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Wed 27highlightPrincess Parrot
Gary Junction Road, about 30 kms west of Kintore
Group of 19 Princess Parrots flying westward, to the south of the road, calling in flight eBird checklist Further information
Richard Waring 27/5 #223382
Sun 24highlightRegent Honeyeater
Capertee Valley--Genowlan Bridge, New South Wales
4+ birds among 100's of smaller honeyeaters. [Moderator's Note: This is probably the largest congregation of wild birds recorded nation-wide since spring last year. Follow up observations noting exact numbers and presence/absence of rings would be excellent. JB].
David Hair 26/5 #223376

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Thu 28Pacific Baza
Bents Basin State Conservation Area
5 Pacific Baza in Bents Basin picnic area. Photo with captured insect.
Michael Rutkowski 28/5 #223401
Grey Goshawk (White Morph)
Batemans Bay
Seen between Hanging Rock Place and the beach. Sorry for the bad quality photo. It was through the telescope and phone!
Steve Edwards 28/5 #223391
Wed 27highlightNoisy Pitta
Irrawong Reserve
Noisy Pitta seen extremely well by Jayden this morning at 7am. Also seen by Colin Bradshaw (attached photo). Bird is residing in the same area as last year, just west of the small raised boardwalk. [Moderator's Note: A young pitta was released at Irrawong last week by a wildlife carer after rehabilitation - it is unclear whether the bird pictured here is this rehabilitated individual, or the site faithful regular. JB].
Jayden Walsh and Colin Bradshaw 28/5 #223396
Little Eagle
Windsor Town
1 Little Eagle circling over Moses St Windsor was 1 of 9 species of raptor recorded in the Hawkesbury on 27-5-15. [Moderator's Note: There have been a fair few LE reports from Sydney over the past few weeks, including two light and dark morph birds around the turf farms. JB].
Keith Brandwood 28/5 #223395
Scarlet Robin, Musk Duck
Powells Lane Richmond
1 female Scarlet Robin feeding in Casuarina's, and the female Musk Duck present also.
Keith Brandwood 28/5 #223394
Tue 26Black Bittern
Warriewood Wetlands
150 metres west of weir
colin bradshaw 27/5 #223385
Topknot Pigeon
Coffs Harbour Lawn Cemetery Karangi
60+ Topknot Pigeons flying east above lawn cemetery on the Coramba Rd. 1.30pm.
Warren Thompson 27/5 #223384

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Fri 22megamegaWhite Plumed Honeyeater
Peter Murrell Reserve Sth of Hobart
Friday morning about 11.30 Peter Murrell reserve. We took it standing on the bank of the bigger dam looking into the White gums towards the school. There was 3 of them and when we got a shot of one thought nothing more of it as they are common here in Bendigo. It was only when we got home that we realised they don't usually occur in Tassie. [Moderator's note - would be good if locals could follow-up on this rare sighting]
Greg and Janice McKay 27/5 #223387

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Thu 28Banded Stilt
Lake Burrumbeet
Flock of 60 Banded Stilt feeding in shallow water in northern bay near Cockpit Creek. Visible from Western Highway
John Gregurke 28/5 #223403
Black Falcon
Off Bracewell street, Bendigo
Bird quietly roosting at sunset.
Peter Weinstock 28/5 #223402
highlightSwift Parrot
Macleod Railway Station
Estimated around 20 birds chipping away to each other in trees above Macleod Railway Station carpark near Platform 1. Nice views of the red face and vent and maroon tails on a couple of them. All took flight together and then scattered around the area. Great to see they are still around. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 28/5 #223398
Powerful Owl
Lal Lal Reservoir
Lone bird calling just prior to sunrise in a deep gully on southwestern side of reservoir.
Grant Palmer 28/5 #223393
Wed 27Powerful Owl
Stawell-Moonambell Road
Owl with prey which looks like a type of Possum possibly a Ringtail.
Colin& Betty Johnson 28/5 #223399
Cattle Egret
7 Cattle Egrets near grazing cattle in the paddock to the S of Emily St, at the W end of town. Not reported since April 2014, in the paddock along the River Walk. Also in the paddock about 70 Little Ravens with about 20 Straw-necked Ibis. eBird checklist
Val La May 27/5 #223383
Mon 25pink robin
Noble st Newtown
A female or maybe a juvenile male pink robin has been resident in a Noble st garden for some weeks, yesterday I was able to take a photo for ID purposes.
Brett Roberts 27/5 #223388
Sun 3highlight(Possible) Salvin's Prion, Antarctic Prion and Slender-billed Prion
Off Portland, Victoria
1 possible Salvin's Prion, 2 Antarctic Prions and 1 Slender-billed Prion along with many Fairy Prions, 1 Buller's Albatross, 1 Southern Royal Albatross and 5 Wandering Albatrosses on a good day on the water. As usual, the Salvin's Prion has been hard to identify even with the excellent photos that we taken. But, it exhibits the features of the Salvin's Prion identified on the May 2013 boat trip from Portland - longer bill that is thicker at the base and an undertail pattern that has grey barring on the lateral undertail coverts and a central black terminal band that doesn't go across the whole width of the tail. The photos of Antarctic that we can compare it to, including the two on this trip, do not exhibit the same features as they have shorter, narrower bills and undertails that don't have the grey barring but do have a black terminal band across the whole width of the tail. The birders on the boat are confident of this identification after looking at the various photos. (However, several of the other commentators subsequently reviewing the photos are predisposed to this bird being Antarctic.)
Chris Lester and the BirdLife Victoria Pelagic participants 26/5 #223377

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