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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

We support ethical birding .


Moderators' Note

Visitors to Western Treatment Plant at Werribee are reminded not to drive on Dry Weather roads at this time of the year.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

December 2015
Tue 1Great Crested Grebe
Chinamans Island (Yarrawonga)
First time I have seen one here, it was following some Eurasian Coots around the lagoon.
Roslyn King 1/12 #225706
Orange Chat
Lake Tutchewop
10 Orange Chat with at least 3 fully coloured Males. Seen in Saltbush on lower road near waters edge. eBird checklist
Alison Nisbett & Tanya Hattingh 1/12 #225705
Eastern Koel
Linacre Road, Hampton
The City of Bayside's most common cuckoo is back. Also heard today, and possibly yesterday, in Beaumaris.
Michael Norris 1/12 #225702

November 2015
Mon 30Eastern Koel
Heard calling for an hour 4.30-5.30AM and eventually found 400m east of Morton Park eBird checklist
Peter Shanley 30/11 #225697
Leaden Flycatcher
Surf Parade Inverloch
Two birds calling from banksias - a male and a female.
Deb Crosby 30/11 #225693
Hooded Plover
Shallow Inlet end of Hourigan Camp Road
Single hooded plover, unbanded.
Karen Dacy 30/11 #225692
Sun 29Great Knot, Red Knot, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Pacific Golden Plover, White-winged Tern Arctic Jaeger
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
A great day at WTP, highlights were many. 1 Great Knot seen either side of Beach Road Boat Ramp, 9 Pacific Golden Plover at Kirk Point, Red Knot seen South of Boat Ramp and Little River Mouth, 2 Broad-billed Sandpipers at the Bird Hide, 4 White-winged Tern on pond just inside gate 4 and an Arctic Jaeger flying along the Spit. Also of note was 24 Banded Lapwings in the paddock near the Airport and 4 Brolga together in Western Lagoons and a lone Far Eastern Curlew on the Spit. eBird checklist
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds Owen Lishmund 29/11 #225682
Wood Sandpiper
Deans Marsh
Surprised to see Wood Sandpiper on farm dam on Birregurra-Deans Marsh Rd 1.2 km west of Deans Marsh. Also present were Darter, White-necked Heron, Great Egret, Yellow-billed Spoonbill and several duck species eBird checklist
John Newman 29/11 #225681
Cicadabird, Satin Flycatcher, Brush Cuckoo
Wombat State Forest
A good day in the forest. All three species calling prolifically. Other birds of interest were Rose Robin, Red-browed Treecreeper and Rufous Fantail.
Joy Tansey and Jennifer Spry 29/11 #225658
Sat 28Curlew, Whimberel, R-C Plovers, Fairy Tern, Caspian, Stints, Shearwaters
Tortoise Head, French Island (Annual Wader count)
Number of people scattered across the Island for the annual wader count. I was in a small group of three helping at Tortoise head; This is an incomplete list (from memory): We counted 144-150 Curlew, (at least one) Whimberel, around half dozen Red-capped plovers, (number of) Stilts, 4-5 Caspian terns (several nesting), 10-12 Fairy Terns - some nesting, fresh evidence of Shearwaters, lots of Pied Oyster-catchers - some nesting, and many other more common birds like pelicans, swans, cormorants, herons, Cape Barren geese, etc. Lots of very poor quality photos (but can not attach multiple shots here) Greenshanks and other birds sighted elsewhere on the island by other groups. The coordinator of the count will have all of the numbers.
S. Plunkett, Ken Harris and Sue (?) 29/11 #225679
highlightBarking Owl
Gwyn Rise, Vermont South, Victoria
We observed two owls communicating with each other about midnight. One sitting on the roof of a car parked in the street and the other on the power lines above. They sounded like two small dogs 'barking' at each other. We have also noted that in the last month, we have had a serious reduction in the number of ring-tailed possums in our garden which had seemed to be in 'plague proportions'.
