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Birdline ACT is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. Observations interesting to you can also be reported, but please provide justification. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. Good birding and thanks for contributing to Birdline ACT! You can follow Birdline ACT on the web, RSS and Twitter. We encourage you to register and enter full lists of the species you see at

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Moderators' Note

Silver Gull Project Mark Carey is researching the seasonal movements and urbanisation of Silver Gulls in south-eastern Australia. He has a number of colour-banded Silver Gulls around Lake Burley Griffin. Please report all sightings of gulls with alphanumeric bands to or Twitter @silvergullproj

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October 2014
Tue 21highlightRegent Honeyeater
Tuggeranong Town Centre
Single bird seen 5.20pm in flowering ironbarks next to Alpha Hotel driveway. Good views. Bird was being chased by red wattlebirds and flew off into nearby scrub 5mins after I arrived.
Sandra Henderson 21/10 #220378
Thu 16Swamp Harrier
Kellys Swamp
Flew across Dairy Rd (flight style a harrier giveaway and clear white rump for Swamp). Scared the daylights out of every duckon the Swamp. eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 16/10 #220293
highlightLittle Bittern
At approx 12.30 today a Little Bittern was flushed from beside our garden pond. At a guess it was about 25 cms in length with a brownish rather than black crown. Buff below with a brown streak down the throat and upper breast. The lores were yellow and the bird was not as dark as male Little Bitterns we have seen. We think it was likely an adult female. It flew up into our apple tree and then took refuge (with bill pointed skywards) in a dense shrub. Noisy Miners arrived in some numbers to harass it but soon lost interest. We have several more photos. eBird checklist
Kim and Geoff Larmour 16/10 #220287
Wed 15megamegaWhite-winged Black Tern
Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant
An adult White-winged Black Tern in non-breeding plumage was present with 3 Whiskered Terns in breeding plumage mostly over pond 3a at the Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant from 13:00 to at least 16:00. The birds were readily viewed from Dairy Flat Road. [Moderator's comment: this is the first ever record of the species for the ACT] eBird checklist
PJ Milburn 15/10 #220282
Sun 12Australian Owlet-nightjar
Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve--Campbell Park
A single chick sunning itself on the edge of the nest hollow. Hollow in a dead tree approximately 70m east of the horse stile. eBird checklist
Alex Blanden 13/10 #220224
Glossy Black-cockatoo
Mt Majura Nature Reserve
This morning, Sunday 12-10-14 at 8.45, four Glossy-black Cockatoos were flying around Mt Majura. They came over the summit track, circled around a bit then went back to the east. So they still seem to be in the broader area over the past couple of weeks. Grey Currawongs also calling in various places.
John Goldie, Kathy Walter and Jane Green 12/10 #220202
Sun 5highlightCicadabird
Mulligans Flat NR
Single adult male. Bird located after following up call. Medium sized bird, uniform slate grey with black face and wings. eBird checklist
Alex Blanden 5/10 #220079
Thu 2Swift Parrot
Lake Ginninderra--Macdermott Place
3 birds observed in Eucalyptus near boat ramp. Heard them before I saw them. I've been birding & bird keeping for over 20yrs. Kept Swifts for a number of years so well versed in their calls. The three of them were clambering around the ends of the branches, hanging upside down in the foliage as Swifts do. Bright green, red under-tail (vent), blue shoulders, long slender tail, red face & throat with a blue crown.
Adam FitzGerald 2/10 #220015
Wed 1Rainbow Bee-eater
Mt Majura Nature Reserve
A small group of Rainbow Bee-eaters (at least four) flew over, and landed briefly in the trees at around 11:30am. My first for the season, poor photo attached.
Christine D 1/10 #220008

September 2014
Tue 23White-winged Triller
Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve--Campbell Park
A single male White winged Triller. The first I have seen this spring eBird checklist
Roger Williams 23/9 #219873
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