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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

February 2017
Sat 25Australian Hobby
Chipping Norton
The first I have seen in this area. Seen on the phone lines which cross the Georges River, opposite where the Farmers Market is held.
Brenda Parkinson 25/2 #230196
Fri 24highlightOriental Pratincole
Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve--Old Pipeline Track
The Oriental Pratincole was refound this morning at 8:30 am on the opposite side of the road to yesterday's sightings, about 100m down the road past the national park sign and straight out from a culvert. It was staying close to a island tussock of grass in the middle of an open area. eBird checklist
Jenny Stiles, Marie Lister and Anne Brophy 24/2 #230194
Thu 23highlightOriental Pratincole
Hexham Swamp (Old Pipeline Track)
The bird was still present at sunrise this morning, in the same location as yesterday, in fenced area roughly 100m in from -32 50 47, 151 40 55, which is the point along the pipeline track where it has been viewed from (it is the corner of the fenced area, so easy to find). It was motionless when I saw it but was apparently feeding at around 0930. Since then I am only aware of two unsuccessful attempts to see it - one at about 1030; the other at around 1400. The bird is very hard to find at times, so lack of positive reports doesn't necessarily mean the bird is absent. An Australasian Bittern was also seen in flight yesterday afternoon on the other side of the track.
Mick Roderick 23/2 #230188
Dusky Woodswallow
private land...Kemps Creek
At least 10 observed around farm failed attempt at nesting
Michael Miller 23/2 #230184
Wed 22Pacific Bazza
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Initially a mature Pacific Bazza sighted feeding alongside Grand Drive late morning. A juvenile was subsequently sighted in the same location in the early afternoon. Observed by Anne Trophy, Stephen Howard & Biggles Csolander.
Biggles CSolander 22/2 #230175
Tue 21Pied Butcherbird, Bell Miner
RoyalNational Park - Wattamolla
Pied Butcherbird sighted in picnic ground, and a Bell Miner seen on southern track. Very rare birds at this location . Photos available
Brian Everingham 23/2 #230182
White-winged Chough
Maroney Rd Mangrove Mountian off Wisemans Ferry Rd
13 x White-winged Choughs feeding along the freashley graded dirt of Maroney Rd then flew off and proceeded to feed in near by horse paddock
david catt 21/2 #230168
Masked Woodswallow, Brolga
Belmore Swamp, Seales Rd
A single Masked Woodswallow seen in a huge mixed flock of aerial insectivores including >200 White-throated Needletails, the biggest flock I've seen this summer. Another, or perhaps the same bird was then seen perched atop a dead melaleuca where I managed to snap a distant, poor quality ID shot. Also of interest was a pair of Brolgas in the paddock to the east of the swamp, which is absolutely bone dry at the moment. Soaring high above was a flock of about 140 Straw-necked Ibis, a species that has been largely absent from this part of the coast for many months. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 21/2 #230167
highlightOriental Pratincole
Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve--Old Pipeline Track
An Oriental Pratincole was found today at Hexham Swamp, initially flying through near the Pipeline Track and then it landed on a property immediately adjacent to the national park. First sighting was at about 9:15 am but there have been many follow up sightings by others, through the afternoon. They have been distant views, but it's well within scopeable range. This is the first known record for the Hunter Region. It's at the same location where the Australian Pratincole was recorded many times last August/September. There was a Black-necked Stork not far away as well, and a small group of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.
Alan Stuart 21/2 #230166
Mon 20Great Egret
Sydney Bicentennial Park--Lake Belvedere
After several visits over some weeks, we have observed at least 17 Great Egrets around the lake as well as at the Waterbird Refuge. Birds are courting, building nests and have young in nest already. Nests are high on the island casuarinas, along with nesting Royal Spoonbills, Little Pied and Black Cormorants, Pied Cormorants, Darters, Australian White Ibis. Nesting is the first reported at Lake Belvedere. Wonderful courting "dances" seen.
