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Birdline South Australia is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline South Australia is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Peter Waanders and Simon Starr.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2017
Tue 14Eastern Koel
Marian Place, Prospect
Female. Another Eastern Koel has turned up in my neighborhood. This individual looks like a female and is possibly an immature because the iris looks brown rather than red (although the photo does not show the eye colour very clearly). This bird was being mobbed by a pair of wattle birds and a magpie lark as it perched in a tall Eucalyptus tree. It uttered a few brief sounds in response to the attention it received from other birds. The male Eastern Koel reported from the same location is still nearby because its distinctive call can still be heard, particularly around dawn. But I have not seen the two birds together.
Peter Christy 14/11 #232773
Wed 8Asian Gull-billed Tern
Port Wakefield
2 Gull-billed Terns subspecies affinis seen briefly at the temporary wetland.
Paul Taylor 8/11 #232673
Fri 3highlightAustralian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Baillon's Crake, Little Bittern
Banrock Station Wine & Wetland Centre
60+ spotted crakes seen today, all out in the open feeding, watched for a while and they came within meters of us. Many juveniles amongst them. A few spotless were around but more cryptic with only glimpses seen and 1 Baillon's skulking around. All seen in the margins around the far end of the main boardwalk. I Little bittern was calling from about 8.30 this morning for a good hour. Distance from the boardwalk was approx 15-20m, no visual but audio recordings taken
Tim Field 3/11 #232596
Thu 2highlightEastern Koel
Marian Place, Prospect SA
Male bird seen perched and mobbed by other birds in large tree in a private backyard visible from my place. The distinctive call of the bird has been heard in the area for the last 5 days.
Peter Christy 2/11 #232589
Wed 1Gull-billed Tern
Port Wakefield
One Asian Gull-billed Tern subspecies affinis at the temporary wetland, with about 20 Australian GbTs.
Paul Taylor 1/11 #232582

October 2017
Tue 31Pacific Golden Plover
Mac's Beach, Yorke Peninsula
5 Pacific Golden Plovers, uncommon on YP. Also here were about 20 Great Knots, 30 Red Knots and 10 Bar-tailed Godwits.
Paul Taylor 31/10 #232572
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Point Sturt Peninsular
A young bird circling high overhead in the company of a Wedge-tailed Eagle. eBird checklist
Michaela Doecke 31/10 #232564
Sun 29Gull-billed Tern
Port Wakefield
17 at the temporary wetland, the most I've seen around northern Gulf St. Vincent.
Paul Taylor 29/10 #232516
Sat 28highlightEastern Yellow Robin
Salt Creek Road, Salt Creek
A single bird first heard then briefly seen in dense vegetation along roadside. eBird checklist
Nathaniel & Michaela Doecke 30/10 #232533
Thu 26Wild Turkey
Cygnet River
Three Wild Turkeys along the main road just north of the Cygnet River intersection. Is Christmas early this year?
Martin Norvvick 27/10 #232495
Mon 23Red-backed Kingfisher
One by the dry River Wakefield, often calling.
Paul Taylor 23/10 #232428
Marsh Sandpiper
Port Wakefield
One at the temporary wetland this morning. 2 seen yesterday. Uncommon in this area.
Paul Taylor 23/10 #232427
Sun 22Greater Sand Plover
Port Clinton, Yorke Peninsula
At least 3 roosting at high tide with Red-capped Plovers and stints. Also one Bar-tailed Godwit, my first for this season around here.
Paul Taylor 22/10 #232404
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