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Birdline NSW is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Birders are encouraged to post lists to eBird Australia, where sightings are incorporated into the atlas. To do this you need to register with eBird Australia then login. Please send any White-throated Needletail or Fork-tailed Swift sightings directly to Prof. Michael Tarburton for his research: Include date, location and number of birds. All Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot reports should be forwarded to Mick Roderick to assist in the recovery of these severely declining species: Note we will not be publishing reports of Accipiter raptors (Collared Sparrowhawk, Grey/Brown Goshawks) unless they are in unusual locations, are seen with unusual prey or have been seen performing atypical behaviour. Likewise we will not be publishing every Square-tailed Kite sighting posted to Birdline because of a significant increase in reports in recent years, particularly in coastal areas (with the exception of the far north coast).

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2018
Fri 19Topknot Pigeon
Newport NSW
Flock of up to 8 flew around my house 3 times. Two landed briefly nearby.
Carl Weber 19/10 #235818
Thu 18highlightShining Flycatcher, Torresian Kingfisher, Mangrove Honeyeater
Cobaki Broadwater and estuary
Located 5 Shining Flycatchers in the mangroves with one pair possibly nesting. Very vocal and active. Also 3 pairs of Torresian (Collared) Kingfisher with one pair nesting in a Termite nest on a dead Swamp Oak. Many Mangrove Honeyeaters and also very active.
David Charley 18/10 #235807
Tue 16Freckled Duck
Badgerys Creek
1 female Freckled Duck present on farm dams on Sydney University lands north side of Elizabeth Drive, near Badgerys Creek Road. Bird no longer present at this site the following day. Poor quality photo attached.
Carl Corden 18/10 #235804
Freckled Duck
River Bank Road lagoon, South Gundarimba
Six Freckled Duck with Hardhead, Pink-eared Duck, Grey and Chestnut Teal. Water levels have risen rapidly following recent good rains.
David Charley 16/10 #235784
Mon 15Pink-eared Duck
Sydney Olympic Park - Brickpit
A pair of Pink-eared Duck loafing on the south-east shore of the Brickpit lake mid-afternoon today.
Robert Griffin 15/10 #235773
Sun 14Wandering-type Albatross, Fairy Prion
Sydney Harbour National Park, North Head
Highlights of a seawatch from North Head today was a Wandering-type Albatross and a close in Fairy Prion.
Michael Ronan 14/10 #235770
highlightBrown Songlark
Hindman St, Katoomba
A male Brown Songlark flushed from the grass in the grassland area below Hindman St. (Moderator's Note: Great record for the Blue Mountains! MR)
Timothy Paasila 14/10 #235769
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Osprey heading south at 16:18 between the Lang Rd boundary and Parkes Drive being harassed by a Magpie. My first sighting of an Osprey above the Parklands.
Biggles Csolander and Deborah Harcourt 14/10 #235768
Sat 13Orange Chat, White fronted Chat, Sharptail Sandpiper
Irrigated wheat paddock 20 km south of Condobolin
Very surprised to see 12 Orange Chats feeding along irrigation drain with a few white fronted chats. Also present were 15 Sharpies, some still showing quite a bit of breeding plumage. Chats and Sharpies gone the next day Also present were numerous calling and displaying Brown Songlarks This site is a tiny piece of green with some water in an otherwise very dry area
Warren Chad 16/10 #235786
highlightWhite-fronted Honeyeater
Private Property - Illunie Range , NE Koorawatha (Near Cowra) NSW
Surprised to see 1 White-fronted Honeyeater out at our bush block on Saturday. Foraging on ground then perched in Acacia vestita. Seen for about 5 mins - not seen again over the rest of the weekend. Quick snap taken.
Fiona Lumsden 16/10 #235778
highlightOrange Chat, Brush Cuckoo
Tuggerah Bay Saltmarsh, NSW
Daniel, Alan and I braved the wet weather to find the female Orange Chat. It took some time but she finally showed up for us. Also present was a Shining Bronze Cuckoo subsequently identified as of the New Zealand race; a Brush Cuckoo, first return for the Central Coast; and up to 38 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers feeding in the saltmarsh & a Swamp Harrier. eBird checklist
Graham Nelson, Daniel McKeon & Alan Morris 14/10 #235771
Kelp Gull
Stockton Sandspit
Immature bird in mixed flock of Godwits , Red Knots and various Tern spp. (Moderator's Note: Would be just the 7th record of Kelp Gull in the Hunter Region since 1993. MR).
Raymond Burton 14/10 #235764
Wandering-type Albatross
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Highlight of a late morning sea-watch at Maroubra was a Wandering-type Albatross (upper wing plumage of adult gibsoni). Also 2 Shy Albatross, a Black-browed Albatross, and a Giant Petrel. An almost continuous stream of Short-tailed Shearwaters heading south, although nothing like the numbers observed last week. Also Wedge-talied Shearwaters, a couple of Flutterers, an adult Kelp Gull and a White-fronted Tern.
Robert Griffin 13/10 #235761
White-breasted Woodswallows
Pitt Town Lagoon
At least 4 Woodswallows seen on one of the islands in the middle of he lagoon. Have not seen them for a while in the Hawkesbury or in Sydney in general. Only 4 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers seen and 7 Red-necked Avocets with 100 Black-winged Stilts amongst other water birds. Recent rains have pushed water levels higher leaving no exposed mud.
Edwin Vella 13/10 #235760
Horsfield’s Bushlark
Richmond Lowlands
2 Bushlarks seen singing and displaying beside Cornwells Lane were 3 Brown and several Rufous Songlarks and White-winged Triller also observed.
Edwin Vella 13/10 #235759
Indian Yellow-nosed, Wandering and Campbell Albatrosses
Offshore--Sydney Pelagic
The highlights today off Sydney included 5 Wandering-type Albatross (Gibson's), 2 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses, a single adult Campbell Albatross, mostly young Shy Albatrosses along with 3 immature Black-browed Albatrosses. Large numbers of Short-tailed Shearwater were moving past the boat throughout, quite spread out though. As expected, Providence Petrel were seen along with Grey-faced Petrel. A Common Tern was seen just before departing the heads. Distant Prion and Jaeger sp. briefly seen during rain squall also. Wilson's Storm-Petrel photograph by Stephen Hey. eBird checklist
Greg McLachlan, David Mitford and all observers on the Avalon IV 13/10 #235758
Little Lorikeet and Musk Lorikeet
Cambridge Gardens Coles car park
6-8 Little Lorikeets in the Cambridge Gardens car park. Just near Penrith. Small car par with 4-5 flowering ironbarks. Not common in this area. Also a couple of Musk Lorikeets - also rare for Penrith. These trees are not particularly big so it's a go chance to see this species a bit lower. Also, the Noisy Miners which are in epidemic numbers in the area, are not too bad.
