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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

March 2015
Sun 29highlightSwift Parrot
Bunyip State Park
At least eight Swift Parrots seen on Forest Road in Bunyip State Park in Manna Gums. Record shot attached.
Tim Bawden and Jimsie Varghese 29/3 #222768
Powerful Owl
Near Alastair Knox Park Eltham
The owl has returned after a couple of years absence. We had a family one year with one chick and a family the second with two chicks but nothing for the last two years.
Liz Eadie 29/3 #222766
Pacific Swift
M1 freeway near Warragul
Many darting low over M1 freeway stretching from Darnum turnoff to Yalorn.
Fiona Parkin 29/3 #222764
highlightBroad-billed Sandpiper
Avalon Beach
Pond at East end of fisherman's cottages. Initially feeding then roosting on same v small Island as the tattler!
Dez Hughes 29/3 #222755
Sat 28highlightLong-toed Stint
Avalon Beach
Glorious Long-toed Stint in breeding plumage entertained us this morning along the side of the road leading to the beach shacks. Grey-tailed Tattler feeding along shore east of shacks, Red Knot in pond with Curlew Sandpipers and 3 Double-banded Plovers near parked cars. Many other species in pre-migration plumage. A wonderful location at the moment.
John Newman, David Tytherleigh, Trevor Lumb 28/3 #222747
Thu 26Pink Robin
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
A single "brown" Pink Robin seen at close range in north eastern part of the forest along with Speckled Warbler, Scarlet Robin and an imm Diamond Firetail. Also at least 4 Freckled Duck on the lake, Purple-crowned Lorikeets and a big flock of 30+ Dusky Woodswallow
Simon Starr plus one 26/3 #222727
White-winged Black Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
White-winged Black Terns, many colouring up well, still present. 40-45 at Walsh Lagoon and 6 or so at Western Lagoon. Curlew Sandpipers in nearly full breeding plumage but waders not too exciting. Little Terns on the shore.
Francis Crome 26/3 #222724
highlightSwift Parrot
Cades Rd, Whittlesea
Two Swifties passing low over canopy, heading due north.
Steve Davidson 26/3 #222719
Wed 25Black-faced Monarch
Betka River walk, Mallacoota
First detected by wheezy chattering calls. Adult and juvenile observed feeding within fruiting pittosperum. Other birds nearby: Golden Whistler, Rufous Whistler, Mistletoebird, Grey Fantail, Varied Sitellas, Lewins Honeyeater, Late morning
Kaye Trainor and Martin O'Brien 26/3 #222729
Betka River estuary near ocean beach
Lucky to observe another Osprey, this time taking what appeared to be a Bream from the lower reaches of the Betka River.
Martin O'Brien 26/3 #222728
highlightSwift Parrot
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Seaford
On the BirdLife Australia monthly count for Melbourne Water, 5 birds seen flying over, heading northwards. Also a Rufous Fantail- only the second record at this site.
Sean Dooley, Andrew Silcocks 26/3 #222720
highlightLittle Bittern
Lake Weeroona, Bendigo
After seeing a juvenile across the lake at the limit of our lens resolution, we came across this adult which sat unconcerned about 8 metres from us and went about its business for 15 minutes. Peter Weinstock with Greg and David.
Peter Weinstock 25/3 #222718
Freckled Duck
Eynesbury Ornamental Lake
Five Freckled Ducks seen on the Ornamental Lake this arvo.
Marc Freestone 25/3 #222715
highlightSwift Parrot
Yan Yean Reservoir
8 flying amongst trees near pond eBird checklist
Andrew Corrick Ian Norman 25/3 #222711
Tue 24Peregrine Falcon
Collins Street, Melbourne CBD
It is so nice to see Peregrine Falcons over the city. I was out and about around 6:30pm when I saw a single falcon fly in a small orbit above Collins Street in light rain, before alighting on the Westpac building at 360 Collins Street. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with a long lens at the time!
