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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to Eremaea eBird, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with Eremaea eBird and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

August 2015
Mon 31highlightInland Dotterel
Private property 20 km north-west of Brewarrina
Saw a pair of Inland Dotterels on private property (no public access) in a chenopod shrubland. Photo of the male attached. Also two Ground Cuckoo-shrikes, several Banded Lapwings, a small flock of Crimson Chats and many Brown Songlarks.
Lachlan Copeland and Becky McCue 31/8 #224403
Plumed Whistling Duck
Taronga Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo)
A pair of Plumed Whistling Duck's landed for a brief pit stop at the hippo lake around midday.
Andrew O'Brien 31/8 #224395
Sun 30White-headed Pigeon
Longneck Lagoon Scheyville National Park
Seen a White-headed Pigeon perched near a Brown Cuckoo-Dove at Longneck Lagoon . eBird checklist
Corinne Carpentier 31/8 #224393
Black Kite
Pacific Highway, Woodburn
Kite circling over between Highway and Richmond River, northern edge of town in afternoon.
Greg & Val Clancy 31/8 #224392
Spotted Harrier
Pacific Highway near Ballina exit (north)
Adult Harrier flew low across highway after being attacked by Nankeen Kestrel.
Greg & Val Clancy 31/8 #224391
highlightPainted Honeyeater
Medhurst Bridge, Martindale
Single Painted Honeyeater heard at Medhurst Bridge today, along with Spiny-cheeked HE and Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo. Another early report from this location (there have been August reports from here in the past, e.g. 18/08/2013).
Peter Alexander per Mick Roderick 31/8 #224389
Spotted Quail-thrush; Red-browed Treecreeper
Big Yango HSD, Yengo NP
A brief sighting of the quail-thrush near Blue Gums campsite was highlight of a weekend based at the homestead. Red-browed Treecreepers seen near Blue Gums area and on entrance road. 2 pairs of Brown Quail also seen at Blue Gums. Big flock of Red-browed Finch (200+) seen on the entrance road early morning. Heard a White-throated Gerygone on afternoon of 29 August. Very surprising was only 1 raptor sighting all weekend (Collared Sparrowhawk)
Tom Wilson 30/8 #224383
Pacific Baza
Bents Basin Recreation Reserve
Birding at the site is greatly restricted by the flooding. Still great morning activity! Also Rock Warbler (3), Scarlet Honeyeater (common), Wonga Pigeon, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Noisy Friarbird (10+).
Lorand Szucs 30/8 #224376
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Bundanoon (Old Argyle Rd)
I was privileged to spend 30 minutes with a male and two female Glossy Black-cockatoos this afternoon. The birds were either munching on casuarina seedpods or gnawing eucalyptus branches. At one stage, the females were allopreening. Funny to see the male clambering over one of the females to get to seedpods. GBCs are very rare visitors to Bundanoon. Other species of note: 2 Gang-gang Cockatoos, 1 Wedge-tailed Eagle, a small flock of Varied Sittellas and 7 Buff-rumped Thornbills.
Lorne Johnson 30/8 #224373
Sat 29Marsh Sandpiper, Musk Duck, Flame Robin
Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve
Pair of Marsh Sandpipers feeding along northern edge of lagoon at ~1pm - good views and ID confirmed by other people on site. Wide range of other species present including Pink-eared Ducks, Australasian Shoveler, Musk Duck, Hardhead, Black-winged Stilt, Black Swans with cygnets, Australian Darter, Eurasian Coot, Purple Swamphen, Swamp Harrier, Australasian and Hoary-headed Grebes and White bellied Sea Eagle. A pair each of Flame Robins and Brown-headed Honeyeater also observed amongst a number of other bush birds.
Adam Fawcett 31/8 #224387
Blue-faced Honeyeater, Grey-crowned Babbler, Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Whitings Lane & Heaton Rd Quorrobolong
Good birds to see on the drive around Whitings & Swans Lanes, and Heaton Rd including interesting woodland birds like 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill, 4 Blue-faced Honeyeaters, 5 Grey-crowned Babblers, group of Tree Martins, Striated Pardalotes, Red-rumped Parrots, a Brown Falcon, Pied Butcherbirds, and many Fuscous, Yellow-tufted & Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and Little Lorikeets in flowering ironbarks at the end of Swans Lane on private property. Also breeding Black Swans, Wood Ducks, Noisy Friarbirds, Red-rumped Parrots and Spotted Pardalotes.
Alan Morris & 20 members CCGBNSW 30/8 #224378
highlightMagpie Goose
Private Property, 5 km South West of Gwabegar, nr Pilliga
3 Magpie-Geese on a farm dam. Unusual report for the Pilliga Region
David Johnston, per Alan Morris 30/8 #224375
Ground Cuckoo Shrike
Minore Rd Dubbo
5 Ground Cuckoo Shrikes seen along Minore Rd at around 3 pm , 11 km from Dubbo happily grazing with a herd of American Bison
Warren Chad 29/8 #224370
highlightMagpie Goose, Plumed Whistling Duck
At a small dam just West of Narromine wetlands at 7;30 this morning there were 6 Magpie Geese. When I returned around 4 pm there were 50-60 Magpie Geese and several thousand Plumed Whistling Ducks on the same dam. Just further along the Tullamore Road in a wetland behind the big silo complex there were about 2000 more Whistlers and big numbers of Pink-eared, Shoveller and Hardhead Ducks. Other birds included Whistling and Black Kites. Quite a spectacle. (Moderator's Note: On a recent Country Hour ABC program there was a farmer complaining about the impact of Plumed Whistling Ducks on his crops, maybe he comes from Narromine?. I can remember a time when there were virtually no PWD in NSW at all! AKM)
Warren Chad 29/8 #224369
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Carey Bay (Lake Macquarie)
Bird heard at 8:50am at Carey Bay, on the western side of Lake Macquarie.
