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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

December 2016
Sat 10Australasian Shoveler, Latham's Snipe, Swamp Harrier, Whistling Kite
Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah
The CCGBNSW as part of their Christmas Break-up, spent 1 hour at the Central Coast Wetlands (opened 10-4 pm Sat & Sun). There were a number of returning waterbirds present including 2 Shovelers, 2 Hardheads & 5 Grey Teal, all have been absent for the past 4 months. Raptors included White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Whistling Kite & Swamp Harrier. Other birds present included Latham's Snipe, Sacred Kingfishers & Dollarbirds, a juvenile Fan-tailed Cuckoo & a Shining Bronze-Cuckoo and a pair of White-breasted Woodswallows.
Carole Carpenter, Christina Port, Alan Morrs & 30 members CCGBNSW. 10/12 #229471
Collared Sparrowhawk, Swamp Harrier, Tawny Grassbird, Topknot Pigeon
McPhersons Rd Swamp, Tuggerah, Central Coast
During the CCGBNSW Christmas Break-up, 45 minutes were spent at McPhersons Rd Swamp. Highlights included 1 each of Whistling Kite, Collared Sparrowhawk & Swamp Harrier, at least 6 Tawny Grassbirds, 4 Topknot Pigeons, 4 White-breasted Woodswallows, a pair of newly returned Hardheads (missing for the past 4 months) and Dollarbirds.,
Alan Morris, Carole Carpenter, Christian Port & 30 others. 10/12 #229470
Pacific Baza, Topknot Pigeon, Collared Sparrowhawk, Cicadabird
Murrumbung HSD, The Valley Way, Mardi, Central Coast
The Central Coast Group Birding NSW held their Christmas Breakup outing at Murrumbung HSD, the home of John & Carole Carpenter. From 7.30 am onwards, 40 species were seen including single Collared Sparrowhawk & Pacific Baza, 4 Topknot Pigeons, 1 male Cicadabird, Leaden Flycatcher & Black-faced Monarch and 19 Brown Cuckoo-Doves.
John & Carole Carpenter & 32 other p[eople 10/12 #229469
Square-tailed Kite
Freeman Avenue Reserve (Oatley)
1 Square-tailed Kite was seen at 1310h. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 10/12 #229468
Fri 9highlightLittle Curlew (1), Orange Chat (6+), Banded Lapwing (50+)
Mt Hope Rd (Chat Alley) via Lake Cargelligo
Little Curlew seen beside the road in flooded wetlands. Chats seen in the usual site along with White-fronted Chats and White-winged Wrens. Banded Lapwings were in a flock roosting near the road. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 10/12 #229466
Lewin's Rail
Lime Kiln Bay Reserve and Wetlands
2 Lewin's Rail were seen at 1805h in the reeds. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 9/12 #229463
Square-tailed Kite
Long Beach, Batemans Bay NSW
Square- tailed Kite Swamp Harrier and White-tailed Sea Eagle over my home today
Tony Dawe 9/12 #229462
Wandering Tattler, Little Tern, Curlew Sandpiper
Soldiers Beach Reefs, Norah Head
A Wandering Tattler was found today at the Soldiers Point Reefs, the first report since April 2016 and the 4th consecutive summer that the bird has been reported from this site. Also present were 115 Red-necked Stints, 14 Ruddy Turnstones, 6 Grey-tailed Tattlers, 16 Curlew Sandpipers, 1 Pacific Golden Plover and 2 Sooty Oystercatchers. There were also 14 Little Terns in non-breeding plumage.
Allan Benson & Alan Morris 9/12 #229461
highlightLittle Curlew
Eastlakes golf course
1 Little Curlew was seen at -33.930833 151.2166, at 12:30pm. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 9/12 #229460
Thu 8highlightGreat knot, Curlew Sandpiper, Sanderling
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
A Calidrid cornucopia at Boat Harbour with one each of Great Knot, Curlew Sandpiper + Sanderling with 113 Red-necked Stints on the rock shelf. Also an Eastern Reef Egret, 38 Pacific Golden Plover, 10 Turnstone, 11 Little and 79 Common Terns with the resident mix of cormorants, Silver Gulls + Crested Terns.