David Ongley 13/10 #235756
Fri 12Brush turkey
Gipps St Drummoyne 2047
Male Brush turkey crossing Gipps St, entered Polding St going north, 3pm. Also seen 6.30 a m.
Suzanne Gilkes 16/10 #235781
White-headed Petrel
Sydney Harbour National Park,North head
Highlight of a seawatch from North Head this afternoon was a White-headed Petrel seems to be quite a few this spring off North Head.
Michael Ronan 12/10 #235753
Brush cuckoo
Castlereagh Nature Reserve
Brush cuckoo heard calling and then seen other birds included a Black-faced monarch and a good number of Buff-rumped thornbills
Theo Kemp 12/10 #235752
White-breasted woodswallow
Pitt Town Lagoon
3 birds on fences in adjacent fields to the Lagoon at about 10 am a lone Double-barred Finch was also a highlight. (Moderator's Note: Presumably the same birds were seen by Andrew Patrick, Simon Best & Nicholas from the Uk at Lunchtime. AKM) eBird checklist
Theo Kemp 12/10 #235751
Emus' and Brolgas
Shark Creek Road
South of Maclean on shark creek road, 1 female Emu feeding in the paddock with cattle on a private property beside Stokes Road. Then further on on a private property a male Emu and a 3/4 grown Juvenile, then in the next paddock 3 Brolgas, 2 adult and 1/2 grown juvenile.
Angela Suzanne Powell 12/10 #235746
Masked and White-browed Woodswallows, Diamond Firetail, Rufous Songlarks,ww Trillers, RK Dotterel
Triangle Lane, Richmond
Plenty of birds out in the rain Diamond Firetail possibly and escapee? Mixed flock of about 30 woodswallows lone Red-kneed Dotterel in field, large numbers of Rufous Songlarks as well.
Theo Kemp 12/10 #235744
Thu 11Pacific Baza
'Bellawongarah' - private property (restricted access)
Observed one Pacific Baza flying over the house yard. About 30 minutes later about 2:20pm, I heard one calling a number of times in the forest on the northern side of house.
Carla Jackett 11/10 #235740
highlightAustralian Bustard
Rand, NSW
On our Property, 5km North of Rand, New South Wales Walking between winnowed Canola. (Moderator's Note: This is a great report and it is rare to have them so far south in NSW!. AKM)
Dimity Bambrick 11/10 #235737
Dodging cars while crossing The Crescent at 12:35 this afternoon
ALLAN RICHARDS 11/10 #235736
Wed 10Pale-headed Rosella
Hurstville Golf Course
Reported by another birder on eBird as first being seen at this location on 7 October before moving to nearby Lime Kiln Wetlands same day, then again at the golf course late on 9 October, I managed to observe the bird on the morning of 10 October. Very few small red feathers on head - indicate possible immature bird? Given the bird is way out of range, an almost certain escapee. As noted in the earlier ebird records, it appears to have partnered with an Eastern Rosella - I observed this also. (Note, ebird also records a pale-headed rosella in north-western Sydney in late September but photographs show it is not the same bird). eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 12/10 #235745
Grey-faced Petrel, Giant Petrel and Fairy Prion
Mistral Point, Maroubra
An interesting afternoon. Among the variable numbers of Short-tailed Shearwaters heading south, were the following: 1 Grey-faced Petrel, 1 Giant Petrel (sp) , 1 Fairy Prion, 3 Arctic Jaeger, 2 Black-browed Albatross, 12+ White-fronted Tern and 8 Shy Albatross
David Mitford & Corey Callahan 10/10 #235733
Chestnut Quail-thrush
Loughnan Nature Reserve
Single bird flushed near SW corner of reserve. Was not able to find it again. Site is very dry and roo and goat tracks throughout.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235729
Southern Scrub-robin, Shy Heathwren, Grey-fronted Honeyeater
Marooba Firetrail at Nombinnie Firetrail
A Southern Scrub-robin first heard then seen along Nombinnie FT. A Shy Heathwren seen nearby. Grey-fronted Honeyeaters seen along trail. No whistlers calling or seen other than Rufous.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235724
South of Maclean
Two emu feeding in fallow cane paddock 3km S of Shark Ck about 5km S of Maclean, darkish birds probably immature (?).
Bob Moffatt 10/10 #235716
(Possible) Magpie Geese
Kemps Creek , Devonshire Rd
While driving to work this morning two large geese flew over my car . The birds were heading south. Large bird, black neck, white underparts, did not have a long bill. I had to do a double take and pulled over but they had disappeared. They did not look like Ibis or cormorants (which is what first attracted my attention), their flight was goose/swan like. I've seen Magpie Geese in the NT and the birds I saw today reminded me of the geese Id sen in there. (Moderator's Note: Publishing this as a possible due to the brevity of the sighting. Maybe observers in the area can follow-up. MR)
Michael Miller 10/10 #235714
White-throated Nightjar
Deriah Aboriginal Area
Using playback, I received answers to calls at two points; first at the turn-off of the Brush Turkey Trail and then at the gate at the end of Carinya Road. At each point at least 2 birds responded. These are the first I have found this season. Audio is available at ebird (no photo; although someone came to check me out). I did not get a response during an earlier attempt, about 2 weeks ago. eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 10/10 #235712
Tue 9Red-backed Kingfisher
Oxley Hwy, East of Warren
Single bird seen on powerlines 20-30km east of Warren.
Grant Brosie 11/10 #235735
The Mole, Macquarie Marshes
Single bird. Western limit of range.
