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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to Eremaea eBird, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with Eremaea eBird and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

April 2016
Sat 30Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Great Crested Grebe, White-backed Australian Magpie
Kangaroo Valley
Six Great Crested Grebe and one Azure Kingfisher on Bendeela Pondage. Two White-backed Magpie and 1 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo behind tennis courts in Kangaroo Valley. The first time I have seen White-backed Magpie in Kangaroo Valley.
Carla Jackett with 4 others from Illawarra Birders Club. 30/4 #227376
Spotless Crake
Limekiln Bay Reserve, Oatley
1 Spotless Crake was seen in the reeds at 1300h approximate. Spotless Crake is not previously recorded in the area. Was with Buff-banded Rail. When either the crake or the rail was in the open they were swooped by Grey Fantails. Record Photo has both species in view.
Jesse Gibson 30/4 #227375
megamegaParadise Shelduck
Bushells Lagoon
Shelduck still present this morning in the usual spot.
Caroline Gully per. Australian Twitchers (Facebook) 30/4 #227371
Oatley Park, Oatley
2 Ospreys attempting to construct a nest. No progress however being made. Also; 4 Caspian Terns, 2 Striated Herons, and 3 Sacred Kingfisher.
Jesse Gibson 30/4 #227370
Fri 29Grey Currawong
Bawley Point
Observed on my property one Grey Currawong over the last four weeks.
Robyn Lenore McTavish 29/4 #227355
Thu 28highlightHoneyeater / Silvereye migration
Mount Sugarloaf to New England Hwy, Beresfield/Ashtonfield
The remarkable migration of large numbers of Passerines continues in the Lower Hunter. Since I first reported seeing 500-700 birds per minute at Mount Sugarloaf last Thursday several observers have been out to this and other sites in the vicinity witnessing the event. It appears that Silvereyes dominate an early "push" (0730-0830) with Yellow-faced HE's dominating the mid-morning "push" (0930-1130). Interestingly, it seems very few Silvereyes accompany the honeyeaters on the second push. Yesterday, Tom Clarke and I discovered that the main migration channel went directly over Pambalong Nature Reserve, within a corridor about 200-250m wide (where Cedar Hill Drive runs parallel with the M1 motorway). Here around 10,000 birds (almost entirely Yellow-faceds) flew past between 1000-1030. At times there were close to 200 birds a second passing over our heads. People were out there counting today and separately tallied ~10,000 birds over the course of an hour. Along with the Silvereyes and Yellow-faceds, there have been (in order of magnitude from my own and others' observations) Noisy Friarbirds, Scarlet HE, White-naped HE, Red Wattlebirds and Eastern Spinebills. From Cedar Hill Drive the birds are funnelling along a corridor that runs parallel with the motorway (yes, birds can easily be seen through the car window!) up until John Renshaw Drive, from where the main channel splits and birds are crossing the New England Hwy anywhere between the eastern edge of Beresfield Golf Course and Four Mile Creek, Ashtonfield (thereafter which we do not currently know). It is a truly magnificent spectacle and I recommend trying to witness it. The weather may not be favourable on the weekend but Mon/Tues/Wed next week (being clear and sunny) could provide ideal conditions again. The causeway/carpark on Cedar Hill Drive is probably the best location for viewing.
Mick Roderick, Tom Clarke, Dan Williams et al 29/4 #227356
Buff-banded Rail, Musk Lorikeet
Limekiln Bay Reserve, Oatley
A single Buff-banded Rail was seen feeding beside the reeds at 1545h. Also 10+ Musk Lorikeets flew overhead latter.
Jesse Gibson 28/4 #227348
Wed 27Common Koel
Fledgling being fed by Little Wattlebirds. Very late in the year to record a fledgling of this species.
Martin Schulz 27/4 #227344
Tue 26Rose Robin
Blackman Park, Lane Cove, Sydney
One female seen briefly when she came down from the canopy to a lower tree on the walking track at the end of Lloyd Rees Drive. Numerous birds (e.g. Grey Fantail, Brown Thornbills and Spotted Pardalotes) working the trees so difficult to keep one bird in sight. Unsure if this bird warrants a mention or not because of its seasonal movements? [Moderator's Note: From this time of year onwards into winter, Rose Robins will become regular birds in many areas of Sydney. Sue advises she has already submitted an eBird list, which is the best course of action for anyone else who records Rose Robins coming back over the coming weeks. JB]
Sue Chatfield 26/4 #227338
Mon 25Flame Robin
Stoked to see a male Flame Robin in the area of the sewage treatment plant this arvo. First time I've seen a FR in this location. Only my 4th sighting of a FR in Bundanoon in 6 years.