Michael Ellison 9/12 #229454
2 Brolgas observed feeding in a paddock about 2km west of Jerseyville, near South West Rocks.
Bec and Nigel Coghlan 8/12 #229448
White-throated Needletail
Hurstville Aquatic Centre
Summer is truly here with a 20+ flock of White-throated Needletails feeding for a few minutes then heading south.
Lorand Szucs 8/12 #229445
Wed 7Australian Little Bittern
Teven Rd Swamp
Little Bittern heard calling numerous times from about 7:30pm. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 7/12 #229444
Magpie Goose
Waterhole opposite Duncan's Rd, Clarenza, about 2km north of Grafton on the Pacific Highway
85 Magpie Geese, last week there were 146. The birds have been there since about the 20th of September 2016 Further information
Rafael Furniss 7/12 #229443
White Throated Needletail
North Strathfield
A flock of 70+ birds hunting in front of a storm front over the station while waiting for the morning train.
Matthew Davis 7/12 #229441
Grey-crowned Babbler
Shaws Bay Ballina
Very surprised to find a single adult Grey-crowned Babbler at this location on our fortnightly outing today ! Never seen here before. Where were its mates ? Bruce McNaughton has excellent photographic proof.
June Harris 7/12 #229436
highlightSpectacled Monarch
Eastlake Golf Course
9.15 a.m. In banksia on left of track that heads right near the 1st green [i.e. beyond the sheds] just near the short pieces of new fencing that go nowhere.
Ted Nixon 7/12 #229431
Tue 6White-throated Needletail
Eastern Creek
Around 50+ birds seen foraging above the intersection of the M7 and M4 motorways. Moderators Note: The following three reports of Needletails are the last that will be published until about March, as they are now being regularly reported along the East Coast. Inland reports and reports of substantial numbers considered to be "unusual" will be published. Observers are encouraged to send their Swift reports direct to Dr Michael Tarburton at Alan Morris)
Carl Corden 6/12 #229430
Mon 5Square-tailed Kite
Mona Vale
On Mona Road near Winnererremy Bay Foreshore Reserve, being mobbed by 2 Pied Currawongs.
Julie Morgan 8/12 #229450
highlightDiamond Dove
Durridgere Road, Turill
A single Diamond Dove was first observed calling and then seen well at the location where southern whiteface were seen in 2010. The site is around 4 km from where a Diamond Dove was seen in the state forest in 2015. It will be the 4th record for the Hunter Region (if accepted). (-32.18087539, 149.8538988).
Ian Benson 7/12 #229435
Square-tailed Kite
A Square-tailed Kite was back at the south-eastern corner of Helensburgh. Another bird, perhaps the same individual, was also seen on Saturday at Stanwell Park, which is about 3km as the Kite glides away.
Troy Mutton 5/12 #229426
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Nurragingy Reserve
2 juveniles seen feeding early morning in the eucalptyus trees near the entrance to council depot (just north of main carpark).
Dan Barnet 5/12 #229423
Sun 4highlightRose-crowned Fruit Dove
Gannons Park, Peakhurst
Single bird flushed into mangroves at the Lewin's Rail site. Poor ID photo attached.
Greg McLachlan 4/12 #229414
highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Three Chain Rd Sewage Treatment Plant, Lismore
Gus Daly 4/12 #229411
Sat 3Satin Flycatcher
Werrikimbe National Park
A single male Satin Flycatcher was located 1km west of Mooraback camping area on the western edge of Werrikimbe NP. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 3/12 #229408
Fri 2White-winged Black Tern
Airforce Beach at Salty Lagoon, Evans Head
2 x White-winged Black Terns resting on the beach at Salty Creek mouth, my first for the season. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 7/12 #229442
White-throated Needletail
Ulladulla Heathland - -35.369664, 150.474494
A number of Needletail at the Heathland reserve Ulladulla NSW over the last fortnight. This Heathland recently underwent a severe fire due to vandals. November 21st - one Fork-tailed Swift with 30+ White-throated Needletail November 28th - 50+ White-throated Needletail December 2nd - 50+ White-throated Needletail
Charles Dove 2/12 #229396
highlightCommon Sandpiper (4)
Comerong Island Road (near ferry)
Three Common Sandpiper were seen 50 metres SW of the Comerong Island ferry at 11:20am and a 4th bird was seen opposite them on the Island, bobbing on a rock. Photo by digiscope so not the best.