Anne Linton 29/11 #225657
Southern Boobook
Eynesbury Forest and Grasslands
Perched high in a tree during the day. eBird checklist
Nicholas Talbot 29/11 #225654
White-winged Black Tern
Wurdee Boluc Reservoir
A single White-winged Black Tern was seen with a flock of 23 Whiskered Terns at the access point on the southern side of the reservoir on Cape Otway Road. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 28/11 #225652
highlightWhite-bellied Sea-eagles and Peregrine Falcons
Lake Dartmouth
A pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles perched on the side of the lake enjoying the afternoon sun, and also a pair of adult Peregrine Falcons with 3 juvenile chicks at another location (withheld for their protection)
Brendan Toll 28/11 #225651
highlightMagpie Goose
Kinnairds Wetland Numurkah
6 Magpie Geese seen this morning in Kinnairds Wetland , Numurkah on the northern side . Visible from the hide in the north western corner .
Richard & Catarina Gregson 28/11 #225644
Fri 27Eastern Koel
Lucknow (Bairnsdale)
Koel in backyard today. Has been heard within a couple of kilometres most days for last 6 weeks.
Carl Hodgkins 27/11 #225639
Eastern Koel
Having chased the call for over a week, this evening I finally managed a sighting of a male Koel. The first I have seen in 40 years at Research
Joy Pagon 27/11 #225638
Black-winged Stilt
Lake Wendouree (Ballarat)
At around 4:15 pm a single black winged stilt was foraging through the water plants around the starting blocks of the rowing course.
Ryan Burns 27/11 #225634
Thu 26Satin Bower Bird
Sugarloaf Rd Upper Beaconsfield
We are very excited to have a pair of Satin Bower Birds nesting on our property. Lovely bower.( I do have a photo) The male must be young as he has same plumage as female .
Liz Davis 30/11 #225691
Wed 25Peregrine Falcon, White-Breasted Sea-Eagle
French Island
A breeding pair of Peregrines sighted on the island, and a single WBSE (Exact location withheld for the birds benefit) Total of 55 species observed in a half day trip (full list submitted by T. Tarrant) No useful photos as it was an overcast day.
S Plunkett, Chris. Chandler, Tom. Tarrant 26/11 #225626
Little Lorikeet
Niddrie Primary School
Picking kids up from school, a huge flock of Little Lorrikeets have been slowly building over the last few weeks but today were nearly In every gum. Estimated flock size to be 25+. Think that's an awesome number for this species
Philip Peel 25/11 #225618
Tue 24highlightGreat Knot
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Seen at 1.10pm at high tide down Kirk Pt Rd at the first set of rocks. Near where there is a clearing and a lone tree/bush. eBird checklist
Alison Nisbett 27/11 #225632
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Single bird soaring low over Greene Street at midday
Adrian Martins 26/11 #225629
Little Raven
Gamon Street, Seddon, VIC 3011
This very unusual bird hangs out in our local park near Footscray. It looks like a Little Raven - same shape and size - but is black and white speckled.
Meg Mundell 24/11 #225611
Dollarbird, Cicadabird
Fairhope (12 km N of Bairnsdale)
2 birds calling loudly. First record for area for the summer. Also Cicadabird has been calling intermittently since late October.
Felicity & Chris Healey 24/11 #225604
Mon 23Eastern Koel
Heard calling loudly from a fig tree next to Newmarket station (to the general amazement of evening commuters). Later seen flying towards Kensington. eBird checklist
Michael Noble 23/11 #225599
Black-faced Monarch
Toolangi Black Range State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest
As with previous sitings - about 100 meters along the Tanglefoot track from the Wirrawilla car park - about 11:30am. Pink Robin and Rose Robin also seen in the car park.