Paul Dodd 25/3 #222714
Noisy Miner
Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve, Clydesdale
I saw 2 Noisy Miners here a fortnight ago, and 3 this morning. These are the first I have recorded in 4 or 5 years of visiting Rise and Shine. Till now none have been recorded on the eBird checklist so I hope this is not the the beginning of their colonisation (and the beginning of the end of Rise and Shine as birder's hotspot). eBird checklist
Dave Dickson 24/3 #222706
Mon 23Crested Shrike Tit
The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve
Male and female pair sighted on Swamprat Track, close to the northern end. Area of regrowth dense with young gums.
James Peake 23/3 #222698
Sun 22highlightRose Robin, Golden Whistler
St Kilda Botanic Gardens
A Rose Robin, immature Golen Whistler, Eastern Spinebill and Grey Fantail were seen in the NE garden bed (bordering Blessington Street) by David Eades.
Gio Fitzpatrick per David W. Eades 26/3 #222723
Spotless Crake, Peregrine Falcon, Fairy Martin, Brown Goshawk
Elsternwick Park, Brighton
A Spotless Crake (first confirmed record in the City of Bayside) was doing laps of the island. It spent a lot of time out of cover and was very easy to watch from the deck platform. A single Fairy Martin was roosting on the island with Welcome Swallows.Three separate Brown Goshawks flew over through the day and a Peregrine Falcon circled high a couple of times over Elsternwick Park.
Gio Fitzpatrick, David W. Eades and Matt Pederson 26/3 #222722
highlightPomarine Jaeger, Wandering Albatross
Port Fairy Pelagic
1 Pomarine Jaeger hung around the boat for long periods of time & coming too close to photograph sometimes! 1 very juvenile Wandering Albatross (exulans by huge size) also hung around for a while. Also 3 Arctic Jaegers inshore; around 100 Flesh-footed Shearwaters, 200 Fairy Prions; 2 Buller's Albatrosses; 6 Black-browed Albatrosses; 3 Campbell Albatrosses; 20 White-faced Storm-petrels; 3 Wilson's Storm-petrels; 1 Grey-backed Storm-petrels; 6 Hutton's Shearwaters inshore; hundreds of Fluttering Shearwaters inshore; 4 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross; 40 Shy Albatross; 1 White-chinned Petrel; 6 Great-winged Petrels, 2 gouldii & 4 macroptera.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Philip Peel, Neil Macumber 24/3 #222709
Hooded Robin
Suggan Buggan
A female Hooded Robin was observed quietly feeding near the historic Suggan Buggan school this afternoon. The isolated population that was centred around Canni Creek has not been recorded since 2006 with only occasional reports by other observers south of the McKillop's Bridge road. The drier rains shadow areas now appear to be the stronghold of this species in Far East Gippsland. Other interesting observations on the day included Fuscous Honeyeater, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, Diamond Firetail and Peaceful Dove in and around the rest area.
Jacquie and Len Axen 24/3 #222705
Turquoise Parrot
Ballantyne's Gap, Suggan Buggan
A pair of Turquoise Parrots were observed in agricultural land at the bottom of Ballantyne's Gap early this afternoon. Regular reports of this species continue from a variety of locations across Far East Gippsland as this species continues to make a steady recovery.
John Saxton per Len Axen 24/3 #222704
Olive Whistler, Flame Robin, Red-browed Treecreeper
Mt Samaria State Park
A male Olive Whistler came within less than a meter from us & was observed catching several grasshoppers & moths at about 2 meters away. eBird checklist
Kathy Costello, Val La May 23/3 #222692
Sooty Owl
RJ Chambers Flora and Fauna Reserve
Young bird was quite vocal and animated. Have not recorded here in a number of previous nocturnal visits so perhaps dispersal from Bunyip SP area.
