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Mon 20Pacific Baza
Nudgee Waterhole Reserve
Out with Wife and Grand children on Aussie backyard bird count
John Dennison 20/10 #220357
Sun 19White-throated Nightjar; Owlet-nightjar; Boobook; Barn Owl and Nankeen Night-Heron;
Gap Creek Rd
Stopping near the top of Gap Creek Rd in the early morning, we heard White-throated Nightjar, Owlet-nightjar and Boobook. A Tyto owl also gave a harsh screech, but it was fairly distant. Later that night we had good, albeit brief, views of a Barn Owl (both perched and in flight). A Nankeen Night-heron was seen well at the same site - a heavily vegetated creek about 100m before the carpark if you're coming from Brookfield Rd side.
Elliot Leach; Louise Ashton; Chris Burwell 20/10 #220348
White-backed Swallow
Junction of Jamiesons' and Burgess' Rds, Lockyer Valley
First seen by Chris Burwell in flight above the fields adjacent to Lockyer Creek at around 1 pm yesterday. Two birds were seen well and confirmed as White-backed Swallows by all three observers. A third bird looked promising, but remained behind the creek-side trees and gave only fleeting views.
Elliot Leach; Chris Burwell; Louise Ashton 20/10 #220346

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Mon 20Dollarbird
Boambee Bay Reserve, Sawtell
Seen in the gums above the reserve late afternoon. [Moderator's note (NH): We published the 23 first arrivals (first record of the season was 21st September). We decided not to publish any further in-season Dollarbird sightings (except for unusual observations).]
natasha stuart 20/10 #220361
White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Black-winged Stilt
Black Lake, Bibbenluke
Huge bird flew out of eucalypt, scaring daylights out of a raft of ~300 Eurasian Coot. Grey wings, white belly made it clearly an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle. eBird has no records in this area although common on the coast 60 km East. 26 Black-winged Stilt feeding on margin of Lake. eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 20/10 #220358
Brown Honeyeaters
2 Brown Honeyeaters feeding in the bushes on the Muddy Creek side of St George Football Stadium
Oliver Williams 20/10 #220354
Sun 19highlightTurquoise Parrot, White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater, Rufous Songlark, White-winged Triller
Nattai National Park, High Range, GPS: 34.159S, 150.136 E
2 Turquoise Parrots in 3 different locations (suspect it was the same pair), 1 singing White-throated Gerygone, Rainbow Bee-eater - one pair always in same location, 1 singing Rufous Songlark, 1 White-winged Triller.
Kaye Varlow 20/10 #220355
Nepean Weir, Penrith
Victorian observer noticed uneven circling flight pattern and bright colored bill. Bird was on western side of river around 12.20pm. Photo taken.
John Daniels 20/10 #220353
Little Grassbird
One bird calling by dam near Shangri la Rd mid-afternoon. It's been a while since I've heard one here. Other birds of note: Australian Reed-warbler, 2 Australasian Pipits, Golden-headed Cisticola, 14 Hardhead, 10 Hoary-headed Grebe, Latham's Snipe and a lone Gang-gang Cockatoo. Further information
Lorne Johnson 20/10 #220351
Brush Cuckoo
Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri
Yesterday there was at least one Brush Cuckoo at the upper (wooden) bridge across Bullawa Creek, 30 km East of Narrabri (go to "Further information" link for sound recording"). This is the first time I have found a Brush Cuckoo in the Narrabri area, but I admit that - prior to finding the species in the NT recently - I was not familiar with their calls. No visual or photo ID. Further information
Michael Dahlem 20/10 #220349
highlightRegent Honeyeater
Nangahrah Bird Route
Observed two fledgling Regent Honeyeaters being fed by two adults over a period of four hours on the 19 Oct at Ironbark Creek on the Nangahrah bird route, Barraba. Photo and video taken.
Beth Williams, Jim Palmer & Garry Clark 20/10 #220347
Wed 15Pink-eared Duck, Grey Teal, Hardhead
South Grafton Settling Ponds, Rushforth Road, South Grafton
9 Pink-eared Ducks on pond with Grey Teal and Hardhead.
Greg Clancy & Maty & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220364
Pallid Cuckoo
Brothersons Swamp, Coutts Crossing
One Pallid Cuckoo flew east from fence post near wetland.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220363
Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling-Duck
Dam NE of Coutts Crossing
5 Magpie Geese and 30+ Plumed Whistling-Ducks at dam.
Greg Clancy & Mary & Jack Wyatt 20/10 #220362

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Mon 20White-throated Nightjar
Mungalla Station--Forrest Beach, Queensland
White-throated Nightjar flushed this morning from southwest boundary fenceline where paperbarks meet mangroves. Large, dark bird with no white showing in wings or tail. Wings more angular and flight much less 'floaty' than Large-tailed. No hint of species presence previously. Too quickly gone for photo.
Tony Ashton 20/10 #220359

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Mon 20highlightLong-toed Stint
Alice Springs Sewage Ponds
Long-toed Stint photographed foraging among Sharpies in EP7. Little Curlew still present, 12 Australian Pratincole, and single Glossy Ibis. eBird checklist
Chris Watson 20/10 #220360

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Thu 16highlightEastern Koel
Paradise, SA
I joined Birds in Backyard last year when I discovered a pair of Eastern Koels in my backyard - quite a rarity as I live in Adelaide and apparently it is quite unusual to find them so far south. They arrived in September and I realised in March that I had not heard them for a while so am guessing they left about then, which fits their usual pattern. This year, however, I have only seen and heard the male for the last 2 weeks, with neither sight not sound of the female. My question is this ..... Is she likely to join him? ie. do they migrate separately and meet up at their destination or, do they normally migrate as a pair? If the former, then I am hoping the female arrives in the next couple of weeks. If the latter, then I am assuming that something has happened to the female en route and the male is in for a long, lonely summer. Can anyone shed any light on this? I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's going to be heartbreaking listening to him calling in vain for the next 4 months if he is never going to get a response. I am reporting this as someone suggested on the forum eBird checklist
Rachel Neale 16/10 #220298
Sat 11Arctic Tern
Port MacDonnell
Single bird roosting with numerous crested tern and fairy tern on low-lying reef just to the west of breakwater. (Apologies for the delay.) Thanks to Bob Green and others for reporting this bird. eBird checklist
Michael Wood 17/10 #220302

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Sun 19White-browed Woodswallow, Peregrine Falcon
Newtown, Geelong
Flock of at least 50 woodswallows moving rapidly to NW very high OH (14:15). Also some ahead of main bunch and a few stragglers. Warm N wind dropped in previous 30 min, replaced by cooler SE sea-breeze. Also Peregrine, seen well in binoculars, "shadowing" the woodswallows as it circled behind the main bunch. eBird checklist
Craig Morley 19/10 #220344

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Tue 7highlightOriental Plover
Eyre Bird Observatory beach
Sorry about the late report but just arrived home to Victoria and going thru and identifying my photos from my recent trip to SW WA. A group of x5 birds on the shore line on the beach in front of EBO. I am told this is an unusual sighting for this area.
Andrew Browne 20/10 #220366

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