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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

We support ethical birding .


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Visitors to Western Treatment Plant at Werribee are reminded not to drive on Dry Weather roads at this time of the year.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

October 2015
Fri 9Rainbow Bee Eater
You Yangs Regional Park--Western Plantation
5 of this species seen today which are the first l have seen back here this Spring .Rufous Whistlers arrived on 26 September noticeably subdued in their calling prior to selecting territories . Normal suspects are all back except White Winged Trillers .Checked unsuccessfully for them at Eastern Flats today but still to early
Trevor Lumb 9/10 #224954
highlightChannel-Billed Cuckoo
Princes Highway ,Berwick
The "Stormbird " ! was heard and seen several time this morning alongside Edrington Park Retirement Village . Possibly heard in the distance by my work colleagues about a week ago. This is the 7th year in a row that this species has been reported in this area .
James Grant & Graham Beal 9/10 #224950
Thu 8Fairy Tern
Crescent Island (Ocean Grange) - Gippsland Lakes
Two FT heard calling then observed flying west over Crescent Island.
Faye Bedford 9/10 #224952
White-bellied Sea-eagle
1 adult flying off the side of a dam, being mobbed by Aussie Magpies, just north of Coldstream. Never seen them around this particular area. Observed in late arvo.
Falk Wicker 9/10 #224947
highlightTawny Grassbird
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
The bird seen well around 4:40 PM, singing from top of phragmites reed clump of the northern, shallower pond and then flew across the water to within 10 metres of where I was standing. After about 5 seconds it moved down into the rushes where it called a couple of times.
Sean Dooley 8/10 #224944
highlightWhite-throated Gerygone
Studley Park, Kew (bicycle loop)
First White-throated Gerygone I have seen and heard in 12 years birding at this (my local) site. Also seen was a Pallid Cuckoo.
Dave Dickson 8/10 #224939
megamegaTawny Grassbird
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
Bird observed at 7.00am this morning in brilliant morning sunshine sitting atop reeds along fenced off area as previously reported. Was out in the open for extended periods calling strongly .
Brendan McDonald 8/10 #224938
Wed 7megamegaTawny Grassbird
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
A single bird was seen along the northern end of the fenced off swamp (at 351671.00 m E, 5810169.00 m S) that backs onto retarding basin. Bird was very shy and predominately kept to the undergrowth, calling very intermittently and occasionally taking flight, travelling no further then 20m before dropping back down into cover. Eventually the bird flushed to a patch of Phragmites australis on the south-western side of the swamp (at 351627.00 m E, 5810116.00 m S), were it called strongly over a 10 minute period eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds 7/10 #224927
Tue 6megamegaTawny Grassbird, Spotless Crake, Buff Banded Rail and Latham's Snipe
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
All in fenced off overflow area
Des Palmer 7/10 #224925
Whiskered Tern,Latham's Snipe
Fishers Wetland (Newhaven)
Great mornings birding,with 16 Great Egrets,25 Black-winged Stilts (normally 8-10), plus 2 Banded Stilts previously reported.A flock of 25 Whiskered Terns flew in,(not recorded at this site), 2 Latham's Snipe and 3 Red-kneed Dotterels amongst the usual suspects.
Derek & Sally Whitehead 6/10 #224917
Mon 5Australian Hobby
Near Mt Wellington, French Island
Pair attending young in nest - which appears to be an old Raven's nest. This is the first breeding record that I am aware of for the French Island.
Chris Chandler 7/10 #224937
Rainbow Bee-eater
Newstead Cemetery
Single bird seen this evening, others calling. First return to a popular site. Also White-backed Swallows and Fairy Martins.
Geoff Park 5/10 #224910
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Spring Creek Greytown
One bird seen low over canopy 6 BoxIronbark Course participants.
Garry Cheers 5/10 #224908
Black-winged Stilt
Lancefield 10' Cell
Flock of 14 birds on a private dam beside the Lancefield-Tooborac Road about 3kms north of Lancefield. Also present a single Intermediate Egret (been around for several weeks), and a single Australian Shelduck.