Stephen Garth 23/11 #225598
Sun 22highlightGreat Knot
Western Treatment, south Lake Borrie
1 Great Knot located on the pond just south of the Borrie Outlet at 11:09 AM. Photos taken, then it flew towards Beach Rd. Found again later on the Beach Rd rocks at 12:23 PM. First I've seen at the WTP for many decades. Also 10 Bar-tailed Godwits at the Beach Rd rocks, a Black Falcon at Walsh's Lagoon, Red Knots seen at the Little River Mouth and Beach Rd Rocks, Ruddy Turnstones seen flying north from the Beach Rd Rocks, 4 Brolgas at the Western Lagoons.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker 22/11 #225594
Latham's Snipe
Lake Colac Bird Reserve
7 or 8 Snipe and a few Sharp Tailed Sandpipers
Corrie and Ian Macartney 22/11 #225593
highlightCox's Sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Bird Hide
1 Cox's Sandpiper. seen and photographed between 8.28 and 9.27 AM today. Picked out by browner appearance than Curlew Sandpiper with broader and more distinct paler fringes to upperparts and wings. Noted that the legs with a dark brownish green. Crown more heavily marked, with some streaking, a little like Pectoral Sandpiper, but much less distinct. Bill, long and curved, but less of a curve than near by Curlew Sandpipers. Later views showed a slightly paler greenish base to the lower mandible. Front on showed a breast than was streaked, ending in a V, like a Pectoral Sandpiper, but much fainter and blotched with white. Had a distinct dark line through the rump. Photos also taken of outstretched wings. All features between Curlew Sandpiper and Pectoral, but a lot more like a Curlew Sandpiper in most features.
Kevin Bartram, Scott Baker 22/11 #225590
Sat 21highlightWhite-Breasted Sea-Eagle
An adult eagle flew across road in front of vehicle between Myrtleford and Bright.
Rob Ganly 27/11 #225631
Fri 20Latham's Snipe
Murray-Sunset National Park--Lake Walla Walla
Lake being filled from the Murray. Many waterbirds, including a pair of Latham's Snipe at the mouth of the inlet creek to the lake.
Ian Miles 21/11 #225577
highlightWhite-headed Pigeon
Mallacoota township
7 White-headed Pigeons in one tree at Mallacoota today, including at least one juvenile.
Brian Johnston, Beth Carr 20/11 #225572
highlightChannel-billed Cuckoo
1 Channel-billed Cuckoo seen in a Moreton Bay Fig at Metung today.
Brian Johnston, Beth Carr 20/11 #225571
Eastern Koel
Monterey Boulevard Reserve
Return visit by Koel this morning , 9.45 , seen flying into large Pine on the Western edge of park , followed by a supporting cast of Noisy Miners and two Magpie larks and Me. Continued calling for another 30 minutes.
Colin Mulvogue 20/11 #225564
Eastern Koel
North Carlton/Princes Hill
Woken by distinctive call at 6am. Shorty after sighted at the north fence of the Melbourne Cemetery. Another Koel heard calling in the distance in the vicinity of Princes/Royal Park.
Martin Short 20/11 #225561
Thu 19Eastern Koel
Langdon Court, Daylesford
One calling in the late afternoon and evening. First time encountered here after 19 years in Daylesford. Tracked down later by a neighbour who described it as a "big black bird with a red eye".
Neville Pamment 20/11 #225568
Eastern Koel
Raglan St, Daylesford
Video by local Fiona McIntrye and posted on Daylesford Community Grapevine on Facebook. Further information
Tanya Loos 19/11 #225557
highlightGlossy Black Cockatoo
Heard yesterday then three spotted flying overhead today. Never seen them here before. Yellow-tailed blacks are common and gang-gangs are occaisional visitors but this was our first sighting of glossies.
Sue Lofthouse / Graeme Hill 19/11 #225555
highlightChannel billed cuckoo
East Melbourne
I heard a Channel billed cuckoo call at 6.00 am this morning. I am certain it was because I lived in northern NSW where they are commonly seen and heard. It's the first time I've heard one in Vic and I thought they didn't come this far south.
