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Tue 21highlightRegent Honeyeater
Tuggeranong Town Centre
Single bird seen 5.20pm in flowering ironbarks next to Alpha Hotel driveway. Good views. Bird was being chased by red wattlebirds and flew off into nearby scrub 5mins after I arrived.
Sandra Henderson 21/10 #220378

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Wed 22white-throated needletails
Cootharaba, Sunshine Coast, QLD
6 white-throated needletails flying around on our property today.
Donna Tomkinson 22/10 #220406
Peregrine Falcon
Metroplex Wetlands
Perched on lighting structures under gatewat bridge northbound span eBird checklist
Chris Attewell 22/10 #220395
Red-necked Avocet
Sandgate--Dowse Lagoon
Single bird with stilts early this morning
Chris Attewell 22/10 #220394
Tue 21Black -necked Stork
Parklakes Wetlands (Bli Bli)
6pm- largest pond.-+two Lathams Snipe
Ross Sinclair 21/10 #220382
Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo
Rockhampton Kershaw Gardens
Observed 10 RTBC feeding in the gardens then flying into a tall gum tree, after being disturbed by a passing dog.
Stephen Gallivan 21/10 #220377
Plumed Whistling Duck
O'Shanesy Park, Rockhampton
Some 60+ birds observed at this location, also observed were 70+ Magpie geese, 2 pairs of Cotton pygmy geese.
Stephen Gallivan 21/10 #220376
Sun 19Leaden Flycatcher
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
All territorial pairs, no Satin Flycatchers seen. Photos of the Leaden Flycatchers on Raja's website (Further Information). Thanks to Rod Gardner & Jeff Davies for the discussion. eBird checklist Further information
Nikolas Haass & Raja Stephenson 21/10 #220380

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Wed 22Little Corella
Sherwood/Dondingalong boarder, West of Kempsey
Flock of 35 Little Corella flying west at 6.45pm. Only the second recording of this species at this property in over 10 years.
Alastair and Karen Smedley 22/10 #220401
Tue 21Terek Sandpiper
Lake Wollumboola
Single Terek Sandpiper seen on the sand bar about 9:00 probing for food with Red-necked Stints and Red-capped Plovers.
Narelle Wright 21/10 #220384
Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Mungo Brush Rainforest Walk
An adult male seen clearly within a group of at least 2-3 flighty Rose-crowned Fruit-Doves. Although they were only seen once in the late morning, they could be heard regularly.
Andrew Walker 21/10 #220383
Black-faced Monarch, Dollarbird
Irrawong Reserve
One pair of Black-faced Monarch and Dollarbirds. Plus other common birds at this location.
Chris Melrose and Brian Downer 21/10 #220371
Sun 19highlightTurquoise Parrot, White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater, Rufous Songlark, White-winged Triller
Nattai National Park, High Range, GPS: 34.159S, 150.136 E
2 Turquoise Parrots in 3 different locations (suspect it was the same pair), 1 singing White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater - one pair always in same location, 1 singing Rufous Songlark, 1 White-winged Triller.
Kaye Varlow 20/10 #220355
Sat 18Eastern Ground Parrot, Southern Emu-wren, White-throated Needletail
Bosches Waterhole Road, near Sandon Road, Yuraygir National Park
One Eastern Ground Parrot flushed from heath, 1 Southern Emu-wren observed in low shrub and 3+ White-throated Needletails low over heath.
Greg Clancy & members of Clarence Valley Birdos 22/10 #220411
White-throated Needletail
S of Red Cliff, Yuraygir National Park
2+ White-throated Needletails in flight low over heath and road.
Greg Clancy 22/10 #220410
Thu 16Emerald Dove
Eastern Dorrigo Way, West of Coramba
Emerald Dove on roadside.
Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller 22/10 #220413
Paradise Riflebird, Topknot Pigeon, Crested Shrike-tit, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Dorrigo National Park--Visitors Centre
Paradise Riflebird heard calling, Topknot Pigeons in roadside trees between Visitors Centre and the Glade Picnic Area, Crested Shrike-tit and Shining Bronze-Cuckoo at Walk with the Birds.
Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller 22/10 #220409
Brush Cuckoo, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Brush Cuckoo heard calling, Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos in flight.
Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue & Jerry Miller 22/10 #220408
Grey Goshawk, Black-faced Monarch, Sacred Kingfisher
Boggy Creek near Thora
Grey morph Grey Goshawk in tree, adult Black-faced Monarch in roadside vegetation and two Sacred Kingfishers on powerlines.
Greg Clancy, Mary & Jack Wyatt, Sue and Jerry Miller 22/10 #220407
Wed 15Long-billed Corella
East of Coutts Crossing
Adult Long-billed Corella perched in nest tree (Cabbage Gum - Eucalyptus amplifolia ssp. sessiliflora).
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220404
Australian Pied Oystercatcher
Munro Island, Lawrence
Adult pair of Australian Pied Oystercatchers. One sitting on nest.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220403
White-throated Needletail, Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australian White Ibis
Lawrence Egret Colony swamp
2+ White-throated Needletails high over the wetland, 10+ Freckled Ducks, 30+ Pink-eared Ducks, 12+ nests of Australian White Ibis with small to medium sized young. No egret breeding yet.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220400
highlightLittle Bronze-Cuckoo, Red-backed Fairy-wren
Mantons Road, Lawrence
Adult female Little Bronze-Cuckoo foraging in tree. Adult male Red-backed Fairy-wren in trees and grass nearby.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220399
Peregrine Falcon
South of Lawrence
Adult Peregrine Falcon perched in nest tree.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220398
Pink-eared Duck
Alumy Creek, N of Grafton
70+ Pink-eared Ducks on creek.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 22/10 #220397
Pink-eared Duck, Grey Teal, Hardhead
South Grafton Settling Ponds, Rushforth Road, South Grafton
9 Pink-eared Ducks on pond with Grey Teal and Hardhead.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220364
Sat 11Singing Honeyeater
Lake Wollumboola
Spotted 3 or 4 Singing Honeyeaters in casuarinas fringing the SE shore of the Lake. (Moderator's Note: This is a very unusual record but not the first time that a Singing Honeyeater has been found on the Coast. AKM)
Narelle Wright 21/10 #220386

