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Mon 27Australian Crake
Kingsford Smith Memorial...Airport Drive.
Quite happy to feed in front of us, stayed for 20 minutes. Lots of photos and video. It came so close had to back of the zoom on my camera. New life time bird for us.
Linda & Bernie Mcivor 27/3 #269098

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Tue 28Latham's Snipe; Australian Spotted Crake
Mason Park, Homebush
Singles of both seen approx 7:40am in the tongue of samphire and sedges that runs out from the pathway on the Eastern (canal-side) bank. Both regularly reported on eBird in last few weeks. Snipe seems a particularly late stayer. eBird checklist
Tom Wilson 28/3 #269100
Sun 26Turquoise Parrot, Dusky Woodswallow, Fuscous Honeyeater & Brown Quail
Pilliga Pottery Access Rd near the junction with Dandry Road.
Three Turquoise Parrots were seen and photographed on the Pilliga Pottery Access Road, along with Fuscous Honeyeaters, Brown Treecreepers, Australian Ringnecks & Dusky Woodswallows. A highlight at the Pottery itself was 22 Brown Quail in two groups, and Eastern Spinebills, Wedge-tailed Eagles were seen overhead..
Alan Morris & 17 members of the CCGBNSW 28/3 #269103
Sat 25Phesant Coucal & Superb Parrot
Coonabarabran Township & weir.
A brown coloured Swamp Pheasant was flushed from the side of the road bewteen the weir and Neilsen Park close to a patch oif Phragmites along the Castlereagh River. The Coucal flew into a Casuarina near the river bank and was clearly seen by Noel and Krystyna Lonergan, who come from the Central Coast and are very familiar witrh Coucals. A adult male Superb Parrot flew over over the town, while Rainbow Lorikeets were abundant, and Blackbirds and Spotted Doves were commonly seen in the town streets. There are no previous records for Coucals in Coonabarabran, but they have been recorded further west in the Macquarie Marshes on a number of occasions. I can see no eBird records for Superb Parrots in the town, but they are autumn/winter visitors to the Coonabarabran District, and I have seen them west, north and east of the town including 36 birds, 8 km east of the town in 25/8/2007. eBird asseses Blackbirds, Rainbow Lorikeets and Spotted Doves as "unusual" but they are commonly seen. When I lived at Coonabarabran 1975-1983, none of those species occurred there then, but by 1985 Blackbirds had moved into town and have been common ever since; the first Spotted Dove on EBird was recorded in Coonabarabran 5/4/2015, and the first Rainbow Lorikeet on 21/4/2016.
Alan Morris. Noel & Krystyna Lonergan & 15 members of the CCGBNSW 28/3 #269102
Thu 23Turquoise Parrot, Diamond Firetail, Speckled Warbler, Chestnut-rumped & Inland Thornbill
Camp Blackman & The Old Woolshed, Warrumbungles NP
18 Members of the Central Coast Group, Birding NSW visited the Warrumbungles NP, birding at Camps Blackman & Pincham, Burbie Canyon, Canyon Camp and the Old Woolshed. Highlights were a Turquoise Parrot & 2 Diamond Firetails at Camp Blackman, Speckled Warblers at a number of sites and Chestnut-rumped & Inland Thornbills at the Old Woolshed. A further six Diamond Firetails were seen on Timor Rd, between Timor Rock and Coonabarabran.
Alan Morris, Carol Abbott & 16 other members CCGBNSW 28/3 #269101

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