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Mon 17Beach Stone-curlew
Mermaid Beach , Gold Coast. At the end of Seashell Ave
One bird seen. The first sighting by me on this beach in the five years I have lived nearby.
Matt Davies 17/12 #236369
Sun 16highlightLong-toed Stint
GJ Fuller Oval Lagoons
Feeding with sharpies on the pool at the back of the school playing fields. eBird checklist
Ged Tranter and Michael Daley 17/12 #236366
Sat 15megamegaBuff-breasted Sandpiper
Port of Brisbane Shorebird Roost
Buff-breasted sandpiper found by Tina Ellen Rider and Sean Nolan on Saturday and twitched by many people over the weekend. The bird is still present this morning (17th) according to a post from Tina on Facebook. The bird tends to prefer the samphire around the second hide (further from the gate). For those going to see it, please take the track along the fence to the second hide rather than the inside track to avoid flushing the birds.
Elliot Leach 17/12 #236365
Thu 13highlightLittle Curlew
Lady Elliot Island
2 birds observed together on the airstrip on day of arrival and then unable to relocate again despite searching before today (15/12) when a single Little Curlew was observed on the runway.
Marie Tarrant et al 15/12 #236353

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Sun 16Latham's Snipe
Good to see a Latham's Snipe on the edge of a flooded paddock by Railway Parade mid-morning. I've never seen a Latham's Snipe in Tallong, or the southern end of the Southern Highlands.
Lorne Johnson 16/12 #236362
Brown Songlark
I was stoked to see a very vocal male Brown Songlark in a paddock on the corner of Warrima Drive and Highland Way early this morning. My first record of Brown Songlark for the Southern Highlands.
Lorne Johnson 16/12 #236361
Sat 15Wandering, Antipodean (Gibson's) Albatrosses, Long-tailed Jaegers
Offshore--Kiama Pelagic (SOSSA)
The forecast wild weather did not eventuate, so the December 18 SOSSA trip proceeded as usual. Highlights were 2 Wandering, 2 Antipodean (both Gibson's) and 1 Shy Albatrosses, as well as 3 Long-tailed Jaegers. Other birds included 50+ Grey-faced, 2 Solanders (including an oddly coloured one, photo attached), 15+ Wilson's, 10+ White-faced Storm-petrels, 3 Pomarine Jaegers and the usual Wedge-tailed, Short-tailed and Flesh-footed Shearwaters.
Brook Whylie and all aboard the MV Kato 16/12 #236358

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Fri 14White-bellied Sea-eagle
Whites Road Wetland (Bolivar)
2nd-3rd year/Sub-adult. Flew in from north and circled around lake briefly until chased off by silver gulls. Flew out west towards the Torrens Island/Barker Inlet general area.
Jeff Krieg 17/12 #236368

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Mon 17megamegaOriental Pratincole
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Adult roosting in rocks in pond 5.
Jeff Davies 17/12 #236367
Sun 16Lewin's Rail
Deadman Creek - Beechworth
Heard loud advertising 'Kek-Kek-Kek' call coming from a grassy drainage line and dam along Deadman Creek - approx 500m East of the Diffey Road underpass along the Rail Trail. Waited to hear call repeated again to confirm it was not a frog. Over 200mm rain fell locally in the last few days and the broader landscape is saturated - possibly some displacement of species to higher elevations in the catchment. eBird checklist
Dan Pendavingh 16/12 #236363
Terek Sandpiper
Stockyard Point
5 individuals seen feeding along the point at 12:30pm
Nick Goode 16/12 #236359
Sat 15highlightSoft-plumaged Petrel
Port Fairy Pelagic
Some pretty rough and overcast conditions throughout day. Not a huge variety but interesting bunch of birds. Highlight was a Soft-plumaged Petrel that circled boat several times, allowing for good views. Bit of a rarity in Vic waters. Good number of White-chinned Petrel [20-30], several Sooty Shearwater, Hutton's Shearwater and at least 1 possibly 2 Northern Royal Albatross. eBird checklist
Scott Baker, Kevin Bartram, Neil Macumber [all aboard Southern Explorer] 16/12 #236360

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