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Birdline North Queensland is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. The coverage for the Birdline North Queensland site is from Bowen west to the Northern Territory border and north to the tip of Cape York Peninsula and includes all the offshore islands. We encourage any one with a long list of species to enter them into Eremaea eBird.

Birdline North Queensland is supported by BirdLife Northern Queensland and BirdLife Townsville and moderated by Keith & Lindsay Fisher and Len & Chris Ezzy. Register for weekly email notifications.

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All reports are not necessarily confirmed and are published here to encourage others to confirm them.

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September 2014
Wed 17Pectoral Sandpiper
Normanton Town Common
Single bird photographed with other sandpipers, at dam in town common on northern edge of town.
Paul Richardson & Phillip George 17/9 #219752
Mon 15Rajah Shelduck
Tyto Wetlands, Ingham, North Queensland
Confirming Tony Ashton's sighting of the Rajah Shelduck at the Ingham Tyto Wetlands. I saw the bird paddling serenely across one of the waterways 20 metres away from me late that same afternoon - and, darn it, I hadn't brought my camera with me! I'm not a dedicated birdwatcher as such, but I visit the wetlands on almost a daily basis. I was delighted to find this species in my bird book when I got home shortly afterwards and then emailed Tony about it. He told me of his posting in Eremaea (which I'd never heard of before).
Robert Charles Norman King 15/9 #219729
Oriental Plover
Cook Rd (Atherton area)
Two Oriental Plover flew over me in good light about 8.30am, circling over a field of corn stubble before heading in the direction of Atherton.
John Grant 15/9 #219717
Sun 14Radjah Shelduck
Tyto Wetlands (Ingham)
Radjah Shelduck spotted making low flight almost circling eastern end of main lagoon; bird appeared almost brilliant black and white in morning sun; no sign of it after it turned and headed west over northern side of lagoon. Can't recall ever seeing the species in Tyto, though no unknown in other wetlands around Ingham. no picture
Tony Ashton 14/9 #219699
Fri 12Peaceful Dove
Loyalty Beach
Immature peaceful Dove from Loyalty Beach are still present. Another image.
Greg McKay 12/9 #219668
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Gregory River camp area Gregory Downs
Single bird observed early this morning feeding on large grasshopper high up in the trees lining the river.
Greg and Janice McKay 12/9 #219667
Thu 11Common Starling
Tinaburra Boat Ramp, Lake Tinaroo
One bird seen, introduced species which is not normally found this far north although there has been odd sightings on the Atherton Tableland and Cairns. Further north on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula one was seen at Pompurraw whist conducting BirdLife Australia surveys in about 2001.
Chris Doughty via Keith Fisher 12/9 #219649
Mon 8highlightWilson's Storm Petrel
Michaelmas and Upolu Cays National Park offshore pelagic
Uncommon in area. One bird seen whilst traveling from Michaelmas Cay to Hastings Reef.
Chris Doughty via Keith Fisher 12/9 #219648
highlightRed-footed Booby
Great Barrier Reef--Michaelmas Cay
4 birds present. Uncommon in area. Four birds were also reported on 29th August from Agincourt Reef out from Port Douglas, maybe same birds?
Chris Doughty via Keith Fisher 12/9 #219647
Thu 4Peaceful Dove
Loyalty Beach Caravan Park Bamaga
We observed this pair of doves at our campsite over the3 days we were there. The size of Peaceful Dove we didn't pay much attention to them until one morning one landed very close by in a tree next to me and I was able to observe its unique eye markings. Its partner had the same. (Moderator Note:- Your photo shows an immature Peaceful Dove of the sub-species peninsulae. It is an interesting photo as The Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds {HANZAB} says " Bare parts of juvenile peninsulae not known", this was published in 1996).
Greg and Janice McKay 9/9 #219601
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge
1st return for the season.
Keith Fisher 5/9 #219529
Common Koel
Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge
1st return for the season.
Keith Fisher 5/9 #219528
Common Koel
Coquette Point
Saw one male Common Koel feeding in a strangler fig. First sighting for the season no sign of female and have not heard any calls.
Yvonne Cunningham 4/9 #219518
Mon 1Cicadabird
Coquette Point, Innisfail
Solitary male Cicadabird bird seen feeding in littoral forest behind the dunes. Following cyclones Larry and Yasi the Cicadabird population of the the lowland coastal Wet Tropics Rainforest virtually disappeared. Earlier this year I photographed a female and now to see a male gives me some hope that this population is recovering. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 2/9 #219494
Common Sandpiper
Coquette Point, Innisfail
Six Common Sandpiper were feeding over a wide area on the beach. This is the first sighting of these birds for this season. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 2/9 #219493