Tim Bawden 22/3 #222686
highlightOsprey, White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Mallacoota Inlet, Double Creek Arm
A single Osprey 'shepherding' an adult Sea-Eagle over the entrance to the small arm of the Top Lake.
Kaye Trainor & Martin O'Brien 22/3 #222682
Little Lorikeet
Echuca wharf
Surprised to find a nesting pair of Little Lorikeets in amongst all the Musk Lorikeets in the wharf area river side park. Active nest in tree hollow. Moderators Note: Little Lorikeets are scarce in this area and breeding is rarely reported
Greg and Janice McKay 22/3 #222678
Black-tailed Godwit
Borrow Pits, WTP
Four birds roosting (3 in breeding plumage) eBird checklist
Fiona Parkin, Tom Tarrant 22/3 #222676
Common Sandpiper
Lower Glenelg National Park--Simpsons Landing
Single Common Sandpiper at Simpsons Landing Nelson
Tristan Kennedy 22/3 #222671
highlightSwift Parrot
Tarra-Bulga NP Visitors Centre
Flock of 5 birds flew overhead at 10:20am, moving east
Dean Ingwersen 22/3 #222667
Sat 21Rufous Fantail, Southern Boobook
Banyule Flats Reserve
Single birds of each species in undergrowth right on Yarra bank near Plenty River junction and East Paddock respectively. Birdlife Photography Group outing. Many photos of boobook but fantail seen briefly by only a couple of us. eBird checklist
Peter Bennet 22/3 #222674
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
Bannockburn Bushland Reserve
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying from tree top to tree top feeding on gum nuts in a large flock of 30 birds.
Portia Lorenzo 21/3 #222662
highlightLight-mantled Sooty Albatross
Killarney Beach
One freshly beach washed specimen. Despite all attempts it was pronounced an ex albatross soon after discovery. Also c100 Sanderlings and 25 Turnstones.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker, Philip Peel 21/3 #222661
Fri 20highlightGull-billed Tern (race affinis), Broad-billed Sandpiper, Whimbrel
Stockyard Point
Asian Gull-billed Tern present at the point at high tide in non-breeding plumage, one nominate race Gull-billed in non-breeding plumage giving a great comparison in bill and body size. Also present at the point were 5 Whimbrels with, at one point, around 20 Eastern Curlews, many Double-banded Plovers and a single Broad-billed Sandpiper that was seen and photographed by Phil eBird checklist
Tim Nickholds, Phillip Peel and Matt McCrae 20/3 #222650
highlightWhite-winged Black Tern (79)
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
An influx of WWBT from elsewhere has boosted the number to 79 with a lot of the newer birds in advanced BP. Flock seen foraging, stretched out along coastal Lake Borrie Pond 30. Also 30 Cape Barren Goose, 4 Brolga and 42 Marsh Sandpiper, good numbers of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers lingering as well, and 22 Blue-winged Parrot feeding on Wireweed in fields between Summer Ponds 1 & 2. eBird checklist
Steve Davidson 20/3 #222647
Thu 19Australasian Shoveler & Pink-eared Duck
Growling Frog Golf Course
Seen 6 Shovelers in the back dam and than for the first time seen 2 adult Pink-eared Duck with 3 ducklings. They looked like that they were a few days old as they were not present a month ago. Good to see there using the Golf Course to breed.
Aleks Arsoski 19/3 #222634
Peregrine Falcon
Lake Weeroona, Bendigo
Not unusual to see a peregrine falcon, but this bird has a band on each leg, one silver, one blue.
Peter Weinstock 19/3 #222632
Wed 18Little corella
Morrah St Hastings
A flock of 300+ birds here last evening
S and S King 19/3 #222625
highlightBanded Lapwing
Yarra Valley Water, Aurora Recycled Water Project, Craigieburn West (restricted access)
While working at Plant , observed 2 Banded Lapwings near Irrigation Lagoon , Southern section of plant. Seen here in 2011/2012 in front Paddocks (which have undergone some earthworks and fires in early 2014). eBird checklist
Colin Mulvogue 19/3 #222618
Black Kite
1st time I have seen any Black Kites anywhere near Colac. And there was 4 of them! They looked to be continuing on through further SW. eBird checklist
Adam Fry 18/3 #222616
Gang Gang Cockatoo.