Judy Harrington 22/2 #230173
highlightPied Heron, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Waterbird rookery near lake banar 20 km Sth of Condobolin
Only small amounts of birds left feeding at this site compared to last week probably around 200 comprising Night Herons Little Pied and Great Black Cormorants along with Great and Intermediate Egrets and both Spoonbill species the young carp are getting too big to swallow now and the smaller cormorants in particular are struggling with them Very surpsised to see a single Pied Heron fly in to feed, followed by a single Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, my third record for the species in the Condobolin Region.. [Moderator's Note: Pied Heron is an exceptional find in NSW, and this season seems to have been unusually good for them - the third report for the state since November. This sighting will require a NSWORAC report. AR]
Warren Chad 20/2 #230154
Grey Goshawk (White Morph) & White-necked Heron
Centennial Park (Sydney)
One White morph Grey Goshawk seen on Willow Pond and subsequently over Duck and Randwick Ponds. Although the Park has a number of visiting raptors including Brown and Grey Goshawks, the White Morph Grey Goshawk is not usually seen and is therefore of note. White-necked Heron also seen flying over then landing on west side of Duck Pond.
Anne Brophy 20/2 #230150
Sun 19highlightPied Honeyeater
NW NSW 70km west of Moree (Private Property)
Same site as Painted Honeyeater 17/2/2017 #230120 During this summers heat wave I been dumping water out of the this cattle trough almost daily for the past fortnight. Sitting back and photographing/watching what comes in to bath etc.
Pat Johnston 20/2 #230153
Streaked Shearwater and Long-tailed Jaeger
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Didn't expect to see much, so a Streaked Shearwater was most welcomed, a few Pomarine Jaegers and 1 Long-tailed Jaeger (very rare this summer) were also seen
David Mitford 20/2 #230152
Lesser Frigatebird
One Frigatebird briefly seen from the Lighthouse Lookout heading towards the Richmond River mouth. Relocated shortly after with a 2nd one circling high over the river near the town pool, Observed for about 5mins before both moved off to the north. eBird checklist
Steven McBride 19/2 #230143
Baillon's Crake, Red-capped Plover, Glossy Ibis
Pitt Town Lagoon
Amongst 400 or so Grey and at least 50 Chestnut Teal were, 40 Australasian Shoveler, about 60 Pink-eared Duck, 17 Glossy Ibis, 13 Royal and 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill, 6 White-bellied Sea-eagles (there were 5 young Sea-eagles seen at the same time and I saw an adult earlier on), A Baillon's Crake, about 150 Black-winged Stilts (at least 75 % young birds), 15 Red-kneed and 12 Black-fronted Dotterel, 3 Red-capped Plover and about 80 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.
Edwin Vella 19/2 #230140
Sat 18Satin Flycatcher
Mungo brush rd, about 2kms nth of hawks nest township
was asked to report this siting, apparently unusual for that area/time
kenneth john sheather 22/2 #230176
Black Bittern, Latham's Snipe
Warriewood Wetlands
Although both resident and relatively common it was nice to see a Black Bittern and Latham's Snipe feeding next to each other about 100m after Katoa Close, next to where boardwalk takes a sharp left.
Jayden Walsh 19/2 #230147
Pacific Swift, Glossy Ibis
Yarramundi Reserve
Unstable weather conditions produced a good swarm of aerial insects attracting 10 Dollarbirds all at one time, at least 20 Pacific (Fork-tailed) Swifts and about 3 White-throated Needletails. Also seen was a Glossy Ibis, several Varied Sitellas, 3 Crested Shrike-tits, Restless Flycatcher, Chesnut-breasted Mannikin and a pair of adult Wedge-tailed Eagles amongst other raptors.
Edwin Vella 19/2 #230139
highlightAustralasian Bittern
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
Close views seen of an Australasian Bittern in the small lagoon opposite 491- 493 The Northern Rd, Londonderry at 8:30pm. The Bittern was feeding on the numerous Gambusia in the Lagoon and was initially undeterred by my presence. Poor iPhone photos were taken.
Thomas Hickman 19/2 #230137
Brown Noddy
Blacksmiths beach, Swansea NSW
Juvenile observed flying along beach. My first observation of one in the area. I have previously observed the species on Lord Howe Island.
