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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Joshua Bergmark and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to Eremaea eBird, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with Eremaea eBird and then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location, and numbers of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery efforts of these severely declining species:

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

August 2015
Sun 2highlightBrolga
Port Macquarie
One pair in grassland corner of Hastings River Dr and Willow Close, Port Macquarie
Phillip Shelley 2/8 #224074
Scarlet Robin
An immature male and a female bird near Badgerys Lookout. Other species of note: Superb Lyrebird, Buff-rumped Thornbill, White-eared Honeyeater, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Bell Miners.
Lorne Johnson 2/8 #224072
Sat 1Shining Bronze Cuckoo
Sackville, Hawkesbury River
Highlight of a pleasant winter day around Kurrajong, Wilberforce and Sackville was a pair of Shining Bronze Cuckoos (ssp plagosus) foraging together at the old Sackville Cemetery - presumably early returnees. Other species recorded included Pink-eared Ducks (in Sackville), Wonga Pigeon, Bar-shouldered Doves, Peaceful Doves, Common Bronzewings, Olive-backed Oriole, Rose Robin, Jacky Winters, Restless Flycatcher, Yellow-throated Scrubwren and White-bellied Sea Eagle.
Roger and Louise McGovern 1/8 #224062
Black-chinned Honeyeater, Pheasant Coucal and Rockwarbler
Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
A single Black-chinned Honeyeater was heard calling near the start of the trail (15m in) at around 11:00am today. A Pheasant Coucal was also heard calling and a Rockwarbler was seen extremely well (hopping around, about 2m away) on large boulders 20m off the track. 2 Glossy Black Cockatoos were feeding on Casuarina nuts at the start of the trail.
Jayden Walsh 1/8 #224061

July 2015
Fri 31Striated Heron
Manly Wharf
Grey morph Striated Heron sitting on the pylons on the eastern side of Manly Wharf around 18:30.
Peter Diegutis 31/7 #224057
Thu 30highlightSwift Parrot
Coates Park Road, Cobbitty
Observed 8 Swift Parrot's flocking within Cumberland Plains Woodland remnant. The birds were foraging on Lerp's whilst at the same time avoiding Bell Miner attack. Also, a friendly reminder that the National Swift Parrot/Regent Honeyeater survey is on this weekend.. So please be sure to get the binos out as clearly based on other peoples ob's and mine that the birds are still about!
Brendon Levot 31/7 #224058
Black Bittern
Deepwater Park, Milperra
An adult male was flushed from the shore of the eastern pond on Maxwell Ave at about 10:10. At 11:10 he was perched on a snag along the southern shore of the same pond. My 3rd sighting here this year.
David James 31/7 #224050
Freckled duck
Lawrence Egret Colony
3 birds perched near the far side of the lake.
Robyn Duff and the Sunshine Coast U3A bird group 30/7 #224047
Australasian Shoveler
Eleven Australasian Shovelers were on main pond of Bundanoon Sewage Treatment Plant mid-afternoon. The most Shovelers I've seen together in Bundanoon. 6 Hardheads also present.
Lorne Johnson 30/7 #224045
Wed 29highlightBlack-chinned Honeyeater
Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
One adult and one apparently dependent juvenile perched together, the adult preening the youngster. [Birding NSW outing]. Possible local breeding??
Ted Nixon [for the group] 31/7 #224053
highlightMarsh Sandpiper
Wilford Lane Wetlands - Milton (private property)
The Marsh Sandpiper is an unusual sighting especially this time of year at Wilford Lane,in Milton which does turn up up few surprises now and then.
Charles Dove 30/7 #224036
Spotted Harrier, Peregrine Falcon
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
A quick late afternoon visit to see what was about produced a Spotted Harrier soaring high above. Also sighted was a Peregrine Falcon cruising across the site. Photograph attached. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 29/7 #224031
Tue 28Brown Honeyeater
Riverside Park, Chipping Norton
2 Brown Honeyeatyers,were my first local sighting after 2 years of birding regularly along the Georges River.
David James 30/7 #224041
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
north Orange
12 birds flying north-east,t he frequency of sightings in and around Orange suggest this species is now a permanent resident.
