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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Scott Baker, Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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Moderators' Note

The Orange-bellied Parrot National Recovery Team has asked that we do not publish any reports of Orange-bellied Parrots. Please send any sightings at the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee and The Spit Wildlife Reserve to and for all other areas to Chris Purnell at All Regent Honeyeater reports should be forwarded as soon as possible to Dean Ingwersen ( or freecall 1800 621 056), including any colour leg band details. It is requested that details of Swift Parrot sightings are forwarded to Chris Timewell ( Also, please note that Birdline Victoria won’t be publishing individual reports of Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo in the greater Melbourne area. We have had so many reports of Koel that we will not be publishing anymore except for Koel in new areas or confirmed breeding reports.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

November 2019
Sat 16Common Sandpiper
Nooramunga Marine Park--McLoughlins Beach
1 C-Sandpiper on the left side of boat ramp.
Rohan Bugg 16/11 #242810
Fri 15highlightBudgerigar
Bacchus Marsh West Golf Course
Presumably wild Budgerigar with a flock of about 50 White-browed Woodswallows. It didn't allow us to approach too closely, acting like a wild bird. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie, David Whelan 16/11 #242813
Wed 13highlightPectoral Sandpiper
Pine Lake (Horsham)
Down curved bill with yellowish base, brown crown, indistinct supercilium. Heavily streaked breast with sharp cut off. Clean crisp white belly and flanks. Yellowish legs. eBird checklist
Angus Schmidt 14/11 #242791
Red-capped Robin
Reynolds Reserve, Eltham
Single Juv/Imm seen foraging near Yarra River (-37.733126, 145.173052) this afternoon. Also ~10 White-browed Woodswallows present seeming quite settled in area and ubiquitous White-winged Trillers about.
Dan Ashdown 13/11 #242790
Tue 12highlightPlains Wanderer
Rupanyup district
Female Plains Wanderer flushed from fallow paddock while looking for Pratincoles. Paddock has short remnant standing barley stubble from last years harvest.
Ian Morgan 12/11 #242783
Mon 11Pacific Swift, White-throated Needletail
Fairy Dell Nature Reserve
Flock of 10+ Pacific Swift over hill forest at Fairy Dell (near Wiseleigh/Bruthen, East Gippsland) at c 1130 this morning, Also a single White-throated Needletail. Early records for this area.
BirdLife East Gippsland group, per Chris Healey 11/11 #242776
Superb Parrot (male)
Great Alpine Road Tarrawingee
Male Superb flew very close three metres above head. Flying slower than usual, as though it may have just taken off from the paddock next door where Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Little Corellas are feeding on Cootamundra Wattle Seeds, pods which are still quite green.
Michael O’Sullivan 11/11 #242774
White-winged Triller
Woodlands Historic Park--Back Paddock
Pair of trillers along the fence line near the back paddock
Jason Camilleri 11/11 #242771
Sat 9highlightAustralian Pratincole
Rupanyup district
One pair of Pratincoles have been on fallow paddock for four days. Several pairs of Banded Lapwings also in same paddock. Lapwings breeding.
Ian Morgan. 9/11 #242752
Thu 7Budgerigar
Nason Track, Glenrowan
Deb Oliver 7/11 #242727
Wed 6Crimson Chat, Cockatiel, White-winged Trillers
Winton Wetlands
Two teams in our monthly survey of the Wetlands added a new bird to our cumulative list from 7 years of surveys. Crimson Chats were seen at Bill Friday Swamp, Greens HIll and Ashmeads Swamp. Cockatiels were heard at Humphries Hill (last seen at the Wetland in 2013). Several teams reported White-winged Trillers, which have been uncommon in our surveys. eBird checklist
Birdlife Murray Goulburn 7/11 #242732
Freckled Duck
Banyule Flats Reserve
Surprise visitors at Banyule Flats --three Freckled Ducks by the Western shore of the lake. At one point, 3 Freckled Ducks and 2 Pink-eared Ducks in the same binoc field --quite special for the suburbs! eBird checklist
Christian Doerig 7/11 #242726
Warbyranges walker rd South Wangaratta
About 20 birds feeding near our house have lived here for 3 years and not been sighted before
Shane Dykes 6/11 #242723
Tue 5highlightWhite-throated Gerygone and White-winged Triller
Phillip Island
Good views of a White-throated Gerygone in the Woodland Reserve on Ventnor Common. Lovely yellow underside with white throat. First we have seen there (no photo). Three White-winged Trillers seen in different places in Oswin Roberts Reserve. All female/immature.
