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Birdline ACT is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. Observations interesting to you can also be reported, but please provide justification. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. Good birding and thanks for contributing to Birdline ACT! You can follow Birdline ACT on the web, RSS and Twitter. We encourage you to register and enter full lists of the species you see at

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Moderators' Note

Silver Gull Project Mark Carey is researching the seasonal movements and urbanisation of Silver Gulls in south-eastern Australia. He has a number of colour-banded Silver Gulls around Lake Burley Griffin. Please report all sightings of gulls with alphanumeric bands to or Twitter @silvergullproj

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December 2014
Sat 20highlightCaspian Tern
Lake Burley Griffin--Central Basin
Two Caspian Terns flew east along the north shore of the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin at 12.25 pm.
Martin Edvardsson 20/12 #221412
Fri 19Little Corella
Hannah Community park (Fadden)
Roosting Site for Corellas. Number coming to roosted had grown to about 115 or more around 8:15pm on 19/12. View video here: eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 21/12 #221426
Australian White Ibis
Waramanga ACT
About 7.45 pm, a flock of white ibis circled over a timbered reserve immediately behind our residence, then settled for about 20 minutes in an old yellow box E. melliodora, amidst a roost of noisy sulphur crested cockatoos. 25 counted. At about 8.10 pm 22 departed in a north-easterly direction leaving a small number behind. First ever sighting of this bird in 15+ years residence in this Weston area suburb. By contrast, Straw necked ibis occasionally seen foraging on nearby grassed school yards and other open grassy areas, usually in cooler months.
Doug Laing 19/12 #221399
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Bibaringa, Cotter Rd (restricted access)
At 0815 this morning I was alerted by the unmistakable raucous call of a Channel-billed Cuckoo. I then observed the bird flying southeast towards Chapman. eBird checklist
Alastair Smith 19/12 #221391
Fri 12Powerful Owl
Turner Bowling Club
Very large Ninox owl with orange irides, dark eye patches and prominent grey chevrons on pale underparts. Yellow feet and barred undertail. Roosting in the customary large Quercus pallustris at the Bowling Club.
PJ Milburn 12/12 #221308
Tue 9Superb Parrot
Jamison Oval (Macquarie)
About 0640hrs, found a flock of approximately 60-80 Superb Parrots (adults, dependent young & half-coloured birds) feeding on the Jamison Oval and in the gutters of the Jamison Shops car park too. As I drove through there each other morning this week, I could hear the Superbs, but didn't seem to be as many as on Tuesday. I realise Superb sightings are becoming much more common in the ACT in recent years, but I've never seen a flock this size before.
Adam FitzGerald 12/12 #221312
Sat 6highlightCaspian Tern
Fyshwick Sewage Treatment Plant
Large tern with bright red robust bill, black cap, grey wings, white below. Standing in very shallow water of pond by Dairy Flat Rd at 2.00 pm. As i was driving away at 3.45 i saw it flying across toward Kellys Swamp. eBird checklist
Kim Larmour 6/12 #221197

November 2014
Sat 29Powerful Owl
Turner bowls club
Powerful Owl still present a short time ago (~5pm), sitting tight and allowing nice views. Aware and interested in the observers below.
Julian Teh, Matthew Mullaney 29/11 #221075
highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo
Duffy St, Ainslie, adjacent to Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve
1120 hrs. Heard and then seen from about 15 metres away, A grey looking cuckoo with a dark stripe through the eye and buffish underparts, Undertail neatly patterned in dark grey and white with no sign of rufous. Call fairly similar to Horsfield;s Bronze-Cuckoo but slower and a bit deeper. Was in a tree in a neighbour's garden, then flew off in the direction of the nature reserve. Relevant section of the reserve is between Foveaux St and Fisher St entrances, off Duffy St.
Steve Holliday 29/11 #221071
Thu 27highlightPowerful Owl
Turner Bowling Club
At Haig Park next to Canberra North Bowling Club on McCaughy St. Well hidden in high oak tree. Found by Terry Munro from pellets on path. Poor digiscoped iPhoto attached. eBird checklist
Alastair Smith 27/11 #221049
Mon 24Australian Koel
Gore St, Higgins
This morning I was delighted to see that the local Koel, who has been calling for a few months now, has found a mate. The two were in my cherry tree and harvesting the berries. The local sparrows were all a twitter, literally.
Louise Armstrong 24/11 #221002
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