet Nightjar heard calling from adjacent woodland. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy & Tony Bischoff 26/7 #228127
Lttle Lorikeets (10)
Josephine St Park, Merrylands West
in blossoming gum on canal walk, being harassed by Rainbow Lorikeets.
David Potter 26/7 #228126
Mon 25Australian Brushturkey
Belmore Park, Sydney CBD
Suprised to see a single bird sitting about 10 m up in a Brush Box, thanks to the harassment by local Noisy Miners. Guess this species has crossed into the botanic gardens already but have not seen it in the Sydney CBD or south side. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 25/7 #228123
Little Eagle
North Creek Road, Ballina
A beautiful pale morph Little Eagle being chased by the local Pied Butcherbirds behind our house. Very obvious dark barring in square tail and distinct under-wing pattern, obviously not an immature Brahminy Kite. I get excited to see a Little Eagle these days, especially on the coast !
June Harris 25/7 #228122
Sun 24Eastern Curlew
Lake Copeton, Inverell
Seen flying over the water late afternoon, calling continuously. Flew by three times mostly at a fair distance. Very ordinary record image attached.
Ian Colley 25/7 #228121
Wompoo Fruit Dove
Port Macquarie
Apparently stunned from hitting glass railing on 7th floor rear balcony of Observatory Hotel.
Bruce Roubin 25/7 #228118
Black Kite
Broadwater NP--Broadwater Beach Picnic Area
Three Black Kites in aerial interaction with 2 Whistling Kites for several minutes. Also a raft of 200+ Australasian Gannets about 1 km offshore. eBird checklist
Roger Giller 24/7 #228117
Cape Petrel
Offshore, Sydney Pleagic
A single Cape Petrel was seen during return from Browns Mt. At that site we had singles of Wandering and Shy/White-capped Albatross and Wilsons Storm-Petrel. 2 Bullers Albatross and large numbers of Black-browed and Yellow-nosed also seen. Over 20 Brown Skuas across the day and also over 40 Fairy Prions. 2 Fairy Penguin seen in Sydney Harbour on return
Tom Wilson and all aboard MV Avalon 24/7 #228116
highlightGrey-backed Storm-petrel, White-faced Storm-petrel, Wandering Albatrosses
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlight of the 24 July SOSSA Pelagic was a Grey-backed Storm-petrel, which was unexpected as the water temperature was above 20 degrees. Other birds sighted included a number White-faced Storm-petrels, 4 Wandering Albatross (Antipodean's), 2 Buller's, 2 Campbell's and good numbers of Black-browed, Shy and Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross. Other species included Northern and Southern Giant Petrels (1 of each), Solander's, Grey-faced and a Great-winged Petrel, as well as 2 Brown Skua's and large numbers of Fairy Prion's. Further information
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 24/7 #228114
Glossy Black Cockatoos
Bairne Track Kur-in-gai Chase National Park
Exciting to see 6 glossy black cockatoos today eating cones from the casuarina littoral is alongside the Bairne track in the Kur-in-gai Chase National Park normally only see 1 or 2 at a time but these were all spotted concurrently whilst standing in the one location
Trudy Robinson 24/7 #228112
Pied Oystercatcher
Port Hacking
Pied Oystercatchers seen building a scrape and mating this morning at mid tide. This is two months ahead of last year.
Julie Keating 24/7 #228109
Sat 23Fairy Martins (returning migrants)
Eastlakes golf course
A couple of Faity Martins calling whilst checking out their nesting sites would strongly suggest fresh arrivals. Other 'migrants' seen were a Spangled Drongo and a Fan-tailed Cockoo.
David Mitford 24/7 #228110
Brown Honeyeater
Wattle Hill, Leeton
A single bird feeding in my yard. This appears to be a regular species for Leeton town as a pair successfully bred at a property in Petersham Rd last Spring raising 2 young. Until last year there have been irregular reports of this species at Binya SF (south section).