Grant Brosie 11/10 #235734
Painted Honeyeater
Mates Gully TSR
One bird heard calling and located on the eastern boundary to the north, area consists of ironbark and other eucalyptus sp. with mistletoe. the bird was heard again on the 10th. Also present are White-winged Trillers, Black-chinned Honeyeaters, White-throated Gerygone, Australian Hobby, Rufous Songlark and large numbers of Masked and White-browed Woodswallows and other Honeyeater sp.. A lot of blossoms present and the site is very rewarding right now. eBird checklist
Thomas Burley 10/10 #235732
Spotted Bowerbird
Kidman Way, Gilgunnia
A Spotted Bowerbird seen at the rest area among many birds drinking at water source.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235725
Southern Scrub-robin, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Grey-fronted Honeyeater, Gilbert’s Whistler
Nombinnie Nature Reserve (East)--The Old Wheat Paddock
Good morning birding with highlights being 1 Southern Scrub-robin, 1 Shy Heathwren, 2 Chestnut Quail-thrush, Gilbert’s Whistler (pair) with possible nest, several Grey-fronted Honeyeaters. No White-fronted Honeyeaters seen at any mallee sites.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235723
Grey-fronted Honeyeater
Shuttleton Rd, Nymagee
Single bird seen along roadside in great looking mallee. Very faint streaking on breast, largish yellow tuft with black edge, dark lores. Also present Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters and Mallee Ringneck.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235722
Common Myna
Castlereagh highway, 30km north of Gilgandra
Spotted a lone Common Myna in the midst if farm land north of Gilgandra. Also saw one only 10km north of Walgett, again solitary individual on farmland by the highway.
Andrew O'Brien 10/10 #235713
highlightOrange Chat, female
Tuggerah Bay salt marsh, Lake Rd Tuggerah
A female was seen and photographed at the Tuggerah Bay Saltmarsh, a locality that often turns up rarities at this time of the year. The saltmarsh is part of the Tuggerah Nature Reserve/Tuggerah State Conservation Area complex on the south-west shores of Tuggerah Lakes, part of the Tuggerah Lakes Key Biodiversity Area. This is the first report of an Orange Chat on the Central Coast, however White-fronted Chats have been recorded from here in the past.
Luke Ullrich 9/10 #235710
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Blackjack Reserve, Gunnedah
A female and then a male were seen by all in the bird spotting group I was leading for LLS. They were not found later when I returned to get photos. eBird checklist
Matt Hinze 9/10 #235702
Mon 8Painted Honeyeater, Black Honeyeater, Brown Honeyeater
Lake Rd, Ungarie
Flowering mistletoe in roadside (myall?) patch attracting number of honeyeaters. I counted at least 2 Painted, 2 Brown and 3 Black along with many White-plumed, 1 Striped, 1 Little Friarbird and Yellow-throated Miners. Painted recognized by call, red bill, black and yellow body, white underside. Brown was plain brown with yellow spot behind ear.
Marnix Zwankhuizen 10/10 #235711
Byron Lane, Tynedale, west of Maclean
Five Emus seen in a ploughed sugar cane field, all of a similar age, possibly not fully grown. Could be the same birds reported recently from nearby Mclean. Local residents assure me that they are wild birds, part of the Maclean-Angourie population.
Alan Morris 8/10 #235701
Channel-billed Cuckoo
A Channel-billed Cuckoo was seen at 2:10pm in the trees outside Nyngan police station. The bird was being harassed by Yellow-throated Miners. It flew off towards the Nyngan pool. (Moderator's Note: A westerly record for this species)
Mick Crosland 8/10 #235698
Sun 7Rufous Songlark
Single bird observed in paddock calling well. Display flights also observed. Rare close to the coast in this region. Usually more common in the Richmond valley to the west.
David Charley 9/10 #235704
Brown Songlark, Singing Bushlark, Baillons Crake, Whiskered Tern
Condobolin Sewage Treatment Works
We had around 25mm of rain here last week and it has stirred up the birds. First Brown Songlark for the season and one of my first sightings of the Bushlark for this area. Amongst the usual ducks and grebes there was a lone Baillons Crake and around a dozen Terns. Also had my first Dollarbird here this week. Brown Honeyeaters continue to sing all around town, a bird that I have rarely ever seen here but now seems to have taken up residence
Warren Chad 8/10 #235695
Shy Albatross V Porcupine Fish
Booderee National Park--Bherwerre Beach
Immature Shy Albatross washed ashore with partly swallowed Porcupine Fish - painful way to die!! Also of interest washed up amongst tens of thousands of blue bottles were 2 White-faced Storm-Petrels, 6 White-fronted Terns (all immature), 2 Fairy Prions and 1 Antarctic Prion as well as several live Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes and 1 live immature Green Turtle.
Martin Schulz 7/10 #235686
Eulah Creek
First of the season; just one bird found in a dead tree at the Eulah Creek bridge across Bullawa Creek, 15 km east of Narrabri. eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 7/10 #235683
Common Greenshank, Little Terns
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
A Common Greenshank on the rock platform was my highlight in miserable weather at Boat Harbour this morning. The Little Terns have returned here in large numbers.
Richard Murray 7/10 #235682
Sat 6Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (lucidus)
Abermain (Lower Hunter)
For the record, another lucidus Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, photographed in a backyard at Abermain. The bird was coming down to a lawn to feed on small insects. Considered most likely a young male due to the presence of patches of green feathering in the crown (potentially it could also be an adult female?). Thanks to Jeff Davies for the discussion on the ID.
Mick Roderick 9/10 #235707
Masked Woodswallow
Pitt Town Lagoon
A small flock of Masked Woodswallow flying over the entrance to Pitt Town Lagoon.
Trevor Waller 8/10 #235696
Red-backed kingfisher
About 15 km west of Bogan Gate
Single bird spotted on a dead tree on south side of road approximately 15km west of Bogan Gate.
Jason Grubba 7/10 #235694
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Singleton (mid-Hunter Valley)
A male Black Honeyeater was seen and photographed in suburban Singleton yesterday, associating with Yellow-faceds and Silivereyes in an exotic tree. Bird was present again this morning (7/10).
Michael Akrill per Mick Roderick 7/10 #235681
highlightSpotted Harrier, Marsh and Wood Sandpipers
Fivebough Wetlands
Did the Big Day survey yesterday for eBird and identified 75 species in less than 4 hours. See list. eBird checklist
Max O'Sullivan 7/10 #235680
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Spring Creek Reservoir, Orange
Water level in the reservoir is much lower than usual so there is a long muddy edge at the northern end. Sandpiper was feeding in the distance here along with several White-headed Stilts but we could not find the 8 Freckled Ducks that were present last Wednesday.
