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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline New South Wales is supported by Birding NSW, Birdlife Southern NSW and Cumberland Bird Observers Club and moderated by Alan Morris, Max Breckenridge, Mick Roderick and Simon Blanchflower.

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Moderators' Note

Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

Recent Sightings


Reports published in the past 30 hours.

May 2019
Sun 26Pied Butcherbird, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
Shoplands Road, Annangrove
Single adult Pied Butcherbird observed mid-afternoon, first record of the species since 2002. Neither was it recorded at the site in the early 1970's when Shoplands Road was a Sydney birdwatchers' hotspot. Two Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters are only the second sighting here since the colony disappeared after a prescribed burn in the gully in 2010. Other record was a single bird in Jan 2018.
Darryl Smedley 26/5 #239541
Fri 24Swift Parrots
Joshua Porter Reserve, Chain Valley Bay
There are still large numbers of Swift Parrots feeding in Swamp Mahogany and other flowering trees in this reserve. It is difficult to determine numbers but there were probably 30-40 birds flying between the trees.
Elisabeth Karplus 25/5 #239536
highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Ash Island--Wagtail Way
I was lucky enough to encounter multiple Yellow Wagtails this afternoon on at Fish Fry Flats on Ash Island. Three bird initially seen well and then nine birds flushed and flew towards Wagtail Way. A total of ten birds were later seen on Wagtail Way. There are odd records from SE Aust. of May and June records, however 10 birds is unprecedented. Majority of birds were in full breeding plumage however at least two were birds were still showing immature plumage. (Moderator's Note: There is one May record for the Hunter Estuary, being of a single bird 2/05/2012 on Ash Island, and there was a bird present on Hexham Swamp 22/06-8/07/2014, possibly overwintering? But these numbers in late May is unprecedented in southern Australia and this represents the biggest count ever in NSW for any time of year. MR). Further note: as of midday today [25/05] numerous birders had been out on the island looking for the birds since first light without luck (MR).
Ian Benson 24/5 #238535
Thu 23Yellw-tufted Honeyeater
Dandahra Rest Area, Gibraltar Range National Park
Single bird feeding in flowering eucalypt with Red Wattlebird, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and White-naped Honeyeaters. Observers' first record at this location.
Greg Clancy & Alan Turnbull 24/5 #238537
Wompoo Fruit-Dove
Orara River, Ramornie
One bird perched in tree near house flew towards River. First record at this site for observers.
Greg Clancy & Alan Turnbull 24/5 #238536
Nutmeg Mannikin (Scaly-breasted Munia)
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
Following reports a few days ago (19 May), saw two Scaly-breasted Munia in the late afternoon on the fence on the northern side of the St. George Football (soccer) stadium in flock with Red-browed Finches.
Amit Kelkar 24/5 #238532
Wed 22Australian Masked Owl
Clive Evatt Reserve, Wahroongah
Deceased. No physical evidence of reason to death
Skye Virgin 23/5 #238529
highlightSwift Parrot
Mt Annan Botanic Garden
At least five Swift Parrot observed near small dam at junction of banksia track and Caley dr near banksia garden. Seen feeding on lerp in grey box. (Moderator's Note: 76 birds counted here at 4:30pm yesterday 21/05, per C. Munson. MR).
Debbie Andrew 22/5 #238523
Tue 21Dusky Woodswallow
Approx. 25 dusky woodswallows hawking over Cowan after 1pm. Also a huge flock of yellow-tailed black-cockatoos in past couple of weeks building to ca. 250/yesterday.
Paul Burcher and Jacqueline Reifenstein 21/5 #238512
Mon 20Red-capped Plover
Bonna Point Reserve
Sixteen Red-capped Plovers were observed feeding etc on the sandflat at -34.008891, 151.189076. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 20/5 #238507
Spotted Harrier
Ash Island--Wagtail Way-Southbank Rd circuit
An adult Spotted Harrier was observed diving into reeds & hunting low. It was photographed & will be reported on Ebird. May be the same bird the Mick Roderick saw along Cormorant Rd at the north of the island.
