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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

April 2018
Fri 20Eastern Spinebill
Pinecliffe, 10kms SW of Molong
Common enough around Orange but rare here; first sighting for many years.
Bruce Tinsey 20/4 #234190
Australian Owlet Nightjar
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
Entering from the Northern Rd via the North Track. Not far in an Owlet Nightjar flew from the ground to roost on a branch. Then flew to the south. Lat. -33 40' 15.35797 Long. 150 45' 23.51074
Peter Johnston 20/4 #234187
Thu 19Common Noddy
Tacking Point Lighthouse
Common Noddy in a mixed flock feeding in close off Tacking Point this afternoon from 4:45-5:00pm. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 19/4 #234181
Wed 18Barking Owl
Nyngan sheep and cattle sale yard, John Butler Rd, Nyngan
1 bird seen and heard at the cattle yards at 7:45pm.(Moderator's Note: I have seen and heard them at the old weir just upstream of the town. AKM). Further information
Michael Crosland 18/4 #234174
Flame Robin
Purrah Bay, Lake Illawarra
Female chasing a beetle along the path. eBird checklist
Terrill Nordstrom 18/4 #234173
Crested Shrike-tit
Teuts Road, Bundanoon
Three seen stripping bark off a euc branch. Noisy, thought it was a parrot above me.
frederick young 18/4 #234171
highlightSwift Parrot, Little Lorikeet
Terrey Hills
At least one Swift Parrot flew through calling, likely foraging on the intensely flowering Spotted Gums at this site with abundant Little and Musk Lorikeets, Tepko Road, Terrey Hills. eBird checklist
Kurtis Lindsay 18/4 #234169
Tue 17Glossy Black Cockatoo
A flock of about 8 birds flew over Kariong heading towards Woy Woy, and this is a large number for this area, usually only two or three birds are seen.
Peter Forman 18/4 #234165
Providence and Grey-faced Petrel
Mistral Point, Maroubra
One of each Pterodroma, 4 Shy Albatross, 6 Black-browed Albatross, 1 Flesh-footed Shearwater, 2 Short-tailed Shearwater, 1 Hutton’s Shearwater, 3 Fluttering Shearwater and over 60 Wedge-tailed Shearwater seen this afternoon in moderate winds.
David Mitford 17/4 #234163
Australian Hobby
St Benedict's Catholic Church, Broadway
Two (2) Australian Hobby observed flying over St Benedict's Catholic Church, Broadway. For more information please view eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 17/4 #234161
Little Lorikeet
Optus Campus, Macquarie Park
Small flock (6 birds) headed SE over the site approx 7:30am - quite low (just higher than building top). Very small birds with high-pitched, so easily distinguished from the Musk Lorikeets more commonly seen in the area. Further information
Tom Wilson 17/4 #234153
Sun 15Varied sittella and Little lorikeet
Shane's Park, Doonside
3 Varied sittella moving through canopy. A flock of 6 Little lorikeets flew overhead. 2 Rose Robins and a pair of Wedge tailed Eagles also observed. (Moderator's Note: It is obvious from recent sightings that there is an influx of Musk and Little Lorikeets into the Greater Sydney Region including Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong, so we will not be publishing random sightings of either species in these areas unless the observation is really unusual. AKM).
Peter Lockhart 17/4 #234155
highlightInland Dotterel, Blue-winged Parrot
UNSW Arid Zone Research Station, Fowlers Gap
One BW Parrot seen at 7am right in the middle of the living area of the station drinking at a small trough. Nice comparison to the Elegant Parrot seen yesterday, and allowed a very close approach. 9 Inland Dotterels were seen next to pitfall traps on the property around 4km north of the living quarters.
Simon Gorta & UNSW Life in Arid Lands students and staff 16/4 #234142
Spangled Drongo
Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
One, possibly two, Spangled Drongos at Chiltern Trail this morning along with 6 Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters plus all the other usual honeyeaters (including a very handsome male Scarlet). For a change, only a few New Hollands and many Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.
Robert Griffin 15/4 #234140
Fork-tailed swift,Grey-faced Petrel
Royal National Park,Wattamolla
3 Fork-tailed Swifts were seen during a seawatch off Wattamolla circling around the headland also a Grey-faced Petrel flew north along with 6 Black-browed Albatross and 2 Shy Albatross.
Michael Ronan 15/4 #234137
Fork-tailed Swift & Spangled Drongo
Eastlakes golf course
Went out looking for ‘blow-ins’ and got lucky. Two Fork-tailed Swifts struggling to push North, 1 Pacific Heron, 1 young Spangled Drongo, 1 Australasian Shoveler, 2 Golden Whistlers and 1 Eastern Spinebill. Other good birds in the last few days : Southern Boobook, Australasian Pipit, Scarlet Myzomela and White-naped Honeyeater (Nick Giles) Apologies for the photo, too windy is my excuse.
