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Fri 20Southern giant-petrel (white morph)
Cape Banks, La Perouse, NSW
A white morph SGP was sighted off the coast from Cape Banks at about 9:30am. Also present: Wedge-tailed Shearwater, fluttering Shearwater
David Sinnott 21/9 #241234
Pacific Gull
La Perouse
We rescued a 1st year Pacific Gull this afternoon at La Perouse. The bird was tangled in fishing gear and couldn't take off again. Luckily the bird had no serious injuries and is in condition and we will likely release the bird in the morning. Please keep an eye out for exhausted or injured seabirds when you're near the coast, often their perspective for recovery is very good and with a little bit of help they can be on their way again.
Vincent Mourik 20/9 #241232
Thu 19highlightSpectacled Monarch
Bayview Heights
Single bird foraging. Bayview-Pittwater. 3.40 pm
Lyn Walsh 20/9 #241227
Australian Pied Oystercatcher
Rodd Park, Rodd Point
2 Oystercatchers at around 7.15 AM on rocky platform near busy Henley Marine Drive and opposite Brisbane Ave. Unusual sighting for this location although there are recent anecdotal reports from the Parramatta River.
Robert Curran 3/9 #241073

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Thu 12Spotted Whistling-Duck
Endeavour River National Park
11 birds seen in small open mangrove bordered lagoon near the airport during night spotlighting as part of fauna surveys. Birds not seen during the day at same location. -15.44684, 145.19596
Andrew McDougall and John Augusteyn 19/9 #241220

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Fri 20Crimson Chat
Near Balaklava
One pair building a nest on roadside. Small numbers have been seen in southern areas of SA this month.
Paul Taylor 20/9 #241230

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Thu 19highlightEastern Curlew
Low Head
Single bird seen at low tide. Later a very energetic Little Egret was seen feeding almost at high tide.
Geoff Bromfield 20/9 #241226

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Fri 20highlightCockatiel (7)
Jaycee Island (Benalla)
Flock of seven Cockatiel flew over Jaycee Island and landed in Red Gums along Broken River at Midday. eBird checklist
Dan Pendavingh 20/9 #241229
Thu 19highlightOrange Chat
Terrick Terrick National Park--The Meadows
Spotted 2 male and at least 1 female near the main body of water. Lots of crimson chats also.
Murray Chambers 20/9 #241231

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