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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2014
Mon 20Dollarbird
Boambee Bay Reserve, Sawtell
Seen in the gums above the reserve late afternoon. [Moderator's note (NH): We published the 23 first arrivals (first record of the season was 21st September). We decided not to publish any further in-season Dollarbird sightings (except for unusual observations).]
natasha stuart 20/10 #220361
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Black-winged Stilt
Black Lake, Bibbenluke
Huge bird flew out of eucalypt, scaring daylights out of a raft of ~300 Eurasian Coot. Grey wings, white belly made it clearly an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle. eBird has no records in this area although common on the coast 60 km East. 26 Black-winged Stilt feeding on margin of Lake. eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 20/10 #220358
Brown Honeyeaters
2 Brown Honeyeaters feeding in the bushes on the Muddy Creek side of St George Football Stadium
Oliver Williams 20/10 #220354
Sun 19Dollarbird
Nepean Weir, Penrith
Victorian observer noticed uneven circling flight pattern and bright colored bill. Bird was on western side of river around 12.20pm. Photo taken.
John Daniels 20/10 #220353
Little Grassbird
One bird calling by dam near Shangri la Rd mid-afternoon. It's been a while since I've heard one here. Other birds of note: Australian Reed-warbler, 2 Australasian Pipits, Golden-headed Cisticola, 14 Hardhead, 10 Hoary-headed Grebe, Latham's Snipe and a lone Gang-gang Cockatoo. Further information
Lorne Johnson 20/10 #220351
Brush Cuckoo
Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri
Yesterday there was at least one Brush Cuckoo at the upper (wooden) bridge across Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri (go to "Further information" link for sound recording"). This is the first time I have found a Brush Cuckoo in the Narrabri area, but I admit that - prior to finding the species in the NT recently - I was not familiar with their calls. No visual or photo ID. Further information
Michael Dahlem 20/10 #220349
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Nangahrah Bird Route
Observed two fledgling Regent Honeyeaters being fed by two adults over a period of four hours on the 19 Oct at Ironbark Creek on the Nangahrah bird route, Barraba. Photo and video taken.
Beth Williams, Jim Palmer & Garry Clark 20/10 #220347
Caspian Tern
Pitt Town Bottoms Rd Wetland
Single Caspian Tern next to and dwarfing a lone Silver Gull. For the thirty minutes observed , preened and rested. 10 Pink-eared Ducks.
Graham Blackwell & David Shenton 19/10 #220342
White-throated Nightjar, Australian Owlet-Nightjar
Sphinx Memorial, Ku-ring-gai Nat Park, N Turramurra
At least 3 White-throated Nightjars heard calling about 25 minutes after sunset (was 7:35pm today, but it is time after sunset that counts) and 1 possibly seen flying over the treetops behind the flagpole (if standing in the car park). 2 Owlet-Nightjars also calling, approx 10 mins after sunset. 1 called from a site very close to the car park but could not be located.
Tom Wilson 19/10 #220341
Pallid Cuckoo, White-winged Triller, Brown Falcons nesting, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
During a short visit to Riverstone around the middle of the day saw on a dam about 150 Grey Teal, 30 Black-winged Stilt and the only other shorebirds were a single Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and a Black-fronted Dotterel. However I was also pleased to see that the local pair of Brown Falcons are nesting and nearby was a Peregrine Falcon, a group of Tree Martins appearing to be either nesting or prospecting nest sites in tree hollow (opposite to the Brown Falcons nesting tree) and there were also 2 Pallid Cuckoos, 6 Zebra Finches, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, displaying Australian Pipits and a White-winged Triller.
Edwin Vella 19/10 #220337
Common Cicadabird, Pacific Baza
Cattai National Park
During an hour or so visit to Cattai NP this morning I enjoyed excellent views of a male Common Cicadabird feeding on caterpillars in the wattles beside the road together with an adult pair of White-winged Trillers, Rufous Whistlers and a Shining Bronze-cuckoo. The birds appeared to be having a feast on these caterpillars! The flowering mistletoes were attracting lots of Yellow-faced and Scarlet Honeyeaters and a Pacific Baza was also seen circling over.
Edwin Vella 19/10 #220336
Freckled Duck, Pacific Golden Plover, Latham's Snipe, Caspian Tern
Pitt Town Lagoon
I spent a very productive hour or two seeing about 65 species in less then 2 hours at Pitt Town Lagoon. Birds seen included 4 Freckled Ducks, c30 Pink-eared Ducks, c10 Hardhead, 2 Australasian Shoveler a few Hoary-headed Grebes, 3 Pacific Golden Plover, 7 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, a Latham's Snipe 2 Caspian Terns (both in breeding plumage) , c16 Red-kneed Dotterels, 6 Chestnut-breasted Mannikins as well as a Swamp Harrier.
Edwin Vella 19/10 #220335
Dollarbird, Australian Koel, Leaden Flycatcher
Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri
As noted by C. Hayne and A. Lynes, late migrants such as Dollarbirds and Australian Koels have now reached the North-west Slopes and Plains. 3 Dollarbirds were seen, a single Australian Koel was heard calling and several pairs of Leaden Flycatchers were observed (at least one of which is building a nest) at the upper Bullawa Creek bridge (the low, wooden bridge). Further information
Michael Dahlem 19/10 #220332
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Cambridge Gardens
I have been hearing this (I assume the same) bird calling just about every morning at the same time. Audio recording in further information. Further information
Ákos Lumnitzer 19/10 #220328
Sat 18Bar-shouldered Dove
Henry Head Track La Perouse
one seen on powerlines at the intersection of the track and the golf course service road. Regularly seen in the past, but none seen or heard on visits for the past few years. eBird checklist
Graeme Robinson 19/10 #220329
Shy-type Albatross, Black-browed Albatross, Arctic Jaeger
Royal National Park--Wattamolla
About 25 Shy-type Albatross and 20 Black-browed Albatross off Wattamolla today also 8-10 Arctic Jaegers, 2 Kelp Gulls. My resident Rockwarblers were showing well for most of the afternoon and a Chestnut-rumped Heathwren singing out in the open.
michael ronan 18/10 #220325
Wedge-tailed Eagle, Spotted Harrier (x2)
Last year's young was sitting in a dead tree across from Gate 12 again at 17:30 today. S/he had a reasonable bulge in the crop indicating recent feed. No sign of adults. After the eagle flew back over the escarpment we also spotted two Spotted Harriers (both adults) hunting over the quarries near Gate 12, and a Whistling Kite. Heard a couple of Rainbow Bee-eaters and at least one Dollarbird (first for me this spring). Further information
Ákos Lumnitzer and Peter Phelan 18/10 #220323
Dollarbird, Rufous Fantail
Blue Gum Walk, Hornsby
A single (and very vocal) Dollarbird and a pair of Rufous Fantails (one skulking, the other displaying beautifully) at the little stream near the Rosemead Road picnic area.
Tony Keene 18/10 #220321
Pacific Baza, Eastern Bristlebird
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain) - private property
2 adult Pacific Bazas - the first was seen flying and then landing opposite the house in the rainforest. Second bird seen taking off near the first bird, then both flew further into the forest. We had a family of 4 here last year. Also around are many Topknot Pigeons, some nesting here, Eastern Bristlebird (2) with a male making a breeding call often (has been going on for 2 months or so now).
Carla Jackett 18/10 #220320
Dollarbirds, Great Crested Grebe
15km north of Moree
Whilst on cotton farms, several (at least 10 pairs) pairs of Dollarbirds were found along the Gwydir and Mehi Rivers and Carole Creek, on a 15km stretch from just north of Moree to Ashley. The first for the season but they would have returned even earlier as they were found in numbers and already have dispersed. A single Great Crested Grebe was observed on an irrigation dam, the first sighting this year (in previous years this species was found abundant every visit).
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines 18/10 #220313
White-throated Needletail
Wybung Head, Munmorah State Conservation Area.
Over a period of about 20 minutes, 16+ White-throated Needletails were seen feeding as they flew relatively low over the headland, and then the heathlands of Munmorah SCA as the birds moved slowly south. Other birds in the vicinity were New Holland Honeyeaters, Little Wattlebirds, Rufous Whistlers and Grey Shrike-thrush.
Alan Morris 18/10 #220311
Greggs rd Kurrajong nsw
One bird flying & calling across Redbank ck
Adrian O'Hara 18/10 #220310
Fri 17Red-necked Avocet
Parkes Sewage Ponds
10 Red-necked Avocet with ca 15 Black-winged Stilt
Graham Blackwell & Alec Gillespie & David Shenton 18/10 #220319
Turquoise Parrot
Back Yamma State Forest
Male and female Turquoise Parrot drinking from puddle on track at the very southern end of the Turquoise Track. Another pair in flight and landing near another puddle towards the junction of the Gilbert's Whistler and Turquoise tracks. 2 Speckled Warbler, 2 Striped Honeyeater, adult male, female and singing immature male Red-capped Robin. 30+ Cockatiel just outside the forest on the Forbes track.
Graham Blackwell & Alec Gillespie & David Shenton 18/10 #220318
Thu 16Gilbert's Whistler
Back Yamma State Forest
Singing male Gilbert's Whistler off the main track. Also 2 Speckled Warbler, 2 Southern Whiteface and male Red-capped Robin. Spotted Harrier quartering adjacent field.
Graham Blackwell & Alec Gillespie & David Shenton 18/10 #220317
Superb Parrot
Cowra Memorial Gardens
4 male & 3 female Superb Parrots perched in large gum in the car park for over 30 minutes before flying off. Also 2 Little Lorikeet & Grey Goshawk
Graham Blackwell & Alec Gillespie & David Shenton 18/10 #220316
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck
Lithgow Treatment Ponds
Freckled Duck and 150+ Pink-eared Duck sitting with the other ducks on the bank of the second pond
Graham. Blackwell, Alec. Gillespie & David. Shenton 18/10 #220314
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Female adult and young from last year once again perched along Castlereagh Road, across from Gate 12 of the quarries. Time was 18:55.
Ákos and Donata Lumnitzer 17/10 #220305
Angophora Reserve, Bilgola Heights
2 Dollarbirds seen hawking over the reserve late afternoon.
Henry Coleman 16/10 #220294
White-throated Needletail
Lake Cathie
Small flocks of White-throated Needletails over Ocean Drive both north and south of Lake Cathie our first sightings for the season.
Brian Curtis 16/10 #220289
Dollarbird, Olive-backed Oriole
Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Lakes
Surprised to hear the very distinctive call of a Dollarbird at around midday today. Subsequently tracked two birds down in the forest bordering the park. My first record for the season. Also, two Olive-backed Orioles heard.
Henry Coleman 16/10 #220285
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow
Eulah Creek
Both the pair of Red-backed Kingfishers and the pair of White-backed Swallows (composite photo) are still present near the Bullawa Creek bridge, 15 km East of Narrabri. The Red-backed Kingfishers (observed for 1.5 hours this morning) still show no sign of breeding activity, but they are defending their territory (about 150 m along the creek bed) against Sacred Kingfishers on both sides. The White-backed Swallows were observed chasing away a third of their kind; calls were recorded and photos taken ("Further information" link). Further information
Michael Dahlem 16/10 #220284
Wed 15Pink-eared Duck, Grey Teal, Hardhead
South Grafton Settling Ponds, Rushforth Road, South Grafton
9 Pink-eared Ducks on pond with Grey Teal and Hardhead.
Greg Clancy & Maty & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220364
Pallid Cuckoo
Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
One Pallid Cuckoo flew east from fence post near wetland.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220363
Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling-Duck
Dam NE of Coutts Crossing
5 Magpie Geese and 30+ Plumed Whistling-Ducks at dam.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220362
Superb Parrot.