Archie Brennan 20/5 #238506
Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Wolli Creek Reserve, Earlwood
White morph Grey Goshawk seen just west of the flyingfox camp this afternoon. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan 20/5 #238505
highlightSwift Parrot
Corner of Macquarie Grove Road and Sutton Avenue, Cobbitty
2 birds calling from a Eucalyptus tereticornis
Leo Skowronek and Brendon Levot 20/5 #238502
Sun 19highlightSwift Parrot, Little Friarbird
Joshua Porter Reserve, Chain Valley Bay
At least 100, could be 150 Swift Parrots feeding in the blossom at Joshua Porter Reserve. At one point the birds all flew to the centre of the reserve in 4 successive flocks, allowing for a quick count. Also present are at least 6 Little Friarbirds feeding in the Paperbarks. During the morning a Square-trailed Kite and an Osprey were also seen at the site by David Russell. eBird checklist
Jenny & Rod Stiles and others. 20/5 #238503
Nutmeg Mannikin (Scaly-breasted Munia)
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
Three individuals spotted in the lantana on the northern side of the St George Soccer Stadium, with Double-barred and Red-browed Finches and Silvereyes. Not a native but another species to add to this great urban birding location. eBird checklist
Madeline Hourihan 19/5 #238494
Sat 18Barking Owl
Yango Creek Rd Laguna
Didn't see the bird however I was drawn to the sound of a brushtail possum hissing and then I heard the owl. I went outside to investigate, it was very close and continued "barking". I did record the bird while I was inside and can provide the audio if you wish.
Gary James 19/5 #238496
highlightKing Quail, Australasian Bittern (2) and Black Kite
Bushells Lagoon
We had 2 Australasian Bitterns on Saturday with one of the bitterns showing exceptionally well from the late morning as it foraged happily in front of us and at times within a few meters from where we were standing. It put on its best show in the late afternoon when we were able to watch it over an hour as it foraged well out in the open beside the canal (as per attached pics) in the beautiful late afternoon sun. At one stage a tractor passed between us and the Bittern and it did not fly off despite passing with a few metres. Despite seeing quite a number of Aust. Bitterns in the past I think this was my best ever experience with this species!! Also had a female King Quail seen briefly and calling a number of times (doing its triple whistle) and a Black Kite.
Edwin Vella et al; 19/5 #238495
Glossy Ibis, Torresian Crow
Central Coast Wetlands (Tuggerah)
After reading report here that Black-necked Stork and two Glossy Ibis were seen at McPherson Rd Swamp, Tuggerah, recently, I took a look today. That report said the ibis had also been seen at Central Coast Wetlands, nearby. I could not locate the stork at either location, but 2 Glossy Ibis seen at close range at Central Coast Wetlands (Pioneer Dairy) in the creek near the buildings. Also two Torresian Crows, there appears to be a nest high atop a Bunya Pine (in very dense foliage).(Moderator's Note: This is the first Central Coast Glossy Ibis Report for two years, last report August 2017 at this site. Torresian Crows are resident in the Tuggerah/Chittaway area. AKM). eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 18/5 #238490
Fri 17highlightBrahminy Kite
Botany Bay--Weenie Bay
Immature bird observed on oyster lease post. Seen during monthly Botany Bay Wader Count with Joan Dawes and Phil Straw. No records in BioNet-Atlas of NSW Wildlife for Botany Bay. (Moderator's Note: No records in eBird or Birdata either. MR).
Debbie Andrew 22/5 #238526
highlightRegent Honeyeater (2)
Coonoor Traveling Stock Route, Old Bundarra Rd.