Peter Houston 5/10 #224900
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Camberwell East
Second time in a fortnight that 1 bird seen or heard flying eastward. Other than one record last year, these are the only records for this species that I've had in the local area in several decades.
George Appleby 5/10 #224895
Australian Reed-warbler, Little Friarbird, Sacred Kingfisher
Seymour River Walk
Reed-warbler seldom reported for this area. First spring sightings this year for me of the Friarbird and the Sacred Kingfisher along the River. eBird checklist
Val La May 5/10 #224894
highlight(Possible) Tawny Grassbird, Spotless Crake, Buff Banded Rail
Liverpool Road Retarding Basin
Moderators note: Tawny Grassbird record would need confirmation.
Des Palmer 5/10 #224892
Olive-backed Oriole
Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island
One Olive-backed Oriole sighted at South Car Park, competing in song with a Golden Whistler
Derek & Sally Whitehead 5/10 #224885
Sun 4highlightBudgerigar
Lake Tyrrell
2 different flocks of 20~ budgies seen on the outskirts of lake tyrrell. 6 crimson chat and 12 black faced woodswallows also seen in area.
Stephan Granger 6/10 #224916
Banded lapwing
Cnr Anakie rd and Stacey rd
At least 6 Banded lapwings in a rocky paddock being harrassed by a brown falcon.
Peter Fuller 6/10 #224913
highlightBroad billed sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Seen from the north bank of the Little River mouth
Dez Hughes 5/10 #224903
highlightCape Gannet
Point Danger- Portland area
Gannets have returned to breed including single Cape Gannet (I think 3 years running now). This is a restricted area but observation deck does allow distant views.
Scott Baker, P.S. Lansley, Tim Bawden, Brian Johnson, Gil Langford and Rob Farnes. 5/10 #224902
White-wing Triller
Wedge St, Hamilton
While outside feeding the chooks I could hear a bird calling that did not fit with what I normally hear, when I got my bins on to it I was delight to see a very handsome male triller high in the Sugar Gums gleaming bugs of the foliage, it was about 10min before the local New Holland HE's saw him off
Samantha Greiner 5/10 #224901
Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Blackburn Lake
Two, mainly in tall treetops, north-east corner. Active and calling, hard to see, as usual. Also one Rufous Whistler ("female" plumage), well seen, calling, Hakea Circuit.
Trevor Kerr 4/10 #224871
Pink-eared Ducks
Swamp, Banyule Flats Reserve
Two Pink-eared Ducks resting on a log by dead trees, accompanied by four Grey Teal. One Great Cormorant perched on top of dead tree - not a common visitor. Too far away for a photo.
Anthea Fleming 4/10 #224867
Masked Woodswallow, White-browedWoodswallow, Rufous Whistler
Tylden 3444
Around 9:30am small flock of woodswallows circling southwards. First Rufous Whistler of the spring calling.
Lawrie Conole 4/10 #224866
Black-eared Cuckoo
Demo Track, Muckleford State Forest
A number of Black-eared Cuckoos calling, together with Pallid Cuckoos and Shining Bronze-cuckoos. A lone Swamp Harrier floated over a tree-top height, heading south - a most unusual sighting.
Geoff Park 4/10 #224865
Sat 3Blue-winged Parrot, Brown Gerygone (breeding), Rose Robin
Uralla Nature Reserve (La Trobe Valley)
Disturbed a pair of Blue-wings in a small clearing near a gully crossing in this this Warm Temperate Rainforest/wet forest remnant S of Trafalgar. Lots of calling gerygones and at least two pairs of Rose Robin. Lots of the usual bird orchids (Chiloglottis spp.)) out as well. A nice day trip via train and short bike ride to the reserve.
Kaye Trainor, Martin O'Brien 5/10 #224884
Diamond Firetail
Melton Gilgai Woodland
About 10 Diamond Firetails seen by Melton Environment Group during bird walk in Melton Gilgai Woodland. Mainly in low eucalypt foliage. Some carrying bits of fluff. Very warm morning with brisk north wind. Very sparse understory with minimal grass cover
Daryl Akers 4/10 #224872
highlightWhite-headed Petrel
Discovery Bay Coastal Park
Beach washed bird appears to be this species although substantial white on underwing did confuse issue at time. Also 2 Shy Albatross, 3 Aus Gannets, 3 Galahs and domestic Pigeon (all dead).Also large number of Sanderling (around 700)- all alive.