David Mitford 15/4 #234136
Pacific Swift
Windmill Hill, Port Macquarie
Loose flock of 50+ Pacific (Fork-tailed) Swifts over Windmill Hill on dusk. Another similar sized flock over the Shelly Beach area at the same time.
Liam Murphy 15/4 #234135
Black Kite
Belmore Swamp at Seale Rd
One Black Kite flew past in the distance at Belmore swamp, pursued by a Masked Lapwing. I then stopped in at Cairncross tip on my way back to Port Macquarie and had another two circling over the landfill. This follows other unpublished reports of Black Kites in the area in recent weeks - an obvious irruption as this species is rarely seen on the mid-north coast. eBird checklist Further information
Liam Murphy 15/4 #234134
highlightBarred Cuckooshrike
Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park
Following a tip-off I easily located 5 Barred Cuckooshrikes including 2 juvenile birds in the historic cemetery adjacent to Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park, Port Macquarie. They were feeding in fruiting fig trees and flying back and forth from a vantage point at the top of a tall Norfolk Pine. This species has been observed in this park for at least 3 consecutive breeding seasons, and an adult was seen feeding a juvenile in February last year, suggesting that they are now a regular breeding migrant to this site. This probably represents the extreme southern limits of the breeding range for this species(?) eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 15/4 #234132
Fork-tailed Swift
Town Centre, Maitland
Approx 20-25 birds on a wide front heading purposefully northwards into the strong and gusty breeze; approx 8:10 am (Moderator's Note: I wonder if these recent sightings were of the group of FT Swifts reported from Victoria earlier this week? Note that about 25 WTNT were seen at Budgewoi this morning, its late for them too!. AKM)
Tom Wilson 15/4 #234131
Barn Owl
Ulladulla Headland Van Park
Owl pursued by Aus. Magpies, Pied Currawong, Little Wattlebirds, Crimson Rosellas etc. eBird checklist
Chris Brandis 15/4 #234128
Sat 14Pacific Swift, Tree Martin
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
25 birds seen moving slowly to the north, not far above canopy level, during a break in the warm gusty conditions. My first local sighting of this sp in nearly 20 years. Also juv Wonga Pigeon first breeding record of this summer, and a few Tree Martins which are rare visitors here. Koala heard just after sunrise. 2 Rusa Deer in nearby Mill Rd - 4th species of deer locally. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 16/4 #234146
Fork-tailed Swift
Dobroyd Pt Balgowlah NSW.
Saw a flock of 25 to 30 birds fly over from the ocean side heading west. First ever sighting of these birds for me in my 45 years looking at birds in Sydney. Hot windy conditions with north westerlies at 3.45pm. I am very familiar with the WT Needletail and when I saw these I wonder what they were and as they passed over quite low the fork tail and white rump was clearly visible.
Geoff Longford 15/4 #234130
Fork-tailed Swift
Cootamundra Showground, Cootamundra NSW
Noticed 8 birds enjoying the strong wind gusts. I have only lived in Cootamundra for 3 years but this is the first time I have seen any Fork-tiled Swifts here at any time of the year. (Moderator's Note: This is an interesting observation as it is a late report for NSW. AKM) eBird checklist
Donna Nagiello 15/4 #234125
highlightTahiti Petrel, Providence Petrel
South West Rocks Pelagic
Highlights from a pelagic today out of South West Rocks were 2-3 Tahiti Petrels which gave many close passes of the boat for great views. We also had 3 each of Providence and Grey-faced Petrels and up to 10 Wilson's Storm-Petrels feeding in the slick, coming and going throughout the day. Much to our amusement, two Cattle Egrets flew over in deep water beyond the shelf, followed soon after by a White-faced Heron. Both species appeared to have approached from the open ocean to the east. A full report will be written up early next week and published to the Mid North Coast Birders Network Facebook group (see 'further information'). Further information
Liam Murphy and 11 others aboard the "Lauren Maree". 14/4 #234123
highlightElegant Parrot, Black-breasted Buzzard, Australian Bustard
UNSW Arid Zone Research Station, Fowlers Gap
Elegant Parrot and Buzzard both seen this morning at a bore-water supplied dam (-31.099984, 141.709086). The parrot called in flight and was seen well on the ground drinking by this morning's birding group. The call, limited blue on the wings and vibrant yellow-green colouring (versus duller green for BWP) easily ruled out Blue-winged Parrot. Buzzard was an immature bird. Two Aussie Bustards were seen by Frank Hemmings and Jaz Lawes around 4km north of the settlement along the highway (on the 12th). (Moderator's Note: The Elegant Parrot is on Review List of the NSW RAC.AKM)
Simon Gorta & UNSW Life in Arid Lands students and staff 14/4 #234122
Fri 13Little Lorikeet
Terrey Hills
Largest flocks of Little Lorikeet I have ever recorded at Terrey Hills, northern Sydney. Up to 6 in a single flock, many more. Feeding in large, flowering Spotted Gums with abundant Musk, Rainbow and smaller numbers of Scaly-breasted Lorikeet. Tepko Road, Terrey Hills. (Moderator's Note: There is an obvious influx of Musk and Little Lorikeets in coastal/suburban areas in NSW currently. Not sure if this indicates there is a lack of blossom in drier sub-coastal or inland areas- I would be curious to hear from anyone on the western slopes about the blossom situation out there. MR).
