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Birdline South Australia is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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January 2015
Sun 25Wood, Marsh Sandpipers
2 Wood Sandpipers and 1 Marsh Sandpiper at former Balaklava effluent ponds. Normally dry, this area now has some water after nearly 80 mm. of rain. Unfortunately, all Balaklava's effluent water is now diverted to the local racecourse. This has been to the detriment of ducks, some waders and many other water birds with the loss of permanent water habitat. Over the last few years, I have recorded over 80 bird species in, around and over the effluent ponds.
Paul Taylor 25/1 #221956
Mon 19Australian Reed-Warbler
An unusual sighting of a single Reed-Warbler in our front garden in Balaklava for 3 days, well away from water and reed beds. It has been actively catching insects, including grasshoppers, in shrubs. The only call was an occasional single "chet", repeated at intervals, but it it often quiet. Probably migrating north after breeding.
Paul Taylor 19/1 #221860
Fri 16Black-chinned Honeyeater
Suburban property on Mentone Rd, Hayborough
2 fluffy fledglings being fed by 2 adults. Hung around in acacias and spotted gum street trees for 30min+. I've briefly seen one adult here a year ago - probable nest somewhere in Hayborough eBird checklist
Thomas Jaensch 16/1 #221822
Mon 12highlightWestern Grasswren
10 km W Whyalla on Iron Knob Road
Four grasswrens seen on the main highway, enjoying the wet conditions and insect activity. All up I recorded this species in four locations over two days either pairs, singly or this one quartet.. eBird checklist
Dion Hobcroft 15/1 #221811
Sun 11Grey-tailed Tattler
Port Clinton
4 Tattlers on mudflats near mangroves. Seem to be regular visitors here in recent years. eBird checklist
Paul Taylor 11/1 #221743
Sooty and Pied Oystercatchers
Port Arthur, Clinton Conservation Park
2 Sooty and 3 Pied Oystercatchers. Sooties are not often seen at this location. Also here were 2 Eastern Curlews, 5 Greenshanks, a Red-necked Avocet, 50 Whiskered Terns, plus the usual Sharpies and stints. eBird checklist
Paul Taylor 11/1 #221742
Thu 8Musk Duck
Hindmarsh Island
15 Musk Duck, mainly males, diving along southern side of island, on downstream, ie brackish side of Goolwa barrage. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks and Simon Fahey-Sparks 10/1 #221721
Little Eagle
Pale morph individual drifting south-westwards over the north end of town. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks 10/1 #221720
Mon 5Glossy Ibis
Goolwa Wastewater Treatment Plant
1 non-breeding adult Glossy Ibis feeding along the edge of the main pit with other ibises. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks and Simon Fahey-Sparks 10/1 #221718
White-winged Chough
Family party of 2 adults and 3 well grown juveniles still present opposite entrance to Lazy Balerina winery. eBird checklist
Mike Howes 5/1 #221640
Glossy Ibis
Hart Rd Wetland, Aldinga
2 with Australian and Straw necked Ibis eBird checklist
Mike Howes 5/1 #221639
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