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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Ashwin Rudder, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

August 2018
Wed 22Swift Parrot, Little Friarbird
Sturt University Carpark, Port Macquarie
At 1000 hrs 9 Swift Parrots seen, at least another 3 heard and probably more. Two Little Friardbirds and many Noisy Friarbirds and Musk Lorikeets feeding with the Swifties in Swamp Mahogany and Forest Red Gums.
Alan Morris 22/8 #235163
highlightSwift parrot
Connie Lowe Reserve, Rouse Hill
Still present in the gums around the off-leash dog park. About 16 in the area include what appeared to be younger birds (dull red faces and mottle plumage on back), moving back and forth. Only calling pre-flight. All had left by about 8:10. They were coming down low at times but persistently harassed and chased by red wattlebirds when they did so. eBird checklist
David Ongley (with others incl Carol Abbott and Akos Lumnitzer) 22/8 #235162
Mon 20highlightHudsonian Godwit, Banded Stilt and returning shorebirds
Lake Wollumboola
Returns are arriving early this year: 3 Sharpies 9 Curlew Sandpipers 20 odd RNS 20 Red Knots 16 Double-banded Plovers 100 Red-capped Plovers 110 Barwits 1 Hudwit 230 Red-necked Avocet 1 Banded Stilt 60 Black-winged Stilt 9 Black-fronted Dotterel 2 Pied Oiks 6 Masked Lapwing Much of the southern end of the lake is turning into a beautiful shallow lagoon. The lake should see good numbers of migrant shorebirds this year.
Demetrios Bertzeletos 20/8 #235152
Leaden Flycatcher
Fingal Peninsula
At least 5 birds present and possibly more. Three males and 2 females observed. My first returns for the season.
David Charley 20/8 #235150
Brown Songlark, migrating passerines
Wurrungwuri Reserve, Moorebank
A single Brown Songlark (male, by size) not in breeding plumage, silent, flushed from dense grass. Lots of migrants moving through the trees: about 500 Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, 50 Fuscous Honeyeaters and 30 White-naped Honeyeaters, 250 Silvereyes (apparently all Tasmanian subspecies lateralis) and 3 Striated Pardalotes (presumed Tasmanian Yellow-tipped, but not confirmed). eBird checklist
David James 20/8 #235143
Sun 19Freckled Duck
Teven Road Swamp, West Ballina
Followed up the single bird reported on 18 August by Hans Wohlmuth and June Harris. Now 5 birds observed amongst 1000+ teal.
David Charley 19/8 #235140
Spotted Harrier
Argyll Reach Road, Wilberforce
At the wetlands on either side of the road hundreds (conservative estimate) of waterfowl were put up by an adult Spotted Harrier. Prior to this we had followed up on previous reports, firstly going to the Connie Lowe Reserve, Rouse Hill, where there were at least 20 Swift Parrots, they were very active and vocal, often low in the trees. We then went to the Richmond Lowlands and found the 5 Banded Lapwings, and then followed up on Edwin's report from Bushell's lagoon where we also saw over 20 Little Ravens, a Brown Songlark, and flushed 2 Stubble Quail.
Paul Johnstone, Stephen Hey 19/8 #235139
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Quorrobolong (private property)
A Regent Honeyeater was a surprise visitor to a small farm dam on a property at Quorrobolong this morning during a freezing cold and blustery Hunter Bird Observers Club outing. The bird came down to drink on two occasions (amongst other honeyeaters) and was not seen or heard otherwise. No blossom noted anywhere except for a tiny bit on a lone Blackbutt tree (not near the dam and with no birds near the blossom). A Square-tailed Kite flew low over the canopy right above our heads later in the morning too.
Mick Roderick and ~20 HBOC members 19/8 #235138
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve--Old Pipeline Track
2 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper seen to the left (Hexham/railway line) side of the pipeline track about 500m from the Ironbark Creek end. (First returns?) Also a flock of circa 50 Chestnut-breasted Mannikins seen just before the gate that marks the start of the reserve. Red-necked Avocet numbers must've be up towards 600 (although I wasn't specifically counting)
Tom Wilson 19/8 #235137
highlightRegent Honeyeater; Emerald Dove; Bassian Thrush
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
Update on prior reports - 3 Regent HEs seen between 10:15 and 11:30; 2 in the Blackbutts at the end of the boardwalk (as previously reported) and 1 approx 400m along the track if travelling clockwise. Also an Emerald Dove seen along the track and a Bassian Thrush near the Visitor Centre. (Staff at Visitor Centre advised that Regents had not been seen on Saturday - allegedly due to the wind - but there were lots of other honeyeaters and Little Lorikeets present in the flowering trees, so I guessed the Regents would still be there too - but the high and gusty wind did make it difficult tracking birds down as they were getting right into the foliage clumps. eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 19/8 #235136
Musk Lorikeet
Recreation Oval Recreation St Tweed Heads
While attending the markets this morning I noticed Musk Lorikeets were active in eucalypts between the Oval and Recreation Street. Sighted and identified 2 but many more were heard. (Moderator's Note: Scarce in the Tweed River Valley).