Two unbanded adult Regent Honeyeaters found during an early Swift Parrot and Regent survey organised by Steve Debus. The birds were found ~500m south of the intersection of Old Bundarra Rd and Coonoor Rd. Birds found by William Buchanan during the 30 min survey of the TSR. Our group of 8 had viewings of the Male for around an hour with it feeding on the Mugga blossom and also hawking for insects. Only a short glimpse of the other bird, an adult but unsure of the sex but definitely unbanded. Interestingly we only heard one of its own calls, the remainder were it mimicking Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters which were in large numbers at the reserve. There is not much Mugga in flower with a few smaller trees along the road and 2 large paddock trees to the west of the reserve which are in full flower. eBird checklist
Heath Milne, William Buchanan, Steve Debus and others from Armidale Bird Watchers 18/5 #238489
Thu 16highlightBlack-necked Stork, Glossy Ibis
McPherson Road Swamp, Tuggerah
Single adult male seen in fading light feeding in the shallows of the wetlands at McPherson Road Swamp at Mardi. Two Glossy Ibis have also been present, spending their time between here and the Central Coast Wetlands at Tuggerah.
Daniel McKeon 17/5 #238487
Tue 14highlightPilotbird
2km north of The Pines Forest Park, Watagan Mountains
A Pilotbird was photographed and filmed at a spot 2km north of The Pines Forest park in the Watagan Mountains on Tues 14th May (a separate observer found the bird the next day). The closest 'reliable' locations for Pilotbirds are well west of here in Wollemi NP, though there is one eBird entry for the Watagans (July 2014, no notes) and I am aware of at least one sight record from the vicinity of Bangalow Road (~20 or more years ago).
Bruce Hosken per Mick Roderick 16/5 #238479
Spotted Harrier & Little Eagle
Sugarloaf ridge lookout, Western Sydney Parklands (Horsley Park)
Observed Spotted Harrier patrolling over grass in open grassy field before taking advantage of a thermal also used by a Little Eagle. (photo credit: Martin Juleff). Only the 2nd Spotted Harrier I've observed in the Sydney region.
Leo Skowronek and Martin Juleff 14/5 #238472
Mon 13highlightSwift Parrot
Joshua Porter Reserve, Chain Valley Bay South
Today the Reserve was alive with 100+ Swift Parrots, 50+ Musk Lorikeets, and at least 2 Little Friarbirds, Lots of flowering Swamp Mahogany and Blue Gums to feed on.
Christina Port 13/5 #238467
Sun 12Australasian Bittern
Bushells Lagoon
Further to Edwin Vella's report of 11/5/19, the Bittern was still present today. Observed on both sides of the causeway through the day.
Biggles CSolander 12/5 #238464
Spotted Harrier & Osprey
An adult Spotted Harrier being attacked by an Osprey over Collaroy Beach (Narrabeen side). The birds tussled in the air then fell down nearly hitting Pittwater Road. Got very good views directly underneath the bird as it was driven away by the defensive Osprey wich presumably has a nest nearby. My first sighting of a Spotted Harrier on the coast. eBird checklist
Kurtis Lindsay 12/5 #238463
Swift Parrot
Heard flying overhead in the morning. Sounded like more then one bird but could not see them due to glare of the sun.
Edwin Vella 12/5 #238462
highlightSwift Parrot
Warriewood Wetlands
3 Swift Parrots seen and heard well at Warriewood Wetlands this morning near the water quality ponds, my 1st record for this site
Jayden Walsh 12/5 #238461
Sat 11highlightRegent Honeyeater
Morisset (Private land - no access)
Exceptional flowering event in Swamp Mahogany stands around Morisset currently, with stands recovering from serious fire damage in previous years, still holding much bud. Large numbers of nomadic nectarivorous birds in attendance, along with resident species, including, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Noisy Friarbird, Scarlet Honeyeater, Little Lorikeet, with Fuscous Honeyeater, which are only present in exceptional years. They are a good indicator that Regent Honeyeaters may be present locally and two individuals were located this morning (initially from calls, later seen) in Swamp Mahogany carrying profuse blossom. Large nectarivorous bird numbers attracting bird foraging raptors, including Brown Goshawk and Square-tailed Kite.
Allan Richardson 11/5 #238459
Australasian Bittern
Bushells Lagoon
Accidentally flushed from the western side of the causeway at about 15:30 in the afternoon while I had my back turned to whilst looking at the ducks on the other side of the causeway (I walked past it without noticing it was out in the open) in which it circled low and landed within only 20 meters away where it had taken off. This was also the first time I have actually heard one call when flushed (normally they are silent).
