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Mon 2highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island, Sydney Harbour National Park
Bird relocated today at 11:15 feeding on the NW corner of the island. Appears to be slowly moving counterclockwise feeding along the shoreline. Still present from midday next to the jetty. Numerous photos obtained, will write up a BARC submission soon. Ferry access through Captain Cook Cruises, $20 return departing Circular Quay 10:30, 12:05, 1:30, 2:15.
Joshua Bergmark, Nathan Ruser, Henry Coleman, Carol Abbott, Peter Abbott 2/3 #222396
Sun 1highlightSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island (North), Sydney Harbour
Single bird around lunchtime. Observer wishes to remain anonymous, photos exist but will not be posted here for copyright reasons.
per. Joshua Bergmark 1/3 #222393

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Sun 1White-throated Needletail
Perhaps 2 pm yesterday we saw at least 12 Needletails flying (not too high perhaps 10 m) over the top of our house just off the Cotter Road. They were moving from Duffy direction towards Belconnnen. They appeared to be in company of or close to martins of some type. The martins remained to the south of Cotter Road. [Moderator's note: There have been several records of needletails in the ACT in the last few days with estimated groups of up to 150. FA]
Stewart and Dianne DEANS 2/3 #222397

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Tue 3highlightGlossy Black Cockatoo
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
A flock of 8-10 Glossy Black Cockatoo's did a fly over of the zoo. They were seen by a number of keepers, many commenting that this is the first time they have seen them in the zoo.
Andrew O'Brien 3/3 #222409
Pacific Baza
Lawrence - private property
Reported on behalf of Bill Shillam. At least 12 birds were noted today feeding in the tops of eucalypts on the property. This species is not uncommon at this site and has bred in the past. The numbers were surprising. However it should be noted that 14 birds were also seen on the 7th February at the same site
Peter West 3/3 #222408
White-bellied Cuckooshrike - dark morph
Yellomundee Regioanl Park
Single bird observed taking insects from foliage of casuarina and acacia near old homestead site.
Mark Ley 3/3 #222404

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Tue 3300 Banded Stilt 500 Avocet 100 Marsh Sandpiper
Cheetham Wetlands, Avalon
Des Palmer and Peter Fry 3/3 #222403
Mon 2highlightBlue-faced Honeyeater
royal pde carlton nth
Single Blue faced honeyeater seen along bike path/ walking track @ Princes Park this afternoon.
chris gittins 2/3 #222399

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