Junee 1/2 km South of the "Jail Break Inn"
A beautiful sight to see as the sun came up 23 cock and 1 hen Superb Parrots leap frogging each other in a wheat crop beside the road Landing on the heads of the wheat and when it bowed down they disappeared from view only to appear again in a few minutes and fly a few feet and repeat the feeding pattern. When they finished feeding they flew to the entrance of the nesting hollows in the Old Man Red Gums and called the hen out and they flew away together for the cock to feed her, none that I watched fed the hen at the nesting hollow. Also 4 young Black-shouldered Kites having their first flight from a nest reduced to a few sticks like a White-faced herons nest. All crash landing when returning to the nesting tree, 200 mt along Crudens Rd. Photos taken. .
Barney Enders 17/10 #220306
Baillon's Crake, Spotted Crake
Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Baillon's Crake (4), Spotted Crake (pair with two chicks). Other Highlights- Red-necked Stint (16), Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (200), Marsh Sandpiper, Red-necked Avocet (60+), Glossy Ibis (36), Whiskered Tern (200), Pink-eared Duck (8), Freckled Duck, Australian Shoveler (6), Little Grassbird.
Allan and Rob Benson, Alan Morris, Michael Scobie 16/10 #220297
highlightGilbert's Whistler, Grey-fronted Honeyeater
Round Hill Nature Reserve--railway line at 33 03 09S 146 13 57E
1 Gilbert's Whistler (likely female or young male) located by call. 2 Grey-fronted Honeyeaters.
Allan and Rob Benson, Allan Morris, Michael Scobie, Rex Schmidt 16/10 #220296
highlightRed-lored Whistler (1), Gilbert's Whistler (2), Southern Scrub-robin (1), Shy Heath-wren (2)
Round Hill Nature Reserve
All birds seen along the track south of the old wheat paddock. Red-lored Whistler was located by short song in thick broom bush. The Mallee is very dry and honeyeaters are hard to find. Little Eagle also seen at this site.
Allan and Rob Benson, Alan Morris, Michael Scobie, Rex Schmidt 16/10 #220295
Grey-tailed Tattler, Hooded Plover
Racecourse Beach, Ulladulla
A single juvenile Grey-tailed Tattler observed at the northern end of Racecourse Beach at Ulladulla. The bird was foraging generally with a pair of Hooded Plovers, Red-capped Plovers and Pied Oystercatchers among the beach detritus from recent wild weather and big surf and tides. One of the Hooded Plovers was continually trying to chase the tattler away. I hope the Hooded Plovers had not yet attempted nesting as the area roped off for their protection was affected by the storm, even the signs and rope had been blown down. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 16/10 #220291
Arctic Jaeger, Common Tern and Shy Albatross
Mistral Pt, Maroubra
3 Arctic Jaegers, 3 Common Terns, 3 adult Kelp Gulls, a Shy Albatross, 4 Black-browed Albatross, 2 Sooty Oystercatchers seen and a New Zealand Fur Seal loafing in the 'froth' below us.
David Mitford and Simon Gorta 16/10 #220288
Shy and Black-browed Albatrosses
Mistral Pt, Maroubra
Despite the 'storm of the decade' very few bird this morning. 3 Shy Albatross, 3 Black-browed Albatross, a few Fluttering Shearwaters and only very moderate numbers of Short-tailed and Wedge-tailed Shearwaters.
David Mitford 15/10 #220276
Tue 14White-throated Nightjar
Deriah Aboriginal Area (restricted access)
After failing to find any about a week ago, now heard White-throated Nightjars calling from at least two different locations in a densely wooded gully, close to where I had found them last season. Could not find them for visual ID. Further information
Michael Dahlem 16/10 #220300
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck,
Lawrence Egret Colony
15+ Freckled Ducks loafing on logs in water, 70+ Pink-eared Ducks some loafing on logs and others foraging on water
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 14/10 #220269
Whiskered Tern, Glossy Ibis, Black-winged Stilt, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle
Everlasting Swamp, near Lawrence
200+ Whiskered Terns hunting over wetland, 80+ Glossy Ibis in wetland, 100+ Black-winged Stilts foraging in shallows, adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle standing at edge of wetland joined later by immature Wedge-tailed Eagle, second Wedge-tailed Eagle joined first in flight later.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 14/10 #220268
Black Kite, Nankeen Night-Heron, Whistling Kite, White-winged Triller, Australian Hobby
Weir Road, Sportsmans Creek
Four Black Kites and one Whistling Kite over cane field being harvested. Six Nankeen Night-Herons roosting in Tuckeroos. One White-winged Triller, probably male, flew across Sportsmans Creek and landed in Swamp Oak. Adult Australian Hobby in flight near Creek.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 14/10 #220267
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Pacific Baza, Spangled Drongo, Channel-billed Cuckoo
Kelsalls Hill, Lower Southgate
Two nestling White-bellied Sea-Eagles in nest in tall Large-leaved Spotted Gum Corymbia henryi; adult pair of Pacific Bazas in flight nearby. A pair of Pacific Bazas seen a couple of kilometres to the SW 30 minutes or so earlier may have been the same birds. One Spangled Drongo in trees in Doust Park being attacked by Noisy Miners. Two Channel-billed Cuckoo in flight being chased by two Torresian Crows.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 14/10 #220266
White-throated Needletail
Lower Pappinbarra
80 WTNT, 2 Wedge-tailed Eagles, and 2 White-bellied Sea-Eagles seen flying over. eBird checklist
Ian Kerr 14/10 #220259
Common Cicadabird
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
Common Cicadabird (female). First sighting for season.
paul griffin 14/10 #220257
Grey Plover
Lake Tabourie entrance, 12km south Ulladulla
A single Grey Plover was seen morning at 10-30am, just before a huge storm passed through, and has been hanging around for 4-5 days now. In attendance were Black-tailed Godwits, Red-necked Stints, 2 Hooded Plovers and Red-capped Plovers. All very approachable this morning before moving off.
Bob Rusk 14/10 #220255
Mon 13highlightSuperb Parrot
Larras Lee
Groups of up to 8 Superb Parrots feeding in a large oak tree in the garden of a rural property near Larras Lee over the course of last week. Pairs and small groups also spotted regularly flying overhead. Ther property owners advise they had never seen Superb Parrots on the property until about 10 years ago when they started to get sporadic sightings, mostly flying overhead. Frequency of sightings have since increased until they are now almost commonplace, and regularly visit their garden particularly when a large oak is in flower. I am unsure if there are other examples of them expanding their range in this area but thought this may be of interest.
Martin Stokes 15/10 #220274
Pacific Baza, Eastern (Australian) Koel, Dollarbird
Anchorage Holiday Park, Iluka
Adult pair of Pacific Bazas constructing nest in Flooded Gum Eucalyptus grandis (photo of nest attached), Eastern Koel heard calling and 2 Dollarbirds were seen and heard (also record on previous 2 days).
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220252
Horsfield's Bushlark
Turners Road, Woodberry
A male displaying. Great views, within 3 metres. Nice to see them so close to the coast.
Grant Brosie 13/10 #220238
White-throated Needletail
East Maitland
Single bird flying south
Grant Brosie 13/10 #220237
Common Cicadabird
Lower Pappinbarra
First Common Cicadabird for the season here today. Wompoo Fruit-doves, Regent Bowerbirds and Scarlet Honeyeaters are getting into the flowering Silky Oaks.
Ian Kerr 13/10 #220233
White-throated Needletail
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
First sighting for season. About 15 WTNT gliding from north to south over a range just above tree level, riding a light 15 km/h northerley. As they passed onto the coastal plain they grouped and circled for a few minutes, taking advantage of a thermal, then peeled off and continued south.
paul griffin 13/10 #220229
Double-barred Finch
Denneys Lane north of Goulburn
One lone individual occasionally mixing with Red-browed Finches. Flocks of Double-barred Finches are fewer and sparser here than previously. It is becoming more common to see pairs or small groups. Unfortunate perhaps to see lone individuals of this gregarious species. Sparsely sighted in wild here.
Rodney Falconer 13/10 #220227
Sun 12highlightRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Tighes Hill (suburban Newcastle)
A juvenile Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove was taken into care after being found stunned in a yard in Tighes Hill (inner suburban Newcastle) on the weekend. The bird is being assessed and will likely be banded and then released near Seaham on Thursday when the weather improves. Very few Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves have apparently been banded in NSW and there have never been re-traps.
Joy Nicholls (bander) per Mick Roderick 14/10 #220264
Australian Brush-Turkey
Leura Cascades
Male Australian Brush-Turkey seen for several minutes foraging along the stream near the upper cascade.
Chris Chafer 14/10 #220256
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
Red Cliff, Yuraygir National Park
One Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove flushed from tree and landed in Coast Banksia, attacked and chased off by Little Wattlebird before photos could be taken. Had probably been feeding in Tuckeroo nearby which was fruiting profusely. 3+ Tawny-crowned Honeyeaters feeding in Coast Banksia. Usually found in low heath in local area.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220251
Australian Hobby, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle
Brooms Head Road, Taloumbi
Pair of Australian Hobbies nesting in tall Large-leaved Spotted Gum Corymbia henryi, one bird (? female) perched on rim of nest uttering begging call, second bird (? male) flew in and landed on dead branch of nest tree. Immature White-bellied Sea-Eagle perched in dead tree and adult Wedge-tailed Eagle in flight over site.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220249
highlightBlack-bellied Storm-petrel, Wandering Albatross
Pelagic off Port Stephens
A Black-bellied Storm-petrel was the highlight for yesterday's pelagic off Port Stephens, which unfortunately was only seen by a few on board. Seeing 5 Wandering Albatross was another highlight on a rather unusual (and very windy) day where barely a single bird came in to our berley at the shelf, including Wedge-tailed Shearwaters which appeared to also be migrating (with flocks of Short-taileds). Another highlight was having a Providence Petrel appear in the wake of the boat with inshore-feeding shearwaters about 7 miles from the heads from where it followed us to about 500m off the rocks before peeling off!
Mick Roderick and all on board the M.V.Argonaut 13/10 #220231
highlightAlbert's Lyrebird, Paradise Riflebird, Wompoo Fruit-dove
Protesters Falls, Nightcap NP
Good but brief views of female Albert's Lyrebird as it walked across road at protesters and scratched around. Paradise Riflebird adult male displayed well for over ten minutes jumping from branch to branch and probing palms and bark upside down at times, within 6-8 meters of us. Uncoloured bird sighted later near same spot as coloured male. Wompoo Fruit-doves calling and seen well, Pale Yellow Robin and Spectacled Monarch also sighted.
Tom Petty 13/10 #220230
Brush Cuckoo, Black-faced Monarch, Rufous Fantail, Leaden Flycatcher
Mitchell Park, Cattai
This morning there were 2 Brush Cuckoos, a Black-faced Monarch, 3 Leaden Flycatchers, a couple of Rufous Fantails, Dollarbird, Rainbow Bee-eater, Sacred Kingfishers, numerous Scarlet Honeyeaters, and an Owlet-nightjar also heard.
Edwin Vella 12/10 #220216
White-winged Triller, Pallid Cuckoo
Cattai National Park
Lots of birds at Cattai NP this morning including a male White-winged Triller, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Sacred Kingfishers, Pallid Cuckoo, Dollarbirds, numerous Scarlet Honeyeaters and Mistletoebirds, Wonga Pigeons and Brown Cuckoo-dove, White-bellied Sea-eagle etc.