Kurtis Lindsay 14/4 #234121
Bogan St, Nyngan
I reported seeing a Dollarbird two weeks ago on the 30/3/2018. Another bird (or possibly the same bird) was seen again in the same location today. A short thunderstorm had just passed through town and the bird was very active, calling loudly while flying overhead. Further information
Michael Crosland 13/4 #234119
Little Eagle
Waratah Rd North, Mangrove Mountain
A pair of Little Eagles was part of a group of 7 raptors of four species inter-acting near a chicken farm at Mangrove Mountain. It is possible that there were some chickens or carrion at the site of an old farm dam.The others were 3 Whistling Kites, a Swamp Harrier and a Nankeen Kestrel. This is only the third report that I am aware of Little Eagles on the Central Coast so far this year, the other two reports were for single birds at other locations in January.
Alan Morris and Allan Benson 13/4 #234118
Wed 11Brown Noddy
Croom, near Albion Park
Reported to Illawarra Birders by the local vet. Seemed to be limping but flew ok when approached. Was seen sitting on a horse!. As it is private property and not well please do not approach. (Moderator's Note: Identification confirmed by photo. AKM)
Illawarra birders 13/4 #234116
highlightPied Honeyeater
Monimail TSR, about halfway between Pretty Pine and Wanganella
Two to three hundred Pied Honeyeaters sighted at sunrise emerging from thick shrubs at the Monimail Revegetaion Area on the TSR between Pretty Pine and Wanganella. Further information
Philip Maher 12/4 #234114
highlightSwift Parrot
Chiltern Trail, Ingleside
5 Swift Parrots flew overhead heading North just before 2pm. Also a huge amount of Honeyeaters. New Holland, White Cheeked, White-naped, Yellow-faced, Lewin's, Brown-headed, Scarlet, Yellow-tufted & Eastern Spinebills
Steve Edwards 11/4 #234113
Little Lorikeet
Sparkes rd Warnervale
2 birds heard and seen,West of railway.11.30 am.
Michael Price 11/4 #234112
Rufous Fantail
Mater Dei Biobank, Cobbitty
Spotted one Rufous Fantail on site. Flying in and out of privet and African olive forest feeding on insects. Bit late for northwards migration.
Sean Grogan 11/4 #234111
Spangled Drongo
Tillabudgery Court Bermagui
New to the observer. Further information
Bob Caves 11/4 #234108
Noisy Pitta
Mt Pleasant Ring Track, Mt Keira
One bird seen this afternoon near the junction of Mt Keira Ring track and Mt pleasant track. This is the second record for the Illawarra region for this species, one bird observed at Mangerton Park over the last three days.
Terrill Nordstrom 11/4 #234106
Barn Owl
A Barn Owl roosting in a densely foliaged tree in the middle of Balmain (corner of Darling and College Street) this afternoon, holding its ground (perch) despite being mobbed by every Noisy Miner in the district.
Robert Griffin 11/4 #234104
Mon 9Spangled Drongo
Ulladulla - One Track For All
A long way south for the Spangled Drongo but not totally unusual except for the event which followed when I first sighted it, which was when a Spangled Drongo landed on a branch and followed quickly by a Kookaburra with a very large stick causing the S/Drongo to move to another branch then the Kookaburra followed closely and with the stick nearly hitting the S/Drongo it forced him to move again, something I have never witnessed before.
Charles Dove 10/4 #234094
DAVID STEPHENS 9/4 #234086
highlightSwift Parrot
Moruya Heads
Nine Swift Parrots flew over the house. Came from the south-east and headed north-west. Clearly visible as they were flying quite low.