Carla and Nigel Jackett 2/12 #229392
Thu 1highlightAustralasian Bittern, Plumed Whisling Duck, Blue-billed Duck & Magpie-Geese
Fivebough Swamp, Leeton
In an early morning walk 6.30-900 am from the main entrance and around to the south-east up to the Hide near the old Waste Water Settling Ponds, 2 Australasian Bitterns were seen and 2-3 were heard booming across the wetlands. Also seen were a pair of Plumed Whistling Ducks with ducklings, and up to 19 adults in flights over the wetlands as well as 10+ Magpie-Geese. Also seen were small number so of Great-crested Grebe & Blue-billed Ducks, Baillon's & Australian Spotted Crakes, pair of Swamp Harriers, and many nesting Stilts, ducks, coots & moorhens. 4 species of Egrets nesting at nearby Gibbs Rd in trees around a waterhole on a small holding and 2 Hobbies at nearby Almond Rd Swamp. Altogether 99 species were seen in and around Fivebough Swamp 3 pm on 30/11 to 9 am on 1/12/16 with the assistance of Keith Hutton.
Doug Hocking, Warren Chad, Rex Schmidt, Mchael Scobie, Allan Benson, Alan Morris 2/12 #229388
highlightOrange Chat, Banded Lapwing (100)
Chat Alley
This site is now almost dried out after the flood. There were a pair of orange Chats and White-fronted Chats feeding Chicks. In the adjacent paddock water back towards Murrin Bridge the were around 100 Banded Lapwings, hundreds of Whiskered Terns, Magpie Geese and Glossy Ibis
Warren Chad 2/12 #229387
highlightLittle Bittern and Musk Duck
Lake Cargelligo STW
This site is still devoid of ducks and waders but was rewarded for a quick look mid afternoon with a male Musk Duck and then a flying Little Bittern adult. The Bittern also called from the reedbed. Spotted Crakes were also calling.
Warren Chad 2/12 #229386
highlightGround parrot
Barren Grounds Nature Reserve
Single Ground Parrot on the fire-break at the side of the main track. Also 10 Bristle-birds seen and 1 female Southern Emu-wren. eBird checklist
Michael Rutkowski 1/12 #229384
Pacific Baza
Glenmore Park Loch, Mulgoa Road entry.
Single bird seen perched, allowing approach up to a few meters. Bird later on seen flying around the Loch. Easy located a few times due to mobbing by Noisy Miners.
Martin Snowball 1/12 #229377

November 2016
Wed 30highlightAustralasian Bittern, Magpie-Goose, Blue-billed Duck
Fivebough Swamp, Leeton
In an evening walk 7-8.30 pm from the main entrance, in the flooded Fivebough Swamp, where access is restricted in places due to floodwaters over the trails, one Australasian Bittern was seen and 2-3 heard calling. In addition Spotless Crakes were seen and heard. Magpie-Geese were flying over the wetland, max 14 at any one time and one pair had 7 goslings. Many Black-winged Stilts were on nests, and many Black Duck, Grey Teal, Pink-ears, Coots & Moorhens , all had small young. Small numbers of Australasian Shovellers and Blue-billed Ducks and one Latham's Snipe were also seen as well as 100s of Whiskered Terns.
