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Sun 30Spotted Quail-thrush; Red-browed Treecreeper
Big Yango HSD, Yengo NP
A brief sighting of the quail-thrush near Blue Gums campsite was highlight of a weekend based at the homestead. Red-browed Treecreepers seen near Blue Gums area and on entrance road. 2 pairs of Brown Quail also seen at Blue Gums. Big flock of Red-browed Finch (200+) seen on the entrance road early morning. Heard a White-throated Gerygone on afternoon of 29 August. Very surprising was only 1 raptor sighting all weekend (Collared Sparrowhawk)
Tom Wilson 30/8 #224383
Pacific Baza
Bents Basin Recreation Reserve
Birding at the site is greatly restricted by the flooding. Still great morning activity! Also Rock Warbler (3), Scarlet Honeyeater (common), Wonga Pigeon, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Noisy Friarbird (10+).
Lorand Szucs 30/8 #224376
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Bundanoon (Old Argyle Rd)
I was privileged to spend 30 minutes with a male and two female Glossy Black-cockatoos this afternoon. The birds were either munching on casuarina seedpods or gnawing eucalyptus branches. At one stage, the females were allopreening. Funny to see the male clambering over one of the females to get to seedpods. GBCs are very rare visitors to Bundanoon. Other species of note: 2 Gang-gang Cockatoos, 1 Wedge-tailed Eagle, a small flock of Varied Sittellas and 7 Buff-rumped Thornbills.
Lorne Johnson 30/8 #224373
Sat 29Marsh Sandpiper, Musk Duck, Flame Robin
Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve
Pair of Marsh Sandpipers feeding along northern edge of lagoon at ~1pm - good views and ID confirmed by other people on site. Wide range of other species present including Pink-eared Ducks, Australasian Shoveler, Musk Duck, Hardhead, Black-winged Stilt, Black Swans with cygnets, Australian Darter, Eurasian Coot, Purple Swamphen, Swamp Harrier, Australasian and Hoary-headed Grebes and White bellied Sea Eagle. A pair each of Flame Robins and Brown-headed Honeyeater also observed amongst a number of other bush birds.
Adam Fawcett 31/8 #224387
Blue-faced Honeyeater, Grey-crowned Babbler, Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Whitings Lane & Heaton Rd Quorrobolong
Good birds to see on the drive around Whitings & Swans Lanes, and Heaton Rd including interesting woodland birds like 1 Yellow-billed Spoonbill, 4 Blue-faced Honeyeaters, 5 Grey-crowned Babblers, group of Tree Martins, Striated Pardalotes, Red-rumped Parrots, a Brown Falcon, Pied Butcherbirds, and many Fuscous, Yellow-tufted & Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and Little Lorikeets in flowering ironbarks at the end of Swans Lane on private property. Also breeding Black Swans, Wood Ducks, Noisy Friarbirds, Red-rumped Parrots and Spotted Pardalotes.
Alan Morris & 20 members CCGBNSW 30/8 #224378
highlightMagpie Goose
Private Property, 5 km South West of Gwabegar, nr Pilliga
3 Magpie-Geese on a farm dam. Unusual report for the Pilliga Region
David Johnston, per Alan Morris 30/8 #224375
Ground Cuckoo Shrike
Minore Rd Dubbo
5 Ground Cuckoo Shrikes seen along Minore Rd at around 3 pm , 11 km from Dubbo happily grazing with a herd of American Bison
Warren Chad 29/8 #224370
highlightMagpie Goose, Plumed Whistling Duck
At a small dam just West of Narromine wetlands at 7;30 this morning there were 6 Magpie Geese. When I returned around 4 pm there were 50-60 Magpie Geese and several thousand Plumed Whistling Ducks on the same dam. Just further along the Tullamore Road in a wetland behind the big silo complex there were about 2000 more Whistlers and big numbers of Pink-eared, Shoveller and Hardhead Ducks. Other birds included Whistling and Black Kites. Quite a spectacle. (Moderator's Note: On a recent Country Hour ABC program there was a farmer complaining about the impact of Plumed Whistling Ducks on his crops, maybe he comes from Narromine?. I can remember a time when there were virtually no PWD in NSW at all! AKM)
Warren Chad 29/8 #224369
Red-capped Plover (breeding record)
Tuggerah Lake
Red-capped Plover with egg seen in afternoon. [Moderator's Note: A rare breeding record for the greater Sydney region. Exact location censored. JB]
luke ullrich 29/8 #224364
Fri 28Black-eared Cuckoo
Umberumberka Reservoir, Silverton
Cuckoo seen in trees of small picnic area at top of hill amongst numerous Spiny-cheeked and White-plumed Honeyeater.
Jeffrey Martin Byron & Julie Elaine Byron 31/8 #224386
Grey-crowned Babbler
Yango Creek Rd, Nr Laguna
Party of 10 birds seen beside road not far from turn-off from George Downes Drive approx 1pm
Tom Wilson 30/8 #224384
Thu 27Grey Goshawk (white Morph)
Pacific Motorway, Brunswick, Tyagarah, Bangalow area
Last month or so, pretty regular sightings of White Morph Grey Gos, whilst driving along highway. Favouring Mullumbimby turnoff lately.
Duncan Fowler, Carmen Ludcke 30/8 #224371

