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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Max Breckenridge, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

The moderators support government regulations related to the COVID-19 outbreak regarding access to restricted areas, social distancing and unnecessary travel. We will not publish any reports that potentially breach these regulations. Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the BirdLife Australia Atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) or Square-tailed Kites unless they are in unusual locations or are seen with unusual prey etc. We will however be more open to publishing these and other species during the period of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

September 2020
Sat 26Spectacled Monarch,Glossy Black Cockatoos.
Deep Creek,Narrabeen.
There was a Spectacled Monarch at Deep Creek this morning this is my second record for Deep Creek, also 6 Glossy Black Cockatoos.
Michael Ronan 26/9 #258771
Fri 25Grey Plover
Puckeys Estate (Fairy Meadow)
Grey Plover still present, near lagoon outflow.
Max de Beer, Bella Contador-Kelsall 26/9 #258770
Black Honeyeater
Mitchell highway south of Bourke
Black honeyeaters (singles, pairs and more) at multiple stops in flowering eremophilas along Mitchell highway from about 30km south of Bourke to 65km south of Bourke. Also flocks (10 to 50 birds) of budgerigars at same.
Chris Gladwin 25/9 #258766
Thu 24Dollarbird
Brindle Creek, Border Ranges NP
A single bird perched high in a dead tree in rainforest. My first one for the season.
David Charley 25/9 #258763
highlightGrey Plover
Puckeys Estate (Fairy Meadow)
Single Grey Plover on the lagoon sandbar with Masked Lapwings. Still displaying some breeding plumage. Following up on a report of it's sighting there on 23/9. Poor iPhone pic attached eBird checklist
Steven Cooper 24/9 #258760
Harold Avenue, Pennant Hills
Single bird heard calling in tree in laneway just off Pennant Hills Road. Second day in area. (Moderator's Note: This is the last Koel arrival we will publish that is within their normal range, unusual sightings or locations elsewhere may still be published. AKM)
Gina McFarlane 24/9 #258759
megamegaLesser Yellowlegs
Ash Island, Newcastle
-32.865550, 151.722593. Seen late this afternoon. Good views from track that is to the east of Wagtail Way. Bird was relaxed, loafing or feeding alongside Stilts and Avocets. (Moderatror's Note: It confirmed, this will be the 3rd NSW record, following on from records at Ash Island 2001 and South West Rocks 2007. BARC Submission required. AKM),
Jon Spicer-Bell 24/9 #258758
Tue 22Dollarbird
King Creek and Laurieton, Mid-North Coast
A single Dollarbird flew low and fast over our place at King Creek, heading east at dusk. A single bird was also observed at Laurieton on the 23rd by Sue Proust. Our first records for the season.
Clive Meadows 26/9 #258767
highlightFlock Bronzewing
Mitchell Highway SE of Bourke
7 Flock Bronzewings flew over road right in front of our vehicle17 K's SE of Bourke on road to Trangie at 0845 -30 13 17, 146 2 29 (Moderator's Note: A fantastic record! There have been many reports in NSW in the vicinity of Sturt NP this season, with one exceptional report from north of Enngonia in early August [of 2 birds]. It may have been since the 1990's since there were Flock Bronzewings reported south of Bourke though? MR)
June Harris 24/9 #258756
Sydney Olympic Park - Bicentennial Park
One bird heard calling during spring survey
Elisabeth and Tom Karplus, Gabrielle Rees 23/9 #258753
Black-breasted Buzzard
75km south of Tibooburra
Black-breasted Buzzard seen well by the Silver City Highway 75km south of Tibooburra at 10.30am. Very few recent reports in this area according to Ebird.
Roger McGovern 23/9 #258749
Mon 21Spotted Quail-Thrush
Great North Walk Berowra Heights
I saw and heard a female and male bird on the track after I had admired the views of Berowra Waters below. The pair had been reported by another birdwatcher two days before in this same location. A 35 second video was taken and a couple of photos. A first for me this side of the Great Dividing Range.
Kerry Allen 23/9 #258754
Australian Boobook
Sydney Park
Surprised to learn this species not reported here since 2017. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg - Sydney Birding 22/9 #258745
Pallid Cuckoo
"Jacana" Hsd Clarenza N.S.W.