Edwin Vella 12/10 #220215
Topknot Pigeon
Warwick Farm
10 birds seen at Georges River Warwick Farm.
Michael Paul 12/10 #220213
Little Grassbird
Warriewood Wetlands
In dense reeds in the main pond just off Shearwater Drive. Near the path between the first little pond and the second main pond. Very distinctive call. Heard only.
David Vickers 12/10 #220206
Baillon's Crake
Pitt Town Lagoon
Highlight from a mornings birding at Pitt Town Lagoon were 3 Baillon's Crakes.
michael ronan. 12/10 #220203
Sat 11Brush Cuckoo, Black-fronted Dotterel, Forest Kingfisher, Sacred Kingfisher
James Creek Road, Harwood
Brush Cuckoo heard calling (observer's first for season), Black-fronted Dotterel at wetland and two Forest Kingfishers in trees, one chasing Sacred Kingfisher.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220250
highlightEastern Grass-Owl
Harwood Bridge, Clarence River
Road killed Eastern Grass-Owl on road edge on bridge. ID confirmed by Stephen Debus.
Stephen Debus, Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220248
Beach Stone-curlew, Mangrove Honeyeater
Iluka Bay, Iluka
Two adult Beach Stone-curlews on beach. One Mangrove Honeyeater heard calling.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220247
Mangrove Honeyeater, Beach Stone-Curlew, Pied Oystercatcher
Dart Island, Clarence Estuary
2+ Mangrove Honeyeaters heard calling, adult Beach Stone-curlew on sand, adult pair of Pied Oystercatchers mating on sand near shoreline.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220246
Powerful Owl
N of Johnsons Lane, Iluka
Powerful Owl heard calling at night.
Greg & Val Clancy 13/10 #220245
Red-necked Avocet, Eastern Osprey, Caspian Tern
Wooloweyah Lagoon, Clarence Estuary
c.100 Red-necked Avocets roosting on sand bar in Lagoon, 5+ Eastern Osprey hunting and interacting over lagoon. 1 Caspian Tern in flight.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220244
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red Knot, Common Tern, White-fronted Tern
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
The monthly count for the AWSG turned up a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and a Red Knot keeping each other company on the southern side of the reef while all the others (Red-necked Stints, Ruddy Turnstones, Sooty Oystercatchers, Pacific Golden Plovers) were on the northern side. Also a lovely comparative view of a White-fronted Tern and a Common Tern resting close to each other.
Robert Griffin et al 12/10 #220219
Superb Parrot
A surprise flyover by male Superb Parrot led to investigation of forested area west of town, where numerous birds were seen. Young appeared to be calling from several hollows.(Moderator's Note: John, hardly surprising, it is a known nesting site! AKM).
John Weigel 12/10 #220205
Gang-gang Cockatoo, Rockwarbler, Leaden Flycatcher, Dollarbird
Wollemi National Park--Wheeny Creek Campground
A female Gang-gang Cockatoo and Rockwarbler seen and both a Dollarbird and Leaden Flycatcher heard.
Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird 11/10 #220201
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Pitt Town Lagoon
5 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers with a number of Red-kneed Dotterels and some Pink-eared Ducks. Water level gradually coming down and hopefully good for shorebirds over the coming weeks.
Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird 11/10 #220200
White-winged Triller
Inalls Lane, Richmond
An adult male White-winged Triller seen beside the road
Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird 11/10 #220199
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Galgabba Point, Swansea (Lake Macquarie)
On the same day that Swift Parrots were reported at Murrays Beach, a Regent HE has been found 2 km to the north at Galgabba Point (photos have been posted to the HBOC chat group). The Swift Parrots are very late-staying and the Regent HE record represents the first known Regent record on the east side of Lake Macquarie in spring that I can see from a quick skim of the RH database. An interesting situation.
Lene Parashou per Mick Roderick 11/10 #220198
highlightSinging Honeyeater
Lake Wollumboola
Observed on southern end of the sand bar in casuarinas fringing the lake. An unusual sighting in NSW east of the divide.
Narelle Wright 11/10 #220197
highlightTopknot Pigeon
Angophora Reserve, Bilgola Plateau
Saw no less than 136 Topknots in two separate groups (43 in the morning and 93 at about 6pm) fly from north to South at speed today. I could well have missed other groups while studying. From recent reports, it seems that the birds are on the move southward. The groups I am seeing are probably coming from the Central Coast area, being funnelled down the Northern Beaches peninsula as they move south. I would love to know where they are heading! Attached is a snap from my phone of the later group (93 individuals).
Henry Coleman 11/10 #220196
Swift Parrot
Murrays Beach (Lake Macquarie)
Some late-staying Swift Parrots are still at Murrays Beach, feeding on the blossom of Forest Red Gum. There were about 20 birds there on Tuesday, but numbers have dwindled since then apparently. Birds were heard this morning.
Toby Lambert per Mick Roderick 11/10 #220195
Fri 10Common Cicadabird
Anchorage Holiday Park, Iluka
Common Cicadabird heard calling. Observers first record for the season.
Greg Clancy & Birdlife Northern NSW campers 13/10 #220243
White-eared Monach
Pair of birds sighted well within the first ten minutes of arrival. Spectacled Monarch seen, but was only there for 30 minutes.
Tom Petty 13/10 #220228
Latham's Snipe
McPherson Road Swamp, Tuggerah
Single bird seen from walking track.
Michael Rutkowski and Bob Sinclair 10/10 #220184
Great Crested Grebe, Musk Duck, White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Quipolly Dams
A visit to the Quipolly Dams near Quirindi today brought a few surprises. On the NEW dam there are at present at least 100 Great Crested Grebes (the photo shows just a small fraction of the total; I am still trying to mosaic photos to show at least about HALF the population, found in one group, together). At least 4 Musk Ducks (all male), plus various other aquatic species, including 100+ Black Swans and tens of Australian Pelicans, were also found, together with one adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle. For information: The OLD dam, which has silted up very badly, is completely dry and all aquatic bird species have left (probably to the new dam; small waders and water hens etc were too far from the public access area for identification). Further information
Michael Dahlem 10/10 #220183
Barking Owl
Bird flushed from a tree, calling as it flew and then calling again after landing. Location: On the GNW between Cowan and Berowra Waters, 400m from the Cowan side of Joe Kraft's Creek.
Peter and Carol Abbott 10/10 #220182
Rainbow Lorikeet
Queanbeyan Showgrounds
A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets both inspected a hollow in a eucalypt and copulated vigorously. I'm not aware of them undertaking breeding activity previously eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 10/10 #220181
Collared Kingfisher
Brunswick Heads
A Collared Kingfisher heard then seen adjacent the oyster shed in Marshalls Creek, Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve. My first for the Brunswick River estuary, although there has been a few other sporadic reports.
Steven McBride 10/10 #220180
Grey-tailed Tattler
Lake Wollumboola
Three Grey-tailed Tattlers foraging on floating weed mats in the north-east part of the lake. Further information
Matthew Jones 10/10 #220178
Australian King-Parrot
'Melliodora' Denneys Lane Goulburn
Two female Australian King-Parrots feeding on spilled seed with Crimson Rosellas. Both Australian King-Parrots kept their distance from the rosellas which showed dominance. This is the third sighting of this species in 14 years I have had at this site or near Goulburn in my own experience.
Rodney Falconer 10/10 #220175
Thu 9Plum-headed Finch, Spotted Bowerbird, Baillon's and Australian Crake
Warren Wetlands and Wastewater Treatment Plant
Plum-headed Finch (20+ including juveniles), Baillon's Crake (4), Aust. Crake (2), Spotted Bowerbird (1). Plenty of White-winged Fairy-wren, Cockatiel and Pink-eared Duck in the area.
Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie 10/10 #220188
Topknot Pigeon, Brown Goshawk
Bicentennial Park (Glebe)
40 Topknot Pigeons observed incredibly high up, flying south at some speed. They were in two seperate flocks of 32 (very poorly pictured) and a trailing group of 8. Interestingly, the hundreds of birds that I observed at Hawks Nest recently all seemed to be moving south as well. Most of the reports from the mid-north coast of these birds have also indicated that these birds are flying south. Is there an annual pattern that these birds follow, some sort of migration, or are they just following/searching for fruit? At Hawks Nest, the Cabbage Tree Palms were fruiting all over the place which was presumably what attracted them, and probably the other fruit pigeons. A pair of Brown Goshawks were observed near the light rail stop. These birds can be seen regularly around here, specifically at dusk when both seem to fly into a nearby fenced-off area which I suspect may be a nest site.
Simon Gorta 9/10 #220171
Pacific Baza, Topknot Pigeon, Eastern Koel
Angophora Reserve, Bilgola Plateau
I have seen a pair of Pacific Baza around the area twice in the past month, only having seen them here once before about 2 years ago. Also, a group of 12 Topknot Pigeons has been around here for the past week, a species I have never before seen near Bilgola. Koels have been calling since 4th of October.
Henry Coleman 9/10 #220159
Wed 8Shy Heathwren, Gilbert's Whistler, Black-eared Cuckoo
Woggoon Nature Reserve, 30km nth of Condoblin
Fantastic location. Shy Heathwren (1), Gilbert's Whistler (1), Black-eared Cuckoo (1), Mulga Parrot (7), White-browed & Masked Woodswallows (100+) plus all the usual small, western passerines.
Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie 10/10 #220186
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
A single bird seen several km south east of town.
Grant Brosie, Nick Livanos 10/10 #220185
Black-tailed Godwit
Lake Wollumboola
Solitary Black-tailed Godwit wading near the edge of the lake at the sand bar.
Narelle Wright 9/10 #220173
Square-tailed Kite, nesting Yellow-throated & Large-billed Scrub-wrens
Forest of Tranquility. Ourimbah Creek Rd Ourimbah
Still in the rain, the members of the joint BNSW & CBOC outing had their final stop at the Forest of Tranquility rainforest. During the wet walk through the rainforest, the Yellow-throated Scrub-wrens were probably the commonest birds seen and 7 nests were counted although how many were active was not known. A Large-billed Scrub-wren was seen attending another YTSW nest, and these birds are known to take over un-used YTSW nests for their own breeding purposes. Scarlet Honeyeaters, Black-faced Monarchs and a Sacred Kingfisher were seen and a photograph was obtained of a distant Square-tailed Kite by Christina Port.
Alan Morris & 29 CBOC & BNSW Members 9/10 #220168
Regent Bowerbird, Topknot Pigeon
Ourimbah Rest Area on the Pacific M1 Motorway.
While waiting in the rain for the start at 8.30 am of the Central Coast Group, Birding NSW Outing to Ourimbah Valley, a group of 7 Topknot Pigeons flew over, at least 3 Regent Bowerbirds were seen, including an adult male that fed in a fruiting Wild Tobacco Bush that was alongside the Rest Area loop. The Regent Bowerbird was subsequently chased from the tree by 2 Green Catbirds, and Satin Bowerbirds were also present, 3 Brush Turkeys patrolled the rest area picnic grounds.