Julie Morgan 9/4 #234083
Straw-necked Ibis
Kitchener Park, Mona Vale
A solitary juvenile. This species is only an occasional drop-in on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
David Sawyer 9/4 #234081
Sun 8Rose Robin
Windsor Downs Nature Reserve
A Rose Robin was first heard calling upon arrival at 6:15 am. Later, 2 Rose Robins, 1 adult male and 1 immature bird, where banded during during our bi-monthly bird banding session at Windsor Downs as part of the long running project to monitor bird populations in the western Sydney woodlands. This was a very interesting morning, with some of the summer residents still present (whistlers), some (early) winter visitors showing up (Rose Robins) and a lot of migration happening (pardalotes, honeyeaters), while some nearby blossom attracted Noisy friarbirds and lorrikeets (Rainbow, Musk, Little). Another highlight was banding 4 sub-adult Varied Sittella's, a species occasionally observed at the reserve but never banded here before. For a full checklist of birds banded, see eBird checklist S44353130 and for additional observations, see eBird checklist S44353190. (Moderator's Note: Rose Robins are just starting to be heard calling in the Lower Hunter forests as well. MR) eBird checklist
Vincent Mourik, Tony Hunt, Darryl McKay and all others banders and visitors present. 8/4 #234078
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Royal National Park
At least two Glossy Black-Cockatoo near Jersey Spring area. Glossy Blacks were also present not far from this location on the 29 March. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 8/4 #234069
highlightGlossy Black Cockatoo (breeding), Crested Shrike -tit
East Borambil Station, 20km SE of Condobolin
Site is along the Wallaroi Ck. Owners reported Glossy Blacks here for the first time around three weeks ago.They have not been seen here before. I have been out a few times and found three pairs. The males have been feeding in belah trees near the homestead and this morning I found a female in a nest hollow about 400m away in a redgum tree. My first breeding event of these birds in Lachlan Shire. Also of note were 4 Crested Shrike-tits along creek. Very rare to see them here. (Moderator's Note: In the "Atlas of BIrds in New South Wales and the A.C.T" Vol 2 2016, there are no recent breeding reports for this species in this part of NSW, so yes a rare breeding record! AKM)
Warren Chad 8/4 #234063
Sat 7Little Lorikeets and Musk Lorikeets
A small flock of Musk Lorikeets followed by a larger flock (around 10 birds) of Little Lorikeets all feeding in flowering Red Bloodwood.
Carl Corden 7/4 #234058
Fri 6Painted Button Quail
Katandra Bushland Sanctuary, Mona Vale
Painted Button Quail spotted around 8am on the 6th April 2018 on our property in Ingleside, NSW, 2101
Miranda Minter 6/4 #234049
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Summers Avenue Bushcare Site, Hornsby
4 Glossy Black-Cockatoo were seen feeding on an Allocasuarina sp. in the Summers Avenue Bushcare Site. This is the first time I have heard/seen the species since moving into the area in early January 2017. eBird checklist
Thomas Hickman 6/4 #234046
Topknot Pigeon
Redfern, inner city Sydney
Beautiful sight as 2 flocks of 11 and then 14 birds flew south low over Prince Alfred Park into Redfern this morning. Have not seen this species here before.
Eric Finley 6/4 #234042
Thu 5Square-tailed Kite
Coutts Crossing Village
One kite low over backyards at 1525 hrs.(Moderator's Note: Please refer to the general moderators' note above for comments on future Square-tailed Kite publication. MR)
Greg Clancy 5/4 #234037
Square-tailed Kite
Prince Street, Grafton
One kite low over Grafton's main street, near Victoria Street, at c.1400 hrs. (Moderator's Note: Please refer to the general moderators' note above for comments on future Square-tailed Kite publication. MR)
Greg Clancy 5/4 #234036
Wed 4Plumed Whistling-Duck
Dam near Poley Bridge, Orara River
41+ Whistling-Ducks on edge of dam. Species had been absent from or in very small numbers at most regular local sites for the past few months.
Greg & Val Clancy 5/4 #234038
highlightSpectacled Monarch
Mangerton Park
My first visit to this site and very pleasantly surprised to find an adult Spectacled Monarch busily foraging in the middle-northern area of the forest. eBird checklist
Paul Lynch 4/4 #234024
Tue 3Pink Robin, Olive Whistler, Red-browed Treecreeper
Tallaganda National Park--Captains Flat
Firetrail leading NE from Rocky Pic Rd 3km from Captains Flat Rd; treecreepers were at Lowden Forest Park.
