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Sun 21Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (2)
Gold Creek Reservoir
One adult Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (race plagosus) seen in the riparian vegetation near the car park. Later, a young SBC was seen along Gold's Creek, upstream from the bridge. When I first saw the bird it appeared to be hassling a couple of Brown Thornbills by chasing them around. However, it turned out that it was merely following its hosts, begging to be fed! The cuckoo was at least twice the size of its hosts, being similar in size to the adult we'd seen previously, and the poor little Thornbills were very busy trying to find food for it. We saw them feed it several times. The barring on the SBCs breast was only starting to develop, from the from the flanks to the centre, and its iridescent feathers on the wings and back were only just starting to come in. It was giving an extremely high pitched begging call - an incessant series of "see" sounds, about once a second.
Elliot Leach; Chris Burwell; Louise Ashton 22/9 #219841
Sat 20Red-footed Booby, Tahiti Petrel, Kermadec Petrel, Black-bellied Storm-petrel
Offshore--Southport pelagic
One immature Red-footed Booby, 2 returning Tahiti Petrels, 2 Kermadec Petrels, 3 Black-bellied Storm-petrels.
Paul Walbridge & Nikolas Haass for all on the Southport Pelagic 21/9 #219822

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Mon 22Forest Kingfisher
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
FK (male) first sighting for season.
paul griffin 22/9 #219848
Sun 21Top Knot Pigeons
Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
Same walk as mentioned by Jayden Walsh. I arrived before other spotters & lost count as to how many TKP's took flight from the car park region. Estimate 50 plus. Light drizzle & cool
Paddy de Klerk 22/9 #219849
highlightShining Bronze-Cuckoo, Brush Bronzewing, Black Bittern, Spangled Drongo
Deep Creek
A great morning on the PNHA Deep Creek outing with many birds seen including a single Shining Bronze-Cuckoo was seen near the beginning of the track whislt a single Black Bittern and Spangled Drongo were seen about 500m into the trail near the large stand of Cabbage Tree palms. Also an Eastern Rosella inspecting a hollow, a single White Headed Pigeon, Brown Cuckoo Dove and a Tawny Frogmouth on a nest.
Jayden Walsh 22/9 #219840
White-throated Gerygone
Scheyville National Park - Longneck Lagoon
Saw/heard at least ten White-throated Gerygones today on the main track in and the gas pipe track. Also saw several Fri 12 Sept at Mulgoa Rsv . Pic of one of today's birds obtained.
Michael Rutkowski 22/9 #219839
highlightLittle Curlew (Subject to submission to NSW ORAC)
Stockton Sandspit
Solitary Little Curlew present this afternoon, easy to compare with the many Easter Curlews and the few Whimbrels present. [Moderator's note (NH): Sightings of Little Curlews should be submitted to NSW ORAC. Please be aware that a pair of Pied Oystercatchers are nesting in the lagoon at the sandspit. Please obey the signs that are in place and do not disturb these endangered birds that already face a number of disturbances at this site.]
Andrew O'Brien 21/9 #219838
Richmond Vale (Lower Hunter Valley)
Today Dan Williams and I saw our first Dollarbird for the Hunter Valley this season at Richmond Vale. Reporting it here as there do not seem to be any NSW reports of Dollarbirds thus far. I heard from Simon Gorta that he had one at Hawks Nest today too. (My first Dollarbird last year was from Shortland on the 21st Sept also). There was also a Pallid Cuckoo not far from the Dollarbird site.The Cessnock woodlands are now full of White-throated Gerygones and we had a single Leaden Flycatcher today as well.
Mick Roderick and Dan Williams 21/9 #219835
Rufous Songlark, Tawny Grassbird, Zebra Finch
Richmond Lowlands
In Onus Lane this afternoon we had 13 Zebra Finches, at least two Tawny Grassbirds and one Rufous Songlark (heard calls clearly).
Ákos and Donata Lumnitzer 21/9 #219833
Brahminy Kite
Lake Munmorah SCA - Snapper Point
Two immature Brahminy Kites near Snapper Point. Frustratingly had my wide angle lens on so only managed a couple of poor ID shots before they were gone. The other bird was directly into the sun but I'm quite certain it was also an immature bird.
Rebecca Citroni 21/9 #219828
White-throated Gerygone
South Coffs Harbour-Toormina
One White-throated Gerygone heard singing; first returns for the area.
Peter Higgins 21/9 #219821
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
11a Dirigeree Road Nelson Bay NSW