First arrival callling this morning
Eric Wheeler 21/9 #258739
Sun 20Glossy Black Cockatoo
Burrumbuttock, opposite Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre
Single adult female, first observed on the 20th September, still present in same location on the 24th. Feeding in a belah, spending the entire day chewing through the woody fruit, but roosts overnight elsewhere. Six other individuals observed two weeks ago at private property on Stony Park Road, south-east of Burrumbuttock. First record in this district
David M Watson 24/9 #258755
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Paddy’s Flat
Heard calling on upper Clarence river, 40 km northwest of Tabulam. Very vocal Rufous Songlark also present. ( Moderator's Note: Channel-billed Cuckoos have turned up in many places now so there is no need to report any more on Birdline unless there is something really unusual. AKM)
Ian Colvin 21/9 #258741
Leaden Flycatcher
Molonglo Gorge
A single male Leaden Flycatcher feeding amongst the shrubs in the Molonglo River just west of the Gorge. Early seasonal arrival.... eBird checklist
Peter Higgins 20/9 #258727
Black-faced Monarch
Molonglo Gorge, ACT
Single bird foraging along the banks of the Molonglo River in the vacinity of the Gorge. Also observed and photographed by Ryu Callaway and John Martin eBird checklist
Peter Higgins 20/9 #258726
Sat 19highlightLight-mantled Albatross
Sharpes Beach near Ballina NSW
Beachwashed. Wingspan 1.6 metres. Blue line on bill. Large lump on side of head
Bruce McNaughton 26/9 #258775
Sacred Kingfisher, Scarlet Honeyeater, Rufous Whistler, Brush Cuckoo, Channel-billed Cuckoo
Kurrajong Hills
All of the above species have arrived in Kurrajong HIlls, lower Blue Mountains, in the past week. Rufous Whistler, Brush Cuckoo and Scarlet Honeyeater (a summer migrant here) all recorded first on 11 Sep, Channel-billed Cuckoo on 16 Sep, and Sacred Kingfisher in 2 locations on 19 Sep. Interestingly Rufous Whistlers which used to be local in acacia-dominated cleared areas are now utilising rainforest edge alongside resident Golden Whistlers, after a mass local die-off of acacia in the past year. A pair of Yellow-rumped Thornbills were my first local record in 4 years.
Eric Finley 21/9 #258740
Pacific Koel
First return heard calling about 03:30 this morning, persisting on and off for at least a couple of hours.
Peter Higgins 19/9 #258715
Fri 18Rainbow Bee-eater
Nepean River Cycleway, Camden
Birds have just started to return to their summer breeding location along the River at Camden, 2 Birds spotted ( Male and Female ). (Moderator's Note: It would appear that Rainbow Bee-eaters have returned to numerous places, with more than usual in the Yarramalong & Ravensdale Valleys on the Central Coast too, and so no more arrivals will be published. AKM)
Paul Heath 21/9 #258737
Grey Grasswren (4)
Narriearra Station (Restricted Access)
Some 53 species recorded here including Black-eared Cuckoo, Spotless Crake, Australian Tern, flocks of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers on migration and a small number of Blue-winged Parrots.
Dion Hobcroft, Dean Purcell and Andrew Robinson 19/9 #258722
Rufous Songlark
Single bird seen at edge of coastal reserve bushland. First return here, unusual location and habitat.
Peter Higgins 19/9 #258716
highlightRose-crowned Fruit Dove
Flaggy Creek, Kaleen Street, Kahibah, 2290
Juvenile bird 32°58'09.4"S 151°42'36.7"E -32.969272, 151.710187 eBird checklist
Rob Kyte and Rachel Klyve 18/9 #258711
Thu 17highlightFlock Bronzewing
Sturt NationalPark-Narriearra Station
Small flocks of 6-10 birds seen widely through the district. Interestingly males watched doing the aerial flight display with wings raised in a V, gliding and rising and falling. Also watched on the ground adopting a calling posture but could not be heard despite being quite close on occasions. This could indicate that they are nesting and that would be a rare event in NSW.
Dion Hobcroft, Dean Purcell and Andrew Robinson 19/9 #258720
highlightEastern Grass Owl and King Quail
Ash Island
Whilst attempting to locate a calling King Quail, an Eastern Grass Owl was accidentally flushed from it's day roost site on Ash Island.
