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Fri 25Cotton Pygmy-goose
Sandy Camp Rd Wetlands
Male Cotton Pygmy-goose still in the first lagoon this afternoon
Ken Doy 25/7 #218847
Spotted Harrier
Gold Coast - Springbrook Road, Mudgeeraba
One adult bird walking along the edge of the rushes, possibly seeking prey. The site is immediately adjacent to Gold Coast - Springbrook Road just past the Railway Street roundabout.
Todd Burrows 25/7 #218843
Western Gerygone
Spicers Hidden Vale, Grandchester
Two birds heard and seen well, both singing. Faint whitish supercilium, white subterminal patches in tail, no yellow in the plumage. No photo, but audio recording of the song, which was like a 'flatter' White-throated Gerygone. These may be the most easterly WGs in Australia. This is a commercial private restricted access area, with apparently no previous entries in e-Bird.
Rod Gardner 25/7 #218842

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Fri 25Wandering Tattler
Flat Rock, Ballina
2 Wandering Tattlers at Flat Rock this afternoon, 1 in full or near full breeding plumage, the other in non-breeding plumage, they appeared to be sticking close by each other. None seen in previous few weeks, though I haven't been thoroughly searching for them. eBird checklist
Steve McBride 25/7 #218845
highlightBlack Falcon
Sutton Forest
Awesome 15 minute view of Black Falcon perched in a dead tree by Exeter Rd, near Greenhills Rd turn off. Great to see it fly off over paddocks where sheep were grazing; love that distinctive flight and silhouette. My second Southern Highlands sighting of a Black Falcon.
Lorne Johnson 25/7 #218844

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Sun 20highlightProvidence Petrel, Northern and Southern Royal Albatross, Southern Giant Petrel
Eaglehawk Neck pelagic
23 seabird species on the Sunday pelagic. Highlights were close approaches by a white morph Southern Giant Petrel, both Northern and Southern Royal Albatross and both Providence and White-headed Petrel. Further information
Rohan Clarke et al. 25/7 #218849
Sat 19highlightGrey, Blue, White-headed Petrel, Southern Royal Albatross
Eaglehawk Neck pelagic
5 Grey Petrels, 1 Blue Petrel, 3 White-headed Petrels, 4 Southern Royal Albatross were some of the more unusual species amongst a list of 27 seabird species off Eaglehawk Neck. Further information
Rohan Clarke et al. 25/7 #218848

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Thu 24highlightFreckled Duck
Lake Guthridge, Sale
300+ Freckled Ducks
Tristan Kennedy 25/7 #218846
Spotted Harrier
Two birds gliding over the park near Hovell's Creek near Rennie Street crossing. Good to see them back after a couple of months absence. eBird checklist
Russell Woodford 25/7 #218841

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