Alan Morris & 29 joint CCG,BNSW & CBOC members 9/10 #220167
Black-Faced Monarch
Larool Creek Valley, Thornleigh
One adult pair (seen together) and one bird without black facial markings (poorly marked female or immature?) where Wareemba Ave crosses Larool Creek, Thornleigh eBird checklist
Lewis Benham 9/10 #220164
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Nangahrah Bird Route (Barraba)
6 individual Regent Honeyeaters seen this morning. They comprised of a pair obviously breeding as they were feeding huge numbers of insects to a couple of nestlings. (picture attached) As we watched this feeding activity, 2 other adult Regent Honeyeaters ventured too close to the breeders territory and were agressively despatched. eBird checklist
Len and Chris Ezzy 8/10 #220155
Spectacled Monarch, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Regent Bowerbird
Ourimbah RTA Reserve
At least 2 Spectacled Monarchs, possibly 4 observed today, all calling loudly along the track in the RTA Reserve. Also observed were 2 Shining Bronze-Cuckoos. A male Regent Bowerbird was seen feeding in a Tobacco Bush at the rest area on the M1 Ourimbah along with a Green Catbird. Several flocks of Topknot Pigeons were seeing flying overhead. Further information
Jenny Stiles, Carol Abbott and Margaret Murray 8/10 #220154
Tue 7Painted Honeyeater
Dandaloo 10' Cell
2 birds recorded feeding in mistletoe several km south of Dandaloo.
Nick Livanos and Grant Brosie 10/10 #220187
White-throated Needletail
Illaroo Camp Ground, Yuraygir National Park, Minnie Water
8+ White-throated Needletails flying low as singles with only 2-3 observed at any one time ahead of unsettled weather and high cloud which virtually petered out later in the day.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 8/10 #220141
Spotted Quail-thrush
Mount Kaputar National Park
2 Spotted Quail-thrush seen together about one kilometre west of the eastern locked gate of the Barraba 4WD track. According to the the Tamworth Bird Watchers brochure Bird Routes of the Tamworth Regional Council Area NSW, which we are using to find all the great birding areas around Barraba and Manilla, the Spotted Quail-thrush is consiidered VR (Very Rare). Anyway one flushed from in front of us as we drove at about 5kmph and the other hopped off to the side of the track and walked away quickly as we noticed it was carrying some stick insect in its beak. (Photographed for ID) (eBird Check list will follow when we get a chance with the intermittent internet coverages)
Len and Chris Ezzy 7/10 #220135
highlightDiamond Dove
Capertee National Park
A single Diamond Dove was a nice find on the last of five days in the Capertee Valley/Dunn Swamp region. It was seen on the grassy flat below the Caretakers Cottage (not Capertee Cottage where we stayed) close by the two old water trucks. No photo but clearly saw the red eyering and spotted wings from a distance of about five metres. Listed as Rare for the area.
Cameron Ward 7/10 #220132
Brown Honeyeater
Burley Street/Citrus Road, Griffith
Heard at first, then observed at least three Brown Honeyeaters in gardens along Burley Street and Citrus Road.
David Parker 7/10 #220130
Painted Button-quail
Blue Mountains NP - Portal Waterhole
One bird flushed from next to the car park, and the low oom of another heard as I was trying to photograph the first. Uncommon in the Blue Mountains. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 7/10 #220123
Mon 6highlightPlum-headed Finch, Little Woodswallow
Private property 20 km West of Bourke
While attending a wedding at Bourke over the weekend I found a little time for the birds. Recent rain has brought in the Woodswallows including White-breasted, White-browed, Little (2) and Masked. Other highlights were Crimson Chats, Brolgas (10), small flocks of breeding Budgerigars, Little Eagle, Diamond Doves, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Barn Owl and Plum-headed Finches.
Warren Chad 6/10 #220112
Brown Songlark
A male Brown Songlark was seen in a paddock off Park Rd
Edwin Vella 6/10 #220104
Azure Kingfisher, Topknot Pigeon
Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
Flock of Topknot Pigeons feeding a fair way into Garigal NP. Azure Kingfisher seen along the creek. Others include Olive-backed Orioles, Golden Whistlers, White-throated Treecreepers, overhead White-bellied Sea-eagle and Channel-billed Cuckoos. 8-11am
Mike Barrow 6/10 #220103
Glossy Ibis, Mangrove Gerygone
Bicentennial park, Homebush
2 separate Glossy Ibis seen - 1 immature at Northern Water feature, 1 adult on Bennelong Pond. 1 Mangrove Gerygone seen at Mason Park and another in mangroves near water bird refuge. Water bird refuge held 120+ Red-necked Avocet and 6 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers.
Tom Wilson 6/10 #220092
Sun 5highlightRawnsley's Bowerbird
Kalang NSW
I spotted this bird perched on my outdoor furniture at the front of my house in Kalang NSW 5th October 2014. By the time I got my camera it had gone to a nearby tree where I took the photo. It then flew away. Although I could not get a decent photograph of the undersides of its wings, I did notice that they were a brighter yellow than what can be seen on the outer wings in the photograph, I would say that it is a little more like the colour of the Regent Bowerbird. I frequently see the Satin Bowerbird, and sometimes see the Regent Bowerbird on my property, but I have never come across one of these before. From what I have learned this is a very rare bird, and I consider it to be a very exciting find. [Moderator's note on 'Rawnsley's Bowerbird' (NH; 'stolen' from Lloyd Nielsen's comment on this bird to Birding-Aus): "The original bird was collected near Brisbane on 14 July, 1867 by Henry Rawnsley. A second bird was seen and photographed at Beachmont (near Binna Burra) south of Brisbane during 2003 & 2004. Cliff Frith and Daniel Blunt have a good article in Australian Field Ornithology - 22:2:53 on Rawnsley's Bowerbird. It is presumed that Rawnsleys Bowerbird is a hybrid between Satin and Regent which has to be the case. However, it is interesting that all three birds seem to be similarly marked with yellow generally confined to the primaries."]
Carol Seidl 13/10 #220232
Pacific Baza, Dollarbird
Warriewood wetlands and Irrawong Reserve
Two Pacific Baza found thanks to help from Rae and then a walker who showed us the nest. Being harassed by magpies. Also saw our first two Dollarbirds for the season.
Ann Millard and Peter Mackay 9/10 #220156
Gang-gang Cockatoo
Capertee National Park-Policemans Point
Nice views of first a female and then a male Gang-Gang Cockatoo (photo attached) drinking from the Capertee River at the Policemans Point walk-in camping area. Lovely spot and full of birds, particularly compared to other well regarded places in the Capertee Valley visited over five days.Well worth the walk in and highly recommended, but be aware we had close encounters with both a large Brown Snake and a suspected Tiger Snake. Plenty of macropods and several wombats were a bonus.
Cameron Ward, Janette Ward 7/10 #220134
Little Lorikeet
Eulah Creek
A small group of 5 Little Lorikeets was following Bullawa Creek uphill this morning (coming from the plains, flying towards the range), about 20 km outside the contiguous forest or woodland of the Nandewar Range. Usually I find Little Lorikeets only farther east, in the range or the wooded foothills. Their calls were recorded ("Further information" link). Further information
Michael Dahlem 5/10 #220089
highlightRegent Honeyeater,White-backed Swallow,White-winged Triller.
Widden Valley,Upper Hunter Valley.
5 or 6 Regent Honeyeaters in the valley today but I think they must of abandoned there nest I didn't notice any breeding activity also seen a White-backed Swallow and 2 White-winged Trillers.
michael ronan. 5/10 #220086
Red-backed Kingfisher
Bimbi State Forest
Whilst not a very uncommon bird for NSW, this one was seen at Bimbi State Forest west of Grenfelll on the western slopes. As such this appears to be somewhat less than ordinary. Seem in flight at eye level in an open area in Callitris and Box woodland. Large bill, greeny blue wings and reddish brown on body. I waited around for an hour or more hoping to see it again but no luck. eBird checklist
Kim Farley-Larmour 5/10 #220083
Pacific Baza
Pacific Highway, Shark Creek
One Baza in flight near Highway heading east, attacked by 2-3 Magpies.
Greg Clancy 5/10 #220081
Black Kite
Hume Highway near Bowning
Single bird gliding above road being mobbed by a pair of magpie-larks.
Rodney Falconer 5/10 #220073
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow
Eulah Creek
The two Red-backed Kingfishers are still present in the Bullawa Creek bed, near the big bridge at the Eulah Creek Road crossing. One bird was heard calling repeatedly (probably the male; on the right in the composite photo), the other was silent (probably the female, on the left, not calling in the photo). Two White-backed Swallows also still present (photo taken) and both Striated Pardalotes and Rainbow Bee-eaters inspecting nesting tunnels (photos taken). No sign of nesting activity of the Red-backed Kingfishers, though. Leaden Flycatchers and male Rufous Songlark were very active. Calls of the Red-backed Kingfisher/s were successfully recorded (see "Further information" link). Further information
Michael Dahlem 5/10 #220071
Sat 4highlightGreat-crested Grebe
Lake Wollumboola
x1 Great-crested Grebe foraging in the north-east part of the lake. First record for the lake and second for the local government area (bionet NSW). Further information
Matthew Jones 10/10 #220179
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, Plum-headed Finch
Bogee - Capertee Valley
At Bogee, a little further from Glen Alice, I was surprised to hear then see a Red-backed Kingfisher which I have never seen in the valley before. This Kingfisher is already on the Capertee Valley bird list but is noted as a rare visitor to the valley. Other birds also seen at this exact spot included a group of at least 5 Plum-headed Finches (I had a hundred or so a few months back at this location), several Diamond Firetails, Rufous Songlarks, 3 Hooded Robins, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Rufous Songlark, White-browed Babblers and a dark-morph White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike.
Edwin Vella 6/10 #220113
Wood Sandpiper, Little Egret (melanistic?)
Teven Rd Swamp
Single Wood Sandpiper, approx. 200 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, 4 Greenshank & 3 Curlew Sandpiper at Teven Rd swamp. Also a melanistic (?) Little Egret seen again today, first seen on 13/9. Attached phone photo taken on 13/9.
Steven McBride 6/10 #220097
Southern Whiteface, Channel-billed Cuckoo
Glen Davis
At Glen Davis there was a couple of Gang-gang Cockatoos, a pair of Little Eagles, a few Black-chinned and some Striped and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters, a pair of adult Southern Whiteface with 2 young, Hooded Robins (a few quite vocal), Speckled Warbler, a female Painted Button-quail, Channel-billed and Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoos, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Sacred Kingfisher, Rufous Songlarks, Brown Treecreepers, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, several groups of White-browed Babblers, a group of at least 15 Zebra Finch, at least 5 Diamond Firetails and a Plum-headed Finch.
Edwin Vella 6/10 #220096
Scarlet Robin, White-winged Triller, Grey Currawong, Tree Martin, Chestnut-rumped Heatw
Mt Banks, Blue Mountains National Park
Good range of birds on the lower reaches of the Mt Banks fire trail. Extended views of pair of White-winged Trillers foraging on regenerating burnt heath slopes - have not previously seen this species in higher Blue Mtns. Also great views of a pair of Scarlet Robins, a single immature Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, 6 Tree Martins and a single Grey Currawong carrying food. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 5/10 #220090
highlightRufous Fieldwren
Silverton Rd 10km to Silverton from Broken Hill, New South Wales
Further information
James and Surong Gunn 5/10 #220084
Eastern Koel, Satin Bowerbird
Coutts Crossing Village
An adult male Koel was observed briefly flying past our house. I had a limited view of it but it gave a short burst of the typical Koel flight contact call to confirm its identity. This is my first record of this species this season. An adult male Satin Bowerbird was bathing in a dish of water at our back door. Yesterday it was mimicking the calls of the Australian Magpie (alarm call) and Wedge-tailed Eagle.
Greg Clancy 4/10 #220066
Square-tailed Kite
Middle Dural, NW Sydney
I flying low over tree tops West of Great Northern Road at 1pm
Chris Gladwin 4/10 #220060
highlightSpectacled Monarch.
lane Cove National Park.Whale Rock entrance.