Lorne Johnson 26/4 #227335
Mistletoebird and Golden Whistler
Eastlakes golf course
A female Mistletoe appeared at head height in front of me at the 17th tee, another was calling 20m away but I didn't see it, these birds may have been moving through with Yellow-faced Honeyeaters which were also present, moments later they were all gone (thanks to the local New Holland Honeyeater population) A long overdue first site record for me here.
David Mitford 26/4 #227333
highlightEastern Ground Parrot
Bawley Point
Seen amongst the tussock grass and banksias next to the car park at Bawley Beach.
Sarah Jade Newton 26/4 #227330
Topknot Pigeons
Bucketts Way just north of Wards River
Flock of 50+ feeding in camphor laurel trees.
Elisabeth Karplus 25/4 #227326
Powerful Owl
Underpass of Gladesville bridge
Roadkill of Powerful Owl on underpass of Gladesville bridge travelling from Lane Cove to Gladesville. Picked up at noon (Moderator's Note: Check with Caroline Wilson, Powerful Owl Project Officer at Birds in Backyards, Birdlife Southern, Sydney as they would be interested in the stomach contents. AKM)
Ann Millard 25/4 #227325
Sun 24Scarlet Robin
Benowie Track, north of Crosslands Reserve, Hornsby
Female seen in patch of dense shrubs approx 2.5km north of Crosslands Reserve when following Great North Walk. Also a female Rose Robin seen about 200m further north of this sighting.
Tom Wilson 25/4 #227328
highlightBeach Stone-curlew
Merimbula Lake, Spencer Park
There are now two Beach Stone-curlews in Merimbula. The previously reported Beach Stone-curlew was photographed with a second one, thought to have been there but avoiding detection until now.
Robert Thirlwell 25/4 #227322
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Riverside Park Chipping Norton
The earliest I have seen a Fan-tailed Cuckoo in this area and wondered if this unusually early? (Moderator's Note: Fan-tailed Cuckoos wander widely in autumn-early winter before being back in the breeding grounds by July-August, so they can turn up anywhere!).
Brenda Parkinson 25/4 #227320
Spotted Quail-thrush
Hillcrest fire trail, Adeline Park, Faulconbridge
Single male seen foraging in the low lying shrub and grass recovering from burns at approximately 1pm. About 20-50 metres from the trail entrance on the right side of the track. Observed it for a good 5 minutes allowing a few IDable shots.
Leo Skowronek 24/4 #227316
highlightSwift Parrot
3 Swift Parrots heard then seen flying over my yard in Alderson Street, Shortland late this afternoon. Birds were headed in direction of Newcastle Uni, where there are some large Spotted Gums flowering (Musk Lorikeets also seen today headed that way and a large flock [100 birds] flew over last week, again in the direction of the Uni). This is just the 2nd report of Swifties for NSW (not including the ACT) that I'm aware of thus far for 2016 (the first being of a single bird in Birchgrove from Thurs 21/04). Earlier a pale Little Eagle was high above the yard. This species is much more frequently found here in autumn/winter.
Mick Roderick 24/4 #227313
Sat 23highlightPainted Honeyeater, Powerful Owl
Turon Gates campground, 12km west of Capertee
I spent two nights at Turon Gates where the best birds were a pair of Painted Honeyeaters and a female Powerful Owl (heard calling only). Other birds included Azure Kingfisher, Owlet-nightjar (calling only), Gang-gang Cockatoo and ten plus White-naped and White-plumed Honeyeaters.
Nick Carson 24/4 #227312
Spotted Harrier
A spotted Harrier was flying low beside the Princes Highway immediately west of Bega. Unfortunately it t was too dangerous to stop and take photographs on this section of the highway.
Andrew McCutcheon 23/4 #227305
megamegaWilsons Storm Petrel and Great-winged Petrel
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A very rare record of a Wilsons Storm Petrel today observed for an extended period. Also 2 Great-winged Petrels, 11 Black-browed Albatross, 3 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, 3 Short-tailed Shearwater, 2 Flutterers & a Kelp Gull were seen.
David Mitford and Robet Griffin 23/4 #227304
Fri 22Noisy Pitta
Ourimbah RTA Reserve
A great view of Noisy Pitta on the track 100 m from the reserve entrance. We saw also large flock (38 birds) of Topknot Pigeon. Other birds in the reserve: Grey Goshawk (2 flying over reserve), Bassian Thrush (2), Black-faced Monarch (2), White-headed Pigeon (11), Spangled Drongo (1 at RTA rest are near hwy), Crested Shrike-tit (1), Chestnut-breasted Mannikin (8), Peregrine Falcon (observed cathing a small bird) . Honeyeaters migration is in a full swing. Mostly Yellow-faced HEs and Silver-eyes. We found among them also some White-naped HE, Scarlet HE, Eastern Spinebills.
