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Sun 2Olive-backed Sunbirds
Agnes Water
male and female spotted in the Cove Estate - Agnes Water/1770
Karen Lever 2/8 #224068
Sat 1highlightMasked Owl
Aboriginal Art Trail, Mt Coo-tha
in addition to my first report I've attached another photo. [Eds - I've found it difficult to see from this photo on an iPad if it is a masked owl for sure but it looks quite likely - worth checking as they breed quite locally] eBird checklist
Emma Steele 2/8 #224071
Fri 31Black Bittern
Sandy Camp Road Wetlands
Flushed from railway lagoon
Chris Attewell 31/7 #224054

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Sat 1Shining Bronze Cuckoo
Sackville, Hawkesbury River
Highlight of a pleasant winter day around Kurrajong, Wilberforce and Sackville was a pair of Shining Bronze Cuckoos (ssp plagosus) foraging together at the old Sackville Cemetery - presumably early returnees. Other species recorded included Pink-eared Ducks (in Sackville), Wonga Pigeon, Bar-shouldered Doves, Peaceful Doves, Common Bronzewings, Olive-backed Oriole, Rose Robin, Jacky Winters, Restless Flycatcher, Yellow-throated Scrubwren and White-bellied Sea Eagle.
Roger and Louise McGovern 1/8 #224062

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Sun 2Sarus Crane
Bucks Rd Woodstock
4 birds at dam, 2 adults, 2 imm. eBird checklist
Ed Pierce 2/8 #224066

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Sat 1Swamp Harrier
Goulds Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary
[Moderator's Note - not really an unusual species, but quite an early arrival back - or overwintering bird]
Debby Ng 1/8 #224063

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Sun 2Pink Robin
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
One Pink Robin (brown bird) in plantation at Beach Road, opposite Banded Lapwing paddock (4 birds present). Pink Robin is a species not often recorded at the WTP. Interestingly, two female Flame Robins were very close by. Also of interest was a Black Falcon at Ryan's Swamp.
Maarten Hulzebosch 2/8 #224073
Sat 1Brown Skua, Black browed Albatross
Inner Portland Harbour
Both birds followed a fishing vessel into harbour around midday and in addition to seeing an albatross as close to shore as we have ever seen we then were amazed to see the Skua land in the middle of the road that leads to the Breakwater
Hedley and Irena Earl 1/8 #224065

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