Got my first Sydney record of a Spectacled Monarch this morning I am.not sure whether this species has been recorded in Sydney before also watched a Black-faced Monarch catch a large dragon fly pull its head and wings off and eat the body.also 1 Rufous Fantail present and a few Leaden Flycatchers looking for nest sites.and a Pacific Baza eating a Green Tree-frog. (Moderator's Note: Spectacled Monarchs are very rare in Sydney but are becoming more common. AKM)
michael ronan. 4/10 #220058
highlightRose-crowned fruit-dove (imm.)
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
Observed on hill in euc. woodland briefly surveying unfamiliar terrain while executing passage between open forest areas.
paul griffin 4/10 #220056
Painted Honeyeater, Plum-headed Finch
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
One Painted Honeyeater calling, and a trio of Plum-headed Finches in the brambles at the northern end of the bridge. Restless Flycatcher nesting and a pair of Little Eagles were also seen overhead.
Nick Leseberg 4/10 #220054
Turquoise Parrot, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail
Capertee Valley--Coco Creek
Things are still pretty quiet in the valley, but there was a bit of activity around the bridge at Coco Creek, with the above species plus Yellow-tufted and Fuscous Honeyeaters.
Nick Leseberg 4/10 #220053
Fri 3Southern Whiteface
Capertee Valley--Glen Alice Rd
Single Southern Whiteface on fencepost in roadside grassy vegetation, about a kilometre towards Glen Alice from the T-junction near Glen Davis. Rainbow Bee-eaters and Dusky Woodswallows where other birds of interest in this area.
Cameron Ward 7/10 #220133
Spotted Quail-thrush, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Mogo Camp, Yengo NP on Settlers Rd between Bucketty and St. Albans
A pair of Spotted Quail-thrush were foraging on the grass in the camp site and a White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike was feeding in the camp site trees. Other birds present included Yellow-tufted, White-eared, Yellow-faced and Scarlet Honeyeaters.
Alan Morris & Allan Benson 4/10 #220050
Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Powerful Owl, White-throated Nightjar, Grey Currawong
Morton National Park - Wog Wog Campground
Nocturnal birds quite vocal near the campground with Powerful Owl, Southern Boobook, Tawny Frogmouth and White-throated Nightjar all heard from tent. Also seen/heard early this morning were Gang-gang Cockatoo, Grey Currawong, Sacred Kingfisher & Scarlet Robin.
Marc Anderson 3/10 #220047
Blue-billed Duck, Freckled Duck, Plum-headed Finch
Gum Swamp (Forbes)
10 Plum-headed Finches collecting Cumbungee seed heads and carrying it off, possibly nesting. 6 Blue-billed Ducks on the swamp (two pairs and one female still had a large chick with her). Quite a few Freckled Ducks.
Warren Chad & Nick Leseberg 3/10 #220042
Diamond Firetail, Turquoise Parrot, Hooded Robin
Back Yamma SF
Plenty of birds around Back Yamma this morning, with the above species the highlights.
Nick Leseberg 3/10 #220028
Southern Emuwren, Brown-headed Honeyater, Brown Quail
Voyager Pt 1' Cell
A female Southern Emuwren carrying a grub and disapearing into a dense clump of heath possibly has a nest with chick(s); male calling close by. A few Brown Quails flushed from swampy heath. Single Brown-headed Honeyeater seen and calling. A few Rufous Whistlers and Sacred Kingfishers calling for 2nd week in a row. Golden Whistlers and Grey Fantails appear to have left, but a (late?) Fan-tailed Cuckoo calling (they've been quiet elsewhere locally this week). Single male Mistletoebird in full song. Resident Weebills and White-eared Honeyeaters conspicuous.
David James 3/10 #220027
Thu 2Little Penguin
Chinamans Beach, Balmoral, Sydney
1 Little Penguin swimming around off rocks northern end of beach 3 p.m. Always nice to see them inside the Heads; probably not often seen in Middle Harbour.
David Potter 3/10 #220025
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow
Eulah Creek
Following the calls of a Rufous Songlark that I subsequently recorded, I stopped at the Bullawa Creek bridge and went a few hundred metres downstream. Apart from various more common birds (all of which were very active around 13:00), found a pair of Red-backed Kingfishers (only ever seen before in Walgett; see photo - also took a more distant photo of both birds together; possibly recorded their calls too) and a pair of White-backed Swallows hawking for insects above the dry creek bed (photo inset). Rainbow Bee-eaters and Striated Pardalotes are building nests in a vertical clay bank gouged out by the creek 1.5 years ago. Female Leaden Flycatcher and a very vocal group of Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes also present. Further information
Michael Dahlem 2/10 #220020
Crested Shrike-tit
Terrys Creek Parklands
Near walking track of bushland, 40 metres north of Vimiera Park edge - Epping side of Terrys Creek. [Moderator's note (NH): This is a 'good' bird for Sydney's suburbia.]
Irene Timmins 2/10 #220019
highlightSpotted Bowerbird, White-backed Swallow, White-fronted Honeyeater
Round Hill NR
Pretty tough going here as well, but a few good birds were found. A little eremophila in flower but not much, so the birds are pretty thin on the ground.
Nick Leseberg 2/10 #220018
highlightGrey-fronted Honeyeater
Nombinnie NR
One Grey-fronted Honeyeater seen at the old wheat paddock site during a pretty tough morning. All the usuals were found including Chestnut Quail-thrush, Southern Scrub-robin, Shy Heathwren, Yellow-plumed Honeyeater and Gilbert's Whistler, but things were fairly quiet.
Nick Leseberg 2/10 #220017
highlightPainted Buttonquail
Wilson Street, Botany, 2019
Decapitated Painted Buttonquail found on pathway, corner Wiggins St. Nearest suitable survivable would be Botany Golf Course, which is only a few hundred meters away.
David Mitford 2/10 #220016
Spectacled Monarch
Ourimbah RTA Reserve
Heard and seen about 100 metres from the entrance on left side on track (about 50 metres from the first bend) as we walked in. Still showing very well in same spot as we walked out. Other birds of note: Scarlet Honeyeater and Bassian Thrush.
Allan Benson and Alan Morris 2/10 #220014
Wed 1Rufous Whistler, Rufous Fantail, Leaden Flycatcher, Black-faced Monarch, Dollarbird
Lane Cove National Park--Fairyland
Lot of migrating birds which I don't normally see around Lane Cove including Rufous Fantail, Leaden Flycatcher, Scarlet Honeyeater, White-cheeked Honeyeater, Black-faced Monarch and a first for the site, pair of Rufous Whistler. Also Olive-backed Oriole, Striated Heron, Dollarbird, Sacred Kingfisher and plenty of New Holland and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.
Fatih Sam 1/10 #220006
Black-tailed Native-hen, Red-capped Plover, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Red-necked Avocet
Cotton Farm, Ashley
At least three Black-tailed Native-hens were observed running in open treeless farmland, the first since about January. About 30 Red-capped Plovers still remain (of the 50 that were found on 2 July) spread over 3 large irrigation farm dams in a 5km radius. 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were observed, the first for the year. About 40 Red-necked Avocets are also still present. 2 Gull-billed Tern, 6 Caspian Tern and 90 Whiskered Terns were also found. eBird checklist Further information
Curtis Hayne 1/10 #219996
Chestnut-rumped Heath-wren, Black-chinned Honeyeater
Kings Plains National Park
2 Chestnut-rumped Heath-wrens showing well, 3 Black-chinned Honeyeaters Further information
Greg Roberts 1/10 #219991
Channel-billed Cuckoo submissions August/September 2014
We published the 10 first arrivals (including five August reports). All sightings of CBCs listed below are in accordance with the typical arrival dates of CBC in the region: 16/08/2014, Castlecrag, Sydney, Murray Lord; 16/08/2014, Minchinbury, L. Morgan; 17/08/2014, Middle Cove, Lorna Bloom; 18/08/2014, Terrigal, Jeff Drudge; 21/08/2014, Middle Cove, Lorna Bloom; 03/09/2014, Eulah Creek, Michael Dahlem; 05/09/2014, Balmain, Robert Griffin; 05/09/2014, Bundeena, Deryk Engel and Stephen Bloomfield; 07/09/2014, Kurrajong Hills, Eric Finley; 07/09/2014, Bicentennial Park (Glebe), Simon Gorta; 07/09/2014, North Epping, Frances Rein; 14/09/2014, Warriewood Wetlands, Jayden Walsh; 18/09/2014, Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen, Jacqui Marlow; 19/09/2014, Mulgoa, Tanja Van; 20/09/2014,South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR), Greg Clancy & Alan Pilkington; 23/09/2014, Warriewood Wetlands and Irrawong Reserve, Jayden Walsh; 27/09/2014, Camden, Lydia Berger; 28/09/2014, Eastlakes golf course, David Mitford; 28/09/2014, Woy Woy, Greg and Georgina Shaw (photo); 29/09/2014, Penrith, Ákos and Donata Lumnitzer. We decided not to publish any further in-season CBC sightings (except for unusual observations).
Nikolas Haass (moderator) 29/9 #219967

September 2014
Tue 30Blue-billed Duck, Australasian Shoveler, Whiskered Tern, Musk Duck , Magpie-lark
Little Llangothlin Natrure Reserve
2+ Blue-billed Ducks, 8+ Shovelers, 10+ Whiskered Terns and 2 adult male Musk Ducks. Also an albino Magpie-lark at lake edge with 2 normal coloured birds.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 2/10 #220024
highlightLittle Friarbird, White-backed Swallow
South of Bunnan, Upper Hunter Valley
3 Little Friarbirds at a site 5km south of Bunnan along Ridgelands Road. Uncommon in the Hunter Valley. Also several Diamond Firetails, Brown Treecreepers (with dependant young), vocal White-winged Trillers and Rufous Songlarks and 2x White-backed Swallows.
Mick Roderick and Tom Clarke 1/10 #220004
Speckled Warbler and Buff-rumped Thornbill
Capertee Valley--Port Macquarie Rd
Speckled Warbler and Buff-rumped Thornbill found at random spots along the road.
David James and Dion Hobcroft 1/10 #219995
Little Eagle, Restless Flycatcher
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
Nesting Restless Flycatcher (thanks to Carol Proberts) and a pair of Little Eagles at the Genowlan Bridge, but not the usual specialties there.
Dion Hobcroft and David James 1/10 #219994
Painted Buttonquail, Pallid Cuckoo
Capertee Valley--Glen Alice
Many platelets between the church and the river but we flushed just a single Painted Buttonquail. 1 Pallid Cuckoo calling, the only one we heard all day. One of very few Rufous Songlarks in the cemetery. Several Sacred Kingfishers in the red gums by the river.
David James and Dion Hobcroft 1/10 #219993
Diamond Firetail, Hooded Robin, Brown Treecreeper
Capertee Valley--Crown Station Rd
The Capertee Valley is not her usual self, with no flowering eucalypts or mistletoes. A single Diamond Firetail and a female Hooded Robin on Crown Station Road with several Brown Treecreepers, Jacky Winters, Fuscus Honeyeaters, Dusky Woodswallows.
Dion Hobcroft and David James 1/10 #219992
Double-barred Finch, Zebra Finch, Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Capertee Valley--Glen Davis/Alice T-junction
Double-barred Finch, Zebra Finch, Yellow-rumped Thornbill at Glen Davis.
Dion Hobcroft and David James 1/10 #219989
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler
Lithgow Wastewater Treatment Plant
Two Freckled Ducks roosting separately on the right-hand shore of the 1st pond, 1 male, 1 female. About 100+ Pink-eared Ducks and 50+ Australasian Shovelers across the ponds. Plenty of Hoary-headed Grebes too.