Ted Wnorowski 23/4 #227300
Thu 21Yellow-faced Honeyeaters
Naremburn, Sydney
An estimated 540 migrating birds (approx 90% Yellow-faced Honeyeaters) passed through Naremburn (cnr Rohan St and Willoughby Rd) between 11:05 and 11:25. About half these birds were coming from the south east and moving north west, the rest from a more south westerly direction heading north east. More birds continued moving through at this site when I finished the impromptu count and were heard passing over in similar numbers for the next few hours in North Willoughby, 3 kms away .
Arwen Ximenes 22/4 #227298
Paradise Riflebird
Copeland Tops State Conservation Area
A single male bird seen about 300 metres along the Hidden Treasure Track. Got brief views front and back but unfortunately flew off before being photographed.
Lisa Abra & Lyall Naylor 22/4 #227287
Topknot pigeons
Harry Sawkins Park, Nowra CBD
Have seen flocks of topknot pigeons in Berry and once before in Nowra, but this was a flock of 50+ birds. Flew out of the park, across the Princes Highway in an easterly direction.
Ann Millard 21/4 #227281
Yellow-faced / Scarlet Honeyeaters, Silvereyes, Spotted Pardalotes
Mount Sugarloaf Road (northern end Lake Macquarie catchment)
Between 1035-1055 many thousands of migrating honeyeaters, Silvereyes and Spotted Pardalotes were watched streaming over a cleared (powerline easement) ~100m wide section of ridge on the north-east flank of Mount Sugarloaf (near Seahampton). The birds were already moving through when I arrived so I've no idea how many preceded what I saw. Conservative estimate based on number of birds per second flying overhead was 500-700 birds per minute at its peak. Yellow-faced HE accounted for about 85% of the birds (and were the largest species involved), with Silvereyes and Scarlet HE's accounting for another 10%; the remainder Spotted Pardalotes and the occasional White-naped HE. I returned at 1205 and there were still about 100 birds per minute flying over. Impossible to capture with a zoom lens, but image shows a very small section of the continuous stream of birds.
Mick Roderick 21/4 #227277
Shoplands Road, Annangrove
Solitary male observed in the canopy of a Forest Red Gum on my block this morning. Calling and seemed to be feeding, but upon what I could not tell. Stayed for about 10 minutes then flew off to the west. Only my second record for Annangrove and very scarce in the North-west of Sydney.
Darryl Smedley 21/4 #227274
Wed 20Turquoise Parrot, Rose Robin, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Varied Sittella
Gunneemooroo Section, Warrumbungle NPS Toorawenah
As part of the Warrumbungle NP Post-Bushfire Bird Week, surveys were carried out at Gunneemooroo and birds seen included 4 Turquoise Parrots, a pair of Crested Shrike-tits, a Spotted Bowerbird, a party of 7 Varied Sittellas, two Rose Robins (one an adult male, and these would be at the very edge of this bird's western autumn-winter range), 4+ Wedge-tailed Eagle, Inland Thornbill, Peregrine Falcon & Collared Sparrowhawk.
Alan Morris, Rex Schmidt and 14 others. 22/4 #227290
Yellow-faced Honeyeaters
Upper Road, Forest Lodge,
Up to 500 migrating honeyeaters were sighted passing over Upper Rd, Forest Lodge, (western boundary of Glebe) between 10.30 am-2.30 pm on 20th April. Many flew quite low and all appeared to be Yellow-Faced HEs. Flight almost due south to north. A few (10-15) rested briefly on emergent trees before continuing north.
Judy Christie 20/4 #227269
Tue 19Turquoise Parrot, Red-capped Robin, Speckled Warbler
Woolshed area, Warrumbungle NP, Coonabarabran
In a little over an hour, 40 species were seen in and around the Woolshed including 8 Turquoise Parrots, Inland and Buff-rumped Thornbills, 4 Red-capped Robins, 9 Peaceful Doves, Spiny-cheeked & Striped Honeyeaters, a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Speckled Warbler, Golden Whistler, Mistletoebird and Wedge-tailed Eagle.
Alan Morris, Rex Schmidt and 6 others. 22/4 #227289
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Circular Quay, Sydney
At about 5.15pm a White-bellied Sea-eagle rounded the Opera House and then flew low across Circular Quay, The Rocks and over the southern approach to the Harbour Bridge. I've seen them at Balmain and Balmoral but never this close to the CBD.
Robert Griffin 20/4 #227270
Freckled Duck
Tuggerah Wastewater Treatment Plant
1 Freckled Duck, at least 4 pairs of Australian Shoveler, 20 Pink-eared Duck (4 pairs performing a mating dance circling each other in tandem on the water) 30-40 Royal Spoonbills, at least 4 Whistling Kites and all the usual huge amounts of water birds. Lots of photos available if required.