Jayden Walsh, Jon Spicer-bell and Mike Barrow 18/9 #258701
highlightVaried Triller
Ourimbah Rest Stop
Rare bird on the Central Coast. Both the Female and Male sighted and photographed. While there have been at least 2 records of single Varied Trillers seen at Central Coast sites (Umina 1991, Central Coast Wetlands 2019), this is the first time that 2 birds have been present.
David Russell 17/9 #258695
Wed 16highlightRose-crowned Fruit Dove
Coastal path by Grandfathers Gully Reserve, Batemans Bay
Juvenile Rose-crowned Fruit-dove in rainforest. Observed at 1222. Didn't know ID at time of observing. eBird checklist
John Hurrell 16/9 #258684
Beach Stone-Curlew, Whimbrel
Pelican Island (Woregore Nature Reserve) Port Macquarie
The regular monthly waterbird survey of Pelican Island was carried out today by the Hastings Birdwatchers, led by Dave Whitfield. Some of the migratory waders have returned so that we could see 38 Bar-tailed Godwits, 20 Whimbrels and 16 Eastern Curlews, while there were 4 Pied Oystercatchers and 2 Beach Stone-curlews at the high tide roost. Other migratory birds were present as well like a Sacred Kingfisher, a Leaden Flycatcher, an Olive-backed Oriole, a Rufous Whistler and a group of Rainbow Bee-eaters. The only raptors seen were Ospreys, while gulls, terns and cormorants made up the other waterbirds present.
Dave Whitfield , Alan Morris and 8 other members of HBW 16/9 #258681
Australasian Bittern [4], Musk Duck [8]
Campbell's Swamp Griffith
The bitterns seem to have returned to the swamp awaiting the rice planting next month where they disperse to breed. The Musk Ducks included a male performing his whistling and splashing act and the females included two with one half grown duckling each. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan, Marie Lister 16/9 #258679
Channel-billed Cuckoo, Dollarbird
Lone bird flew over my work this morning calling loudly. Dollarbirds turned up at the end of last week. (Moderator's Note: We have received several reports of Channel-bills now so won't be publishing more unless the bird is in an interesting location etc. MR).
Paul Schofield 16/9 #258678
Tue 15highlightBanded Whiteface
Sturt National Park--northwest corner
A pair of Banded Whiteface frequenting a small grove of Dead Finish in a clay flat-inter dune swale close to Cameron Corner.. (Moderator's Note: This species is on the Review List of the NSWORAC. AKM)
Dion Hobcroft, Dean Purcell and Andrew Robinson 19/9 #258721
Australian Pratincole
Dunlop Stn Louth
9 Australian pratincoles flushed from beside the road from Dunlop Station Louth.
June Harris, Mark and Karen Delany and Tony Gifford 18/9 #258712
Black Breasted Buzzard
Louth to Tilpa Rd.
Great views of Bl Br Buzzard over road 25 K's south of Louth on road to Tilpa.
June Harris, Tony Gifford, Mark and Karen Delany 18/9 #258708
Sun 13Latham's Snipe
At 12:55pm a Latham's Snipe landed next to the clothesline in my back yard, about 3m away from me. It froze and then after a few seconds it took off towards Gordon Golf Course. I raced over there in 5mins and checked the small swamp on the course, but could not relocate it. Quite unexpected and a first ebird record for the Ku-ring-gai LGA.
David Vickers 14/9 #258673
highlightSoft-plumaged Petrel, Cape Petrel
Offshore--Port Stephens pelagic
A very pale Soft-plumaged Petrel seen late in the second drift was the highlight of the Port Stephens pelagic yesterday. The bird came in and flew off the starbaord side very languidly for about a minute before disappearing. This is just the second Soft-plumaged seen in Hunter waters; the first being 15/10/2017. Other birds included a Cape Petrel (very scarce these days) a Southern Giant-petrel (seen not far from shore where a Bar-tailed Godwit was also photographed flying towards the coast), half a dozen Solander's Petrels and up to 15 White-faced Storm-petrels. Thousands of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters as well. Unusually for September, not a single albatross was seen. An ORAC submission will be prepared for the Soft-plumaged.
Mick Roderick and 7 other observers on the M.V.Contagious 14/9 #258668
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Eulah Creek
The first two Channel-billed Cuckoos of the season have arrived at Eulah Creek, 20 km E of Narrabri, at 8:15 this morning. Flying over in a westerly direction, towards Narrabri.