Dion Hobcroft and David James 1/10 #219988
Australian Wood Duck - Large Brood
Cowra Japanese Garden
While walking around The Japanese Garden in Cowra I was surprised to see a pair of Australian Wood Ducks with a brood of 20 ducklings following them around. They appeared to be firmly imprinted on the adults and all at the same stage of maturity. [Moderator's note (NH): According to HANZAB, the clutch-size is on 'average10.5 eggs but large broods (17, 18) suggest probability of dump-laying.] eBird checklist
Roger Giller 30/9 #219986
Blue-billed Duck, Black-tailed Native-hen, Little Raven
Lake Wallace, Wallerawang
Following report by Tom W’s report we found a shy male Blue-billed Duck near the kayak club jetty. A Single Black-tailed Nativehen on the grass along the track to the kayak club. A pair of Little Ravens with two fledglings just out of the nest in same area is a breeding record close to Sydney. Also 3 Whiskered Terns, 50 + Great Crested Grebes (many in breeding plumage, courting, and close to shore), plenty of Hoary-headed Grebes (distant) and several Musk Ducks also courting.
David James and Dion Hobcroft 30/9 #219981
Mon 29Grey Goshawk, Dollarbird, Scarlet Honeyeater
Bellingen Island, Bellingen
Grey morph Grey Goshawk perched in Small-leaved Fig: adult Dollarbird hunting in air from dead tree (observer's first record for season); numerous Scarlet Honeyeaters heard and observed including a road killed adult male.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 3/10 #220038
Latham's Snipe, Red-kneed Dotterel, Black-fronted Dotterel, Black-winged Stilt
Wetland on North Bank Road, Raleigh
5+ Latham's Snipe loafing and foraging at edge of wetland; 2 Red-kneed Dotterels and 1 Black-fronted Dotterel foraging; 2+ Black-winged Stilts foraging.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 3/10 #220034
highlightDollarbird, Black Bittern, Azure Kingfisher
Ourimbah Creek, Ourimbah
On a boat trip down Ourimbah Creek, I saw 2 Dollarbirds the first returnees for the Central Coast this year. Also seen a Black Bittern and a pair of Azure Kingfishers.
Christina Port 1/10 #220007
Brush Cuckoo
Lower Pappinbarra
First Brush Cuckoo for many months heard this morning.
Ian Kerr 29/9 #219973
White-breasted Woodswallow
Kallaroo Rd, Bensville, 33°29'44.7"S 151°22'45.1"E
One White-breasted Woodswallow seen perched on wires near jetty. Two others were seen in vicinity, before all three flew off. (Moderator's Note: White-breasted Woodswallows are common summer migrants to the Central Coast and are found around the edges of Tuggerah Lakes, Brisbane Water and the Gosford coastal lagoons of Wamberal, Avoca and Cochrone Lagoons. They are present from August to April although the first birds returned this spring on 4/9/14 to McPherson Rd Tuggerah. By 15/9/14 they had appeared at most CC sites. AKM)
Greg and Georgina Shaw 29/9 #219968
highlightVaried Triller, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Wompoo Fruit-Dove
Mungo Brush Rainforest Walk
Varied Triller calling near the car park at the start of the rainforest walk at Mungo Brush this morning. This is a very southerly record for this species and is the southernmost location reported in the Hunter since the commencement of annual bird reports in 1993 (though some farther south records are noted in HANZAB). There were at least 4 Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves and we are confident there are a few more than that. Their calls were heard from a broad section of the rainforest at the location described by Josh et al on the 27/09 and dominated the call activity for a period of time. Also present were singles of Wompoo Fruit-Dove and White-headed Pigeon, several Topknot Pigeons, a few Regent Bowerbirds, Australian Figbirds and Green Catbirds (all feeding on Livistona australis fruit, though we did not see the RcFD feeding). Rufous Fantails and several Black-faced Monarchs are in as well.
Mick Roderick and Dan Williams 29/9 #219962
highlightAustralasian Bittern, Spotless Crake, Black-tailed Native-Hen
Fivebough Swamp
One Australasian Bittern, one Black-tailed Native-Hen and all three possible species of crake from the walking trails through the swamp. Plenty of other birds around including Glossy Ibis, Brolga and several Yellow-billed Spoonbills.
Nick Leseberg 29/9 #219958
highlightPainted Honeyeater, Turquoise Parrot, Pink Cockatoo
Binya State Forest
One Painted Honeyeater, one pair of Pink Cockatoos and several pairs of Turquoise Parrots during a morning at several spots around Binya.
Nick Leseberg 29/9 #219955
Sun 28Pacific Baza, Australian Logrunner, Noisy Pitta, Crested Shrike-tit
Mt Hyland Wilderness Retreat, Dundurrabin
1+ of all species heard calling.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 3/10 #220039
Scarlet & Flame Robin, Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Mt Banks, Blue Mts National Park
Pair of Scarlet Robins seen from road approx 150 metres from gate - the male was observed feeding the female. Pair of Flame Robins seen crossing road about 1500 metres from gate to some trees about 100m off the roadway and then returning. Chestnut-rumped Heathwren heard singing from track (not road) to summit about 200 metres from car park but was not seen.
Tom Wilson 29/9 #219969
Golden Whistler, Lewin's Rail, Latham's Snipe, Peregrine Falcon
Eastlakes golf course
The 'wintering' immature Golden Whistler still present near the Fairy Martin colony, a White-necked Heron also there, 1 Latham's Snipe, 1 Peregrine Falcon flying over as was a Channel-billed Cuckoo and White-browed Scrubwrens feeding a freshly fledged Fan-tailed Cuckoo. Lewin's Rail also heard calling.
David Mitford 29/9 #219956
Square-tailed Kite
Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
The lack of birds along the the track during early afternoon more than made up by a Square-tailed Kite making several low passes over the track-head at Chiltern Road.
Robert Griffin et al 29/9 #219949
Australian Koel
Glebe Point Road, near Glebe Public School
Male Australian Koel was harassed by a Noisy Miner and chased along Glebe Point Road in front of our car.
Simon Gorta 28/9 #219947
Musk Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Whiskered Tern, Possible Blue-billed Duck?
Lake Wallace, Wallerawang
At least 6 Whiskered Tern in breeding plumage fishing over the lake. Counted at least 40 each of Musk Duck and Gt Crested Grebe. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Eurasian Coot on the water. Party of approx 20 Hoary-headed Grebe in the middle of the lake. 2 very small dark brown ducks asleep in the NE corner of the lake well beyond the barrage with heads tucked away, so could not see bills. Birds had a "domed" appearance in the water and I could not see any white towards rump - so may be Blue-billed Duck? (Would need to get much closer for a definitive view to be certain but worth checking out.)
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219941
highlightAustralasian Bittern
Hexham Swamp
Single heard booming all night long during a spotlighting foray. No Grass Owls. eBird checklist
Joshua Bergmark, Nathan Ruser, Simon Gorta 28/9 #219928
Black-faced Monarch, Sacred Kingfisher
Bradley's Head (Sydney Harbour NP)
A single Black-faced Monarch heard calling near Athol Hall this morning was a welcome surprise. Two calling Sacred Kingfishers were also my first of the season. A possible Scarlet Honeyeater was also heard (two note contact call) in this patch that is overflowing with small birds.
Ashwin Rudder 28/9 #219922
Sat 27highlightSooty Owl, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Black-faced Monarch, Noisy Pitta
Mt Hyland Wilderness Lodge, Dundurrabin
Sooty Owl responded to playback at night; Owlet-nightjar heard on 25/26/27/29 & 30 Sep; Black-faced Monarch - first return at this site on Sep 27; Pitta recorded on Sep 24/28/29/30 & Oct 1 & 2.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club 2/10 #220022
highlightWandering Albatross, Cape Petrel and Short-tailed Shearwaters
Offshore--Wollongong pelagic
Highlights of the Saturday SOSSA pelagic were 8+ Wandering and Antipodean Albatrosses, a single Cape Petrel a few km from shore on the way back and 3 Bar-tailed Godwits 17 km out. There were also good numbers of Shy, White-capped and Black-browed Albatrosses, as well as at least 1 juvenile Campbell Albatross. Other birds included 2 Providence Petrels, 2 Fairy Prions and a White-fronted Tern. Wedge-tailed Shearwater numbers were low <20, but the Short-tailed Shearwater migration has started, with 000's passing through. A full species list will be posted on the SOSSA website. [Moderator's note (NH): Cape Petrels - once a common bird on winter pelagics - have become extremely rare within the last two winters. The reason for this is at this point unclear.] Further information
Brook Whylie and all on board the Sandra K 29/9 #219966
Topknot Pigeon
Illawarra Escarpment State Recreation Area-Bulli Pass
Over 100 Topknot Pigeons in flocks of varying sizes from 3 or 4 to close to 100. eBird checklist
Paul Freeman 29/9 #219963
Rock Warbler, Musk Duck
Wollemi National Park--Dunns Swamp
Rock Warbler seen twice heading into rock cavity with food items - nesting? Pair of Musk Duck on a northern arm of the lake away from the kayak activity. Male bird was being very aggressive to any Coots that got too close.
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219940
Spotted Harrier
Cnr Castlereagh Hwy & Bylong Valley Way
Single bird seen quartering over rough ground at the junction, then diving onto a prey item, settling briefly on an earth mound and setting off with string flight towards the east - possible prey item for mate or chicks?
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219939
Clarence Town
A single Dollarbird perched on powerlines beside Clarence Town-Dungog Rd.
Clive Meadows 28/9 #219920
Black-faced Monarch, Leaden Flycatcher, Brush Cuckoo
Dubbo Gully Mangrove Mountain
On an outing for the Central Coast Bird Group we had 3 Black-faced Monarch and a pair of Leaden Flycatchers on our stop down the hill to the gully. We also had many Fan-tailed Cuckoos and Shining Bronze-Cuckoos with a Brush Cuckoo calling as well.
Christina Port for Kay Pointer and the CCB group 28/9 #219919
highlightBuller's Shearwater
Royal National Park--Wattamolla
Seen my first Buller's Shearwater for the spring today also thousands of Short-tailed Shearwaters moving down the coast including an albino or fully leukistic individual. [Moderator's note (NH): This is a very an exceptionally early date for Buller's Shearwater]
michael ronan. 27/9 #219917
highlightBush Stone-curlew
Two Bush Stone-curlews observed in a grassy carpark near the centre of town, potentially attempting breeding at this site. Both birds were observed on the 26th and 27th, one of which was squatting in the same location when observed several times over the two days (sitting on eggs?). Have never seen this species so close to dense housing before in south-eastern Australia. Perhaps attracted to the good source of invertebrate prey around the street lights.
Karl Just 27/9 #219916
Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
A solitary male Mallard hanging out with some Pacific Black Ducks on the billabong camp lake. I have been a keeper at the zoo for 5 1/2 year's now and this is the first Mallard I've seen.
Andrew O'Brien 27/9 #219913
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Myall Lakes National Park--Mungo Brush
2 Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves heard, one of which subsequently observed multiple times (quite skittish, but vocal) near the northern tip of the loop trail. Cabbage Tree Palms fruiting prolifically, many Green Catbirds, Topknot Pigeons and White-headed Pigeons also seen.
Joshua Bergmark, Nathan Ruser, Simon Gorta 27/9 #219911
Spectacled Monarch
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
First sighting for season.
paul griffin 27/9 #219909
Grey Goshawk
Single white morph seen being mobbed by Magpie-larks and Australian Magpies. Also great views when perched in a tree.
