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Thu 19highlightGreat Knot, Little Tern
Boat Harbour, Kurnell
A good morning at Boat Harbour - the highlight a Great Knot at the shorebird roost in company with 2 Red Knot, 101 Red-necked Stint, 29 Pacific Golden Plover, 20 Ruddy Turnstone, 10 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, 5 Sooty Oystercatcher, 6 Pied Oystercatcher (unusual here) 22 Common Tern and an impressive c.240 Little Tern flying/feeding over the bay - with up to 70 of these roosting on the rocks later.
Michael Ellison 19/10 #232369
highlightOrange Chat
Swamp Road, Kiama Downs
2 spotted in the paddocks near the bike track. Confirmed with photo's and ID'd by members of Illawarra Birders eBird checklist
Patricia Knight 19/10 #232368
Tue 17Freckled Duck, Pink-eared Duck, Australian White Ibis
Lawrence Egret Colony swamp
5+ Freckled Ducks and 236+ Pink-eared Ducks, numerous other water birds including Australian White Ibis at nests.
Greg Clancy 19/10 #232364

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Thu 19megamegaChannel-billed Cuckoo
Highfield Street, Moonah
Heard the unmistakable and very loud call of a Channel-billed Cuckoo flying south directly over my house this morning. It was gone by the time I'd run outside. Am very familiar with the species as an ex-Queenslander.
Scott Linnane 19/10 #232360
Wed 18Banded Lapwing
Spion Kop Rd, Smithton (3537E, 54707N)
Sixteen adults and one newly-hatched chick in dairy pasture. The area had been pugged recently, so was less well-grassed than usual for a Smithton dairy farm.
Andrew Hingston 19/10 #232363

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Fri 20highlightDouble-barred Finch, Painted Honeyeater
Osbornes Flat, Yackandandah
The morning bike ride discovered a pair of double-barred finch at the end of Meehan's Lane adjacent to Yackandandah Creek. Also two painted honeyeaters calling at the intersection of Mahon Lane and Sanatorium Rd.
Matt Weeks 20/10 #232377
Thu 19White-winged Triller, Rufous Songlark
Royal Park, Parkville
Decent 1-2 down at the local patch this evening. Rufous Songlark located down the bottom of the Skink habitat, not long after about less than 50 metres away observed an Immature White-winged Triller gleaning insects off the leaves of a Eucalypt. Both good inner city records. eBird checklist
Dan Ashdown 19/10 #232372
highlightScarlet Honeyeater, White-browed woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow
Freshwater Creek (private property)
Brilliant red small honeyeater in iron bark feeding for half an hour. Singsong voice. A couple of nice photos. 10 to 50 white- browed wood swallows per minute for over half an hour. Say 600. Mainly travelling NNW.. Only 1 identified masked wood swallow. 34 species for 1 hour in garden. Bird list submitted.
Colin Cannard 19/10 #232367
East Ringwood (Vista Court), Victoria
East Ringwood 12 midday. Koel calling and then landing in tree on our bush block. Able to observe in the tree for about 5 minutes until wattle birds scared it off to another tree. Was around our property for approximately half an hour. Calling almost continuously (desperately looking for a mate!)... Last heard one nearby about 5 years ago and reported it on this site. Probably the same one - still lost. At that time it was heard early evening and very early morning. I heard it in the distance about 2 years ago but have not heard it again until 2 nights ago at dusk. It is unusual to hear it in the middle of the day. It was humid, during rain. Linda
Linda Hibbs 19/10 #232365
Wed 18highlightWhite-browed Woodswallow
Ocean Grove
8000 counted between 11:00-13:30; another 4000 seen in intermittent obs during the afternoon but many overlooked. 2-3% Masked Woodswallows. Also 8 raptor species. eBird checklist
Guy Dutson 19/10 #232366

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Wed 18highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Roebuck Plains Station - Lake Eda
Bird observed feeding on Island with Sharp-tailed Sandpipers. Later observed on edge of lake.
George Swann, Tanya Hattingh, Brian Dean 19/10 #232362
Eastern Yellow Wagtail
BARC Ovals
Bird observed initially by George. Feeding on oval despite two tractors mowing the grass all around it! Looks like juvenile bird.
George Swann, Tanya Hattingh 19/10 #232361

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