Doug Hocking, Keith Hutton, Alan Morris & 4 others. 2/12 #229391
highlightStriated Pardalote ssp. substriatus
Hunter Economic Zone (Button-quail Junction)
Finally was able to confirm presence of substriatus Striated Pardalotes in HEZ this morning (~10km E of Cessnock). This is not a common species in HEZ, though earlier this year I photographed a mixed flock of nominate and ornatus birds literally 500m to the south of where the substriatus birds were today. Nice to have found the 'western subspecies' here finally as I have long suspected they would be here. We have also found all 3 on the Singleton Training Area, about 25km to the west. This is the most easterly point we have found it, at ~30km from the coast. Chestnut-rumped Heathwrens were unseasonably vocal this morning and I saw several intermediate White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes as well.
Mick Roderick 30/11 #229368
Tue 29Plumed Whistling Duck, Diamond Firetail, Latham's Snipe & Banded Lapwings
Private property, 20 km W of Jerilderie
A pair of Plumed Whistling Ducks with 5 ducklings, and Black Ducks, Grey Teal & Pink-eared Ducks all had ducklings on a lagoon along Billabong Creek near the homestead. Along the banks of the Billabong Creek there was a breeding colony of White Ibis, Yellow-billed Spoonbill & White-necked Herons. A small flock of 4 Diamond Firetails were seen with Southern Whitefaces and Yellow-rumped Thornbills; 16 Latham's Snipe were in a flooded paddock near the homestead and a pair of Banded Lapwings near a rice paddock.
Doug Hocking, Nick Carson, Michael Scobie, Allan Benson & 3 others. 2/12 #229390
Superb Parrot, nesting Great Egrets & Nankeen Night-Herons
Public School, Colleambally, Riverina Region
A group of 25 Superb Parrots were seen in and around the village of Colleambally with a further 13 counted in the Biodiversity Reserve at the south-east end of the Village. In the school grounds on a hill, and some distance from any water, a group of 10 pairs of Great Egrets and 5 prs of Nankeen Night-herons were nesting in two very large Cypress Pines (Murray Pines?). Also seen that morning was a Brown Goshawk and a Square-tailed Kite over the hill, while 4 Banded Lapwings and a few pairs of Plumed Whistling Ducks were seen close to the village.
Doug Hocking, Allan Benson, Res Schmidt, Warren Chad & 4 others 2/12 #229389
highlightRed-necked Phalarope
3.5 miles to the NE of Balls Pyramid, Lord Howe Island
A first for LHI waters.
Jack Campbell Shick 30/11 #229365
Mon 28Australian Brush-Turkey
Edward Ford Building, University of Sydney
They've crossed Parramatta Road and are in Newtown - the first record I've had of a Brush-turkey in the university grounds.
Troy Mutton 28/11 #229346
Sun 27highlightCook's, Gould's and (many) Grey-faced Petrels
Port Stephens pelagic
A fantastic day at sea yesterday on the Port Stephens pelagic, with 20 species logged outside of the heads (including 14 tubenoses). Highlights included a Cook's Petrel that came right into the boat and a great count of 16 Gould's Petrels (a further 5 'Cookilarias' went unidentified). A few Gould's also came right into the boat, giving great views. We were initially sat in glassy seas at the shelf break with virtually no birds around until a frontal system brought with it strong easterly winds, rain and lots of birds. When the system was close to us we could see birds on the 'other side' and once it hit there was a continuous turnover of Grey-faced Petrels and groups of them could be seen on the horizon. They were by far the most common bird of the day (discounting a raft of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters seen on the water on the way out), with a conservative estimate of 200 birds. We also had 8 Solander's Petrels, rounding out 4 Pterodromas for the day. Also good numbers of (migrating) Sooty and (attendant) Flesh-footed Shearwaters, small numbers of albatross (including an adult Wandering), Pomarine/Arctic Jaegers and a single Little Penguin just outside the heads. Cook's Petrel image by Jodi Osgood. Also seen was a pod of very fast moving rorquals, considered most likely to be Sei Whales; and a large ray, most likely a White-spotted Eagle-Ray.