Liz Crawford and Chris Herbert per Mick Roderick 29/8 #224365
Red-capped Plover (breeding record)
Tuggerah Lake
Red-capped Plover with egg seen in afternoon. [Moderator's Note: A rare breeding record for the greater Sydney region. Exact location censored. JB]
luke ullrich 29/8 #224364
Channel-billed Cuckoo
A single Channel-billed Cuckoo seen and heard calling in the vicinity of Fernbrook Housing Estate. [Moderator's Note: First NSW record for the season it seems. JB]
Jayden Walsh 29/8 #224356
Fri 28Magpie Goose
Small wetland adjacent to Pacific Highway, Clarenza
30+ Geese loafing at edge of water, probably more obscured by reeds. Had been absent from this site for some months, presumably having finished breeding in the Coldstream Wetlands near Tucabia and returning to non-breeding haunts.
Greg & Val Clancy 31/8 #224390
Black-eared Cuckoo
Umberumberka Reservoir, Silverton
Cuckoo seen in trees of small picnic area at top of hill amongst numerous Spiny-cheeked and White-plumed Honeyeater.
Jeffrey Martin Byron & Julie Elaine Byron 31/8 #224386
Grey-crowned Babbler
Yango Creek Rd, Nr Laguna
Party of 10 birds seen beside road not far from turn-off from George Downes Drive approx 1pm
Tom Wilson 30/8 #224384
Painted Button-quail, Double-barred Finch, Australian Owlet-nightjar
Kurrajong Hills
Button-quail standing on tarmac along Mill Rd, first local record in a couple of years. Double-bars also an occasional visitor here. Owlet-nightjar must be hanging around after first local record earlier in the week. Other good sightings White-necked Heron, Collared Sparrowhawk, returning Noisy Friarbirds and Rufous Whistlers. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 29/8 #224366
Pacific Baza, Buff-banded Rail, Azure Kingfisher
Nurragingy Reserve
All 3 seen during a short visit to the swamp area near the Lorikeet Marsh. Baza still with juvenile colouring.
Johan Olsson 29/8 #224362
highlightSwift Parrot
Private Property off Swans Lane, Quorrobolong
Around 8 Swift Parrots seen/heard on the same property I had a similar number back on the 21st May when I was last there. 3 birds were seen feeding on the blossom of Eucalytpus siderophloia (Northern Grey Ironbark). There were many (totalling several hundred) small honeyeaters in the area and ~50 Little Lorikeets as an estimate. Many of the honeyeaters were passing through I think.
Mick Roderick, Mark Allen, Ross Crates et al 29/8 #224359
highlightBlue-billed Duck
Pitt Town Lagoon
First seen by Andrew Patrick. Still present this afternoon - confirmed by Keith Brandwood and others. Good Sydney county "tick".
Via John Duranti (on behalf of K. Brandwood) 28/8 #224351
Thu 27Grey Goshawk (white Morph)
Pacific Motorway, Brunswick, Tyagarah, Bangalow area
Last month or so, pretty regular sightings of White Morph Grey Gos, whilst driving along highway. Favouring Mullumbimby turnoff lately.
Duncan Fowler, Carmen Ludcke 30/8 #224371
Wandering Albatross
Bellambi Point, NSW
Spotted while viewing Black-browed Albatross from the point. Managed some LQ record photos as it headed south. Other birds sighted: A. Gannets, Kelp Gulls & Sooty Oystercatchers. eBird checklist
Paul Lynch 28/8 #224353
Pied Butcherbird
Castleragh Nature Reserve Post office road.
One Pied Butcherbird seen on power line and in trees very vocal seen at Castleraegh nature reserve, Post office road. Photo is not very good.
Josh Allen, Sarah M, Ben H 27/8 #224341
Wed 26highlightSwift Parrot
Private Property near Ellalong
3 Swift Parrots on the edge of a Bell Miner colony on a large block of bush off Ellalong Road; flew off before much could be seen behaviour-wise. Posting here as there have been relatively few reports of Swifties in NSW this year.
Mick Roderick 29/8 #224360
Rainbow Bee-eater, Olive-backed Oriole
Sawtell-Coffs Harbour Airport
Minimum of 21 Rainbow Bee-eaters at northern end of a track beside North Coast Rail Line, between railway and northern end of airport runway. Bee-eaters do not winter here. Oriole heard along same track and one seen in Sawtell Reserve.
Peter Higgins 27/8 #224335
Grey Goshawk (White morph)
Cattai National Park--Mitchell Park
A single Grey Goshawk (white morph) was seen perched and then flying at Mitchell Park.
Elisabeth Karplus, Coleen Southall, Judy Clark 27/8 #224331
Tue 25Brown Goshawk
Marayong near Blacktown
Brave enough to fly over my mother-in-law's house. [Moderator's Note: Published for comedic value. BG are relatively common flyovers in areas all over the Sydney basin. JB]
David Potter 25/8 #224325
highlightHooded Plover
Bellambi Point
An unbanded immature-plumaged bird sheltering behind beachcast seaweed at high tide in constant rain. Very rare visitor to the Illawarra and not seen it here during regular visits over the last 12week years.