Nick Giles 19/4 #227264
Mon 18Mulga Parrot & White-browed Woodswallow
Macquarie Marshes--Big Terrigal Creek
The Macquarie Marshes are totally dry although water was flowing along the Bulgerargar Creek however the were still plenty of birds to see including 3 Mulga Parrots east of Bulgerargar Creek and at Big Terrigal Creek, a flock of 40+ White-browed Woodswallows, the only ones seen in a 6 day trip through the Central West and 6 Grey-crowned Babblers.
Alan Morris 22/4 #227291
Shy/White-capped Albatross
Boodeere National Park - Cape St George
2 albatross observed flying very low over the water close to shore ahead of storm front. Photos taken clearly showing black notch on leading wing margin at body. eBird checklist
Alison Nisbett & Tanya Hattingh 19/4 #227250
Magpie Goose
Forest Grove Kanahooka (Illawarra)
Pair of Magpie Gees on ornamental pond. Apparently visit occasionally "in transit" en route to breeding ground.
Mandy Anderson 18/4 #227243
Bar-tailed Godwit
Sydney Olympic Park--Waterbird Refuge
4 Godwits mixed in with the Pied Stilts on the refuge approx 6:30am. presumably northbound but a bit later than usual? Also 20 Black-fronted Dotterels counted just in front of the bird hide and a group of 4 Buff-banded Rails seen on Wentworth Common.
Tom Wilson 18/4 #227242
Sun 17Plumed Whistling Duck, Pink-eared Duck
Parkes STW
A flock of 188 Plumed Whistling Ducks were roosting on an island in the middle of the main pond, and there were the usual other waterfowl present including about 220 Pink-ears and 8 Shoveler.
Alan & Anne Morris 22/4 #227288
Spotted Bowerbird
Mt Ulamambri, near Coonabarabran (private property)
An immature Spotted Bowerbird calling from and feeding in a pair of olive trees in the yard. First sighting here and likely a response to dry conditions/wandering younger birds. Driest the area has been in 20 years.
Max Breckenridge 20/4 #227265
highlightWhite Tern
Pelagic off Port Stephens
Single White Tern that came in from the west towards the boat (possibly ahead of a storm front) was the highlight of yesterday's Port Stephens pelagic. The bird did a very close pass to the stern and stayed within 100m of the boat for about 5 minutes, seen to dip feed a couple of times. Otherwise it mostly 'expected' birds, though a few late Arctic Jaegers were nice to see. Attached image by Tim Strong.
Steve and Mick Roderick and all aboard the MV Argonaut 18/4 #227241
Major Mitchell'sCockatoo
Tottenham Public School.grounds
A flock of 35 Pink Cockies feeding in the school grounds. Large number for that location.
Alan Morris 17/4 #227232
Sat 16Restless Flycatcher
Georges River at Chipping Norton
One bird was seen for a few minutes, and photographed well by a group of 11 birders from Birding NSW on Saturday morning. I have not seen the species in the area (Cabramatta to Cobbitty) for quite a long time (years) so will check again. Report in June BNSW newsletter. Also added Grey Goshawk to 96 species list over 3 years. eBird checklist
Ian Bailey, Greg McLachlan, Ted Nixon and all 19/4 #227251
Groud Cuckooshrike
Newell Hwy, 75k North of Jerilderie
6 Ground Cuckooshrikes perching on wires north of Jerilderie.
Greg and Janice Mckay 16/4 #227225
Fri 15highlightSpangled Drongo
Gwydir Wetlands--Allambie Bridge
A Spangled Drongo was observed perched over the dry bed of the Gwydir River. (Photo courtesy of Tanya Hattingh). Fork fish tail and red eye visible. Great views were obtained by 8 fellow birders. Quite possibly the farthest west sighting recorded in NSW (well west of usual range). A Black-chinned Honeyeater was heard calling too. Also please note that the nearby Gwydir Wetlands SCA is opened to the public till the end of the month (30 April) where a Marsh Sandpiper and 27 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were also sighted. eBird checklist
Curtis Hayne, Tanya Hattingh, Philip Peel, Tim Nicholds, Alison Nisbett & 4 others 16/4 #227223
Whistling Kite
Tomaree National Park
13 Whistling Kites seen riding thermals in a loose flock above Stephens Peak, Tomaree National Park, Shoal Bay. They were observed for several minutes as they then moved north to Tomaree Head and then disappeared over the top to the north east presumably to carry on up the coast but I lost sight of them.
Arwen Ximenes 16/4 #227220
Yellow-faced, White-naped, Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters, Noisy Friarbirds & Spotted Pardalotes
Narrow Neck Peninsula, Katoomba
C.11,000 honeyeaters, Noisy Friar-birds, Silvereyes etc seen on migration between 9.15 + 12 today at Narrow Neck. Pulse after pulse of restless, calling birds flitting through the forest and heath to my left + right, above + below, + all but going through my legs! Fabulous! The migration had pretty much fizzled out by midday so after a very satisfying morning the afternoon provided some more leisurely birding with Flame Robin, Grey Fantails,, a pair of distant Wedge-tails + 25 Great Crested Grebes at Agnes Banks of note.