Dan McKenzie 19/2 #230134
Southern Boobook Owl
Surrey street, Marrickville
Single owl flying around on low tree branches, even landing on top of parked cars and on the middle of the road (hawking insects?).
Leo Skowronek 18/2 #230131
Brown-headed Honeyeater
Heathcote National Park
15-20 Brown-headed Honeyeaters seen feeding in company with other honeyeaters on Scouters Mountain Trail. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 18/2 #230128
Fri 17Turquoise Parrot
Sally's Corner Road, Exeter
Two Turquoise Parrot flew across the road in front of me close to 8am. Side on view showing bright turquoise blue face patch and turquoise shoulder/wing patch. Yellow chest and abdomen. Farmland habitat. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 19/2 #230133
Little Lorikeet
Terrey Hills
A small flock of up to four Little Lorikeets has been present feeding with a flock of up to 30 Musk Lorikeet and Rainbow Lorikeet in flowering, planted Spotted Gums along Tepko Road, Terrey Hills. Scaly-breasteds have also been present. Birds have been present in the flowering trees on and off since December 2016. There is abundant flower in at least 8 Spotted Gums located on Tepko Road at present.
Kurtis Lindsay 17/2 #230119
Thu 16highlightPainted Snipe
Farm dam on Lake Rd, Lake George
Still 1 (female?) present on the dam. Twitched by many since 2 February. eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 21/2 #230160
Painted Honeyeater
NW NSW 70km west of Moree (Private Property)
During this summers heat wave been dumping water out of the this cattle trough almost daily for the past fortnight. Sitting back and photographing/watching what comes in to bath etc. Moree currently hasn't had a day under 35c since boxing day. We are usually 1-2c higher.
Pat Johnston 17/2 #230120
Wed 15Sooty Oystercatcher
Blue Bay Rocks Central Coast
There were 24 Sooty Oystercatchers on the rocks on Wednesday, never seen so many in the one place before. When I first arrived there were 8 until a larger flock flew in.(Moderator's Note: The previous highest total for any one site on the Central Coast was 18 same place. AKM).
Andrew Melville 17/2 #230121
Mon 13Dollarbird
Sydney Park, St Peters
One Dollarbird sighted, rarely seen in inner Sydney. Other uncommon birds seen at this park on previous occasions include a Golden-headed Cisticola on 20/12/16, 8 Nutmeg Mannikins on 21/12/16 and two Red-browed Finches plus nest on 12/1/17
Gokay Gul via Sophie Golding 16/2 #230116
Glossy Ibis
Pitt Town Lagoon
30 Glossy Ibis circling around the Lagoon. Almost landed but circled again a few more times and flew off in the direction of Windsor
Marie Lister & Cheryl King 13/2 #230101
White-winged Chough
cnr Somersby Falls Rd and Myoora Rd Somersby
7x Choughs flew out of large Magnolia grandiflora tree today heading north towards Somersby Falls. Unusual bird on the Central Coast. Further information
david catt 13/2 #230099
White-browed Woodswallow
King Creek, Wauchope
A small mixed flock, 20-30 White-browed Woodswallows and Masked Woodswallows overhead my place early this morning. An uncommon species here, brought in over the ranges by the prevailing weather conditions.
