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April 2015
Sun 19Franklin's Gull
Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin, Northern Territory
Bird flew over Stokes Hill Wharf across the harbour towards East Arm Wharf at 17:10. Presumably the same bird seen at Buffalo Creek in 12-19 March 2015.
Peter Kyne, Micha Jackson & Mark de Kretser 19/4 #223016
Wed 15highlightRegent Honeyeater
Lake Anderson Caravan Park, Chiltern
Single, banded wild bird in heavily flowering ironbark on east side of Lake Anderson, out front of the bowls club. The bird is a male, and was calling regularly this afternoon. It was banded back in November last year in Corowa, NSW, when it had bred and successfully fledged two young. Potential sighting of another bird with it today, but not confirmed yet. eBird checklist
Dean Ingwersen 15/4 #222971
Tue 14highlightGrey Goshawk (grey morph)
4 Fysh street Queenstown
Approximately 4-4:30pm [Moderator's Note - though the species is not a 'Mega', the grey morph probably is!]
Patricia Hodge 15/4 #222969
Wed 8highlightAustralian Painted Snipe
Orient Station, Ingham, Queensland
Painted Snipe male feeding water's edge near road through station today. First listing for site and probable first sighting in 10-15 years anywhere near Ingham. Further information
Tony Ashton 8/4 #222882
Mon 6highlightRegent Honeyeater
Mount Rogers Reserve, Australian Capital Territory
Seen around the lower water tanks at around 8.30 with Wattlebirds for about 30 seconds as it fed in a gum tree. Notes at the time were "Dark head with obvious dark pink/red eyering facila skin; scalloped white on breast with dark/black background; yellowish white underparts"". Moved on with the Wattlebirds in a northerly direction
Peter Christian 9/4 #222894
Thu 2highlightOsprey
Murray River Nangiloc (near Mildura, Rudds Rd)
One Osprey noted from the boat quietly in a tree, an amazing record for this part of the world. A real bonus for Easter camp.
Dan Eyles 2/4 #222815
Wed 1highlightBlack-backed Wagtail (Possible and likely Wagtail sp.)
North Tuncurry
SIGHTING FROM APRIL 1ST: One individual observed in open grassland in the foredunes adjacent to Tuncurry Golf Course. -32.158611, 152.504722. The bird was very approachable (we almost ran over it) before it flew approximately 15 m away. Had distinctive up and down tail motion. [Moderator's Note: Today (15th April) iPhone quality photo received which is non-conclusive although basic impression of the bird looks like a Wagtail sp. SB)
Sue Gould 11/4 #222911

March 2015
Tue 31highlightStubble Quail
McKenna's Road, Gawler, Tasmania
Two Quail seen, but only one bird seen well enough for positive identification. We were in a stationary vehicle on a dirt road watching Flame Robins perched on a fence line. When a quail came to the edge of the grass and then retreated. It was immediately noticeably different from Brown Quail. Pale markings on head with conspicuous off white stripe above and behind red eye, throat pale. General appearance of bird was smaller and paler than the Tas. race of Brown Quail, with strong narrow markings on back wing coverts and sides of chest. A second bird was seen moving through the grass behind the first bird. Road flanked by arable farmland with some grassy paddocks, ploughed fields and crop stubble. Roadsides with rank grass and dry seeded grass supporting large flocks of Starlings, House Sparrows and Goldfinches.
Hazel Britton and Alison Parks 31/3 #222790
Outside normal range
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Unusual habitat
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