Martin Schulz 25/8 #224321
Mon 24megamegaCommon Redpoll, South Island Pied Oystercatcher, Common Greenfinch
Lord Howe Island Airport
SIPO still grazing on the swamp near the airport after more than a week. Common greenfinch (20+) in shrubs and on grass between the swamp and the airport. "Common" redpoll (3) seen off Anderson Rd.
Ann Millard 25/8 #224315
Glossy Black Cockatoos
Walter Road, Bayview
Family trio of Glossy Black Cockatoos drying out on the wires above Walter Road, Bayview this afternoon.
Judy Christie 24/8 #224307
Sun 23highlightOlive Whistler
Toonumbar Dam
I heard but did not see an Olive Whistler at Toonumbar Dam, close by Richmond Range NP. I am familiar with the bird and it's call from my property in Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. We heard the call clearly at about 10am, it called twice. When I played the call back to the two people with me they immediately agreed it was the same call. I have asked a well known bird expert in this region if it was likely to see one there and he said it was possible because they are altitudes migrants and the small population in the McPherson/Border Ranges move to lower altitudes in winter. He has seen them at Richmond Gap and Mt Nardil.
Val Curtis 28/8 #224350
highlightRegent Honeyeater (2)
Capertee Valley - Glen Alice Road
Glen Alice Road, a few hundred metres south of the Dunville loop intersection. 2 associating, un-banded birds seen feeding in roadside flowering eucalypts and eventually flew off to the north above the canopy. Friarbirds, wattlebirds, white-plumed honeyeaters and little lorikeets were also feeding on blossoms along this stretch of road. I returned later that afternoon but couldn't locate any Regents and spent a little bit of time at Genowlan Bridge without any luck. eBird checklist
Lachlan Hall 24/8 #224310
Eastern Osprey
Northbridge - Strathallen Ave
Brother reported that it was sitting on the old-style "Northbridge" on one of the light-posts, early Sunday afternoon (~1:30pm). [Moderator's Note: Another strange record for Sydney, as the nearest known nests are at Narrabeen Lake and Botany (discovered last week), although a bird was seen at Balmoral Beach near Northbridge last year. Other pairs in Sydney occur along Georges River (seen over Milperra, etc) and the Hawkesbury (where at least one pair has previously nested in the vicinity of Nepean Weir. Please submit Osprey records to eBird, however Birdline NSW would appreciate updates on any nesting activity observed in the region. JB]
David Vickers for Matt Vickers 24/8 #224308
highlightEastern Osprey
Mariners Stadium, Gosford
An Eastern Osprey was seen to fly across the Central Coast Highway from the Bay and onto a set of floodlights on the bayside of the Mariners Stadium on the Gosford Waterfront of Brisbane Water. It appears that a nest has been constructed on top of a flood lights tower. This is now the third nesting pair of Eastern Ospreys on Brisbane Water, the other nesting pairs are at the Erina Works Depot and the Kincumber STW Plant (on a floodlights tower). This is a further expansion of range on the Central Coast and it is of interest because Eastern Ospreys have now successfully fledged two young on the northern side of St Georges Basin, at the southern end of the Illawarra Region, and the nest is on a floodlights tower. The St Georges Basin nesting event is the most southern successful breeding event for Ospreys in NSW.
Alan Morris 24/8 #224306
Australian Owlet-nightjar
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
Shrieking call heard repeatedly after midnight. Addition to my home/local list. Other good species over a weekend of greatly increased vocalization of many local birds included Scarlet Honeyeater, White-headed Pigeon, Shining Bronze-cuckoo, Bassian Thrush, Little Eagle. Sugar Glider and a potoroo species probably Long-nosed.
Eric Finley 24/8 #224299
Red-necked Stint
Two Red-necked Stint at Manyana/Lake Conjola today, maybe a couple of early birds to arrive as I have not seen any around all winter in this region. A number of Double-banded Plovers dressed up and ready to go mixed in with the regular Red-capped Plovers and the Eastern Curlew which stayed over winter.
Charles Dove 23/8 #224298
Sat 22Blue and Gold Macaw
Corner of Ocean Street and Oxford Street Bondi Junction
Very stressed sweeping in circles. [Moderator's Note: I assume someone has lost their expensive pet - maybe they will see this report. JB] Further information
Libby Cregan 24/8 #224300
Northern Giant Petrel, Antipodean & Other Albatross, Fairy Prions
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
2 Northern Giant Petrels were the highlight of a very quiet Sydney pelagic that netted only 14 species outside the heads. Other good species were 2 Antipodean Albatross, about 20 Yellow-nosed Albatross and frequent Fairy Prions seen regularly from just offshore to out wide (none of which showed Antarctic Prion properties). Pteradroma numbers were low (about 15 Providence Petrel; only 2 confirmed Great-Wing Petrel) and only 2 Huttons Shearwaters were seen well enough to call as such. Wedge-tailed Shearwater numbers are already building.There were no skuas or storm-petrels seen. Also saw a pod of Short-beaked Common Dolphins, Humpback Whales and a Fur-seal sp.