August 2014
Sun 31Southern Cassowary
Coquette Point
Matriarch Southern Cassowary called Jessie, first confirmed sighting for over a month. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 1/9 #219480
Pied Oystercatcher
Coquette Point
Observed and photographed two birds mating twice and at different areas on same morning. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 1/9 #219479
Sat 30Pacific Baza
Woodlands Tourist Park, Atherton
Excellent views of a single bird in the Tourist Park this morning.
John & Christine Eichler and Janice Dunphy 30/8 #219456
Fri 29highlightRed-footed Booby, Roseate Tern
Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef
Apologies for late post. At least four Red-footed Booby with around 35 Brown Booby on helicopter platform as we arrived at the site, as well as several Black-naped Tern, 40-odd Sooty Tern and around 150 Common Noddy. All birds dispersed as helicopter arrived, and I observed Roseate Tern fly past thereafter. Noted largely red bills, very long white tail streamers and dark upperside to outer primaries with no dark trailing edge on underwing.
Steve Davidson 1/9 #219488
Southern Cassowary, Grey-headed Robin
Mt Hypipamee National Park
Adult Southern Cassowary and chick seen in the car park area at around 5:00 pm. A Grey-headed Robin was also seen in the same location (Moderator Note: Grey-headed Robin are not unusual at this location).
Janice Dunphy and John & Christine Eichler 29/8 #219444
Thu 28Australian Bustard
Bamaga: Back track to airport military encampments 10 55S 142 26E 1' Cell, Queensland, AU
1 adult. Only my second sighting in the Northern Peninsular Area (north of Jardine River).
Rob Reed 28/8 #219415
Sun 24Channel-billed Cuckoo
Kelso Borrow Pits
Flew in from North calling, into a tall tree and called for the next hour or so. My 1st for season.
Ed Pierce 24/8 #219348
Sat 23Lovely Fairy-wren
Tyto Wetlands
Male Lovely Fairy-wren in understorey near footbridge by osprey nest tree in Tyto Wetlands today. Species seldom seen in Tyto and first time in 10 years I've seen any so far east (usually near western boundary, if at all). Presumed female glimpsed. Fair pic of male
Tony Ashton 23/8 #219336
Fri 22Southern Cassowary
Paluma Village
Upon heading down the mountain, just outside Paluma Village on the side of the road opposite the old quarry.
Andrew O'Brien 22/8 #219328
Topknot Pigeon
Kewarra Beach(Cairns)
About 25 Topknot Pigeon flying relatively low above Captain Cook Highway; probably coming from the Paradise Palms golf course area. Possibly seen two days ago in the same area, but it was then too far for safe ID. Also on same day seen the first return of roughly 20 Pied Imperial Pigeons.
G. Santos 22/8 #219323
Mon 18Emu
Kenton Station, Majors Creek (restricted access)
Emu seen on Webb Rd which is a public rd, just over Major Creek on the Woodstock-Giru Rd. 1 Emu seen this evening but recently 4 have been seen eating small red berries in paddock where small crops have been grown. Possibly the same small group reported previously from Quigley Rd 2013. eBird checklist
Joan Wharton, 19/8 #219282
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