Clive Meadows & Louise Earnshaw 13/2 #230098
Wedge-tailed Eagle
St Ives nsw
2 Wedge-tailed Eagles slowly circling low over St Ives close shopping centre at 10:55.
Chris Charles, Jacob Sife. 13/2 #230096
Sun 12highlightMasked Woodswallow & White- browed Woodswallow
Lake Cathie Edgewater close
Very High 40 C temp, and my fresh water pond brought in many birds including large numbers of White- naped & White-cheeked Honeyeaters and a family of Masked and White-browed Woodswallows with juveniles who all enjoyed the much needed water with all the local birds but gone today Monday 13
Darin Rounsevell 13/2 #230100
Pheasant Coucal
Maddens Plains
Two observed near model plane field, opposite Boomerang golf course. One had been seen last week further south near the creek. Also seen, one Brown Quail. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 13/2 #230095
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Coachwood Park
Observed 3 Wedge-tailed Eagles as they flew above my house heading toward Mount Kembla. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 13/2 #230094
highlightInland Dotterel
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet
Continuing bird. Arrived at 11:10am. Overcast, light breeze mid 20's. Tide coming in, close to high tide on arrival. Joggers/walkers/horses- all caused the birds to fly. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 13/2 #230090
highlightBlack Noddy and Shy Albatross
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Lots of bird movement today, with thousands of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters, a few Flesh-footed,Short-tailed and Fluttering Shearwaters. 6 Pomarine Jaegers, 5 Australasian Gannets, 2 Shy Albatross and the highlight was a close Black Noddy being chased by Silver Gulls, a very rare encounter this far south.
David Mitford, Edwin Vella and Nick Giles 12/2 #230088
highlightNankeen Night Heron, Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, White-necked Heron, Glossy Ibis
Banar Lake, 15 km Sth of Condobolin private property
As a part of a huge breeding event that occured on a flooded cowal beside Banar Lake there are now around 1000 waterbirds feeding from this last area of water. There are around 500 Night Herons with everything from very young juveniles in nests to fully fledged sub adults. There are still around about 150 Great and 100 Int Egrets all with fledged young. Approx 30 each of Yellowbill and Royal Spoonbills, some still with young in nests and others trailing begging fledglings. About 100 White neck Herons with fledged juveniles. The rest is made up of around 30 Glossy Ibis, 50 White Ibis with fledged chicks and numerous Little Pied, Little Black and Great Cormorants. Its quite a sight to see them all feeding together in an area about 700 x 50 meters. They are feeding almost exclusively on small European Carp
Warren Chad 12/2 #230079
Sat 11Pacific Baza
26 Mitchell Park Road,Cattai
I have sighted this bird in my planted rainforest maybe over the last 3-4 years, once or twice .I have noted the bird over the last 3-4 days .On Saturday when it was 46 degrees it was on the driveway in a puddle from the hose and allowed me to be about 1 1/2 metres from it and photograph it .I think it is at the lower range of it geographical distribution, on the western outskirts of Sydney. (Moderator's Note: Nowdays Pacific Bazas extend south to the Illawarra and also into north-west and Central West NSW.AKM)). Further information
Judith Fulham 12/2 #230085
Musk Duck
Dee Why Lagoon
Single bird on south western part of lagoon. Access via culverts into casuarina area.
Mike barrow and Jayden Walsh 11/2 #230070
Brown Noddy, Sooty Tern, Gould's Petrel, Caspian Tern
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
Highlights of an otherwise very quiet (and excessively hot) Sydney pelagic trip were a Brown Noddy (IOC nomenclature), three Sooty Terns, a Caspian Tern and a Gould's Petrel. Also of interest was a pod of about 30 Risso's Dolphins seen at close quarters and a Pacific Swift in heavy tail moult which paid us a visit some 13NM offshore of Sydney Heads.
Roger McGovern and all on the Avalon IV 11/2 #230069
Fri 10Pacific Swift
At least four Pacific Swifts with an equally small number of White-throated Needletails over my house this morning at 9am. First sighting on my local patch!
Dion Hobcroft 10/2 #230053
Thu 9Eastern Osprey
Pair with begging juvenile sitting on the Shipmates apartment block.
Eric Finley (seen by my bro) 10/2 #230052
Wed 8highlightSooty Terns, Streaked Shearwater and Black-browed Albatross
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Moderate, dry north-easterlies produced 14 Sooty Terns (7juvs.7ad), 1 Streaked Shearwater & 1 Black-browed Albatross seen also thousands of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters. Plenty of Pomarine Jaegers close to full breeding plumage. Sooty Terns fairly close in twos and 1 group of four.
David Mitford 9/2 #230047
highlightBlack Noddy, Common Noddy
Flat Rock (Ballina)
Single Black Noddy seen resting on Flat Rock this afternoon, also a Common Noddy & a count of 6 Wandering Tattlers.