Scott Baker 3/10 #224860
Banded Stilt
Fishers Wetland (Newhaven)
Lovely to see two Banded Stilts feeding amongst numerous shellducks, swans and Black-winged Stilts.
Sally & Derek Whitehead 3/10 #224856
Fri 2Grey Goshawk
Gobur Flora and Fauna Reserve
Grey morph observed in flight and perched
Chris Doughty 3/10 #224858
Rainbow Bee-eater, White-browed Woodswallow
Mahon Lane, Osbornes Flat
A Bee-eater first heard yesterday, then 3 White-browed Woody's above the house today. Just waiting for the Dollarbird's - usually a few days behind the Bee-eaters. Horsfield's and Shining Bronze-Cuckoo's about, however no Fan-tailed or Pallid.
Matt Weeks 2/10 #224850
Bassian thrush, eastern curlew
Tankerton, French Island
1 bassian thrush seen in the treed section of the walking track parallel to Coast Road just north of the Tankerton Road intersection. It was perching and flying at mid-level in the trees - the first time I've seen a bassian thrush not on the ground! Also 2 eastern curlews seen feeding on the mudflats next to the Tankerton jetty. I saw numerous eastern curlews north of Tankerton last summer so French Island seems to be a good bet for anyone wanting to see this species.
Harry Saddler 2/10 #224848
White-browed Woodswallow & Masked Woodswallow
Inverleigh Nature Conservation Reserve
Flock of about 30 White-browed Woodswallows, with at least 4 Masked Woodswallows, seen and heard low over trees in the reserve at 12:30pm. Many more at higher altitude. Some birds perched briefly in Manna Gums, allowing a distant photo.
Barry & Bernie Lingham 2/10 #224846
White-browed Woodswallow
Two male White-browed Woodswallows seen amongst a constantly-calling flock of ~60 woodswallows as they flew over suburbia from west to east at a height of ~50 m.
Charles Silveira 2/10 #224845
White-browed and Masked Woodswallows
Viewbank (Melbourne)
A loose flock of ~30 White-browed and ~10 Masked Woodswallows drifted slowly south, calling and feeding as they went, at ~1300. Warm sunny day.
Richard Loyn 2/10 #224841
Little Eagle
Disney Street, Bittern
Single bird low overhead midmorning being mobbed by a Grey Currawong with a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles over at lunchtime. Two smallish flocks of Straw-necked Ibis totalling 80 birds thus far, Sunday's total was 12 flocks with over 1100 birds.
Richard Hook 2/10 #224840
Thu 1highlightRed lored whistler
Murray Sunset NP Sth Bore Track
At around 10am this morning we sighted a single Red lored whistler 4.5 kms north of the intersection of Pheeneys and Sth Bore tracks. We did not use playback at any stage and only detected the bird because we saw a bird fly low between spinifex clumps. As we started to search the bird kept coming closer to us allowing very rare prolonged views for photographs. The whistler did not call either which made initial detection so much harder.
Hedley and Irena Earl 1/10 #224831
highlightWhite-bellied Cuckoo-shrike
Princes Freeway at Point Wilson Road
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike sighted and photographed around 12.15pm 01/10/2015 on Point Wilson Road, 300 metres south of the Beach Road intersection. The bird was clearly sighted and photographed, it stayed perched for 2 minutes before flying off. eBird checklist
David Adam 1/10 #224830
Yellow-tailed black cockatoos
La Trobe Golf Club Alphington
Although reasonably common birds along the Yarra River, I saw very large flocks, of up to about 50 flying over the golf course. For the first time in 7 years I also saw King Parrots (2) on the course.
