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Sun 28Eastern Grass Owl
Godfreys Road,Bli Bli
Ross and Nat Sinclair 28/8 #228360

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Sun 28White-backed Swallow
Port Macquarie Marina
A single bird passed low overhead flying southward. Excellent bins view in perfect light, absolutely unmistakable bird. I waited around for another half an hour but it did not reappear. eBird checklist
Liam Murphy 28/8 #228359
White-winged Chough
Tallong, Penrose
I saw a lot of White-winged Choughs in the southern section of the Southern Highlands this afternoon: 22 in Tallong (over 3 locations); 5 in Penrose.
Lorne Johnson 28/8 #228358
Sat 27White-browed/Masked Woodswallow, Painted Button-quail
Wallaby Scrub Rd, Warkworth
Saw 4 Painted Button-quail moving through the leaf litter (quite a reliable spot for them here and I also saw many of their fresh platelets). I also had heard a few times but not seen a single White-browed/Masked Woodswallow amongst the Dusky Woodswallows circling overhead; Fuscous, Spiny-cheeked and Striped Honeyeaters, Tree Martins, Speckled Warbler and a couple of Brown Treecreepers.
Edwin Vella 28/8 #228366
Hooded Robin
Wambo Rd, Bulga
In the woodland beside Wambo Rd were a pair of Hooded and at least 4 Red-capped Robins, Jacky Winter, Varied Sitellas, a number of Speckled warblers, Striped and Brown-headed Honeyeaters, a fairly large group of Grey-crowned Babblers feeding at least 2 fledglings, and a Rufous Whistler. Across the road beside Wollombi Brook were Spiny-cheeked and Striped Honeyeater, Tree Martins. I possibly also heard a Rainbow Bee-eater or two which should be starting to come back now.
Edwin Vella 28/8 #228364
White-backed Swallow, Eastern Barn Owl
Broke (Hunter Valley)
I noticed a Barn Owl perched in a small acacia and fairly exposed in clear view beside the road and after a while it took flight, circled around the swamp and then flew across the road to land in a dense stand of casuarinas beside the creek mobbed by Pied Butcherbirds, Magpies etc. Other birds seen here included 2 Spiny-cheeked and 3 Striped Honeyeaters, a number of Tree Martins, Grey-crowned Babblers, Rufous Whistler and on my return visit early in the afternoon I had some White-winged Choughs, a Brown Falcon, a few Satin Bowerbirds and best of all a single White-backed Swallow.
Edwin Vella 28/8 #228363
highlightBush Stone-curlew
Saratoga Wetlands
This year the Gosford Friends of the Bush Stone-curlews are pleased to report that for the first time in 15 years, there are seven pairs in the Brisbane Water area that includes Saratoga Wetlands. During the week 16-25/8/16 all 7 pairs were confirmed to be present in the general area that they have nested, with the first eggs laid and a clutch of 2 completed at Kincumber on 27/8/16. The latest pair to be located, were seen to mate in the middle of a reasonably busy local road at Empire Bay on 20/7, although as to where they might place their nest remains to be seen. Currently the Friends can account for 15 birds in and around the waterways and public reserves of Brisbane Water.
Alan Morris 28/8 #228354

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Sat 27Whiskered Tern
Bald Hill Beach
A flock of 18 Whiskered Terns, an early arrival here.
Paul Taylor 28/8 #228355

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Sun 28black falcon
Barwon River, Belmont to Breakwater
observed a black falcon being harassed by crow/raven species shortly after it chased a spotted turtle dove into a large window of my house breaking its neck the falcon didn't return.
brett roberts 28/8 #228362
highlightBrown gerygone
Shepherd's Bush
This bird was already reported on eBird on 8 August 2016 by John Daniels, however has not been reported to Birdline yet. I think it is a noteworthy sighting for suburban Melbourne. Still present today along the track on west side of Dandenong Creek. eBird checklist
Michael Fuhrer 28/8 #228361
Sat 27Brown Falcon
Tasman Sea 100 nautical miles south of Mallacoota
Shipboard observation. A very pale Brown Falcon came into the vessel and remained for around 15 minutes, harassing a pair of Grey-faced Petrels on occasion.
Mick Roderick 28/8 #228353

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