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May 2015
Wed 27highlightPrincess Parrot
Gary Junction Road, about 30 kms west of Kintore
Group of 19 Princess Parrots flying westward, to the south of the road, calling in flight eBird checklist Further information
Richard Waring 27/5 #223382
Sun 24highlightRegent Honeyeater
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge, New South Wales
4+ birds among 100's of smaller honeyeaters. [Moderator's Note: This is probably the largest congregation of wild birds recorded nation-wide since spring last year. Follow up observations noting exact numbers and presence/absence of rings would be excellent. JB].
David Hair 26/5 #223376
Sat 23Regent Honeyeater
Lake Cathie, mid North coast
Second morning observing 2 unbanded birds in a flowering gum and other nearby trees and bushland. Quite a thrilling and convenient sighting 20m from home. Hours of observations unperturbed by dogs, Hawks and other Honeyeaters which were sent on their way when trying to share the tree which is owned by the Regents for now. Even Rainbow Lorikeets weren't allowed in. Photos, video and sound recordings of course.
Duncan Fowler, Carmen Ludcke, Madeline Sanders 23/5 #223321
Fri 8highlightRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Marlo township
Have not seen this bird in Marlo before. The dove was chased by a grey bird of prey and smashed into the upstairs window. Probably broke its neck. The bird of prey flew off too quickly to identify.
Reece Carland and Christopher Mcrae 8/5 #223182
Tue 5Regent Honeyeater
Mount White, Central Coast
Two Regent Honeyeaters have been observed on private property at Mount White from 1-5/5/15. The birds have been seen hawking for insects in Peppermint and Grey Gums and taking nectar from some flowering Banksia ericifolias. The site is not accessible, this report is only given as a record of the presence of this rare bird on the Central Coast.
Alan Morris 5/5 #223157
Mon 4Painted Snipe
Orient Station, Ingham, Queensland
Male Painted Snipe on part-flooded track in mangroves beyond end of road through Orient Station, southeast of Ingham, NQld. Presumed same bird seen at side of flooded Orient Station paddock in April. Risk of expensive bogging on the unmapped flooded and tidal tracks. No place for keen but illequipped birdwatchers.
Tony Ashton 4/5 #223152
Fri 1White Goshawk
Pinnaroo, South Australia
Very rare sighting in Pinnaroo area - about 3kms east of town
Donald Burman 11/5 #223216
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