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Mon 27Bassian Thrush
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Two together along the path on the north side of the Sydney Gully eBird checklist
Steve Holliday 27/4 #223088
Swift Parrot
Mount Ainslie Nature Reserve--Foveaux St Entrance
Five parrots present between 6:30 and 7:10am, feeding in various flowering eucs in the area. Reported previously by Steve Holliday. eBird checklist
Christine D 27/4 #223080

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Mon 27Powerful Owl
Bunya State Forest
Territorial calls heard frequently this evening from my garden and on my dog walk along the edge of the state forest (Albany Creek Side). Went out again at 11.30- 2 pairs duetting - one just north and one just south of my house. Popped out with my camera for half an hour and saw a territorial dispute at the end of Cowrie Parade where it meets Bunya State Forest.
Rob Morris 27/4 #223093

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Sun 26Black Kite
George St, South Windsor
Flew above car at tree top level. Very clear view.
Pat Muller 27/4 #223081
Thu 23Plum-headed Finch
Eulah Creek
Although common out in the plains, it has been a while since I have found Plum-headed Finches here at Eulah Creek, in the foothills of the Nandewar Range (20 km east of Narrabri). There was a mob of about 12 birds at about 8, with juveniles amongst them (photo; on the right). They were spooked by an Australian Hobby when I found them. Further information
Michael Dahlem 23/4 #223050

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Sun 26Masked Woodswallow; White-browed Woodswallow; Budgerigar
Tracks around Mount Mulligan Station North of Dimbulah QLD
Several small flocks of mixed birds in several different places around Mt Mulligan Station. We managed to get very good views of all species as they were feeding among the trees. Hot arid parched landscape. Also Black-faced Woodswallows among the mixed flocks. We also saw 15 Budgerigars on the wing and then at rest in a tree. I add these as I saw John Grants post re the Woodswallows
Phillipa Cannon 27/4 #223086

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Mon 27Arctic Jaeger
Bald Hill Beach
One Arctic Jaeger roosting on seaweed, occasionally harassed by Crested Terns. A rare visitor to northern St. Vincent Gulf. Poor photo in dull conditions.
Paul Taylor 27/4 #223084
Bar-tailed Godwit
Bald Hill Beach
A few waders still present, notably 14 Bar-tailed Godwits, as well as 4 Grey Plovers, 5 turnstones, about 50 Red-necked Stints (very few in breeding plumage), and just one Red Knot. Other birds of interest were 12 Double-banded Plovers, 11 Fairy Terns, 20 Royal Spoonbills, 3 Little Egrets amongst 60 Great Egrets, and more than 80 Pelicans.
Paul Taylor 27/4 #223082

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Tue 28Australian King Parrot
A single 'green' bird seen on boundary of Royal Melbourne Golf Course and Woff St, Beaumaris.
Sean Dooley 28/4 #223096
Mon 27highlightShort-tailed Shearwater
northeast carpark, Heatherdale Railway Station
At 6:20 am, I found a dead Short-tailed Shearwater more or less in the middle of the northeast car park at Heatherdale Railway Station - about 22 km ENE of the nearest 'ocean' - Port Phillip Bay at Elwood. I think it had died the previous evening.
Paul Peake 28/4 #223097
olive-backed oriole
Long Hollow Reserve, Beaumaris
Immature bird at top of a Black Wattle, flew south. Also in the group of five or so Black Wattles were 2 Grey Fantails, 2 Eastern Spinebills, and a Golden Whistler. eBird checklist
Michael Norris 28/4 #223095
Song Thrush
Newborough, near Moe
Another first and unexpected visitor to our suburban Australian native garden. A superbly camouflaged Song Thrush observed quietly foraging in garden mulch.
Alix and Rod Williams 28/4 #223094
Sun 26Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
We've seen it twice in the last few weeks in our backyard. We live close to Greswell Forest. Have not seen one in the 25 years we've lived in the area.
Scott Hemsley 27/4 #223079
highlightBlack-faced Woodswallow
Ferris road, Terrick Terrick NP grassland
6 birds feeding alongside native grassland and a dry swamp. My first personal sighting around the Terricks, though they have been seen along the Mitiamo-Kow Swamp road in remnant Bulokes in the past.
Simon Starr 26/4 #223078
Sat 25Brolga
Aikens Road adjacent to Thunder Swamp
Adult pair reportedly hanging about near the channel. Likely the same pair which nested on nearby Tang Tang Swamp last year.
Mark Daley via Adrian Martins 27/4 #223091
Freckled Duck
Lake Colac, from Caravan Park
10 Freckled Duck roosting on sand bank with Swans & Pelicans opposite Lake Side Caravan Park, also good flocks of Red-capped Plover and Red-necked Stint colouring up
Samantha Greiner 27/4 #223090
Red-kneed Dotterel, Eastern Great Egret, Australasian Shoveller
Dandenong Creek wetlands
Over 50 Red-kneed Dotterels, 3 Shovellers and an Eastern Great Egret were amongst approx 20 species of birds observed on the wetlands during a wet, rainy ANZAC Day afternoon. Great win by the Magpies also!!
John Harris - Director, Wildlife Experiences P/L 27/4 #223085

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