Michael Ellison 15/4 #227218
Black Bittern, Nankeen Night Heron, Striated Heron
Deepwater Park, Milperra
1 adult of each species at eastern pond on Maxwell Ave around 7:15 am, all in same field of view.
David James 15/4 #227212
Thu 14highlightParadise Shelduck (male)
Bushells Lagoon
Shelduck is feeding on edge of (green) water just past pump shed to your left as you walk down the causeway. With Pacific Black Ducks. Two black-shouldered Kites wheeling overhead and 3 Black-fronted Dotterels on edge of water. Harrier flew overhead putting up Ducks: Paradise Shelduck continued to feed.
Chris Melrose & Brian Downer 14/4 #227205
Emerald Dove
Riverside Park, Chipping Norton
1 immature or female bird quietly foraging along Alfred Ave around 7:30 am. Flushed into dense privet scrub.
David James 14/4 #227204
Wed 13 Osprey
Burrill Lake Estuary
While on my early walk a single Osprey was seen flying over the road bridge. This is the first time I've seen one here for app 2 years although they are spotted at Lake Conjola 15 klms away regularly.
bob rusk 14/4 #227202
Scarlet Robin
Eastlakes golf course
Likely the same bird male robin reported here by David Mitford on 2nd April. Hunting from pine trees around the green near Mill Pond about 500m north of previous location. eBird checklist
Richard Murray 13/4 #227199
Tue 12highlightRed-lored Whistler
Nombinnie Nature Reserve (East)--The Old Wheat Paddock
Arrived at the intersection to be greeted by a calling Juv Red-lored Whistler. Literally perched alongside the road, north of Cactus track. We had prolonged views as it called and flittered from side to side of the road. Also of note was a calling Chestnut-backed Quail Thrush, Southern Scrub Robin, Shy Heathwren and a party of 6 Grey-fronted Honeyeaters eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 6 other observers 17/4 #227234
Mon 11highlightTahiti Petrel, Wilson's Storm-petrel
31km NNE of Coffs Harbour
A combined bird-watching and fishing trip, aboard my tinny 'Petrel-head', resulted in excellent sightings of at least one Tahiti Petrel and seven Wilson's Storm-petrel over the shelf break off Coffs. Also observed hundreds of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, a couple of Short-tailed Shearwaters, and a few fast, low-flying 'Flutton's'-type Shearwaters closer inshore. Topping off a great day out were dozens of Common Dolphin escorting us home, quite a few Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphin, and some Mahi Mahi for dinner.
Peter Richards and Peter Higgins 13/4 #227196
Australian Owlet-nightjar
The Domain area, Sydney
One bird heard calling near the Art Gallery of NSW at about 8:45pm. Surprised to hear one in this location.
Lorne Johnson 12/4 #227190
Sun 10highlightEmerald Dove
Double Bay, Sydney eastern suburbs
Hal Epstein came across this juvenile (probably female) Emerald Dove in his garden in Double Bay only 3 km from the CBD - an unusual record for suburban Sydney
Hal Epstein per Roger McGovern 13/4 #227194
Blue-faced Honeyeater
29 birds seen on a fairway at Stonebridge Golf Club. 2 Grey-crowned Babbler and a single Little Grassbird other birds of note.
Lorne Johnson 12/4 #227189
Yellow-faced Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater
Michalego: K2C Karool, K2C Gundharwar (Restricted Access)
Honeyeater migration in full swing at all 3 properties surveyed for K2C. At Karool, we estimated 600 Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and 50 White-naped Honeyeaters during our 2ha-20min survey, with an almost continuous stream of birds still going when we left. eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 12/4 #227185
highlightParadise Shelduck, Great-Crested Grebe
Bushells Lagoon
Paradise Shelduck still showing well at Bushells Lagoon in the same flooded paddock. Also a pair of Great-crested Grebe with 4 tiny chicks in the main lagoon. eBird checklist
Rod & Jenny Stiles 10/4 #227178
highlightEmerald Dove
Lime Kiln Bay Reserve, Oatley
2 Emerald Doves seen at dusk by Jesse Gibson. When in the low-cover areas they were swooped by Noisy Miners. Were flushed towards the reeds. Dave and Shirley report one bird in trees along Dame Mary Gilmore Road beside Oatley Park.
Dave Koffel, Shirley Parrott, Jesse Gibson 10/4 #227173
Pied Butcherbird, Brush Turkey
Scheyville National Park
An adult Pied Butcherbird and a young Brush Turkey were recorded at Scheyville NP today. I believe it is the first record of Brush Turkey for the park.
