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Mon 1Eungella honeyeater
Chelman's Road, Eungella NP
Thanks to the new Dolby/Clarke book we were able to locate this endemic honeyeater precisely where it was supposed to be! Finding it and photographing it was quite a challenge. It is an extremely elusive bird.
Hedley & Irena Earl 1/9 #219492
Sat 30Grey Falcon
Bowra Station Homestead/camping area
One bird flew over the Shearers' Quarters at 8.30 am heading east. It was later seen flying near the main gate by two other observers. This was only the second sighting at Bowra in August, the other being on August 1st. eBird checklist
Barry Davies and George Diggles 1/9 #219489

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Mon 1Wedge-tailed Eagle
This afternoon I located the female of my local eagle pair with last year's young perching in a large tree along Castlereagh Road.
Ákos Lumnitzer 1/9 #219491
Swift Parrot
Deep Water Park Milperra
A single Swift Parrot flew over Blue Gum Farm at about 8 am and at about 8:30 3 flew in and landed in emergent red gums before disappearing in flowering Blue Box. Could be more, but difficult to find amongst hundreds of raucus Musk Lorikeets and Red Wattlebirds, scores of Rainbow Lorikeets (nesting) and tens of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets (also nesting). A male Australian Hobby was inspecting an old corvid nest, perhaps thinking about nesting? Single adult Nankeen Night Heron on the island in the first pond. Loads of honeyeater too.
David James 1/9 #219487
highlightOriental Cuckoo
Cremorne Point
Saw a Oriental Cuckoo (female/hepatic) this morning whilst on the way to catch the ferry to work. Flew from a tree beside the path being harassed by Australian Magpies and flew into adjacent trees near the toilet block on the point. Not bad for the first day of spring.
Simon Blanchflower 1/9 #219482
highlightCitrine Wagtail
Putta Bucca Wetland, Mudgee
Seen over the course of several hours from dawn onwards. Easily viewed and obliging. Also sighted Plum-headed Finches at the site from where we were looking at the wagtail.
Rowan Mott 1/9 #219481
Sun 31Rainbow Bee-eater
Main Beach, Byron Bay
4 Rainbow Bee-eaters seen over the eastern end of Main Beach this morning. eBird checklist
Ian Kerr 1/9 #219478
highlightSwift Parrot
Dunheved Golf Course (near St Marys)
This morning, I spent an hour or so walking around the edge of Dunheved Golf course near St Marys and hoping to see the Emu that Mark had seen on Friday. I did not see the Emu but was quite impressed with the numbers of birds about where were the abundance of privot in fruit could have partly explained this. Silvereyes (both the resident and tassie migrants) were in abundance and there were also quite a number of Olive-backed Orioles as well as at least a couple of Figbirds. Other birds present included Bar-shouldered Doves, Azure Kingfisher, Brown Goshawk, Satin Bowerbird, Brown Gerygones, Varied Sitellas but best of all were at least 12 Swift Parrots (and there could have been more) foraging for lerps in the eucalypts.
Edwin Vella 31/8 #219476

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Sun 31Southern Cassowary
Coquette Point
Matriarch Southern Cassowary called Jessie, first confirmed sighting for over a month. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 1/9 #219480
Pied Oystercatcher
Coquette Point
Observed and photographed two birds mating twice and at different areas on same morning. Further information
Yvonne Cunningham 1/9 #219479
Fri 29Red-footed Booby, Roseate Tern
Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef
Apologies for late post. At least four Red-footed Booby with around 35 Brown Booby on helicopter platform as we arrived at the site, as well as several Black-naped Tern, 40-odd Sooty Tern and around 150 Common Noddy. All birds dispersed as helicopter arrived, and I observed Roseate Tern fly past thereafter. Noted largely red bills, very long white tail streamers and dark upperside to outer primaries with no dark trailing edge on underwing.
Steve Davidson 1/9 #219488

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Mon 1Latham's Snipe, Freckled Duck
Mill Park Lakes Wetlands
A solitary Latham's Snipe at the edge of the water; my first for this season. Also around 12 Freckled Duck; I have seen Freckled Duck here on every visit this year. eBird checklist
Richard Arnold 1/9 #219486
Sun 31Swift Parrot
Gilpin Park, Brunswick
Still present - possibly 5 birds. eBird checklist
Alan Crawford 1/9 #219490
Freckled Duck
Blue Waters Lake Reserve, Ocean Grove
25-30 Freckled Ducks were observed roosting around a large willow tree.
Brett Ferguson 1/9 #219483
Sat 30Lewin's Rail
Royal Botanic Gardens (Cranbourne)
Heard calling beside the main access road while I was driving from the Australian garden to the Stringybark picnic ground. I stopped and walked back, hearing it calling again. eBird checklist
Jackson Airey 31/8 #219477
Eurasian Tree Sparrows and New Holland Honeyeater
Alice Street, Coburg
My second sighting of a New Holland Honeyeater in Coburg in six years living here. This one was in a suburban front yard near the corner with Victoria street. Eurasian Tree Sparrows are regularly at this location including one this morning.
Nick Talbot 30/8 #219447
Fri 29Rainbow Lorikeet
4 birds along UT Creek and around Lekie Park - a new Alex bird for me.
Matt Weeks 31/8 #219474

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Tue 26highlightGrey Falcon
Broome Bird Observatory
Found by Ric Else from the BBO close to the BBO in the morning and was re found in the afternoon and the morning of the 27th. Despite searching there has been no more sightings
Ric Else, Adrian Boyle, Hazel Watson 1/9 #219485

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