Robyn Dawkins 19/11 #225551
Wed 18highlightBroad-billed Sandpiper and Freckled Ducks
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Great views of a broad-billed sandpiper right in front of the Hide near Little River mouth (Neville's photo attached). Also at least 6 freckled ducks on the pond with several partly submerged tree trunks beside the road from Gate 4 to Lake Borrie. Other birds seen included black-tailed native-hens near the Little River ford, Latham's snipe, and an adult spotted harrier along Twenty-nine Mile road.
Mike Connor and Neville Pamment 19/11 #225560
Common Koel
Soldiers Hill, Ballarat
Reported by my brother who also saw and heard the Koel in Kew last week
Anthony Krohn (per Jack Krohn) 19/11 #225556
Song Thrush
Cranbourne North
Single Song Thrush sitting in my neighbours pine tree singing its heart out. Got a few photos on the fence before it flew off. Lovely to see down South East Melbourne. eBird checklist
Brad White 18/11 #225549
Pacific Koel
Koel call heard from around 5 pm onwards from a third floor room facing the CBD. Bird not sighted, but call coming either from a tree next to the Carlton Gardens or the Drummond St nature strip.
Oakley H Germech 18/11 #225548
Tue 17Common or Eastern Koel
Having lived in Williamstown my whole life this bird call caught me off guard. Firstly I had never heard anything like it around here, and it was close. Close enough to have our family dogs running around looking for where the noise was coming from. I suspect it was in this tree. Then later I was walking my dogs along the beach ( about 500 metres away, and heard either the same one or another one in the area. Did a basic google search and discovered the same sounds from a Koel. A friend of mine suggested I post my video recording here.
Jodie 17/11 #225540
Mon 16Eastern Koel
Eagle Point
Visited my bird bath several times over 2 days
Denise McLarty 22/11 #225581
Satin Bowerbird
Edrington Parkement Retirement Village , Berwick
1 female or immature male seen in the village at 9 am
Graham Beal 17/11 #225539
Foreshore Reserve, Corio
Flew of the Geelong Grammar equestrian centre then out across the bay towards Point Abeona across Limeburners Lagoon. Occasionally harassed by Little Ravens. eBird checklist
Russell Woodford 16/11 #225532
Sun 15highlightWhite-headed Petrel, Wandering Albatross etc
Port Fairy Pelagic
Around 7 White-headed Petrels, with 4 seen at any one time. For once they came close to the boat and hung around for some time. Also one immature Wandering Albatross (exulans), 30 Great-winged Petrels, 15 White-chinned Petrels, 7 Northern Giant Petrels, 1 immature Black-browed Albatross, the odd Hutton's Shearwater, & one each of White-faced, Grey-backed & Wilson's Storm-petrels.
Kevin Bartram, Neil McCumber, Rob Drummond & Geoff Glare 20/11 #225562
highlightNankeen Night-Heron
Gunbower Creek, Cohuna
Counted 307 NNH's over approx 15 mins this evening flying upstream past the Caravan Park.
Peter Bright 17/11 #225543
highlightSpotted Pardalote (Yellow-rumped subspecies)
Three birds seen and heard calling in Green Mallee woodland. First record for the district in more than twenty years' bird-watching here.
Doug Robinson 16/11 #225526
Cox's Sandpiper, Little Tern & Glossy Ibis
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Confident of seeing a Cox's Sandpiper and a Little Tern about 10am on the sandy flats next to the first rocky point north of Beach Road gate. Tide was reasonably high and many waders seen close in along the foreshore in this area. Also group of Brolgas in the adjoining lagoon. Single Glossy Ibis seen in the T ponds (no. 5). Possible mob of Red Knots at Bird Hide but some distance out, so hard to confirm. Ruff not seen in the 85W lagoon but a good day out anyway!
Martin Woodward 15/11 #225521
highlightBlack -faced Monach
Toolangi Black Range State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest
Observed several birds along first 100 meters of Tanglefoot loop trail from Wirrawilla carpark.
