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Fri 12megamegaNorthern Pintail
Hastie's Swamp
3 adult drake Northern Pintails where seen on Hastie's Swamp. The birds were watched between 3.00 & 4.00 pm feeding by upending. Then they flew off down the swamp and have not been seen since.
Chris Doughty per Mike Carter 17/9 #219742

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Thu 18highlightBlue-faced Honeyeater
Hawker Oval - behind the softball centre
Miner-sized honeyeater in flowering ironbark (the only one there!) with obvious blue area around eye, black crown, white nape, black lower face and a black bib separated from head by white malar stripes. Upperparts bright olive green and underparts white. Watched for about 20 minutes around 8.30 in the morning. Heard to call 3-4 times only.
Peter Christian 18/9 #219764
Wed 17Musk Duck, Superb Parrot
Yerrabi Pond
Female Musk Duck with 2 ducklings found quite easily. Male also very obvious along shore. 5 Superb Parrots flew into small tree near playground off Wunderlich St. eBird checklist Further information
Martin Butterfield 17/9 #219753

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Thu 18Magpie Goose, Little Grassbird
Narrabri Lake
Update on the Magpie Goose population at Narrabri Lake - counted about 90 this morning (the photo shows only part of the mob). Also heard at least 3 Little Grassbirds calling from reeds. Further information
Michael Dahlem 18/9 #219765
Scarlet Honeyeater
Sydney Olympic Park
Two male Scarlet Honeyeaters at Little Kronos Hill-vocal and looking good on a spring day. Only my second record for SOP. Also 50 Red-necked Avocets, 18 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 1 Little Egret and an adult female Brown Goshawk.
Dion Hobcroft 18/9 #219762
Latham's Snipe, Australian Reed Warbler, Little Grassbird, Australasian Grebe
Warriewood Wetlands
A single Latham's Snipe was seen in its usual spot. Australian Reed Warbler, Little Grassbird and Australasian Grebe all seen in the main pond near Shearwater Drive.
Jayden Walsh 18/9 #219759
Wed 17Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australasian Shoveler, Little Egret
Southgate Creek, N of Grafton
One Freckled Duck loafing on log in water, one Pink-eared Duck on water and pair of Australasian Shovelers on water then loafing on bank. One juvenile Little Egret, with yellow-green legs, actively foraging. First record this site for Freckled and Pink-eared Ducks.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 17/9 #219758
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo, Red Wattlebird
Great Marlow, N of Grafton
One Horsfield's Cuckoo observed in trees and riverside reeds. One Red Wattlebird moving S with other birds (?Australian Figbird). Red Wattlebirds are an uncommon winter visitor to the Clarence lowlands.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 17/9 #219757
Pallid Cuckoo
School Lane, Southgate
One Pallid Cuckoo on powerline. First local record for season.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 17/9 #219756
Black Kite, Gull-billed Tern, Torresian Crow, Cattle Egret
Franks Creek, Southgate
90+ Black Kites, 100+ Torresian Crows, 19 Gull-billed Terns and 120+ Cattle Egrets as well as Australian Magpies and Common Mynas in or over paddock being ploughed by two tractors. Largest number of Black Kites seen in the Clarence Valley for some months.
Greg Clancy & Russell Jago 17/9 #219755
Tue 16White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain)
An adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew over the house yard at 2:35pm today being chased by Australian Magpies. First record for our property at Bellawongarah. We are on the escarpment 350m ASL west of Berry township. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 16/9 #219737
Sat 13Australian Koel
Single Australian Koel heard giving call in flight at 07:00 - first record here for season. A few calls heard early morning 14 and 16 Sep, and louder and more persistent calling heard this morning (17 Sep).
Peter Higgins 17/9 #219744
Glossy Black-Cockatoo
On property on Fairlight Road in Mulgoa a male Glossy Black-Cockatoo. It was by itself and flew from gumtree to gumtree and also frequented She Oaks.
Tanja Van 13/9 #219689

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Wed 17Pectoral Sandpiper
Normanton Town Common
Single bird photographed with other sandpipers, at dam in town common on northern edge of town.
Paul Richardson & Phillip George 17/9 #219752

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Wed 10Ostrich, Black-breasted Buzzard, Grey Falcon
Birdsville Track--Marree to Mungerannie
1 Ostrich at Dulkanninna creek. Has been hanging around for a fe months now. According to locals, escaped as a young bird from Clayton Station. 1 Black-breasted Buzzard imm. 2 Grey Falcons on a radio tower.
Peter Waanders 17/9 #219746
Tue 9Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Banded Whiteface, Eyrean Grasswren, Gibberbird
Cowarie Station
Peter Waanders 17/9 #219747
Mon 8highlightGrey Grasswren, Yellow Chat
Birdsville Track--Goyder Lagoon vicinity
a pair of Grey Grasswrens with recently fledged young. And 6-8 Yellow Chats including immatures.
Peter Waanders 17/9 #219749
Mon 1Pied Honeyeater, Crimson Chat
Gluepot Reserve
Both species have arrived at Gluepot after a few years absence. They are feeding on mass flowering Eremophilas. Other good sightings include 3 spp of Cuckoo (Horsfield's Bronze, Black-eared & Pallid), as well as Red-lored Whistler and Black-eared Miner.
Peter Waanders 17/9 #219745

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Wed 17Eastern Curlew
Bonnington, Cambridge
Seventeen birds roosting on marshes at Bonnington south of the Spit and Oyster sheds.
Els Wakefield 18/9 #219761
Double-banded Plover
Bonnington, Cambridge
One Double-banded Plover in breeding plumage and 33 Red-necked Stint along Spit.
Els Wakefield 18/9 #219760

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Wed 17Hutton's Shearwater
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
I've been keeping an eye on a large flock of Fluttering-type shearwater that's been hanging offshore from the east end of the plant over the last 14 days or so but generally they've been way too far out to monitor closely. Today however in the strong southerlies several were pushed in close to shore to around 300m off with a feeding flock of gannets, cormorants, terns, etc, and amongst about 70 Fluttering SW was a clear Hutton's that showed a dark hood with little white visible around the chin, dusky axillaries and generally less white on the underwing; it also showed more dark feathering on the thighs that further differentiated it from the FSW. It clearly stood out, and in the time I watched I could only see one at any time, however there may have been more. First I've seen this sp. at WTP. eBird checklist
Steve Davidson 17/9 #219750
Dusky Woodswallow
Swan Reach, East Gippsland
80 counted resting on fences and power lines near home close to Colquhoun Forest this morning
Ken Sherring 17/9 #219743
Mon 15Latham's Snipe
Laverton Creek , Altona Meadows
2 Latham's Snipe seen on mud in Laverton Creek in section that runs through A B Shaw Reserve which is a dogs off leads park. I have seen 1 or 2 here for past three years.
David A Richardson 15/9 #219728
Sun 14Magpie geese
Newcomb, Moolap station rd.
A flock of about 24, can be seen along Moolap station road near the Gateway church, past the Bellarine HWY. Also saw Yellow-rumped thornbills a pair of Brolgas fly towards Reedy lake.
Andrew Wallis 17/9 #219754

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