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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

March 2015
Wed 25White-rumped Sandpiper
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet, New South Wales
This bird flew in to where Red-necked Stint and Golden Plover were foraging near the waters edge and around me in the area of very extensive mud flats. I observed the bird for 30 minutes.
Jean Casburn 26/3 #222726
Mon 23highlightRed-rumped Swallow
Lee Point, Northern Territory
This morning there were at least 2 Red-rumped Swallows flying relatively low around Lee Point. Unfortunately the photo was achieved when the birds were higher in the sky.
Luke Paterson 23/3 #222700
Sat 21White-bellied Storm-Petrel with streaks
Lord Howe Island
Photographed north of Lord Howe Island on pelagic trip 9.00 am Saturday 21st March. We had about 12 White bellied storm petrels around the boat on berley trail and this one hung around for a while - black streaking, reminiscent of NZ storm petrel appeared to be only on the flanks of the bird, not the underbelly. [ED: Considered a White-bellied Storm-Petrel based on structure, underwing pattern, extent of streaking restricted to flanks etc which is typical of intermediate White-bellied Storm-Petrels from Lord Howe Island.]
Ian Hutton 22/3 #222669
Thu 19highlightHerald Petrel, ‘Striped Storm-Petrel’, three sulids
Queensland Seamount off SEQ
Highlights were 1 pale morph Herald Petrel (see photograph); 4 ‘Striped’ Storm-petrels, 2 Black Petrels; 1 juv. Australasian Gannet; 4 Red-footed Boobies; 1 Brown Booby and 3 Black Noddies. In addition we saw Wedge-tailed, Flesh-footed and 2 Hutton's Shearwaters, Tahiti, Kermadec, Grey-faced, Gould's and White-necked Petrels, Sooty Terns and Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphins. For more photographs click link. Further information
Nikolas Haass & Raja Stephenson and everyone else on Paul Walbridge's SEQ Seamount Pelagic 28/3 #222741
Wed 18highlight‘Striped Storm-Petrel’, White-bellied Storm-Petrel, Collared Petrel, Long-tailed Jaeger
Britannia Seamount off far northern New South Wales
Highlights were 1 ‘Striped’ and 3 White-bellied Storm-petrels (see photograph), 5 Antipodean/Gibson’s Albatross (one with an off-white DARVIC band with the code ‘014’ on its left leg), 1 Red-footed Booby, 1 Long-tailed Jaeger and 3 White Terns. A Collared Petrel (intermediate morph) was seen by two participants. In addition we saw Wedge-tailed and Flesh-footed Shearwaters, Tahiti, Kermadec, Grey-faced, Providence (2), Gould's and White-necked Petrels, a Pomarine Jaeger, Sooty Terns and Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphins. For more photographs click link. Further information
Nikolas Haass & Raja Stephenson and everyone else on Paul Walbridge's SEQ Seamount Pelagic 28/3 #222740
Sun 15highlightWhite-tailed Tropicbird
Lord Howe Island, New South Wales
Photographed while on day 1 of Birdweek with Ian Hutton's Lord Howe Island Nature Tours. [Moderator's Note: Initially identified and published as a Red-billed Tropicbird, which would be Australia's third record, the consensus is that this is in fact a (probably subadult) White-tailed Tropicbird, as Red-billed would not have 8-9 pure white primaries, and should have a much more obviously barred rump. AR] Further information
Jim Allen 15/3 #222570
Sat 14Red-tailed Tropicbird, White-tailed Tropicbird, White Tern, Buller's Albatrosss
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic, New South Wales
Highlights of an excellent late summer Sydney pelagic were a Red-tailed Tropicbird, two White-tailed Tropicbirds, a White Tern, a Buller's Albatross and an unidentified fregetta storm petrel. Also a Long-tailed Jaeger, five Shy Albatross, an Antipodean (gibsoni) Albatross and three Black-browed Albatross.
Roger McGovern and all on board the MV Explorer 15/3 #222556
Thu 12Franklin's Gull
Buffalo Creek Shore, Northern Territory
With gulls and waders on the beach with incoming tide early morning eBird checklist Further information
Jane and James Robinson 14/3 #222544
Wed 11highlightMalayan Night Heron
Cocos Keeling Island West Island
Last seen 27 Jan 2015 at the start of beacon heights road . Now sighted four mornings in a row at the end of beacon heights road.
Geof Christie 11/3 #222518
Sat 7Regent Honeyeater
Marlo, Victoria
An adult Regent Honeyeater made a brief appearance at our birdbath this evening giving every indication that it is the same bird we had observed previously this year. (21/2)
Len and Jacquie Axen 8/3 #222470
highlightWhite-cheeked Honeyeater
Raymond Island, Gippsland Lakes
Single bird seen in company of 4-6 New Holland Honeyeaters in garden from about 8.30-9.00 am. Photo: Varo Dhamarajah.
Varo Dhamarajah & Ron Mackenzie, per Chris Healey (BirdLife East Gippsland) 7/3 #222453
Mon 2highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island, Sydney Harbour National Park
Bird relocated today at 11:15 feeding on the NW corner of the island. Appears to be slowly moving counterclockwise feeding along the shoreline. Still present from midday next to the jetty. Numerous photos obtained, will write up a BARC submission soon. Ferry access through Captain Cook Cruises, $20 return departing Circular Quay 10:30, 12:05, 1:30, 2:15.
Joshua Bergmark, Nathan Ruser, Henry Coleman, Carol Abbott, Peter Abbott 2/3 #222396
Sun 1highlightLesser Frigatebird
Mueller River, Point Hicks, Croajingolong NP East Gippsland Vic
A lone Lesser Frigatebird flying east to west along the coast probably a female at Point Hicks. The frigatebird was first sighted close to the beach at Mueller River and later on the same day further out to sea near the Point Hicks lighthouse. Exciting and good to see this bird outside its normal distribution range.
Peter McDonald 16/3 #222576
highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island (North), Sydney Harbour
Single bird around lunchtime on the northern side of the island, identified through Facebook.
Biggles Csolander per. Joshua Bergmark 1/3 #222393
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
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