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Mon 29Spotless Crake
Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands
Single bird in the first stormwater pond. Easily observed at close distance while it feeds along the exposed muddy edge. Further information
Todd Burrows 29/5 #231031

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Tue 30Spotted Quail-thrush, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Jacy Winter
Colo Heights (Wheelbarrow Ridge Road)
Up to four Jacky Winter calling from tree tops and powerlines on roadside. Spotted Quail-thrush heard them seen foraging under Turpentines in a front yard under canopy. Foraging Glossy Black Cockatoos in Allocasuarina torulosa.
Kurtis Lindsay 30/5 #231037
Square-tailed Kite
McGraths Hill
One Square-tailed Kite flew over McGraths Hill McDonalds flew in from the east. 2.55pm. Chased by Noisy Miners.
Kurtis Lindsay 30/5 #231036
Mon 29Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Red-capped Robin.
Weddin Mountains, Black Piney Road
Pair seen on roadside fence wire on Black Piney Rd about three kilometres before the Nat. Park turnoff . Flew off as I stopped and were harassed by a Magpie, which in turn was similarly dealt with by the Cuckoo-shrikes. At least ten pairs of Red-capped Robin observed in the Callitris woodland of Bimbi State Forest along the access road to the National Park.
Darryl Smedley 30/5 #231038
Haycock Point Ben Boyd National Park
Three Sanderling at Haycock Point Ben Boyd National Park. These birds are unlikely to be breeding in the high arctic tundra this season!
J Hutchison 29/5 #231029
Tue 23Little Eagle
Lalich Avenue Reserve (Bonnyrigg) - Fairfield City Council
The Little Eagle was seen from about 9am when it was being harassed by Noisy Miners in a Ecalyptus Tree. Through the binoculars we can see that it has feathers on its legs down to its feet. We observed it with its wings semi outstretched and could see that it had a light band across its wings. Further information
Irene Melaisis, Nadia Orland, Lucinda Edwards 30/5 #231035

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Thu 25Emu
Peninsula Developmental Rd at -15.46490, 144.23694
2 standing next to the road, uncommon on Cape York. eBird checklist
Keith and Lindsay Fisher 29/5 #231027

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Mon 29Helmeted Friarbird
Western End of Tuffin Rd, Yirrkala
Possible sighting of a group of Helmeted Friarbirds in front yard. Definitely heard after seeing. Distinctive sounds and feathers upon head.
Amy Dewhurst 29/5 #231028

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Mon 22Australian Bustard
The Outback Hwy at -31.19966, 138.40249
Bustard spotted near the roadside by Jack Parrington roughly 5km South of Parachilna. Allowed good views and slowly sauntered away from the road. eBird checklist
Jack Parrington, Robin Rider, Alison Nisbett, David Adam, Owen Lishmund 29/5 #231034

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Tue 30Swift Parrot
Arborline Nursery, Hamilton
One bird calling from boundary trees mid afternoon, very distinctive call heard three-four times, possible response to call back
Samantha Greiner 30/5 #231040
Mon 29Little Eagle, Crested Pigeon
Hoppers Crossing
Whilst having lunch at Mossfiel Reserve, we saw a dark morph Little Eagle fly in. Without warning, it stooped all the way to the ground, catching a Crested Pigeon that hadn't bothered to fly off, like its fellow pigeons had. It took it to a nearby eucalypt, allowing close views. This park is very urban and quite a few people were in the area, which didn't seem to bother the eagle. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 29/5 #231033
Australasian Bittern
Truganina Swamp, Altona
Nice views had of Aus Bittern inside fenced Wildlife Refuge area feeding on abundant Clicking Froglets .
David Richardson 29/5 #231032
Sun 28White-headed Pigeon
13 White-headed pigeons feeding at a bird feeder, Christmas St, Metung. Owner claimed up to 8 breeding pairs frequent the nearby reserve, and bring fledglings to the feeder in the spring.
Roger Bilney 29/5 #231030

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