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Birdline ACT is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. Observations interesting to you can also be reported, but please provide justification. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. Good birding and thanks for contributing to Birdline ACT! You can follow Birdline ACT on the web, RSS and Twitter. We encourage you to register and enter full lists of the species you see at

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Moderators' Note

Silver Gull Project Mark Carey is researching the seasonal movements and urbanisation of Silver Gulls in south-eastern Australia. He has a number of colour-banded Silver Gulls around Lake Burley Griffin. Please report all sightings of gulls with alphanumeric bands to or Twitter @silvergullproj

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January 2015
Sun 25Nankeen Night Heron
Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve
From Ardea hide, bird hunting in grass towards southern end of the swamp. Rather unusual at this time of day. eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 25/1 #221940
Sat 24Superb Parrot
Australian Institute of Sport (Bruce)
A group of 40-50 Superb Parrots feeding on the grass out the front of the stadium late on Saturday afternoon. At least 6 adult males in the group but most seemed to be females and juveniles. [Moderator's note: This is a known hotspot for this species but 40-50 is an above average number. FA]
Martin Stokes 26/1 #221980
Fri 23Black-winged Stilt
Point Hut Rd dam (Gordon)
Four Black-winged Stilts were seen at 9:43 this morning, on a small dam near to the Crossing. There was some noisy and aggressive interaction among the birds. Poor photo attached. eBird checklist
Christine D 23/1 #221912
Black Falcon
Brindabella National Park--Two Sticks Rd
Black Falcon flying over open country near the intersection of Two Sticks Road and Mountain Creek Road. Also a Wonga Pigeon seen near the intersection of Two Sticks Road and Blue Range Road
Leo Berzins 23/1 #221911
Tue 20Wonga Pigeon
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve--Lyrebird Trail
There may be 2 birds, I saw a single bird twice on the lyrebird track - I cant be sure that they weren't the same bird.
Roger Williams 20/1 #221876
Wed 14Brush Cuckoo
Gigerline Nature Reserve
Begging Fledgling fed by Male Leaden Flycatcher. Breeding rarely reported in this area. eBird checklist Further information
Martin Butterfield 14/1 #221797
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet, Rainbow Lorikeet
Riordan St Park (Fadden)
At 0700 on 12/1/15, saw an all green parrot, red beak, yellow "scales" on breast and neck, yellow-green underside of tail feathers. Several centimetres smaller than the Rainbow Lorikeet, which it spent all its time with up in the Eucs. Was there together with the Rainbow Lorikeet for an hour grooming each other and inspecting a hollow. Stayed in low branches in easy viewing for 1hr+. On 13/1/15 at 0725, saw the Scaly-breasted again, this time with a flock of 8 Rainbow Lorikeets, which was a surprise as I hadn't ever seen more than 3 Rainbow Lorikeets at once anywhere in the ACT. Can add that the Scaly-breasted has red, orange, and green under the wings. They dispersed in different directions in groups of 2-3 when a pigeon landed in their midst and started to display. The Scaly-breasted left with one Rainbow Lorikeet, presumably the same one as yesterday. I relocated them again later, grooming themselves right beside each other. Scaly-breasted still there this morning (14/1/15) at 0645 with the Rainbow Lorikeet. Higher up today, so harder to see.
Ryu Callaway 14/1 #221782
Tue 6Pacific Swift
Woodstock Nature Reserve
As I was walking back up the hill, 2 pacific swifts flew about 20 m above my head in an easterly direction. Elongated black swifts with long forked tail, pale chin and white rump. Silent. eBird checklist
Viv Rolland 6/1 #221656
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