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Birdline Victoria (Australia) is a site for the reporting of rare or unusual birds outside their normal range, unusually high or low numbers, early or late arrivals or departures for migrant species and interesting behaviour or unusual habitat usage.

Birdline Victoria is supported by BirdLife Victoria and moderated by Margaret Alcorn, Michael Ramsey , Simon Starr and Tim Dolby.

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Visitors to Western Treatment Plant at Werribee are reminded not to drive on Dry Weather roads at this time of the year.

Recent Sightings

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Reports published in the past 30 hours.

August 2015
Sun 2Bar-tailed Godwit, Ruddy Turnstone, Kelp Gull
Killarney Beach
A huge flock of birds were roosting on the rocks to the west of the carpark, 5 Kelp Gull, 10+ Ruddy Turnstone, 6 hooded Plover countless Sooty Oystercatchers and 1 overwintering Bar-tailed Godwit. Bird Action was intense with many hundred Crested Terns on the wing.
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 3 other members 2/8 #224079
Fluttering, Hutton's and Short-tailed Shearwaters
Griffiths Island (Port Fairy)
At mouth of River, at least 400+ shearwaters were flying and resting on the water surface only 30-50 metres from the mouth, were able to get great views of all 3 species with STSW only confirmed on 2 birds, completely black on belly, short tail and full black wings.
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 3 other members 2/8 #224078
Sanderling, Hooded Plover, Rufous Bristlebird
Bridgewater Bay Cafe
11 overwintering sanderling seen with 10 hooded plovers ( 9 adult/ sun adult and 1 juv) running along the beach to the east of the cafe, 2 Rufous Bristlebirds calling simultaneously at the lodge just behind the beach.
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 3 other members 2/8 #224077
Brown Skua, Black-browed and Shy Albatross, Black-faced Cormorant
Portland Harbour
Brown Skua seen harassing Crested Terns for food, Black- browed Albatross was seen following in fishing trawlers and giving great views, 2 Shy Albatross further out into ocean and many Black-faced Cormorants flying around the harbour
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 3 other members 2/8 #224076
Grey Goshawk, Bassian Thrush, Forest Raven
Ralph Illidge Sanctuary
Grey Goshawk was seen after alert calls raised by noisy miners, sat atop a gum tree before being moved on by the Forest Ravens, Goshawk flew straight towards us giving us great views. A pair of Bassian Thrush were seen in the carpark picnic ground.
Philip Peel, Tim Nickholds et al 3 other members 2/8 #224075
Pink Robin
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
One Pink Robin (brown bird) in plantation at Beach Road, opposite Banded Lapwing paddock (4 birds present). Pink Robin is a species not often recorded at the WTP. Interestingly, two female Flame Robins were very close by. Also of interest was a Black Falcon at Ryan's Swamp.
Maarten Hulzebosch 2/8 #224073
Sat 1Brown Skua, Black browed Albatross
Inner Portland Harbour
Both birds followed a fishing vessel into harbour around midday and in addition to seeing an albatross as close to shore as we have ever seen we then were amazed to see the Skua land in the middle of the road that leads to the Breakwater
Hedley and Irena Earl 1/8 #224065

July 2015
Fri 31Swift Parrot
Macleod Station
Only 5 Swift Parrots present today, feeding at the flowers of an Ironbark on the west side of Birdwood Av, level with new shelter on Railway Station platform. Presumably all the lerp supply has now been consumed.
Anthea Fleming 31/7 #224055
Wed 29Powerful Owl
North of Malmsbury
A large adult male fresh roadkill on the east shoulder of the Calder Highway about 1 km south of the Taradale-Metcalfe Rd crossing. Specimen now with the Museum of Victoria.