Tom Wilson and all aboard the MV Avalon 23/8 #224288
Ground Parrot, Eastern Bristlebird, Southern Emu-wren
Ground Parrot Site, Hyams Beach Rd, Jervis Bay
A brief late visit to the Heath in the last light of the day was well rewarded. 2-3 Ground Parrots tentatively practising their scales, 1 Bristlebird calling. 1 Emu-Wren flitting through the bushes, plenty of honeyeaters (New Holland, Yellow-faced, Brown-headed, Eastern Spinebill) an obliging Fan-tailed Cuckoo and a pair of amorous Bronzewings all good. Lots of flowering sprengelia, epacrids and peas providing a lovely spring backdrop in this beautiful spot
Michael Ellison 23/8 #224282
Fri 21Powerful Owl
Sydney's Botanic Garden
Power Owl was found roosting at its well known "Waterhousea" tree behind the visitor centre. Please check with volunteer at the centre on the latest whereabout of the owl.
Tun Pin Ong 25/8 #224319
Black Kite
Single Black Kites were seen at Ingalba Nature Reserve, Centenary Lakes and Trigalong Creek all very close to Temora on 21/8/15. Yet in the period 1998-2015, out of 520 atlas sheets submitted, there has been only one report of a Black Kite.
Alan Morris 24/8 #224305
Lewin"s Rail
Lions Park Burrill Lake
Its good to see the Lewin's Rail once again at Lions Park - Burrill Lake along with several Buff-banded Rail and the usual water birds around. The Lewin's is very jumpy and only comes in and out of the reeds for a brief moments wereas the Buff-banded will stay out and feed on sand bar on a lowish tide Further information
Charles Dove 22/8 #224278
highlightSwift Parrot (but no Regent HE)
Hunter Economic Zone (south of Kurri Kurri)
Steve Roderick and I failed to relocate the Regent HE this morning, but there was a consolation in finding 2 Swift Parrots feeding on foliage amongst a Bell Miner colony a couple of hundred metres to the west. Despite a huge number of budding Eucalypts in the area, we only managed to find a single stand of Forest Red Gums in blossom (in another part of HEZ) which was being guarded by Noisy Friarbirds.
Mick and Steve Roderick 21/8 #224275
Thu 20Powerful Owl
Irrawong Reserve
A visit in the late afternoon at the site of Noisy Pitta (no signs of Pitta) produced a roosting Powerful Owl about 5m past the Cabbage Tree Palms, visible from the raised wooden path from next to the large fallen log.
Tun Pin Ong 25/8 #224318
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Hunter Economic Zone (Crown Land)
A single Regent Honeyeater was found in a Crown Land section of HEZ in Spotted Gum Ironbark forest about 1km south of the spine road this afternoon. The bird was being chased by a Fuscous HE and both landed in a Spotted Gum for a brief time. As I fumbled to get my camera out of my bag both birds disappeared. This is an interesting record as there is very little blossom in there currently (only a small amount of Narrow-leaved Ironbark, which no birds were seen using). There are masses of budding trees; most notably the Spotted Gums, which will almost certainly flower in autumn/winter 2016, but close to flowering are Forest Red Gums and holding bud are Grey Gums and Broad-leaved Ironbark. The widespread flowering of the latter is what largely supported the breeding event here in 2007/08. Very active woodland, with Brown Treecreepers, Varied Sittellas, Spotted Quail-thrush, Black-chinned HEs, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Little Lorikeets, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Common Bronzewing, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Dusky Woodswallows also seen/heard name a few! ;-)
Mick Roderick 20/8 #224271
Eastern Osprey
Penrhyn Estuary, Botany Bay
An Osprey and nest upon light-posts in the Hutchinson Port Facility. Osprey flew in and was feeding on top of one post, and briefly stopped at the nest (one bird sitting down mostly out of sight on the nest). The lightposts are in an open area to the south east of where the container cranes are usually parked, three of them with clusters of lights on top across the open area of the port. Can be seen from near the hide at Penrhyn Estuary. eBird checklist
Graeme Robinson 20/8 #224265
Wed 19highlightSwift Parrot, Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Bushland south of Paxton
On private property south of Paxton (Cessnock LGA) 15 Swift Parrots were seen feeding amongst the foliage in Rough-barked Apple trees, alongside a slightly larger number of Little Lorikeets feeding on flowering stringybark. Not at any point were the Swifties seen on the blossom. Also a pair of Glossy Black-Cockatoos flew over and a small number of Black-chinned Honeyeaters seen/heard. Photo by Dick Jenkin.
Mick Roderick and members of Hunter BOC 20/8 #224270
Mallee form Australian Ringneck
Mudgee. (Bombira area)
Single male sighted briefly before flying away. This must be about the limit of their easterly range. (Moderator's Note: Could still be an escapee as the nearest that I am aware that Ringnecks occur closest to Mudgee is at Cobbora, west of Dunedoo, about 80 km NW of Mudgee. AKM)
Mark Leary 19/8 #224256
Tue 18Eastern Osprey
Mc Phersons Road Swamp, Wyong
A pair of Ospreys seen late in the day ,around 5.15pm out at the swamp ,heading east with lots of Masked Lapwings trailing the pair. (Moderator's Note: Interesting record as there have been no previous reports of Ospreys at this wetland. The closest breeding pair is 17 km away at Erina on Brisbane Water. AKM)
luke ullrich 19/8 #224257
Rose Robin
Pinecliffe, 10 kms SW of Molong
Rarely recorded here, and indeed, the last sighting was August of last year. Is it the same bird? Only a male observed both times. [Moderators Note: Birds are known to winter in Goobang NP and Nangar NP, to the west and south of Molong respectively, so potentially passage occurs in August as they move back towards the Blue Mountains. JB]
Bruce Tinsey 18/8 #224252
megamegaSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Kingston, Norfolk Island
A single oystercatcher reported by Margaret Christian, local bird guide on Norfolk Island. Able to confirm it was a South Island Pied Oystercatcher feeding on open paddocks in the heritage area. More details at Further information
Craig Doolan 18/8 #224249
Spotted Quail-Thrush, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Marramarra National Park
One male quail-thrush flushed off the track to Coba Point, about 2km from the end. Seen well next to the track making high-pitched call. One heathwren heard calling strongly, but not visible along the track to Marramarra Creek Campground about 3km from the creek. A very interesting yet seemingly neglected park in close proximity to the city relatively.
