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Sat 30highlightSwift Parrot
Acacia Gardens
2 seen and heard flying over in the early morning. Lots of Lorikeets and various honeyeaters about.
Edwin Vella 30/5 #223422
Fri 29Plum-headed Finch
Capertee Valley - Genowlan Bridge Road
6 Plum-headed Finches perched while approximately another 100 circled twice then flew off. At the bridge a single New Holland Honeyeater.
Graham Blackwell, Alec & Catherine Gillespie 29/5 #223417
Thu 28highlightPacific Gull
Town Beach (Port Macquarie)
Immature Pacific Gull (2nd year?) still present at Town Beach.
Tim Morris 29/5 #223413
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Lake Cathie
The two Regent HE's reported by Duncan Fowler et al were still at the site yesterday afternoon (a male and female). They appear to be 'working' a circuit between a small flowering Blackbutt, a slightly larger flowering Swamp Mahogany and some banksias in the area. As Duncan pointed out, the birds are defending the Blackbutt tree from other HE's. The male was doing mimicry of Figbird calls, interspersed with the single 'chack' note of a Little Wattlebird (see link for some 'bumpy footage'). Further information
Mick Roderick, Ted Giblin and Tim Morris 29/5 #223408
White-backed Swallow
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge
One White-backed Swallow was the highlight of a quick trip to the Capertee today. Lots of honeyeaters about at Glenowlan Bridge including Black-chinned, White-napped, Fuscous, Yellow-tufted, White-plumed and New-Holland Honeyeaters plus 40 Little Lorrikeets, Hooded Robin and 2 Diamond Firetails.
Robert Hynson 29/5 #223407
Varied Triller
Harrington rainforest
Male and female Varied Trillers present in the Harrington Rainforest yesterday. Male calling. Posting here as seasonal movements of this species in NSW appear to be poorly understood.
Mick Roderick 29/5 #223406
Wed 27Scarlet Robin
Mount Annan Botanical Gardens, Mt Annan NSW
Perching in araucarias and feeding on the ground eBird checklist
Adrian o'Hara 28/5 #223404
Tue 26Turquoise Parrot, Black Falcon
Back Yamma State Forest
We encountered a pair of Black Falcons perched on a dead tree beside the Back Yamma road and a small flock of Blue Bonnets before entering the western side of the forest. Within the forest, we also had a number of Red-capped Robins, more Blue Bonnets, Superb Parrots, lots of Speckled Warblers, a dozen or so Turquoise Parrots (including some young birds seen), White-browed Babblers, Brown Tree-creepers, White-bellied Cuckoos-shrike, Black-chinned Honeyeater and some Diamond Firetails beside their nest.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 29/5 #223416
Mon 25White-backed Swallow, possible Blue-winged Parrot
Lake Cargelligo
At the Sewerage works, only one pond (the one closest to the bird hide) was deep enough to support the ducks with the larger ones almost all dried up despite recent rainfall in the area. We saw here a couple of Black-tailed Native-hen, a couple of Red-necked Avocet, a Spotted Harrier, 3 Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Blue Bonnets, Mallee Ringnecks, a few Cockatiel but best of all at least 6 White-backed Swallows. Also, I am almost certain that I heard a Blue-winged Parrot fly over the town which could be expected feeding on the saltmarsh around the area at this time of year.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 29/5 #223415
Ground Cuckoo-shrike (10)
Along the Lake Cargelligo to Lake Cargelligo Rd , Mark and I noticed a number of birds having a go at a Brown Falcon we saw some Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes amongst those mobbing the falcon and noticed also some longer tailed versions which after pulling over realised the later were 10 Ground Cuckoo-shrikes. The Cuckoo-shrikes flew over to the paddock on the other side of the road which had about 20 Banded Lapwing and some Magpies. There were a few young dark-eyed birds amongst the yellow-eyed adults.
Edwin Vella and Mark Fuller 29/5 #223414

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Fri 29Red-backed Kingfisher
Daintree Village
Single bird, probably a female, on power line outside Daintree primary school. eBird checklist
Kim and Geoff Larmour 29/5 #223411
Mon 25Ground Cuckoo-shrike
2.5 km north of Forsayth on road to Georgetown
One seen perched and in flight in/over open eucalypt woodland.
Don Franklin 29/5 #223405

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Wed 27highlightWhite-browed Treecreeper
Dead Man's Pass Reserve - South Para River, Gawler
3 birds seen on eastern side of reserve on a stony bicycle track. Spending quite a bit of time on the ground, nice close views. Have not seen/heard this species in the Gawler township before. Other records?
David Hartland 29/5 #223418

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Fri 29highlightWestern Gerygone
Elwood Canal
Looking up into a she-oak beside the Elwood Canal this morning I was astonished to find a Western Gerygone quietly twittering away. It remained all day flying back and forth through a small group of Drooping She-oaks between Marine Parade and Barkly Street where it foraged alongside a couple of Brown Thornbills. It certainly made us work for a decent look let alone a photograph, spending most of the day actively hunting high in dense foliage. The hard won photo attached was taken by David W. Eades. (diagnostic white base of the tail was seen)
Gio Fitzpatrick and David W. Eades 30/5 #223421
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Macleod Rail Station
Went looking for the Swift Parrots seen by Owen earlier this week, but alas, missed them again. Did observe and photograph at least 2 Scaly-breasted Lorikeets in flowering Spotted Gum across the road from the newsagency. Only my second sighting in Victoria.
John Harris - Wildlife Experiences 29/5 #223412
Cattle Egret
Lancefield 10' Cell
Single bird in long grass at the junction of Lancefield-Tooborac Road and Burke and Wills Track.
Peter Houston 29/5 #223410
Thu 28Sooty Oystercatcher
Three adult Sooty Oystercatchers flew in and landed a few metres north of the Elwood Canal mouth. It was about this time last year that the City of Port Phillip's first Sooty Oystercatcher (in recent decades) appeared in Elwood.
Gio Fitzpatrick 29/5 #223420
Wed 27'Commic' Terns
Here's a bit of a challenge. Apologies for the very poor photo quality. I took these photographs from the mouth of the Elwood Canal. The terns were flying among a feeding flock of about 40 Australasian Gannets. The bird in the bottom photo seems to resemble a White-fronted Tern in primary moult. Perhaps the photos don't show enough detail to clinch the ID.
Gio Fitzpatrick 29/5 #223419

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