Neville Schrader 29/7 #224029
Mon 27Cattle Egret
Spring Creek Orange
Two non-breeding plumage Cattle Egrets sheltering with cattle from cold breeze.
Neville Schrader 28/7 #224007
Greater Sooty Owl
The pocket, Billinudgel, Far North Coast
Sooty calling a lot tonight up gully on private property with mixed remnant large brush box, riparian, mature camphor and rainforest re growth on hillside. Quite a wonderful revelation for this site which is only 2 miles from the Pacific Motorway
Duncan Fowler 27/7 #224000
Sun 26White-headed Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo-dove, Wedge-tailed Eagle - all breeding
Kurrajong Hills
All breeding records. Pair of Brown Cuckoo-doves feeding 2 juveniles at our backyard feeder. Pair of White-headed Pigeons with 2 dark juvs on Mill Rd - there are several White-headeds in the area at present. Pigeon spp breeding may be in response to the heavy privet fruiting season now finishing. Pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles with a small pale 3rd bird which has not been seen with them before, appeared to be begging mid-air. Have not seen this resident pair with young for the past 2 years. Also seen a fine large Koala in Grey Gums on Hermitage Rd at the entrance to The Islands - my first local record in about 5 years. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 28/7 #224006
Black Kite
Dulwich Hill
Single bird seen flying over the corner of Marrickville Rd and New Canterbury Rd around 3:15pm, with several Noisy Miners hassling it.
James Schlunke 27/7 #223990
Sat 25Sooty Owl
Burrow track Blue Mountains NP near Billbird Hill
One Sooty Owl seen about 9pm on the Glow worm track.
Josh Allen, Jess 27/7 #223991
highlightSlender-bill and Antarctic Prion's, Wandering, Antipodean and Bullers Albatrosses
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic
Highlights from the July SOSSA pelagic off Kiama were a Slender-bill and an Antarctic Prion, which were picked out from amongst the Fairy Prions. 10+ Wandering and Antipodean Albatrosses, as well as Buller's, Shy, Black-browed and Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses. There were also 3 Brown Skuas and a Northern Giant Petrel. Mammals sighted included 2 Humpbacked Whales, Common and Bottle-nosed Dolphins, along with 2 NZ Fur Seals. Further information
B. Whylie and all aboard the MV Kiama and MV Kato (we took 2 boats) 26/7 #223983
Pacific Gull
Botany Bay National Park--Cape Banks
2 immature birds roosting on rocks. Also several Fairy Prions and Black-browed Albatross feeding just off shore
Chris Chafer 25/7 #223982
Apostlebird, White-winged Chough, Blue-faced Honeyeater
Nurragingy Reserve
Small group (7) of Apostlebirds near visitor centre and a single Blue-faced Honeyeater there too; Party of 6 Choughs near the Currawong Picnic area. Also an Azure Kingfisher at the swamp (Cockatoo Picnic area) and lots of Yellow Thornbills along the track that follows Eastern Creek. Bell Miners present in this area too.
Tom Wilson 25/7 #223981
Wed 22Barking Owl
Ladysmith region
This bird was not seen - however it screeched and barked consistently for 20 minutes around 3am. The bird was on a rural property. Not heard on the next night.
Jean Casburn 23/7 #223969
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Northern end of Woodbury Street, Woodford
Single adult bird observed through binoculars at 4:30pm. Watched closely for a good 10 minutes flying between two trees and softly calling while perched. No bands noticed, within 10m and clear line of sight at best view!
Daniel Kurzawa 22/7 #223965
Tue 21Eastern Ground Parrot
Barren Grounds Nature Reserve
Single bird flushed from beside track on Griffith Circuit. Half dozen Eastern Bristlebirds also on track.
Robert Shore 23/7 #223972
Square-tailed Kite
Pheasants Nest
One bird soaring over the Nepean River and Hume Highway mid-afternoon. I've not seen STKs in this location before (and I've driven that Hume stretch often over the last 6 years).
Lorne Johnson 22/7 #223963
Black Bittern
Boys Walk (Avondale College, Cooranbong) (restricted access)
Immature bird seen feeding on the banks of Dora Creek. A mature bird was seen in the area in January, 2015. The water-level in Dora Creek is particularly low at the moment exposing muddy areas. This is the same conditions as when the previous Black Bittern was found.