Lynnette Saint 15/11 #225518
Rose Robin
Dobson Track, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Des and Adrienne Palmer 15/11 #225516
highlightBlack-faced Monarch
Toolangi Black Range State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest
Seen within 100m of carpark. Also seen 2 Pilotbird, Rufous Fantail.
Martin Dwelly 15/11 #225515
brown quail
Black Forest Drive Macedon (private property)
One bird seen about 11am in undergrowth on private property. First time seen at this site.
S and B and A King 15/11 #225510
Wood Sandpiper, Red Kneed Dotterel
Rigby's (Dandenong Valley) Wetland Scoresby
6 Wood Sandpiper and loads of Red Kneed Dotterel ,1 poor little Dotterel missing half a leg but seemingly feeding and coping ok,
Des Palmer 15/11 #225509
megamegaBeach Stone-curlew
Marengo Beach
Peter saw the Beach Stone-curlew at low tide on Saturday 14th at 7.30pm. Returned with Jenny and camera at 7am next morning, at very low tide. Lone bird feeding mid tide line on rock platform.
Peter and Jenny Sedgwick 15/11 #225508
Sat 14Grey-crowned Babbler
Goschen Bushland Reserve
A single Grey-crowned Babbler seen amongst a flock of 4 White-browed Babblers. An interesting record in unusual mallee shrubland habitat. I am aware of birds on Pental Island near Swan Hill in red gum (20km to the east), and some birds were known from the Lalbert and Tyrrel Creek systems approx. 30-40km west, but species rare in this district. Moderators Note: This individual bird has been present at Goschen for a number of years now
Chris Tzaros 16/11 #225535
Rainbow Lorikeet & Little Friarbird
Sumsion Gardens, Wodonga
I don't know how unusual it is, but there is a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets breeding at Sumsion Gardens (also known as Belvoir Park) at the rear near Dick Street in a hollow in a large gum (quite near to a Starling nest in a smaller hollow - which neither species is very happy about). The gum has had several branches cut off cleanly. I have seen a Rainbow Lorikeet once at Chiltern Forest (maybe 15 years ago), but never in Wodonga or this region before. I was with another birder. We also saw a pair of LIttle Friarbirds only two trees away, which I've only seen at Wonga Wetlands in Albury before. They may both be more common than I think, if so - sorry to disturb.
Kylie Waldon 16/11 #225530
highlightEastern Koel
Eaglehawk North
1 male, heard a bird call I couldn't recognise. Have been in Bendigo my whole life, always been into bird identification. I heard him for about 4 days the same time last year, spotted him up in a tree near my house. Big black bird with bold red eyes and a light coloured beak. Have not sighted him this year, only heard him.
E Lobley 15/11 #225517
White-bellied Sea-eagle
Cardinia Reservoir
An adult sea-eagle observed being harassed by ravens over Cardinia Reservoir at lunch today. Photo by Katarina.
John Harris, Katarina Stenman, Anders Wennstrom, Kay Taranto, Russell Thompson - FNCV 14/11 #225497
Fri 13Rufous Fantail
Valley Reserve (Mount Waverley)
Seen in thick vegetation along creek line.
Chris Gittins 14/11 #225496
rufous fantail
Woodend (private property)
I have never seen a rufous fantail this far inland. We get plenty of greys. This photo was taken on a private residence in woodend which was densely planted with flowering shrubs and has constant water from nearby dams and ornamental ponds
Anthony Berliavaz 13/11 #225492
Common Koel
Marina Drv Paynesville
Male been calling day and night for past 4 weeks, seen today with 2 mature females. Feeding in a Mulberry Tree. Heard at same time last year but was unsighted last year.
Emma Hartridge 13/11 #225491
Thu 12Cox's type sandpiper
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
North shore Little River. See eBird checklist
Dez Hughes 14/11 #225498
Eastern Koel
Over a number of days, the load advertising call of an Eastern Koel has been clearly heard from a tree in a suburban garden near Argyle Road, Kew.