Max O'Sullivan 23/7 #228102
Fri 22highlightHooded Plover
Worimi Conservation Lands (Stockton Beach)
A juvenile Hooded Plover was a pleasant surprise for the regular (monthly) surveyors along Stockton Beach in the Worimi Conservation Lands, north of Newcastle, last Friday. To my knowledge (and BirdLife's Beach Nesting Birds Project) this is the first Hoodie reported north of Sydney for a few years. There was a bird present near Noosa (Qld) in winter 2010. Several people have subsequently tried to relocate the bird, without success. Also counted along the beach were 79 Double-banded Plovers, 36 Red-capped Plovers, 49 Aust Pied Oystercatchers and 2 Black-fronted Dotterels. Photo by Ann Lindsey.(Moderator's Note: An immature Hooded Plover was observed at Karagi Point, The Entrance in Jan 2002. AKM)
Ann Lindsey and Neil Fraser (per Mick Roderick) 27/7 #228129
Powerful Owl
Port Macquarie Sea Acres Rainforest walk
Clutching ring-tailed possum
Bruce Roubin 25/7 #228119
Fairy Prion
Crookhaven Heads and Lighthouse
Single Fairy Prion made a couple of passes only 50m or so off the rocky headland below the lighthouse in the early afternoon. We've never seen one so close to shore before. Also a few White-fronted Terns, Aust Gannets close in, and a Fluttering Shearwater observed about 1km out to sea. A single Eastern Osprey was also seen flying near the nearby boat ramp.
Nigel and Bec Coghlan 23/7 #228107
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Murramarang National Park--South Durras
mating pair
ken doyle 23/7 #228101
Common Tern
Newcastle Ocean Baths
Non-breeding Common Tern loafing with Silver Gulls and Crested Terns at Newcastle Ocean Baths today. Relatively rare winter visitor to Newcastle, but now the third observed bird that has turned up in July over the past four years.
Allan Richardson 23/7 #228100
Thu 21highlightCampbell's & Buller's Albatross, Northern Giant Petrel
Swansea-Norah Head pelagic
The Central Coast Group, BNSW had a successful pelagic out of Swansea, 21 people present, relatively calm seas, some showers, but out on the Shelf, the sea was flat and there were not many birds. There was never time though that there were not Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross around the boat max 40, 8 Black-browed Albatross, 2 Shy, 1 Buller's and an immature Campbell's Albatross, 600+ Fluttering Shearwaters closer to the Coast, 4 Brown Skuas, 40+ Fairy Prions, 1 Northern Giant Petrel circled the boat a number of times at the Shelf and 8 Providence Petrel were seen in ones and twos. Thanks to Allan Benson who organised the trip and to Christina Port who provided the photo of the Campbell's Albatross
Alan Morris 23/7 #228105
Wed 20Caspian Tern, Gull-billed Tern, Crested Tern
Southgate Ferry spit
15 Caspians, 10+ Gull-billed and 5+ Crested Terns on sand spit in Clarence River.
Greg & Val Clancy & Warren Thompson 21/7 #228089
White-naped Honeyeater
Six Mile Lane, Glenugie
4 White-naped Honeyeaters foraging in flowering eucalypts. Scarlet, White-throated, Yellow-faced and White-cheeked Honeyeaters also present. The White-naped Honeyeater is a rare migrant/nomad/visitor to the Clarence lowlands in the autumn-winter.