Rosemary Stapleton & Cilla Kinross on OFNCS Quarterly Survey 6/10 #235676
Masked and White-browed Woodswallows and Rufous Songlarks
Richmond Lowlands
Mixed flocks of Woodswallows seen beside Powells and Edwards Lanes. About 6 Songlarks beside Triangle Lane where White-winged Triller was heard. Songlarks also heard elsewhere around the turf farms. A few dams in the area have had some water in them after the rain the last few days.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe 6/10 #235674
highlightBrown Booby,White-headed Petrel
Sydney Harbour National Park,North Head
Surprised to see an early adult Brown Booby flying south into the southerly this afternoon,also a White-headed Petrel flew north.
Michael Ronan 6/10 #235673
megamegaSouth Polar Skua
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A South Polar Skua (lintermediate/light morph) was seen today in the Short-tailed Shearwater stream. I saw the bird as it chased one of the Short-tailed Shearwaters. It followed every twist and turn as it skilfully persued it’s victim. It was slighter than Brown Skua and much paler bodied with very prominent white wing flashes, observed whilst the bird chased the Shearwater. It then landed on the water and was quickly lost. Amazingly 50 minutes later I saw it in level flight and by now the sun had drooped and its head now looked somewhat paler than before. Once again it landed and despite waiting until almost dark we could not relocate the bird. 1st record of this species in 20 years of scrutinising the Short-tailed Shearwater migration at Maroubra. Also 7 Arctic Jaegers, 18 Shy Albatross, 2 Black-browed Albatross and 3 White-fronted Terns. Interestingly a Skua (sp) was also seen as a distant silhouette moments after the second sighting of the SPSkua and could not have been this bird. (Moderator's Note: Great seawatched species! Pale morphs of South Polar Skua are on the NSW ORAC review list. MR)
David Mitford 6/10 #235672
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Shoplands Road, Annangrove
Single adult flying low over the road, harassed by a Magpie Lark. Although rarely seen here, its not a remarkable siting but the eagle was so low over the road that I could easily see that it had an Australian Bass about 30cm in its talons. Good-sized bass can be caught in nearby Cattai Creek, only about 150m from this siting. (Moderator's Note: A Sea-eagle not so unusual but an interesting prey item. AKM).
Darryl Smedley 6/10 #235669
Blue-billed and Freckled Duck, Whiskered Tern, Pallid Cuckoo
Lake Wallace
Excellent views of 3 Blue-billed, 7 Freckled and 10 Musk Ducks and 3 Australasian Shoveler close to the shoreline as well as a Whiskered Tern, about 50 Hoary-headed Grebe and a Pallid Cuckoo. Surprisingly only 3 Great-crested Grebe seen here.
Edwin Vella and Tony Dawe 6/10 #235668
Black Falcon
One seen flying over houses south of Lennox Street about 7:30 am
Edwin Vella 6/10 #235667
highlightWhite-throated Needle-tail
Urunga Heads Caravan Park
Approx 350 W-t Needletails feeding low on flying ants over river and caravan park, no Little Terns obvious at this site nor Sawtell. (Moderator's Note. First report this spring summer in NSW for Swifts, earlier than usual. AKM).
Bob Moffatt 6/10 #235666
Glossy Ibis
Pitt Town Lagoon
4 Glossy Ibis on far side of lagoon away from the bird hide. Continuing birds. Plenty of Stilts and Avocets also observed. eBird checklist
David Steel 6/10 #235664
Banded Lapwing
Freemans Reach turf farms
Individual observed from the corner of Gorricks Lane and Freeman Reach Rd eBird checklist
David Steel 6/10 #235662
Fri 5White-throated Needletail
Town Beech Port Macquarie
28 White-throated Needletails were circling and feeding at various heights from 2m to 80m up at 11:33am. eBird checklist
Ian Kerr 6/10 #235677
Painted Button Quail
Telegraph Point
For the last two Springs the Button quail have taken up residence in my garden. Quite tame and approachable.
Phillip Shelley 5/10 #235656
Short-tailed Shearwater
Mistral Point, Maroubra
Short-tailed Shearwaters migration approximately 40,000 per hour. Very close and compact stream of birds.
David Mitford 5/10 #235654
Thu 4Emu
Two adult birds seen in ploughed sugar cane field beside Pacific Highway somewhere around Maclean
Lewis Benham 7/10 #235679
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
Richardson Park, Sawtell.
110+ Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos settling into trees at sunset, just before storm.
Michael Cheers 4/10 #235649
Wed 3highlightSwift Parrot
Sydney Olympic Park--Wentworth Common
Heard and later saw three birds in flight near water purification pond. My first record at SOP.
Dion Hobcroft 3/10 #235640
Glossy Black Cockatoo
St Ives Wildflower Garden
One female in casuarina on Solander track
Greg McCarry 3/10 #235639
highlightSwift Parrot
Long Swamp, Bermagui
6 birds flew south over the northern section of the swamp at around 3:30pm. eBird checklist
Ash Allnutt 3/10 #235637
highlightSwift Parrot
University of Wollongong
1 Swift Parrot heard and seen in flight several times in the vicinity of the UOW Unibar and duck pond lawn. Possibly also a couple more individuals heard in the canopy nearby. Musk and Rainbow lorikeets also present in the blossoming eucalypts. (Moderator's Note: Many more October reports in NSW than in recent years. Sadly there are at least 3 birds separately in care that I'm aware of at the moment as well, mostly from collisions. MR)
Lachlan Hall 3/10 #235635
highlightSwift Parrots
Fairfield Park, Fairfield
5-7 Swift Parrots heard and then sighted frequenting upper canopy of mature Eucalyptus amplifolia/tereticornis and E.baueriana (flowering). Rainbow lorikeets and Musk Lorikeets were also using the mature canopy trees adjacent to Prospect Creek.
David Chorobski 3/10 #235634
Tue 2Black-chinned Honeyeater
Lightning Ridge
Two sightings of single bird near Cactus Garden. Good views. (Very few records in that region. MR)
Carl Weber 5/10 #235655
Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
Coolbaggie Nature Reserve, Eumungerie
Small flock of birds sighted around a water puddle on west boundary track. Once common in reserve these birds haven't been sighted for some years... eBird checklist
Philip Dubbin 3/10 #235638
highlightRed-capped Robin
Belmore Swamp at Seale Rd
Lone adult male frequenting the two trees and fenceline vegetation along a 20 metre stretch of the open flat area before the dog leg near Belmore River Right Bank Rd.