Harry Sdraulig 12/11 #225485
Wed 11highlightSpotted Pardalote (yellow-rumped subspecies)
Private woodland, Irvine Rd, Chesney Vale Hills (north of Winton Wetlands)
Alerted to presence of bird by its call, then observed clearly. Interesting that numbers of this bird are occurring outside their usual mallee habitat, having been recorded at a few locations recently.
Chris Tzaros 16/11 #225534
Purple-crowned lorikeet, Pink-eared Duck
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Chiltern Valley #1 Dam
Purple-crowned Lorikeets feeding in a mixed flock with Little Lorikeets on the access road to No.1 Dam. A single Pink-eared Duck in the water roadside between the No.1 Dam and the township - in the area where the Ibis often roost in large numbers.
Anne Collins 11/11 #225477
Sacred Kingfisher
Lysterfield Lake Park
Today was the first time I've observed a Sacred Kingfisher here since November 2010.
Jeni Bedin 11/11 #225476
Tue 10highlightEastern Koel
Heard in garden for 10 minutes just before dusk.
Peter Bennet 10/11 #225470
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Cape Conran Coastal Park
A flock of about 20 birds feeding on nectar from a profusion of flowering grass trees (X. resinosa) in recently burnt wet heathland on the track into Banksia Bluff campground. Unusual to see them feeding on nectar?
Marc Freestone 10/11 #225465
Mon 9Rufous Bristlebird
Aireys Inlet
Seen on the median strip between the Great Ocean Road and Painkalac court adjacent to the small set of shops in Aireys Inlet. Good close up views of a single Rufous Bristlebird darting in and out of the shrubbery on the grass facing the Great Ocean Road.
Cody McCormack 9/11 #225459
highlightWhite-bellied Sea-eagle (juvenile)
Seen at Koomba Park this morning 11.24am!!
Darren Wallace 9/11 #225445
Black-eared Cuckoo
Single bird calling vocally and easily located. It has been a good year for cuckoos.
Eleanor and Albert Wtight 9/11 #225444
Sun 8highlightMulga Parrot
Goschen Bushland Reserve
Surprising to see a female between the tennis court and Ultima-Lake Boga Road. Red shoulder patches and turquoise rump/tail. Calls helped confirm ID. Quite skittish and didn't allow photos. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund, Philip Peel, Adam Fry, Brad White, Robin Rider & Jack Parrington 9/11 #225456
Rufous Fantail
Rufous Fantail along aqueduct walk just west of Thewlis Rd entrance. (always see loads of Grey Fantails along this trail but haven't seen Rufous before)
Dave Gleeson 9/11 #225441
Pacific Golden Plover
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
10 PGPs at Kirk Point
Mark Stanley 8/11 #225437
Painted Button Quail
Glasgow rd ( The Firetrack ) Dandenong Ranges National Park
Des, Lindsay and Freya Palmer 8/11 #225434
Sat 7Pacific Golden Plover
Beach Road (Avalon) Paddock at -38.01810, 144.50583
4 Pacific Golden Plover feeding amongst Banded Lapwing on Beach Road in the usual location. Just in time to be added to everyone's twitch list, except mine...
John Harris (Wildlife Experiences), Ian Kitchen and Julie Sims 7/11 #225423
Fri 6Sacred Kingfisher
Royal Park --Trin Warren Tam-boore
One sacred kingfisher sighted in wetland.
Anthea Stubbs 7/11 #225425
Powerful Owl
At 9:05pm, just north of the eastern end of Purinuan Rd where it hits Darebin Creek, a Powerful Owl alighted in a large eucalypt. I only just saw it on approach in my peripheral vision on the left, as I was walking north along the path away from the tree. I turned and walked back about 25 metres and saw it silhouetted well, perched lengthwise. It had a small head, slight bill protrusion and was standing up somewhat on its legs; coupled with its size, anything else could be ruled out. It then took off over the creek into Bundoora Park. All of this took about 20 seconds, in complete silence. A very pleasant surprise, but they do seem to show up in these suburban/parkland interfaces where there is seemingly limitless possum supply, and this part of Darebin creek is pretty well vegetated. Will have a look for it tomorrow along the Darebin Creek Bushland Track.