Greg Clancy 21/7 #228087
Glossy Ibis, Comb-crested Jacana
Calligans Creek, E of Ulmarra
15 Glossy Ibis and 7 Jacanas foraging on creek. Largest concentration of Jacanas for months.
Greg & Val Clancy & Warren Thompson 21/7 #228086
Australian Brush Turkey
Mogo Road, Goulburn River National Park
One seen on track in cypress pine country
rob smith 20/7 #228078
Tue 19Chestnut-breasted Mannikin
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
Late this afternoon a single (1) Chestnut-breasted Mannikin was in amongst the 50+ Nutmeg Mannikin that have been frequenting the area the past week or so. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 19/7 #228073
Crescent Honeyeater, Pilotbird
Blue Mountains National Park--Murphys Glen
Large numbers of both species (20+ Crescent Honeyeaters and ~10 Pilotbirds) observed around the campsite and along the trail past the picnic area on a one day camping trip with some mates. eBird checklist
Simon Gorta 19/7 #228069
Mon 18Superb Parrot
14 km north of Grong Gong on Newell Highway
A flock of 22 Superb Parrots were seen in open farming country along the Newell Highway, north of Grong Gong. The only other bird seen in the vicinity was an Australian Ringneck feeding at the edge of the road.
Alan Morris 24/7 #228115
Osprey, Double-banded Plover
Osprey (initially mistaken for Whistling Kite) caught a fish at Mogareeka then flew over Handcocks Bridge. Also saw a Double-banded Plover in very near-breeding plumage with about ten other, drab DBPs.
Oakley H Germech 20/7 #228076
Flame Robin
Hexham Swamp (old Richmond Vale Railway Line)
A female/immature Flame Robin found on Saturday by Michael Kearns along the old Richmond Vale Railway Line that traverses Hexham Swamp (at -32.8392, 151.6614). I easily re-found the bird this morning about 600m closer to the Pipeline Track, which was handy! Great record for Newcastle LGA.
Mick Roderick (and Michael Kearns) 18/7 #228062
Sun 17Nankeen Night-Heron
Waterhole Rest Area, Finley South
As one enters the town of Finley in the Riverina, coming from Tocumwal along the Newell Highway, there is a small rest area on the eastern side of the road called "Waterhole Rest Area". There is a small waterhole here lined with Weeping Willows, which at this time of the year, have no green leaves. I counted 27 Nankeen Night-herons roosting in the bare willows, all very easy to see. This is an unusual concentration for a species that usually likes to hide amongst the vegetation.
Alan Morris 21/7 #228092
Pacific Gull
Nelson's Beach, Jervis Bay
Juvenile Pacific Gull flying along Nelson's Beach around 3 pm this afternoon. Landed at Plantation Point at the tern roost.
Deb Callister-Carter 17/7 #228060
Flame Robin
Pitt Town Lagoon
The single immature bird reported Weds 13 July still present. Working along the fence lines on the eastern (Pitt Town) side of the lagoon closest to the open muddy area (about as far as one can walk after turning left on entry). Also an immature Swamp Harrier very active over the reedbeds and a Whistling Kite. Hardly any waterbirds. eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 17/7 #228053
White-headed Pigeon
Galston Vilage
Up to 60 birds sitting on power lines and in trees at the roundabout near shop (junction Galston and Arcadia Rds) approx 8:15am
Tom Wilson 17/7 #228051
Sat 16Glossy Ibis, Swamp Harrier, Black-winged Stilt, Brolga
Kalangadoo, Tullymorgan
17+ Glossy Ibis foraging, adult Harrier flying over wetland, 3 Brolgas & 4+ Stilts in wetland.
Greg & Val Clancy 21/7 #228088
Near-breeding-plumaged Double-banded Plover
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
5 Double-banded Plovers, including one that was near breeding plumage. A pair of Kelp Gulls amongst the Silver Gulls. 3 Pacific Golden Plovers. 5 Red-necked Stints. 2 Ruddy Turnstones. Approximately 30 Crested Terns, including 2 that were in breeding plumage. A pair of Australian Pied Oystercatchers. 1 Little Pied Cormorant.
Matthew Mo 19/7 #228067
Nutmeg Mannikins
Behind the soccer stadium there were 17 Nutmeg Mannikins and across Bestic Street on the Rockdale rugby pitch there were 25 Galahs, I see the occasional ones but this is the biggest flock I have seen locally.