Alan and Hazel Veevers 6/11 #242724
Blue-winged Parrot
Dandenong Ranges National Park - Sherbrooke Forest
A pair of Blue-winged Parrots seen on Hillclimb Track in Sherbrooke Forest - only reported here five times in the past decade on eBird. Rufous Fantails have also well and truly returned to the Yarra Ranges. eBird checklist
Oakley Germech 5/11 #242715
Peaceful Dove
Glenmore Road, Glenmore
My first sighting in this district. eBird checklist
Bernie McRitchie 5/11 #242714
Jacky Winter
Gawa Reserve, Watsons Creek
Two Jacky Winters were observed in Gawa Reserve in the late morning today. One was occupying a nest; presumably the birds are a mated pair. A nice record in Banyule for this declining species. Note: there is no easy access here, and following the creek line involves walking in and around various fenced and unfenced paddocks and remnant bushland. eBird checklist
Leigh Pieterse & David Adam 5/11 #242711
highlightRufous Fantail
Gemmill Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve
A single bird with 2 Grey Fantails, most likely on southward migration, this is the first record I have for this Reserve in 52 years of keeping records. eBird checklist
Donald G Roberts 5/11 #242709
Azure Kingfisher
I saw this bird briefly in our backyard. I am 99.9% sure it was an Azure Kingfisher. He dived down on a plant and flew straight up and away. We live 500m from the Spring Road gardens. I have never sighted one here before.
Jane Morris 5/11 #242706
Mon 4highlightPied Honeyeater
Bronzewing Flora and Fauna Reserve
Two females seen at the dam.
Janet chapman and Greg Hardham 4/11 #242704
Rufous Songlark
Dandenong Creek Trail
Two birds calling, with display flights on the Dandenong Creek trail west of Koomba Park and north of Burwood Highway Vermont South. In a line of pine trees near the boardwalk
Stuart Dashper and Verity McDonald 4/11 #242699
Peregrine falcon
A presumably newly fledged peregrine falcon attempted a low level strike on a spotted turtle dove in a residential street,resulting in dove on ground,falcon perched on nearby fence and pied currawong in a brief altercation with falcon before robbing stunned dove. Quite a show!
Darren Wallace 4/11 #242698
Painted Honeyeater
Mt Egbert
Painted Honeyeater heard then seen at Mt Egbert, near Wedderburn. With Bill & Shirley Ramsey et al.
Brian Johnston 4/11 #242695
Sun 3Bar-tailed Godwit
Pine Lake (Horsham)
Angus Schmidt 14/11 #242792
Woodlands Historic Park (Greenvale)
Single adult perched on stag near the entrance
Danny Rogers and Wendy Ryan 5/11 #242713
highlightPied Honeyeater
Approx 5 km north of St Arnaud along Blinkbonnie Rd
At least two pairs in blue mallee habitat restoration on private land. Well south of usual range.
Euan Moore 4/11 #242705
Berry road, Cosgrove South
Flock of 7
Karan Balfour 3/11 #242687
Fri 1highlightLittle Curlew
Cullens Lake Wildlife Reserve
Single bird observed on southern shoreline (-35.654269, 143.777967) at 19:58 tonight associating with Pied Stilts, seen well in fading light. Previously a bird found on 18/10 (D. Quinn et al.) at location (Reported 28/10) likely this bird.
Dan Ashdown 1/11 #241679
Seymour River Walk
My first for the warm season here. Reported here on 31 Oct. by Geoff Leslie. I didn't see it yesterday but saw at least 2 today. They were sitting atop dead trees as usual, making it difficult to record their calls! eBird checklist
Val La May 1/11 #241675

October 2019
Thu 31Curlew Sandpiper
Wetland on Cressy Rd at -38.12825, 143.76160
160 Curlew Sandpiper on ephemeral freshwater wetland. Medium sized sandpiper with bill clearly longer than head with drooping end. Active feeding pattern with much running and head bobbing, often in water up to belly.