Michael Dahlem 13/9 #258657
Sat 12highlightFlock Bronzewing Bourke's Parrot
Pimpara Lake
2 Flock Bronzewings were seen at dusk flying over the lake. The station owner also reported a strange pigeon from one of her dams. 10 Bourke's Parrot, 20 Banded Lapwings, 50+ Crimson Chats, 500 Budgies and 60Red-necked Avocets.
Allan Benson, Doug Hocking, Michael Scobi er 12/9 #258656
Rainbow Bee-eaters
Stockton Sandspit
3 Rainbow Bee-eaters were hawking from dry mangrove branches at Stockton Sandspit before moving north. There was a good collection of migratory shorebirds here today - 400+ Bar-tailed Godwits, 3 Red Knots, 3 Curlew Sandpipers, 9 Grey-tailed Tattlers and 1 Terek Sandpiper. No disturbances apart from the raptor flyovers - Brahminy Kite, Whistling Kite, Osprey and a distant Wedge-tailed Eagle. eBird checklist
Richard Murray 12/9 #258655
Crimson Chat
Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant
4 Crimson Chats (2 pairs) seen east of bird hide.
Janet Chapman and Greg Hardham 12/9 #258654
Scarlet Honeyeater
Cnr Park and Phillip Street Molong
Saw this stunning bird for the first time in Molong! Never seen them around here before. Very good spring this year may be causing them to move westwards.
Stephen Gibbs 12/9 #258649
Bush Stone-curlew
Glen Villa Resort, Byron Bay, NSW
2013 was the last time a Curlew was sighted at Glen Villa. Many calls heard over past 5-6 weeks. This Pair in my backyard this morning.
Michael van Kempen 12/9 #258647
Fri 11Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Dollarbird, Pheasant Coucal
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park at -33.625648, 151.261531
9 Glossy Blacks feeding at 5:30pm along West Head rd near Salvation Loop Northern end. One juvenile male among them. Also heard two Pheasant Coucals calling at this site, and I was surprised to see a Dollarbird at the Basin - a particularly early arrival?
Henry Coleman 12/9 #258648
Straw-necked Ibis
Oatley Park/Lime Kiln Bay
At 3.30 pm, a small flock of 10 Straw-necked Ibis flew east along the Georges River, over Oatley Park and over Lime Kiln Bay until they reached Mortdale where they turned north until out of sight. I have never seen this species of bird in this area. Not a rare bird but rare in this area.
Dave Koffel 11/9 #258646
Painted Honeyeater
Capertee National Park
Single earlyish Painted Honeyeater heard calling near the campground this morning. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 11/9 #258645
Wed 9Little Woodswallow
Trilby Station, Louth
A highlight of our overnight stay at Trilby Station enroute home from our 14 day trip to Western NSW, was a pair of Little Woodswallows perched at the top of some dead branches of a Coolibah Tree, close to the Darling River. This was the only sighting of the species.
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 14/9 #258667
Monkeygar Creek Crossing, Gibson Way, Northern Macquarie Marshes
137 Magpie-geese were seen feeding and roosting in the freshwater Marshes, either side of the Monkeygar Creek Crossing on Wednesday morning. They were the second commonest waterbird, after Coots, at the Crossing. This is in addition to the 200+ that have commenced nesting at The Mole Homestead, further to the north by Leeanne Hall two days before. It is of interest to note that while the Magpie Geese have commenced to nest, it is understood that, neither Ibis or Spoonbills have commenced any nesting activity.
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 11/9 #258641
Budgerigar [10], Rufous Songlark [5]
Evans Smyles Rd via Leeton
After reading of the sightings of budgies at Lake Cargelligo, I went to check out Evans Smyles Road just out of Leeton and found 10 feeding just beside the road. It is a regular site for them when they move this far east. Also, the Rufous Songlarks were very active and singing constantly so easy to find. They have just returned to the area. Also 4 Cockatiels, Southern Whiteface feeding young birds and Grey-crowned Babblers. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 10/9 #258639
highlightPossible White-throated Honeyeater
Heard calling on private property near the junction of Cockburn & Peel rivers. Other birds included Brown Honeyeater and Rainbow Bee-eater (Moderator's Note: Publishing as a possible record due to the unusual/out-of-range location and the fact that the bird wasn't observed for confirmation. MR).