Maurice Ashton 22/7 #223961
Black Bittern
Grasslands HSD, Mullumbimby
Adult bird flushed from creekside.
Rob Morrow 21/7 #223956
Mon 20highlightEmerald Dove
Bareena Drive, Balgowlah Heights
Lynda Green reported seeing an Emerald Dove on Bareena Drive (almost at the entrance to Tania Park) at 2.30 pm. Lynda has lived here for 21 years and has not seen an Emerald Dove here before.
Elisabeth Karplus for Lynda Green 29/7 #224028
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Inverary Homestead, Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park
10 Glossies flew into eucalypt near dam, drinking at dam and possibly roosting in nearby eucalypts.
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago 29/7 #224024
Sun 19Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Green Catbird
South Yabbra Road, Yabbra National Park
20+ Fruit-Doves and 4+ Green catbirds feeding on fruits of Simple Water Vine Cissus antarcticus
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago, Boyd Essex 29/7 #224021
Black Kite
2 x black kites gliding above edge of bushland. Stayed in locality for apprx 20 mins.
Andrew Whitaker 21/7 #223953
Noisy Pitta, Rose Robin, Varied Sitella
Warriewood Wetlands / Irrawong
Single Varied Sitella in the mahoganies on the main boardwalk. The resident Noisy Pitta was seen well at Irrawong reserve near the little palm jungle. Male Rose Robin and Sea Eagle overhead also seen well.
David Vickers 19/7 #223943
Sat 18Masked Owl
Koreelah National Park Camp Ground
One Owl heard calling at night in flight over campground.
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago, Boyd Essex 29/7 #224020
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Lake Cathie village track
Pair still present
James Oates 18/7 #223931
Fri 17Varied Triller, Rainbow Bee-eater, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Moore Park Nature Reserve
Adult male Triller in rainforest trees, 2+ Bee-eaters foraging near river, 3+ Cuckoo-shrikes including one bird with mottled black head and another with barring on the flanks, flew to rainforest trees from the north, Australian race of Shining Bronze-Cuckoo in trees. At least one, and probably two, of the cuckoo-shrikes were of the race robusta which doesn't breed N of the Hunter River but is known as a non-breeding migrant/visitor to northern NSW and southern Queensland (HANZAB).
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago 29/7 #224018
highlightSwift Parrot
Lake Burrendong State Park
First seen in same eucalyptus tree with other Musk lorikeets but was soon after chased away by Musk lorikeets. No other Swift Parrots with it. eBird checklist
Emi Callaway 23/7 #223973
highlightWandering Albatross, Buller's Albatross and Great-winged Petrel
Mistral Point, Maroubra
First Wanderer of the year today, also 15 Shy Albatross, 30+ Black-browed Albatross, 1 Buller's Albatross, 3 Brown Skuas, 10 Great-winged Petrels, 3 Giant Petrel (sp), 2 White-fronted Terns and hundreds of Fairy Prions. Surprisingly no Antarctic Prion candidates and no Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross. Some of the Albatrosses were close-in feeding on the Cuttlefish die-off.
David Mitford 20/7 #223947
Thu 16Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Albert's Lyrebird, Pale-yellow Robin, Marbled Frogmouth
Wollumbin National Park
Three Fruit-Doves in apparent dispute over flimsy nest balanced on petiole of Bangalow Palm along Summit Trail, 2 Albert's Lyrebirds heard calling, 2+ Pale-yellow Robins foraging along trail, 3 Marbled Frogmouths heard calling at night.
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago 29/7 #224016
Gang-gang Cockatoo
Werakata National Park--Kearsley South Firetrail
Two gang-gangs heard in the reserve mid afternoon. Didn't realise this was the northern edge of their range and didn't make much effort to find them. Not much else around - the usual abundant Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters and a couple of Little Lorikeets flying through (although nothing appeared to be flowering).