Mick Roderick and all aboard the M.V. Argonaut 28/11 #229356
highlightBroad-billed Sandpiper
Koona Bay, Albion Park Rail -34.561309,150.805618
Bird observed & photoed feeding in shallows amongst samphire with three to four Pacific Golden Plover. Photoed the bird from a fair distance away, from near the cycleway looking east. It was only in view for a short time before disappearing into the samphire. Even though I thought there was something unusual about the bird's bill, I was only able to ID the bird later when enlarging the photo. Access is from Wooroo St, Albion Park Rail. Ebird list still to be entered.
Paul Lynch 27/11 #229343
Emerald Dove
University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus
Spotted an Emerald Dove near Ourimbah university (Bill Sohier Park side). It flew across the road from the large fig tree line. Although in flight, I had an excellent view for positive ID
Luke Shelley 27/11 #229340
Wandering Whistling Duck
Wetlands in Griffith and Leeton
4 birds reported at Fivebough on 23/11, 6 at Campbell's Swamp Griffith on 26/11 and one bird at Tuckerbil on 27/11.
Max O'Sullivan 27/11 #229337
Sat 26Powerful Owl
Kurrajong Hills and Beecroft
Sadly 2 roadkill records of Powerful Owls - one on Bells Line of Road being my first local record, the other on the M2 at Beecroft. Lots of nocturnal activity at Kurrajong including Sugar and Feather-tailed Gliders and a week of intense Koala activity with 2 males, a female and a youngster present along Douglas Farm Rd.
Eric Finley 28/11 #229345
highlightSatin Flycatcher (nesting), Red-browed Treecrepper, Southern Emu-wren
Clarence (upper Blue Mountains)
Satin Flycatchers were seen nesting with both male and female sharing in the incubation. Interestingly a pair of Leaden Flycatcher were also in this area as well as a Red-browed Treecreeper, a Crested Shrike-tit, a pair of Sacred Kingfishers, Varied Sitellas and a male Southern Emu-wren in the nearby hanging swamp. There was also a good display of Waratahs too around Clarence.
Edwin Vella 27/11 #229338
Royal Spoonbill
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Two Royal Spoonbill's nests in Centennial Park, in same Melaleuca as last year. Two young have been seen in one nest and the other has an adult sitting.
Marie Lister 27/11 #229334
highlightWhite-chinned Petrel, Black Petrel, Wandering Albatross, Antipodean Albatross
Offshore-Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlights of the SOSSA pelagic were 6+ (probably 8+) White-chinned Petrels which followed the boat for most of the day. We also had 2 Black Petrels, 2 Wandering and 3 Antipodean Albatrosses (all Gibson's). Other birds of note were White-faced and Wilson's Storm Petrels, Buller's and Campbell Albatrosses, Solanders and Grey-faced Petrels. Shearwater numbers, mainly Short-tailed and Hutton's were quite high. Further information
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 26/11 #229333
Magpie Geese nesting
swamp 15km Sth of Condobolin
around 100 Magpie Geese present on private swamp which is part of the Banar Lake system this afternoon. There were numerous nests with eggs but no chicks yet. Other birds were Blue-billed Ducks, Great Crested Grebes, Whiskered Terns and hundreds of Plumed Whistling Ducks
Warren Chad 26/11 #229332
Fri 25Leaden Flycatcher (possible race yorki)
Yattee Yattah NSW
On a walk with the MUDbirders in the company of a few members from Shoalhaven Birders we saw numerous species of birds at Yattee Yattah, but one Leaden Flycatcher proved to be a bit different than we normally see. We were fortunate to get some reasonably close photos and followed it up when returning home, with numerous emails and discussions concluding the ID as a Leaden Flycatcher being of the Yorki race normally seen in Northern Queensland [Moderator's Note: The flycatcher is certainly Leaden, but race identification of one of Australia's most difficult passerine groups is always going to be tricky. See further information for Graeme Chapman's discussion of the racial variation on his website, and we invite comments from anyone who has thoughts on the matter. The black lores in particular are quite interesting. Another possible explanation is a combination of fresh and worn plumage contributing to a plumage which looks similar to the northern race. JB] Further information
Charles Dove, Chris Brandis, Marg Hammon and the MUDbirders with Birdlife Shoalhaven members 26/11 #229325
Topknot Pigeon
Shoplands Road, Annangrove
Early this afternoon a flock of 15 Topknot Pigeons were circling over my house. Much changing of position in the group that continued to gain height as in a thermal. Lost sight of them as they gradually drifted off, still circling, to the east. Black wingtips and light-coloured bar on the tail seen to advantage. Can't say I see this species very often these days but the 'soaring' was different from their usual more direct travel. My first record at Annangrove which is pleasing
Darryl Smedley 25/11 #229320
Topknot Pigeon
Observed flying over heading southeast. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 25/11 #229313
Tue 22MalleeFowl
Round Hill Nature Reserve
Saw two crossing the road this morning. Not far from the first cattle grid. Also a single Diamond Dove was spotted near by.