Steve Mantle 2/10 #235632
highlightSwift Parrot, Shorebirds.
Wallaga Lake entrance
Single Swift Parrot flying over calling a around 4:40 flying southwest. There have also been some good shorebirds at this site over the last few days including: Grey Plover, Hooded Plover, Red Knot and Great Knot. eBird checklist
Ash Allnutt 2/10 #235629
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Mount Kaputar National Park--Upper Bullawa Creek
Sensational follow-up on yesterday's report of a Black Honeyeater, with at least 8 individuals found (attached photo), more likely 10 or more. Still at and near the old farm dams, a few km past Foggy Dell, then left walking along the track with the "No vehicle entry" sign at its entrance. Here seen drinking some (filthy, stinking, septic) water from the dam. More details and more photos to be posted shortly at . eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 2/10 #235627
Mon 1Pale-headed Rosella
Cohens Bridge, Gunnedah
One bird found near pump station? with pale head, red vent. Otherwise similar size as more familiar Eastern Rosella. Seen again the following morning. Poor shot taken from iPhone.
Gail Pickett per Matt Hinze 10/10 #235718
Tawny grassbird
Crooked River Gerroa
About 400m upstream of main bridge eBird checklist
Sarah Fieg 3/10 #235641
highlightRed-backed Button-quail
Casuarina Beach Kingscliff
A beachwashed Red-backed Button-quail was found on Casuarina Beach (far north coast) on Monday morning following southerly winds and heavy seas. The bird was not at the site where it had been found, when the observer returned, not long after this photograph was taken. This species is on the NSW ORAC review list and a submission will be made. (Moderator's Note: Close examination of the flank feathers indicates that it is this species. AKM & MR).
Steve Roderick per Mick Roderick 3/10 #235633
Turquoise Parrot
Warrabah National Park, Manilla
Up to 10 Turquoise Parrots and a pair of Red-winged Parrots were the highlights at a very dry Warrabah National Park.
Tim Morris 2/10 #235630
Painted Button-quail
Myall Creek Road
Sighted on a private property, backing onto Tea-tree farm. Single bird on its own, foraging for food along a 4WD bush track.Stayed out in the open despite me being a couple of metres away.
Angela Suzanne Powell 2/10 #235626
Painted Honeyeater
In and around Goulburn River National Park (Upper Hunter)
This morning I recorded Painted Honeyeaters at seven distinct sites in the Upper Hunter in and around Goulburn River National Park. Five were associated with Grey Mistletoe (in Acacia spp.), whilst two were associated with Box Mistletoe (in Eucalyptus spp.).
Mick Roderick 1/10 #235623
White-browed and Masked Woodswallow, White-winged Triller
Richmond Lowlands
Beside Powells Lane were a mixed flock of White-browed and Masked Wooswallows as well as a male White-winged Triller, Brown and Rufous Songlaks and Rainbow Bee-eaters. A Wedge-tailed Eagle was also seen in the distance from here. Unlike 2 days ago, I did not see see any Woodswallows along Cornwallis Rd but had a possible nesting pair of Rainbow Bee-eaters.
Edwin Vella 1/10 #235622
Black Honeyeater
10km north of Lake Cargelligo
Black and White-fronted Honeyeater still present at this site, feeding in flowering mistletoe.
Janet chapman 1/10 #235619
Little Friarbird
Woodbridge Rd Menangle Park NSW
One, possibly two sighted. First photographed at 7:30am as I arrived at site for eBird survey. This flew off quickly. Same or another came back at 7:43am to be quickly chased off by Noisy Friarbirds. Photos taken of both incidents. Photo at 7:43am with Noisy Friarbird in background. eBird checklist
Chris Rehberg 1/10 #235618
Wood Sandpiper, Red-necked Stint, Glossy Ibis
Pitt Town Lagoon
On the lagoon early this morning was a single Wood Sandpiper with 30-40 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, a Red-necked stint, 2 Latham's Snipe, 4 Glossy Ibis, 16 Red-necked Avocet and 4 Baillon's Crake.
Edwin Vella 1/10 #235615
highlightSwift Parrot
Murray St Bateau Bay
A pair of Swift Parrots were flushed from a flowering Blackbutt that hangs over my back yard at 1145 hrs. The birds flew over my head and disappeared from view. I quickly moved to the front yard where they called again from one of two large Blackbutts in the front yard but I could not find them again.
Alan Morris 1/10 #235611
Baillon's Crake
Sydney Park
One bird seen for 15 minutes at southern end of main southern pond. Also present: Buff-banded Rail (feeding out on mudflats) and 4 Black-winged Stilts. The water level here is the lowest its been this year.
Lorne Johnson 1/10 #235609
highlightSwift Parrot
Hubert Hunt Reserve
~5 Swift Parrots still present regularly calling and flying around Hubert Hunt Reserve and surrounds.
Jayden Walsh 1/10 #235607

September 2018
Sun 30Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (New Zealand r. lucidus)
Neville State Forest
Big surprise to see presumed male NZ Shining Bronze-Cuckoo this far inland. White ear covert patch, white speckles on forehead and lustrous green crown. Very tame, feeding on ground and low shrubs-some photos taken with phone. Two other typical plagosus seen in vicinity.
Dion Hobcroft 1/10 #235617
Red-back KIngfisher
Gwydir Park Rd Travelling Stock Reserve
Looked a bit dishevelled. Harassed by Bee-eaters. Perched for a minute or two.
Joshua Matthews 30/9 #235603
Common Greenshank
East side Lake Canobolas Orange NSW
In shallow pool surrounded by mud flat and rushes and shrubbery. Solitary, probing mud and actively running from the shore into shallow water.