Brandon Hewitt 6/4 #234043
Bush Stone-curlew
Shelley Beach Road, Empire Bay
2 adult curlews seen on the lawn at approximately 4:30pm on the bend of Shelley Beach Road near the cream garage.(Moderator's Note: This is an interesting report as BSC have not seen reported from this site since October 2017. There were 8 pairs + 4 known single birds this last summer in the Brisbane Water Region of the Central Coast, up slightly prom the previous year. AKM)
Leah Mullen 4/4 #234020
Kelp Gull (juvenile)
Toowoon Bay (southern end)
Whilst checking out a couple of Little Terns feeding at the southern end of Toowoon Bay near the reef and some Crested terns and Silver Gulls on the beach point I observed a large brown bird fly overhead that came from behind. I initially thought Skua. But realised it to be a juvenile Kelp Gull. Unfortunately unable to get a photo. Bird was last seen heading in a southerly direction close to shore. (Moderator's note: this is only the 6th report of a Kelp Gull on the Central Coast . AKM)
Darren Earnshaw 3/4 #234019
Mon 2Spangled Drongo
Kalaru Village, Bega District
Known to observer from previous presence in Bega area Further information
Karen Buckland 11/4 #234109
highlightOriental Cuckoo
Approx 500m along Gap Rd, Alstonville. Nth NSW
Watched this bird fly across & landed, eventually found it thinking it looked like a Goshawk in flight. Watched it devour a huge caterpillar, took some poor photos -nearly dark & amongst foliage. Could see white tail tips, but the bill didn't look a Goshawk, reddish/yellow legs (so not a Barred Cuckoo-shrike that we've been seeing here lately) & eye large with yellow ring. Confused, so put my poor photos on Australian Bird ID & they confirmed an Oriental Cuckoo. :)
Rose Wisemantel 2/4 #234011
Aleutian Tern
Farquhar Inlet, Old Bar
Just the one Aleutian Tern at Farquhar Inlet this morning; a bird coming into breeding plumage seen at about 11:30am after spending a couple of hours in the area looking and waiting for one to appear. Many of the Common Terns are showing some breeding flush with darkish bellies and threw us on a couple of occasions in our search for an Aleutian. Apologies for the distant, heat-hazed and heavily-cropped image!
Mick Roderick and Alex Berryman 2/4 #234008
Topknot Pigeon
Vista St Greenwich
8.30 a.m. 5 Topknots flew across the Harbour and into the top of a tall eucalyptus and rested there for 7 minutes before heading north. They seemed oblivious to some half-hearted harassment from the resident Noisy Miners.
Ted Nixon 2/4 #234007
Sun 1Powerful Owl
Lime Kiln Bay Reserve and Wetlands, Oatley
Harassed by an amazing number of Pied Currawongs and Noisy Miners. (Moderator;s Note: There is a breeding pair in this general area. AKM) Further information
Lorand Szucs 1/4 #233996
Australasian Shoveler (6) Cattle Egret (1) Little Egret (1) Caspian Tern (2)
Sydney Olympic Park
Also of note Bar-tailed Godwit (56) at Waterbird Refuge on 28 Mar and a juvenile female Australian Hobby at Woollahra on the same day.
Dion Hobcroft 1/4 #233995

March 2018
Sat 31Turquoise Parrot
Kurrajong Hills, lower Blue Mtns
Single bird, female or subad plumag, Seen 31 Mar and again 1 Apr, calling in flight and perched in ironbarks. Poss escapee but unringed, and behaviour good for wild bird. No previous records in this area but up until at least the 1980s there were wild populations at Yarramundi and further away at Ebenezer. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 3/4 #234014
Gould’s Petrel
Lake Cathie
Dead on foreshore
Tony Morton 31/3 #233993
Marsh Sandpiper
Burren Junction Bore Baths
Single bird at the far side of the overflow pond, as seen from the caravan park; identified by wader expert. See "Further information" for better photos. (Moderator's Note: The identification of this bird was initially up for discussion. Some of the other images on the link should be referenced. This is the third occasion that a Marsh Sandpiper has been present at the site this summer). eBird checklist Further information
Michael Dahlem 31/3 #233991
Little Eagle
One seen flying over Willmot in the late morning.