Beth Hall 19/8 #235134
Sat 18Pacific Gulls
Kamay Botany Bay National Park - Kurnell
Two Pacific Gulls feeding on a washed up electric ray. Also nearby was Pied Oystercatcher.
Matthew Mo 20/8 #235147
Ground Cuckoo-Shrike (2), Banded Lapwing (8), Black Falcon (1)
Oolambeyan National Park
This was part of the Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists weekend camp at Oolambeyan - most birds seen were all recorded on Saturday 18th. Weather was extremely cold and windy - not ideal conditions for birding. No Plains Wanderers were found on the Friday evening search by 20 participants. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan and 21 members of the MFN group 20/8 #235141
Square-tailed Kite, Superb Parrot, Shy Heathwren
Tollingo Nature Reserve,60km NW of Condobolin
With the drought conditions there have been reports of Malleefowl feeding along the main road crossing this reserve. I have seen the photos taken on phones so I went out early today to check it out. I saw no Malleefowl but did see my first Square-tailed Kite for the Lachlan Shire and a small group of Superbs who should be leaving shortly for their breeding grounds around Cowra and Boorowa. There were lots of Crested Bellbirds feeding on the road and a Shy Heathwren was calling from the Mallee.
Warren Chad 19/8 #235127
Swift parrot
Rouse hill near the dog park/ Sydney water bushland
Sighted flying from the medium strip on Windsor road, across to the bushland which is pretty sure is Sydney water next to the rouse hill off lead dog park. Loads of flowering trees all along there at the moment.
Sarah Moncrieff 18/8 #235126
Pink-eared Duck
Richmond Sewerage works
At the sewerage works opposite the RAAF Base were about 250 Pink-eared Ducks. Certainly the largest number I have seen in Sydney for years.
Edwin Vella 18/8 #235125
Nankeen Night Heron
Saw 18 Nankeen Night Herons beside the lagoon between Argyle Reach Rd and Wilberforce Rd. On the lagoon between it and Bushells were at least 1,000 Grey Teal and hundreds of Pacific Black Ducks.
Edwin Vella 18/8 #235124
Stubble Quail, Brown Songlark, Little Ravens
Bushells Lagoon
Flushed 3 Stubble Quail on the eastern side of the causeway where a Brown Songlark (not calling), a Brown Falcon and at least 20 Little Ravens were also seen
Edwin Vella 18/8 #235123
Swift Parrot
Connie Lowe Reserve,Adelphi St, Rouse Hill
At least 9 Swift Parrots seen in the flowering trees around this reserve and the reserve between Claxton Circuit and Mc Cabe Place. Some birds also seen flying over Windsor Rd into the Regional Park (Blacktown side of Rouse Hill).
Edwin Vella et al 18/8 #235122
highlightBanded Lapwing
Freemans Reach Rd
Off Freemans Reach Rd, just past Batchelors Wharf Rd, near Greener Lawn Supplies Pty-33.577312, 150.814264, at least 8 Banded Lapwings. It has been several years since I have seen any in Sydney. Thanks to Theo Kemp for telling me about his sighting earlier in the week.
Jenny & Rod Stiles, Theo Kemp 18/8 #235118
Fri 17Swift Parrot
Connie Lowe Reserve,Adelphi St, Rouse Hill
Arriving at 7:45am I watched the flock of Swift Parrots move from left to right among a stand of trees, feeding on some flowers but mainly lerps on the wet leaves. At first Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets were also present, later Wattlebirds and Noisy Friarbirds arrived. I counted 16 as they flew off around 9am.
Mark Fuller 17/8 #235112
highlightSwift Parrot
Paruna Reserve, Como
Single bird seen flying over reserve this morning. 3 more birds seen at the end of Woronora Crescent near the corner of High Point Place later in morning.
