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Wed 18Painted Button-quail, Pheasant Coucal
Jerrara Dam near Kiama
One Painted Button-quail observed feeding in rainforest area near carpark and a Pheasant Coucal flushed from long grass near creek line. Also seen was one Brown and Grey Goshawk.
Terrill Nordstrom, Dave Rower, Ralph Stadus 18/7 #234897
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Redheart Rd 47km NNE of Condobolin
Birds were feeding in Belah trees just Nth of "Redheart" mailbox. There were two adults and a very young fledgling. I found them via the very noisy begging coming from the young bird. A friend called this morning and said he had seen six birds there earlier today.
Warren Chad 18/7 #234896
Glossy Black Cockatoo
Three pairs and at least one begging immature found feeding low in pines and a type of tall bush. Found after following calls from Merrygoen Rd into woodland on the southern boundary of the town. An interesting record in terms of location between populations of the species in Goonoo to the south and Pilliga to the north. eBird checklist
Max Breckenridge 18/7 #234895
highlightBanded Stilt (4)
Werri Lagoon, Gerringong
4 Banded Stilts flew in from the South along the beach and landed near the lagoon entrance ~4pm this afternoon. The lagoon has been opened to the sea recently and the reduced water level has opened up some mudflats that the ibis, lapwings, egrets, teal etc have been feeding on. The stilts were feeding till after sunset and then roosting about 100m West of the lagoon entrance on dark.
Lachlan Hall 18/7 #234892
highlightHudsonian Godwit
Lake Wollumboola east
After 35 minutes, a small number of the Godwits flew from a sandbar in the lake, to the mid southeast side. I observed the white rump, black tail and large black patch under the wings when in flight. Too far away for decent photos. eBird checklist
Carla Jackett 18/7 #234889
Tue 17highlightPacific Baza
Mt. Ulamambri Private Property (restricted access), Coonabarabran
One Baza seen well circling around the house and then flying low overhead and heading north. My first sighting in the area and one of only a few this far west in NSW. An Azure Kingfisher on the Castlereagh River in Coonabarabran was another fairly western record. (Moderator's Note: During my time in the Coonabarabran area 1975-85 I had them as far west as Gulargumbone. AKM).
Max Breckenridge 18/7 #234894
highlightBlue-billed Duck
Westdale Effluent Reuse Farm
Approximately 160 Blue-billed Ducks seen on large effluent reuse dam near Tamworth whilst I was sampling. Counted by tens, with as many males as females. (Moderator's Note: According to population estimates eg this count is somewhere around 1% of the total population of the species, so is of significance. MR). eBird checklist
Matt Hinze 18/7 #234888

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