Ashwin Rudder and Shoshana Rapley 18/7 #223933
Pied Butcherbird
Warriewood Wetlands
Had great views of a Pied Butcherbird being harassed by Noisy Miners near the Garden St entrance. I often see Grey Butcherbirds in Warriewood but never Pied
Jayden Walsh 17/7 #223915
Wed 15Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Restless Flycatcher
Lawrence Egret Colony Swamp
One Freckled Duck observed upending, 500+ Pink-eared Ducks, Restless Flycatcher heard calling
Greg & Val Clancy, Russell Jago 29/7 #224014
Scarlet Robin and Freckled Duck
Lake Canobolas, Orange
One male Scarlet Robin observed at the far end of the walking track. Two Freckled Duck observed loafing with Pacific Black Duck and Eurasian Coot against the southern shore near the picnic area.
Paul Shelley 17/7 #223918
Painted Button-quail
Shoplands Rd Annangrove
A male Painted Button-quail walked through my carport this afternoon, a good view through the window. Only my third record for this species in 15 years residence in Annangrove. The previous two were of pairs, also walking through my carport!
Darryl Smedley 15/7 #223906
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill
10 birds flying over Woolwich Road at 8 am. Rarely seen in Hunters Hill.
Elisabeth Karplus 15/7 #223904
Tue 14Freckled Duck, Magpie Goose
Narrabri Lake
Single flock of 24 magpie geese plus some roosting and many flying from the pond earlier in the morning. Also a single flock of 8 freckled ducks. eBird checklist
Ryu and Emi Callaway 18/7 #223932
highlightAustralian Brushturkey
Deepwater Park, Milperra
The highlight this morning was a small (young) Australian Brushturkey. This appears to be the first record for Bankstown LGA and the most southerly record within the Sydney Basin. There are only 2 records south of the Harbour/Parramatta River in the Eremea Archives and no historical records. Also a male Australasian Shoveler and a calling Striated Pardalote were my first local records of each this year.
David James 14/7 #223897
Mon 13highlight*possible* Black-naped Tern
Sandbank in Richmond River, Ballina
A tern seen roosting among Crested Tern. Today looked at Little Terns for comparison and think it was a Black-naped Tern.
Val Curtis 17/7 #223920
Pacific Baza
Forest Lodge
Pacific Baza in reconstructed woodland not far from Sydney University. 33°52'59.62"S 151°10'40.58"E.
Judy Christie 13/7 #223893
Pacific Baza
Blue Mountains National Park--Glenbrook entrance
spotted high in a gum tree, but it was soon chased away by noisy miners
Jason Goodes 13/7 #223892
Pacific Baza
Cumberland State Forest
In the gums near the entrance (Moderator's Note: It looks like an invasion of Bazas is happening, if this keeps up we will have to stop reporting them, as they are getting so common. There was another at North Gosford, seen by Danny O'Brien, on Sunday. AKM)
Gabrielle Rees 13/7 #223888
Sun 12Black kite
Pennant Hills Park, Pennant Hills
Gliding at a moderate height in the strong westerly today around 2.30 pm heading north, fork tail prominent.
Ian Francis 12/7 #223876
Sat 11Pacific Baza
One Baza observed being mobbed by Noisy Miners about midday in Sydney Blue Gums in Netherby Street Bushland Reserve.
Paul Burcher & Jacqueline Reifenstein 13/7 #223886
Nutmeg Mannikin, Little Eagle
Helles Park, Moorebank
Was down at Helles Park, Moorebank shooting arrows again at Liverpool City Archers on Saturday and saw a flock of about 20 Nutmeg Mannikins and got great views of a Little Eagle. Not seen either of these in the ten years I've been shooting there.
Andy Firth 13/7 #223885
highlightAntarctic Prion, Cape Petrel
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
Highlights of a lovely winter pelagic trip which promised more than it delivered were two Antarctic Prions and Sydney's first Cape Petrel since 2012. Also of note were 6 White-fronted Terns, 8 Brown Skuas, 80 Australasian Gannets and a Northern Giant Petrel.