Leo Skowronek and Martin Juleff 17/8 #235109
Thu 16Rufous Songlark
Rufous Songlark calling this morning at Martindale Creek near the Bureen Rd junction in the upper Hunter Valley. (Moderator's Note: no prior reports of this species this season via Birdata/eBird).
Liam Murphy 16/8 #235107
highlightSwift Parrot
Connie Lowe Reserve,Adelphi St, Rouse Hill
Update from report of 14 Aug - at least 15 (possibly a couple more) birds present in trees around oval approx 8am. Some trees flowering and they were feeding on blossom. Headed eastwards approx 8:10 (6 birds) 8:15 (3) and 8:25 (the rest - I’d counted at least 6 left in the trees)
Tom Wilson 16/8 #235104
Tue 14highlightBlue-billed Duck
Westdale Effluent Reuse Farm
A fairly accurate slow bins count revealed 258 Blue-billed Ducks. Some very close. Beautiful! All swam away into the middle of the dam while I was counting them. Also present were 11 Musk Ducks. (Moderator's Note: This is a large increase from the already significant numbers recorded on 17th July [see #234888]. This is one of the highest ever counts of Blue-billed Ducks in NSW looking at readily available literature and databases. MR). eBird checklist
Matt Hinze 15/8 #235103
Square-tailed Kite
Royal National Park--Wattamolla
Single kite working the updraft on the northern side of Wattamolla Lagoon
Biggles Csolander 14/8 #235098
highlightSwift Parrot
Connie Lowe Reserve, Adelphi St, Rouse Hill
Four Swift Parrots were watched for half an hour feeding quietly on lerps in a small eucalypt beside the oval.
Andrew Patrick and Aimee Freimanis 14/8 #235097
Mon 13Curlew Sandpiper
Lake Wollumboula east
Recent arrivals. Five birds observed at the NE side of lake.
Carla Jackett 14/8 #235094
Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Tacking Point Lighthouse
Wedge-tailed Shearwaters have returned in numbers to the coast off Port Macquarie. Conservative estimate of 150 birds over a 25 minute seawatch late this afternoon. First seen in singles and small flocks, eventually becoming a steady southbound stream of birds for the last ten minutes or so before dusk. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 13/8 #235089
highlightSwift Parrot
Reserve between Claxton Circuit and Mc Cabe Place Rouse Hill 2155
Heard for a few days finally sighted with Rainbow Lorikeets, King Parrots, Eastern Rosellas, Crimson Rosellas and Musk Lorikeets all feeding together about 8:15am. Sighted at least 3, possibly more present. (Moderator's Note: A separate report was received for the same birds by Andrew Patrick not long after this one.)
Judith Smith 13/8 #235087
Satin Bowerbird
Marrickville (inner west Sydney)
I was surprised to have a Satin Bowerbird (immature or female) in my small garden this morning. An unusual urban location and my first observation of this species in this area after living here for 16 years.
Alistair Poore 13/8 #235086
Sun 12Pink-eared Duck and Fairy Martins
Sydney Olympic Park
2 Pink-eared Duck seen at Brick Pits.Occasional visitor to Olympic Park,but,not seen at this site before. Saw first returning Fairy Martin of season at Tear Drop Lakes and 2 more, with swallows, near pond at bottom of Kronos Hill.
simon dobree 12/8 #235081
Brush Bronzewing, Varied Sittela
Wianamatta Nature Reserve
A single adult female Brush Bronzewing was caught and banded towards the end of the morning, first one for the reserve. An otherwise somewhat slow morning of bird banding got extra colour with catching and banding a Varied Sittela. The reserve is struggling with the lack of rain, regrowth starts to die off again, and no bushes or trees are in flower. Consequently, birdwise the reserve is rather quiet and banding sessions over the past half year have been slow, making today's captures a nice change.
Vincent Mourik, Tony Hunt, Darryl McKay and all others present while bird banding 12/8 #235079
Spotless Crake
Carr’s Island bridge, Grafton
2 Spotless Crake observed on waters edge near bridge, initially heard calling from Cumbungee. Previously recorded in this location. Crake species are not frequently reported in the Clarence Valley. eBird checklist
Darryl Eggins 12/8 #235077
Black Falcon
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens (Blacktown LGA)
A Black Falcon seen flying fairly low and quite slowly over my backyard. from Henry Mitchell Reserve at about 8:15 am.My other sighting of Black Falcons in the Blacktown LGA is a bird present from August to November at the Eastern Creek waste services site 2003 and one over Riverstone on 25/8/13. Not long after a single flock of about 70 White-naped Honeyeaters attempted to land in the eucalypts behind my fence and 3 Australasian Figbirds flew over (the later now much a regular bird for my area seen/heard almost daily). Later in the day a single Yellow-faced Honeyeater flew over.
