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Wed 25White-rumped Sandpiper
Shoalhaven Heads--Inlet, New South Wales
This bird flew in to where Red-necked Stint and Golden Plover were foraging near the waters edge and around me in the area of very extensive mud flats. I observed the bird for 30 minutes.
Jean Casburn 26/3 #222726

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Thu 26Musk Duck, Blue-billed Duck, Australian Pratincole
Lake Clarendon
From the visitor area: a single Musk Duck close to the nearest shore of the main water body; at least five Blue-billed Ducks on the open lake nearby; and a single Australian Pratincole observed through the scope, far away on the bare shore and in flight.
Roger Jaensch 27/3 #222732

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Fri 27Double-banded Plover and Eastern Curlew
Deeban Spit, Port Hacking
First sighting of the 7 Double-Banded Plovers that are regular winter visitors in the grass area at the end of the spit. Also 3 eastern curlews that may be overwintering like they did last year at 2.30, high tide.
Julie Keating 27/3 #222737
Thu 26Marsh Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Red-necked Avocet
Pitt Town Lagoon
2 Marsh S P AND 1 Wood SP 1 Red-necked Avocet
Keith Brandwood 27/3 #222739
highlightCrescent Honeyeater
Royal National Park - McKell Avenue
A Crescent Honeyeater was heard singing along the creek near the small entrance booth on Mckell Ave. Park at the old picnic area next to the ticket booth on the way out of the Waterfall end and the bird was calling high up in trees in the creek gully at the far east end (downstream). Rarely reported from Royal NP and this is the first time I've heard one there myself.
Marc Anderson 27/3 #222734
Double-barred Finch
Botany 1' Cell
During a short stop at the Engine Pond, I heard the nasal call and found one bird (white rump) loosely associating with a group of yellow-rumped thornbills on the ground among the Casuarinas, along the western end. Possibly an aviary escapee as it was alone, but it's the right subspecies to be a wild bird. I've never seen this species anywhere near here. [Moderator's note: the nearest breeding population is Sydney Olympic Park, 15km north-west of here - AR] eBird checklist
Rob Child 26/3 #222731

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Thu 26highlightWhite-throated Needletail
South Hobart
Alerted to their presence by high-pitched twittering, and saw 2-3 needletails circling very high up above my home at the Cohousing Co-operative, above the brewery. First time I've seen them here. Humid cloudy weather with a storm brewing. eBird checklist
Mona Loofs-Samorzewski 26/3 #222730

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Thu 26Pink Robin
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
A single "brown" Pink Robin seen at close range in north eastern part of the forest along with Speckled Warbler, Scarlet Robin and an imm Diamond Firetail. Also at least 4 Freckled Duck on the lake, Purple-crowned Lorikeets and a big flock of 30+ Dusky Woodswallow
Simon Starr plus one 26/3 #222727
White-winged Black Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
White-winged Black Terns, many colouring up well, still present. 40-45 at Walsh Lagoon and 6 or so at Western Lagoon. Curlew Sandpipers in nearly full breeding plumage but waders not too exciting. Little Terns on the shore.
Francis Crome 26/3 #222724
Wed 25Black-faced Monarch
Betka River walk, Mallacoota
First detected by wheezy chattering calls. Adult and juvenile observed feeding within fruiting pittosperum. Other birds nearby: Golden Whistler, Rufous Whistler, Mistletoebird, Grey Fantail, Varied Sitellas, Lewins Honeyeater, Late morning
Kaye Trainor and Martin O'Brien 26/3 #222729
Betka River estuary near ocean beach
Lucky to observe another Osprey, this time taking what appeared to be a Bream from the lower reaches of the Betka River.
Martin O'Brien 26/3 #222728

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