Steve McBride 8/2 #230043
Lewin's Rail
Lion's Road, Cougal
Single bird seen at edge of road, emerging from rank grass.
David Charley 8/2 #230041
highlightCommon Noddy
Cabbage Tree Harbour, Norah head
Single Juvenile, first seen floating close to the beach just before 10 am. It then flew to perch on a coastal shrub. This was the morning after a windy/stormy night and the bird looked tired. (Moderator's Note: This is the 2nd record for a Common Noddy on the Central Coast, the first one being reported on 22/2/15 at Pelican Point. AKM).
Michael Schmid 8/2 #230038
Common Noddy
Seven Mile Beach at Comerang Island/Shoalhaven River
Very dark bird, term-like shape, underwing paler grey with dark edges. Bird appeared briefly, putting to flight large group of godwits, then disappeared.
Sue Lashko, Geoffrey Dabb, Sandra Henderson and several other members of Canberra Ornithologists 8/2 #230037
Tue 7Magpie Goose
Stanthorpe Drive, Kanahooka (restricted access)
Two observed at the eastern end of the pond. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 7/2 #230030
Mon 6highlightGrey Plover
Manning Estuary, Harrington NSW
The lone Grey Plover was obviously different to the forty odd Pacific Golden Plovers around it. It was paler and seemed larger with a lack of any gold in its plumage. Larger head, large dark eye and heavy bill. Also with white eyebrow. When it flew with the PGPs it was the only bird with a white rump. When resettled it was harassed by a silver gull causing it to raise its wings, clearly showing black armpit patch in mainly white underwing. eBird checklist
Tony Bischoff, Julia & Peter Hudd. 7/2 #230035
Plumed Whistling-Duck
Bomaderry Wastewater Treatment Plant
Ten observed against the back fence. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 7/2 #230026
Pacific Swifts
Centennial Park (Sydney)
2 separate sightings of single swifts high up over 45 minutes. First sighting by Stephen Howard, 2nd sighting by Biggles whilst looking at an immature Brown Goshawk (see photo).
Biggles CSolander 6/2 #230024
Sun 5highlightWedge-tailed Shearwater (huge feeding event)
Mistral Point, Maroubra
First sea watch at Maroubra for a few months did not look promising in 40 degree weather, but I arrived to see a massive number of birds: 5000 Wedge-tailed Shearwater, 60 Pomarine Jaegers(including 2 dark morph birds) 70 Flesh-footed Shearwater, 5 Australasian Gannets & a few Futteting and Hutton's Shearwaters. However the highlight was 3 views of a Whale with features consistent with those of Bryde's Whale.
David Mitford 5/2 #230019
Black Bittern
Warriewood Wetlands
A single Black Bittern observed in the reed bed on eastern side of the start of the boardwalk when entering from Katoa Close. Observation was made at approximately 7pm.
Dean Purcell 5/2 #230018
Sat 4Bell Miner
7 Bell Miners were in Bowral this morning, in a patch of woodland to the west of Bowral Railway Station. This is the very first time I've seen/heard Bell Miners in Bowral and it's only the second place in the Southern Highlands where I've heard them (Tallong being the other). I have mixed feelings about them suddenly turning up in Bowral!
Lorne Johnson 4/2 #230011
highlightBarred Cuckoo-shrike
Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park
A Barred Cuckoo-shrike was feeding in a fruiting fig tree on the eastern side of Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park, off Anita Crescent, Port Macquarie, at 1pm. The bird was originally found and reported by Julia Hudd earlier in the day. I think it would be safe to assume this is the same bird that was present at this spot at the same time last year. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy, Julia & Peter Hudd 4/2 #230010
Pacific Swift
Bobbin Head Rd - North Turramurra
2 Pacific Swifts seen circling quite low down to the east of my house approx 8:40am. Were close to tree line so may have been more out of my line of sight. Approx 10 mins later, 15 White-throated Needletails were seen above the house - no Pacific Swifts in this second group, so I assume they were not associated.
