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Birdline South Australia is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline South Australia is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Peter Waanders and Simon Starr.

We support ethical birding .

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

September 2016
Sun 25Great Knot, Grey Plovers
Bald Hill Beach
One Great Knot, very uncommon here, with 28 Grey Plovers. Other waders were 4 Bar-tailed Godwits, 2 Ruddy Turnstones and at least 120 Red-necked Stints.
Paul Taylor 25/9 #228653
Sun 18highlightLaughing Gull
Venus Bay
The Laughing Gull is still present at the Venus Bay Caravan Park. It is usually with the Silver Gulls near the camp kitchen or the fish cleaning station. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 18/9 #228582
Fri 16Ruddy Turnstone
Port Germein Foreshore
Two Ruddy Turnstones foraging amongst beach washed Posidonia at high tide level next to the jetty. Early arrivals?
John Eichler 17/9 #228571
Eastern Curlew
Bald Hill Beach
9 Eastern Curlews this afternoon. Yesterday at least 20 were seen here by another observer.
Paul Taylor 16/9 #228547
Red Knot
Bald Hill Beach
10 Red Knots with 15 Grey Plovers this afternoon.
Paul Taylor 16/9 #228546
Mon 12Eastern Curlew
Port Arthur
38 Eastern Curlews roosting with a group of Little Black Cormorants , an immature Pacific Gull a Caspian Tern . Presumably just arrived.
David Potter 13/9 #228513
Sun 11Dusky Woodswallow
Shingleback Rd, Dublin at -34.46165, 138.35866
Pair of Dusky Woodswallow seen in remnant mallee section where Shingleback Road turns at 90 degrees to lead to Port Prime. First sighting for me of this species within such close proximity to coast. Possibly nesting in vicinity.
David Hartland 11/9 #228493
Tue 6Grey Plover
Bald Hill Beach
6 Grey Plovers this morning, all in partial breeding plumage.
Paul Taylor 6/9 #228440
Sun 4Olive-backed Oriole
Para Wirra Recreation Park
Southern end of park off of Frank Barker Road. One male bird was observed for a few minutes while conducting surveys. Bird spent some time calling, was mimicking grey shrike-thrush in addition to its "ori-oriole" call. A grey shrike thrush spent some time near it, perhaps confused by the call mimicry, and it was also harassed by new holland honeyeaters.
Rebecca Zanker 6/9 #228447
Grey Plover
Bald Hill Beach
One Grey Plover in partial breeding plumage, the first I've seen this season.
Paul Taylor 4/9 #228419
Sat 3Gibberbird
William Creek Rd 7kms from Stuart Hwy
Single male bird seen on the William Creek road just south of Coober Pedy. This bird was quite hard to track down at first, flying low for some distance then flying high in typical chat fashion back over us. After some persistence we managed to get close enough to observe its whitish eyes and amazing sandy yellow colour on throat and belly.
John Woodward Martin Woodward 6/9 #228450
Bourke's Parrot, Inland Dotterel, Orange Chat, Banded Whiteface, Redthroat, Little Button-Quail
Marla and Surrounds
Orange Chats a pair of Banded Whitefaces a breeding pair of Inland Dotterels and a single male Redthroat were seen on the Oodnadatta track near Marla along with Crimson Chats, Pied Honeyeaters, a single Slaty-Backed Thornbiil, White Winged Fairy-Wrens, and numerous Richards Pippits and Rufous Songlarks. A pair of Bourke's parrots were seen amongst mulga 30kms south of Marla as well as 4 more seen flying across the road nearby. A Little Button-Quail female was flushed whilst birdwatching off the Stuart hwy 65 kms south of Marla and landed in the open a few metres in front of us. Also in these areas there were and lots of Budgerigars and hundreds of Masked Woodswallows.
John Woodward Martin Woodward 6/9 #228449
Little Crow, Brown Songlark, Redthroat
Samson's Well Road
Over 130 Little Crows feeding in groups on marginal grassland and surrounding bluebush. Also, Brown Songlark in song flight and Redthroat singing. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks 5/9 #228430
Banded Lapwing, Little Crow
Two pairs of Banded Lapwing on new-grown grass after good winter rain. Flew around together when harassed by Little Crows, but then territorial behaviour in evidence, as one pair was regularly chased further off by presumably the male of the other pair. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks 5/9 #228429
Fri 2Pallid cuckoo
Eba Road - North
1 pale morph male flying from perch to perch at edge of black oak open woodland. Not singing. eBird checklist
Kelvin Sparks 5/9 #228428

August 2016
Wed 31Common Sandpiper
Pinky Point, Thevanard - Ceduna
There was a pair of Common Sandpipers feeding among the rocks below the lookout.
Maurice Ashton 31/8 #228397
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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