Colin Cannard and Trevor Hodgson 31/10 #241667
Australasian Bittern
Reddies Rd Cressy
Clear views of Australian Bittern in swamp for about 5 seconds.. Walked slowly out of pool into long grasses where it was seen several times with head up.
Colin Cannard and Trevor Hodgson 31/10 #241666
Banded Stilt
36 Banded Stilt on mudflats at mid-tide this morning cnr Beach Rd and Walton St. An unusual occurrence here.
Sally & Derek Whitehead 31/10 #241663
Wed 30Square-tailed Kite.
Greater Bendigo National Park--Kamarooka--Millwood Dam
One bird gliding low over trees around 6.30.p.m.
David Stabb. 31/10 #241665
Tue 29highlightWhimbrel
The Borrow Pit, WTP, Werribee
Flew from the coast to the Borrow pit where it appeared to land but could not be relocated. Excellent views of the bird.
Tom Fletcher & Angus Hartshorn 29/10 #241648
Red-Whiskered Bulbul
Melton West
Single male seen perched in a pear tree, in home garden in Westlake, around 5pm. Distinct black crest and red under tail.
Wendy Elliott 29/10 #241647
Crimson Chat
Willaura North
Deep in farmland at the edge of a large oat crop.
Wayne Suffield 29/10 #241641
Mon 28Blue faced honeyeater
Watsonia North
One bird foraging seen in a front garden on the corner of Michelle Avenue and Byrne Crescent at 1.30 pm.
Lois Martin 30/10 #241656
Crimson Chat
Moolort Plains
Small groups scattered on Moolort Plain near Newstead. Last reported around here in 1968.
Gary Oliver 29/10 #241642
Sun 27Crimson Chat
Cemetery Rd, Tungamah
Crimson Chats have been seen in the canola crops along this road for a few weeks, but they are still present in & near the canola fields, even though the canola has gone to seed. About 10 Crimson Chats, often with White-fronted Chats were seen on the fence, on the ground, flying over & diving into the crop. eBird checklist
Broken Creek Field Naturalists Club, Inc. 29/10 #241645
Bamawm Extension (restrict access)
A pair of cockatiels were sighted looking for nest hollows amongst Black Box Trees on private land south of Milgate Road, Bamawm Extension. Only the male was photographed. This is private land - definitely no access. eBird checklist
Greg Turner 28/10 #241627
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone and Black Honeyeater
You Yangs Regional Park
Couple of good sightings whilst competing in w-end Twitchathon. Many of the spring/summer migrants active, recorded White-winged Triller, Rainbow Bee-eater and Fantailed Cuckoo. White-throated Gerygone located on call and female Black Honeyeater observed in same vicinity [Big Rock track], both considered rare/irregular visitors to area.
Scott Baker,Tim Bawden, Owen Lishmund 28/10 #241622
Caspian Tern
Albert Park Lake
An adult flying over the lake around 10 am.
Sean Dooley 27/10 #241617
White-backed swallow
Chinese diggings reserve, Bendigo
At least 1, maybe 2 white-backed swallows flying high over the reserve.
Indra Bone 27/10 #241616
Eastern Koel
McKenzie Flora and Fauna Reserve, Alexandra
Male bird feeding in Mistletoe. Call verified.
Margaret Phillips 27/10 #241614
Cockatiels, black eared cuckoo
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Bartleys Block
Had 4 cockatiels fly a couple of metres overhead, a very pleasant surprise! Also heard and then saw and black eared cuckoo. 200-300 woodswallows present and just generally very active bird-wise.
Caleb Murray 27/10 #241609
Pine Lake
Broad white wing-bar. No hind toe. eBird checklist
Angus Schmidt 27/10 #241607
Sat 26White-winged Triller
King Street, Queenscliff
At about 4pm I noticed a female White-winged Triller on our nature strip. It is a first sighting for me in Queenscliff.