Edwin Vella 12/8 #235075
Spectacled Monarch, White-eared Monarch
Victoria Park Nature Reserve, Alstonville area
Observed my first returning Spectacled Monarch (2) for the season. White-eared Monarchs (3+) also present but I find this species is a year-round resident on the NSW north coast.
David Charley 12/8 #235074
Sat 11White-naped Honeyeater (350+), Little Lorikeet
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
Remarkable invasion of White-naped Honeyeater over past week. Species is a regular canopy level visitor in small numbers, but currently the dominant species, coinciding with ironbark blossoming. Estimated min 350 birds in garden adjoining Western Sydney dry rainforest last week and similar numbers today, but impossible to estimate maximums which could be several thousand as there is so much movement going on from ground to canopy level. Also present up to 45 Little Lorikeets, never recorded here in these numbers. Bell Miners have given up defending their colony territory, perhaps due to the abundant food or sheer numbers of honeyeaters. 18 Peaceful Doves and 11 Brown Cuckoo-doves also high counts. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 13/8 #235085
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
2 Regent Honeyeaters still showing well high in the flowering Blackbutts this morning on the eastern side of the board walk.
Edwin Vella et al 11/8 #235072
Common Blackbird
Rollands Plains
Lived here almost 30 years. Never see one here before. Not happy.
Phillip Shelley 11/8 #235068
Australasian Shoveler, Bar-tailed Godwit
Bicentennial Park (Sydney Olympic Park)--Waterbird Refuge
Nine Australasian Shoveler observed this morning at the Waterbird Refuge [rarely seen at this site] along with twelve Bar-tailed Godwits and a Caspian Tern.
Jenny & Rod Stiles 11/8 #235067
Baillon's Crake, Whiskered Tern
Old Richmond Vale Railway line (northern Hexham Swamp)
A Baillon's Crake and a Whiskered Tern were amongst birds recorded on a 4 hour survey of the old Richmond Vale Railway line this morning (likely returning migrants?). The area is currently holding lots of water and many hundreds of stilts, teal etc. eBird checklist
Michael Kearns per Mick Roderick 11/8 #235066
White-winged Triller
Cornwallis Rd Richmond
Season return of adult male
Gabrielle Rees 11/8 #235065
Fri 10Common Gull-billed Tern
Stockton Beach (Worimi Conservation Lands)
A single Common Gull-billed Tern was found along Stockton Beach (Worimi Conservation Lands) today during a monthly shorebird survey of the beach. It was in the company of 66 Australian Gull-billed Terns. This species/subspecies is on the NSW ORAC review list and a submission will be made.
Ann Lindsey per Mick Roderick 10/8 #235060
highlightSwift Parrot
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie Campus
There are still at least 25-30 Swift Parrots present at the CSU Port Macquarie car park. They are very active and noisy for the first few hours in the morning and are totally comfortable with human presence, providing a unique opportunity for up-close extended observation of this rare species. They are still feeding mainly on lerp in E.tereticornis but I've seen them taking a bit of nectar too; close up examination of photos has revealed some birds splitting open ripe tereticornis buds, presumably to get at the fresh nectar within. This morning they also spent a lot of time lerping in the E.robusta at the bottom end of the carpark.
Liam Murphy 10/8 #235057
Black-eared Cuckoo
Eulah Creek
Bird came flying in from the public road (Eulah Creek Road - Box Gully Road turn-off, 20 km E of Narrabri), landing right at the top of an Acacia salicina (black wattle) on private property. It immediately got the attention of the local Jacky Winter. I may have heard this bird as early as 2 August, again with Jacky Winter chasing it, but could not previously pin down the ID.
Michael Dahlem 10/8 #235056
Pied Stilt
Dee Why Lagoon
@0630 before sunrise a single Pied Stilt, 2 Black Fronted Dotterels and a Black Shouldered Kite at the Lagoon entrance. Pied Stilt flew north towards Long Reef once disturbed by early dog walkers
Mike Barrow 10/8 #235055
Thu 9Magpie Geese
Wetland on Pacific Highway at Clarenza N.S.W.