Edwin Vella 11/5 #238458
Blue-billed Duck
McGraths Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
Saw 5 Blue-billed Ducks this afternoon consisting of 2 adult pairs and another female/young male bird. Interesting to see 3 large groups of Pink-eared Ducks each swimming in a large tight vortex as per attached pic of one of the group.
Edwin Vella 11/5 #238457
highlight(Possible) Letter-winged Kite
Menangle area
I was shocked and thrilled to see a Letter-winged Kite hovering at the edge of The Hume Highway's southbound lanes at Menagle this afternoon at 4:20pm. The bird was a little further south of Moreton Park Rd. At first, I thought I had a Black-shouldered Kite flying over the Hume in front of me (as I was driving north); the bird's flight was a different though - it was buoyant, tern-like. When the bird flew over the Hume and hovered by its southbound lanes, the black underwing pattern was distinct (this black stretched all the way to white of chest). Unfortunately, I had no time to stop and look at the bird further as I was rushing to get to an engagement in Sydney... I have been birding in Australia since the mid-80s and have seen hundreds of BSKs in my time. This bird was not a BSK... My first Letter-winged Kite!... I am happy to write up a report on this bird if need be. (Moderator's Note: Despite the experience of the observer [and as with previous reports of this species made from a vehicle], we are publishing as a "possible" so that other observers are alerted to it and may wish to follow it up. The observer is encouraged to submit an unusual records report form to the relevant regional group. MR).
Lorne Johnson 11/5 #238454
highlightSwift Parrot and Little Friarbird
Joshua Porter Reserve, Chain Valley Bay
50+ Swift Parrots observed feeding in Swamp Mahogany and Blue Gums along the water front at the reserve. A lone Little Friarbird was also spotted before being chased off by Noisy Miners.
Daniel McKeon 11/5 #238453
Cremorne NSW, Long Bay
Vocal pair enjoying the high winds, alternatively soaring and interacting and diving off to corners of the suburban bay.
Peter Hosking 11/5 #238450
Fri 10Plum-headed Finch
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
40 Plum-heads observed feeding in Putta Bucca on grasses near rear fence of cement works before flying onto fence and nearby bushes. The group then fed inside the fence before moving across to the picnic area path inside Putta Bucca. A number of Yellow-rumped Thornbills accompanied them. Picture shows about half of the flock.
Sue Chatfield 10/5 #238448
highlightMottled Petrel
MM Beach, Port Kembla
Vince Mourik reports that a member of the public found a beach-washed seabird at MM Beach Port Kembla on 5 April 2019 and sought advice from the Australian Seabird Rescue. Unfortunately the bird died within 30 minutes and circumstances made it impossible to secure the specimen for preservation. However the attached photograph was taken and passed onto to the ASR to establish the ID of this bird and it was found to be a Mottled Petrel. Mottled Petrels are on the Review List of the NSWORAC and so far in NSW there have only been 24 confirmed records. The last accepted record was on 12-13 November 2017 for several birds seen off Port Stephens. A bird was also photographed on the Kiama pelagic 26/01/2019 but has yet to be submitted to ORAC. Please consider handing in any unusual beachwashed seabirds to the Australian Museum as they might turn out to be an important specimen.
Vince Mourilk per Alan Morris 10/5 #238445
Thu 9highlightRegent Honeyeater
Scarborough Way, Dunbogan
An unbanded male Regent Honeyeater flew in to call playback during a targeted search this morning in Swamp Mahogany woodland adjacent to Dunbogan wastwater treatment plant. It remained in the area all morning (and again in the afternoon AKM), allowing for close observation, feeding on Swamp Mahogany and Melaleuca blossom and occasionally hawking insects. It was mimicking Little Wattlebird, no typical RH vocalisations heard at all. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 9/5 #238439
highlightWhite-bellied Sea-Eagle (1) and Caspian Tern (1)
Lake Wyangan (north lake)
The sea-eagle was a fly over, the Caspian was diving where a flock of pelicans were feeding.