Max Breckenridge 18/8 #224248
megamegaSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Lord Howe Island & Norfolk Island
One SIPO at Ned's Beach reported by Ian Hutton on Sunday. Another seen on Norfolk Island today at Kingston by Craig Doolan.
Birdline NSW per. Facebook 18/8 #224246
Pheasant Coucal
End of Lake Rd, Tuggerah
Photo taken through car window. As soon as I got out of the car the bird disappeared into the bush. [Moderator's Note: Coucal's are fairly regular in this area, though possibly underreported on databases. JB]
Andrew Melville 18/8 #224243
Sooty Owl
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain)
Heard calling from the rainforest on property at 5:50am for 10 minutes.
Carla Jackett 18/8 #224237
Mon 17highlightBrown Falcon
Pacific Ocean 29.06.33 156.32.93
approx 400 kilometers from Sydney on the Sun Princess a Brown Falcon circled the ship for approx 1 hour.
Tony & Stephanie Dawe 20/8 #224263
Sun 16White-backed Swallow
Trap Yard Dam, Pilliga Scrub
2 birds soaring over dam and perched in top of dead tree.
David Charley 20/8 #224259
Little Eagle, Red-winged Parrot
Ringwood Road (Goulburn River National Park)
Along Ringwood Road, perched alongside each other in an ironbark was a pale and dark morph Little Eagle. I managed to get a fuzzy image through the windscreen before the pale bird took flight (see image here). I've never seen the two different morph birds perched together before and I find dark birds to be generally scarce in the Hunter. Two Red-winged Parrots at -32 16 14 / 150 4 59, which is close to the furthest south I have seen them. There was a pair of Striated Pardalotes subsp substriatus inspecting a small hollow here too.
Mick Roderick 17/8 #224235
megamegaRegent Honeyeater, Rufous Songlark, Pallid Cuckoo
Capertee Valley (various sites)
Over the course of the 12-16th August a total of 31 Regent Honeyeaters were recorded across various sites in the Capertee Valley (minimum actual count). Most birds were found along the river, including some birds north and south of Genowlan Bridge. Others were found on private property (including roadsides) feeding on flowering Yellow Box trees (e.g. south of Noola Road turn-off). One pair has nearly completed building a nest on one of the these private properties (see image). There is already some mistletoe blossom in the she-oaks along the river and birds were seen feeding in this. Some Mugga Ironbarks are also in bud with very early blossom appearing (e.g. Bogee). 3 banded birds have been seen, including two banded in the Capertee (2012 & 2013) and one banded near Cessnock in June 2012. 4 additional birds were banded on the weekend. There are quite a few vocal Rufous Songlarks and Pallid Cuckoos back in the valley also.
Mick Roderick, Dean Ingwersen, Ross Crates, Mark Allen, Dick Turner et al 17/8 #224232
Glossy Black-cockatoo, Lewin's Rail
Singleton Mills Rd, Laughtondale
I drove along the Singleton Mills Rd in Laughtondale with runs along the south (Sydney) side of the Hawkesbury to the east of Wisemans Ferry and saw at least one pair of Glossy Black-cockatoos, at least 2 Rock Warblers, 3 White-bellied Sea-eagles, a Wedge-tailed Eagle and heard a Lewin's Rail calling beside the river.
Edwin Vella 16/8 #224230
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Wiseman's Ferry
I checked the small public reserve opposite the ferry wharf and adjacent to the golf course and was surprised to hear then see one Regent Honeyeater calling in a lemon-scented gum despite the little flowering about. Also seen where several White-headed Pigeons and Bar-shouldered Doves, several King Parrots, White-winged Choughs and lots of Mistletoebirds.
Edwin Vella 16/8 #224229
Australasian Shoveler
Mill Pond, Botany
A single female Australasian Shoveler observed on the Mill Pond this morning.
Nigel and Bec Coghlan 16/8 #224221
Sat 15White-fronted Tern, Caspian Tern
The Entrance Channel and Estuary
There were 19 White-fronted Terns, 17 Crested Terns and 7 Caspian Terns roosting on the sand flats in The Entrance Channel at 1500 hrs yesterday with another 30 White-fronted Terns feeding at the mouth of the channel as it enters the sea. 49 White-fronted Terns is one of the largest reports for the Central Coast.
Alan Morris 16/8 #224228
Nutmeg Mannikin
Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank
Just between oval 10 and the hockey oval. A group of about 12
Steve Edwards 15/8 #224211
Fri 14highlightBush Stone Curlew
Dispersing young bird found in good condition this morning by Mel Hall on Foucart St. Caught with help from WIRES and NPWS, transferred to a site around Brisbane Water, Central Coast, where the bird was banded and colour-banded, and released where there is a small existing breeding population.