Harry Clarke 1/10 #224827

September 2015
Wed 30highlightGull-billed Tern (101), Fairy Tern (1)
Stockyard Point
101 Gull-billed Terns seen at the point this afternoon, all but half a dozen in full breeding plumage. Regular here, but unusual in such high numbers, also no sign of the race affinis bird that has shown up in past seasons, yet. Also a single Fairy Tern briefly came into roost at the point and was later seen feeding offshore, and good numbers of waders have returned, at least 25 Eastern Curlews seen across the far side of the point, 50+ Red Knots roosting at the point, and a handful of Bar-tailed Godwits passed by overhead
Tim Nickholds and the Victorian Wader Study Group 30/9 #224818
highlightBlack-eared Cuckoo
Eynesbury Woodland west of Discovery Centre
One bird calling and observed. eBird checklist Further information
Lawrie Conole 30/9 #224809
Tue 29King Parrot
Pair of King Parrots flying upstream over Leonda on my lunchtime run towards where I heard one last week. Here's hoping they can find a secluded hollow somewhere where they don't get kicked out by lorikeets.
John Gray 29/9 #224799
Mon 28Blue-billed Duck
Lake Sambell (Beechworth)
Pair in marshy part of lake (rare at this site), also a pair of Hardhead and the usual other waterbirds.
Richard Loyn 29/9 #224791
Red-necked avocet
Guvvos beach - between Anglesea and Aireys Inlet
Four red-necked avocets foraging in a group in the wet sand/shallows along the ocean shoreline of Guvvos beach at mid-low tide, approx. 1.15pm.
Cathy Longmore 29/9 #224788
megamegaEastern Osprey
Avalon Beach
Single bird perched and fishing close to Avalon Beach Further information
Tom Tarrant and Jeremy Ward 28/9 #224784
Crested Shrike-tit
Oswin Roberts Reserve, Phillip Island
Two Crested Shrike-tits,(one banded) in the south car park,first time we have seen them on the Island in 20 years of birding here.
Derek & Sally Whitehead 28/9 #224771
Sun 27Black-winged Stilt
Albert Park Lake
Two birds in company with 20+ Silver Gull, all resting at the end of a concrete pier over the water at the northern end of the lake near the Boat Houses. Twenty-five bird species noted on a walk round the lake between mid-day and 1.30pm. Several Hardhead in the water plus Little Grassbirds calling in the reed on the eastern side of the lake.
Graeme Hosken 29/9 #224797
Pink-eared Duck
Yarra River foreshore just upstream from Princes Bridge
Single Pink-eared Duck looked entirely out of place amongst large numbers of Coots, Silver Gulls, Black Ducks, Rock Doves and numerous other species on the foreshore in front of the rowing club buildings on Boat House Drive. Appeared very wary and kept to the shallow water just off the concrete ramp. Was there about 4PM as I went upstream on the ferry, and also about 4.30PM as I returned. I couldn't see it listed for this area or the nearby Botanic Gardens on E-Bird, so perhaps it is unusual here?
Cameron Ward 28/9 #224785
Olive Backed Oriole
Hepburn Regional Park - Shepherds Flat
A welcome site to see the orioles back again this year,
Nina Tsilikas 28/9 #224783
Spotted Quail-thrush
Brisbane Ranges National Park
We observed 2 pairs one along Switch track about 500 metres from intersection with McLeans Hwy, one along Thompsons road and intersection with Stable Track. Both times birds were seen to cross the road and feed both sides. Great prolonged views of all 4 birds as they scurried around from about 3.30pm until 6pm eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Matt McCrae, Jack Parrington , Brad White 28/9 #224782
Brown Gerygone
Sherbrooke Forest - Welch Track
Seen twice (at least) - one single one near the start of the Welch Track, and a pair close to the Neumann Track. I know records are increasing here, but still seems worthy of a report.
Oakley H Germech 28/9 #224767
highlightPainted Honeyeater
Sullivan's Track, Muckleford SF
At least two birds heard calling late today. Back again at a favoured site. Also Olive-backed Oriole and Red-capped Robin (nesting)
Geoff Park 27/9 #224762
highlightMallee Emu-wren
Hattah Kulkyne National Park
Four separate sightings. Two lone males. Two groups of three. All along Konardin Track. All other species notable by their absence.
Paul Newman and Jean Newman 27/9 #224761
Sat 26White-throated Gerygone
Buckland Gap (6 km south of Beechworth)
Common in woodland in this area.
