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Wed 10Black-eared Cuckoo
Pechy's Lagoon, south of Gatton, Lockyer Valley
Feeding on caterpillars in tree at road side
John Hadley and Jim Sneddon 10/2 #226532

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Thu 11highlightOriental Cuckoo
Walka Water Works
A bird first seen yesterday during bird monitoring surveys was seen this morning again by a good number of observers. The bird was characterised by a very skittish disposition, therefore no photos have been attained as yet.
Allan Richardson 11/2 #226538
Wed 10highlightRegent Honeyeater
Port Macquarie Rd, Capertee Valley
Numerous birds present at previously reported site 1.1km past the locked gate into Capertee National Park. At least 6 seperate birds definitely seen (including 2 juveniles), but probably more. Best estimate would be 8 birds.
Joshua Bergmark, Simon Gorta, Andrew Walker, Pat Coleman 11/2 #226539
Mon 8Pink-eared Ducks
MM Beach, Port Kembla
Hoping to spot some returning Turnstones or an Eastern Reef Egret, I was very surprised to get four P E Ducks bobbing around behind the breakers instead (7pm to 7.50pm). Record photos taken. Top left inset with 2 Silver Gulls & the bottom left inset with Flinders Islet in the background (also known as Toothbrush Island).
Paul Lynch 9/2 #226526
Eatern Reef Egret
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
Single dark morph Eastern Reef Egret seen feeding alone. Originally at Boat Harbour, then moved east along the coast. Low tide, afternoon. [Moderator's Note: There is often a Reef Egret present at Boat Harbour (seemingly resident most of the year). This would generally be best place in Sydney to look for the species. JB]
Jesse Gibson 9/2 #226523
Sat 6highlightGreater Sand Plover
Stockton Sandspit, Newcastle
2 Greater Sand Plovers feeding on the mudflats, birds still present 10/2/16.
Tony Bischoff per Steve Roderick 11/2 #226536
Sat 16highlightLittle Curlew
Lord Howe Island Airport
Bird seen in long grass and mistaken for 'whimbrel' until I looked at images at later date! Further information
Stewart Monckton 9/2 #226525

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Wed 10megamegaBlack-tailed Godwit
Orielton Lagoon
Sighted with 2 Red Knots and about 58 Bar-tailed Godwits on western shoreline at 8am today (about 2 hours before high tide).
Michael Brown 10/2 #226531
Mon 1Grey Goshawk (white morph)
Sulphur Creek
Bird seen in the area for approx. a week.
Frank & Lennice Wilson 10/2 #226529

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Wed 10highlightPlumed Whistling Duck
Willaura Water Treatment Plant
190 Plumed Whistling Duck loafing on edge of pond.
Jane Hayes, Susan Mason, Irene Sturt 10/2 #226530
highlightRed-necked Phalarope, Wood Sandpiper, Pacific Golden Plover
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Phalarope still present in summer pond 2, at least 1000 Banded Stilts didn't make finding the bird easy. 1 Wood Sandpiper in t section pond 5. 12 Pacific Golden Plovers on first group of rocks down at Kirk Point (most I have seen here for a long time).
Philip Peel, Alison Nisbett 10/2 #226527

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