NSW Moderators 15/8 #224203
Glossy Black Cockatoo
2 adults and one juvenile. Have seen all 3 feeding frequently in the garden of late. No doubt same birds as I have reported previously - returning after several months absence.
Andrew Whitaker 14/8 #224193
Thu 13Magpie Goose
Stanthorpe Drive, Kanahooka (restricted access)
2 x Magpie Geese at this location. 3.30pm
Michael Crosland 14/8 #224192
highlightDiamond Firetail
Flock of 73 Diamond Firetails seen on the outskirts of Kandos on the road towards Glen Alice. I've never seen this many together before. There were also many (at least 20-each) Yellow-rumped Thornbills and Double-bar Finches, making for a very impressive sight. Attached is an image showing part of the flock (they were never together close enough to capture in the one frame).
Mick Roderick 13/8 #224188
Wed 12Pair Black-necked Storks
West Byron Waste Treatment Works
Also Forest Kingfisher perched on wires on road to carpark
June Harris 13/8 #224187
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, White-breasted Woodswallow, Forest Kingfisher, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Lawrence Egret Colony
8+ Freckled Ducks mostly loafing on logs, a couple foraging (upending); 500+ Pink-eared Ducks. One Woodswallow over swamp and adult Kingfisher on powerlines towards River from wetland. Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling.
Greg Clancy & Warren Thompson 12/8 #224171
Black Kite
Clarence Regional Waste Depot, South Grafton
5 birds circling over depot and road. First records at this site for many months.
Greg Clancy & Warren Thompson 12/8 #224168
Tue 11Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Wilton Lane Wetlands ( private property)
Another unusual sighting and possibly the first in this area is that of the Yellow-billed Spoonbill, first sighted in one of the ponds and was in the trees today and stayed all day there just resting. Further information
Charles Dove, Chris Brandis and Bob Rusk 11/8 #224155
Fluttering Shearwater
North Curl Curl
1000+ Fluttering type Shearwaters were flying by and feeding alongside Silver Gulls for over an hour.
Jayden Walsh 11/8 #224152
Mon 10Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Campbelltown - close to UWS Campbelltown - Englorie Park 1' Cell
Stunning white morph Grey Goshawk sitting on streetlight where southbound Narellan Rd off-ramp meets Hume Highway late this afternoon. I've not see a white morph Grey Goshawk in the Macarthur area before.
Lorne Johnson 10/8 #224147
Black Kite
Woy Woy Landfill
Single Black Kite soaring high above landfill. 2 Whistling Kites plus numerous Australian, Ravens, White Ibis and Pelicans scavenging on the tip face.
Allan Benson 10/8 #224146
highlightBrown Honeyeater
Condobolin township
Very surprised to hear and then see a Brown HE just near my house this morning in a flowering Grevillea. Only my second record for Condobolin Just in relation to the Glossy Black Cockatoos seen last week at Tullamore. There is a small population, that are seen occasionally in the Boona Hills an area bounded by Tullamore, Fifield, Yellow Mtn and Melrose. I have only ever seen 3 birds at any given time and only in areas with lots of Belah trees. (Moderator's Note; In 20-22 September 2013, the Central Coast group of Birding NSW held a Camp at Tottenham, 13 campers saw 110 species and visited 13 ten minute grid blocks (including all the areas mentioned by Warren) but saw no Glossies, despite visiting a number of areas where there were seeding Belah trees - so yes they are rare around Tullamore & Tottenham! AKM).
Warren Chad 10/8 #224145
Sun 9Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
3 Spiny-cheeked + 2 Striped Honeyeaters at Alpaca barn, Corner Broke Rd & Ekerts Rd, Pokolbin --glorious sunny day.
Eric Sticklen, Catherine Davies 10/8 #224150
highlightWhite-faced Storm-petrel, Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Pelagic off Port Stephens
Highlight of the Port Stephens August pelagic was the number of White-faced Storm-petrels seen. We saw at least 10 on the journey out, including 2 birds half way to the shelf. Once we arrived, we were surrounded by them, with about 30 around the boat. A conservative estimate for the day's count was 80 birds, but I suspect this would be an undercount (it's just hard to judge turnover of birds like storm-petrels). No Wilson's were seen. There were good numbers of Fairy Prions and about 50 Yellow-nosed Albatross. Two Northern Giant-petrels were also at the shelf. 3 early-returning Wedge-tailed Shearwaters are the first I'm aware of for NSW this season. Image shows numbers of prions and stormies behind the boat.
Mick Roderick and all aboard the M.V.Argonaut 10/8 #224148
highlightArctic Tern
South Ballina
Still on the beach just south of the break wall late morning, as per Steve McBride's sighting on 7 Aug. In amongst a large flock of Crested Tern with a few White-fronted and Common Tern also present.
Andy Jensen 10/8 #224138
Pink-eared Duck (155), Australasian Shoveler
On private land, I had 155 Pink-eared Ducks (my highest count there so far), 18 Australasian Shovelers, about 15 Hardhead, c 140 Grey and a few Chestnut Teal, 5 Black Swan (with one on nest), 9 Hoary-headed and 4 Australasian Grebe, c11 Black-winged Stilt and also heard Spotless Crake. A number of Striated Pardalotes were also about in the surrounding paddock.
