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Sat 30Ground Cuckooshrike
Lake Clarendon
2 feeding in paddock beside causeway, approx. 100m along from gate. Near gnarled old gum tree. 1100 hours.
Jo & Matt Culican 30/8 #219449

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Sat 30megamegaCitrine Wagtail (Subject to submission to BARC)
Putta Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee
The Citrine Wagtail was present this morning at 7.30am in front of the bird hide.
Richard Baxter (posted on Birding-Aus) 30/8 #219457
Black-necked Stork
Ellalong Lagoon, Paxton
A female Black-necked Stork was seen today on the far side of Ellalong Lagoon.
Christina Port and participents with Follow that bird 30/8 #219452
Little Egret, Great Crested Grebe
Penrith Regatta Center
A Little Egret was hunting on the southernmost edge of the racing lake, near the security station end in the company of a breeding Royal Spoonbill. About 30 meters beyond, there were two adult Great Crested Grebes diving, looking for food. I've never seen the grebes in this close and on this very lake. They tend to be on the less people inhabited water bodies.
Ákos Lumnitzer 30/8 #219451
highlightBrush Bronzewing, Black Bittern
Deep Creek Reserve, Narrabeen
On this cool and rainy day, a Brush Bronzewing was on the pipeline track around midday. I haven't seen Brush Bronzewings at Deep Creek for years; since the area around the pipeline track was weeded, and I'd thought they'd left the area. Good to know there's still at least one around. I wonder if others have seen any more recently? Also saw a Black Bittern which was nice :) . A nice pair of Azure Kingfishers near the dog park, and a vocal female Lyrebird.
Henry Coleman 30/8 #219450
Australian Koel
Kingsford, Sydney
Male Australian Koel calling for a few minutes at about 10.30am. The first of the season. Cold, rainy, day. eBird checklist
Michael Hooper 30/8 #219446
Wed 27Wandering Albatross and thousands of Fluttering-type Shearwaters
North Head, Sydney
One Wandering Albatross, 6 Shy & ~15 Black-browed Albatross plus many thousands of Fluttering-type Shearwaters [Moderator's note (NH): According to Ivan's description they were likely Fluttering Shearwaters. However, due to the current preponderance of Hutton's Shearwaters in the area, I was hesitant regarding the identification on species level.]
Ivan Chapman 27/8 #219406

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Fri 29Southern Cassowary, Grey-headed Robin
Mt Hypipamee National Park
Adult Southern Cassowary and chick seen in the car park area at around 5:00 pm. A Grey-headed Robin was also seen in the same location (Moderator Note: Grey-headed Robin are not unusual at this location).
Janice Dunphy and John & Christine Eichler 29/8 #219444

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Sat 30highlightBlue Petrel, Soft-plumaged Petrel, White-chinned Petrel, Salvin's Albatross
Eaglehawk Neck Pelagic Trip
Highlights of today's Eaglehawk Neck pelagic were one Blue Petrel, two White-chinned Petrels, one adult Salvin's Albatross, at least one Soft-plumaged Petrel and several White-headed Petrels. I will upload a full report onto the SOSSA website soon. Further information
Nikolas Haass and all on board of the Pauletta 30/8 #219454
Sat 23Wedge-tailed Eagle
Bruny Island Main Road (South Island)
2 Wedge-tailed Eagles sitting beside the road. They flew off as we approached; one was clutching a very dark Brush-tailed Possum. eBird checklist
Kathy Costello, Val La May 27/8 #219400

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Sat 30highlightTurquoise Parrot, Masked Owl
Bunyip State Park
Five Turquoise Parrots flushed from the borrow pit at the southern end of Bunyip River Road, seem to becoming more common in the area. Single Masked Owl of note as it was in an area extensively burnt in the Black Saturday fires. eBird checklist
Tim Bawden 30/8 #219462
Marsh Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
Three Marsh Sandpiper today in Pond 4. Some Sharpies, Red-necked Stint and Curlew Sandpipers with good colour.
Jen Spry 30/8 #219460
Grey-Tailed Tattler (possible)
Altona Coastal Park
Not 100% sure about my identification- bird was partially hidden behind rocks and quite far away. Bird was located along Racecourse Road, to the left of the 'bridge' above the Kororoit Creek. Would love to hear about any other possible IDs for this bird.
Nick Koutoulis 30/8 #219458
highlightAustralasian Bittern
Lark Street, Altona
In flight above my backyard, heading south then east. I am very near to Truganina Swamp which is likely where it came from and looks like it was heading towards Kororoit Creek.
David A Richardson 30/8 #219453
Fri 29Glossy Ibis
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Single bird flying west over Borrow Pit on a very foggy morning. Large numbers of Black-shouldered Kites, two Brolgas in sea east of Murtcain Outlet. Brown Quail at Beach Rd Gate. Several reports of Blue-wings in Western Lagoons but they hid from us.
Dave Torr and 4 UK visitors 29/8 #219431

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