Richard Loyn and Debbie Tully 29/9 #224790
highlightPainted Honeyeater
Buckland Gap (6 km south of Beechworth)
One in our treed paddock 26 & 27 September.
Richard Loyn and Debbie Tully 29/9 #224789
Mallee Sunset NP
Two sightings (Saturday and Sunday) about 2-3 kms apart near intersection between Honeymoon Hut and Meridian Tracks Further information
Tom Tarrant, Roger McNeill and Richard Boon 27/9 #224764
lake borrie werribee sewerage works
bird located by giles daubeney and aidan sudbury perched on a post in lake borrie some 70 m from north eastern shore did a flight above the lake and again settled a bit further away
Giles Daubeney Aidan Sudbury and Clive Kaplan 27/9 #224758
highlightRed-backed Kingfisher
Near Boort
1km north of Boort. Excellent views of Red-backed Kingfisher perched in tree with skink in its beak. Eventually swallowed the skink then flew into the open and perched for more photos.
Malcolm Cousland 26/9 #224748
Fri 25Masked Woodswallow, Rainbow Bee-eater,
Hattah NP, Murray-Sunset NP
Small numbers of Masked Woodswallows with slightly larger numbers of White-browed along Konardin track, Hattah Kulkyne NP. A pair of Rainbow Bee-eaters on Mt Crozier track in Murray Sunset NP. reported as early arrivals.
Simon Starr and Richard Arnold 26/9 #224750
Shining bronze cuckoo
Valley Reserve (Mount Waverley)
Shining bronze cuckoo seen around car park area of reserve. Moderators note: published as this is in a small suburban park.
chris gittins 25/9 #224738
Azure Kingfisher
Narracan Creek, Narracan 3824
Azure Kingfisher heard and seen along the Narracan Way, a walk between the Narracan Church and Narracan Falls. Seen just downstream of the old railway bridge. This is the first record of Azure Kingfisher for Narracan in 40 years of birdwatching in the area by my father or myself.
Michael Mules 25/9 #224732
Noisy Friarbird
South Morang
One Noisy Friarbird stil at the Whittlesea Civic Centre. In the same group of trees as last time, opposite the main entrance. Constantly being harassed by wattlebird.
Aleks Arsoski 25/9 #224730
Wed 23Pink Robin, Superb Lyrebird, Rose Robin
Wirra Walla / Tanglefoot Track - Toolangi SF
Just doing a quick reccie of the Wirra Walla area and finally saw my first Pink Robin for Victoria. Seen a lyrebird beside the boardwalk but all in all it was a quietish day with overcast skies and quite cool along the creek.
John Harris - Wildlife Experiences, Jono Dashper 23/9 #224722
Red-necked avocet; banded stilt; curlew sandpiper; pink-eared duck; royal spoonbill
Cheetham Wetlands
Several hundred to perhaps a thousand Recurvirostridae waders seen around the mouth of Laverton Creek, mostly red-necked avocets but also large numbers of both black-winged stilts and banded stilts. Also in the area were several hundred sandpipers - the windy conditions made identification with my scope difficult but definitely present were sharp-tailed sandpipers and curlew sandpipers. Also at least three pink-eared ducks seen, and several whispered terns. In the wetlands near Skeleton Creek I saw three or four more pink-eared ducks, four royal spoonbills, and a spotless crake, as well as scattered individuals of the other species already mentioned.
Harry Saddler 23/9 #224718
Pacific Golden Plover,Ruddy Turnstone
Reef Island Nature Conservation Reserve
Waders are arriving back in Westernport Bay with over 200 Red-necked Stints,15 Ruddy Turnstones and a Pacific Golden Plover at the southern end of Reef Island.
Derek & Sally Whitehead 23/9 #224717
Tue 22Olive-backed Oriole
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Bird Hide
One flying S-W , over water approx. 100 m. off shore from the hide. Probably on migration.
Tom Fletcher & Jennifer Carr 24/9 #224726
Satin Bowerbird
Park dve, Belgrave
1 female flew across the road onto nature strip opposite Belgrave lake .
