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Tue 1Freckled Duck
Broadwater Lake, SW of Dalby
One Freckled Duck sighted at the northern end of the lake (end of bush track from Wilga Campground) associating with small numbers of Grey Teal and a few Pacific Black Ducks.. Very few waterbirds. The lake is near capacity.
June Harris 1/9 #224417
Baillon's Crake
Lake Eden, North Lakes Estate, Mango Hill SEQld
1 Baillon's Crake walking on lilly pads on other side of lake from Lochside Pde platform. Stand on platform & bird should be seen on other side, to the left of straight across. eBird checklist
Sue Lee 1/9 #224416
Radjah Shelduck
Finland Road
Two Radjah Shelducks were in the pond where previously reported at 11 am today
Paul Jensen 1/9 #224411
Mon 31Spotted Harrier
Western Outskirts of Dalby residential (Summer Ave)
One lovely adult Spotted Harrier quartering over house (no.78) yesterday.
June Harris 1/9 #224418
Wed 26king quail
Bunburra, 9kn south of boonah
Several in tall grass in an old cultavation paddock.
Errol stenzel 27/8 #224337

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Tue 1Pacific Koel
Fort Street Highschool, Petersham
One bird calling from a tree along Elswick Street as I was crossing the footbridge at 4pm today. First bird this season?
Simon Gorta 1/9 #224419
Mon 31highlightInland Dotterel
Private property 20 km north-west of Brewarrina
Saw a pair of Inland Dotterels on private property (no public access) in a chenopod shrubland. Photo of the male attached. Also two Ground Cuckoo-shrikes, several Banded Lapwings, a small flock of Crimson Chats and many Brown Songlarks.
Lachlan Copeland and Becky McCue 31/8 #224403
Plumed Whistling Duck
Taronga Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo)
A pair of Plumed Whistling Duck's landed for a brief pit stop at the hippo lake around midday.
Andrew O'Brien 31/8 #224395

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Mon 31Plumed Whistling-duck
Lake Tinaroo southern reach access via Harper St
Got a close look in daylight this morning. Bird appears to be a white phase Plumed Whistling-duck, not a hybrid cross.
Don Caswell 31/8 #224388
Sun 30Pied heron
"Duck World" Brandon Qld. (Private property)
A single bird seen at the very far end (from the gate) of the wetland.
Ian Boyd 31/8 #224397
Sat 29Large-tailed Nightjar
Inkerman - south of Homehill, Qld
At least four individual birds seen by members on a BirdLife Townsville campout on private property .
Ian Boyd and others 31/8 #224396
Fri 7highlightSpotted Nightjar
Centenary lakes, Cairns
Flushed from path by Saltwater Creek. In flight, obvious, solid white patches in wings, no white in tail. [Unusual sighting, should have been posted earlier but a communication mishap interrupted the process. Thanks Chris. Moderator]
Chris Revell 1/9 #224420

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Tue 1Pallid Cuckoo
7 kms North of Bowmans
A single bird, the first seen in this area for many years.
Paul Taylor 1/9 #224415
Gull-billed Tern
Port Arthur, Clinton CP.
One G-b Tern, a scarce visitor here.
Paul Taylor 1/9 #224414
Port Arthur, Clinton CP.
A single Whimbrel, rarely seen at this location.
Paul Taylor 1/9 #224413
Eastern Curlew
Port Arthur, Clinton CP.
Quite a large flock of 31 Eastern Curlews.
Paul Taylor 1/9 #224412
Common Greenshank
Port Clinton
A fairly numerous wader but a flock of about 30 here is a little unusual.
Paul Taylor 1/9 #224409

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Tue 1Shining Bronze Cuckoo
Surf Parade Reserve Inverloch
First for the season, have had Fan-tailed Cuckoos calling for the last two weeks. Plenty of Double Banded Plovers in full breeding plumage still hanging around in the inlet also.
Deb Crosby 1/9 #224408
Mon 31Square-tailed Kite
Kinnairds Wetland Numurkah
A Square-tailed Kite seen and photographed flying over the treetops close to the Creek Road entrance of the Wetland .
Richard & Catarina Gregson 31/8 #224398
Sun 30Regent Parrot, Redthroat
Wyperfeld National Park--Discovery Track
Redthroat very vocal in the dunes just in front of the start to the discovery track, also had a flyby of 2 Regent Parrots and subsequently track down at least 12 on the opposite side of discovery track heading towards devils pools, they were feeding low down and was able to observe at least 3 full yellow birds and rest were green eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224406
White-backed Swallow, Blue Bonnet
Yaapeet 10' Cell
Seen a pair of White-backed Swallows flying low over a field near the gypsum mines on the way to southern wyperfeld as well as a pair of Bluebonnet in Roadside Vegetation eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224405
highlightAustralian Bustard
Broken Bucket Tank
Had good local knowledge that there were some Bustard still present around Yanac, we were able to observe 3 in flight as they were spooked by a Wedge-tailed Eagle, easily identifiable with large wings, white underneath and as big if not bigger than the wedgie, a trully exceptional sight to see these birds in flight! eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224402
Little Desert National Park--Lowan Sanctuary
Keith Hately Reserve, 1 bird flushed from the path about 150 metres from the info board, seen well as it burst from the path at speed and disappeared into thick scrub. eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224401
Southern Scrub-robin, Black Eared Cuckoo
Little Desert National Park--Kiata campground
Located at least 3 Southern Scrub-Robins just east of the camp ground, and a very obliging Black-eared Cuckoo calling beautifully from exposed branch eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224400
Sat 29Bush Stone-Curlew
Horsham Golf Course
We headed for Horsham on our way to Little desert, found and saw at least 2 Bush Stone Curlew and possibly heard another 2 at a distance. eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 31/8 #224399

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