Paul Peake 30/7 #224042
Common Greenshank
Nooramunga Marine Park--Old Port walk
6 Greenshanks landed briefly on the mudflats just long enough for a photo of 4 of them.
Rohan Bugg 29/7 #224035
Brown Skua
Lee breakwater, Portland
3 Brown Skua floating around at the end of the breakwater, have been in the area for a while.
bruce colyer 29/7 #224027
Tue 28Gang Gang Cockatoo
A mixture of adult and young feeding on a cotoneaster bush. They were feeding right besides the footpath straight across the Medicare building on Grimshaw Street.
Aleks Arsoski 28/7 #224005
Mon 27Peregrine Falcon
Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
In the hour that I was at the lighthouse the pair of Peregrines had taken 2 Fairy Prions from down below the cliffs. Probably the Prions were washed up on the rocks from the wild seas and winds the day before.
Rohan Bugg 29/7 #224033
Eastern Whipbird
Newborough, near Moe
Never expected to hear and glimpse an Eastern Whipbird in an urban house block. Great thrill.
Alix and Rod Williams 27/7 #223998
highlightSpiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Plenty River, Yan Yean
Single SCHE in riparian scrub along Plenty River north of Hazel Glen Rd today. A rare bird in Melbourne's northeast but seems a few getting about with the CERES bird as well.
Steve Davidson 27/7 #223997
Swift Parrot and Long-billed Corella
McLeod Railway Station
About 20 birds drinking from a water pool in the fork of large gum tree, approx 11:30am. The tree was on edge of road, east side of railway platform, opposite the new platform shelter being built. Also in tree were Musk Lorikeets and Rainbow Lorikeet. Six Long-billed Corella on nature strip opposite west side of the station.
Graham & Linda Lee 27/7 #223994
Sun 26Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Merri Creek--Kirkdale St Park - Merri Park
Immediately south of CERES, has been around for a few days. First one I've seen this far down the creek in ten years.
Stuart Dashper 26/7 #223984
Sat 25Australasian Bittern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons
Protracted views as the bird crossed from one pond to the other at Western lagoons.
Clive Kaplan, Noel, Asha and Brehna Billings 26/7 #223989
Fri 24highlightGull-billed Tern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Observed at 12.30 was one partial breeding plumaged Gull-billed Tern flying over Western lagoon pond 5 towards the South Spit. As far as I am aware, this is the first record for this species in July. Other birds of interest were one Whiskered Tern at T Sec., lagoon pond 6, a total of 5 Brolgas, a Black Falcon at Point Wilson Rd, a Spotted Harrier at Austin Rd and an Australian Hobby scaring the life out of a flock of 40+ Blue-winged Parrots also at Austin Rd.
Maarten Hulzebosch 25/7 #223980
Swift Parrot
Macleod Station
At least 30 Swift Parrots roosting at top of tall Yellow Gum adjacent to east platform access at 1pm today.
Daphne Hards 24/7 #223977
Thu 23Bar-tailed Godwit
Stockyard Point
Three overwintering Bar-tailed Godwit in non breeding plumage roosting at the end of the beach
Stephan Granger 24/7 #223975
Azure Kingfisher, Buff-banded Rail
Wilson Reserve
Azure Kingfisher was doing a bit of hunting in the wetland immediately south-west of Chelsworth Park, between the trail and the ovals. First time in several years I've seen one here. Buff-banded Rail heard calling then located in wet undergrowth just west of carpark near The Boulevarde. Never seen one here before. eBird checklist
Owen Lishmund 23/7 #223970
Wed 22Turquoise Parrot
Snowy River flood plain, 4km south of Vic/NSW border near Tom Cat Ck.
Approx 20 birds flew overhead and settled nearby. Photographs taken. Also, at Sandy's Ck Track, Suggan Buggan, Hooded , Flame and Scarlet Robins on boundary between woodland and cleared grazing land. Pig damage far worse than last year.
Federation Training Students per Roger Bilney 23/7 #223971
Tue 21Swift Parrot
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Donchi Hill Road
Between Bullant Track and the Rutherglen Rd while tracking Regent Honey eaters. Thought they were Little Lorikeets so took no notice, but took a photo anyway. When checking the photo today husband realised they were Swift Parrots.