Greg cobern 22/9 #224710
Mon 21Eurasian Tree Sparrow
6 Wallace Square, Melton
2 Tree Sparrows in loose flock with 4-5 House Sparrows. Call obvious, chestnut caps seen. eBird checklist Further information
Lawrie Conole 21/9 #224683
Sun 20highlightArctic Tern, Southern Royal Albatross, Killer Whales
Port Fairy Pelagic
1 Arctic Tern, first immature, seen twice on edge of continental shelf. Also first immature White-fronted Tern. 1 immature Southern Royal Albatross, 1 juvenile Wandering, 1 Antipodean Albatross, adult male subspecies gibsoni. Also a few Indian Yellow-nosed Albatrosses & Black-browed (no Campbell's Albatrosses). 1 near adult Northern Giant Petrel, 1 early Flesh-footed Shearwater, half a dozen Hutton's Shearwaters, and a few Great -winged Petrels, 1 gouldii, 5 nominate. Other highlight was 2-3 Killer Whales on the shelf, 1 adult male with a huge dorsal fin.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Neil McCumber, 22/9 #224702
Sacred Kingfisher
Chiltern Caravan Park
A bird was heard calling repeatedly along the watercourse upstream from the lake. Moderators Note: Published as an early arrival
Anthea Fleming 21/9 #224688
Spotted Quail-thrush
Victoria Valley, Grampians.
One male seen near Ingleton Springs picnic ground on Syphon Road. Thanks to Angus Schmidt for his report of the 11th of September. eBird checklist
Tim Mintern 20/9 #224665
Sat 19Latham's Snipe
Fairhope (12 km N of Bairnsdale)
Single bird flushed in paddock.
Chris & Felicity Healey 20/9 #224667
megamegaEastern Osprey
Kirk Point, Werribee Sewage Farm
Seen at 9.30am perched on the Kirk Point Marker, chased off by a black kite, but soon returned allowing good photos
Giles Daubeney 19/9 #224660
Fri 18Peregrine Falcon
Price Park, Viewbank
One bird flew into a stand of pines clutching some prey, I thought it was a local Goshawk and that it might be nesting there; Between myself and a 'bombing' Wattle-bird it was disturbed and took off with its lunch.
Greg Cobern 18/9 #224646
Thu 17Australian King Parrot
Beautiful adult pair of these stunning parrots. Landed on top of an old bird aviary and enjoyed some seed that I offered them.
Ashley Herrod 17/9 #224637
Wed 16Painted Honeyeater, Gilbert's Whistler
Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve
East side near old sand quarrying area. Loud calls heard of each species from the track on the eastern side of the reserve.
Martin O'Brien 18/9 #224645
Blue-billed Duck
Swan Lake (Phillip Island)
One Blue-billed Duck amongst swans, Musk Duck and coots seen from the southern bird hide. Not often seen at this site.
Derek & Sally Whitehead 17/9 #224631
Rose Robin
Banyule Flats Reserve
Female Rose Robin seen well and calling often beside the Main Yarra Trail a few hundred metres east of the transmission lines. 22 Cattle Egrets in the paddock nearby and 6 more in dead trees above the main wetland is the most I've ever seen here. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Adam Fry 16/9 #224628
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Goodwood Rd Mullundung State Forest
Heard calling and it responded to "pishing". Reasonable views as it skulked in the scrub, Very pleased to get another sighting approx half a km to the east on the same road ten minutes later. Behaviour was just the same as the first. This is the same sight it had been observed at about 5 years ago.
David Mules 16/9 #224622
Noisy Friarbird
Civic centre Whittlesea
Heading to the car in the car park and heard a wierd noise. Went beck to investigate and to my surprised noticed a young Noisy Friarbird feeding on the euc's. Had a look twice as I wasn't expecting this bird in surbarbia. Photos are great but that's all I had.