Graham Turner 10/9 #258638
Plumed Whistling-duck 50+, Buff-banded Rail and Sacred Kingfisher
Fivebough Wetlands
Whistling-duck were in the back settling ponds seen from the viewing platform along with 14 Pink-eared Duck. Also a Sacred Kingfisher near the Picnic Shelter and Buff-banded Rail near the first viewing platform. It has been present now for over 3 weeks or more. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 9/9 #258634
Eastern Koel
My first Koel of the season heard early this morning in Balmain.
Robert Griffin 9/9 #258632
Tue 8highlightGrey Falcon
Gorge Loop, Sturt National Park
A single bird flew close overhead along the Gorge Loop Track - about 5kms from the Homestead. Also good numbers of Budgerigars, Pied Honeyeaters (common near any water-course), a single Black-breasted Buzzard, and Bourke’s Parrot seen in 3 locations along this track
Simon Blanchflower 10/9 #258640
Wagonga Inlet, Narooma NSW
Pair of Ospreys - one on the nest, one flying in and out. Breeding pair most likely.
Mark Westwood 10/9 #258635
Lake Cargelligo
High numbers of Budgerigars in the Lake Cargelligo area today. *First sighting early this morning Tipping Way T-intersection Round Hill NR multiple flocks *Second sighting Whoey Tank Round Hill NR at least 100 birds *Third sighting 7 birds Curlew Road near Lake Cargelligo Weir *Fourth sighting approx. 40 birds Curlew Road *Fifth sighting approx 10 birds Curlew Rd/Lake Cargelligo/Condobolin Rd intersection *Afternoon sighting 21 birds 17km from Lake C on Lake Cargelligo/Condobolin Rd *Evening sighting at least 50 birds flying off farm dam (private land) approx 25km east of Lake C.
Sandy and Rebecca Van Dyk 8/9 #258631
Swift Parrot
Five birds heard calling and flying overhead around 8am. For the last two + weeks there have been one or two occasionally feeding in a planted Forest Red Gum (E.tereticornis) at the school or a Swamp Mahogany (E.robusta) in View Street near the fire trail. So far, not the 30+ we had last year.
Paul Burcher & Jacqueline Reifenstein 8/9 #258630
Superb Parrots
7km north of Eugowra - Central West NSW Private Land
the landholder saw 3 Superb Parrots on the wing today, to the north of their farm house flying north.
Mark Heinzel 8/9 #258629
Sun 6Rainbow Bee-eater
Broke and Milbrodale
Several birds seen in both Broke and Milbrodale towns. There dont appear to be any records south of the Hunter so far this season. (Moderator - there have been a few records in the Lower Hunter from the 29th August onwards, eg at Kitchener, Quorrobolong and Maitland Vale though these have all been of birds flying overhead. MR).
Eric Finley 8/9 #258625
Square-tailed Kite and Little Eagle
Hogues Creek south of Deepwater
One Square-tailed Kite flying over New England H'way 29.36.12 x 151.52.6 being harrassed by small unidentified bird. Little Eagle pale morph also on New England H'way approx 2 k's south of Deepwater to Glen Innes
June Harris 7/9 #258621
Pied Honeyeater, White-browed Treecreeper, Crimson Chat
Paroo-Darling National Park--Peery Lake
Great conditions and a full lake with several displaying Pied Honeyeaters. Crimson chats and budgerigars everywhere. White-browed Treecreeper in belah patch. Many other species.
Chris Gladwin 7/9 #258619
Australian Bustards
Connia Creek, Sturt NP, Tibooburra
Near the site of the former Mount King Homestead, on the Jump-Up Loop Track, Sturt NP, near Connia Creek a pair of Bustards were seen, about 1730 hrs by Doug Hocking, Mike Scobie and Allan Benson.