Darryl McKay and members of the Australian Bird Study Association 10/4 #227172
Sat 9megamegaBand-rumped Storm-petrel
Britannia Seamount
1st for Australia - subject to BARC submission. First called by Rohan Clarke - watch and photographed by all on board. More trip details to follow. Attached photograph by Raja Stephenson.
all on board the Sea-Mounts Pelagic organised by Paul Walbridge 15/4 #227211
highlightArctic Tern, Black Petrel
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
Highlights of an otherwise quiet day on the water were a superb breeding plumage Arctic Tern and an unusual April record of Black Petrel. 23degC water temperatures resulted in only one albatross, an adult Campbell Albatross.
Roger McGovern and all observers on the Avalon IV 10/4 #227163
Noisy Pitta
Centennial Park
Alan Coates saw and photographed a Noisy Pitta near the Learning Centre at Centennial Park this morning. It was driven into cover by Noisy Miners, but could not subsequently be found again. eBird checklist
Graeme Robinson 9/4 #227161
Paradise Shelduck, Square-tailed Kite
Bushells Lagoon, Wilberforce
Same drake Paradise Shelduck, 1 Square-tailed Kite flew over the north side of the causeway. 15 or more White-winged Choughs seen on Blacktown Rd, as well as 4 Red-rumped Parrots. 12 Black-fronted Dotterels in the dirt flat in front of the Paradise Shelduck.
Jesse Gibson 9/4 #227153
highlightParadise Shelduck
Bushells Lagoon
Bird still on flooded paddock at 3pm beyond shed at far(south) end of dirt road (Brewsters) that crosses the lagoon
Chris Gladwin 9/4 #227152
Fri 8highlightBeach stone curlew
Between spencer park and the wharf.
Vincent Bastien 10/4 #227177
Common Myna
Toorak Rd. Leeton NSW
Two birds flushed from vineyard and landed on power lines. This is the first record for the Riverina and would not be welcomed by the local fruit farmers if more follow into the area.
Max O'Sullivan 8/4 #227143
Thu 7highlightSquare-tailed Kite, Black-chinned Honeyeater
Wianamatta Nature Reserve
A nice morning walk at the reserve. A pair of Square-tailed Kites was harassed by five Australian Ravens. Near entrance (opposite Taylor's St) heaps of honeyeaters such us Noisy Friarbird, White-naped Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater. Among them a small flock (4) of Black-chinned Honeyeaters. [Moderator's Note: If anyone is nearby able to obtain record shots of these BCHEs, it would be a huge help to the BirdLife woodland birds project. BCHEs have not been recorded in the Sydney region since 2010. JB]
Ted Wnorowski 9/4 #227148
highlightParadise Shelduck
Bushells Lagoon
The duck was still visible this morning in the flooded paddock
Brenda Parkinson 7/4 #227132
Double-barred Finch and Spangled Drongo
Randwick Environment Park
A surprise for me today was finding a pair of Double-barred Finches feeding on grass seeds with a small flock of Red-browed Finches, in this Regional Park. Close by was a Spangled Drongo, both species seen within 100m of each other on the eastern side of the Reserve. When living in the Eastern suburbs 1983-1988, and being the Chief Ranger for Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay NPs, I never saw DB Finches any where in the Eastern Suburbs even though I extensively surveyed the areas.
Alan Morris 7/4 #227131
Pale-headed Rosella
Pottsville -28.3730, 153.5597
With Eastern Rosella happily roosting together
Irene Timmins 7/4 #227126
Wed 6Blue-billed Duck
Lake Wallace
16 Blue-billed Ducklings near the "pipeline" with no less than 10 adults. [Moderator comment: Blue-billed Ducks are known residents on Lake Wallace and therefore not of great note. The breeding record is, however, significant. AR]
Marie Lister 10/4 #227168
Hybrid Double-barred x Zebra Finch
Bushells Lagoon
Hybrid finch, possibly Double-barred/Zebra or as suggested on Facebook Australian Bird Identification Group post, Zebra Finch/Owl Finch. Both Double-barred and Zebra present at location. Also saw Paradise Shelduck. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 6/4 #227119
White-throated Needletail (8)
Hurstville Aquatic Center
I don't see them very often here especially this late in the season.
Lorand Szucs 6/4 #227116
megamegaParadise Shelduck
Bushell's Lagoon
Found by 'early birds' in yesterday's spot on the main lagoon to the NW - i.e. on the edge of the water near a gate 150-200 m. to your right as you come down the hill. After hunkering down for a while it eventually flew back to the flooded paddock beyond the shed. But after a while it flew back to its possie near the gate and it was still there when I left at 10.15 this morning.