Edwin Vella 9/8 #224132
Speckled Warbler (6), Scarlet Robin, Spotless Crake
Air Services site, Shanes Park
I was very pleased to see at least 6 Speckled Warblers at Shanes Park this morning (I haven't had that many there for quite a while). Buff-rumped Thornbills were quite abundant and just about everywhere where I went. There were also good numbers of Varied Sitellas and Brown-headed Honeyeaters, about 10 Rose Robins, a pair of Scarlet Robins (saw them in a recently burnt but different area where we saw them yesterday), White-winged Choughs, a pair of White-throated Treecreepers (a local rarity), a few Striated Pardalotes and also heard Spotless Crake.
Edwin Vella 9/8 #224131
Grey Fantail
South Boambee Rd, Boambee
20+ Grey Fantails hawking for insects in small sheltered gully. Similar numbers were here for a week in Autumn.
Michael Cheers and Kevin Cheers 9/8 #224127
Sat 8Brush Cuckoo
Upper Colo Rd, Colo River
2 birds calling and seen along the roadside. Also present was a White-bellied Sea Eagle possibly inspecting a nest site, Wedge-tailed Eagle, plenty of Brown Cuckoo-doves, Wonga Pigeon and both Striated and Spotted Pardalotes in good numbers.
Eric Finley 10/8 #224142
Wianamatta Regional Park
An Emu showed well for us in the afternoon.
Edwin Vella, Mark Fuller and members of Birding NSW 9/8 #224130
Scarlet Robin, Speckled Warbler
Air Services site, Shanes Park
Highlights for the outing included a pair of adult Scarlet Robins, a Speckled Warbler and an Azure Kingfisher
Edwin Vella, Mark Fuller and members of Birding NSW 9/8 #224128
Australian Brush Turkey
Grey Street, Glenbrook
Saw a brush turkey on the track at the end of Grey Street, Glenbrook. Rare in the Blue Mountains, my first record for the lower mountains.
Graham Turner 9/8 #224117
highlightChestnut-rumped Heathwren
Cuumbeun Nature Reserve--Link Trail near dam
Pair seen together, including one bird feeding another on the ground. Same pair later seen together at top of an open acacia sapling, male singing strongly with much mimicry. Our observations were suggestive of breeding behaviour, which is interesting in that this species is said to be a non-breeding vagrant in the nearby ACT. eBird checklist
Kim Farley-Larmour and Christine D 8/8 #224116
Spotless Crake
Warriewood Wetlands
Single Spotless Crake seen well at 1645 from the northern boardwalk. Water levels are low and the crake was foraging between areas of cover and out in the open.
Jon Spicer-Bell 8/8 #224115
highlightGlossy Black-Cockatoo
Traveling Stock Route 11km north of Tullamore
While conducting a survey in open woodland at -32.560, 147.655, we were excited to hear two Glossy Black-Cockatoos (which Kim saw). This is more than 80km west of the most western nearby record in the Birdlife or eBird databases in this district. Other good birds in this patch were a pair of Brown Treecreepers, a group of Grey-crowned Babblers, 30+ Double-barred Finches, and a mixed feeding flock dominated by c.30 Striated Pardalotes! [Moderator's Note: From Warren Chad: There is a small population, that are seen occasionally in the Boona Hills an area bounded by Tullamore, Fifield, Yellow Mtn and Melrose. I have only ever seen 3 birds at any given time and only in areas with lots of bellah trees
Ashwin Rudder & Kimberly Maute 8/8 #224114
Fri 7Whimbrel
Palmers Island, Clarence River Estuary
Birdlife Australia winter count - 10 birds flushed from edge of channel, landed in saltmarsh.
Greg Clancy, Gary & Margater Eggins, Jeff Thomas (NPWS) 9/8 #224126
Black-tailed Godwit, Red-kneed Dotterel, Australasian Shoveler, Gull-billed Tern, Grey Teal
Micalo Island, Clarence River Estuary
Birdlife Australia winter count - 2 Black-tailed Godwits loafing, 3 Red-kneed Dotterels (uncommon in valley in recent months), 11 Gull-billed Terns, 8 Shovelers, 100+ Grey Teal.
Greg Clancy, Gary & Margaret Eggins, Jeff Thomas (NPWS) 9/8 #224125
Red-necked Avocet, Great Knot, Caspian Tern, Gull-billed Tern, Australian Pied Oystercatcher
Wooloweyah Lagoon, Clarence River Estuary
56-60 Avocets roosting on sandbar, 1 Great Knot present with 48 Bar-tailed Godwits, 14 Caspian Terns, 8 Gull-billed Terns, 2 Oystercatchers.
Greg Clancy, Gary & Margaret Eggins, Jeff Thomas (NPWS) 9/8 #224124
Eastern Curlew, Double-banded Plover, Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Caspian Tern
Rabbit Island sandbar, Clarence Estuary
Birdlife Australia winter count - 17 Eastern Curlews, 2 Plovers, 2 Oystercatchers, 4 Caspian Terns.
Greg Clancy, Gary & Margaret Eggins, Jeff Thomas (NPWS) 9/8 #224123
Double-banded Plover, Beach Stone-curlew, Red-capped Plover, Australian Pied Oystercatcher
Dart Island Nature Reserve, Clarence River Estuary
Birdlife Australia winter count - 13 Double-banded Plovers, 3 adult Stone-curlews, 1 Red-capped Plover (the only one observed all day), 2 Pied Oystercatchers, 1 Whimbrel, 7 Eastern Curlews.