Max O'Sullivan 9/5 #238438
White-fronted [2] and Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters
McCann Rd Lake Wyangan via Griffith
Honeyeaters feeding on the flowering grey mistletoe - the one tree attracted Spiny-cheeked, Singing, Striped, Brown-headed, White-plumed, Yellow-plumed, Yellow-throated Miner and one Noisy Miney. See list on eBird. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 9/5 #238437
Wed 8Brahminy Kite
Cherry Road, Eleebana
Lone adult flying high above my house at the end furthest from the lake. Identified based off of the white bib, orange colouration & short tail. Not see since about 8am that day. No photos were taken. (Moderator's Note: Brahminy Kites have been present in small numbers in Lake Macquarie for 4 or 5 years now. Publishing due to the fact the bird was well away from the water. MR).
Archie Brennan 9/5 #238442
Swift Parrot (Lathamus discolor)
Boys Walk (Avondale College, Cooranbong) (restricted access)
A flock of three birds were observed feeding in trees in the rainforest area along the banks of Dora Creek.
Maurice Ashton 8/5 #238434
Plumed Whistling-duck
Rope's Crossing - Sydney
First reported at this location on 28 April on eBird. It appears to be hanging around. Photos to come. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 8/5 #238432
Tue 7Pink-eared Duck
Bomaderry Wastewater Treatment Plant
At least 150 PE Ducks observed but full pond view partly obscured by new ponds and steel structures. A worker i spoke with said he thinks the 2 older more natural ponds may be filled in. This would mean an important local feeding/roosting site will likely be lost. The new ponds are not as suitable and dont have rocky grass surroundings as the old ponds do. Several new ponds are full of water now and apart from one grebe I haven't seen them used by birds. Freckled, Pink-eared, A.Shoveler and Plumed Whistling are amongst visiting waterfowl to these ponds each year in recent times. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 8/5 #238433
Topknot Pigeon
Riverview park, Nowra, near Town Pool
~30+ Topknots around the Pool and river; first group, 18 birds, flew north over the river ~8:30am, smaller groups seen moving through canopies of trees around the Pool. A group ~15 was voiding seeds, perched in eucalypt in front of Hospital, took flight and flew back towards the Pool. Very active this season with 50 counted a week earlier at same site. (Moderator's Note: Topknot Pigeons are mobile and conspicuous at this time of year. We won't be publishing any more reports unless there is something exceptional about the count/behaviour/location).
Harry Roberts 8/5 #238427
Swift Parrot
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park--Waratah Track
Very excited to hear and then see a single Swift Parrot fly overhead at 4pm, about halfway down the track where the trees open up to a beautiful rocky ridge overlooking interspersed eucalypt forest and heathland. The bird seemed to be flying quite a distance, but hopefully they are feeding in the vicinity.
Henry Coleman 8/5 #238425
Peaceful Dove
Horden Beach, Bundeena
Foraging through the seaweed debris along the high tide mark on Horden Beach around 1pm. (Moderator's Note: A very interesting observation. With the paucity of records of Peaceful Doves anywhere near here in Birdata/eBird it is possible that it is an aviary escapee?) eBird checklist
Bruce Roubin 7/5 #238423
Mon 6White-bellied Sea-eagle
Sheet of Water (Lake), Lake Cargelligo
White-bellied Sea-eagles are known to nest annually on the Sheet of Water Lake but during this visit, 3 adult plumage birds were all sitting separately but in the one Red Gum at the edge of this Lake. Both this Lake and Lake Cargelligo itself are fairly full of water despite the drought. An immature and an adult Sea-Eagle were present at Gogeldrie Weir, Leeton during the period 2-5/5/19
Alan Morris 8/5 #238431
Topknot Pigeon
Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park
3 groups flew north across rd, following line of Shrimptons Creek (between Alma Rd and Meriton Apartments) approx 6:55am. 1st group about 15, 2nd group 40, 3rd group 6 birds - each about 15 seconds apart
Tom Wilson 7/5 #238424
Sun 5Superb Parrot, Plumed Whistling Duck
Coleambally Sewage Ponds
Visits were made to Revegetation Sites 14 and 4 under supervision, where 8 and 5 respectively Superb Parrots were seen, these site are close to the village. 400+ Plumed Whistling Ducks were present at the STW, and many Cockatiel were seen in the area, some being harassed by an Australian Hobby.