Ted Nixon, with thanks to my 'predecessors'. 6/4 #227114
Tue 5Eastern (Crested) Shrike-tit
Marshalls Creek Nature Reserve - Old New Brighton Road
Not a common species in NSW Northern Rivers area, and as far as I am aware never recorded at this location. Foraging in littoral rainforest in the lower story and being harazed by a male Golden Whistler, Eastern Yellow Robin & Lewin's Honeyeater. eBird checklist
Jan Olley 7/4 #227121
megamegaParadise Shelduck
Bushell's Lagoon
Present and easy to find at the same spot this morning, 9:30am. EDIT: Still present at the same spot up until 3pm, when flushed by a sea-eagle onto the main lagoon - Jack Moorhead, Jesse Gibson
Nathan Ruser, Shoshana Rapley, Andrew Walker, Jayden Walsh, Henry Coleman 5/4 #227103
Mon 4Tree Martin
Cornwallis Rd, Richmond Lowlands
At least 400 Tree Martins present in this area of the Richmond Lowlands, perched on fences and powerlines of actively feeding on midges. Quite a spectacle. eBird checklist
Jenny Stiles and Marie Lister 5/4 #227102
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Pitt Town Lagoon
During a half-hearted attempt to chance across a bittern at the lagoon, we observed a pair of GBCs clearly flying overhead in a NW direction. An extremely unexpected sighting here. Lacked the size, long tail, lumbering flight and call of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos.
Joshua Bergmark, Max Breckenridge, Simon Gorta, Shahaf Weiss 4/4 #227099
megamegaParadise Shelduck
Bushell's Lagoon
Male Paradise Shelduck found feeding happily at the south end of the causeway this evening, as reported by Ted. Please note that there have been problems with locals in the past at this site, so probably best to park at the top of the hill before the causeway rather than driving down, and don't try to walk across the field to get closer to the bird. Cross the causeway on foot, and follow the road a bit further round until a small shed on the left. Immediately after this shed on the left is a flooded field where the shelduck appears to be quite happy. GPS: -33.565232, 150.819609 (google satellite imagery does not show the current water level in this field).
Joshua Bergmark, Max Breckenridge, Simon Gorta, Daniel Kurzawa, Shahaf Weiss 4/4 #227097
Hooded Plover, Sooty Oystercatcher, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Glossy Black Cockatoo
Cunjurong Point
1 adult and 1 immature Hooded Plover seen today at the river mouth, along with a large flock of Red Capped Plovers and a single Double Banded Plover. Four Sea Eagles - 3 adults and 1 immature (suspect a previous years offspring) fighting over territory by Green Island. 2 Glossy Black Cockatoos feeding in Casuarinas along the water tower track between Manyana and Cunjurong Point townships.
Wolinski and Richardson families 4/4 #227091
megamegaParadise Shelduck
Bushells Lagoon
Paradise Shelduck drake, visitor from New Zealand, found its home at Bushells Lagoon. It was easy to find. It was roosting at the edge of flooded vegetable farm with Grey Teals. At the lagoon there were also Great Crested Grebe (2), Australasian Shoveler (5), Lewin's Rail (1), Restless Flycatcher (1), Azure Kingfisher
Ted Wnorowski 4/4 #227086
Sun 3Speckled Warbler, Rose Robins and Emu
Wianamatta Regional Park
A pair of Speckled Warblers, 3 Rose Robins (including a nice adult male) as well as other winter migrants and 2 pairs of Emus. This is probably the only place in Sydney where you can see the Australian coat of arms (Eastern Kangaroo and Emu - and you may actually see both together as Mark and I have) as well as Australia's largest and smallest (the Weebill) bird!
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 4/4 #227101
Brahminy Kite
Near Catherine Hill Bay
A Brahminy Kite was seen flying near Catherine Hill Bay as I drove up the Pacific Hwy this morning about 8.30.
Christina Port 3/4 #227076
Scarlet Robin
Eastlakes golf course
Bird seen at same location as reported by David Mitford on 2nd April. Photograph from this morning's sighting, but was seen again this afternoon around 16:30.
Fiona Brook and David Mitford 3/4 #227075
Sat 2highlightAustralasian Bittern, Black-necked stork, Black Kite
Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve
In the early morning, I watched an Australasian Bittern fly low over the reeds but in the distance (I did managed a few record shots). As usual there were certainly a good number of water and shore birds here including 250 Australasian Shoveler, at least 50 Greenshank, over 200 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (many of the later colouring up into breeding plumage) and quite a number of vocal Spotless Crakes about. I returned later around noon and saw a juvenile Black-necked Stork and at least 2 Black Kites flying overhead.
Edwin Vella 4/4 #227100
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Capertee Valley
Plenty of birds in the valley including a welcome lone Spiny-cheeked honeyeater outside The Kurrrajongs at approximately 5pm. eBird checklist
Arwen Blackwood Ximenes and Karen Stephenson 3/4 #227080
highlightWandering Tattler
North Valla Beach on rocky shelf
Seen at 7-15am on edge of rocky pool.
