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The purpose of Birdline Australia is to publish records of national interest, and to provide a site to post reports for regions not otherwise covered by a birdline or similar service.

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The Fairy Tern Monitoring Group has asked that is anyone is aware of nesting Fairy Tern (i.e. a colony hidden away on a sandbank somewhere) to contact Chris Chandler, email

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July 2014
Tue 22Gouldian Finch
Miniata Park (restricted access), Northern Territory
Often I have bad phone reception and have to walk into my front yard to have a conversation! Whilst on a business call today I looked straight up at a beautiful Male Red-faced-Morph Gouldian Finch!! There was a duller female flittering around also. A nice distraction from Work Miniata is on the boundary of Nitmiluk Park eBird checklist Further information
Mick Jerram 22/7 #218795
Sat 12Ostrich
Near Clayton Station, Birdsville Track
An ostrich seen running along the roadside on the way to and from Birdsville.
Karen McMahon and Jennifer Gleeson 13/7 #218651
highlightNoisy Pitta
Bermagui Boardwalk
At least two Noisy Pittas were seen at Bermagui on the NSW far south coast, the second bird (not photographed) did not have blue on the wing, but there appeared to be more than two birds. The boardwalk at end of Wallaga Street, Wallaga Lake. Walk to end of boardwalk then just past little hut you will come to shaded bush area along path where we found the pittas [Moderators' notes: This represents Australia's most southerly record for this species (TD). To get more than one vagrant Noisy Pitta is extraordinary (AKM). The records of the Eurobodalla Natural History Society show that the first record of this species in the area was of a juvenile in 2002 at nearby Akolele (Julie Morgan, Recorder, ENHS)] Further information
Chris Hemmingsen 12/7 #218633
Tue 8megamegaYellow Bittern
North Lakes SE Queensland
Still present this morning. Paul Walbridge & Brian Russell found a female Ixobrychus Bittern on Sunday which was far more prone to fly around and its call was different to another Australian Little Bittern present. Photos were sent down south for analysis and the immediate response was that it was probably a Yellow Bittern; this has since been confirmed by J.Davies, D.Rogers & M.Carter and an expert based in Asia. Paul will now write up and submit the record as the first live mainland sighting. Paul will give out further details. Contact him on: The particular lake is in a rather peaceful section of the complex and we expect visiting birders to show respect for the local residents e.g. with Parking. The streets are rather narrow and won't stand up to large numbers of extra vehicles. Also one would expect observers to keep to the footpaths and observe the birds from a respectful distance. Can the local 'Photographers' please respect all the birds present, stay on the path and not disturb the area, and refrain from cutting vegetation down to get good shots.
Rob Morris & Andrew Jensen 8/7 #218571

June 2014
Sun 29highlightKerguelen Petrel (3)
Point Lonsdale
All came from the east & flew west. 1 individual seen 1.22 PM, then 1 just prior to 2 PM, then 2 together around 2 PM (combined these, so=2), 1 seen later coming from east, all birds heading west. Possibly 5 all together, but conservatively some of these birds could have been the same, so 3 birds definitely seen. A mostly all dark petrel, wings heavily cocked forward, often seen soaring very bouyantly, sometimes very high. Greyish-looking all over, with dark grey contrasting hood, white forehead seen briefly on a few occasions. Upperwing dark with greyish tone. Underparts mid-grey, contrasting with hood, much paler. Underwing: narrow white leading edge between carpal and body seen a few times; central part of wing blackish & contrasted heavily with leading edge & paler grey bases of primaries & secondaries. Tail longish, when fanned had a rounded tip. Birds seen between 400-1000 metres. Poor photo attached
Kevin Bartram 29/6 #218432
Australian Bustard
Group of 10 birds seen in field from road north of Yanac. Good to see reasonable numbers still possible in Vic.
Scott Baker, James Mustafa 29/6 #218427
Fri 27highlightPossible intermediate morph Red-footed Booby
Point Lonsdale lighthouse
Just a heads-up for anyone out birding along the Bellarine and Surf coast this weekend, at around 11:40 I observed what was possibly an intermediate morph Red-footed Booby, off the lighthouse. Even though a fair way out, it was smaller and rangier than the nearby Aus Gannets, had a pale head and pale rounded-looking tail, even brown upperwing, and paler underwing covert bar on otherwise dark underwing. I couldn't see leg color. Flew from east to west, too far out for conclusive ID, but not an immature Aus. Gannet.
Steve Davidson 27/6 #218393
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