Linda and Bill Hayes 24/7 #223979
Black Falcon
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)
Seen along Paradise Road perched on roadside about 4pm.
Gwen and Michael Bird 21/7 #223959
Black-Winged Stilt, Red-Necked Avocet
Black-Winged Stilts in a quite large flock; 60+ birds, also 4 Red-Necked Avocets in the ponds on the south side of Thomsons Rd near intersection of Rossiter Rd in Bangholme. Very strong northerly wind today, and all birds including Chestnut Teal and Masked Lapwings were huddled together on bank except for one lone Avocet swimming and dipping in the centre of the pond.
Dave Gleeson 21/7 #223958
Mon 20Shy Heathwren, Purple-gaped, Tawny-crowned & White-fronted Honeyeater
Big Desert - Murrayville-Nhill Track
Great Winter birding in the Big Desert today. Mallee Eucalypts, Desert Banksia & some nectar bearing heathland plants in flower attracting a large variety & prolific numbers of Honeyeater. Purple-gaped, Tawny-crowned & White-fronted Honeyeaters the highlights along with a pair of Shy Heathwrens were observed at Big Billy Bore & The Springs.
Keith & Judy Humphreys 20/7 #223949
Song Thrush
Wright Street, Sunshine West
Lovely Song Thrush calling around 7:10am this morning from the top of a tall pine in someone's front yard. Location was south side of the road, about 200m west of the roundabout at Fairbairn Road - note this is only ~2km from the Whitesides Avenue sightings. This is on my regular dog walk route so I will confirm if it remains in the locale.
Michael Gooch 20/7 #223946
Sun 19Swift Parrot
Opposite Macleod Railway Station
Was at Macleod to watch my son's footy game and thought I'd just check McNamara for swifties - They are still in the area....opposite platform access. At least 4 birds but probably more.
Phillip West 21/7 #223957
highlightSwift Parrot
Dookie Bushland Reserve (restricted access)
On our monthly outing we visited the college's Reserve. At least 17 Swift Parrots feeding in blooming White Box. Also many Little and Purple-crowned Lorikeets enjoying the feast. eBird checklist
BirdLife Murray Goulburn 20/7 #223951
Southern Emu-wren
Victoria Valley, Grampians
Adult male, adult female and immature male sighted in heathy scrub beside Syphon Road. Good to see after all the fires of the past few years. eBird checklist
Deidre Andrews and Tim Mintern 20/7 #223948
highlightSooty Albatross (1), Southern Giant Petrel (1), Slender-billed Prion (4), Antarctic type (4)
Port Fairy Pelagic
Exceptional day at sea off Port Fairy with Birdswing Wildlife Tours. Highlights include 1 Sooty Albatross, 1 Southern Giant Petrel, at least 4 Slender-billed Prion and 4-6 Antarctic type prions - ID to be confirmed. Further information
Neil Macumber and all pelagic participants 19/7 #223944
White-winged Chough
Banyule Flats (Plenty - Yarra River confluence)
Single individual foraging close to Main Yarra Trail. When approached it gave an alarm call and flew only a few metres (twice). There were no replies, nor any others seen in the vicinity. The site is about 200 metres upstream of where a group attempted to nest in 2012, but I have not seen any here since then.
Neil Murray 19/7 #223936
Sat 18Satin Bowerbird
Lake Benalla
A green-coloured Satin Bowerbird was seen low in a tree beside the walking track around the lake at 11am. The bird was in the backyard of a Mitchell Street house, but I could not find it again when I returned 2 hours later. It is the first Satin Bowerbird I have seen in Benalla in the 15 years I have lived here.