Edwin Vella 31/3 #233989
Red-capped Robins, Speckled Warblers, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Spotless Crakes
Air Services site, Shanes Park
In a recently burnt out area at the Air Services site I was delighted to find 3 Speckled Warblers amongst the hakea and then noticed a pair of adult Red-capped Robins with them. This is not the same pair of Robins that nested here and could actually be a fourth pair that I have now seen here over the last 6 or so months. I also found an Australian Owlet-nightjar in the same melaleuca hollow I saw one in my last visit. There were also a group of Brown-headed Honeyeaters with some Varied Sitellas, 3 Crested Shrike-tits and a White-throated Treecreeper. Spotless Crakes were calling in the swamp and I also heard a Bar-shouldered Dove which I have only heard here once or twice before at his site. I had recorded 50 species this morning for the Air Services site . Further information
Edwin Vella 31/3 #233988
Little Penguin
Eloura Beach Cronulla
Spotted one Little Penguin while surfing at Eloura Beach this morning. Surfaced briefly then disappeared. Crested Tern flying overhead.
Sean Grogan 31/3 #233985
Fri 30Square-tailed Kite
Murray St Bateau Bay
Today a group of three Square-tailed Kites were observed by Anne and I circling around and over our house for about five minutes, two adults and a bird in juvenile plumage. While there have been two breeding reports for Square-tailed Kites on the Central Coast in recent years it was not known if any young fledged from the nests. This time we don't know where the nest was although there were regular sightings, including two birds together, in an area between Berkeley Vale Primary School and connecting parts of Tumbi Umbi, Killarney Vale and Bateau Bay. The nest site is most likely along the ridge adjacent to Eastern Way, Killarney Vale where the most sightings are recorded. So far this year there have been 27 reports of Square-tailed Kites on the Central Coast, making it one of the more common raptors. Up to 2002, there were no reports for Square-tailed Kites on the Central Coast at all!!
Alan Morris 1/4 #234001
Royal Spoonbill
Spring Creek Reservoir Orange
Uncommon visitor. Five in number among hundreds of Waterbirds.
B and C Huxtable 1/4 #233998
Grey Goshawk (White Morphs & Grey Morph)
Mount Annan Botanic Gardens
Grey Goshawk Trio - 2 x White Morph & 1 x Grey Morph - Flying together. eBird checklist Further information
Richard Murray 31/3 #233984
Lewin's Rail, Spotless Crake
Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning
A Lewin's Rail and 4 Spotless Crakes calling in the large reed bed and saw a Chestnut-breasted Mannikin here also. Other birds seen included a Dollarbird, Crested Shrike-tit as well as several of both White-cheeked and Scarlet Honeyeaters. I had 74 species for the Western Sydney Parklands this morning. Further information
Edwin Vella 30/3 #233981
Little Eagle
Western Sydney Parklands, Quakers Hill
A light morph Little Eagle had roosted the night in a eucalypt beside Eastern Creek. It was brought to my attention by the mobbing Grey Butcherbirds, Currawongs and Ravens. Other birds seen here included a pair of immature Peregrine Falcons playing in the air (I had the similar situation here with a pair of young Hobbies a few weeks ago), a Fan-tailed Cuckoo, 4 Dusky Woodswallows, a number of Scarlet Honeyeaters, several Mistletoebirds and a Brown Quail heard. Further information
Edwin Vella 30/3 #233980
Bogan St, Nyngan
A single bird being chased by three Yellow-throated Miners. Moderator's Note: This is is an unusually western record and a late date to boot! AKM). Further information
michael Crosland 30/3 #233978
Spotted Quail-thrush
Wallaby Road, Currowan NSW
Great to see a couple of Spotted Quail-thrush feeding on the dirt road along with a few Superb Lyrebird and Grey Shrike-thrush.
Charles Dove - Chris Brandis 30/3 #233974
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
Corner Elanora Rd and Woorarra ave Elanora Heights
A flock of more than 5 Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, a very rare sight these days at Elanora Heights, as flocks used to be common in this area.They appeared to be eating something in a Bangalay gumtree They were harried by numerous Noisy Miners who eventually drove them away after about 5 minutes. (Moderator's Note: YTBC are not necessarily rare elsewhere in Sydney and YTBC remove bark from Eucalypts to get the grubs found under the bark as well as biting into sapling Eucs. to obtain the grub in the trunks of the saplings. AKM) Further information
J Marlow 30/3 #233972
Thu 29White-headed Pigeons
Lane Cove National Park
Two more breeding records of White-headed Pigeons this morning a male was sitting on a nest not far from Browns Waterhole and a bit further on anouther pair were nest building there was also a female Rose Robin in Lane Cove this morning.
