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Wed 7highlightCommon Kingfisher
Cocos keeling island West Island
The kingfisher has reappeared feeding from the rock pools at low tide at our sundowner beach. It disappeared for 9 days because of large swells and high tides.It is eating Blennys, those fish that come out of the water and climb around on the rock pools.
Geof Christie 7/10 #224931

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Wed 7Straw-necked Ibis
A total of 445-450 (count from photos) Straw-necked Ibis in 2 very large flocks circling over west Tuggeranong at 9:15am eBird checklist
Ryu Callaway 7/10 #224935

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Thu 8highlightRadjah Shelduck
Eddie Kornhauser Reserve, Elanora, Gold Coast
Rajah Shelduck x 2. report via GCCC. (Moderators Note: Report has been verified. Distant photo has been viewed).
Daniel Blunt 8/10 #224941

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Fri 9highlightPainted Honeyeater
Back Creek State Forest
calling and seen at small dam just a few hundred metres into the forest, 16kms east of West Wyalong
Simon Starr 9/10 #224964
Thu 8Eastern Barn Owl
Richmond Lowlands
One bird flying over paddock.
Keith Brandwood 9/10 #224951
Mon 5highlightCrimson Chat
Seldom Seen Guest House, "Kiembah", 6 kms from Eugowra (restricted access)
Pair of Crimson Chats (M&F) observed on track at a distance of about 10 metres between two grassy paddocks with growth to a height of about 40 cms. Flew to the wire fence between the track and the right paddock, where they perched for about 10 seconds, offering crippling views, before disappearing into the grass. No time for a photo. Please note this is private property and we were fortunate to be overnight guests (with prior bookings essential) and therefore allowed free run over this large property. I note an E-bird report of the species at Back Yamma State Forest (forty minutes drive north west) in September 2009, and the sightings at Capertee Valley, well to the east ,over the weekend, so perhaps this may be suitable habitat for this eastward movement ? eBird checklist
Cameron Ward, Janette Ward 8/10 #224943
Thu 1highlightPainted Honeyeater
Warkworth, Hunter Valley, NSW
Foraging in Mistletoe in Grey box ironbark woodland at base of sandstone escarpment between Bulga and Warkworth
Dan McKenzie 8/10 #224945
Sat 26Ostrich
Thule, SW of Deniliquin
Adult pair in sheep paddock.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224961
Superb Parrot, Azure Kingfisher, Tawny Frogmouth, White-faced Heron, Long-billed Corella
Island Reserve, Deniliquin
One pair of Superb Parrots observed mating (photos show male feeding female then mating with her), One Azure Kingfisher observed on Tarangle Creek, Adult Tawny Frogmouth and White-faced Heron on nest, Long-billed Corellas inspecting nest hollows in River Red Gums.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224960
Fri 25Black Falcon
N of Booroorban, S of Hay
Falcon swooped low over grass near highway then flew low across road in front of our vehicle.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224958
highlightBudgerigar, Crimson Chat, White-browed Woodswallow, Masked Woodswallow
Norwood section of Lachlan Valley National Park
3+ Budgerigars, 2 inspecting hollow in Black Box, small groups of Crimson Chats, flock of woodswallows mainly White-browed but a few Masked.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224957
Thu 24highlightPlains Wanderer, Inland Dotterel, Banded Lapwing, Brown Songlark, Horsfield's Bushlark
Private property between Booroorban and Wanganella, S of Hay
Two Plains Wanderers observed at night and were photographed mating, Brown Songlarks and a Horsfield's Bushlark were also present, 2+ Inland Dotterels on adjacent property with Banded Lapwings. All seen on Phil Maher's Plains Wanderer tour.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224956
Wed 23highlightBlue-winged Parrot, Black Falcon, Crimson Chat, White-winged Fairy-wren
Oolambeyan National Park
One Parrot flushed from scrub, Falcon observed flying high over, small groups of Chats possibly associating with White-winged Fairy-wrens that were at the same location.
Gould League Bird Study Camp per Greg Clancy 9/10 #224955

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Wed 7Dusky Moorhen
Victoria River Crossing Roadhouse
Adult seen under the bridge in the evening. (Mod. note: there seems to be something of an influx of this species into more northern parts of the NT at the moment with other recent sightings near Katherine and Jabiru. CW)
Alan Collins, Nick Brown, Mark Newman 8/10 #224942

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Fri 9highlightSwift Parrot
Sulphur Creek
Three birds seen feeding in flowering eucalypts. Had heard them in the trees over the last couple of weeks but first sighting.
Lennice Wilson 9/10 #224949

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Fri 9Rainbow Bee Eater
You Yangs Regional Park--Western Plantation
5 of this species seen today which are the first l have seen back here this Spring .Rufous Whistlers arrived on 26 September noticeably subdued in their calling prior to selecting territories . Normal suspects are all back except White Winged Trillers .Checked unsuccessfully for them at Eastern Flats today but still to early
Trevor Lumb 9/10 #224954
highlightChannel-Billed Cuckoo
Princes Highway ,Berwick
The "Stormbird " ! was heard and seen several time this morning alongside Edrington Park Retirement Village . Possibly heard in the distance by my work colleagues about a week ago. This is the 7th year in a row that this species has been reported in this area .
James Grant & Graham Beal 9/10 #224950
Thu 8Fairy Tern
Crescent Island (Ocean Grange) - Gippsland Lakes
Two FT heard calling then observed flying west over Crescent Island.
Faye Bedford 9/10 #224952
White-bellied Sea-eagle
1 adult flying off the side of a dam, being mobbed by Aussie Magpies, just north of Coldstream. Never seen them around this particular area. Observed in late arvo.
Falk Wicker 9/10 #224947
highlightTawny Grassbird
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
The bird seen well around 4:40 PM, singing from top of phragmites reed clump of the northern, shallower pond and then flew across the water to within 10 metres of where I was standing. After about 5 seconds it moved down into the rushes where it called a couple of times.
Sean Dooley 8/10 #224944
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone
Studley Park, Kew (bicycle loop)
First White-throated Gerygone I have seen and heard in 12 years birding at this (my local) site. Also seen was a Pallid Cuckoo.
Dave Dickson 8/10 #224939
Mon 5Australian Hobby
Near Mt Wellington, French Island
Pair attending young in nest - which appears to be an old Raven's nest. This is the first breeding record that I am aware of for the French Island.
Chris Chandler 7/10 #224937

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