Per Alan Morris 7/9 #258618
highlightGrey Falcon, Black Falcon
Connia Creek, Sturt NP
On the Jump-up Trail, Sturt NP, near the site of the former Mount King Homestead, near the first crossing of Connia Creek, big flocks of disturbed Budgerigars drew our attention, so we stopped our vehicle to look for a raptor, and found a Black Falcon causinf the disturbance. While photographing the Black Falcon, it in turned was harassed by a Grey Falcon, later joined by its mate, and they drove off the Black Falcon. The two Grey Falcons stayed for about 4 minutes. Both species photographed (photo:Dick Jenkin)
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 7/9 #258617
Black-breasted Buzzard
Fort Grey Camping Area, Sturt NP
Good birding in the camping area, including a Black-breasted Buzzard chasing corvids, seen and photographed, 2 Bourke's Parrots, Red-backed Kingfisher, White-backed Swallow, Crimson & Orange Chats, 100s Budgerigars nesting in camping atea
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 7/9 #258616
Topknot Pigeon
Lambert Peninsula [Ku-ring-gai Chase]
A flock of about 15 flew over the far end of the Wallaroo [North] Track. Also a couple of Wedge-tailed Eagles over the Challenger and Yeomans [Wallaroo South] Tracks. The wildflowers along the overgrown Yeomans Track are splendid at the moment.
Ted Nixon 6/9 #258614
Sat 5highlightBanded Whiteface, Bourke's Parrot
5km radius of Camerons Corner
A survey around Cameron's Corner, excluding South Australia and and Qld, revealed a single Banded Whiteface, seen and photographed, 300m from the SA Dog Fence, several Pied Honeyeaters, a pair of Bourke's Parrots, many Buderigars, Crimson and Orange Chats. Southern Whiteface were found nearby but not with this bird, it is possible that another bird was present. (Photo: Steven Edwards)
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 7/9 #258615
Red-backed Kingfisher
Bird was observed sitting on a wire on Borah Creek Road approximately 1km our of Quirindi.
David Russell 6/9 #258612
Eastern Koel
Ryde Secondary College, Ryde, 2112
Heard my first koel this afternoon quite close to Ryde Secondary College. Posting since I didn't see any other reports yet.
Fatih Sam 5/9 #258607
White-winged Triller, Pallid Cuckoo, Latham's Snipe
A great morning with 79 species recorded including 2 male White-winged Trillers (one male in summer plumage and the other still in eclipse), a Pallid Cuckoo, 8 Lathams Snipe, a pair of White-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes (one light and one dark morph), nesting Striated Pardalotes, a pair of Crested Shrike-tits, Restless Flycatcher and a few Dusky Woodswallows,
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 5/9 #258604
White-browed Woodswallow
Eulah Creek
First sighting for the season; a small flock of 10-20 birds, first heard, then seen flying high above Eulah Creek, near the junction of Eulah Creek Road with Box Gully Road, 20 km E of Narrabri. I could only identify a White-browed Woodswallow. Can't say if there were Masked Woodswallows.
Michael Dahlem 5/9 #258602
Black-faced Monarch
Wallaby Gully Rd, Ellalong
Early arrival date, dont appear to be any NSW ebird records yet this spring. Also 14 species of honeyeater, Glossy Black-cockatoo, Grey-crowned Babbler, over 300 Musk Lorikeets.
Eric Finley 5/9 #258601
Fri 4Lewins Rail
Sydney Park
A single adult Lewin's rail observed from the bridge between the island pond and lower pond. Excellent views of it foraging between the low reeds and coming out onto muddy areas between 4.45pm and 5.30pm
Kate Buys and Janine Chapman 4/9 #258599
highlightFlock Bronzewing, Gibberbird, inland Dotterels, Australian Pratincole
Gorge Loop, Mt Wood NP (Tibooburra)
Late afternoon near tourist marker point 4: 1 Gibberbird, 3 Inland Dotterel, 30 Australian Pratincole (many immatures) and 14 Flock Bronzewing (flocks of 8 & 6).
Chris Gladwin 4/9 #258597
Swift Parrot
Two Swift Parrots flew just above tree height near the lake at Tallong Park. Flew South-West. Called as they flew. Good views. No lorikeets or honeyeaters in immediate vicinity. Scribbly gum woodland on ridgetop no flowering observed. Possibly just passing through.
Kurtis Lindsay 4/9 #258596
highlightCinnamon Quail Thrush, Bouke's Parrots, Inland Dotterel
The Gorge Loop Track, Sturt National Park.