John Gray 6/11 #225422
Gilberts Whistler
Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve
Several Gilbert Whistlers seen today along circuit drive, including a fledgling being fed by its parents.
Warren Palmer&Brian Hendrickson 6/11 #225420
Speckled Warbler
Kooyoora State Park
2 Speckled Warblers seen along Mount View Road this afternoon.
Warren Palmer& Brian Hendrickson 6/11 #225419
Eastern Koel
Rushworth - Esmonde Street
Heard and finally located a male at 9am that was moving around town near the main street.
Greg Buzza 6/11 #225413
Thu 5highlightPainted Honeyeater
Bannockburn Golf Course, Stephens Road
We found a single very cooperative and vocal Painted HE a bit north of the golf club in the bush. It was quite mobile within about 50m in all directions, calling regularly and being harassed by white-plumed HE and red wattle birds. Photo by David. Marilyn Hewish has noted that there was an irruption of Painted Honeyeater here in 1994/95 when they nested successfully. eBird checklist
John Newman and David Tytherleigh per Margaret Alcorn 8/11 #225430
grey goshawk
Tyrendarra East
White-phased bird on the ground on the edge of the plantation on the northside of the Princes Highway at 240pm. Single adult Hooded Plover on beach at Allstree. Couple of Sharp -tailed Sandpipers and a possible Pacific Golden Plover in a roadside pool in front of the hide at Port Fairy at 1615 made for a productive work tour of sites out west.
Richard Hook 5/11 #225409
Eastern Koel
Kent Grove, Frankston Victoria 3199
The bird has been settled in the scrubby walk through for two weeks. It calls from early in the morning till well into the evening. We believe it to be lost.
Meredith McLaren 5/11 #225406
Wilby,private property
As the Honey eaters where making there warning calls at the front of my garage, i had alook inside and came across to my suprise this Boobook owl, sheltering out of the storms today.As i was looking at thr Boobook 8 Cockatiels flew over heading south to the Wilby Reserve
Brendan toll 5/11 #225402
Pied Currawong
Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne
Pied Currawongs with a large flightless chick. My first breeding record for the gardens.
John Barkla & Alison Street 5/11 #225383
Latham's Snipe
Foreshore, immediately south of Yaringa Marina, Somerville
There may be more than one bird; seen for a number of days now in this locality but due to rain have not been about - looking to confirm how many birds. The photo is not great but good enough for an ID.
S. Plunkett 5/11 #225370
Eastern Koel
Eden Park
Near corner of 5th and 3rd avenues, calling last night and this morning.
Andrew Corrick 5/11 #225362
Wed 4highlightEastern Koel
One calling for half a hour from 0500.
Richard Loyn 7/11 #225429
Black-faced Monarch
Wirrawalla Rainforest Walk, Toolangi State Forest
Heard and seen in gully near carpark. Also seen Rose Robin, Olive Whistler. Pink Robin and Pilotbird heard
Simon Starr plus 5 others 5/11 #225407
Eastern Koel
A single, probably male, Koel calling through the day until late at night.
Steve Duffy 5/11 #225371
Cicadabird, Rufous Fantail
Bunyip State Park
First returns for the summer. Cicadabird at Diamond Creek on Camp Rd, 1 Rufous Fan along Gembrook-Tonimbuk Rd, another on Link Rd. Further information
Steve Davidson 4/11 #225359
highlightChannel -Billed Cuckoo
Edrington Park R.V. Berwick
At approx 9 am my work colleague saw 1 , but thought that there was possibly a 2nd in the Moreton Bay Fig , just down from Melville Park Drive between the Retirement Village and the Princes Highway .
