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Sat 22highlightLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop, Victoria
Long-billed Dowitcher observed this morning on the southern shore. eBird checklist
Alastair Smith, Scott Ryan 22/11 #220966
Thu 20highlightKelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)
Seisia near Bamaga, North Queensland
Spotted flying around the wharf at Seisia. It landed on the beach and was photographed there.
David Baume, Master of the cargo vessel Trinity Bay 23/11 #220999
highlightKelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)
Seisia near Bamaga, North Queensland
Spotted flying around the wharf at Seisia. It landed on the beach and was photographed there.
David Baume, Master of the cargo vessel Trinity Bay 23/11 #220998

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Mon 24Australian Koel
Gore St, Higgins
This morning I was delighted to see that the local Koel, who has been calling for a few months now, has found a mate. The two were in my cherry tree and harvesting the berries. The local sparrows were all a twitter, literally.
Louise Armstrong 24/11 #221002

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Sun 23Hooded Plover
Meroo National Park at 35 28 55S 150 23 20E
Two banded Hooded Plovers seen this morning along the beach. Could not be located when I returned with binoculars to read the bands.
Joshua Bergmark 24/11 #221004
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper
Lake Cargelligo STW
Lowest water levels I have ever seen at the Cargy Poo Ponds. Lots of mud flats. At least 50 Sandpipers there early this morning. Mostly Sharpies, about a dozen Marsh and one Curlew Sandpiper. Other birds of interest were one Latham's Snipe, One Fork-tailed Swift, 500 Whiskered Terns, and about 10 Red-necked Stints. All the usual suspects Baillon's and Spotted Crake, Black-tailed Native Hen and Red-necked Avocets were all there along with our newest migrants the Plum-headed Finches
Warren Chad 23/11 #220994
Pallid Cuckoo
Old Settlement Beach, Lord Howe Island
Have a poor quality photo. Will try for a better one tomorrow.
Ann Millard and Trish Evans 23/11 #220993
White-eared Monarch
border ranges national park.
White-eared monarch present just outside national park this morning. Also numbers of Pacific Bazas and Red-backed Fairywrens.
michael ronan. 23/11 #220989
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Lakes
2 Glossy Black Cockatoos feeding in allocasuarina about halfway along the track at around 11:30am. I also heard a Scarlet Honeyeater and had a Rufous Fantail displaying about 1 metre away.
Jayden Walsh 23/11 #220981
Powerful Owl
Sun Valley
A juvenile (or immature) Powerful Owl roosting among foliage. Good to see that have been able to breed recently with so many Sulphur-crested Cockatoos taking over in the area. eBird checklist
Mark Ley 23/11 #220980
Wed 19Wandering Tattler, Sanderling, Red Knot
Flat Rock, Skennars Head, Ballina
2 Wandering Tattlers, 4 Sanderling, 2 Red Knot and 5 Sharp-tailed Sandpipers were amongst the usual Grey-tailed Tattlers, Ruddy Turnstones, Pacific Golden Plovers and Red-necked Stints, Common and Little Terns at Flat Rock, mid morning.
Alan Morris, 23/11 #220984
Mon 17highlightEastern Yellow Wagtail
Lord Howe Island
Arriving at Lord Howe Island in the morning, I thought the mudfIat/drying swamp opposite the end of the airport runway would be worth a visit. Couldn't get there until later in the day but when I did, astounded to find a Yellow Wagtail amongst the Eastern Golden Plovers and Ruddy Turnstones. Returned the next morning and the following day but no further sightings.
Robert Griffin 23/11 #220997

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Sat 22Eastern Grass Owl
Tyto Wetlands, Ingham
Two female and one male Eastern Grass Owl flushed from swamp ricegrass at western end of main lagoon this morning. Also Red-backed Button Quail in tree reveg/weed area at north end of first (kidney) lagoon.
Tony Ashton 23/11 #220988
Thu 20highlightKelp Gull (Larus dominicanus)
Seisia near Bamaga, North Queensland
Spotted flying around the wharf at Seisia. It landed on the beach and was photographed there.
David Baume, Master of the cargo vessel Trinity Bay 23/11 #220999

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Sun 23highlightYellow Wagtail
Copperfield Dam
Observed a Yellow Wagtail sp at Copperfield Dam today. Very hot looking (40 deg C). Actively feeding and 'wagging' Further information
Mick Jerram, Peter Eve, Bruce Reynolds and Marcus Batten 23/11 #221000