Good birding along the Gorge Loop Track this morning, at least 16 Bourke's Parrots at 4 locations, 2 Flock Bronzewing, 9 Inland Dotterel, including two pairs each with 2 young; 2 Cinnamon Quail-thrush; 3+ Red-browed Pardalotes; 2 Red-backed Kingfishers; 7 Pratincoles; hundreds of Budgerigars; Diamond Doves; Pied Honeyeaters et al. Later on the Jump Up Loop track there was a flock of over 1000 Budgerigars at Conia Creek with 3 Black Honeyeaters at Olive Downs camping area. (Photo: Steve Edwards)
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 4/9 #258593
Thu 3Brolgas
Hat Head road, near Gladstone NSW
Two brolgas were wading in a canal beside the road in a cow paddock
Judith Baker 7/9 #258623
highlightGibberbird, Inland Dotterel, Bouke's Parrots, Australian Pratincole
20 km west of Tibooburra
Good birding late afternoon on the Fort Grey Road where a mixed group of 2 Gibberbirds, 7 Inland Dotterel & 2 Australian Pratincoles were found Later a pair of Bourke's Parrots. (Photo: Dick Jenkin)
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin & Alan Morris 4/9 #258594
highlightGrey Grasswren, Flock Bronzewing & Blue-winged Parrot
90 km North-east Tibooburra (private property, authorised access only)
Great birding this morning, with 4 Grasswrens seen & photographed, 46 Blue-winged Parrots in total, small & large groups, a flock of 26 Flock Bronzewings, large numbers of Crimson & Orange Chats, Redthroat, 750 Budgerigars, Glossy Ibis, 3 Pratincoles, Red-backed Kingfisher, Red-kneed Dotterel, 9 Inland Dotterel including young birds, Spotless Crake etc 40 species for the morning. (Photo: Steve Edwards)
Steve Edwards, Mike Kuhl, Dick Jenkin and Alan Morris 4/9 #258592
highlightPacific Baza
Timmallallie National Park, 25kms north of Coonabarabran
Pacific Baza observed and photographed in Timmallallie National Park, approximately 100m east of the Baradine-Coonabarabran Road, opposite "The Duke", just south of the township of Bugaldie. Single bird flew into red gum and stayed at least 20 minutes.
May Fleming and Max Breckenridge 3/9 #258590
Black & Pied Honeyeaters, Crimson & Orange Chats, Bourke’s Parrots, Little Button-quail
Mt Wood and Sturt National Parks
Superb conditions around Mt Wood Homestead with (aside from the wild flowers) 10 displaying Pied Honeyeaters, numerous Crimson Chats, many hundreds of Budgerigars, 1 Little Button-quail & Red-backed Kingfisher. On Gorge Loop Road: Bourke’s Parrots at 4 stops totalling 9 birds, plus 2 Australian Pratincoles, Spotted Harrier, White-backed Swallows and 4 Cinnamon Quail-thrush. At Olive Downs more Pied Honeyeaters plus 1 Black Honeyeater. At Warri Gate 2 Orange Chats.
Chris Gladwin 3/9 #258589
Channel-billed Cuckoo
My first Channel-billed Cuckoo of the season heard in Balmain this morning (Moderator: several birds also reported from other Sydney suburbs and Lake Macquarie - we will only publish a few more).
Robert Griffin 3/9 #258586
Wed 2Channel-billed cuckoo
Earliest I’ve heard / seen CBC. Heard flying over at 6am.
Charles Hunter 3/9 #258585
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
South Grafton, east of South Grafton Aerodrome
50+ Cockatoos flying around and landing in trees with some landing at water trough and on fence nearby. This is the largest number recorded for some time but flocks of 20-30 have been around South Grafton for a few months attracted mainly to Pecan Nut trees.
Greg & Val Clancy 2/9 #258584
Tue 1Swift Parrot (possible)
Glenbawn Dam
Small group sighted Glenbawn Dam tops of Ironbark, one flew low for clear id (Moderator - publishing as a possible only due to brevity of sighting)
Darrell fuller 14/9 #258665
Eastern Reef Egret
Newport Beach, NSW
Foraging on rocks adjacent to reef at very low tide.
Carl Weber 2/9 #258583
Diamond Dove
1 x Diamond Dove in my backyard. Unfortunately scared off by my dogs.It's the first one I've seen in town.