Michael Ronan 29/3 #233971
Wed 28Grey-faced Petrel
Lake Cathie
Dead on foreshore
Tony Morton 31/3 #233992
Spotted Quail-Thrush, Australian Logrunner
Stafford Farm Track, Kembla Heights
Fortuitously I had to return to my car to retrieve my phone (my field guide) after beginning my walk. The (male) Spotted Quail Thrush was sitting beside Harry Graham Drive across from the Stafford Track entrance. I observed it for only 20s or so before it was flushed by a passing car- flying North. The (male) Logrunner was observed only 200m or so along the track. Both birds were seen even with the constant drone of motorbikes from the adjacent bike track on Harry Graham Dr. eBird checklist
Steven Cooper 29/3 #233970
Tue 27Rufous Fantail
Hawthorn Canal Leichhardt
1 bird flying all around. Seen between Parramatta Rd and Marion St on the Greenway along the canal. (Moderator's Note: return northern migration now underway which includes passage through inner Sydney. AKM).
Steve Edwards 28/3 #233964
Wedge-tailed Eagle
Shoplands Road, Annangrove
Two birds circling moderately high overhead heading roughly NE. One dark adult-plumaged bird and the other much more brownish. The brown bird was constantly calling. They disappeared to the NE but were back about 10 minutes later circling over home. Brown one still squawking. Wedgies seen here irregularly over the years, still good to see them in the County of Cumberland.
Darryl Smedley 27/3 #233960
Mon 26Pied Butcherbird
End of Turner Road fire trail, Berowra Heights
A pair of Pied Butcherbirds were seen and heard calling as a duet. I know their range has been expanding, but this is probably one of the southern-most sightings.
Lachlan Mansell 2/4 #234009
Ground Cuckoo-Shrike.
near Kwiambal National Park, Ashford
Just driving along ,and saw these 4 unusual birds fly up off the ground. They landed back on the ground about 25 metres away, and we managed to get a reasonable photo of one bird. Then they flew away and landed in trees long way away. .
John formosa. 26/3 #233955
Sun 25White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes
Western Sydney Parklands, Quakers Hill
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes (continuing pair) still present and both seen mobbing an Australian Hobby. Sacred and Azure Kingfishers, White-throated Needletail, Dusky Woodswallow also present. Further information
Edwin Vella 25/3 #233947
White-throated Needletail, Collared Sparrowhawk, Teal hybrid ?
Nurragingy Reserve
We had this unusual looking Teal at Nurragingy for a while now,. outside the Colebee centre where we also had a Collared sparrowhawk and a few White-throated Needletails whiz past. Also had a returning Rose Robin beside the Education trail as well as a young Black-faced Monarch, Fan-tailed and Shining Bronze-cuckoos, Dusky Woodswallows, Crested Shrike-tit, a group of White-winged Choughs, Olive-backed Oriole and various honeyeaters including White-cheeked. Further information
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 25/3 #233946
East Asian Mandarin duck
Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside
Lone male Mandarin duck spotted in the main pond this afternoon. (Moderator's Note: Mandarin Ducks are known to be held in waterfowl collections in Australia. Even though this must be an escapee and Birdline NSW does usually publish such reports, we are publishing this in the event that the owner of this bird may be made aware of its presence and come and retrieve it!. AKM)
Steve and Anne Gilmour 25/3 #233944
highlightSwift Parrot
Monga National Park
Four flying northwest over River Forest Road, not far from the Kings Highway, at the start of an ENHS Field Meeting.
Julie Morgan 25/3 #233940
Sat 24Australian Owlet-nightjar
Royal National Park
Four birds heard during a spotlighting session along Lady Carrington Drive and at Audley Weir. A Tawny Frogmouth also seen at Audley Weir. Noteworthy was a sleeping White-throated Treecreeper which was clinging to the underside of a sandstone overhang (on LCD close to Audley Weir).
Lorne Johnson, Steve Edwards, Steve Cooper 26/3 #233951
Pacific Swift
F7 motorway near Rooty Hill, w Sydney
A flock of at least 18-20 in a tight flock low over the motorway. Possibly more present. No needletails noted. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 26/3 #233950
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Shoplands Rd Annangrove
At least two birds heard calling as they flew up the Blue Gum Creek valley just before sunset. Been very scarce at this location for the last five or so years. They used to regularly feed on the Casuarina fruits from the trees at the top of my driveway.
Darryl Smedley 25/3 #233941
White-bellied Sea-Eagle - 2
Sydney Opera House
A wonderful late bird of prey observation while waiting outside the Opera House for La Traviata performance to start. First detected two eagles gliding over the highest city buildings. They then turned towrds the Opera House and flew right over, while giving their distinctive honking calls. A real treat for two visiting Melbournians (Moderator's note: For a long time Sea-Eagles were rarely seen around Sydney Harbour but that is all changing for the better, nowdays they can be seen on the Parramatta River, Manly, Taronga Zoo and Centennial Park . With Ospreys now nesting around The Georges River and Manly, they too should be seen soon at the Opera House as well! AKM).