Steve Gibbs 22/11 #229294
highlightNoisy Pitta
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain) private property
Heard calling from 6:05am today in the forest next to house yard. Recorded on phone video. Only a few records for here since 2009. Attached video link but not sure it will work? Further information
Carla Jackett 22/11 #229289
Mon 21highlightCommon Sandpiper
Berkeley Harbour Wetland
Observed on rock wall and beach at western end of pond. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 21/11 #229285
Sun 20White-winged Chough, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
Maria River Road near Crescent Head
Heard WWC calls from the car so I pulled over and located 5 birds in roadside casuarina forest at the Crescent Head end of Maria River Road. To my knowledge this is an uncommon species east of the Pacific Highway on the mid-north coast. A few kilometres south Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters were spotted in the roadside heath of Limeburners Creek National Park.
Liam Murphy 20/11 #229271
Sat 19highlightBlack Falcon
Two adults and two juveniles seen in one tree. Looked to be a family group. The adults flew off and went hunting whilst the juveniles flew to a telegraph pole near by together.
Daniel McKeon 23/11 #229305
highlightEastern Osprey
Between Moss Vale and Sutton Forest
One bird flying over Illawarra Highway between Moss Vale and Sutton Forest at 2pm. It was heading west. Ospreys are very rare birds in the Southern Highlands. This is my second sighting of an Osprey in 8 years of living in the area.
Lorne Johnson 19/11 #229264
highlightWhite-headed Pigeon
Inverell, NSW
While out walking this morning I came across a juvenile White-headed Pigeon. A first for me in this area. The bird was drinking from the river just behind the Tourist Information Center for those interested. If I sight the bird again I will try and get a photograph. (Moderator's Note: In the New Atlas of NSW & ACT Birds there are no reports of White-headed Pigeons for the Inverell area. AKM)
Ian Colley 19/11 #229258
Square-tailed Kite
Hume Highway (between Aylmerton and Alpine)
Single adult Square-tailed Kite flying low by southbound lanes of Hume at 4pm. Not seen in this spot before. A Square-tailed Kite has been seen a bit further north between Yerrinbool and Bargo very occasionally over the last few years.
Lorne Johnson 19/11 #229257
Fri 18highlightGang-gang Cockatoo
Mates Gully TSR near Tarcutta
An immature male, tagging along with a small flock of Little Corellas. Perched briefly in a tree above me before flying off with his adopted family. Rare in this region and close to western extent of species range.
Donna Belder 22/11 #229293
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Kitchener (Poppethead Park), south of Cessnock
An adult pair of Regent Honeyeaters with an uncoloured juvenile were seen briefly on the 18th Nov in Poppethead Park, Kitchener. The birds were observed feeding in a profusely flowering Silky Oak near the dam (one of many flowering in the park). With an abundance of aggressive Noisy Friarbirds in attendance, the birds took flight and headed east towards the village of Kitchener and have not been seen since, despite several people following-up the initial observation. This is a significant record as there were very few reports of Regent HEs in the Cessnock area this winter (in fact, just the one, of 2 birds near Kearsley), despite a moderate amount of Spotted Gum flowering in some areas. One can speculate where the nesting took place but the age and behaviour of the juvenile suggests not far from the site (there is a solid amount of Long-flowered Mistletoe flowering at present). Photo shows one of the adults amongst the blossom (both were unbanded),
Shelly Zvingulis and family, per Mick Roderick 21/11 #229287
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain)
First one heard since January 2015. Called several times between 8:45am - 1pm.