Allen Hamilton 2/4 #227069
Scarlet Robin
Eastlakes golf course
I went out looking for migrants in the early autumn warmth, saw a red thing on a rope that encircles one of the greens and thought it must be a plastic tag. It was a male Scarlet Robin, I've never been so pleased to be wrong in my life! Bird present from 6:15 till dusk at the extreme southern end of the golf course, between railway line and Southern Cross Drive. Access via Myrtle Street, Pagewood walk through gap in metal fence near the new townhouse development, head south from here.
David Mitford 2/4 #227068
3 Square-tailed Kites, Collared Sparrowhawk, White-bellied Sea Eagle
Streeton Lookout, Freemans Reach
3 Square Tailed Kites sighted in the vicinity. Single or pairs sighted regularly since Aug 2015, more frequently since Jan 2016. Individual birds can be picked at the moment due to missing flight feathers (moulting?). Have not seen 3 together before today. Single bird within 50m proximity of the pair at times. At one point a Collared Sparrowhawk was closely following the pair quartering together, followed by a Sea Eagle carrying nesting material.
Mike Felstead 2/4 #227066
Little Lorikeet, Gang-gang Cockatoo, Spotted Quail-thrush
Yengo National Park - Boree Trail
50+ Little Lorikeet in 3 main groups, 6 x Gang-gangs, 7 x Spotted Quail-thrush and a pair of Dusky Woodswallows observed whilst driving this trail around 9am this morning.
Andrew Robinson 2/4 #227065
highlightBlue-winged Parrot
Panboola Wetlands, Pambula
Three Blue-winged Parrots sighted today. A rare bird for this area and a first sighting for me.
Max Sutcliffe 2/4 #227063
Black Falcon, Australian Hobby, Topknot Pigeons
Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah (open 10am-4pm Sat/Sun)
While surveying the waterbirds at the Dairy Swamp mid Morning, I looked around to see what had disturbed the Masked Lapwings and Black-winged Stilts, and found a pair of Hobbies "chittering" as they went swooping overhead, only to realise that they were attacking and dive bombing a Black Falcon, the Black Falcon retaliated somewhat and the attacks and swooping went on for about a minute before the birds moved a way over the railway line towards McPherson Swamp. Other birds of interest were a pair of Shovelers, two flocks of Topknot Pigeons 28 & 32 that were feeding both in the Camphor Laurels and a fruiting Moreton Bay Fig. A flock of 22 Topknot Pigeons had flown over McPhersons Swamp earlier that morning. 32 Cattle Egrets were at the Dairy Swamp, 58 at McPhersons.
Alan Morris 2/4 #227062
Spangled Drongo, Rufous Whistler, Golden Whistler
Randwick Environment Park
Immature Spangled Drongo early winter arrival? hawking from trees and fence on eastern side of lake. An immature Golden Whistler in the same spot. Also an adult male Rufous Whistler on the other side of the park. It's always good as usual to see so many bush birds in this inner-city park.(Moderator's Note: Drongos are late this year, and there has been only 1 Central Coast record so far, Avoca Beach on 9/3! AKM) eBird checklist
Richard Murray 2/4 #227061
highlightRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Wyrrabalong National Park--Bateau Bay
Observed at around 0800 this morning roosting in closed coastal heath, approximately 350m south along the tracking leading from Crackneck Lookout. Difficult to view due to the tightness of vegetation, looked to be juvenile as cap colour was not pronounced although breast and underpart colours were well displayed.
Paul & Gavin Shelley 2/4 #227059
Fri 1highlightLewin's Rail, Pale-vented Bush-hen, Southern Emu-wren, Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Koreelah National Park
Lewin's Rail (2) and Bush-hen calling from dense continuous cover of Lomandras in Koreelah Creek; emu-wrens (4) were in blady grass meadow; Glossy Black-Cockatoos (at least 3) were roosting near the creek after sunset and next morning were feeding nearby in mid-storey sheoaks.
Roger Jaensch, Tom Jaensch 3/4 #227078
Black-browed Albatross & Pomarine Jaeger
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A couple of Pomarine Jaegers, 80 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, 10 Fluttering Shearwater, 1 Hutton's Shearwater and a loafing Black-browed Albatross were seen today.
David Mitford 1/4 #227055
Red-capped Robin
Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls
An adult male Red-capped Robin feeding in the burnt-out area of heath directly below the air services tower and near the cliff to the Jamison Valley. Very uncommon in the Blue Mountains. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 1/4 #227052
White-throated Nightjar
Bradley Reserve, South Turramurra
Bird unexpectedly flushed from ground whilst inspecting post fire area.
Andrew Robinson 1/4 #227050
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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