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July 2015
Sat 4highlightAntarctic Tern, Blue Petrel, Grey Petrel, Antarctic Prion, Slender-billed Prion.
Eaglehawk Neck Pelagic Trip, Tasmania
Extended views of 2 Antarctic Tern, one in non-breeding plumage and one immature bird. There were 3 Blue Petrel, including extended views of one, 1 Grey Petrel, 1 Antarctic Prion and 2 Slender-billed Prion, as well as a good range of expected birds. eBird checklist
Rob Hamilton and 10 others on the Pauletta. 5/7 #223814
Fri 3highlightSwiftlet
Cocos Keeling Islands Home Island
This bird has been hawking around the same large hardwood tree in front of the shop for 5 days now. We also had a similar species swiftlet on Home Island this time last year.
Geof 4/7 #223798

June 2015
Tue 30Red Goshawk
Gunlom 10' Cell, Northern Territory
Lone bird swooped low over canopy, perched behind foliage in large tree about half way up, then flew out again, circled above me a couple of times then flew south to South Alligator River eBird checklist Further information
Richard Waring 1/7 #223776
Sun 28Leach's Storm-petrel
Offshore--Southport pelagic, Queensland
One more special bird to add to an already excellent trip list! Those of us who got on it noticed its long pointed wings and distinct flight style - quite different from the Wilson's. Also the long upperwing covert bar that reaches the leading edge, the lack of foot projection, the long narrow V shape divided white rump. In the photo can also see the long narrow bill and forked tail. Wing shape - arms are shorter and hands are long and pointed. Angle of wings in flight - arms pushed forward and hands angled back at the carpal joints. Further information
Raja Stephenson, Nikolas Haass, Elliot Leach and others on Paul Walbridge's Southport Pelagic 5/7 #223806
Thu 25highlightForest Kingfisher
Inglis River
Kingfisher seen 200 metres down river from from Bass Highway road bridge. Perched on branch for half an hour before being disturbed by an Australian Hobby.
Frank wilson 25/6 #223695
Sun 14'New Caledonian' type Storm-petrel
Pelagic off Port Stephens (NSW)
Just for the record, the consensus amongst expert opinion on the "New Zealand / New Caledonian type" Storm-petrel from the June 14 Port Stephens pelagic is that it is a "New Caledonian" type (also referred to as "Coral Sea" or "Striped" Storm-petrel). This is predominantly due to the darkness apparent in the underwing coverts, longer-winged / broader "handed" / smaller-headed appearance than a classic NZSP. Alternative image posted here than the original NSW Birdline image (again, taken by Allan Richardson). An interesting winter record for this taxa (first winter record for NSW) on a day otherwise dominated by winter birds such as albatrosses and prions.
Mick Roderick and others on the M.V.Argonaut 29/6 #223738
highlightAntarctic Tern, Salvin's Albatross
At sea off Portland
Amazingly, several Antarctic Terns. We saw at least 3 birds and are still establishing whether there were more in the tern groups that passed through. Also, good views of a Salvin's Albatross.
Chris Lester, Tim Bawden, Paul Dodd and the BirdLife Victoria Portland Pelagic crew 18/6 #223640
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