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June 2016
Tue 14Regent Honeyeater
Soccer fields, Dirah St, Lake Cathie
Between 2pm and 3pm sighted TWO birds in the area. Two people present were both observing different birds at the same time at one point. I verified by sighting both birds and both were regent HE. Multiple photographs taken as birds were perching on low branches unobscured. No bands visible on any photographs. unable to determine if photos are of different birds or just the one.
Kenneth John Sheather 15/6 #227782
Sat 11Eastern Grass Owl, Barking Owl and King Quail
Partridge Creek Port Macquarie
We went late afternoon to the swamp to find the Grass Owls. We flushed several small quail at the edge of the swamp and later had great views of male and female King Quail walking through the burnt stubble. As dusk fell a Barking Owl started calling from the nearby woodland and called for 30 minutes or so before moving to another location where it continued to call. We did not see this bird. Around 17.30 two white flying shapes appeared from across the swamp and flew towards us and over and around us for perhaps 10 minutes. We had fantastic views of these two male Eastern Grass Owls. Just to finish off the day a Barn Owl was seen nearby, a three owl night
Peter West, Sue Proust, Louise Earnshaw, Clive Meadows, Tony Bischoff 12/6 #227755
Fri 10highlightGreat Frigatebird
Olivers Hill Frankston
At approximately 900 hrs a single Great Frigatebird was observed at close range gliding in updraft off Olivers Hill (over Nepean Highway) Frankston. Bird observed for approximately 5 mins before moving south along coast of Port Philip Bay. Video and photographs taken.
Cameron Colson 10/6 #227734
Thu 9highlightLesser and Great Frigatebird
St Helens Point Conservation Area--Burns Bay, Tasmania
At approximately 1620 on Thursday 9th June 2016, 1 Great Frigatebird observed flying in a southerly direction from Blanche Beach towards Beerbarrel Beach.Then at 1635 an additional 4 frigatebirds (3 Great (male and females (adult and immature) and 1 Lesser male) gliding on the hill above the Burns Bay car park. 5 birds in total. As the sun set, 4 birds flew in a northerly directions towards Dora Point, whilst 1 flew to the south west.(Photos Ian May) eBird checklist
Liz Znidersic and Ian May 10/6 #227733
highlightGreat Frigatebird
Lady Barron Flinders Is
One Great Frigatebird at Lady Barron Cattle yard at wharf. Observed at 15:30 hovering overhead 20m above ground before flying off. No photo taken. eBird checklist
Garth Smith per Bruce Robertson per Els Wakefield 9/6 #227731
Wed 8Franklin's Gull
Port Denison, Western Australia
Single bird in breeding plumage hanging out with terns and sea gulls. Location - near old jetty ruins in marina at Port Denison. Seemed to have a sore foot.
Bill Belson 9/6 #227726
Wed 1highlightSooty Tern
Clarke Island, Bass Strait
Bird collected and photographed by Jay-de McDonald on Clarke Island in Bass Strait. Photos are on phone but have looked on the internet and sure this is the species. [Moderator's note: this record is entirely feasible considering the recent weather conditions and arrival of other tropical species in Tasmania. PB]
Jay-de McDonald 9/6 #227727
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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