Oliver Williams 16/7 #228049
Square-tailed Kite
Royal National Park--Wattamolla
The group on today's Birding NSW outing were treated to a Square-tailed Kite and Swamp Harrier quartering low over the heath at Wattamolla this morning with the Kite giving great views. A pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles and Wedge-tailed Eagles were added later at Bonnie Vale. The other highlight were a pair of what appeared to be overwintering Sacred Kingfishers. Photograph by Greg McLachlan. eBird checklist
Birding NSW 16/7 #228046
Fri 15Red-necked Avocet
McPhies Lane, S of Forbes & E of Garema
1 immature Avocet feeding in shallow furrow in waterlogged cropping paddock. Unsure if unusual as I've only ever seen them out this way at ST Works or flooded cowals. There is lots of water lying around in paddocks and roadside drains.
Rosemary Stapleton 16/7 #228043
Superb Parrot
Perricoota Forest Road, Moama
We stopped to look at a group of Galahs and a single Superb Parrot was feeding with them on roadside eBird checklist
Paul and Janene Schillier 16/7 #228041
Thu 14Little Ravens
Children's Hospital at Westmead
There were 30-40 Ravens on and flying around the roof of the Children's Hospital at dusk. Based on call, I believe these were Little Ravens.
Elisabeth Karplus 17/7 #228054
Wed 13Flame Robin
Pitt Town Lagoon
Immature Flame Robin observed in the late afternoon at Pitt Town Lagoon along the fence-line near the exposed mud section of the lagoon. The bird was perched on the bisecting fence-line or the bare-leafed shrubs growing alongside it. Photo by Greg McLachlan
Greg McLachlan, Jenny Stiles, Marie Lister, Annette Teng and Carol Abbott 14/7 #228026
Australian Masked Owl
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
Calling for about a minute just before midnight. First local record in 17 years for me. Not familiar with species - call identified from xeno-canto site. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 14/7 #228022
highlightSpiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Rushforth Road, Elland, SW of South Grafton
Honeyeater observed foraging in canopy of eucalypts and feeding in clumps of mistletoe. The active foraging and height of the bird made photography difficult but I have attached two rather poor photos. This is my first record of the species on the NSW north coast. Bird also observed by Warren Thompson.
Greg Clancy 13/7 #228021
Tue 12Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike
Dalwood Road, south west of Alstonville northern nsw
A large flock of approximately 79 birds observed swooping, soaring and circling over paddock and adjacent macadamia orchard. Possible migratory flock not moving any further north? Large number of Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike in local area.
David Charley 12/7 #228019
Pied Butcherbird
Terrey Hills
While having a golf lesson at Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club at lunchtime today, a Pied Butcherbird landed on the teeing area about 10 metres from me. That is only my second Sydney record in 28 years and I had left my cell phone in the car unfortunately!
Roger McGovern 12/7 #228015
Mon 11Wandering Albatross, Eastern Bristlebird
St. George Lighthouse, Booderee National Park
A Wandering Albatross and a Black-browed Albatross were seen trying to gain a fish off a fur seal. Also a Eastern Bristlebird was seen at the lookout 40m South of the lookout.
Jesse Gibson 15/7 #228040
Magpie Goose
Copes Creek, Tingha, NSW
5 Magpie Geese about 200 meters downstream of the bridge on the Inverell Road.
Ian Colley 12/7 #228014
Australian Shelduck
Between Tarcutta and Tumblong
Circa 4pm, 5 Australian Shelducks were in a paddock by the northbound Hume Hwy lanes about 2km south of the Snowy Mountains Hwy turn off.
Lorne Johnson 11/7 #228011
Sun 10Topknot Pigeon
Irrawong Reserve
A single Topknot Pigeon (normally a summer visitor) was perched at the top of a Swamp Mahogany in Irrawong Reserve at 4pm (near the Jim Revitt seat), only my second sighting in Irrawong. Later, whilst spotlighting 11 species of mammal were seen in Warriewood Wetlands/Irrawong Reserve.