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Wed 22Pacific Golden Plover
Black Rock Reserve, Barwon Heads
A flock of about 25 sighted on rocks with a large number of Red-necked Stints and 3 Ruddy Turnstones.
Ian J Llewellyn 22/10 #220392
Magpie Goose
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
3 Magpie Goose in 35E9 Conservation Pond, which is drying out nicely and looks good for Australian Painted Snipe at present.
Steve Davidson 22/10 #220391
Tue 21Turquoise Parrot, Painted Honeyeater
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Bartleys Block
Male Turquoise Parrot found feeding on ground close to entrance gate. Painted Honeyeater heard calling from various points, but eventually located at the north end near the dam. Problem was Fuscous Honeyeaters were constantly harassing a pair. Also of note were Black-chinned Honeyeater, Speckled Warbler and Western Gerygone.
Dave Torr, Mark, Iian, Trevor & Len 21/10 #220389
First spring return. Calling by the creek at the reserve. Again always the last spring migrant to return. eBird checklist
Michael Ramsey 21/10 #220381
Sun 19Southern Whiteface
At least two Southern Whiteface (others may have seen more) seen along Sievers Lane on a bird walk held by the Baynton-Sidonia Landcare Group on a property where a natural bush regeneration project is being undertaken.
Sean Dooley 20/10 #220356
Crested Bellbird
Sullivan's Track, Newstead
Several birds calling from tree tops. Easily located by driving with windows down.
Dave Dickson 20/10 #220345

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Tue 21Shy Heathwren, Western Whipbird.
Stirling Range--Mt. Trio Rd.
1 adult Shy Heathwren about 200m down from car park at 630am sat up on top of low heath bush right on roadside and sang for about 20 seconds twice dropping down between efforts. Bright early sunlight no wind. Distinctive white brow, heavily black streaked underparts and wing chevron well seen. Bright rufous tail/rump. Cocked tail. A further 1/2 hour of waiting for another show was fruitless. Western Whipbirds x 2 heard only in same area about 40m in on southern side.
Rob Reed 22/10 #220393

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