Georgina Huxtable And Colina Huxtable & Doug Calder 30/9 #235599
highlightBlack Honeyeater
Mount Kaputar National Park--Upper Bullawa Creek
This morning around 11 am found a female Black Honeyeater (ID'ed only later upon inspection of photos on the computer) that was being harassed by bigger honeyeaters in flowering box gums a few km upstream from where I found a juvenile (#235334, 7 September). There MAY have been a male around too (bird with a jizz similar to a male Mistletoebird; no photo). The location is at two old farm dams a few km beyond Foggy Dell, along the track with the "no vehicle access" sign at the entrance. The flowering eucalypts are on the far side of the dams, as one approaches them from the creek. More photos on ebird. eBird checklist
Michael Dahlem 30/9 #235597
highlightWood Sandpiper
Barnetts Lagoon, Gladstone
A single Wood Sandpiper seen on the muddy edge of Barnetts Lagoon near Gladstone this morning. Also 7 Whiskered Terns, the resident flock of Plumed Whistling-Ducks and a Pallid Cuckoo calling somewhere in the distance. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 30/9 #235592
Sat 29Dollarbird
McPherson Rd Swamp Tuggerah
First return of Dollarbird to the Central Coast. Have been advised that the last weekend of September is the normal arrival date to the Central Coast. (Moderator's Note: Subsequently reported from Bateau Bay, Halekalani and Doyalson on 3/10/18. AKM)
David Russell 3/10 #235642
Brown Songlark, Rufous Songlark
Ash Island, Hexham
One Brown Songlark male in colour displaying and calling along Wagtail Way. Three Rufous Songlarks in bushes around the island not calling.
Richard Murray 30/9 #235594
White-headed Petrel
Sydney Harbour National Park, North Head
A White-headed Petrel flew north off North Head late this afternoon there were also large numbers of Shy/White-capped Albatross for most of the day.
Michael Ronan 29/9 #235586
highlightWandering-type Albatross, Brown Skua and Giant Petrel
Mistral Point, Maroubra
A very wintery feel to this seawatch. A Wandering Albatross (the first I’ve seen here for a few years) was the highlight. Also 15 Shy Albatross, 5 Black-browed Albatross, 1 Giant Petrel (sp), 1 Fairy Prion, 1 Kelp Gull and a single Brown Skua. Lots (hundreds)of Short-tailed Shearwaters heading south.
David Mitford & Robert Griffin 29/9 #235585
White-browed and Masked Woodswallow, Brown Songlark
Richmond Lowlands
At least 100 White-browed Woodswallow with some Masked Woodswallows amongst them in the UWS paddocks off Edwards Lane. A male Brown Songlark was literally on Cornwells Lane and one or tow Rufous Songlarks was heard off Triangle Lane
Edwin Vella 29/9 #235584
White-browed and Masked Woodswallow, White-winged Triller
Cornwallis Rd at Cupitts Lane, Cornwallis
Continuing birds. At least 2 Masked amongst about 40 White-browed Woodswallows and a female White-winged Triller seen.
Edwin Vella 29/9 #235583
Curlew Sandpiper, Glossy Ibis, Baillon's and Spotless Crakes
Pitt Town Lagoon
Early this morning on Pitt Town Lagoon there were 2 Curlew Sandpiper in with 45 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Latham's Snipe, 10 Red-necked Avocet, about 150 Black-winged Stilt, 4 Glossy Ibis, 7 Baillon's and a Spotless Crake as well as a Tawny Grassbird calling
Edwin Vella 29/9 #235582
Yellow-faced honeyeater
Croydon, Sydney
Pleasant surprise to find a group of about 20 YF Honeyeaters enjoying a few densely-flowering banksias on Brady street in very suburban Croydon in the inner west.
David George 29/9 #235579
Fri 28Eastern Osprey
One bird soaring over Harry Noble Reserve mid-morning. A good record for Sydney's inner-west.
Lorne Johnson 28/9 #235573
Brown Songlark, Curlew Sandpiper, Pallid Cuckoo
Lower Macleay valley
A few uncommon/irregular migrants for the mid-north coast seen this morning on a quick trip up to the Macleay. A total of 3 Brown Songlarks - 2 at Belmore swamp and 1 in a paddock by the river at Jerseyville. Curlew Sandpiper at Boyter's Lane and a Pallid Cuckoo on Maria River Rd (Limeburners Creek NR).
Liam Murphy 28/9 #235569
highlightPossible hybrid Masked/White-browed Woodswallow
Parkville - Upper Hunter Valley
Among approximately 3000 White-browed/Masked Woodswallows encountered during two days of bird surveys in the Upper Hunter, we found this individual that could be a hybrid between the two. A similar bird was also photographed at Toronto (Lake Macquarie) a couple of weeks ago by Rob Palazzi. See this link for some discussion on possible hybridisation between these two remarkably similar species.
Mick Roderick, Tom Clarke and Greg Newling 28/9 #235567
Thu 27Sacred Kingfisher
South Turramurra
At 11pm a Sacred Kingfisher was heard calling at South Turramurra. Close to full moon at the time and clearly a moving bird. (Moderator's Note: HANZAB says migration can occur commonly at night, when birds in flight may call, though the vocalisations at night are not common and more likely with moonlight. MR)
Ian McAllan per Mick Roderick 28/9 #235571
highlightGround Cuckoo-shrike
Glenbawn Road, near Lake Glenbawn (Upper Hunter)
A single Ground Cuckoo-shrike was watched briefly as it flew high, calling. The bird came from the west and turned for a brief time before heading in an easterly direction over the dam. I just had enough time to race to the car, grab the camera and take some proof shots (I'm grateful the lens focussed on the distant dot that was the bird!). This is a very rare bird in the Hunter Valley, with fewer than 10 records in the past ~30 years or so (based on HBOC records; there are no records at all in eBird and just two previous records in Birdata).
Mick Roderick 28/9 #235566
highlightBlue-winged Parrot
Ephemeral Swamp near Chat Alley
When leaving Nombinnie we were fortunate to see a single female Blue-winged Parrot beside the road. This bird obliged by posing for photo's. Earlier that morning another BWP was observed calling whilst flying over us near the old wheat paddock in Nombinnie. eBird checklist
Steven Edwards, Lorne Johnson, Steven Cooper 27/9 #235563
White-browed & Masked Wood Swallows
Platypus Gorge, Wollondilly River (private property)
Approx 20 White-browed & 10 Masked Wood Swallows present for the last three days. The birds were staying close to the entrance of 'Platypus Valley Camping' Brayton. Observed & photoed perched in trees near the fence line, on the ground & hawking overhead. While staying on the property for a few days other birds of note were: female Red-capped Robin, 2 Speckled Warblers & 1 White-throated Gerygone. 1 Emu on site but a semi-tame bird. Nocturnally fairly quiet with only 1 Owlet-nightjar heard.