Golf Course Doncaster(Restricted Access)
40+ birds in what seemed to be two flocks. Gang Gangs are here each year but this is the largest number I have seen.
Ian Macartney 18/3 #222613
Tue 17Pacific Golden Plover
McLoughlins Beach
26 Pacific Golden Plovers feeding on tidal flats near boat ramp. A number of birds showing some breeding plumage development.
BirdLife East Gippsland 20/3 #222637
Grey-tailed Tattler
Avalon Beach where seen on 16th March
Arrived at Avalon Beach about 11am but after battling the wind and the rain we didn't observe the Tattler and have good views until about 1pm when it was sheltering near the larger island. Tim and Matt arrived and took some great photos. The Tattler eventually flew to the beach area which provided even better views and photo opportunities. There are also large numbers of Banded Stilts in the wetland.
Michael and Gwen Bird 17/3 #222605
White-throated Needletail
Cole Reserve, Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale
Two seen at 1720 hours flying about 40 m high over the sports oval in windy conditions associated with storm clouds; disappeared towards the east.
Charles Silveira 17/3 #222601
Mon 16Common Sandpiper
Hastings Marina
Bird feeding on small Crabs between Pier and Hastings Sailing Club Slipway.
Colin Mulvogue 17/3 #222593
Double Banded Plover
Mushroom Reef Flinders
11 Birds seen amongst heapos of Kelp on beach with , Turnstones , some in full breeding colour , Red Neck Stints and 3 Hooded Plovers
Colin Mulvogue 17/3 #222592
highlightGrey-tailed Tattler
Avalon Beach
Single bird roosting on tiny island from beach car-park -38.085049, 144.433479 eBird checklist
Tom Tarrant 16/3 #222578
Zebra Finch
West Preston
A pair of Zebra Finch in our backyard this morning, first time I've seen them in this area, just passing through?
Anthea Stubbs 16/3 #222575
Lewin's Rail
Joseph Paatch Nature Reserve
Accidently flushed from creeks edge, so glad my camera settings were ok :) also great views of 2 Spotless Crakes. eBird checklist
Adam Fry 16/3 #222574
Sun 15Double-banded Plover
Lake Colac
Went down after work tonight hoping to find this species. Simular date and location I found 1 last year. eBird checklist
Adam Fry 15/3 #222568
Wood Sandpiper
Dandnong Valley Wetlands
There were three: a pair and a single one that kept some distance away.
Stephan Megroz 15/3 #222563
Sat 14Brolga, Cape Barren Goose, Black Falcon, Brown Quail, Fairy Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Two Brolgas, two Cape Barren Geese and two Brown Quail seen towards the South-western end of the plant. A Black Falcon was seen fending off a Brown Falcon from a kill in the Cow-paddocks near the Paradise Rd entrance. 7-10 Fairy Terns were seen from the hide and a similar number of Freckled Ducks could be seen on Lake Borrie. It was also nice to hear the calls of Growling Grass Frogs coming from a small drain near the end of Point Wilson Rd.
Gio Fitzpatrick 18/3 #222609
Pacific Golden Plover
Barwon Heads
31 resting on the rocks in the estuary.2 or 3 in approx 75% breeding plumage.
Graham Beal 14/3 #222550
Australian Owlet-Nightjar
McDonnell Park, Northcote
Called several times around 11 pm.
Tim Dolby 14/3 #222540
Fri 13Double Banded Plover
Point Impossible
Three birds on beach with 10 Red Capped plovers
Jennifer Carr 16/3 #222571
Turquoise Parrot
Cabbage Tree - Conran Road
At least eight birds seen just north of junction with Old Coast Road, feeding on grass on the side of the road, near the first property on the left heading north.