200+ Magpie Geese and 100 White Ibis
Eric Wheeler and June Harris 10/8 #235059
Latham's Snipe
West Byron Wetlands (Restricted access - Council key required)
2 Latham's Snipe back at West Byron wetlands today.
Ron Buckstein 9/8 #235054
White-backed Swallow
Bullawa Creek near Eulah Creek bridge, 15 km east of Narrabri
During an early check for tunnel-nesting species at an undercut vertical creek bank about 200 m downstream from the Eulah Creek bridge across Bullawa Creek found 3 White-backed Swallows hawking for insects exactly above where a pair of White-backed Swallows had their nest the past few years. eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 9/8 #235053
Wed 8Striated Pardalote, Varied Sittella
Voyager Point Bushland Reserve, East Hills
5 Yellow-tipped Striated Pardalotes, (nominate ssp.) evidently on southward migration to Tas. They have been more common locally than usual this winter, though still scarce. 3 Varied Sittella in mixed flock with about 5 Brown-headed Honey-eaters (also more common locally than most winters) and a few White-naped Honeyeaters.
David James 10/8 #235058
Fairy and Tree Martins, White-breasted Woodswallow
Tuggerah Wetlands
Today was the day that the Fairy Martins in good numbers, returned to the Central Coast, to two sites where they were not there yesterday, Jilliby Swamp and the Dairy Swamp. In addition there were 20-30 Tree Martins at the Dairy Swamp as well, in numbers not seen since March. At McPherson Rd Swamp were the first White-breasted Woodswallows for the season, last seen 23/4/18 at the same place! This an early date for the Woodswallows but an average arrival date for the Fairy Martins. 32 people on the CCGBNSW Half Day Outing saw 86 species that included 7 raptors( 1 Black-shouldered Kite,3 Grey Goshawks, 4 Sea-Eagles, 2 Swamp Harriers, 6 Whistling Kites, 1 Kestrel & 1 Hobby), a Drongo and a pair of Azure Kingfishers and 38 Shovelers on the Tuggerah STW.
Alan Morris & 31 CBOC/BNSW members 8/8 #235049
highlightLatham's Snipe
Just after 10am this morning I accidentally flushed a Latham's Snipe from the drainage area/creek that runs down the north side of the back Belmont Footy oval. (This area is at one of the entrances to Belmont Wetlands State Park.) The overgrown grass and weeds preventing views of the creek was cut back several weeks ago. I watched the bird as it flew, hoping it might turn and come back, but it flew quite high and south and disappeared from sight. Birdata survey here: (Moderator's Note: A very early returning bird. The only other bird I can see reported so far this season was the one at Tea Trees Wetland (Arundel), Gold Coast (Qld) on the 2nd August. Birdline CSQ #235004 MR).
Belle Ciezak 8/8 #235046
Mon 6Brown Treecreeper
3 separate sightings of Brown Treecreepers in the Rappville area during Swift Parrot and Regent HE Survey. 3 at Red Hill Rd., 3 at Pebbly Ridge Royal Camp SF and one bird sighted at the entrance to Carwong SF As far as I am aware this is approx as far east the Brown Treecreepers can be found in our area.. No Swifties seen or Regents in spite of many eucalypts in flower this year. Many Noisy Friarbirds living up to their name and 4 sps of Lorikeet.
June Harris and Rose Wisemantel 12/8 #235076
Freckled Duck
Penda Circuit lagoon, Cabarita
Two Freckled Duck observed on this relatively small lao goon which is surrounded by tall paperbarks and Eucalypts as well as house gardens. Photographed.
David Charley 6/8 #235039
Fairy Martin
Centennial Park (Sydney)
A Fairy Martin, first return for the season, seen feeding this morning over the Duck Pond, CP. Red-kneed Dotterel still present, on south end of the pond as well as 11 Pink-eared Ducks foraging mainly in pairs.
Jenny Stiles & Anne Brophy 6/8 #235034
Sun 5Tree Martin
About 8 Tree Martins over Mary and King Streets. A few birds coming and going from a building's air vents along Mary St (a little down from the NAB on the corner of King and Mary), where they were starting to build nests. A little early for Sydney breeding?