Kathy Costello 21/7 #223960
Swift Parrot
Lockwood South
6 feeding in flowering roadside Yellow Gum along Bendigo bypass. eBird checklist Further information
Steve Davidson, Rob Hamilton, James Hamilton 18/7 #223930
Fri 17Sacred Kingfisher
Bemm River
Sacred Kingfisher perched on power lines near property along Sydenham Inlet Rd just north of Bemm River. We thought it was an unusual record for winter. Record shot attached
Stephan Granger 18/7 #223926
Cattle Egret
Bayview Road Officer
Estimated 150 Birds seen roosting around three farm dams along Bayview Road
Colin Mulvogue 17/7 #223923
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Had to look this one up as I had never seen it before. Approximately 6 of these birds seen at Highview College
Kate Edwards 17/7 #223919
Rose Robin
Cambridge Road, Mount Dandenong
Male Rose Robin flitting around blackwoods at the back of residential properties between Ridge and Cambridge Roads.
David Spicer 17/7 #223917
Thu 16Black-browed albatross - Lee breakwater - Portland
Lee breakwater - Portland
Seen at 14:30
Bruce Colyer and Brian Duro 16/7 #223911
Wed 15Sacred Kingfisher
Port Franklin ( South Gippsland)
It is the earliest that I have seen the Sacred in southern Victoria.
Rohan Bugg 17/7 #223925
Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo
Yarra Park, Cremorne
30 + Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos foraging in elms between MCG and Jolimont Station late afternoon.
Jane and James Robinson 15/7 #223907
Mon 13Brown Skua
Lee breakwater, Portland
Floating around at the end of the breakwater , has been in the area for awhile but the first time I have seen it Further information
Bruce Colyer 13/7 #223887
Sun 12Swift Parrot
Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park--Bartleys Block
Swift Parrot heard and then seen flying through the canopy in the north-west corner of the block. Other notable sightings included 3 Painted Button-quail, 4 Speckled Warblers, 2 Purple-crowned Lorikeets and an out of season Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo. eBird checklist
Rowan Mott and Alan Mott 13/7 #223896
Banded Lapwing (Vanellus tricolor)
Murray Sunset National Park
I observed two Banded Lapwings (Vanellus tricolor) on North-West Plain Track in Murray Sunset National Park, around 10 am, Sunday 12 July 2015.
Alek Kwiatkowski 13/7 #223891
Australasian Bittern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons
Thanks to recent reported sightings of this bird, especially the sighting posted by Hedley Earl, after many years of trying I finally observed my first Australasian bittern at around 8:00am today! As reported previously, it was first observed in the second middle pond off Spit Road. It flew over to Western Lagoons Pond 2 and proceeded to walk around most of the internal perimeter of the pond where I had great uninterrupted views. In my excitement I only managed to get one quick photo, in which the bird is quite distant. Other highlights of my brief visit to the plant this morning were two sightings of Barn owl on the way in, and a pair of Brolgas on the way out, both off Point Wilson Road.
Stephen Kaye 12/7 #223883
Chestnut Qual-thrush, Striated Grasswren.
Murray-Sunset National Park--Pink Lakes
On a very cold windy day we took refuge in Mallee/Triodia habitat adjacent to a section of Pioneer Drive. It seems that many birds had the same idea as the location was humming with birds. Chestnut Quail-thrush, Striated Grasswren, Hooded Robin, Crested Bellbird & Yellow-plumed Honeyeater were highlights among a great variety of dry country birds.
Keith & Judy Humphreys 12/7 #223878
Swift Parrot
We stopped in miserable cold and wet conditions for a hot drink at the picnic area when we heard the unmistakeable calls of Swift Parrots in the flowering gums. We managed to find 6 birds but there could easily have been more. eBird checklist
Margaret and Richard Alcorn 12/7 #223873
Sat 11Southern Boobook
Preston West
Lovely to have a visitor such as this trying to sleep in tree outside our home...harassed by all the neighbourhood, particularly two grey butcherbirds. First time sighted in area.
