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Fri 19Blue-faced Honeyeater
Hawker Oval
Looking for the Blue-faced Honeyeater as reported by Peter Christian yesterday, and after a long wait (at around 10:30am) the bird appeared, and foraged for around 10 minutes in the far side of the ironbark. It called as it flew off, but could not be relocated. Poor photo attached. With Steve Wallace and Lyndon.
Christine D 19/9 #219778
Thu 18highlightBlue-faced Honeyeater
Hawker Oval - behind the softball centre
Miner-sized honeyeater in flowering ironbark (the only one there!) with obvious blue area around eye, black crown, white nape, black lower face and a black bib separated from head by white malar stripes. Upperparts bright olive green and underparts white. Watched for about 20 minutes around 8.30 in the morning. Heard to call 3-4 times only.
Peter Christian 18/9 #219764

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Thu 18Black-necked Stork
Lake Macdonald
Male seen at Jabiru Park/Fearnley bird hide. Full list on eBird. eBird checklist
Sarah Beavis 18/9 #219772

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Fri 19Black-faced Monarch
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
Returning.Observed in euc. woodland with camphor laurel understorey, foraging around edge of canopy at middle height on sunlit side, regularly emerging from canopy to survey and chase insects.
paul griffin 19/9 #219779
Thu 18highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Sydney Olympic Park--Lake Belvedere
During a visit to Lake Belvedere, we were very surprised to see a single Square-tailed Kite being harassed by an Australian Raven. Took a quick shot for id purposes, heavily cropped. The Square-tailed Kite has a distinctive right wing, missing some primaries. Never seen this species in the area previously.
Stephen Davey, Shirley Clarke 18/9 #219776
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Latham's Snipe, Common Blackbird
Eastlakes golf course
3 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper were seen in the small pond. Only 2 Latham's Snipes today. The Common Blackbird was in the same location as last week, singing very loudly
Mark Young 18/9 #219774
Pink-eared Duck
Badgerys Swamp, Waterview, near Grafton
3 Pink-eared Ducks loafing in shallows of wetland.
Greg Clancy, Alan & Wendy Pilkington 18/9 #219770
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher
Rushforth Road, South Grafton
Red-backed Kingfisher perched on powerline first observed by Alan then viewed and photographed by the three of us. Observer's (GC) 2nd record for Clarence Valley in 36 years and only one other Valley record - a bird 6 Km E of Grafton in Oct 2002 (Peter Morgan).
Alan & Wendy Pilkington, Greg Clancy 18/9 #219769
Latham's Snipe
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
A single Latham's Snipe sighted to the left of the bird hide (one closest to the quarry truck) in the small bay area below the seat. A pair of Crested Shrike-tits also observed in the trees to the left past the quarry truck as we walked into the hide.
Sue Chatfield 18/9 #219767
Magpie Goose, Little Grassbird
Narrabri Lake
Update on the Magpie Goose population at Narrabri Lake - counted about 90 this morning (the photo shows only part of the mob). Also heard at least 3 Little Grassbirds calling from reeds. Further information
Michael Dahlem 18/9 #219765
Scarlet Honeyeater
Sydney Olympic Park
Two male Scarlet Honeyeaters at Little Kronos Hill-vocal and looking good on a spring day. Only my second record for SOP. Also 50 Red-necked Avocets, 18 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Little Egret and an adult female Brown Goshawk.
Dion Hobcroft 18/9 #219762
Latham's Snipe, Australian Reed Warbler, Little Grassbird, Australasian Grebe
Warriewood Wetlands
A single Latham's Snipe was seen in its usual spot. Australian Reed Warbler, Little Grassbird and Australasian Grebe all seen in the main pond near Shearwater Drive.
Jayden Walsh 18/9 #219759
Tue 16highlightSpotted Quail-thrush, Gang-gang Cockatoo
Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains
Two very tame Spotted Quail-thrushes were walking at the end of Blue Gum Ave (near bushland) at Medlow Bath. They jumped over the gate and walked straight to the dog bowl (stealing food from them). A flock of 12 Gang-gang Cockatoo flew over Blue Gum Ave early morning. [Moderator's note (NH): There is a potential need to rewrite the 'diet' chapter for this species in HANZAB as it doesn't mention dog food? ;-)]
Ted Wnorowski 17/9 #219741
Mon 15highlightpossible White-chinned Petrel (Subject to submission to HBOC ORAC)
Old Bar Beach at 31 58 36S 152 35 08E
Sea watch from 13.15 to 14.45. Weather conditions were good, the sun was behind me, there was a fresh sea breeze and the sea was choppy but not rough. At about 14.15, a large (roughly Pied Cormorant-sized) petrel flew strongly along the beach, close inshore. This petrel was completely black above and below, with no contrasting feet. It had a stout all-white tubenose bill. It was flying low over the water with steady wingbeats (no gliding or shearing). Also one Gull-billed Tern. [Moderator's note (NH): Given the rarity of any Procellaria in the area - especially of a healthy one at the beach, I would have preferred a more detailed description. The sun was behind the observer. Could reflection have exaggerated the white bill? To rule out other Procellaria, I would have preferred a more detailed description of the bill, including a specific mention of the maxillary unguis. The described flight style is very unusual for a Procellaria, especially in a fresh sea breeze.White-chinned Petrel is on the review list of HBOC.] eBird checklist
Nicholas Beswick 15/9 #219722

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Thu 18Australian Pratincole
Bamaga: Back track to airport military encampments 10 55S 142 26E 1' Cell, Queensland, AU
4. Appeared to all be adults in breeding plumage. Scoped nicely in bright sunlight coming from behind me. On runway edge and sauntering over runway chasing insects on foot and on the wing at low level. Nearest other sightings I can find records for are Weipa, Iron Range and PNG on e-bird. However, I note Draffan et al (EMU Dec. 1983) article on "Birds of the Torres Strait" has records for 6 islands of the mainly western areas being a "winter visitor on open swamps and airstrips". Again this sighting will likely reflect chronic under-reporting from the northern Cape York area. eBird checklist
Rob Reed 18/9 #219773

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Wed 17Eastern Curlew
Bonnington, Cambridge
Seventeen birds roosting on marshes at Bonnington south of the Spit and Oyster sheds.
Els Wakefield 18/9 #219761
Double-banded Plover
Bonnington, Cambridge
One Double-banded Plover in breeding plumage and 33 Red-necked Stint along Spit.
Els Wakefield 18/9 #219760

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Fri 19Malleefowl
Hattah-Kulkyne National Park--Nowingi Track
1 bird allowed close, prolonged approach Further information
Greg Roberts 19/9 #219780
Thu 18Rose Robin
Karkarook Park
Good views and photos taken of one male bird. Along the path near the lake between the horse stables and the carpark. eBird checklist
Julie Sarna 18/9 #219768
Pallid Cuckoo
Karkarook Park
Seen today around 15:30 and on Tuesday afternoon along the path between the retarding basin and the bird hide. Spent some time on the outer fence close to Dingly Bypass. Got good ID photos today. Reporting it because it seems to be the first report at this location.(Moderator's note: indeed it is the first sighting at this location).
Julie Sarna 18/9 #219766
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
A juvenile White-bellied Sea-Eagle was observed soaring over Caulfield Racecourse at 1pm.
Lewis Hiller 18/9 #219763

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