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Sat 28highlightRegent Honeyeater
Anstead Bushland Reserve
Just after dawn, two birds found in flowering Eucalypts (Grey Gums?) with lots of other honeyeaters, mainly Yellow-faced. Light was still quite poor. Some poor video obtained, and a frame grab is uploaded. Large honeyeater - much larger than Yellow-faced and somewhat larger than Lewin's nearby. Black hooded with black scalloping on the breast and white under tail coverts. Long tail. Large amount of yellow on the wings. Upper parts seen less well as the birds were quite high, but mix of yellow and black was noted. Watched for about ten minutes when they flew off northwards together and I was unable to relocate them despite a two hour search.
Rod Gardner 28/5 #227610
Tue 24Noisy Pitta
Eprepah Environmental Centre
In the gully behind the bunkhouse. First time I've seen one at Eprepah.
George Chapman 24/5 #227588

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Thu 26highlightRusset-tailed Thrush, Musk Lorikeet, Tawny Frogmouth
Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens
During an unsuccessful search for the Powerful Owls at the Gardens I observed and photographed an actively foraging Russet-tailed Thrush. This was my first record of the species at the site but it is probably a regular autumn-winter migrant t the area. 5+ Musk Lorikeets were feeding in flowing eucalypts with Scaly-breasted and Rainbow Lorikeets. A pair of Tawny Frogmouths was photographed hiding on a branch close to the trunk of a large Blackbutt.
Greg & Val Clancy 28/5 #227611
Blue-billed Duck and Freckled Duck
Goulburn Maturation Ponds (restricted access)
Highlights from Goulburn Maturation Ponds, Wet Weather Storage Pond and surrounding woodlands included 110 Blue-billed Duck, 3 Freckled Duck, 23 Musk Duck, 360+ Pink-eared Duck, Scarlet Robin at multiple sites, a single Flame Robin, Varied Sittella and Southern Whiteface at two locations.
Ian Benson and Joel Stibbard 28/5 #227608
Rufous Fantail
Ocean Shores, Far North Coast
Recorded on and off for 3 weeks around Billinudgel Nature Reserve and Pacific hwy area.
Duncan Fowler 26/5 #227603

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Wed 25highlightWilson's Storm-Petrel
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse
I saw these birds on and off over a period of about 30 minutes (for a total of about 10 minutes) they had the erratic flight characteristic of Storm-petrels. Most frequently I saw one bird at a time through the scope, three through the binoculars. I saw one "dancing" on the water (using its webbed feet) also a very characteristic behavior for these birds. They were too small to be any other sea bird I can think of. There were 3 birds and I could see the all dark body, white rump and black tail clearly. Very unusual to find them so near to shore (perhaps due to extremely windy weather over recent weeks). eBird checklist
Angus Hartshorn 25/5 #227597

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