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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

March 2015
Mon 2highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island, Sydney Harbour National Park
Bird relocated today at 11:15 feeding on the NW corner of the island. Appears to be slowly moving counterclockwise feeding along the shoreline. Still present from midday next to the jetty. Numerous photos obtained, will write up a BARC submission soon. Ferry access through Captain Cook Cruises, $20 return departing Circular Quay 10:30, 12:05, 1:30, 2:15.
Joshua Bergmark, Nathan Ruser, Henry Coleman, Carol Abbott, Peter Abbott 2/3 #222396
Sun 1highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island (North), Sydney Harbour
Single bird around lunchtime. Observer wishes to remain anonymous, photos exist but will not be posted here for copyright reasons.
per. Joshua Bergmark 1/3 #222393

February 2015
Wed 25possible Kamchatka Leaf (Phylloscopus) Warbler
Werri Beach, Gerringong
Received an email forwarded from a British birder who reported a Kamchatka Warbler at the above site. The information provided reads: "Had it calling and sounded spot on the recording. The bird was in the scrub/small trees north of fish and chip shop". This sighting is being posted in the hope that someone can follow it up. Any Phylloscopus Warbler in that location would be a mega.
Ashwin Rudder for Kester (surname not given) 26/2 #222361
highlightBlack-headed Gull
Refinery Spit, Nhulunbuy, NT
Following up on Karen Rose and Chris Wiley's observations of the Black-headed Gull. Bird still present and relatively relaxed and approachable, after Northern onslaught of bad weather. First seen on wharf (South eastern side of spit) and then on beach a short time after. Tide was relatively high and it was about 5:30PM
Mick Jerram 25/2 #222350
Sat 21highlightLight-mantled Sooty Albatross
Bremer Canyon
Sighted by Keith Lightbody (official trip photographer) whilst on the Bremer Canyon Killer Whale tour run by Naturaliste Charters. Excellent views were had when the bird landed twice on the water behind the boat. First record for WA pelagic though recorded semi-regularly as beach-wash. Photo by Keith Lightbody
Keith Lightbody via Plaxy Barratt 26/2 #222352
Wed 18highlightPeregrine Falcon (Northern)
Barren Box Storage, Griffith
Whilst visiting Barren Box storage this morning, Keith Hutton and David Webb came across another Northern Peregrine Falcon, possibly an adult male calidus. Views were not great and unfortunately they had no camera but will try to borrow a camera and go back for some pics. [Moderator's Note: F. p. calidus breeds in the Arctic tundra of Eurasia, travelling south in winter as far as South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. This follows a sighting from 2010 by the same observers (at the same time of year at the same site), reported on Birding Aus last year as follows. JB] Further information
Keith Hutton and David Webb per. Mike Carter 18/2 #222287
Tue 17highlightBarau's Petrel
Bremer Canyon
Sighted and photographed by Keith Lightbody and Georgina Steytler on the Bremer Canyon Killer Whale tour run by Naturaliste Charters. Photo courtesy of Keith Lightbody
Keith Lightbody via Plaxy Barratt 26/2 #222351
Mon 16Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
Castaways Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Beach-washed specimen located 300m south of Burgess Creek. Scarce records for Qld, very unexpected in summer months. Thanks to Greg Roberts and colleagues for assistance in confirming the identification.
Luke Bennett 17/2 #222277
Thu 12highlightNight Parrot (possible)
Kiama Creek, NT
"Driving West on the Barkly Highway near Kiama Creek, at approximately 07.00 hrs N.T. time with sun rising behind me, I saw, what at first I identified as a Ground Parrot scuttle out of thick 30cm high growth on the edge of the bitumen, stopping 40 cm onto bitumen. I was able to swerve onto centre of road avoiding the parrot. It is only now as I log my sighting that I realise that there is every chance that I saw a Night Parrot Pezoporus Occidentalis. Sighting was perfectly clear, brightly lit by full morning light." [moderator's note: this is published here as a possible sighting in the hope that other birders travelling in the area may be able to spend some time in the area looking and listening. CW]
Stephen McKenna per Chris Watson 13/2 #222218
Wed 11highlightBlack-headed Gull
Nhulunbuy Spit at refinery, Northern Territory
At low tide this morning (11 Feb 2015), I had very good views of the Black-headed Gull at the spit amongst Silver Gulls, Crested & Lesser Crested Terns, Black-naped Terns, Common & Little Terns. I first spotted the Gull, at low tide, late afternoon on 9 Feb 2015 with only a very brief look at the spit before it flew up onto the Refinery's Export Conveyor in the distance. The photo's taken were with my iPhone manually held onto my spotting scope. I have a lot more photos if you require more. eBird checklist
Karen Rose 11/2 #222196
Sun 8highlightOriental Pratincole
Norfolk Island Airfield
Three Oriental Pratincoles were seen on the southern end of the older runway amongst about 400 Pacific Golden Plovers. The large white rump area initially got our attention and the plainer olive-brown of the wings and back differentiated them from the PGPs. The chestnut underwing helped make the positive identification. They were seen the following day as well and reported to local birders.
Brian & Meg Johnson 11/2 #222201
highlightWhite-rumped Sandpiper
Lake Wollumboola, New South Wales
Still there looking pretty!
Lorand Szucs 8/2 #222170
Sat 7highlightCrested Honey Buzzard
Scenic Drive Park, Lake Joondalup, Western Australia
Both birds seen well and repeatedly. In the morning at the site north of the rec centre, then in the afternoon circling overhead and cruising past approx. every half hour at the end of the appropriately named Mega street. Last observed at about 4.30pm.
Joy Tansey, Jen Spry, Chris Doughty, Barb williams, Helen O'Donnell, Mel Mitchell 9/2 #222177
Tue 3highlightBlack-headed Gull
Nhulunbuy Spit at refinery, Northern Territory
A small gull was roosting in amongst silver gulls and terns this afternoon on the conveyor (visible from the publicly accessible spit). It was considerably smaller than the silver gulls it was next to (closer to the crested terns in overall size). It had a smaller, more rounded head than the silver gulls. It had a small dark mark behind the ear. Its red bill was shorter and finer than the silver gulls. It's red legs and overall plumage colouration otherwise resembled the silver gulls. I never saw it in flight so can't comment on wing pattern. It was too distant (and windy) for a photo, but I'll return tomorrow morning when conditions should be calmer. (Moderator note: published as a possible sighting here - it would be great to get further confirmation of this ID from photos or any other birders in the area. CW) eBird checklist
Chris Wiley 3/2 #222091
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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