Jayden Walsh 11/7 #227985
Pacific Baza
Smalls Creek, Kellyville
Spotted this bird being chased by Bell Minors in a local reserve off Wellgate Avenue, Kellyville. This was the first time I had visited this area. I also saw a pair of Red Rumped Parrots, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos(6) a Crimson Rosella andd a fleeting glimpse of a Male Satin Bower Bird. I spotted all of the above birds from the Bike/Walking track.
Narelle Wajzer 10/7 #227980
highlightPacific Gull
Ulladulla Harbour Ulladulla
A juvenile Pacific Gull is the first I have seen in the Shoalhaven and it is a shame it had string around its ankle, it was slowly picking it off and I feel it was stressed over it, impossible to get near but was coping alright and may with persistence it will manage to remove it. It did wipe its bill in the sand to remove some of the excess from its bill.
Charles Dove 10/7 #227979
Golden-headed Cisticola
Long Reef Golf Course
Single Cisticola seen in scrub on south side of golf course. Reported on eBird at Dee Why but no records from Long Reef area. Also 2 Osprey (one feeding on reef) and the Pacific Golden Plover in semi-breeding plumage is still present. Not much seen offshore (a few Black-browed Albatross, about 20 Australasian Gannets). No sign of the Pacific Gull reported mid-week (and not there on Saturday either). eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 10/7 #227976
Sat 9Pied Butcherbird
Comleroy Rd, Kurrajong
An adult Pied Butcherbird with a broken leg seen perched on a power line beside Comleroy Rd in Kurrajong (just outside the Sydney region) and a few blocks south of the intersection with Cedar Ridge Drive. I also had 4 Jacky Winters, a Restless Flycatcher, Double-barred Finches and lots of female Satin Bowerbirds beside Comleroy Rd.
Edwin Vella 10/7 #227977
Beautiful Firetail
Blue Mountains National Park--Mount Banks Picnic Area
Good views of a single pair that responded to a recorded broadcast of the specie's calls. One bird was quite vocal in its response. Only about 100m up the main track from the carpark. I tried the same technique at Pierces Pass where I had my one and only sighting of the species over 40 years ago. Alas, no luck
Darry Smedley 9/7 #227967
Eastern Osprey
Sydney Olympic Park--Waterbird Refuge
Single bird flying over at noon, my first record for SOP and greater patch.
Dion Hobcroft 9/7 #227966
Thu 7Southern Whiteface, Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Australian Hobby, Bar-shouldered Dove,
Glen Alice-Capertee Rd, 5km nth Glen Davis Rd Junct.
A lovely overnight camping trip to the Capertee produced many good sightings. Sadly we missed out on a Regent Honeyeater but did happen to see three Australian Hobbies having a territorial dispute along with many Southern Whiteface and a single Yellow-billed Spoonbill on a dam. All round it was a successful trip with a total of 75 species over the two days.
Darcy Carnahan 8/7 #227958
Square-tailed Kite
Coramba Village
One Kite sailing low over trees and houses in village in middle of day.
Greg & Val Clancy 7/7 #227954
Wed 6Square-tailed Kite
Pacific Highway north of Grafton
Grant Brosie 7/7 #227952
Mon 4Pacific Gull
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
1 immature Pacific Gull landed on the rock-platform. Late afternoon, mid-tide and rising. Also saw 3 Pacific Golden Plovers, and 1 immature Osprey feeding on a Sea Mullet.
Jesse Gibson 5/7 #227937
Sun 3Pacific Baza
Darvall Park, Denistone
One bird seen perched in tree
Elisabeth Karplus reporting for Narelle Willis 8/7 #227960
Comb-crested Jacana
Dam near Poley Bridge, Orara River, W of Coutts Crossing
Adult foraging in dam overflow. Only second Clarence Valley record in recent weeks. The species has been absent for many months due to the dry conditions. Local wetlands have now mostly filled and the numbers will probably increase as a result.