Greg Clancy, Gary & Margaret Eggins, Jeff Thomas (NPWS) 9/8 #224122
highlightArctic Tern
South Ballina
Single Arctic Tern resting with other Terns on the beach near south break-wall. Also 4 Common Terns & 5 White-fronted Terns. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 7/8 #224109
Thu 6highlightSacred Kingfisher (1) adult Caspian Tern (5)
Sydney Olympic Park--Waterbird Refuge
My first Sacred Kingfisher this year on the patch. Five Caspian Terns might be my highest count in Sydney ever and a record for me at SOP.
Dion Hobcroft 7/8 #224103
Curlew Sandpiper
Wilford Lane Wetlands - Milton - (private property)
The Curlew Sandpiper was a bit of a surprise today, another unusual sighting for the hidden wetland at Milton, it maybe overwintered or is and early arrival. I was hoping to see the Marsh Sandpiper which was there last week - unfortunately no sign of it
Charles Dove 6/8 #224101
Little Lorikeet, Fairy Martin, Tree Martin
Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
2-3 pairs of Little Lorikeets feeding and apparently prospecting for nest hollows in the Forest Red Gums in the riverflat forest. Die-back caused by Bell Miners is severe here, but ironically the dead limbs may provide nesting habitat for lorikeets. A flock of swallows over grassland included at least 2 Fairy Martins and 10 Tree Martins, the first certain sign of spring migration I've seen locally this year.
David James 6/8 #224097
Wed 5highlightSwift Parrot
Mulgoa, NSW
A flock of 20 Swift Parrots flew over my head in the late afternoon while I was chopping wood. Definitely all Swifts, Definitely Swifts. I spent last summer doing surveys for them in Tasmania. Their call is etched into my brain. I haven't seen them since- if you seen any around Sydney give me a shout on twitter (@manic_henry) or facebook (search "teamswiftparrot"). Cheers!
Henry Cook 18/8 #224238
Black Bittern, Pink-eared Duck
Deepwater Park, Milperra
A male Black Bittern on the eastern-most pond on Maxwell Ave about 08:30. 7 Pink-eared Ducks still on the pond in Kelso Park North, down from 19 in April.
David James 6/8 #224096
Rufous Whistler
South of Wooloweyah, near Yamba
Single male Rufous Whistler foraging in heathland a probable early return; unusually in this habitat, a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike also nearby. Other species included Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters, Eastern Spinebills, Noisy Friarbirds, Little Wattlebirds and bucket-loads of White-cheeked Honeyeaters.
Peter Higgins 6/8 #224094
Tue 4highlightSwift Parrot, Diamond Firetail
Singleton Training Area (restricted access)
Additional flock of 12 Swift Parrots found today on the STA lands, feeding on Grey Box (E. moluccana) blossom. Posting here as there have been very few Swift Parrot reports in NSW this winter. Amongst all the other great woodland birds, we had our 3rd record of Diamond Firetail for the site in recent years. This location was right near the eastern edge of the site too.
Mick Roderick and Lucas Grenadier 4/8 #224087
Mon 3Straw-necked Ibis (50) Pink-eared Duck (1)
Sydney Olympic Park-Lake Belvedere
A large flock of SNI in flight was a rare sight at SOP, my third record for the patch. Single Pink-eared Duck still at Lake Belvedere-likes to loaf on green plastic behind the island you walk out to.
Dion Hobcroft and David James 7/8 #224104
White-throated Gerygone
Tower Rd, Pembrooke (Near Wauchope)
A single White-throated Gerygone was heard calling around 9:15 this morning. Nice to think that Spring is on the way.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw 3/8 #224081
highlightSwift Parrot, Striated Pardalote (substriatus)
Singleton Training Area (restricted access)
4 Swift Parrots at 2 distinct sites about 2km apart this morning on the Singleton Training Area (Dep't of Defence lands; no public access). The first couple were feeding in a planted White Box tree that I was scanning because of Noisy Friarbirds being present. The Swifties did not vocalise and it was pure chance that I found them as I looked through the tree. The second two were feeding on foliage in a Spotted Gum tree in the forested areas. Awful proof shot attached of one of these birds. A pair of Striated Pardalotes of the subspecies substriatus were attending a nest site nearby where I suspect they may have bred last year. The Singleton Training Area is the most easterly location we have found this subspecies in the Hunter (which to my knowledge is the only coastal catchment in NSW that has this subsp.?).
Mick Roderick 3/8 #224080
Sun 2Fluttering-type Shearwater, White-fronted Tern
Stockton Bight (off Stockton Beach)
Two large flocks of Fluttering-type Shearwaters getting into the action amongst a 'feeding frenzy' in Stockton Bight. Both flocks were around 2000 birds strong and I watched them for over an hour. I only had binoculars so had no hope of actually identifying any birds. In previous years August/early-Sept is when we see large flocks of these birds off Newcastle (some of them immense, e.g. >10,000 birds 24/08/2008). There were also 130 'commic terns' which would almost certainly have been all or nearly all White-fronted.
Mick Roderick 3/8 #224082
Port Macquarie
One pair in grassland corner of Hastings River Dr and Willow Close, Port Macquarie
Phillip Shelley 2/8 #224074
Scarlet Robin
An immature male and a female bird near Badgerys Lookout. Other species of note: Superb Lyrebird, Buff-rumped Thornbill, White-eared Honeyeater, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Bell Miners.
Lorne Johnson 2/8 #224072
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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