Lorne Johnson 6/8 #235040
Tree Martin
38 counted feeding over and perched by the grassy vacant block on Eveleigh St Redfern, with Welcome Swallows. Over the years my previous highest counts in the area have been 8 birds. eBird checklist
Eric Finley 6/8 #235036
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Yarratt State Forest, Landsdowne
5 Glossy Black-Cockatoo's at -31.759211, 152.420693 in the Yarratt State Forest feasting on Allocasuarina torulosa - Forest Oak--Three males and two females
Barry M Ralley 6/8 #235033
Pallid Cuckoo
Wilderness Road, Rothbury
Seeing Edwin's post on the Brown Songlarks at Bushells Lagoon has prompted me to post a Pallid Cuckoo I saw today sitting on wires along Wilderness Road, North Rothbury (near Cessnock). This is just the third Pallid for NSW visible in eBird and/or Birdata since the beginning of July (though a Pallid was reported along Monkerai Rd, Dungog 30/07 by David Stuart). Both Pallids and Brown Songlarks "led the charge" in the significant push of western species reported in coastal regions of NSW in spring 2017. But both species were reported at least a week later last year. Could be a sign of things to come this spring?
Mick Roderick 5/8 #235031
Nankeen Night Heron (20)
On the lagoon between Argyle Reach Rd and Wilberforce Rd there were 20 Nankeen Night Herons (mostly adults) roosting in mainly 2 trees beside the lagoon. Certainly the largest number I have seen close to Sydney for quite some time.
Edwin Vella 5/8 #235029
highlightBrown Songlarks, Stubble Quails, Little Ravens
Bushells Lagoon
2 Brown Songlarks (first returns for the season but were fairly silent), 3 Stubble Quail (none were heard calling) and a flock of at least 40 Little Ravens foraging like last weekend on the almost dried up lagoon.
Edwin Vella 5/8 #235028
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Belongil beach, Byron Bay
A pair of glossies cruising low down over the beach at 8.30 this morning - calling softly as they headed towards town.
Ian Colvin 5/8 #235024
Red-necked Avocet
Eden, Curalo Lake mouth
Reported by Sue Romane on 4/8/18, feeding again in the same spot today and seen by others. Curalo Lake enters the sea at the end of Aslings Beach. The bird could be seen from the turning area at the end of the road.
Barbara Jones 5/8 #235023
Black Kite
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
One Black Kite was circling above the trees in the south-east corner near Llandilo Rd and the chicken farm this morning before being chased off by a raven.
Andrew Patrick 5/8 #235022
Sat 4House sparrow
Sydney Airport Wetlands
I'm not sure whether house sparrow sightings in Sydney are still required (somebody was asking for them a year or two ago). However, 2 female house sparrows were observed inside the Virgin check in lounge at Sydney Airport
Nick Hodges 6/8 #235035
Swift Parrot
Acacia Gardens
Continuing birds. Heading towards The Ponds from the direction of Henry Mitchell Reserve in the early morning.
Edwin Vella 5/8 #235027
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
At ~7:30pm last night I heard a Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo flying over my house in Shortland (Newcastle), doing the 'chirrup' call. Posting here because it is a (presumably) early-arriving migrant, but also because there are only a few references of them migrating at night in HANZAB.
Mick Roderick 5/8 #235021
highlightBanded Stilt
Whyjuck Bay, Lake Illawarra
2 Banded Stilts with 2 Pied Stilts were observed at 4pm at Whyjuck Bay. eBird checklist
Kumiko & Yumi Callaway 5/8 #235019
Striated Pardalote (Yellow-tipped)
The Needles Walk, Engadine
eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 4/8 #235018
Beach Stone-curlew
This morning at low tide a Beach Stone-curlew was on the mud/sand flats near the edge of mangroves. Easily visible from the boardwalk, about 500m west of the bridge. (Moderator"s Note. Previously reported from Merimbula 18/4/18 and 2 at Mogareeka Estuary near Tathra January 2018. AKM)
Rohan Bilney 4/8 #235016
2 x Barn Owl
Centennial Park (Sydney)
2 roosting Barn Owls seen in palm trees on different sides of the Busby Pond 1st bird seen approx 9am and 2nd approx 11am. (Moderator's Note: Anne Brophy reports that there were four Barn Owls in Centennial Park on the same day. AKM)
Tom Wilson 4/8 #235014
Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck
Centennial Park (Sydney)
2 Freckled Ducks (both female?) seen loafing on separate rocky islets on the Duck Pond. 8 Pink-eared Ducks in that area too, as was a single Red-kneed Dotterel and a single Australasian Shoveler . Barn Owl in the usual palm tree.(Moderator's Note: These are ongoing observations!. AKM).