Anthea Stubbs 16/7 #223914
Spotted Harrier
Junction of Lower Somerville Road And Eramosa Road East, Somerville
What appears to be a resident bird still present.
Keith Caldecott 12/7 #223882
Southern Fulmar
Discovery Bay Coastal Park--Nobles Rocks
One dead, beachcast.
P S Lansley & Rob Farnes 12/7 #223881
Swift Parrots
Macleod Railway Station environs
Swift Parrots still present in station environs, between 9.30am and 10am this morning. Observed in eucalypt between Child Care Centre and station, on station side of road. Sighting of six or so, with flock of ten flying out of tree to cross railway line to McNamara Street eucalypts.
Anne Pitkethly 11/7 #223866
Fri 10highlightRed-capped robin
Westgate Park (Port Melbourne)
Red capped robin seen flitting between fence and ground at the end of the service road behind Melbourne Water air treatment plant for the last week.
George Fotheringham 11/7 #223864
White Headed Pigeon
Banksia Peninsula, Gippsland Lakes
Previously had a single bird stay for a week 10 years ago. Again a single bird who decided today to join our crimson rosellas on our verandah.
Ross Scott 10/7 #223859
Spotted Harrier
Bunyip River Road , Cora Lynn
Single Bird seen hunting over paddocks north side of road , harrassed by two Black Shouldered Kites and then Aust. Hobby . Photo taken from roughly 150m.
Colin Mulvogue 10/7 #223858
Thu 9Grey Goshawk white morph
Cape Otway rd, Birregurra
Spotted this morning around 9.30am. smaller than my other sightings, presumably a juvenile.
Brett Roberts 9/7 #223851
Wed 8Blue-billed Duck (breeding)
Moonee Ponds Creek, Jacana
A female with four ducklings (~7cm long) seen at ~1400 hours in the reed-enclosed pond ~300m south (downstream) from the pedestrian/cyclist footbridge near the Jacana sports ovals. Although I occasionally see the Blue-billed Duck along this stretch of Moonee Ponds Creek this is the first breeding record noted from 2000 to 2015.
Charles Silveira 8/7 #223844
Hooded Plover
Freshwater Lake, Point Lonsdale
I viewed today a flock of 25 hooded plovers, a mixture of juveniles and adult birds currently feeding in the shallow area at the northern end of lake. It has been reported in a local paper that 37 birds have been counted in this flock at Freshwater lake.
Rod Corinaldi 8/7 #223843
Tue 7highlightRegent Parrot
Wemen area
One of the most amazing birding experiences we have ever witnessed happened on Ryan Rd about 1 km before Wemen coming from Hattah. At about 4.45pm, we watched a very conservative estimate of around 800-1000 Regent Parrots fly southwards in small flocks of between 10-40 birds for over 30 minutes, some stopping to rest in the trees on the road. They were obviously heading to a roosting place. It was a constant line of traffic for this time and it was so exciting to witness such great numbers of this endangered bird! Excuse the poor photo as it was getting dark and I don't use a flash!
Bernie OKeefe and Ken Haines 8/7 #223842
Striated Grasswren
Murray Sunset NP
One pair presented extremely well on the Crozier Track approx. 700 metres at the start of the track coming from Pink Lakes on the right hand side about 100 metres in. I have found this pair a number of times over the last 12 months in this same spot thus it is one of the more reliable spots to find this great species. Time was about 8am. They were found next to an old Mallee fowl mound.
Bernie OKeefe and Ken Haines 8/7 #223840
Australian Bittern
Western Treatment Plant (Werribee)--Western Lagoons
For an endangered and very secretive species I make this report as encouragement to the many birders that have never seen this species. This bird is almost tame and obviously bonded to the 2nd middle pond along the Spit Road.
Hedley Earl 7/7 #223835
Swift Parrots
Macleod Railway Station
Swift Parrots easily found in the flowering eucalypts in the park opposite the station and the adjoining streets this morning.
Venetia McMahon 7/7 #223829
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