Marc Freestone 13/3 #222534
Thu 12Powerful Owl
Harding Street Bentleigh
Large Powerful Owl on powerline near light pole.
Sue MacLeod 12/3 #222530
Banded Stilt
Moolap saltworks Geelong
535 Banded Stilts (inc at least 3 banded birds) feeding and resting with Red-necked Avocets and Black-winged Stilts at Moolap Saltworks Geelong in south-west corner. This is private property but can be viewed from adjacent roadside. This site is facing major housing and marina development. eBird checklist Further information
John Newman, David Tytherleigh, Craig Morley 12/3 #222526
Tue 10highlightCommon Koel, Southern Boobook
St Kilda Botanic Gardens
A Koel was calling around midday but could not be located. A dead Southern Boobook was found by gardener - Lynn.
Gio Fitzpatrick 18/3 #222611
Common Koel, Southern Boobook
St Kilda Botanic Gardens
A Koel was calling around midday but could not be located. A dead Southern Boobook was found by gardener - Lynn.
Gio Fitzpatrick 18/3 #222610
Diamond Dove
Terrick Terrick NP
One associating with a couple of Peaceful Dove. Seen along Link track in the south eastern section of the forest
Simon Starr 12/3 #222529
Spotted Dove
Tylden Primary School, Macedon Ranges 3444
One bird seen. Calling constantly. Spotted Dove not yet established in this shire north of the Great Divide or at this altitude (600m). The big range gap between Bendigo and Melbourne May fill in time. First Spotted Dove for Tylden, and given the high dog ownership here (= vast supply of dog food), not a good sign.
Lawrie Conole 11/3 #222515
Rose Ringed Parakeet
Sportrs ground next to Royal Park wetlands, Parkville, Victoria.
The bird is relatively tame and will let you approach to within about 4 metres before it flies off a short distance and continues feeding on the grass of the sports ground.
Rodger Scott 10/3 #222514
Rainbow Bee-eater
6km north of Alexandra
Each day for the last 6 weeks or so, a flock of about 40 Rainbow Bee Eaters have been chasing insects on/near our property.
Julee Hosking 10/3 #222506
Rufous Fantail
At 1240hrs one RF was seen flitting about the garden at the corner of Simson and Clarke Street. Very unusual in this vicinity.
Peter Bright 10/3 #222505
Mon 9White-throated Needletail
Rawson Village
About 50 WTN flew over from W to E, some rather high, others not far above tree-tops. eBird checklist
Val La May, Kathy Costello 9/3 #222482
Sun 8White-throated Needletail
Skenes Creek
A flock of around 80 - 100 White-throated Needletails spent much of the day in the Skenes Creek/Apollo Bay area. Mostly well above tree height but occasionally dipping down lower along the beaches.
Gio Fitzpatrick 18/3 #222608
highlightBlack-tailed Godwit
Swan Hill Sewage Treatment Plant
Single Black-tailed Godwit associating with flock of Banded Stilt. Small numbers of migratory waders including Sharp-tailed, Curlew and Marsh Sandpipers, Red-necked Stint and couple of Greenshank, possibly en route to northern hemisphere.
Scott Baker, Tim Bawden 9/3 #222479
Grey Goshawk ( White )
Mallee Street Frankston North
While taking a break from gardening , observed a white bird flying directly overhead . I assumed Corella species but flight was distinctively different. bird was heading towards the Northeast .
Colin Mulvogue 9/3 #222478
Rufous Fantail
Notes flying around backyard of private property.
Digby Au 8/3 #222471
Rufous Fantail
Braeside Park
Single bird in the far North-West corner near Howard Rd
Glenn Boyd 8/3 #222468
White-headed Pigeon
Karbeethong, nr Mallacoota
The species was first seen here 2 years ago and single birds have been common. This morning 6 birds seen at one time perched in a tree and adjacent power lines.
