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Wed 27Eastern Reef Egret Grey morph
Humpybong Creek Redcliffe
Sighted at the spillway just downstream from the fountain. Constantly chasing off a Little Egret and ignored a Great Egret close by. I had a report of two but could only sight one. eBird checklist
Vince Bugeja 27/8 #219401
Tue 26Wedge-tailed Eagle
Boonah Qld
Two adults on nest with chick Further information
Wendy Dunn Lindsey Reeves 27/8 #219405

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Wed 27Regent Bowerbird
Caniaba, Lismore NSW
Regent Bowerbird an altitudinal nomad, left this week for highland forest having arrived in May. Note the yellow eye of the imm. male, which differs from the dark (brown) eye of the female.
paul griffin 27/8 #219407
White-headed Pigeon
Turramurra station
Two White-headed Pigeons on power lines at north end of station approx 7am
Tom Wilson 27/8 #219399

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Mon 25highlightSwift Parrot
Taroona Park
A few calling from flowering bluegums in park and along foreshore.
Simon Grove 25/8 #219378
Sat 23Common Diving Petrel
Bruny Island Cruises Trip ex Adventure Bay
Some only a few metres from the boat on our return trip to Adventure Bay. eBird checklist
Kathy Costello, Val La May 27/8 #219398
Wed 20Peregrine Falcon
Riding in a bus near the east end of Davey Street we saw a Peregrine Falcon chasing a small flock of feral pigeons. eBird checklist
Kathy Costello, Val La May 26/8 #219388

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Wed 27highlightWood Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
North side of Paradise Road near Little River estuary [East of quarantine area]- with Dotterels. Feeding quietly and not bothered by very close car. Also one Glossy Ibis and many Black-shouldered Kites with immature plumage.
Mal Kidson 27/8 #219408
Tue 26highlightWood Sandpiper
Hicks Road Wetland (Yarrawonga)
Tipped off by Michael Ramsey waders were at this wetland and photographed a Wood Sandpiper late afternoon. Two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers also present.
Ros King 27/8 #219409
Little Eagle
Price Park, Viewbank
1 bird soaring high being hassled by ravens. Also, the Noisy Friarbird is still present below the toilet block
Greg Cobern 27/8 #219403
Eastern Barn Owl
Forfar Rd, Hamlyn Heights
Was attending to maintenance around my parents home at lunch time today when I disturbed an Eastern barn owl from roosting low in a shrub next to the swimming pool. It flew out and looked at me before flying into a large tree two houses down the street. I will never forget this unique experience.
Julian Earl 26/8 #219393

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Tue 26Hooded Plover
Lake Warden, Esperance
About 30 Hooded Plover at east end of late. None appear to be on beaches in the region. Further information
Greg Roberts 26/8 #219386

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