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Sun 1megamegaSouth Island Pied Oystercatcher
Shark Island (North), Sydney Harbour
Single bird around lunchtime. Observer wishes to remain anonymous, photos exist but will not be posted here for copyright reasons.
per. Joshua Bergmark 1/3 #222393
Topknot Pigeon, Gang Gang
Bellawongarah - Berry Mountain
Approximately 150 Topknots flew very fast across my house yard at 4:40pm. Very strong winds and stormy weather this afternoon. Yesterday we had 9 Gang Gangs here, with some identified as 2 adult males, 1 adult female, 2 immature males (some red on head/crest), and 1 immature female were identified. Not uncommon here generally but don't often see them in these numbers.
Carla Jackett 1/3 #222392
Spotless Crake
Pitt Town Lagoon
3 Spotless Crakes were the birds of the morning at Pitt Town Lagoon this morning also still good numbers of Pink-eared Ducks there too.
michael ronan 1/3 #222390
Mon 23Common Noddy
Pelican Pt Norah Head
A single Common Noddy was photographed on the rocks at Pelican Point, c. 3 km south of Norah Head. This is the first confirmed record for the Central Coast, becoming the 379 th species reported for this Region since 1900!
Andrew Robinson per Alan Morris 1/3 #222389

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Wed 18Hooded Plover
Bashams Beach, Port Elliot
Midday walk on Beach discovering a Black Swan swimming and bathing in Ocean. A Family of Five Hooded Plovers 3 young nearly fully coloured with 2 parent birds, having a feeding frenzy of Insects at low tide. Joining in nearby was a Single Red Capped Plover for the excitement, closely observed by a Pair of Sooty Oystercatchers all having a ball until Mr Murray Magpie had had enough and swooped for his Seaweed pile back. Certainly enjoyed my walk, lunch and cup of Tea on Bashams Beach this Day.
Kym McRostie 26/2 #222353

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Sat 28highlightWhite-throated Needletail
200+ seen over Swanwick Recreation Reserve and golf course from 5.30 pm until 6.30 pm. Actively feeding at low and higher levels on prolific insects. Weather warm, part-cloud, humid. Flock moved to much higher levels and moved away to the east.
Graeme Bullock 1/3 #222391

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Sat 28Lewin's Rail and Freckled Duck
The Briars- Boonoorong Hide
Lewins Rail heard calling in front of Boonoorong Hide. Heard both "Teck, Teck, Teck" advertising call and squelchy grunt calls. Also single Freckled Duck observed in pond, to left of hide. Further information
James Peake 28/2 #222388

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