Tom Wilson 4/2 #229999
Fri 3highlightSatin Flycatcher
Yaralla Estate, Concord
Single female in woodland strip, id'd by brown remiges, strong blue grey crown and intense two toned orange throat. First record since 2014 (first at Yaralla) and third record on patch of this scarce passage migrant.
Dion Hobcroft 3/2 #229998
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
One juvenile observed in my front yard
Dan Robson 3/2 #229996
Thu 2Pacific Swift, Double-banded Plover, Curlew Sandpiper
Manning Estuary, Harrington
No less than 18 Pacific Swifts over Harrington breakwall this morning, outnumbering the White-throated Needletails 3 to 1. A Double-banded Plover was foraging on the edge of the lagoon and a single Curlew Sandpiper was roosting with the PGP's at high tide. To my knowledge Curlew Sandpiper is an uncommon wader on the mid-north coast these days. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 2/2 #229988
Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Crowdy Head
>6000 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters flying northwards past Crowdy Head between 8-9am this morning. Viewed from the lighthouse and a conservative estimate calculated from at least 100 birds/minute passing by in a steady stream several hundred metres wide. The spectacle was in full swing when i arrived and did not taper off until over an hour later. Several Fluttering-types and 2 adult gannets also seen. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 2/2 #229986
highlightGreat-crested Grebe
Centennial Park (Sydney)
One, very young, Great-crested Grebe, seen on the north end of Duck Pond this morning. Noted by the late Ern Hoskin as a "rare visitor" to the park. (Moderator's Note: I could find no published record for one in Centennial Park but in the 19th Century, K.A Hindwood says that they were occasionally reported from the "Botany Swamps". AKM)
Allan Richards, Graeme Robinson, Steve Howard, GeoffBiggles Csolander (photo) & Anne Brophy 2/2 #229975
Wed 1highlightPlum-headed Finch
Bushells Lagoon
2 Plum-headed Finches were the highlight of the Cboc World Wetland Day outing that visited Bushell's lagoon today. Entering via Brewers Lane the birds were seen at the far end where the left hand channel forms.
Peter and Carol Abbott on behalf of the CBOC Outing. 2/2 #229979
Lesser Sand Plover, Black-tailed Godwits, Little and Caspian Terns
Lake Wollumboola
Lots of Little and Caspian Terns. A single Lesser Sand Plover, 2 Red--kneed Dotterels and at least 4 Black-tailed Godwits during the early afternoon near the entrance to the lake.
Allan Richards 2/2 #229978
Inland Dotterel
Shoalhaven Heads
The dotterel was still there with the Pacific Golden Plovers up until 12 noon. Also present were several Red Knot and a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.
Allan Richards 2/2 #229977

January 2017
Tue 31Inland Dotterel
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet
Still associating with the Pacific Golden Plover.
Graham Blackwell & Paul McLean 31/1 #229969
Mon 30highlightInland Dotterel
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet
Continuing bird first identified by Martin Cocker on the 29th (yesterday). Bird smaller than Pacific Golden Plovers which it was roosting with. Seemed to distance itself a little at times. Distinct facial markings, V breast mark and white belly seen. Viewed through scope and binoculars. Ssw in flight when disturbed by a walker. Very hot- high 30's but nice breeze. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 30/1 #229961
Sun 29highlightInland Dotterel
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet
Penny and I saw the bird this evening after being alerted to its presence by Paul Lynch and Martin Cocker earlier in the day. It was identified by Martin Cocker. It is now known that the bird was also present on 27/1/2017. The bird was located in the Shoalhaven River mouth (which is closed at present) after extensive searching of the mudflats that will be inundated at high tide. From the car park at the eastern end of River Road walk across the river mouth and check out the Pacific Golden Plovers with which it was associating. (Moderator's Note: There are previous records for birds on the Coast, eg Long Reef Acquatic Reserve 5/1/1969, Boat Harbour, Kurnell 12/8/1987 & Sydney Airport 30/10/2007. AKM) eBird checklist
Martin & Penny Potter; Martin Cocker; Paul Lynch 29/1 #229953
highlightGrey Ternlet, White-tailed Tropicbird, Long-tailed Jaeger
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlights of the 29 January SOSSA trip were a Grey Ternlet and a White-tailed Tropicbird, both which gave brief views. There were also 3 Long-tailed Jaegers, a Black-browed and a Shy-type Albatross. Other birds sighted include a Pomarine Jager, 2000+ Wedge-tailed and 50+ Flesh-footed Shearwaters, as well as 50+ Grey-faced Petrels on a day where bird numbers were high, but species diversity was low. Further information
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 29/1 #229952
Baillons Crake, Black Bittern, Australasian Figbird
Warriewood Wetlands
Baillons Crake and Black Bittern seen at Katoa Close end of boardwalk at far end of big reed clump at 8:20 and 7am respectively. 4 Figbirds seen in Irrawong Reserve at raised section. (Have not seen them here before.) also a Grey Goshawk, 3 Rufous Fantails, a young Leaden Flycatcher, 2 Olive-backed Orioles. At least 6 young Brush Turkeys seen - several up trees.