Martin OBrien 25/3 #233936
highlightKermadec and Gould's Petrels, Bullers and Campbell's Albatrosses
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
5+ Kermadec's and 10+ Gould's Petrels were the petrel highlights of today's SOSSA pelagic. We also had a Buller's and a Campbell Albatross, as well as several Black-browed and 10+ Shy-type Albatrosses. Other birds included 30+ Wilson's and 1 White-faced Storm-petrels, 20+ Grey-faced Petrels, 200+ Flesh-footed Shearwaters and 2 Pomarine Jaegers. It was interesting that we had less than 10 Wedge-tailed Shearwaters for the day. Further information
Brook Whylie, Rob Hyson and all aboard the MV Kato 24/3 #233929
White-throated Nightjar
Fire Trail Rd, Londonderry
One bird flew up from a pile of bricks beside the track.
Graham Turner 24/3 #233926
Fri 23megamegaAleutian Tern
Farquhar Inlet, Old Bar
Counted 14 Aleutians among similar number of Common Terns on a very wet morning on the bar. Lake has filled up with recent rain and birds forced onto the bar itself. The evening of 22nd they were roosting in very shallow water opposite and just beyond the roped off area Little tern colony. On the morning of 23rd had moved onto the bar itself. Other species: Whimbrel, Eastern Curlew, Golden, DB and RC Plover, Sanderling, RN Stint, Common, Little & Crested Terns. The bar maybe opened to allow flood waters out. Some of the Aleutian Terns are coming into breeding plumage as illustrated. (Moderator's Note: Apologies to anyone that disagrees, but I thought this photo alone was worthy of 2 stars! MR) eBird checklist
Mark Stanley 24/3 #233930
Thu 22Musk Lorikeet
Probert Ave, East Griffith
Single bird hanging around in gardens opposite shops.
David Parker 24/3 #233928
highlightWhite-tailed Tropicbird
Newtown, Sydney
A juvenile bird was found and taken into care in Newtown. ID has been reliably confirmed. Sadly it died. (Moderator's Note: everyone should be on the lookout for Tropic-birds being blown inland in the current weather conditions for the Mid-North Coast. In March 1978 when I was living at Coonabarabran, Tropic-birds of both species were biown inland to Gilgandra, Coonamble, Coonabarabran, Baradine and Tamworth! Already there are other reports from the Thornton in Newcastle (subsequently went into care and is to be released at Port Stephens on 28/3/18), Kempsey on the same day and at Ballina. AKM)
Anonymous per Simon Gorta 23/3 #233918
Tropicbird sp.
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A tropicbird species was seen before a rain belt fairly distantly through the scope at around 3:30pm. It circled, flapping heavily to gain height before gliding to the south incredibly fast and out of sight. Couldn't identify it to species level and I've put it down as a tropicbird by process of elimination of all other possibilities based on flight, structure and the apparent whiteness of the bird. An Eastern Osprey was also seen at eye level right next to us as we were seawatching (thanks to Biggles for spotting it while I was staring down the scope) and an Arctic Jaeger flew in low past the cliff heading south just as we left - a bird which has been quite rare this season. eBird checklist
Simon Gorta & Biggles Csolander 22/3 #233908
highlightGould's Petrel
Fort Drive (Nobbys, Newcastle)
A very quiet seawatch turned into a fantastic one at about 9:45am this morning as a Gould's Petrel flew north, less than 100m from the rocks. I watched the bird as it approached from south of Newcastle Baths for several minutes, not game to take my eyes off it. It was immediately obvious to me that the bird was a Cookilaria based on upperwing, size and flight style. I noticed the dark head after about a minute which confirmed it as a Gould's. It flew quite close after it passed north of the baths and I attempted to get a photo, but alas I completely lost the bird in that short time (the danger of taking your eyes off the scope!). Also a few Fluttering-types with one Hutton's confirmed, and a dark Arctic Jaeger. All gannets seen were immature birds. Very few dark shearwaters.
Mick Roderick 22/3 #233901
highlightCommon Noddy, Sooty Tern
Tacking Point Lighthouse
During the first five minutes of a one hour seawatch off Tacking Point this morning I had an adult Sooty Tern cruise past almost overhead and then decent scope views of a Common Noddy in the wash out off pyramid rock. Another (or maybe the same) Noddy sp. was seen later on in the distance but I lost it before I could get onto it properly with the scope. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 22/3 #233900
Australasian Gannet
South Narrabeen Beach
One fully adult, deceased, lower mandible perforated by large fish-hook, the line having been cut close to hook.
David Sawyer 22/3 #233899
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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