Mick Crosland 1/9 #258581

August 2020
Mon 31highlightPainted Button Quail
2 Nautical Miles east of North Head
Sighted struggling in the 25-30 knot southerly change that had just come through. Hopefully it made it back to land as it didn't elect to seek refuge on our RHIB. Thanks to Vincent Mourik for correcting my ID
Biggles Csolander 3/9 #258587
Rainbow Bee-eater
Eulah Creek
Just first heard, then also saw, the first returning Rainbow Bee-eaters for the season. They were still flying high, ca. 100 m, above Cumnock Lane, near the T-junction with Eulah Creek Road, 20 km E of Narrabri - coming in on a strong northerly wind that is bringing spring to the region. Diamond Doves still in the area in large numbers. Also this morning heard Budgerigars flying over for the first time in maybe a month.
Michael Dahlem 31/8 #258569
Sun 30highlightRed-chested Buttonquail, Little Buttonquail
Paroo-Darling National park (Peery Lake Section)
Red-chested Buttonquail calls recorded by remote recorders at dusk and dawn at three different locations within this part of Paroo-Darling. Little Buttonquail were also regularly calling at night at each of these locations. eBird checklist
Marc Anderson 21/9 #258743
Australian Boobooks
Nepean River Cycleway, Camden
2 Australian Boobooks observed at about 7:30pm in Kings Bush. Believed to be a male and female and hopefully a breeding pair. There were a breeding pair in this location 3 years ago that raised 2 chicks. But none for the last 2 years. I will be keeping an eye on these two.
Brett Mezen 31/8 #258571
Striated Heron
Berrys Bay, Sydney Harbour
Nice to see a Striated Heron in the 'middle' of the city this evening.
Iain Blake 30/8 #258568
Lewin's Rail
Sydney Park
3 birds seen between 4:45 and 5:45pm this afternoon. All adults. 2 birds by bridge separating island and bottom ponds; other bird at northern end of island pond. All 3 birds calling at various times. Videos taken on iPhone of 2 birds. One vid shows (badly) a black rat trying to get one bird, and missing it. The rat then hides under embankment by stream. Bird comes back to look at it. I had to call out a few times to scare it off incase the rat got it. Absolutely crazy. Another vid shows single bird calling. Now is THE time to see this elusive bird at SP.
Lorne Johnson 30/8 #258567
White-throated Gerygone
Breakfast Creek via Rylstone
First recording for Spring (Moderator's Note: Publishing this, but noting that White-throated Gerygones have been recorded as having returned to many sites in NSW in various regions + many birds evidently overwintered this year and remained vocal through winter in some places. MR).
Malcolm Stokes 30/8 #258566
Pied Butcherbird
Long Reef
One Pied Butcherbird calling and feeding amongst banksias at highest part of Long Reef headland at sunrise.
David Sawyer 30/8 #258559
Sat 29Inland Dotterel
Sturt National Park - The Gorge Loop Road
Approx 35 Inland Dotterels including some juveniles seen at dusk on gibber plain a few kilometres north west of Mount Wood Homestead. A flock of 26 was seen in the same area about two weeks earlier by others. Approximate location on this ebird list eBird checklist
Marc Anderson 21/9 #258742
Swift Parrot (3)
Bobbin Head Rd, North Turramurra
3 Swift Parrots seen flying across Bobbin Head Rd in North Turramurra from west to east, alighting in a tree for approx 30-40 secs before being chased off by Noisy Miners and then moving further eastwards. Birds seen in the stretch between Allara Rd and the school/shops. Type of tree not known but not a eucalypt. Time was approx 5:40pm, and with sufficient light to see the red flashes on vent and wings and yellowish tone on belly as they flew past as well as the long dark tail. Birds were calling as they flew and that is what caught my attention. (Will be paying attention/listening more over the coming days.)
Tom Wilson 29/8 #258556
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Sublime Point Road, Leura
Pair of Glossy Black Cockatoo feeding on casuarina along the walking track towards Sublime Point Lookout. Poor quality photo attached, tail bands bright red.
Jane Frost 29/8 #258555
Fri 28Latham's Snipe
Breakfast Creek Via Rylstone
Pair of birds on a grassy flooded creek flat.
Malcolm Stokes 30/8 #258565
Rose Robin
Ferntree Gully Reserve Rylstone
Malcolm Stokes 30/8 #258563
White-headed Petrel
Long Reef Aquatic Reserve
Highlight of a two and a half hour seawatch late this afternoon from Long Reef was a White-headed Petrel going south about two hundred meters off the island.
Michael Ronan 28/8 #258549
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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