Paul Lynch 27/9 #235561
highlightSwift Parrot
Hubert Hunt Reserve
~10 Swift Parrots flew over Hubert Hunt reserve in Eastwood late this afternoon. I had a brief look for them in the general area and 3 flew out from a flowering Ironbark at -33.788004, 151.094374 where they were presumably feeding.
Jayden Walsh 27/9 #235560
Superb Parrot
Cowra Japanese Garden
Good number of Superb Parrots in trees out the front of the gardens. Also seen the previous day at Boorowa cemetery. Sighted flying at Cootamundra too!
Lou Collier 27/9 #235559
Pheasant Coucal
Sydney Harbour National Park--Mosman
Saw a Pheasant Coucal early this morning on the bush track that runs on the east side of Bradley's Head. First time i've this species on the lower north shore.
Simon Blanchflower 27/9 #235556
White-winged Chough
Carnarvon Golf Course, Lidcombe
Single bird in the golf course carpark. Hope it has some friends nearby!
Darryl Smedley 27/9 #235555
Baillon's Crake
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Crake seen at Busby's pond.
Greg McLachlan 27/9 #235554
Wed 26White-backed Swallow
Yathong State Forest
3 birds seen briefly flying over us to the East. Poor photos to be uploaded to Ebird soon eBird checklist
Steven Edwards, Lorne Johnson, Steven Cooper 29/9 #235577
Red-lored Whistler
Nombinnie Nature Reserve
After numerous visits to Nombinnie, over several years, we were finally rewarded with clear views of a male Red Lored Whistler. The bird was far more compliant than our experiences with Gilbert's Whistlers over the years, showing himself off with prolonged singing for 1/2 an hour or so. Confirmation photos will be uploaded to the ebird checklist as soon as Steve E gets a chance. The obvious highlight of a fabulous trip. eBird checklist
Steven Cooper, Lorne Johnson & Steven Edwards 27/9 #235562
Noisy Friarbird
Oatley Park
22 in a large loose flock eventually moving onto the Hill Peak Lookout. Locally rare. eBird checklist
Jesse Gibson 26/9 #235552
Eurasian Skylarks
Mill Stream Lookout (Botany)
A quick stop at Mill Stream Lookout on Botany Bay. Counted at least 6 Eurasian Skylarks displaying and calling over the grass runway, there were probably dozens more in the long grass. This is the only site I believe in Sydney where Skylarks are regularly seen in large numbers.
Richard Murray 26/9 #235550
Tue 25Wandering Albatross (?)
Kamay Botany Bay National Park--Cape Solander
In calm largely bird free seas I was most pleasantly surprised to see a possible Wandering Albatross fly by relatively close to shore. It was largely brown with white face and some white flecks over the backs + wings so I'm guessing it was an adult female antipodensis but could be wrong. Alas I can't provide a photo for reference! (Moderator's Note: It is the view of the Moderators that without a photo it would not be possible to assign species, let alone age and sex! AKM)
Michael Ellison 25/9 #235548
Mon 24Eastern Koel
Richmond NSW
Koel first heard on this morning which was surprising as it is earlier than normal. The call was in the distance so the bird was on the outskirts of Richmond (I live in Hobartville).
Deborah Bushell 1/10 #235608
Barn Owl and White-throated Nightjar
Garigal National Park (East)
Adding to the influx of Barn Owls in Sydney, I had great views of 1 perched at eye level on Slippery Dip Trail at around 11pm, my 4th sighting on the Northern Beaches in under a month, this species is typically rare in the area. 2 White-throated Nightjars were also heard calling throughout the night.
Jayden Walsh 25/9 #235543
Little Eagle
Private property off Hilltop Road East Jindabyne (no public access)
First noticed the Little Eagle last year searching for prey over our property. It has now built its nest in a large gum tree near our house and yesterday caught a rabbit underneath its nesting site. Today it has been circling the paddocks around us and is now sitting on the nest.
Carole Jones 24/9 #235535
Sun 23Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
Combaning State Conservation Area, Cootamundra
A group of 6-8 Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters were seen feeding with 4+ Brown-headed & 6 White-plumed Honeyeaters, and 3 White-winged Trillers on two flowering Mugga Ironbarks, in a sea on non-flowering Box and Ironbarks in Combaning SCA. There is only one previous report (in 1999) of Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters in the Cootamundra District for the Birdata Atlas Data Base 1998-2018, and these birds would be well east of their usual range.
Alan Morris,photo Marg Kibby & 19 members of CCGBNSW 24/9 #235539
Eastern Barn Owl (deceased)
A freshly killed bird seen beside Wilberforce Rd. Also saw the remains of another Barn Owl at Bushells Lagoon the same morning.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235531
Spotted Harrier
Bushells Lagoon
A juvenile Harrier seen beside the dried up lagoon.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235530
Banded Lapwings
Freemans Reach turf farms
A pair of Banded Lapwings with 2 chicks in the turf farm bordered by Batchelors Wharf Rd, Gorricks Lane and Freemans Reach Rd.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235529
Masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Rufous Songlarks
Cornwallis Road, Cornwallis
Along Cornwallis Rd, had a flock of about 40 White-browed and 10 Masked Woodswallows in trees beside the road and the river, 3 or 4 Rufous Songlarks, Rainbow Bee-eaters, Crested Shrike-tit, Olive-backed Oriole and a Sacred Kingfisher.
Edwin Vella 23/9 #235528
Western Gerygone and Rufous Whistler
First seasonal records of both Western Gerygone and Rufous Whistler in the district. Other noteable species include Red-capped Robin, Australian Pipit, masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Tree Martin, eBird checklist
David M Watson 23/9 #235523
Sat 22Striped Honeyeater, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Red-kneed Dotterel
Bethungra Dam, Cootamundra
A pair of Striped Honeyeaters were seen and photographed on the access road just before entering Bethungra Dam, while around the dam edges were two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and 4 Red-kneed Dotterels. There are no previous records for Striped Honeyeaters or Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, and only one previous record for Red-kneed Dotterels in the Cootamundra-Bethungra District in the Birdlife Australia Atlas Data Base 1998-2018.