Roger McGovern and all on the MV Avalon 11/7 #223867
Sooty Oystercatchers
Dolls Point Botany bay
2Sooties,3 juvenile Pacific Gulls,3 Caspian Terns
Oliver Williams 11/7 #223865
Fri 10Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Scarborough Park Monteray
A common bird in the spring and summer months but have never heard one in full voice mid winter before
Oliver Williams 11/7 #223863
Little Eagle
Around 11am a Little Eagle attracted a lot of attention from neighbourhood birds as it circled and headed from Jibbon towards the west over Yarmouth Swamp, which is generally the haunt of our White-bellied Sea-Eagles.
Bruce Roubin 10/7 #223860
Pacific Baza
St Ives
Pacific Baza spotted hunting late morning in Eucalypt tree-tops in backyards between Iluka Place and Gibran Place. After about half an hour of hunting in the area it appeared to make a kill, and flew off towards the east. Link to photo taken from same location about three weeks back. Further information
David Field 10/7 #223854
Thu 9Buller's & Shy Albatross. Brown Skua
Swansea Pelagic Boat Trip
Highlights of a very disappointing day were 2 Buller's. 100+ Yellow-nosed, 3 Shy and 5 Black-browed Albatross along with 2 Brown Skua, 15+ Fairy Prion, some Fluttering Shearwaters inshore and a couple of Crested Terns. The sea off the shelf had a glassy/oily look and we attracted nothing new to the boat out wide.
Allan Benson, Mick Roderick plus 19 others on board 12/7 #223872
Regent Honeyeater
Lake Cathie NSW
While birding at Lake Cathie NSW 2 Regent Honeyeaters landed in a flowering gum . Pictures were taken and we have seen them there before (Moderator's note: I am assuming that this spot is the commencement of the Lake Cathie Village Track where they were reported on the 25th and 30th June 2015.AKM).
Kathinka Linihan Mark Strangwidge 9/7 #223849
Pacific Gulls
Dolls Point Botany Bay
8 Pacific Gulls (7 juveniles)on beach at low tide
Oliver Williams 9/7 #223847
Wed 8Varied Sittella
Terrigal Lagoon Reserve, Florida Road, Terrigal
A group of 6 Varied Sittellas were active in the Swamp Oaks (Casuarina glauca), around the northern edge of Terrigal Lagoon, and Michael Scobie reported seeing them at this site a few days before. Varied Sittellas have declined in coastal areas of the Central Coast in the past 20 years, so this is an important sighting
Judy Clark, per Alan Morris and 24 memnbers of a CCGBNSW Outing 9/7 #223846
Tue 7Gang-gang Cockatoo
Burramoko fire trail Blackheath
Saw about 13 (!) gang gangs (males and females) feeding from some Eucalyptus racemosa at about 4 pm.
Lindsey Gray 19/7 #223934
Black - necked Stork
Swamp near Ironbark Creek, Minmi Rd, Wallsend
Seen next to Bunnings around 0830 while driving past.
Ben Abernethy 7/7 #223836
Mon 6Pacific Gull
Off St Michael's golf course just north of Cape Banks.
Greg McCarry 29/7 #224030
Scarlet Robin
Scheyville National Park - Longneck Lagoon
A single female Scarlet Robin was seen feeding at the intersection of Pitt Town Dural Road and the track between the NP and homes. A Rose Robin was in the same area.
Elisabeth Karplus 10/7 #223855
Wandering Whistling Duck, Freckled Duck, Horsfield Bronze-Cuckoo
McPherson's Rd Swamp, Tuggerah.
Since the sighting and post to Birdline of the Wandering Whistling Duck at this site on 2 July, the Duck has remained on site although some times it is hard to find. However with all the visitors to the Reserve over the weekend other interesting birds have been seen, including up to 6 Regent Bowerbirds, a pair of Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (first for CC this year), Hobby, Swamp Harriers, Shovellers, Sea-Eagle, Whistling Kite, Brown Goshawk, Grey Goshawk, Little Eagle, Swamp Harrier, Emu-wrens & White-headed Pigeon, Chestnut-breasted Mannikins, not to mention the easy to see and photograph Freckled Ducks, making this small wetland reserve a good place to visit at present.