Aleks Arsoski 16/9 #224609
Tue 15Nankeen Night-Heron
Lake Colac Caravan Park
A friend of a friend noticed 1 Night Heron there yesterday. I went down today at 9:30 and found at least 6. They were hard to count as they were very high up in the tree and I couldn't see them all at once. eBird checklist
Adam Fry 15/9 #224605
Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Musk Lorikeet, Rainbow Lorikeet
Melton Civic Centre, Unitt St, Melton
Lots of lorikeets feeding in flowering Mugga Ironbarks on the Unitt Street foothpath next to the Melton Civic Centre. Mostly Musk, but smaller numbers of Rainbow and Purple-crowned prominent. Further information
Lawrie Conole 15/9 #224597
Mon 14Latham's Snipe
Point Fullerton wetlands, Gippsland Lakes
4 Latham's Snipe seen by 20 Birdlife East Gippsland members. Photo by Ken Sherring
Ian Wright, Recorder BLEG 16/9 #224617
Sun 13Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
West Richmond Railway Station
A flock of about 60 birds flew over at around 6:20PM heading north-east.
David Spicer 17/9 #224630
Square tailed Kite
i saw the Kite being harassed by little Ravens just above the treetops in the Briagalong Red Gum Reserve. I recon its very unusual for this part of gippsland.
Rohan Bugg 15/9 #224600
Sacred Kingfisher
Mount Arapiles
Along Golf Course Road at Mount Arapiles. eBird checklist
Tim Mintern 14/9 #224582
highlightCrimson Chat, Orange Chat, White-fronted Chat
Curtis Road, Merbein West
2 Crimson Chat (1 male, brilliant plumage), 4 Orange Chat ( 1 male, equally brilliant), 30-40 White-fronted Chat, in the area locally known as Boy Creek. 3 species in the same general area (a Chat trifecta?), also Black-faced Woodswallow, Southern Whiteface, White-winged Wren.
Michael Mack 13/9 #224574
highlightScarlet Honeyeater
Seen very well in late flowering Eucalyptus ovata at about 10:00 am. Unfortunately silouetted and photos simply black outlines and before I could get higher up the hill to find a better background a couple of belligerent Spinebills chased it away. Second only appearance at this site.
David Mules 13/9 #224563
Sat 12highlightBrolga
Greens Lake Stanhope
Travelling from NSW we were surprised to see a flock of 10-12 Brolgas at this popular camping spot
Julie and Werner Neumann 13/9 #224562
Blue-billed Ducks
Grange Burn Wetland, Hamilton
Male and 2-3 female birds, seem to be permanent residence as they have been regularly seen at this location since the beginning of the year, also seen single Black-tailed Native Hen which has also been at the wetland as long as the Blue-bills
Samantha Greiner 12/9 #224549
Fri 11megamegaOsprey (Pandion cristatus)
Western Treatment Plant Werribee -38.0011x144.6311 - 11 Sep 2015 11:18 am, Victoria, AU
Osprey (female ?) on beach with up to 11 Whistling Kites. 5 observers. 3 took photographs eBird checklist Further information
David Boyle, Brian Goyen, Doug Cameron, Pam Cameron, Brian Morison 13/9 #224571
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
West Richmond Station
Flock of approximately 50 flew over at 18:40
Craig Gordon 12/9 #224552
Spotted Quail-Thrush
Grampians National Park--Glenelg River, Syphon Rd
Seen in leaf litter on side of road about 200m SW of Inglet n Springs Picnic Area. Immediately identified as a Spotted Quail-Thrush. Bird flew into a nearby tree where it was identified as a male showing black throat, white eyebrow and cheek patch, grey breast, spotted flanks. Flew in a NW direction, was tracked down again about 10 mins later. Dived from a low branch into ground cover and ceased calling. Could not be relocated despite 1/2 an hour of searching. Habitat consisted of Yakkas, Bracken Fern and a reed type grass. Area was burnt a few years ago. No photo. Exact location : Lat 37 18 6.9150 , Long 142 22 3.1244
Angus Schmidt 11/9 #224538
Freckled Duck
Coolart Wetlands & Homestead
10 Freckled Duck on the lagoon + 3 male Blue-billed Duck
Brian Thomas 11/9 #224534
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Early arrival or late departure
Interesting behaviour
High/low numbers
Unusual habitat
Uncommon in area
Outlying population
Repeat report of highlights
Of general interest to birders
Outside normal range/irruption
Exceptional number
Repeat report of megas
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