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The purpose of Birdline Australia is to publish records of national interest, and to provide a site to post reports for regions not otherwise covered by a birdline or similar service.

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The Fairy Tern Monitoring Group has asked that is anyone is aware of nesting Fairy Tern (i.e. a colony hidden away on a sandbank somewhere) to contact Chris Chandler, email

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December 2014
Sun 14highlightSouth Island Oystercatcher
Lord Howe Island Airport, New South Wales
I observed and photographed the SIPO feeding and flying between the airport and the nearby Mosely's swamp on Sunday the 14th and Friday the 12th this past week. I was unable to find any Pectoral Sandpipers during this past week on Lord Howe Is.
Jon Spicer-Bell 14/12 #221336
Tue 9Red-footed booby
Great Barrier Reef--Michaelmas Cay, Queensland
2 birds seen perched on rails of moored boat close to where the tour boats arrive. Able to get within a few metres of them - feet quite pink.
Janet chapman 9/12 #221275
Mon 8highlightRed-throated Pipit
Lake Eda (Roebuck Plains Station), Western Australia
The pipit had a creamy-white throat and malar stripe and was heavily streaked from the chest down to the belly and with some streaking down the flanks. Dark on the back and lack of primary projection. Access permission for the site is required.
Maarten Hulzebosch, Amanda Lilleyman, Arthur Keates, Peter Crighton 8/12 #221254
highlightHouse Crow
St Kilda Rd (opposite Shrine of rememberance)
Reported and photographed on powerlines along St Kilda Rd opposite the Shrine of Remembrance this morning. Also reported along Park Street recently by James Mustafa and Tim Bawden in the early afternoon.
George Matthias via Victorian Twitchers facebook page 8/12 #221245
Wed 3Chinese Pond Heron
Cocos Keeling Islands South of Home Island
Half an hour walk through knee deep tropical water at low tide has found the Pond heron Six out of seven times since May 2014
Geof Christie 3/12 #221154
Tue 2Australian Brush-turkey (Cape York race 'purpureicollis')
Mt Lewis, FNQ
A single adult bird of Cape York race seen very well & closely with photographic evidence seen not too far from the top clearing - it had a pure purple/white collar with absolutely no hint of yellow on it. This I believe represents the most southerly record of this race by a fair distance.
Martin Cachard & Judy Leitch 3/12 #221145
highlightGrey Wagtail
Charles Darwin University Campus Casuarina Darwin
In very shallow watercourse eBird checklist
Angela Marles 2/12 #221131

November 2014
Sun 30highlightHodgson's Hawk Cuckoo
Cocos Keeling Islands Home island
Seen on a bare branch drying it's feathers out while we tried to photo the Blue and White Fly Catcher.
Geof Christie and John Weigel 2/12 #221126
highlightBlue and White Flycatcher
Cocos Keeling Islands, Home Island
Feeding in a caterpillar laden tree.overhanging the public boat ramp. Photographed early morning, midday and late afternoon. Hodgson's Hawk Cuckoo and a possible Oriental Cuckoo.seen in the same tree early morning.
Geof Christie and John Wiegle 2/12 #221125
Fri 28Chinese Sparrow Hawk
Cocos Keeling Islands West Island
Seen at Bechat Besar , a swampy fresh water lake . Spotted while sitting at Birdies Beach.
Geof Christie 3/12 #221160
highlightPechora Pipit, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Tiger Shrike, Japanese SH, Red-billed TB
Ashmore Reef & Browse Island
~2 week survey, Browse Basin, off Kimberley coast. (Pechora Pipit) 1 immature bird was present at Ashmore for the duration of the visit. (Asian Brown Flycatcher) 1 present at Ashmore for 3 days. (Tiger Shrike) juvenile on Browse Island was the 2nd record for this island and WA. (Oriental Reed Warbler) 3 individuals at Ashmore. 4th reed warbler at Ashmore believed to be an Australian Reed Warbler (Japanese Sparrowhawk) 1 immature at Ashmore for 4 days. It was seen consuming an Oriental Cuckoo, Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo & Sacred Kingfisher on different days (Red-billed Tropicbird) 1 Ashmore on one morning. Nearest breeding population of this species is in the Persian Gulf and this individual had wandered far from its normal range (Arctic Warbler) The diagnostic single syllabic contact call of Arctic Warbler was heard from 3 individuals, 2 at Ashmore and 1 at Browse Island. Number of other individuals didn't call, whether Arctic Warbler or Kamchatka Warbler unknown. Based on plumage and behavioural differences there was a minimum of eight Arctic-type warblers at Ashmore and three at Browse Island. (White-breasted Waterhen) 1 moribund bird was found at Ashmore. Noteworthy as it belonged to subspecies *leucomelana,* this is the 3rd record of the species for Ashmore. (Grey Wagtail) 3 Ashmore Reef, 1 Browse Island. (White-throated Needletail) 1 roosted at Ashmore on one night. 1st record for Ashmore and generally rare in the western half of Australia. For birds which were photographed, images can be found at Further information
Rowan Mott & Adrian Boyle et al. 28/11 #221056
Thu 27White-throated Needletail
Mossman, Queensland
Approximately 2000 White-throated Needletail, with approximately 50 Fork-tailed Swift mixed in moving in a westerly direction seen over Mossman. This is my first sighting of such a large flock this season. The flock stretched out of sight to the south and the north as the moved in a westerly direction so the estimate of 2000 birds is on the conservative side. eBird checklist
Doug Herrington 27/11 #221052
Sun 23highlightWhite-cheeked Honeyeater (2), Black Bittern (1)
Croajingolong National Park, Victoria
Located a pair of White-cheeked Honeyeaters along the road that passes the boardwalk in Howe Flat in Croajingolong National Park. About 100 metres down the track past the boardwalk, we heard an unusual call which we pssshted in. Single bird shot across path noticeably larger than New Holland Honeyeater. On second view as it flew about we viewed the large white patch on cheek and confirmed White-cheeked Honeyeater. Over the next 20 minutes we struggled to get photos but eventually succeeded and confirmed a pair of birds when seen together flying about the area. Many photos taken and photo of exact spot where birds located also available to interested twitchers. Also of note, single Black Bittern flushed from under bridge outside Mallacoota on the previous day.
James Mustafa & Steve Davidson 23/11 #220986
Sat 22highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop, Victoria
Long-billed Dowitcher observed this morning on the southern shore. eBird checklist
Alastair Smith, Scott Ryan 22/11 #220966
Fri 21highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop, Victoria
Birds still present North side.
Luke Shelley 21/11 #220942
Thu 20highlightKelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)
Seisia near Bamaga, North Queensland
Spotted flying around the wharf at Seisia. It landed on the beach and was photographed there.
David Baume, Master of the cargo vessel Trinity Bay 23/11 #220999
highlightKelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)
Seisia near Bamaga, North Queensland
Spotted flying around the wharf at Seisia. It landed on the beach and was photographed there.
David Baume, Master of the cargo vessel Trinity Bay 23/11 #220998
highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop, Victoria
The bird was seen this morning on the southern shoreline.
Peter and Helga Waanders per Simon Starr 20/11 #220920
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