Alan Morris, photo Marg Kibby & 19 members CCGBNSW 24/9 #235540
Superb Parrot, Barking Owl & Southern Boobook
Cootamundra Caravan Park
During the period 21-24/9/18 the Central Coast Group Birding NSW held a camp for the Cootamundra District, based at the Caravan Park. During that time up to 6 Superb Parrots were present each day feeding in the trees in the adjoin Park, and were seen to be feeding on Yellow Box blossum, lerps on Yellow- Box and Red Gum leaves and feeding on grass seed on the ground. There were none present on 15-18 May 2018, and during our visited, they were seen in pairs and small numbers at ten sites across the District. Also present in the CP was a Barking Owl, heard by different people on two successive nights and Southern Boobooks were heard calling each night. Despite the fact that there have been 427 atlas sheets submitted to the Birdlife Atlas data Base 1998-2018, for the Cootamundra District, there are no previous reports for Barking Owls and only six reports for Southern Boobook in the database.
Alan Morris, photo Christina Port, & 18 members CCGBNSW. 24/9 #235538
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Douglas Farm Rd, Kurrajong Hills
Single bird seen in flowering ironbarks on 22 and 23 Sep. Trees are buzzing with mainly White-naped and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Red Wattlebirds, and a few other species - the Regent can be hard to pick out and is less active than the other species. Sightings so far have been early-mid morning and late afternoon. 5th (and best) honeyeater addition to my home list in this current unprecedented flowering event, which looks like it has a couple more weeks to run. (Moderator's Note: There was also a juvenile bird photographed in a backyard in Springwood on Friday, that has not been seen since. MR) eBird checklist
Eric Finley 24/9 #235533
Whiskered Tern & Eastern Barn Owl
Eastlakes Golf Course
A single Whiskered Tern was the highlight today, other interesting birds in the last 24 hours or so were a flushed Barn Owl, Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo and a Noisy Friarbird (very rare in Eastern Sydney)
David Mitford 22/9 #235520
Swift Parrot
Henry Mitchell Reserve, Acacia Gardens
One bird seen in the early morning.
Edwin Vella 22/9 #235519
highlightNorthern Royal Albatross, Wandering Albatross, Antipodean Albatross and Northern Giant Petrel
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The highlight of 22 September SOSSA trip was a Northern Royal Albatross that stayed with us for much of the day. Other albatrosses included Wandering (2+), Antipodean (7+), Buller's (2), Black-Browed (3) and Shy (30+). We also had a Northern Giant Petrel, a Brown Skua, several Solander and Grey-faced Petrels, plus a number of Fairy Prions. The Short-tailed Shearwater migration is in full swing, with flocks of 30-100 birds constantly moving through, there would have been 5000+ within sight of the boat during the day. (Moderator's Note: Identification has swung back to a Northern Royal. ORAC submission will follow. MR).
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 22/9 #235518
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Ulladulla, NSW
2 flying west and calling this afternoon, first for the season. (Moderator's Note: Publishing as it is the first report for the NSW South Coast this season)
Chris Brandis 22/9 #235516
Spotless crake - Porzana tabuensis
Warriewood Wetlands
Heard unfamiliar call from the reeds. Stopped to observe, and a single bird emerged from the reeds and rapidly made its way to beneath the boardwalk and the water's edge. (
David Field 22/9 #235515
Freckled Ducks
Hiney Rd Dam Orange NSW
4 Freckled Ducks with a dozen Pink-ears,Wood Ducks and Black Ducks.
B and C Huxtable 22/9 #235513
Scarlet Myzomela (1) White-naped Honeyeater (3)
Sydney Olympic Park
Plenty of interest at moment: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (13) Bar-tailed Godwit (20) Latham's Snipe (1) Baillon's Crake (1) Pink-eared Duck (2) Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (1) Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo (1) Mangrove Gerygone (heard) Little Wattlebird (1) 79 species today
Dion Hobcroft 22/9 #235512
Baillon's,Australian spotted,Spotless Crakes,Buff-banded Rail
Pitt Town Lagoon
12 Baillon's Crakes,5 Spotless Crakes,1Australian spotted Crake and a Buff-banded Rail were all seen at Pitt Town Lagoon this morning.
Michael Ronan 22/9 #235507
Rufous Songlark
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
First Songlark sighting here this season.
Richard Murray 22/9 #235506
highlightPainted Honeyeater, Masked and White-browed Woodswallow, Little Friarbird
15km Sth of Condobolin along West Wyalong Rd
Although its horribly dry here right now the grey mistletoe at this site has loads of flowers and some fruit. There were 4-6 PHs there this morning calling vigorously and chasing each other around. These and the Friarbirds are the first for the spring. Also very surprised to see a huge mixed flock of Woodswallows pass overhead. I have also seen two smaller flocks in the last week. Didnt think there would be too many here this year. At the adjacent swamp on private property there were White-breasted Woodswallows, A Sea Eagle which is nesting, a Lathams Snipe and one lone Baillons Crake
Warren Chad 22/9 #235504
Fri 21White-eared Honeyeater
Bullarah Locality (80km west of Moree NW NSW) Private Property
1 bird sited/photographed coming into water.
Pat Johnston 21/9 #235500
Eastern Grass Owl
Palmers Island, Yamba
A pair of Grass Owl observed over a grassy field near sugar cane farmland just on dusk. Distinctive long legs extending beyond tail & dangling below body. Didnt seem to be bothered by sugar cane harvesting & burn off activities on surrounding farms. eBird checklist
Darryl, Gary & Margaret Eggins 21/9 #235499
Turquoise Parrot
Cliffords Fire Trail - Northern Kosciuszko NP
2 birds recorded in open woodland just off start of firetrail. Unusual sighting for this area
Les Main 21/9 #235490
Rainbow bee-eater
Two bee-eaters seen and heard, flying over our farm. First for the season. Other noteables include Tree Martin, Hardhead, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater and Crested Shrike-tit
David M Watson 21/9 #235489
Thu 20highlightSwift Parrot
Expedition St, Kellyville
Up to 24 birds seen feeding and roosting in Eucalyptus tereticornis along Caddies creek near Expedition St, Kellyville.
Gavin Thomas 22/9 #235502
Outside normal range
Early arrival; late departure
Interesting behaviour
Hard to see
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Unusual numbers
Rare vagrant
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