Carla Jackett 18/11 #229249
Thu 17possible Pied Heron / Grey Heron
Tiger Bay Wetlands, Warren
Observer (who is familiar with Asian birds) reports a Grey Heron at Tiger Bay Wetlands on the 7th of November among numerous White-necked and White-faced Herons. A more likely confusion species in NSW would be Pied Heron, given the vicinity of this site to the Macquarie Marshes. Either bird is a nice record, so anyone in the area couldn't do wrong to follow up if passing by.
Roy per. canberrabirds mailing list 17/11 #229239
Wed 16highlightTorresian Crow
Capertee Valley
Single Torresian Crow seen and heard calling on a property 6km west of Glen Davis. My second record in the valley this year and I note also the report by Max Breckenridge, Simon Gorta & Ross Crates on 5th September. Apart from this I'm not aware of any previous records in the Capertee Valley.
Carol Probets 17/11 #229245
Tue 15highlightBlack-breasted Buzzard
Near Cowra
At approximately 10am a single Black-breasted Buzzard flew across the Lachlan Valley Way approximately 8km south of Cowra. The bird was low and gave very good views - obvious cut-off tail and white spots on the wings. A very unexpected sighting.
Anne Collins 15/11 #229230
Mon 14Fork-tailed Swift
Avoca Beach, NSW, 2251
40 approx high over Avoca Lagoon hunting insects late afternoon, and moving slowly south. No White=throated Needletails identified with them An early record for the Central Coast, most records late Dec-Jan.
Michael Scobie 17/11 #229240
Barred Cuckoo-shrike
Rocky Creek Dam, Dunoon
Seen feeding on fruit figs late in the afternoon. eBird checklist
Gus Daly 15/11 #229229
Pacific Swift
Old Bar, near Taree
Observed one Pacific Swift with three White-throated Needletails. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 14/11 #229225
Brush Turkey
Brush Turkey seen walking along the roofs of houses near Goodsir St Rozelle. Never seen one in this area before.
Gary Gibbs 14/11 #229223
Black Kite
Black Kite seen flying over Alison Rd chased by a raven. Presumably brought to the coast by strong westerly winds.
Nick Carson 14/11 #229222
Sun 13Buller's Albatross, Gould's Petrel
Port Stephens pelagic
A very 'unorthodox' pelagic out of Port Stephens yesterday. Not one bird came to the boat all day and only a single Silver Gull showed any interest in the berley. Of note, the ocean was awash with insects of all varieties - dozens of species within different orders - including many biting ones! We found that we needed to apply Aerogard at the shelf because of the biting insects (and hordes of non-biting ones - the biomass of insects must have been ten-fold that of birds!). We did have a brief view of a Gould's Petrel and we also had our first ever November Buller's Albatross; a bird we'd seen on previous trips too, sporting a broken left leg. Also a couple each of Black-browed and Shy-type Albatrosses and some more expected species from a spring/summer pelagic. Noteworthy was the absence of Flesh-footed Shearwaters. A distant pale-billed brown bird was considered most likely a Black Petrel, though wasn't able to be confirmed.
Mick Roderick and all aboard the M.V.Argonaut 14/11 #229224
highlightDiamond Dove, Crimson Chat
13km East of Manilla
Upon stopping for a Diamond Dove on a backroad east of Manilla I found a pair of Crimson Chats also on the road edge. I followed them trying to get a nice photo but couldn't get close enough! Both species are my first records in this region! eBird checklist
Matt Hinze 13/11 #229220
Swamp Harrier
Scarborough Park, Monterey
It is over 4 years since I have seen a Swamp Harrier along the western shores of Botany Bay.