One adult male Glossy Black-Cockatoo feeding on she-oak in backyard bordering water board land/national park.
Bryony Brownlie 21/9 #219819
Sat 20Glossy Black-Cockatoo
Butterleaf State Forest / Glen Elgin area
A total of ten birds sighted. Two groups of three (family groups) and two pairs. All feeding on Oak [Casuarina sp.]. All within a 50ha area.
David Charley 22/9 #219847
Latham's Snipe
La Perouse [Botany Bay NP]
Flushed from the edge of a rivulet almost opposite the cottages at the 12th hole of the golf course [2 p.m]
Ted Nixon 21/9 #219831
Latham's Snipe (2), Little Lorikeet, Brown Goshawk (2), Dusky Woodswallow (2)
Mt Annan Botanical Gardens
2 Latham's Snipe at the larger top pond. Little Lorikeet (many) including some checking out tree hollows. Pair of Dusky Woodswallows also seen and pair of Brown Goshawk circling over the woodland creek walk. Plenty of Striated Pardalotes and an echidna there too. Tree Martins have returned to nest in the big gum just beyond the first entry roundabout. A dozen Satin Bowerbirds (mostly females/imm) feeding on figs in the main gardens was also good to see.
David Vickers 21/9 #219824
White-throated Gerygone
Valery, Valery Rd
First White-throated Gerygone for season. Valery is about 10 km inland.
Michael Cheers 21/9 #219825
Varied Sittella, Pacific Baza, Restless Flycatcher, Leaden Flycatcher
South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
4 Varied Sittellas in mixed feeding flock with White-throated Gerygone, White-throated Honeyeater, Golden Whistler, Leaden Flycatcher, Black-faced Monarch etc. 1 Restless Flycatcher nearby. Adult Pacific Baza soaring over canopy then flew up and performed undulating display.
Greg Clancy, Alan Pilkington 21/9 #219820
Australian Koel
Hawks Nest
Australian Koels continue to arrive back at their summer haunts with one heard this evening. Not many reports about yet this season.
Simon Gorta per Ashwin Rudder 21/9 #219818
Pacific Baza, Grey Goshawk, Wedge-tailed Eagle
Devlin Rd, Castleraegh
A single Pacific Baza on w bank of river, performing tumbling display flight. Also present one Grey Goshawk and pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles. At nearby Agnes Banks NR several breeding pairs of Spotted Pardalote and several Striated Pardalotes also seen.
Eric Finley 20/9 #219813
Rainbow Bee-eater, White-throated Gerygone, Grey Goshawk, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Cattai National Park
Both Rainbow Bee-eaters and White-throated Gerygones have now returned to the Hawkesbury. At least one Grey Goshawk seen and a dark morph White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles seen displaying over Cattai NP.
Edwin Vella and Follow That Bird 20/9 #219812
Channel-billed Cuckoo, Little Bronze-Cuckoo, Black-faced Monarch, Black-chinned Honeyeater
South Grafton Water Reserve (Abattoir TSR)
Channel-billed Cuckoo and Little Bronze-Cuckoo heard calling, 2 Black-faced Monarchs observed (observer's first local records of these migrants this season), 3+ Black-chinned Honeyeaters heard calling, 1 observed.
Greg Clancy & Alan Pilkington 20/9 #219811
Fri 19Red-wing Parrot
19km west of Glenn Innes
3 parrot observed on buds in roadside trees. Eastern edge of range.
David Charley 22/9 #219846
Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Channel-billed Cuckoo
2 two Yellow-billed Spoonbills were wading in our damn for a few hours in the morning. I spotted two Channel Billed Cuckoos in my mulberry tree on our property. I see them every year when the mulberries start to grow.
Tanja Van 20/9 #219816

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Sat 20Peregrine Falcon
A pair mating briefly on top of grain silo.
Paul Taylor 20/9 #219806

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Sun 21highlightAzure Kingfisher (2)
D'Entrecasteaux River
Single bird initially seen perched on a dead branch overhanging the river. It disappeared for a while but then it, or a second bird, was seen flying to a perch on the other side of the river; at this point, the other bird called from the opposite bank (out of sight). eBird checklist
Paul Brooks 21/9 #219837

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Sun 21Painted Honeyeater
Sullivan's Track, Newstead
Two seen, others calling. First return to a regular spot
Geoff Park 21/9 #219834
Sat 20Cape Gannet
Point Danger
Magnificent views of a Cape Gannet that really put on a show for us continually displaying black line on the throat for about 30 minutes. Thanks to Rob Farnes and John Weigel for locating the bird. Photos avsailable.
Bernie OKeefe and Ken Haines 21/9 #219817

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