James Grant per Graham Beal 4/11 #225358
Eastern Koel
Solitary male calling during past 2 evenings from about 5:00pm roosting in Moreton Bay Fig in Neville Hamilton Reserve, Shute Ave, Berwick. Little Raven chased him off just after this photo was taken. Same call heard from same tree 2 years ago but only in early mornings
Robert Brinkman 4/11 #225356
East Camberwell- Hawthorn East
Update to previous post - 1 bird heard late Sunday and Monday evening in E Camberwell as well as East Hawthorn (prob same bird); 1 male seen calling from Bunya Bunya Pine by East Camberwell Station at approx 8am Wednesday morning.
George Appleby and family members 4/11 #225348
Tue 3highlightPainted Honeyeater
Bannockburn Golf Course, Stephens Road
Seen and observed its constant calling. eBird checklist
Kay Campbell 4/11 #225345
White-winged Triller
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
White-winged Triller seen today on Point Wilson Rd south of Paradise Rd.
Brian Johnston 3/11 #225344
Sacred Kingfisher
Churchill National Park
Stephan Megroz 3/11 #225343
highlightSquare-tailed Kite
Bend of Islands
Bird present most of the day (and possibly for the last week) along the Yarra gorge.
Gavin Masters 3/11 #225342
highlightWhite-breasted Sea-Eagle
Research: corner of Aqueduct Trail and Afton St
An adult flew over the canopy, heading east, about 50m overhead, giving us good though brief views. Not a bird we expected to see in this part of the world! It is a long way from the nearest large waterbody.
Danny Rogers and Wendy Ryan 3/11 #225340
Black-faced Monarch, Pink Robin, Satin Flycatcher
Toolangi Black Range State Forest--Wirrawilla Rainforest
A wet afternoon along Quarry Rd in the Wirrawilla Rainforest netted quite a westerly record for Black-faced Monarch (approx 500m from the carpark). Also single female Satin Flycatcher and Pink Robin (brown bird) amongst other wet forest species. eBird checklist
Isaac Clarey 3/11 #225339
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Spotted 1:15pm sleeping for approx 1hr 200m W of the Bird Hide then very conspicuous when feeding and in flight.
Mal Kidson 3/11 #225337
Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
Yellow-tufted Honeyeater nest with 3 young, Satin Bowerbird nest building, Noisy Friarbird with nest high in canopy and Flame Robin nest with 1 egg.
Gary Matthews 3/11 #225334
Mon 2highlightElegant Parrot, Masked Woodswallow
Nhill-Harrow Rd, Little Desert
At least 2, probably 3 including an immature bird, Elegant Parrots observed feeding alongside the road in the southern area of the park.
John Harris and Kathy Himbeck (Wildlife Experiences) and Knud Hansen 5/11 #225374
Eastern Koel
Calling for 20 minutes at 6:30 am
John Moverley 3/11 #225328
Eastern Koel Eudnamys orientalis
Two birds heard calling clearly at 10pm for 60 seconds or so, one close by,one a bit further away. First time I have heard them here.
John Milkins 2/11 #225316
Pink Robin,Brown Gerygone
Tarra-Bulga National Park--Tarra Valley and Cyathea Falls walk
Des and Steve Palmer 2/11 #225315
Common Sandpiper
Nooramunga Marine Park--McLoughlins Beach
Des and Steve Palmer 2/11 #225314
Rufous Songlark
Gardiners Run Golf Course
Heard then saw briefly in flight at Northern boundary fenceline. Have seen in area before , mostly around Lower Homestead Road.
Colin Mulvogue 2/11 #225313
highlightGlossy Ibis
Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands--Edithvale
A somewhat wet and gloomy day was brightened by the presence of at least 6 Glossy Ibis to the left of the viewing platform on Edithvale Road
Wayne Butterworth 2/11 #225308
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