Tom Wilson 29/1 #229950
Sat 28highlightOriental Cuckoo - Hepatic morph
Berowra Valley National Park--Benowie Walking Track
Hepatic (rufous) morph. Observed for 10 minutes perched by Benowie walking track by Calna Creek, about 100 metres from the saltmarsh. eBird checklist
Damien Lawrie 2/2 #229984
Grey Goshawk, Brown Goshawk, Leaden Flycatcher
Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah
32 birders present for the first outing of the year and 50 species seen between 1000 & 1300 hrs at this site. Grey & Brown Goshawks were seen in addition to a Sea-Eagle, immature Swamp Harrier and a Whistling Kite, a female plumage Leaden Flycatcher, 2 Topknot Pigeons, 2 Channel-billed Cuckoos, 2 Torresian Crows, Tawny Grassbirds, Red-rumped Parrots, 20-30 White-throated Needletails and the return of good numbers of Grey Teal, Hardheads and a White-headed Stilt, all the latter waterbirds have been absent these past 6 months.
Alan Morris 29/1 #229951
Brown Booby
Flat Rock (Ballina)
Brown Booby seen flying north past Flat Rock, this afternoon. eBird checklist
Steven McBride 28/1 #229944
Baillon's Crake
Warriewood Wetlands
A Baillon's Crake the highlight of a mid-afternoon visit to Warriewood Wetlands. Showing well on the eastern side of the boardwalk, Katoa Close end.
Graham Clarke and Robert Griffin 28/1 #229942
Sanderling, Double-banded Plover and Common Tern
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
Highlights from today's wader count included a single Sanderling and Double-banded Plover. Also seen were 25 Common Tern flying toward Cronulla. eBird checklist
Bruce Roubin, Ken Gilmore, Greg McLachlan 28/1 #229940
Fri 27Pink eared Duck
Tuggerah WTP
One Pink-eared Duck still present amongst the usual also of note one Musk Duck showing well
Chris Pollard 27/1 #229933
Thu 26highlightCook's Petrel
South Ballina beach
Beach-cast Cook's Petrel found dead on beach a few km's south of Ballina.
Steven McBride 27/1 #229937
Square-tailed Kite (1)
Tura beach golf course
Every day over the last few weeks is seen hunting around the course. Have seen them here off & on for 3 years
Neill Hayes 27/1 #229935
White-necked Heron
Neutral Bay home
Two flying up over Cremorne harbour after three F18's did a low level flight over the harbour around midday.They soared up in a thermal over to Mosman in a southerly breeze.
Dick Dallimore 26/1 #229931
Pink-eared Duck, Hoary-headed Grebe
Tuggerah STW, Tuggerah
There was at least one Pink-eared Duck at the Tuggerah STW this afternoon, this is the first time since April 2016, that Pink-ears were reported from the Central Coast. Amongst the usual other waterbirds and waterfowl were 12 Hoary-headed Grebes, which for most of 2016 were also absent from the Coast for about six months.
alan morris 26/1 #229930
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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