Oliver Williams 13/11 #229216
Sat 12Whiskered Tern (breeding event)
There were not only thousands of Whiskered Terns present but I actually noticed several pairs were nesting with at least 2 separate pairs having 3 chicks and some other pairs were only just nest building. There was a number of Plumed Whistling-ducks amongst several other duck species, lots of Black-winged Stilts, hundreds of White and Straw-necked Ibis, Buff-banded Rails etc on the emphermal wetlands. The attached pic shows an adult feeding young chicks (2 chicks visible but there were actually 3). This was beside the Euabalong Rd and halfway between the towns of Euabalong and Lake Cargelligo.
Edwin Vella 20/11 #229274
White-throated Needletail
Barragga Bay, south of Bermagui
An impressive flock of 145 White-throated Needletails circling over the 4 Winds site in the late morning where the ALCW bioblitz was being held. eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 19/11 #229266
highlightLittle Curlew
Teven Rd Swamp, Ballina
Little Curlew showing nicely for about half an hour from 5pm, after which it disappeared and was not seen again. (Moderator's Note: This is a declining species and a significant record. Little Curlews are on the Review List of the NSW Records Appraisal Committee and the observation will be confirmed by a review by the Committee. AKM) eBird checklist
Hans Wohlmuth, Steve McBride 12/11 #229207
Little Button-quail
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
Disturbed a solitary Little Button-quail in the off display breeding yards around midday. Flew a short distance initially after being disturbed. But happy to walk away over open ground as I got closer in the work vehicle. Area is very open, with tall grass and weeds at the moment. Button-quail was seen on the service road.
Andrew O'Brien 12/11 #229206
Eastern Osprey but no Australian Shelduck
Dairy Swamp, Central Coast Wetland, Tuggerah
Alas the adult male Australian Shelduck reported from the Dairy Swamp on 8-9/11 could not be found today. However amongst the other raptors present (Swamp Harrier, Whistling Kite) was an Eastern Osprey. This is the first time that an Osprey has been seen at the Dairy Swamp, CCW, since my involvement there commencing in 1995. This is not unexpected because the 2 prs of nesting Ospreys on Brisbane Water (at Erina & Kincumber) successfully raised young last year and are currently feeding young in the nest again, and Ospreys have been regular sighted on Tuggerah Lakes at The Entrance and also at Wamberal & Terrigal Lagoons.
Alan Morris, David Peet and Rex Schmidt 12/11 #229204
Bar-tailed Godwit
Lake George--Charles Anderson VC Rest Area
Rare.A medium-sized wader, large beak and streaky wing.Distinguished from Black-tailed godwit by wings and that the Bar-tailed godwit is more common. Seen feeding along the edge of the lake near a group of Masked Lapwings. eBird checklist
Liam Manderson 12/11 #229201
Fri 11Ruddy Turnstone, Sanderling, Wandering Tattler
Flat Rock (Ballina)
8 Ruddy Turnstones observed along with 6 Sanderlings, 1 Wandering Tattler, 15 Little Terns, number of Crested Terns, Silver Gulls.
Strphen Gallivan 13/11 #229209
Powerful Owl (deceased)
Princes Motorway, Maddens Plains
Sadly while driving south toward Wollongong I noticed a dead Powerful Owl by the side of the road (presumed road-kill). I went back & confirmed the species & removed it from the road-side. I placed it over the roadside barrier & took a couple of Phone shots. It must of been there for a while as it was starting to smell. This spot (-34.295532, 150.918116) is not far to the west of Sublime Point Lookout.
Paul Lynch 12/11 #229203
Spangled Drongo
Randwick Environment Park
A Spangled Drongo was hawking tonight at Randwick Environment Park from a dead tree near the East lookout. Our "winter" drongos were seen here regularly this year, but they departed in early-September. I was not expecting to see a Drongo here mid-November. eBird checklist
Richard Murray 11/11 #229198
highlightLittle Bronze Cuckoo
Partridge Creek (Port Macquarie)
2 Little Bronze Cuckoos seen in casuarinas near the pump station at 5pm. Both birds disappeared for a while and then one reappeared right on sunset. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 11/11 #229196
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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