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Tue 25Black Kite
Bensons Lane, Richmond
Two Black Kites scattered the Magpie-larks and flew right overhead at 3.30pm
Andrew Patrick 25/4 #230769
Magpie Goose
Pitt Town Lagoon
Lone bird being attacked by a White-bellied Sea-eagle. Eventually used nearby Black Swans for cover
Matthew stephens 25/4 #230764
Double-barred Finch.
Barton Park South--Landing Lights Wetland
One sighted on northern end of soccer ground with Superb Fairy-wrens. eBird checklist
Brian Deans 25/4 #230761
Mon 24Little Grassbird
Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
Single bird observed in knotweed at edge of swamp. First observed on 23 April. First record this site. Rare in Clarence Valley.
Greg & Val Clancy 25/4 #230773
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Wattle Tree Road, Holgate, northern end
Saw two flying fairly low at 5.15 pm, in a north westerly direction, crossing Wattle Tree Road just south of Patterson Close, periodically giving their distinctive, rattling / croaky call. Have seen them approximately 6 times in this area over the past few months, usually a pair, on one occasion 3, and on another occasion 5. On some of these occasions, I was able to see the red on the underside of their tail feathers, Very exciting to see them in this area. (Moderator's Note: Glossy Black Cockatoos are a moderately bird across the Central Coast.AKM)
Richard Aichinger 25/4 #230770
Black Kite
Wallangarra on Qld Border
1 Black Kite and 1 Whistling Kite circling over United Servo
June Harris 25/4 #230763
Spotted Harrier
McKees Hill (17 k's west of Lismore, Bruxner H'wy)
1 beautiful adult bird quartering close to road over grassland.
June Harris 25/4 #230762
Royal Spoonbill and Shining Bronze-Cuckoo (NZ subspecies)
Neds Beach
Surprised to see a lone Royal Spoonbill flying south over Neds Beach on Lord Howe Island. A very rare visitor here. Also one skulking NZ subspecies of the Shining Bronze-Cuckoo in trees behind the beach.
Martin Schulz 25/4 #230760
highlightWhite-fronted & Brown Honeyeaters
Manna State Forest, SW of Forbes. 33 25 08 S 147 19 14 E
Ironbarks just starting to flower. There were more White-fronted Honeyeaters, making lots of noise, than any of the other 6 honeyeater species seen. Just a few Brown Honeyeaters and a nice number of other woodland species. Location is the far SW corner of the forest just to the north of the Manna Corinella Road junction. Note it is best accessed from the Corinella Road as Manna Forest Road is closed further north, due to damage of it's red soil surface from rain.
Rosemary Stapleton 25/4 #230759
Musk Lorikeet
Ryde TAFE grounds
Two birds feeding in flowering eucalypt sp. Three Noisy Miners tried to expel them without success
Ian Bailey 24/4 #230757
Noisy Pitta
'Bellawongarah' - private property (restricted access)
Heard call twice from rainforest opposite house. 4th record for here since 2009.
Carla Jackett 24/4 #230756
White-bellied Sea Eagle
Centennial Park (Sydney)
Two adult White-bellied Sea Eagles seen on the Cormorant nesting island on the Duck Pond this morning. Remained there for over an hour before flying south west over Mission Field. Although seen flying over the park occasionally, they are rarely seen perched in the park.
Anne Brophy 24/4 #230752

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Tue 25Orange Chat
Wetlands about 10km along road ne from Karumba towards Normanton
Party of 6 (3m, 3f). Feeding on flood plains and roosting in nearby small shrub between. Occasional call. I was alert to the possibility with recent report from Burketown about 200km sw 3 weeks prior. Another Burketown record in 1994. Guidebooks suggest this is a range extension or does it rather reflect chronic under-survey of this remote area?
Rob Reed 25/4 #230765
Shining Flycatcher
Havenwood Drive, Mt Low
In my garden 5 km from nearest preferred habitat.
John Lowry 25/4 #230758

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Sat 22Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Waterworks Reserve
116 birds counted feeding on the grass slope of the upper dam wall. This is the most I have seen there. Quite fearless as usual.
Peter Brown 22/4 #230738

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Tue 25megamegaLetter-winged Kite
Terrick Terrick National Park--The Meadows
Single bird seen associating with Black-shouldered Kites, perching on fences and lignum bushes and moved around through much of the reserve. Seen well in flight showing the extensive, solid black underwing bars. Also noted pronounced black in front of eyes with no black behind, paler legs/feet than Black-shouldered and dark grey on top of head and on mantle. Appeared slightly larger in comparison to Black-shouldered. Unforgettable experience. GPS coordinates of first sighting are: -36.112365, 144.434583 eBird checklist
Dan Ashdown, Owen Lishmund 25/4 #230767

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