Martin Butterfield 8/3 #222459
Sat 7Banded Stilt
Avalon Beach
Very large flock Banded Stilts in excess of 3000 birds in ponds behind Avalon Beach shacks. Also 250 Red-necked Avocets, 125 Curlew Sandpipers many going into breeding colour among the many waders on beach shore. eBird checklist
John Newman, David Tytherleigh 12/3 #222527
Hooded Plover
Wilsons Promontory National Park--Squeaky Beach
Single Hooded Plover sighted on Squeaky Beach, bobbing along the bottom of a sand dune searching for food. There was a red band on Plovers leg indicating it is part of a monitored local population
Laura Pine 10/3 #222502
highlightRegent Honeyeater
An adult Regent Honeyeater made a brief appearance at our birdbath this evening giving every indication that it is the same bird we had observed previously this year. (21/2)
Len and Jacquie Axen 8/3 #222470
Fork Tailed Swift
Quayle rd Wandin
Around 50 birds
Des Palmer 7/3 #222458
highlightWhite-cheeked Honeyeater
Raymond Island, Gippsland Lakes
Single bird seen in company of 4-6 New Holland Honeyeaters in garden from about 8.30-9.00 am. Photo: Varo Dhamarajah.
Varo Dhamarajah & Ron Mackenzie, per Chris Healey (BirdLife East Gippsland) 7/3 #222453
Hooded Plover, Crested Tern, Silver Gull
Mouth of Betka Creek, Mallacoota
4 Hooded Plover on Beach at mouth of Betka Creek. They were sheltering among a flock of 120 Crested Tern and approx 500 Silver Gulls eBird checklist
Martin Butterfield 7/3 #222452
Fri 6Powerful Owl, Rufous Fantail
Glenfern Valley Bushland
Des Palmer 6/3 #222439
Thu 5White-backed Swallow
Norm Road, near Junction of Beechworth Chiltern Road (10km south of Chiltern)
2 birds seen flying low over grazed paddock around 11am. Good views of white backs as birds flew away.
Joseph Birckhead 5/3 #222425
Wed 4White-throated Nightjar
Ironbark Picnic area Aireys Inlet
2100 hrs 2 birds calling.
Garry Cheers 5/3 #222433
Scarlet Honeyeater
A pair of Scarlet Honeyeaters were observed feeding in the flowering Southern Mahogany that abuts our driveway. Like many of our late summer-autumn observations of this species, they remained completely silent throughout the length of time we watched them actively feeding among the outer branches of this large gum.
Jacquie and Len Axen 4/3 #222423
Tue 3Australian Ringneck (28)
Fyansford Common
Escaped bird seen around the river on BirdLife Werribee outing
Dave Torr and BirdLife Werribee 3/3 #222405
300 Banded Stilt 500 Avocet 100 Marsh Sandpiper
Cheetham Wetlands, Avalon
Des Palmer and Peter Fry 3/3 #222403
Mon 2Latham's Snipe
Westgate Park (Port Melbourne)
A not so shy Latham's Snipe was seen during our bird survey feeding on the edge of one of the islands in the large freshwater lake. Further information
Andrew McCutcheon, Euan Moore and Rob Youl 4/3 #222419
highlightBlue-faced Honeyeater
royal pde carlton nth
Single Blue faced honeyeater seen along bike path/ walking track @ Princes Park this afternoon.
chris gittins 2/3 #222399

February 2015
Sat 28Lewin's Rail and Freckled Duck
The Briars- Boonoorong Hide
Lewins Rail heard calling in front of Boonoorong Hide. Heard both "Teck, Teck, Teck" advertising call and squelchy grunt calls. Also single Freckled Duck observed in pond, to left of hide. Further information
James Peake 28/2 #222388
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