Alan Morris and 18 members Central Coast birders. 8/5 #238429
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Eastlakes golf course
10 Scaly-breasted Lorikeets flew into the flowering Swamp Mahoganies on Myrtle Street, Pagewood. They quickly flew off. Amazingly this is the first ever record for this location. Also seen were the Southern Boobook (roosting) and a Collared Sparrowhawk, probably one of the birds which successfully nested here earlier this year.
David Mitford 7/5 #238421
highlightSwift Parrots
Mount Annan Botanic Gardens
Continuing birds. 10 seen together today by me. Other birders reported to me that late on the 4th May, 60 seen together. Best location appears to be just north of the Banksia Garden - in dead tree beside pond. They seem to rest in this tree. Observed them fly off south and feed high in eucalypts some 200m away, just before the toilet blocks. On 4 May I also observed a flock of 24 birds near "the snail sculptures" which had flushed and flown uphill, west, along edge of tree-line there. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 5/5 #238411
Blue-bliled and Musk Duck
McGraths Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant
A female/immature male Blue-billed and the continuing Musk Duck seen today at this location. Record shot of the Blue-billed Duck attached.
Edwin Vella 5/5 #238409
Australasian Bittern, Spotted Harrier, white morph Grey Goshawk
Bushells Lagoon
Whilst looking out for raptors this morning I was happy to seen an Australasian Bittern sunning itself for a few minutes above the vegetation on the eastern side of the causeway and about mid morning before taking off to the south-eastern part of the lagoon. Excellent number of raptors present including 5 White-bellied Sea-eagle (adult pair with 3 juveniles), 11 Whistling Kite, 4 Swamp and a juvenile Spotted Harrier, a white morph Grey and a Brown Goshawk, an Australian Hobby. Good numbers of Egrets seen including 5 Little, 15 Intermediate, 14 Great and about 20 Cattle Egrets as well as a single Great Crested Grebe.
Edwin Vella 5/5 #238408
Regent Bowerbird
180 Empire Bay Drive, Empire Bay NSW
I saw two males and at least one female in my garden this morning. I commonly have Satin Bower birds here but have not seen in Regents here in the 25 years I have had this property. They were only a few metres from me in the native trees and vines. I have previously only seen them in northern NSW.
Catherine Daley 5/5 #238406
Sat 4Brolga, Australian Shelduck
Fivebough Swamp, Leeton
38 Brolga were seen on the Swamp on a combined Outing of Central Coast Birders and Murrumbidgee Field Nats. The previous day a count of 42 Brolgas was made by Keith Hutton. Also present were over 400+ Swans, 70+ Australian Shelduck and many Black-winged Stilts.
Alan Morris, Max O'Sullivan, Keith Hutton and 26 other birders 8/5 #238428
Fri 3Noisy Pitta
Hazelbank St, Wollstonecraft
Found in undercover of suburban garden in inner Sydney. Not been seen before or since but told it is unusual for this location. I believe it is a noisy pitta.
Louise Melville 10/5 #238447
Freckled Duck, Black-tailed Native Hen
Campbells Swamp (Griffith)
18 Freckled Duck was a maximum count over several days, 8 Black-tailed Native-hens, the only ones seen during a three days survey of all the Leeton/Griffith wetlands, single a Hobby, Whistling Kite, Black Kite Swamp Harrier and 2 Black-shouldered Kites.
Alan Morris & 18 members of CCGBNSW 8/5 #238430
Thu 2Masked Owl, Sooty Owl
Nightcap National Park, Nimbin
Masked Owl calling several times over 5 minutes, with s single ‘bomb’ call from a Sooty.