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Mon 24Brolga
Williams Landing Wetland
Amazed while sitting in peak hour traffic this morning to see 2 brolga take off from the swamp, cross the freeway and head off across the ever expanding suburbs of Point Cook.
Joy Tansey 24/11 #221003
Sun 23Red Necked Avocet, Black Winged Stilt, Red Kneed Dotterel & Grey Teal
Thompsons Rd cnr William Thwaites Bvd, Cranbourne North
Some welcome new residents at the developing wetland/stormwater treatment basin. It has recently been drained for planting and this has attracted the avocets, stilts and family of dotterels - great to see in developing suburbia.
Ziggy, Claire & Eva Wolinski 24/11 #221001
highlightLatham's Snipe, Intermediate Egret
McDonalds Swamp
After good views of dowitcher, we visited McDonalds Swamp. 1 Latham's Snipe, 3 Intermediate Egrets, 5 Glossy ibis and 4 Spotted Crakes but no Aust. Bitterns seen.
Pam Smith and Paul Taylor 23/11 #220991
megamegaWhite-cheeked Honeyeater (2), Black Bittern (1)
Croajingolong National Park
Located a pair of White-cheeked Honeyeaters along the road that passes the boardwalk in Howe Flat in Croajingolong National Park. About 100 metres down the track past the boardwalk, we heard an unusual call which we pssshted in. Single bird shot across path noticeably larger than New Holland Honeyeater. On second view as it flew about we viewed the large white patch on cheek and confirmed White-cheeked Honeyeater. Over the next 20 minutes we struggled to get photos but eventually succeeded and confirmed a pair of birds when seen together flying about the area. Many photos taken and photo of exact spot where birds located also available to interested twitchers. Also of note, single Black Bittern flushed from under bridge outside Mallacoota on the previous day.
James Mustafa & Steve Davidson 23/11 #220986
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
A pair has been visiting for 4-6 weeks during the last 4-5 springs, generally to clean out our Mulberry bush.
JOhn & Marg Gwyther 23/11 #220979
highlightEastern Koel
Lake Glenmaggie, Victoria
Observed in light box bushland on the Eastern edge of the lake. Second one heard but not sighted nearby.
John & Marg Gwyther 23/11 #220978
Sat 22Glossy Ibis (10)
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
10 Glossy Ibis seen in pond on 145WA lagoon (opposite Walsh's Lagoon) about 200m east of the ford.
Paul Dodd & Beth Baisch 23/11 #220987
highlightGround Cuckoo-shrike
Minyip 10' Cell
Ground Cuckoo-shrike seen about 10 km north of Minyip on Donald Rd
Allan and Rob Benson 23/11 #220975
highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--T Section Ponds
1 juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper seen mainly on the southern side of the first T-Section lagoon, Also a Black-tailed Godwit present, 1 Brolga & plenty of other waders, conditions looking good.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Merv Marsh 22/11 #220967
Fri 21megamegaLong-billed Dowitcher
Lake Tutchewop South East Corner
Hot windy and overcast morning. Dowitcher was among a group of waders. An flight-takeoff photograph (good view of white-edged barring on flank) attached. A big thank-you to birders who left a location message on our windscreen while we at the North-east corner.
Ivan Traverso & Russell Cockman 23/11 #220976
Thu 20highlightEastern Koel
Park Orchards
One individual heard calling from a nearby tree at 5:00am.
Tim Currie 23/11 #220974
Sat 15White-winged chough
Iluka St Black Rock
My granddaughter and I heard the most unusual bird call coming from high in a tree in my backyard. It was a mournful call and I would have said that it was two notes but would like to hear a recording. We could only see the bird from below, but it was large and black with a much slimmer beak than a crow. We have many crows and currawongs here, so I know it was neither of those. Our neighbours also came outside to see as it was such an unusual call. I also heard it two days later, but further away, and I think I heard it yesterday but much further away. The only bird I can find in my bird books that matches the description is a chough. I have never seen or heard one before.
Mrs Heather Hanstein 22/11 #220963

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Sat 22black-fronted dotterel (3); red-kneed dotterel (1); red-necked avocet (5); pink-eared duck (c20)
Lake Claremont
also 1 nankeen heron; mid-day
Robert Hay 22/11 #220972

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