Robin Spry 26/10 #241601
Male Eastern Koel
Adjoining Wilson Park Berwick Victoria
I heard its loud unfamiliar call in my backyard, verified species in field book verified call on you tube.
Clem Sedgman 26/10 #241593
Fri 25Pied, Black Honeyeater
Goschen Bushland Reserve
Both Honeyeaters still active . Many Crimson Chats, Family of Cockatiels (2Ad, 2Juv) , W-w Trillers, Rainbow Bee-eaters. Very active spot at the moment
Arthur & Denise Carew 25/10 #241589
Brown Songlark
Dandenong Valley Wetland
Seen at 3:20 pm in a dead tree (which was close to the track) around halfway along the southern gravel track. The bird then flew down into the nearby long grass where it was hidden from view. Photos taken. A male White-winged Triller was also seen earlier in the day. eBird checklist
Ryan Kilgower 25/10 #241587
Thu 24Blue-Winged Parrot
Waratah Bay
Seen on the Walkerville- Waratah track behind the caravan park
Rohan Bugg 25/10 #241590
Glossy Ibis
MacLeod Morass Wildlife Reserve, south
2 Glossy Ibis feeding on the far west side. (photos taken)
Robert Wright 25/10 #241584
Wed 23Pacific Koel
Moonee Ponds
The Koel has been heard calling in Moonee Ponds again. A pair was seen in the area in 2018 and looks like they have come back this year. Last year was the first time I’d seen this species in 9 years living in the area.
Jason Camilleri 26/10 #241595
Tue 22Red-backed Kingfisher
Edmondson Lane, Wooragee.
Irregular summer visitor to flatter, dryer parts of the North East but this is my first record in over 25 years for this regularly surveyed site.
John Kelly 22/10 #241571
White-winged Triller
Ricketts Pt, Beaumaris
Male bird, not calling. As a Sydney visitor, I'm not sure how usual this is, but I've not seen one anywhere near the coast in N.S.W. that I recall.
Ted Nixon 22/10 #241566
Red-necked Avocet
Burke & Wills Track, Lancefield
Four birds beside a private dam close to the junction with Lancefield-Tooborac Road. Can be easily viewed from the road. These are the first I've seen in the area.
Peter Houston 22/10 #241564
Mon 21Glossy Ibis
Lake Murphy near Kerang
35 Glossy Ibis in the extensive shallows. eBird checklist
Malcolm Cousland 24/10 #241581
Crimson Chat
West Baringhup
A pair of Crimson Chat seen on West Baringhup Rd 500m west of the West Baringhup-Eastville Rd intersection. On fence next to canola. Also, two other separate sightings of Criimson Chat near Frogmore Swamp later in afternoon- next to canola crops- on fences.
Damien Hendrickson 21/10 #241558
Wilby private property
A pair of Dollarbirds were seen late this afternoon catching insects along with so many Dusky Woodswallows.
Brendan Toll 21/10 #241557
Sun 20Orange, Crimson and White-fronted Chat
Lake Tyrrell Lookout
Below and to the left from the lookout, three species of Chats were quite numerous. Also sighted were White -winged Fairy-Wren and Rufous Fieldwren
Christine Heiser, Marie and Mick Brasher 23/10 #241576
megamegaTufted Duck
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Lake Borrie
Seen at South No 3 Road this afternoon.
Ian Cheyne & Eric Stanbridge 20/10 #241546
Glossy Ibis
Truganina Swamp
I had a glossy ibis flying around for about 5 minutes this morning over Truganina swamp. It went down near the water works the other side of the creek.
Richard Hoult 20/10 #241545
Sat 19Pied, Black, White-fronted Honeyeaters
Goschen Bushland Reserve
Three honeyeater species perched togoether at the top of a dead tree - thanks Scott. Also present were 7 Budgerigars, 2 Cockatiels, a family of Grey-crowned Babblers and a Red-backed Kingfisher,
Christine Heiser,Marie and Mick Brasher 23/10 #241575
Mia Mia Rd at Junction with Pyranees Highway, Newstead
6 Budgerigars observed feeding on the ground alongside Red-rumped parrots. Other Budgies heard in adjacent trees,.
Anne Collins 19/10 #241543
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