Ian Colvin 6/5 #238419
Caspian Tern
Homebush bay (where the bird hides are)
2 Caspian terns in non-breeding plumage observed about 100mts out in lake at southern end
Stephen Gallivan 5/5 #238405
White-throated Nightjar
Black Rocks, South of Pottsville
Single bird flushed from the ground in shrubby woodland.
David Charley 2/5 #238398
highlightSwift Parrot
Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Banksia Garden
Flock of 30 spotted landing on dead tree opposite picnic area 2 around 3.45pm for about 10 mins. Another 5-10 flying around separately while others were in tree. Earlier, they were flying around from tree to tree high up.
Amit Kelkar 2/5 #238397
highlightSwift Parrot
Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Stolen Generations Memorial Walk
At least 70 Swift Parrots feeding on lerps around the memorial (which is just south of the large concrete snails) from 3 to 4pm
Chris Gladwin 2/5 #238396
highlightSwift Parrot, Little Lorikeet, Dusky Woodswallow
Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning (North of Richmond Rd)
Flock of 10+ Swift Parrots flying through a grove of Eucalyptus tereticornis. Briefly stopped before being quickly chased off by Bell Miners. Also seen Little Lorikeet and a large congregation of Dusky Woodswallows.
Leo Skowronek 2/5 #238395

April 2019
Tue 30Brown Honeyeater
Warriewood Wetlands
Saw and photographed the bird feeding on insects low down in an acacia sp.It was in the vegetation along a water retention pond.
Geoff Longford 1/5 #238392
Mon 29Gilbert's Whistler
Round Hill Nature Reserve
Travelling down the eastern boundary I stopped at a random spot which just happened to be about 8m away from a male Gilbert's Whistler in full song. I stayed with him for about 10 mins as he vocalised and detected another bird joining in occasionaly. There may well have been a third bird calling but this was further away and faint.Known location but submitted in view of the number of Gilbert's involved and the apparent lack of small birds generally during my visit. eBird checklist
Darryl Smedley 30/4 #238387
highlightSwift Parrot
Mount Annan Botanic Gardens--Banksia Garden
over 100 birds spotted by several birders. large flock moving around banksia 2 picnic area. eBird checklist
Paul Heath 30/4 #238384
Sun 28highlightAustralian Little Bittern
Sydney Park
Continuing Record - One bird (the one with the gammy foot) observed resting and preening in reeds/low branches of a casuarina to the west side of the viewing platform on the southern pond. After 20 mins (approx 9am) the bird flew south and went into reeds at the SW corner of the pond - it was not relocated. Also a single Lewins Rail seen briefly near the log on the island in the island pond (briefly = about 2 secs) before it was chased off by a Buff-banded Rail. (No pics of either - camera in for repairs)
Tom Wilson 29/4 #238381
Glossy Black Cockatoo
private property 25 km SE of Condobolin
Found five birds feeding quietly in a Belah tree early this morning. There was one pair and three other male birds which leeds me to think they may be nesting here again as they were last year. THere should be females sitting on eggs by now along the nearby creek in large redgum trees
Warren Chad 28/4 #238376
Australasian Bittern
Bushells Lagoon
Seen quite close in the reeds on the right side of the causeway - froze, then took off and flew into the reeds further back. Seen at 11:30am. eBird checklist
Stephanie Morse 28/4 #238375
highlightSwift Parrot
Mount Annan Botanical Gardens
Photographed near watering hole (-34.075374, 150.757630). Initially one bird (which probably flew by earlier) and then a flock of seven vocalising with two of these photographed eBird checklist
John Harrison and Chris Munson 28/4 #238374
Sat 27Grey Currawong
Goobang National Park
One seen in the early afternoon on the south side of the Henry Parkes Way. (Moderator's Note: Well west of any records showing in eBird or Birdata . MR).
Edwin Vella 27/4 #238370
Lake Cargelligo
3 Brolgas seen off the Lachlan Valley Way and a km north of the Sheet of Water Rd. Double banded Plover still present at the Water Treatment plant on 25th April were there were 16 Black-tailed Native Hens and 3 Superb Parrots.
Edwin Vella 27/4 #238369
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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