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Birdline NT is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Northern Territory is supported by Birdlife Australia and moderated by Christopher Watson, Kirri Hardy, Mick Jerram and Tim Dolby. Register for weekly email notifications.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2014
Fri 10Bourkes Parrots
Kunoth Bore
24 Bourkes Parrots were counted coming into drink late dusk, most birds arriving near dark. Possibly more, calls heard but to dark to count. A Spotted Nightjar also came to drink 3 times.
Steve Roderick 10/10 #220189
Wed 8highlightGrey Honeyeater
4.4kms west of Ochre pits West Mac Ranges
Single bird feeding and calling in Mulga.
Steve Roderick 9/10 #220174
Mon 6White-fronted Honeyeater
Alice Springs Desert Park
Several birds feeding on flowering grevillea in the sand country habitat this morning. Pied and Black Honeyeaters also observed in this location in recent days.
Pete Nunn 6/10 #220108
Sun 5highlightPainted Honeyeater
Threeways Roadhouse
Report on behalf of John Pearson vie eBird: "turned up at water hole with Grey-headed Honeyeaters". eBird checklist
Chris Watson per John Pearson 10/10 #220177
Sat 4highlightWhite-browed Treecreeper
Owen Springs Conservation Reserve
Single bird seen and photographed at side of the road, low on the trunk of a mulga tree, climbing up right hand branch then jumped into the lighter left hand branch before flying off across the road. Did not hear it calling. eBird checklist Further information
Richard Waring, Moses Waring 5/10 #220080
Fri 3Bourke's Parrot
Kunoth Bore
Single bird flew down to dam about 5:30 pm, then no more until 6:45 pm when a small flock of 10 arrived eBird checklist Further information
Richard Waring, Moses Waring 5/10 #220082
Thu 2highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Alice Springs Waste Stabilisation Ponds
Single bird foraging alone in EP7c.
Pete Nunn 6/10 #220111
Wed 1highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Nyirripi, Northern Territory
Lone bird seen swooping low over treetops then circled above trees just south of Nyirripi Community, near the tip eBird checklist
Richard Waring 1/10 #220009

September 2014
Tue 30highlightLittle Curlew
Alice Springs Waste Stabilisation Ponds
Following up on a report of an unidentified wader which seemed to fit the description of a Little Curlew, Anthony Molyneux and I were able to positively identify the bird as a Little Curlew. The lone bird was hanging on or near the central grassed area.
Peter Nunn 1/10 #219999
Mon 29Dollarbird; Common Koel
Berrimah Rd and Darwin River Dam
Dollarbird on wires on Berrimah Rd between Stuart Highway and Tiger Brennan yesterday 28/09 at about 4pm. Also heard and eventually saw at a distance, a male Common Koel at Darwin River Dam on 25/09 about 8am. First sightings of both for the season.
Robert Burgoyne 29/9 #219971
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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