Tom Wilson 4/8 #235012
Fri 3Barking Owl
Just had a Barking Owl in my backyard, in the middle of suburban Merimbula. I initially heard it calling and it responded to a few imitation calls before perching on the gutter of the house. Managed to take a bad photograph as proof.
Rohan Bilney 3/8 #235010
Australian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, Buff-banded Rail
Teven Road Swamp, West Ballina
A brief early morning visit produced good numbers of crakes and rails. Three Australian Spotted Crake, 1 Spotless and 2 Buff-banded Rail amongst other good birds. Mud flats are finally becoming exposed and as a result the crakes and rails are easier to observe.
David Charley 3/8 #235007
Thu 2Wedge-tailed Shearwater
Pelagic off Swansea
An early-returning Wedge-tailed Shearwater was seen about 4 miles from the heads off Swansea yesterday. We had far more activity inshore than at the shelf, with flocks of Fluttering/Hutton's Shearwaters and Fairy Prions feeding in close. Only 13 species for the day, including Brown Skua and Black-browed, Shy and at least 14 Yellow-nosed Albatrross, with no major highlights, except for a Humpback Whale that did a full, twisting breach about 100m from the boat out in deep water.
Mick Roderick, Allan Benson et al 3/8 #235005
Fairy Martin, Tree Martin
Bankstown Airport
At least 6 Fairy Martins and 1 Tree Martin with about 200 Welcome Swallows. 1 Fairy seen entering the culvert near under the roundabout on Nancy Ellis Leebold Dr where scores breed later in the season. The Fairy Martins seem to be an early return, by about 2 weeks.
David James 2/8 #234995
Wed 1Freckled Duck
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Originally single bird on large island in Duck pond 23 July, then 2 birds on 30 July 31 July and 1 August eBird checklist
Alan and Marylon Coates 1/8 #234988

July 2018
Tue 31Pilotbird
Royal National Park--Wattle Forest
A Pilotbird seen foraging in leaf litter. I've been to Wattle Forest many times and this was my first sighting. Other good birds were 2 obliging Green Catbirds feeding on berries near the entrance to the forest, 5 Basian Thrushes, and a flock of at least 10 Topknot Pigeons feeding in a tree on Lady Carrington Drive on the other side of the river.
Paul Johnstone 31/7 #234985
highlightSwift parrots
Charles Sturt University, Port Macquarie Campus
Flock of possibly over 50 feeding around the car park at 4.15pm
Phillip Shelley 31/7 #234983
Mon 30Eastern Curlew
Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
There were no overwintering Curlews at Deeban Spit Port Hacking this year. Recorded 1st of season at Port Hacking on 26 July. As at high tide on 30th July now up to 5.
Julie Keating 31/7 #234984
highlightEastern Koel
Heard Eastern Koel calling 3 times this morning around 8am. No sighting. (Moderator's Note: Assumed an early arrival)
Rose Wisemantel 30/7 #234974
Sun 29Emu
Dunheved Golf course
While I was looking out for Swift Parrots around the golf course, I stumbled across this fellow roaming the golf course. Most likely a former ADI resident but a small breeding population roaming freely around the area.
Edwin Vella 29/7 #234969
White-necked Heron, Red-necked Stint, Eastern Reef-Egret
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
Surprised to see a White-necked Heron cruising over the reef and northwards along the coast approx 3:30pm. In with 6 colouring up Double-banded Dotterels on the reef were 2 Red-necked Stints - the first I have seen at Long Reef for a while. An Eastern Reef-egret was feeding along the northern rock platforms. Good number of Fluttering-type Shearwaters were moving southwards quite close to shore and also plenty of Black-browed and Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses close in too. 1 Giant Petrel further out (unidentified as to N or S)
Tom Wilson 29/7 #234967
Square-tailed Kite
Thrilled to see a single Square-tailed Kite soaring over home early this afternoon. A lone Noisy Miner alerted me to its presence. Somewhat surprised to see one so close to the CBD.
Lorne Johnson 29/7 #234966
Sat 28Little Raven
Bushells Lagoon
We both heard Little Ravens calling beside the lagoon. I then later saw a mixed flock of both Little and Australian Ravens. Little Ravens appear to be occasional visitors to the Sydney region (especially around winter) and I have also had them this year around the Richmond Lowlands and at Cobbitty.
