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Sun 14Satin Flycatcher
Alligator Creek, Rossmoya
One male, first I have seen at this location. Leaden flycatchers and the other usuals present also.
Andrew McDougall 18/10 #235803

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Fri 19Topknot Pigeon
Newport NSW
Flock of up to 8 flew around my house 3 times. Two landed briefly nearby.
Carl Weber 19/10 #235818

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Fri 19Satin Flycatcher
Townsville Town Common Conservation Park
Found male Satin Flycatcher first seen near Melaleuca viewing area on Wednesday at western side of Freshwater hide area between road and track to Bald Rock this morning. No sign of female reported yesterday, nor on Wednesday. (Continuing bird - Confirmation of Birdline NQ report 17/10 #235793)
Tony Ashton 19/10 #235816

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Thu 18Orange Chat
10 km north of Port Wakefield
Two pairs with White-fronted Chats. Seems to be an influx of Orange Chats this spring.
Paul Taylor 18/10 #235809
Wed 17Ruff (possible)
Goolwa Wastewater Treatment Plant
Possible Ruff today on large pond north of bird hide
Phil Gilmour 17/10 #235798

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Fri 19Chestnut Rumped Heathwren
Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo
A single bird ground foraging in a completely separate area of the park to Simon Smiths recent sightings.
Ken and Maureen Dredge 19/10 #235815
Thu 18Morepork
Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
One only seen from 2020 to 2035 sitting on posts in the car park in the headlights. Light winds, misty rain, temp. 13 deg. C. Yellow eyes.
Gil Langfield 19/10 #235817
highlightYellow-throated Miner
Four Yellow-throated Miners seen harassing a Southern Boobook on a private property on Karramomus Road.
Bernadette Haywood 19/10 #235814
Eastern Koel
Heidelberg Heights
First Koel for the spring/summer calling at 6 am this morning.
Peter Menkhorst 18/10 #235813
Wilby, private property
Just a pair of Dollarbirds catching insects over my house.
Brendan Toll 18/10 #235805
Wed 17highlightChannel- billed Cuckoo
The distinct call of a Channel- billed Cuckoo was heard by this passage migrant at it flew to the south of us in Willis Avenue this morning.
Jacquie and Len Axen 18/10 #235812

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