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Sun 14Arctic Tern
Port Fairy Pelagic, Victoria
1 juvenile Arctic Tern seen for a few minutes around 9.55 today. Numerous photos taken. Diagnostic distinct and long black trailing edge seen, translucent underwing, small bill & domed head all characteristic of this species. Other a very quiet day with birds reluctant to feast on our burley & fewer species expected. Other highlight include a Common Diving Petrel photographed on the shelf, 1 Wandering type Albatross (probably gibsoni) flew past.
Kevin Bartram, Neil McCumber, James Mustafa etc 14/9 #219711

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Tue 16Collared Sparrowhawk
University of Queensland (St Lucia)
One male Collared Sparrowhawk in the paperbark trees in the corner of the main lake, at the junction of Staff House Rd, at 10:45am. Bird was getting serious attention from miners, Pied Butcherbirds, magpies, currawongs and even lapwings. Still hung around for a good ten minutes, allowing for good looks. The first time I've seen this species on campus for over five years (Brown Goshawk is semi-regular). Photo attached with miner visible for size comparison.
Russell Yong 16/9 #219738

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Tue 16White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Bellawongarah (Berry Mountain)
An adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew over the house yard at 2:35pm today being chased by Australian Magpies. First record for our property at Bellawongarah. We are on the escarpment 350m ASL west of Berry township. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 16/9 #219737
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Noisy Pitta, Spectacled Monarch, Rufous Fantail, Topknot Pigeon
Iluka Nature Reserve
Adult male New Zealand Shining Bronze-Cuckoo observed, Noisy Pitta heard calling (must be close to departing), 1+ adult Spectacled Monarch, 1+ adult Rufous Fantail, 30+ Topknot Pigeons over at south-west edge of Reserve.
Greg Clancy 16/9 #219735
highlightLewin's Rail, Little Lorikeet
Riverside Park, Riverside Rd, Chipping Norton
2 Lewin's Rails, both calling ardently. 1 on the edge of the large pond has been calling from the exact spot (give or take 15 cm) for the third week running. Might be on a nest? The other is in a blackberry clump alongside Arthur St. There are still 50 or more Little Lorikeets in the riverflat forest, feeding in Euc. teriticornis and Euc. bauriana (a flock of 35 plus several pairs and flocks of 4-5). A pair was seen copulating in a dead red gum in the river flat forest. This follows observations of hollow prospecting here in May and on 2 September. HANZAB implies that they do not breed in central coastal NSW, but that is probably based on the first Atlas (1977-1981). Scarlet Honeyeater fairly common today in flowering eucalypts.
David James 16/9 #219732
Mon 15Silvereye
Coutts Crossing, SW of South Grafton
Flock of 20+ Silvereyes present, also on September 14, mostly local type birds (cornwalli) but at least one Tasmanian type (lateralis).
Greg Clancy 16/9 #219736
Sun 14Rufous Songlark
Royal National Park--Picnic area at top causeway
A single adult female Rufous Songlark feeding on the ground within the picnic area by 5 observers. Photograph by Martin Odino.
Martin Odino & Max O'Sullivan 15/9 #219727
Sat 13Australian Spotted Crake, Latham's Snipe, Plum-headed Finch, Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Pucca Bucca Wetlands, Mudgee NSW
While waiting in the bird hide to see the Citrine Wagtail saw an Australian Spotted Crake on the edge of the water and Plum-headed Finch were feeding in the low vegetation on the path leading to the hide. Also got good views of the Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo. Returned the following morning and saw through the fog a single Latham's Snipe. A fantastic wetlands area that is in need of greater patronage by the birding community. BTW the Citrine Wagtail was not seen.
Lisa Abra plus other bird watchers 16/9 #219733

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Mon 15Rajah Shelduck
Tyto Wetlands, Ingham, North Queensland
Confirming Tony Ashton's sighting of the Rajah Shelduck at the Ingham Tyto Wetlands. I saw the bird paddling serenely across one of the waterways 20 metres away from me late that same afternoon - and, darn it, I hadn't brought my camera with me! I'm not a dedicated birdwatcher as such, but I visit the wetlands on almost a daily basis. I was delighted to find this species in my bird book when I got home shortly afterwards and then emailed Tony about it. He told me of his posting in Eremaea (which I'd never heard of before).
Robert Charles Norman King 15/9 #219729

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Sun 14Latham's Snipe
Fox Lake, Robe
At least 43 snipe in samphire immediately in front of bird hide. eBird checklist
Richard and Marg Alcorn 15/9 #219724
Sat 13Freckled Duck
Lake Fellmongery, Robe
85 Freckled Duck in the middle of the lake. eBird checklist
Richard and Marg Alcorn 15/9 #219726

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Sun 14Swift Parrot
Sisters Beach
Couple of birds heard. Species not seen or heard by me in NW since Dec 2013 despite much Atlassing.
Richard Ashby 16/9 #219731
Wed 10Masked Owl
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
A single bird has been roosting during the day on the 10th, 11th and 12th September in a red gum beside the museum near the traffic lights on the junction of Macquarie and Argyle Steets. Further information
Els Wakefield 16/9 #219734

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Mon 15Swift Parrot
Heyfield Golf Course
Between 15 and twenty birds observed feeding in Red Box blossom.
Peter Ware plus 4 other members of Birdlife East Gippsland 16/9 #219730
Sat 13Beach Thick-knee
Anderson Inlet, Inverloch.
A single bird, seen in early evening around 6 pm, foraging in the sand flats and shallows of the receding tide near the Screw Creek outlet.
Stephen Lacy 16/9 #219739

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