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Sun 30Latham's Snipe
easement to lake off Platypus Close Yungaburra
Lone snipe feeding in shallow muddy water of receding lake in the company of Black-fronted Dotterel and Black-winged Stilt. This small area often draws a few snipe.
Don Caswell 30/8 #224381
Sat 29Plumed Whistling-duck
Southern reach Lake Tinaroo, Lakeside area
Just after sunset I noticed a stand-out white bird in a flock of several thousand Plumed Whistling-ducks. Bird appeared to have the plumes typical of that duck, but it was mostly white on upper body with a dark face. Head shape and posture seemed to be a little different to rest of the flock. Suspect possible X-breed if not an unusual colour variant within the species. [perhaps others could try for a better photograph: moderator]
Don Caswell 30/8 #224372
Pied imperial pigeon
Brinsmead, Cairns.
Two flocks, 11 and 8, overhead. First returns?
Doug Armstrong. 29/8 #224368
Pied Imperial Pigeon
Barron River mouth - Redden Island (Cairns)
23 flew over Redden Island, across the Barron River and to the east of the airport towards mangrove boardwalk at about 11am. Possibly first flock sighting of the season.
Greg Bortolussi and Gary Oliver 29/8 #224367

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Sun 30highlight Freckled Duck, Hardhead and Australasian Shoveller
Queechy Lake
A few pairs of Hardheads and quite a flock of Freckled Duck with some shovellers in the mix.
Michelle Turner 30/8 #224377

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Sun 30White-bellied Sea-Eagle
The Arch (between Port Campbell and Peterborough), Port Campbell National Park
Near-adult bird, showing traces of immature plumage, flew past just offshore heading eastwards around 10:30 am.
Jack Krohn 30/8 #224382
Blue-billed Duck and Pink-eared Duck (numerous); Flame Robin; lone Dusky Woodswallow
Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve
Reasonably large numbers of Pink-eared Duck (at least 16) around the Jawbone wetland today, concentrated towards the eastern end. Several Blue-billed Duck also on the water. Other interesting sightings included a single female Flame Robin (initially mistaken for a Silvereye) next to the main bird hide, a male-female pair of White-fronted Chats in the salt marsh abutting the mangroves, and a single Dusky Woodswallow resting on a perch next to a residential street (reasonably early southern arrival, and no flock members present - normally a gregarious bird).
Oakley H Germech 30/8 #224379
Hooded Plover
Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads
2 adult Hooded Plover seen today at Thirteenth Beach (Breamlea end)
Anne Palamountain 30/8 #224374

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Sun 30Plumed Whistling Ducks
Quandialla Silo - adjacent dam to east
Over 450 ducks visible and more heard on banks out of sight & 2 Pelicans. Maybe the farmer was from here rather than Narromine? Amazing amount of water around. May be regulars as smaller numbers seen here in previous years with 20+ in 2012 and 66 in November 2014.
Rosemary Stapleton 30/8 #224380

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