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Birdline ACT is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage. Observations interesting to you can also be reported, but please provide justification. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators. Good birding and thanks for contributing to Birdline ACT! You can follow Birdline ACT on the web, RSS and Twitter. We encourage you to register and enter full lists of the species you see at

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Moderators' Note

Silver Gull Project Mark Carey is researching the seasonal movements and urbanisation of Silver Gulls in south-eastern Australia. He has a number of colour-banded Silver Gulls around Lake Burley Griffin. Please report all sightings of gulls with alphanumeric bands to or Twitter @silvergullproj

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July 2015
Sun 5White-necked Heron
Dam, Monaro Horse Paddock Agistment
Clear view from the Monaro Highway feeding in the dam. Clear white head, neck and breast with black wings. Seen in local dams during summer, but have not seen them in winter before. eBird checklist
Liam Manderson 5/7 #223810
Thu 2Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Fadden Primary School
Sitting blossoming tree with Rainbow lorikeet near the shade sails. Yellow cresents on breast . Green body head and tail. After about a minute of viewing flew off with Rainbow lorikeet clearly viewed orange- red underwing. eBird checklist
Liam Manderson and Mia Callaway 2/7 #223779

June 2015
Tue 30Hooded Robin
The start of Apollo Road (intersection with Naas Road)
A pair of Hooded Robin seen, initially the male sitting on fence line (see ID photo by John Bundock), then the pair flew across the road and perched in a dead tree. They then flew onward with a number of other robins including several Flame Robins. eBird checklist
Peter Valentine and John Bundock 1/7 #223769
Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Barton Highway
Small dam on right of the hwy not long after leaving Canberra. A single Yellow-billed Spoonbill standing on edge of dam at about 2.45pm Tuesday 30th.
Sandra Henderson 30/6 #223756
Sun 28Pied Currawong (83)
Mildura Street, Fyshwick
At 11:46am, a SINGLE loud flock of 83 Pied Currawongs flew over Mildura Street, Fyshwick, heading northwest. Observed from the southern end of Jerrabomberra Wetlands alongside Jerrabomberra Creek, where I saw the whole flock rise up not too far to the south of where I was standing. eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 29/6 #223752
White-fronted Chat
National Arboretum
Stopped to see many pipits! Ended up seeing many Chats as well. Total of 30 flew up when disturbed at 4pm along River Rd.
Richard Allen 29/6 #223748
Australian Pipit
National Arboretum
Unusual to see this many (group of 16). Feeding as loose flock on slope beside River Rd
Richard Allen 29/6 #223747
Sat 27Spotless Crake
Fadden Hills Pond
2 Spotless Crakes foraging in about 0 degrees Celsius at 7:45am. First record since early-April this year that I am aware of. eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 27/6 #223715
Thu 25Double-barred Finch
Arawang Homestead via Hake St Kambah (Private property)
About 30. Rarely seen here and never before in a flock of this size
Ross Bennett 25/6 #223703
Sun 14White-fronted Chat
National Arboretum
A pair was seen about 200m along River Rd (the dirt track running south from the main circuit parallel to the Tuggeranong Parkway). The male stopped in a tree and allowed a good view before flying away.
David Marshall 14/6 #223606
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