Edwin Vella and Allan Richards 29/7 #234968
Pink-eared Duck
Bomaderry Wastewater Treatment Plant
Approximately 200 Pink-Eared ducks were at the ponds this morning. One male Australasian Shoveler also present. Several new ponds are in the process of being constructed. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 28/7 #234963
highlightWandering, Antipodean, Buller's Albatrosses, Northern Giant Petrel and White-fronted Tern
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
1 Wandering and 3 Antipodean (Gibson) Albatrosses were the highlight of the 28 July SOSSA trip. There was also a Buller's, 5+ Shy-types, 3+ Campbell's (1 adult, 2+ juveniles), 10+ Black-browed and 20+ Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses. Other birds were scarce, with almost no wind and very flat seas, but included Northern Giant Petrel (2), Solander's Petrel (5+) and White-fronted Tern's (5+). Being so flat, it was a great day for cetaceans, the highlight being 3 separate pods of Pygmy Killer Whales.
Brook Whylie and all aboard the M.V. Kato 28/7 #234962
Fri 27Red-kneed dotterel
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Four successive days on mudflats around Duck Pond eBird checklist
Alan and Marylon Coates 1/8 #234990
Thu 26Stubble Quail
Bushells Lagoon
Four birds seen yesterday and eight the previous day in dried out lagoon. eBird checklist
Michael Rutkowski 27/7 #234955
Double-banded Plover
Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
25 Double-banded Plovers plump and all coloured up ready to leave. Also 3 Black Swans in weed patch at Fishermans Bay (we don't often see Black Swans here), and an Eastern Curlew.
Julie Keating 27/7 #234954
highlightBrahminy Kite
Newport Beach, Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Adult Brahminy Kite at south end of beach next to swimming pool @0800 today. Soaring next to cliff, landed and perched. Last one seen in these parts I believe was Summer 2017/18?
Mike Barrow 26/7 #234952
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Hunter Region Botanic Gardens
At least 6 Regent Honeyeaters observed concurrently by several observers this morning, all feeding high in the canopy of mature Blackbutt trees. The birds are actively defending their favourite patches of blossom from other nectar-sippers (mostly White-cheeked Honeyeaters). Note that the Botanic Gardens is a volunteer-run, largely unfunded organisation and is a wonderful area for exploring. If you go to see the birds, drop into the cafe and support the gardens.
Mick Roderick, Bill Kinsey et al. 26/7 #234951
Wed 25White-throated Gerygone
Monash Country Club, Ingleside
Over wintering White-throated Gerygone heard calling in the same part of the golf course where I recorded an over wintering bird last year. Possibly the same individual?
Roger McGovern 26/7 #234950
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Flint & Steel Track, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP
Single male seen this afternoon near the start of the track. When I returned about an hour later I could hear a juvenile begging call but it was too far away to see it.
Paul Johnstone 25/7 #234948
highlightFreckled Duck
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Single female loafing on the north shore of the closest island to the north shore of the Duck Pond. Seen very well in the afternoon light. Mostly with head tucked away aside from a bit of preening and the odd scuffle with Hardheads. (Moderator's Note: First reported via eBird 23/07. Only a handful of records from this site. MR).
Max Breckenridge 25/7 #234947
Tue 24Bassian Thrush
Royal National Park (Lady Wakehurst Drive)
9 Bassian Thrush feeding on grass along upper causeway on Lady Wakehurst Drive.
Malcolm Daniels 25/7 #234946
Fairy Prion (12+)
Haycock Point
Observed many Fairy Prions close to shore, at times very close to rocks at Haycock Point/Rock. Provided excellent views from the rock platform.
Jason and Jo Caruso 24/7 #234939
Hudsonian Godwit, Banded Stilt
Lake Wollumboola
Hudwit showing well (in with 90 Bar-tailed Godwirts) when flock put up by something. Stilt in with 210 Red-necked Avocet. Note that it has no breast band. Also 47 Caspian Tern and an Australian Hobby.
Chris Gladwin 24/7 #234935
Freckled Duck
South Nowra
49 birds on small pond (“Twin Waters Reserve”) in new housing development beside Turnstone Vista off Swallow Street as previously described. Very odd location. Birds extremely approachable (but “safe” on rocky islets).
Chris Gladwin 24/7 #234933
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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