Peter Bracken 27/9 #219908
Fri 26highlightEurasian Coot
Swan Lake, Cudmirrah, near Sussex Inlet
Kayaked out mid afternoon to investigate a massive congregation of black birds on Swan Lake. They were all Eurasian Coots in one long narrow raft, and a conservative estimate would be 3,000 to 5,000. Attached is a photo of a small portion, perhaps a little blurred due to the rolling of the kayak. They were under attack by a White-breasted Sea-Eagle who successfully took two in separate sweeps, this following on directly from the same raptor flying overhead with a captured Black Swan and depositing it in its nest. A short drive early next morning to obtain a better photo was futile, with only a handful of Eurasian Coots remaining in the lake.
Cameron Ward 28/9 #219946
Superb Parrot, Blue-faced Honeyeater
Orange Botanic Gardens
Approx 25 Superb Parrots were feeding in cut grass between the gardens car park and the main road approx 5pm. A single Blue-faced Honeyeater was seen in the gardens near the entrance gate.
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219938
Australian Koel
A male Australian Koel seen flying south. I don't think he was stopping. I haven't heard calling here yet.
Christina Port 28/9 #219918
Australian Shelduck
Lone Australian Shelduck in paddock by Mount Broughton Road mid-afternoon (not far from a dam and rivulet). Shelducks are rarely seen in the Southern Highlands.
Lorne Johnson 27/9 #219907
Thu 25Pallid Cuckoo, Channel-billed Cuckoo, Grey-crowned Babbler
Rushforth Road, north of Poley Bridge, Orara River
One Pallid Cuckoo observed perched and then in flight; Channel-billed Cuckoo heard calling; 4 Grey-crowned Babblers foraging on ground.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 3/10 #220048
Sooty Oystercatcher, Pied Oystercatcher, Grey Goshawk (white phase)
Cudmirrah Beach (Berrara end)
7 Sooty Oystercatchers (photo of six attached), 2 Pied Oystercatchers and a lone white phase Grey Goshawk were the highlights in this scenic area of Cudmirrah Beach.
Cameron Ward, Janette Ward 29/9 #219951
Hooded Plover
Cudmirrah Beach (Sussex Inlet end)
2 Hooded Plovers about half a kilometre along from the Sussex Inlet Surf Club. Despite all the signs warning of their presence people are letting their dogs run free (off leads) along this beach. Distant record photo attached.
Cameron Ward, Janette Ward 29/9 #219950
Freckled Duck
Lithgow Wastewater Treatment Plant
2 Freckled Duck on middle pond in with many Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck, Hardhead, Wood and Black Duck, both teal and grebes - approx 5pm
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219942
Grey Goshawk
Wingham Brush Nature Reserve
Grey morph Grey Goshawk perched in dead tree on far bank of Manning River. Mobbed by three Torresian Crows and flew over to the Brush. eBird checklist
Nicholas Beswick 26/9 #219898
Swift Parrots
West bound McDonalds, M4 Motorway (near blacktown)
Four Swift Parrots were seen preening and squawking westbound McDonalds carpark on the M4 motorway. There is a planting of flowering ironbarks in the patch between the mcdonalds and the service station; they were in there. Sorry, no photo, it was windy, cold and raining when I saw them carrying on, obviously excited by this miserable tasmanian-style weather. So western sydney birders.... Perhaps a patch of birding mid-commute?
Henry Cook 25/9 #219895
Grey Plover
Manyana - -35.268411, 150.508458
Grey Plover - Whimbrel, Hooded Plovers, Red Capped Plovers, Pied Oystercatchers, Egrets and Cormorants were some of the highlights at Manyana side of Lake Conjola entrance. Further information
Charles Dove 25/9 #219894
First return for season - about usual date here - catching its breath after migration on traditional spot on powerlines in main street.
Peter Higgins 25/9 #219892
Woodfield Avenue Bundeena
We both heard a Dollarbird calling this morning. First we've heard for this locality this season.
Deryk and Leslie Engel 25/9 #219891
Wed 24Flame Robin, Red-browed Treecreeper, Superb Lyrebird
Chaelundi Road, Mt Hyland Nature Reserve
Adult pair of Flame Robins in trees in Nature Reserve and foraging in logged and burnt area opposite, Red-browed Treecreeper observed in tree by Boyd Essex, Superb Lyrebird crossed road in front of vehicle.
Greg Clancy & Gould League Bird Study Camp Club members 4/10 #220051
Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Red-browed Treecreeper, Scarlet Robin
Capertee Village
2 Glossy Black-Cockatoos (both males) seen feeding on a private property just south of Capertee village (but were observed from outside the locked property gate). In the woodland accessible from the Castlereagh Highway a male Scarlet Robin and 2 Red-browed Treecreepers were seen, along with a Wonga Pigeon, and singing White-throated Gerygones
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219936
Powerful Owl
Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney)
The Powerful Owl seems to have transferred its roosting allegiance to the large Black Bean near the gap in the Macquarie Wall [to the left of the "Spring Walk" as you walk away from the cafetaria complex]. It was reported there on the 22nd [but apparently failed to show up on the 23rd].
Ted Nixon 24/9 #219887
Dollarbird, Spangled Drongo, Regent Bowerbird
Halliday's Pt 10' Cell
Dollarbird in trees behind Black Head beach, also 3 Spangled Drongos, Shining Bronze-cuckoo and female Regent Bowerbird. Grey morph Eastern Reef Heron on rocks by Pebbly Beach eBird checklist
Nicholas Beswick 24/9 #219886
Spectacled Monarch, Wompoo Fruit-dove
Lower Pappinbarra
The first Spectacled Monarchs of the season seen this morning, They could have been here earlier as I have been away for ten days. Wompoo Fruit-doves are also back after a few weeks absence. eBird checklist
Ian Kerr 24/9 #219878
Tue 23Australian Koel
This morning heard my first Australian Koel calls of the season, from the large Moreton Bay fig tree next to the Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral
Sylvia Griffin 28/9 #219948
Rainbow Bee-eater, White-browed Woodswallow, Brown Goshawk
Pearsons Lookout, Capertee
A flock of over 40Rainbow Bee-eaters passed overhead approx 9:45am. 2 White-browed Woodswallows seen circling close to lookout. Dusky Woodswallows also seen from lookout. A party of 3 Brown Goshawk (1 male, 2 female) was seen circling low over the woodland. A Wedge-tailed Eagle also seen from here.
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219943
Little Eagle, Speckled Warbler, White-browed Babbler
Capertee Valley--Coco Creek
Speckled Warbler seen on side of road approx 10:30am. Little Eagle passed overhead just after. A gang (6-8) of White-browed Babblers was working through the trees about 100 metres on the Capertee side of the bridge.
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219935
Black-chinned Honeyeater, Diamond Firetail, Turquoise Parrot
Capertee Valley--Crown Station Rd
Singles of Black-chinned Honeyeater and Diamond Firetail seen at the mailboxes (Site 6 on the Capertee Valley Bird Routes brochure) - approx 11am. 2 Turquoise Parrots flew overhead and a single was seen close to the side of the road about 100 metres back towards Glen Davis Rd. Also at site 6 were 6 Jacky Winters, 8 Double-barred Finches, 2 Rufous Songlark
Tom Wilson 28/9 #219934
Southern Boobook Pacific Baza
105 Wallalong Cres West Pymble and Quarry Creek Lane Cove National Park
Thought you might be interested in the following sightings at Wallalong Cres West Pymble and the area of Lane Cove National park (Quarry Creek) directly below. (56 h 0326788 UTM 6262115) Southern Boobook Owl roosting quite low down just below our back verandah in a King Fern (Angiopteris avecta) from 1 September on and off to 22 September. Pacific Baza (2) on 22 September 2014. Mating and actively displaying about 20 m south of the above (in Quarry Creek Bushland, Lane Cove National Park.
Noela Jones (Birdlife member) 24/9 #219880
highlightStubble Quail, Horsfield's Bushlark, White-backed Swallow
Bureen (south of Denman, Hunter Valley)
There were Stubble Quails calling in the lucerne paddocks around Bureen yesterday afternoon. I haven't seen any reported for a while and these are the first I've heard in the Hunter since May. Horsfield's Bushlarks were vocal here and several other places nearby (e.g. Martindale, Yarrawa). There were 2 White-backed Swallows amongst the 100+ Fairy Martins over Bureen Creek and several Rainbow Bee-eaters are excavating already.
Mick Roderick 24/9 #219879
highlightPainted Honeyeater
Giants Creek (Upper Hunter Valley)
Whilst the Regent Honeyeaters appear now to have departed Giants Creek (in fact, even have the Noisy Friars) there were 2 Painted Honeyeaters heard (and one seen) just west of where the Regents had been. I cannot see records of them in Giants Creek on any atlas. There is no mistletoe in flower or bud in the area. Of relevance I also called into Medhurst Bridge and found a few Painteds there - as reported by John Weigel the Amyema quandang in the wattles is not flowering, but I found yesterday that instead they are using the Amyema cambagei in the River Oaks.
Mick Roderick 24/9 #219877
Red-backed Kingfisher
Rushforth Rd South Grafton
sighted at 11.30am today at same position as reported by Greg Clancy. Observed flying down from power line and taking insects. Very active. Location was at the southern end of the badly eroded creek about half a kilometre before entrance to property Ballandean..
Warren Thompson 23/9 #219871
Dollarbird, Bassian Thrush, Koel, Channel-billed Cuckoo (3), Pacific Baza
Warriewood Wetlands and Irrawong Reserve
You can tell spring is definately underway with many migratory species back in the valley. Also many scarlet Honeyeaters and several Eastern Rosellas. Also of note was a Brown Antechinus running around my feet for ten minutes! At one point I sat down on a step nearby and it climbed to eye level about 10cm away from me and just looked at me! (Moderator's Note: This is the first Dollarbird for the Greater Sydney area.AKM)
Jayden Walsh 23/9 #219868
highlightRedthroat, Black Honeyeater, Chirruping Wedgebill, Crimson Chat
Broken Hill
Lots of good birds about the town, Redthroat common Further information
Greg Roberts 23/9 #219864
Mon 22Grey Plover, Topnot Pigeon
Lake Conjola Estuary
Single Grey Plover observed at fairly close distance on expansive sand flats in the lake at present. It was moulting out of breeding plumage, but still had distinctive black front. Flock of 20+ Topnot Pigeons in the coastal scrub feeding on the many fruiting lilypilly trees. Both species not seen by us in over 30 years of visitation to this area.
Wolinski and Richardson families 25/9 #219889
Common Blackbird and Topknot Pigeon
Royal National Park--Wattle Flat
About 8 Topknot Pigeons and a male Blackbird
Marie Lister and Athena Georgiou 24/9 #219885
Spotted Quail-Thrush
Conjola National Park - Cudmirrah Section
Seen in regenerating section of Blackbutt Road on left hand side, approximately 500m west of the intersection of Slaty Box Road.
Lesley May 23/9 #219875
Eastern Bristlebird, Pilotbird, Beautiful Firetail, Southern Emu Wren
Barren Grounds Nature Reserve
Early morning walk along the Griffiths Trail at Barren Grounds NR and back again later in the afternoon. Most of the 'specialties' found within a few hundred metres of the carpark. Eastern Bristlebirds are quite vocal. No Ground Parrots seen or heard. Still very cool early in the morning and the birds were relatively quiet, even at dawn. Based on previous visits and audio recordings from this site it is much more 'birdy' later in the year from late October onwards.