Alan Morris 7/7 #223837
Spotted Harrier
Streeton Lookout, Freemans Reach
Great time of year for raptors in the Hawkesbury. Sit on the verandah and hop up for a look when the alarm calls go off. Brown Goshawk, Black Kite and male Collared Sparrowhawk today 7/7/15. Wedgetail, Spotted Harrier, Whistling Kites and a few unidentifieds yesterday 6/7/15. Whistling Kites and Spotted Harrier on 5/7/15. Sea Eagle and Square tailed Kite on 2/7/15. Orioles have suddenly turned here up too. All in the vicinity of the lookout or directly north
Mike Felstead 7/7 #223834
Pacific Baza
Mt Annan Botanical Gardens
A single Pacific Baza was seen this afternoon actively hunting in the upper foliage of tall eucalypts in the gully nearest to the Banksia Garden in this park.
Bob and Pauline Sinclair 6/7 #223823
Caspian Tern, Little Egret
Homebush Bay Waterbird Refuge
2 Caspian Terns (unusual for this site) present this morning, also 1 Little Egret, 1 Red-kneed Dotterel, and c. 150 Avocets
Brian Downer 6/7 #223821
Sun 5highlightSwift Parrot
Back Yamma State Forest
Along with the usual good birds in this reserve (Turquoise Parrot, Bluebonnet, Painted BQ etc) a loose group of about 20 Swift Parrots was seen very well in flowering woodland (whether they were lerping or feeding on blossom we could not ascertain). A group of at least 70 Dusky Woodswallows was also the biggest I have seen. eBird checklist
Ashwin Rudder, Max Breckenridge, Andrew Walker and Nathan Ruser 7/7 #223833
Regent Bowerbird
Picketts Valley Rd, Picketts Valey, Central Coast
Adult male at end of Picketts Valley Rd. A little further south than sites where they are usually reported. (Moderator's Note: Regent Bowerbirds are regularly sighted at Kincumber and McMasters Beach, which are to the south of this location, AKM) eBird checklist
Andrew Taylor 5/7 #223815
Crescent Honeyeater, Grey Currawong
Narrow Neck Peninsula, Katoomba
About a dozen Crescent H/Es in the trees about 500-750m from the furthest (locked) gate approx 2:45pm. Single Grey Currawong at the end of the track that looks out over the Ruined Castle & Mt Solitary approx 2pm. Also, 2 Crested Shrike-tits at the locked gate car park at 2;50pm. Plenty of White-naped and Yellow-faced H/Es scattered in with New Hollands along the tracks. On Kings Tableland earlier in day, approx 100 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos seen flying over.
Tom Wilson 5/7 #223813
Sat 4Pacific Baza
Mulgoa Nature Reserve, Western Sydney
We had a fantastic 45 minutes watching a Pacific Baza flying from branch to branch before plunging into foliage to take a stick insect or mantid. It had no fear or even interest in us and often came within just a few metres. Uncropped photo attached. Other good birds were Rose Robins, Restless Flycatchers, Buff-rumped Thornbills and WeeBills.
Paul Johnstone, Stephen Hey 6/7 #223824
Australasian Grebe
Veterans Hall Wharf Saratoga
A group of 14 Australasian Grebe were observed in a tight group on Brisbane Water at around 0930. This grouping is known to occur with Hoary-headed Grebe on Tuggerah Lakes however this is the first that I have noted on Brisbane Waters after over 40 years of birdwatching in the area.
Paul Shelley 6/7 #223820
highlightArctic Tern
Flat Rock, Ballina
Arctic Tern seen resting on Flat Rock, just after midday. Last seen about 1:50pm. heading due east. It might worth a look tomorrow about the same time. Also 7 x Common Tern, 2 x White-fronted Tern & a couple of Wandering Tattlers.
Steven McBride, Hans Wohlmuth 5/7 #223804
Fairy Prions, White-fronted Tern, Pacific Gull
Botany Bay National Park--Cape Banks
Great views this afternoon of at least 12 Fairy Prions only a few metres from the shore at the tip of Cape Banks. 4 Black-browed Albatross were also very close in (as well as several more further out to sea). A single White-fronted Tern and an immature Pacific Gull over the seaward rock platform.
Iain Blake 4/7 #223800
Scarlet Robin
Kioloa Coastal Campus (ANU)
A pair of Scarlet Robins on fenceline, feeding on ground below.
Margaret Hamon 4/7 #223797
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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