Greg & Val Clancy 4/7 #227930
Noisy Pitta
Harold Reid Reserve, Middle Cove, Sydney
A Noisy Pitta seen on the southern side (Castlecrag side) of the Harold Reid Reserve this afternoon at about 4.30pm. On the track off the Lower Foreshore walk, where the track crosses Camp Creek.
Robert Griffin 3/7 #227928
Noisy Pitta
Harrington rainforest
Two Noisy Pittas recorded at Harrington Rainforest this afternoon, one bird seen the other bird heard. Varied Triller, Emerald Dove, Wonga Pigeon and female Regent Bowerbird also observed. Apologies for dodgy low light image.
Allan Richardson and Tim Strong 3/7 #227923
Regent Honeyeater
Lake Cathie Sports Fields
Single bird still showing well today in Swamp Mahogany in the southwest corner of the Lake Cathie sports grounds on Dirah Street. White-cheeked Honeyeater, Red Wattlebird, Little Wattlebird, Rainbow Lorikeets and Brown Honeyeater using blossom throughout the day; the larger birds sometimes harassing the Regent Honeyeater. Spangled Drongo also present.
Allan Richardson and Tim Strong with Tun Pin Ong 3/7 #227922
Sat 2Little Lorikeet
Cobbitty behind public school
Eight birds observed feeding in Forest Red Gums. 3 Crimson Rosellas nearby. Further information
Ian Bailey 3/7 #227920
Brown Skua, Antipodean Albatross, White-fronted Tern
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
A Brown Skua seen passing south approx 2:30pm; 2 Antipodean Albatross separately loafing on the water as well as bigger groups of Black-browed Albatross; 3 White-fronted Terns fishing on the rising tide to the south side of the reef. Also one of the young Ospreys was practicing fishing (badly) and there were at least 3 Golden Plover, one of which was in semi-breeding plumage
Tom Wilson 2/7 #227909
Yellow-billed Spoonbill & Scarlet Robin
Eastlakes Golf Course
New for Eastlakes was a Yellow-billed Spoonbill, close to where the Scarlet Robin is residing (into his fourth month). Add to this the nearby White-browed Woodswallow still present at La Perouse, not a bad trio for Capertee let alone Botany Bay LGA!!!
David Mitford 2/7 #227908
Black-necked Stork
M1 near Cooranbong turnoff, Lake Macquarie area
Seen flying over the motorway heading inland.
Christina Port and members of Follow that Bird 2/7 #227905
Fri 1Brush Bronzewing
Bulls Quarry
Woy Woy Road 4 Kms South of Kariong. 1st Gate on right after Lambs soil and sand.
Graeme Catt 11/7 #227982
Topknot Pigeon
Pacific Highway at Brunswick River
120-150 birds seen flying along the river.
Grant Brosie 7/7 #227953
Square-tailed Kite
Pacific Highway at Halfway Creek, Coffs Harbour region
Adult seen hunting along the roadside tree line
Grant Brosie 7/7 #227951
white-headed pigeon
Barton Park Kyeemagh
On a telegraph line near the wetlands and market gardens area of Barton Park,also an European Goldfinch on the Muddy Creek side of the football stadium
Oliver Williams 3/7 #227921
White-browed Woodswallow
Kamkay Botany Bay NP [Northern side]
The male White-browed Woodswallow was still present at the old cemetery. 2 Black-browed Albertrosses were close to shore at Cape Banks. Another point of interest [not birds] was 3 Humpback Whale very near the cliffs.
Jesse Gibson 1/7 #227903
Jacky Winter
Peel Park, North Richmond
A pair. Don't see them much around here anymore.
David, Larissa & William Potter 1/7 #227897
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