Marc Anderson 23/9 #219874
highlightSuperb Parrot
Tarcutta floodplain crossing on Hume Highway
Sighted 2 Superb Parrots in flight crossing the highway, one of them kindly redecorating my windscreen while passing. Sighted plenty of other species while driving from Sydney to Albury including 3 x Square-tailed Kites, 5 Wedge-tailed Eagles (one trying to catch a rabbit on the freeway ahead of me), 1 Black-shouldered Kite and 1 Black-faced Monarch.
Andrew Whitaker 23/9 #219863
highlightSwift Parrot, Painted Honeyeater, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Turquoise Parrot
Wilpinjong Creek, Murragamba
Two Swift Parrots feeding on fruiting mistletoe or lerp in Rough-barked Apple and Blakeley's Red Gum on creek (no flower in red gums, just bud). Calling alerted to their presence. Theh were very 'flighty' and flew off twice before sundset could not relocate them. Passing through just for a day? Unfortunately on private property so there is no access. It is worth keeping a look out in the area. Three Painted Honeyeaters in fruiting mistletoe, two Turquoise Parrot and one Black-chinned Honeyeater nearby.
Kurtis Lindsay 22/9 #219861
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher
Rushforth Road, South Grafton
Kingfisher still present this afternoon at the same location where it was observed on Thursday 18th. Also observed by local birdos on Friday and Saturday.
Greg Clancy 22/9 #219859
Painted Honeyeater
Medhurst Bridge, Martindale Valley (Mid Hunter Valley)
Up to 12 Painted Honeyeaters seen this morning at this well known site (the mistletoe at the site is Amyema quandang, which is growing in a bi-pinnate wattle, but apparently isn't flowering strongly). Maximum number of birds seen at once was 8.
John Weigel per Mick Roderick 22/9 #219851
Forest Kingfisher
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
FK (male) first sighting for season.
paul griffin 22/9 #219848
Australian Koel
Greenwich [Gore Cove area]
Taking my cue from Simon Gorta's posting of 20/9: one heard calling at 7 a.m. [my first this spring, locally]
Ted Nixon 22/9 #219845
Sun 21Black-necked Stork
Pacific HWY Grafton NSW
2 Black-necked Storks in waterway alongside Pacific Highway. First time I've seen these birds! (Moderator's Note: There are at least 10 breeding pairs in the Clarence Valley so a pair at Grafton are not unusual. AKM) eBird checklist
Adrian O'Hara 26/9 #219899
Diamond Firetail, Zebra Finch, Rufous Songlark, Brown Falcon
5 km SE Baldry on the Baldry-Molong Rd
A pair of Diamond Firetails were found at a site where plantations of Spotted Gums had been planted to control salt problems in soil. Also present were 4 Zebra Finches, Rufous Songlarks and Fairy Martins, and a Brown Falcon. These were the only Diamond Firetails seen at 30 sites in and around the Parkes Shire in a 3 day survey.
Alan Morris + 22 menbers of Birding NSW Central Coast Group 23/9 #219870
Speckled Warbler, Brown Treecreeper, Black-chinned Honeyeater
Spring Creek Picnic Area, Goobang NP, 35 km NE Parkes
Highlights of a 2 hour morning stop at the Spring Creek Picnic Area by members of the CCGBNSW, included a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, 2 Speckled Warblers, 2 Black-chinned Honeyeaters, nesting Brown Treecreepers, Choughs & Grey-shrike-thrushes, a Brown Goshawk and a Collared Sparrowhawk, Inland Thornbill, both White-throated and Western Gerygones, 2 Wedge-tailed Eagles, 2 Little Lorikeets, White-browed Babblers, Crested Shrike-tits and Rufous Songlark.
Alan Morris + 22 others 23/9 #219869
Buller's Albatross, Wandering type Albatros.
wattamolla royal national park.
Good numbers of albatross off wattamolla today including 45 Shy Albatross,about the same number of Black-browed Albatross.1 Wandering type Albatross, 3 Buller's Albatross and 1 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross also 4 giant petrel I didn't get close enough views to identify witch species and 1 Fairy Prion.
michael ronan. 22/9 #219852
Top Knot Pigeons
Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
Same walk as mentioned by Jayden Walsh. I arrived before other spotters & lost count as to how many TKP's took flight from the car park region. Estimate 50 plus. Light drizzle & cool
Paddy de Klerk 22/9 #219849
highlightShining Bronze-Cuckoo, Brush Bronzewing, Black Bittern, Spangled Drongo
Deep Creek
A great morning on the PNHA Deep Creek outing with many birds seen including a single Shining Bronze-Cuckoo was seen near the beginning of the track whislt a single Black Bittern and Spangled Drongo were seen about 500m into the trail near the large stand of Cabbage Tree palms. Also an Eastern Rosella inspecting a hollow, a single White Headed Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo Dove and a Tawny Frogmouth on a nest.
Jayden Walsh 22/9 #219840
White-throated Gerygone
Scheyville National Park - Longneck Lagoon
Saw/heard at least ten White-throated Gerygones today on the main track in and the gas pipe track. Also saw several Fri 12 Sept at Mulgoa Rsv . Pic of one of today's birds obtained.
Michael Rutkowski 22/9 #219839
highlightLittle Curlew (Subject to submission to NSW ORAC)
Stockton Sandspit
Solitary Little Curlew present this afternoon, easy to compare with the many Easter Curlews and the few Whimbrels present. [Moderator's note (NH): Sightings of Little Curlews should be submitted to NSW ORAC. Please be aware that a pair of Pied Oystercatchers are nesting in the lagoon at the sandspit. Please obey the signs that are in place and do not disturb these endangered birds that already face a number of disturbances at this site.]
Andrew O'Brien 21/9 #219838
Richmond Vale (Lower Hunter Valley)
Today Dan Williams and I saw our first Dollarbird for the Hunter Valley this season at Richmond Vale. Reporting it here as there do not seem to be any NSW reports of Dollarbirds thus far. I heard from Simon Gorta that he had one at Hawks Nest today too. (My first Dollarbird last year was from Shortland on the 21st Sept also). There was also a Pallid Cuckoo not far from the Dollarbird site.The Cessnock woodlands are now full of White-throated Gerygones and we had a single Leaden Flycatcher today as well.
Mick Roderick and Dan Williams 21/9 #219835
Rufous Songlark, Tawny Grassbird, Zebra Finch
Richmond Lowlands
In Onus Lane this afternoon we had 13 Zebra Finches, at least two Tawny Grassbirds and one Rufous Songlark (heard calls clearly).
Ákos and Donata Lumnitzer 21/9 #219833
Brahminy Kite
Lake Munmorah SCA - Snapper Point
Two immature Brahminy Kites near Snapper Point. Frustratingly had my wide angle lens on so only managed a couple of poor ID shots before they were gone. The other bird was directly into the sun but I'm quite certain it was also an immature bird.
Rebecca Citroni 21/9 #219828
White-throated Gerygone
South Coffs Harbour-Toormina
One White-throated Gerygone heard singing; first returns for the area.
Peter Higgins 21/9 #219821
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
11a Dirigeree Road Nelson Bay NSW
One adult male Glossy Black-Cockatoo feeding on she-oak in backyard bordering water board land/national park.
Bryony Brownlie 21/9 #219819
Sat 20Black Kite, Freckled Duck, Sacred Kingfisher,
Gum Swamp, Forbes
Highlights from a 90 minute stint at Gum Swamp by members of the BNSWCCG, included 11 Freckled Duck, 5 Sacred Kingfishers some calling, 4 Black Kites, Sea-Eagle on nest, 1 Black-tailed Native-hen, nesting Choughs and Grey-crowned Babblers, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Australian Shovelers and Hoary-headed Grebes.
Alan Morris & 22 others 23/9 #219867
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Butterleaf State Forest / Glen Elgin area
A total of ten birds sighted. Two groups of three (family groups) and two pairs. All feeding on Oak [Casuarina sp.]. All within a 50ha area.
David Charley 22/9 #219847
Latham's Snipe
La Perouse [Botany Bay NP]
Flushed from the edge of a rivulet almost opposite the cottages at the 12th hole of the golf course [2 p.m]
Ted Nixon 21/9 #219831
Latham's Snipe (2), Little Lorikeet, Brown Goshawk (2), Dusky Woodswallow (2)
Mt Annan Botanical Gardens
2 Latham's Snipe at the larger top pond. Little Lorikeet (many) including some checking out tree hollows. Pair of Dusky Woodswallows also seen and pair of Brown Goshawk circling over the woodland creek walk. Plenty of Striated Pardalotes and an echidna there too. Tree Martins have returned to nest in the big gum just beyond the first entry roundabout. A dozen Satin Bowerbirds (mostly females/imm) feeding on figs in the main gardens was also good to see.
David Vickers 21/9 #219824
White-throated Gerygone
Valery, Valery Rd
First White-throated Gerygone for season. Valery is about 10 km inland.
Michael Cheers 21/9 #219825
Varied Sittella, Pacific Baza, Restless Flycatcher, Leaden Flycatcher
South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
4 Varied Sittellas in mixed feeding flock with White-throated Gerygone, White-throated Honeyeater, Golden Whistler, Leaden Flycatcher, Black-faced Monarch etc. 1 Restless Flycatcher nearby. Adult Pacific Baza soaring over canopy then flew up and performed undulating display.
Greg Clancy, Alan Pilkington 21/9 #219820
Australian Koel
Hawks Nest
Australian Koels continue to arrive back at their summer haunts with one heard this evening. Not many reports about yet this season.
Simon Gorta per Ashwin Rudder 21/9 #219818
Pacific Baza, Grey Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle
Devlin Rd, Castleraegh
A single Pacific Baza on w bank of river, performing tumbling display flight. Also present one Grey Goshawk and pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles. At nearby Agnes Banks NR several breeding pairs of Spotted Pardalote and several Striated Pardalotes also seen.
Eric Finley 20/9 #219813
Rainbow Bee-eater, White-throated Gerygone, Grey Goshawk, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Cattai National Park
Both Rainbow Bee-eaters and White-throated Gerygones have now returned to the Hawkesbury. At least one Grey Goshawk seen and a dark morph White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles seen displaying over Cattai NP.
Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird 20/9 #219812
Channel-billed Cuckoo, Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Black-faced Monarch, Black-chinned Honeyeater
South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
Channel-billed Cuckoo and Little Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling, 2 Black-faced Monarchs observed (observer's first local records of these migrants this season), 3+ Black-chinned Honeyeaters heard calling, 1 observed.
Greg Clancy & Alan Pilkington 20/9 #219811
highlightChestnut Teal, Little Eagle
Cotton Farm, Ashley
A Little Eagle was observed above a farm irrigation dam for about 10 minutes. This is the first sighting at this location and first time we have seen this species over water. A single male Chestnut Teal was observed among tens of Grey Teal in an irrigation dam. This is also the first sighting at this location and a very unusual sighting for this area and habitat as it is an artificial dam. eBird checklist Further information
Curtis Hayne and Ainslee Lines 20/9 #219810
Ground Cuckoo-shrike
Eulah Creek
Hadn't seen or heard any for a while, but this morning 3 Ground Cuckoo-shrikes landed in short grass on our property, calling all the time (no photo taken). In the past I considered myself lucky to see them somewhere in the North-West about once a year. Now there have been 6 or 7 sightings in less than a year, all here on our small property at Eulah Creek. Further information
Michael Dahlem 20/9 #219795
Black-fronted Dotterel
Glenbrook Lagoon
I was alerted to this species at the lagoon by Debbie Harris. First time I have seen or heard of them there in at least ten years. They could easily have been passed over as Masked Lapwing chicks.
Julie Neumann 20/9 #219794
Powerful Owl
King Creek, Wauchope
Heard calling at 4:30am.
Clive Meadows 20/9 #219792
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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